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STREAKS. The to-do list that helps you form good habits.
Apple Design Award winner.

Track up to 24 tasks you want to complete each day. Your goal is to build a streak of consecutive days.

* Tasks sync across all of your devices using iCloud
* Share your tasks with other Streaks users so they can encourage you and keep your accountable
* Streaks automatically knows when you complete tasks linked to the Health app
* Streaks reminds you automatically when you need to complete a task
* Record daily notes for your tasks
* You can also create negative tasks to break bad habits
* Create timed tasks to track mindfulness, brushing your teeth, or anything

“I was smoking 15 cigarettes each day. Streaks helped me to quit smoking by reducing and then eliminating my daily use.” - Ben, Adelaide.

Streaks is a highly customizable habit tracker, including:

* Widgets for your phone's home screen
* 78 different color themes
* Over 600 task icons to choose from
* Choose how often a task needs to be completed or repeated

“I've now reduced my coffee intake by 70% with Streaks, something I struggled with for 5 years. It's a life changing app to me.” - Otávio, Chicago.

* Includes one of the highest-praised Apple Watch apps, including Health app integration, complications, and rich notifications.
* Support for Siri Shortcuts, iPad and iCloud
* Today Widget allows you to quickly view and complete your tasks
* View your current and best streak, and a whole range of other statistics

Questions, suggestions or other feedback? Please email [email protected], or tweet us @TheStreaksApp.

If you like Streaks, please leave us a review! Your reviews enable us to keep improving and updating the app.


Streaks supports all Apple complication types. Note that the screenshots show Infograph faces, which are available only on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer.


On supported devices, Streaks reads data from the Health app with your permission to determine completion of your tasks. All data is accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. Please read our privacy policy at for more information on our use of data.

Automatic step and distance data is only available automatically when using an iPhone 5S or newer, or using an accessory that writes to the Health app such as Apple Watch. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


STREAKS® is a registered trademark of Crunchy Bagel Pty Ltd.

Streaks App Comments & Reviews

Streaks Positive Reviews

👍🏽best...but allow more habits🤨Well, thank you very much! Original review in 2020: Suggestions: Please consider that some people would love a *user option* (not mandated) of a third set of six tasks. I’m sure this can be done in a way that won’t overwhelm most users — perhaps hidden in the settings menu? As you know, many people are asking for this. Why not try it? Offer it as a discreet IAP if you like, many would pay in a heartbeat. I get why Streaks is limited to 12 habits — for most people that’s likely an optimal setup for success. But for those of us who really need just a few more to track, 18 would be so welcome. I’m sure there must be a way to do this that does not intimidate or confuse the majority of the user base. If possible, please consider allowing a *user option* in the settings to remove the “Complete _______ today to start a new streak!” in every single notification. This repetitive verbiage is daily clutter, and while some may not mind, many of us would appreciate a more Zen, minimalist approach. I’ve tried other habit-tracking apps and have found that Streaks is the most addictive, attractive, usable, and the one that I’ve had the most success with. Streaks is being made a bit better with each iteration. Caps off to the dev for offering this with an open mind, and w/o subscription❗️🙏🏽.Version: 7.2.1

How to ImprovHey so, I keep getting things popping up saying “you’ve been successful, make this twice a day”. And while I see the merit in that, it doesn’t work for the things I try to do everyday. My suggestion to make this app better would be to make it so when you click and icon to complete it, say “workout”, instead it would take you to the “workout Icon list” where there would be multiple more icons on a different page that would have for instance “Abs” and “Yoga” etc.. That way you can try and complete those goals within the completion of “workout”. Even if you only do one of them, the “workout” Icon on the first page would be completed, but at least this way you can get more specific. Say I had “Read”. On the next page for “read” it could have “screenplay” “book” “newspaper”, getting more specific. Seriously, if this app could do this it would be SO much better. It still keeps the 12 but adds another layer. You could even make it a percentage completed option type of thing, depending on how much of the “reading” Icon you’ve completed..Version: 5.2.7

Not for me… yet.On my forever hunt for an app that makes medication tracking flexible and seamless, because I will frequently lose track of what time or day it is, and trying to remember which of my medications I have taken that day is a challenge. Enter the idea of using NFC tags to scan medications as I open the bottle! Streaks is compatible with NFC tag scanning by way of co-programming using iPhone’s shortcuts, and as long as you have Streaks open 24/7, everything is great. Alas for me, I constantly close background apps in a quest for decent battery life and reduced visual clutter, and if Streaks is not open, the shortcut will fail to log activity into Streaks 100% of the time. Honestly I’m confused by this as 1. Streaks is more than capable of running reminders and task tracking settings within the Streaks app, with the app being closed, 2. Shortcuts are able to create entries in other apps without them being perpetually open and 3. Shortcuts has steps like “open app” available for programming, which would solve my main issue, except Streaks isn’t an option there. Glad this app is an one time purchase vs constant subscription fees, but it doesn’t meet my needs for the singular, explicit function I bought it for. I think it’s a good app, just not for me (yet.) Hopeful in the future to see a fix or enhancement that allows an iPhone shortcut to engage with Streaks while it is not actively open..Version: 9.6.3

Changed my life, but please allow more tasksI have ADHD and was suffering with the cycle where I had trouble regularly taking my medication, making it more difficult to manage my symptoms. One of the first tasks I made in this app was to take my medication daily, and now I have for almost two months. The difference is night and day. Since then, I have filled up all four screens with daily, weekly, health related, negative, and timed tasks, all helping me keep track of different parts of my life. I am content with the 24 tasks I have right now and understand that most users could get overwhelmed with having more, but please please give us the option to add more. I would pay for this option in a heartbeat. I have all of my daily tasks covered with this and most of my weekly tasks, but don’t have space to start any monthly ones. You could even show a pop up to new users with a recommended number of tasks to start out with, or even only allow more tasks after a user has successfully used the app for a certain amount of time. This app has changed my life, but it has so much potential that it could change mine even more if I could add as many tasks as I need. Thank you..Version: 7.3.2

Great AppThanks for this app, I had been trying for long time others apps, and Streaks so far did fit my expectations. However there is a feature that i will like to see in the future. This is my recommendation, some of the habits that I’m trying to build are not in daily basis, sometimes I’m trying to build a habit by doing it three times a week, with that said, on the days that I not going to work on that habit, I still see the habit on Apple Watch or iPhone, as a result the total habits for that specific day are 11 not 12. So it is possible to have a truly 12 habits a day?, so I wont see the habit on screen that I don't have to accomplish today an instead the ones I want to accomplish during the day. A particular case, I’m trying to do Laundry on Wed and Sat. Those days I not trying to go Hiking but because I have Hiking as a Habit to build on Sun, I still see Hiking the rest of the days even is not an active option. I hope I was clear about the recommendation. Finally thank you very much for effort..Version: 4.0.5

Rough StartI bought this app based on a rave review so I have the ‘pro’ version. While it is easy to get started for basic habit tracking, I remembered reading that it could be used like a Pomodoro task master which is what I now want it for because the existing ones are either too involved ‘to do’ type apps or simplistic timers. It took quite a while to wade through how to create tasks with adequate specificity because it takes numerous passes through editing a task because all the options are not present when you first set up a habit; you create a default habit and then edit the heck out of it to get to a scheduled habit of specific length with notification reminders. It also has weird language like when it specifies the number of times a day you want to perform a habit; instead of phrasing it that way, it says “number of days” when what it means is number of times during your specified time period (day, week, month), yet the previous three options are phrased correctly. I am pretty tech savvy and it took quite a bit of playing around with the app to figure things out, even with the help section. I guess I like words more than icons (hieroglyphics as we used to call them). This app could definitely benefit by on app instructions..Version: 4.0.2

Please Keep GoingI love this app; it is very pleasant to use and personally validating. Every morning I wake up and recording those successes and failures from the previous day which I am tracking and (hoping to) build streaks of continuity. To be fair, this could easily be done on a calendar or paper for less than the cost of this app, but what makes it worth the money is the little autonomy it brings. When I wake up in the morning to engage with this app, there are *some* things which I am recording, but rather checking: I love that you do not need to guess whether you completed your goal of distance walked/ran or hours of sleep achieved because the app automatically pulls that information. The reassurance that you did so, motivates you that much more to continue. I pray the developers of this application continue to expand on the data automatically pulled in by this app; I would love to see a progress bar encircling my goal to “Decrease Screen Time” so that rather than have to check my previous days usage every morning to then mark as completed/failed, the application would automatically and accurately do that for me. Regardless the app is lovely, and well worth the fair price..Version: 4.0.8

Good, but...I've been looking for a good habit tracker for a while. Most of them out there are either setup as a to-do task manager or a basic timer. In fact, I used to use the Things 3 app not only for my daily tasks, but also for my habits. I was really glad when I came across this, and even went far enough as to buy the bundle (streaks and workout app). The workout app needs improvement too, but that's what this review is about. Overall, this app seems to be working great. There's a bit of a learning curve to it, and I still don't understand why you're only allowed two pages, but overall it's pretty good. My problem with it is that sometimes when I try to delete a task (which the delete button is in a super weird place), the task pops back up numerous times in the coming days post-deletion. I delete the task, and the next day it's back and in my face. This has been happening since I've gotten the app. There's also a glitch in where when I hold down the task for completion, the icon does the little circular motion to display the button being pressed, but after the animation, it does nothing. It works usually, but sometimes it glitches out and doesn't complete the task when I tell it to..Version: 4.0.5

Great except for bizarre sync issuesOverall a great idea and well executed except for the iCloud sync behavior. It's honestly beyond me how the sync in this app works. I'll often complete a task and then it will immediately uncomplete itself and the maybe come back shortly after. This should never happen if sync was implemented in a sane way, where each device records immutable events with timestamps and you just apply them in order. Once I've completed a task that event should be recorded and I should never see a state where the task is not complete unless I explicitly undo the completion (which itself is another event and applied in the right order based on timestamps should not cause any problems). But I constantly get into states where tasks I completed on the current device mysteriously show up as not completed anymore and maybe correct themselves later. Or not. I use this app across iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch which makes the sync issues rather obnoxious. It does seem like it's gotten "better" but this isn't something that should get incrementally better, they should just fix their sync design and all the issues would go away permanently..Version: 9.5.0

Great, but I miss the interactive Today Screen widgetThis is a great, well-organized, user-friendly app if you want to track your habits or tasks. However, for some reason, the interactive Today Screen widget (for iOS, at least) was removed a few months ago. The main purpose of this review is to BEGGGG for that feature to be reinstated!!! It was a HUGE game changer to be able to complete tasks without even having to open the app (pressing on a task within the widget would allow you to mark that task as complete). Now, the current widget options only allow you to see task progress; you cannot actually interact with the widget (pressing the widget will only open the app). PLEASE please please, if any of the app developers are reading this, will you add the interactive widget back!!! 🙏🙏🙏 I know this is a small, almost nit-picky request, but it has *completely* changed the experience and efficacy of the app for myself and, I am sure, many others. I honestly can’t think of any reason for that feature to have been removed, but I would absolutely love to have it back!!!!.Version: 9.1.2

Best habit tracker by farLOVE THIS APP. just needs a few UI tweaks. For one, the gear icon shouldn’t be for edit, I’d move the edit icon to the top right and keep customization of the habits there. Keep the gear icon for settings only. The star icon makes me think favorites but it’s just for progress, maybe change it to something like a graph. It might also be less confusing if you have a swipe action for switching between the two pages rather than the circle icons at the bottom being a page flipper. It also took me a while to figure out what the circles were telling me. Because I didn’t realize it was showing progress of the other page. If you have a swipe feature to easily switch between pages then those icons at the bottom won’t really be necessary. Other than that, the level of customization for the actual habit trackers is unlike anything I’ve seen and I love this! I can deal with the small UI annoyances for now because this is the best I’ve found so far that helps me achieve my habit goals. I’m excited to see what the app can do next!.Version: 5.0

SuggestionI love this app, it's organized my life so much... But one suggestion. I use this for a bunch of tasks, some are daily and some are bi daily as well as a once a week and a once a month... So yeah it's nice to keep track of everything so easily. I use the dark theme to match my dark wallpaper and use the widgets as reminders, so that being said it gets kinda confusing when the reminders that aren't due today are the same color as the ones that actually are due just with a slight shift in Grey. It'd be nice if I had an option to change so only the tasks that are due on that day lit up and they went dark AFTER you complete them, instead of being dark and turning them bright, while still keeping the dark theme. It's very difficult to see what needs to be done vs what doesn't need to be done that day especially when the screen is on a lower brightness. I feel this would get your attention better when a task needs to be done on that particular day..Version: 6.0.7

Amazing value and nice animationsI went through a lot of habit trackers over the past few days (after deciding to start trying to build some solid good habits) and landed on Streaks. The value that this app provides is amazing for only 5$! Most of the other apps that I tried ran off subscription services that cost 5$ or more per month (ridiculous) or were up to 40-80$ for lifetime unlock. I am a developer so I understand indie/small development is expensive, but no habit tracker is worth 5$ per month. The value that streaks provides for this one time fee is ridiculous, and frankly I’d be willing to pay double that to use it. The habit tracking itself works great for my workflow, the widget is awesome, the animations are fluid and beautiful and the iconography is consistent, effective and aesthetically pleasing. All in all this app is an amazing value and a work of art. I’d highly recommend you give this app a shot. For the price of a Starbucks coffee you’ll get tons of lasting value!.Version: 5.2.7

Almost PerfectI spenta while researching which of these productivity/goals apps to get and this one really does perform better than the rest. The only thing keeping this from being perfect is that it doesn’t have the ability to keep a running track of things over the course of the week. For instance, I want to read 15 essays per week, but the closest I can come to tracking that is two essays per day. This is completely insufficient since there are days that I have the time to read for essays and days I can’t read any and even if I read one, I get no credit and my streak is broken. I might even like to change my three miles biking per day to thirty per week — same idea. I’m sure there are a thousand other uses for a “Number of times per week/fortnight/month” feature and I’d guess (without any knowledge) that it can’t be too hard to update with this, so I hope the devs see this and make it happen please! (And if you do actually read this: thanks for a great app!).Version: 6.1.8

Finally a non-subscription option!I totally understand continually supporting a developer, but I would honestly be much more incentivized to do so after a small purchase of an app (aka Streaks) for two reasons: 1. more budget-friendly and 2. donations make users (and developers) feel fuzzy inside. While building new habits, the last thing I want to worry about is money. I LOVE the UX/UI. It is super clean. The reminders, the number of completions per day, week, and month are all perfect for certain habits that aren't needed daily. I think the 8 cup a day habit is pretty neat in that you can hit the button 8 times in the day to hit your goal. I like the different color themes so I can design a morning and night routine on each side. I honestly have no gripes about this app and the only suggestion I have is to support Garmin smart watch data importing for, say, active minutes, sleep time, or daily steps. Orange as a default color for the app is warm and happy. Thanks so much crunchy bagel fam!.Version: 5.3.4

It works. Very easy to manage.I love this app, and it has helped me quit bad habits and start a lot of good ones. There are so many different options, and the UI is very friendly, which makes it worth the price. My favorite feature is the ability to edit your calendar. There have been some days in which I forgot to log or didn’t have WiFi or whatever and I lose the streak I gained. But the calendar will actually let me edit that day and mark it as complete, and it counts that previous day as another day towards your streak. I also love that you can pause tasks. This allows you to not complete that task(s) certain days, but it won’t kill your streak. This is useful if you have tasks such as “Don’t eat bad food”, and want to count days like Christmas or Thanksgiving out of that task. That way, you can eat bad food that day, and it won’t break your streak, but it also won’t add to it. I love how easy it is to get stuff done and I highly recommend this app!.Version: 4.0.10

Very motivatingI love this app. They’ve focused on quality of features rather than quantity, so while it doesn’t do a million things, it gets what it does 100% right. What it does: -Lets you set up a dozen or so habits you want to track (though really you should set up no more than 3-4 if you really want to stick with them) -Choose a name, icon, and how often you want to complete each habit (daily, weekly, every Turs and Thurs, 3 times a week, etc.) -Reminds you with notifications that you should check off completion of each habit. Checking off a habit is satisfying because it has a nice animation and a triumphant sound plays -Lets you view your history for each habit and the total of your habits. This can be shown as a calendar, a graph or a percentage. This app has been more than worth the money because it’s really helping me build good habits. Some enhancements I’d like to see: 1) Ability to mark a habit as missed. If I have a habit to wake up at 7am and I’m still in bed at 8:00, I want to be able to mark the habit missed and not get notifications later in the day 2) it would be cool if there were more than one sound that plays and they were randomized. It would feel more rewarding to hear different sounds when you check off several habits in a row 3) Another cool feature would be badges, such as “21 day streak “, “Bounced back after missing a week “, etc. Kudos to the developers!.Version: 4.0.10

So helpful!I love this app, it really does make it easier to start a new habit and keep it going. I started by tracking a few things manually, like eating breakfast on weekdays and reading at least half an hour every day. Those turned out to be such great habits that they’re now fully ingrained and I don’t even need to track them anymore, so I archived them in Streaks. Now I use the integration with Health to track goals like closing my activity rings, standing more, and walking farther. I struggle with depression if I don’t take care of myself, and Streaks makes it seamless to keep an eye on these habits that I know will help my mental health even if I don’t feel like doing them sometimes. I also like how it encourages me to bump up the goals when they start getting too easy. And it’s nice to be able to pause a goal when you need to. Of all the apps on my phone I think this has had the biggest impact on me in 2020 and I am grateful to have it..Version: 6.0.5

Great! - But could be betterI got this app mostly for its watch comparability and because it was marked as the app store’s editors choice for habit apps. I love the way the app works and how simple it is, but since it is paid, I would like to see just a little bit less simplicity. Since it’s a paid app but you still want to stay true to its simple nature, I think it would be nice if you could tuck away some in-depth statistics that could help users with their habits, should they choose to view them. For example, I use this app to mark when I take my medication. It would be nice if I could see what time of day I most often complete this task (like morning, afternoon, or evening). It would also be nice to see what time specifically a user most often completes a task. There are others you could include like what days you miss tasks most, what days you break streaks most, etc. These would all help users because they help us to know when we are or are not accomplishing our goals. Overall though, great app!.Version: 6.1.2

Best to-do approach for building habitsI am a psychologist and I have worked with a lot of people who want to improve their organizational skills and executive functions (particularly those with ADHD) and I have recommended a lot of to do list type programs to people who have mixed success. This program is different. It helps you focus on a small amount of recurring tasks (it’s not for reminding you to send your aunt a thank you card). It is simple and rewarding to use, particularly with Apple Watch. The ability to customize the icons is fun and makes the tasks feel more like they are part of you. The tasks can be as flexible as you need them to be. Need to do it only once a month? You can set it up that way. I also like the timers you can put on task. Want to clean for 15 minutes a day? You can set it up like that. Very nicely made. Well worth the one time fee..Version: 9.1.3

Fix the widget!!I downloaded the widget so I wouldn’t have to open the app every time I wanted to check my progress on individual tasks. However, in the last few months, the widget becomes disabled every few days and shows an orange field with blank tasks. I can still open it and view my tasks, but then what’s the point of the widget? I can do that with the app itself. Then, after a few days, it activates again for no apparent reason. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, as well as turning my phone off and on. Nothing I do makes a difference. Please fix this problem! It’s been long enough. Otherwise, I like the app and use it daily. It’s not incredibly intuitive, but you can figure it out with enough time. Fix the widget and you’ll get five stars. Addendum: This time the widget activated when I restarted my phone. My initial rating was three stars, but I’m feeling generous today, so I’ll bump it up to five. I use this app daily, and have otherwise found it to be top notch. 👍🏼.Version: 8.1.1

Opposite color usage in widgetsThe app itself is great so far, however: on widgets the habits you've completed are displayed in your theme color while completed are grayed out. On the apple watch (and in the app), habits you HAVEN'T completed are displayed in your theme color while completed are black & white (I'm using infograph modular). Even if you choose a custom color theme on your watch face, completed are black & white while not yet completed are grayed out. As someone with executive functioning struggles who got this app specifically for visual reasons using my watch & widgets, this virtually opposite use of visual cues between the phone and watch for complete/incomplete habits causes a lot of unnecessary friction as I have to stop and process what has been marked completed and what hasn't depending on if I'm looking at my watch or phone instead of giving clear easy information. This could be easily fixed by adjusting the way widgets display habit completion, at which point I could give it 5 stars..Version: 6.0.9

Very good, would be great with tweaksMy main problem is that I stay up late, and I tend to log all my activity at the end of the day before I go to bed. So, regularly, I’m unable to log that I did complete a task because it’s after midnight. Things that should solve this problem: 1. The built in “today or yesterday” prompt, which lets you catch up if you missed a day. A good add, to be sure, but only effective with tasks that are 1x/day. I should be able to catch up on a multiple times per day task, too. And, 2. Delaying the “day starts” time in settings *should* extend the preceding day, up until the next day “starts” at the set time. Instead, at midnight you lose the ability to log the day’s streaks and then you’re stuck in limbo until the next day starts at the time you selected. That’s not very helpful IMO. This circumstance forces me to not only remember to do the task, but to remember to log the task as soon as it’s done. I would prefer not to have to do that, thus not a perfect app..Version: 5.3.4

Literally the best habit app on the Appstore!Edit: New update makes the interactive widget (the old original one) not work anymore. It just shows an error in the widget. The new non-interactive widget works fine. I hope it gets fixed because I used the widget the most to complete my habits. I've searched forever for a good habit app, tried free ones, and there was always something missing from one that the other would have. I debated buying Streaks but was worried I'd be disappointed. But it was totally worth it! Beautiful design, great stat tracking, and lots of customization. The way it looks and feels actually makes you want to keep your habits. Heck, you can even change the completion sounds. And my favorite part is actually the ability to change the icon! It's not related to habit tracking but it's so wonderful to customize your home screen and the app icon looks beautiful no matter where you put it. The creators deserve the incredible rating you see on the Appstore! 5/5 easily..Version: 7.0

Incredible attention to detailReally blown away at the little details in this app. The developers have thought of just about everything - from keeping the interface simple & focused, to displaying a thorough list of preset habits, integrating with Apple Health so that completing a task also updates your health data, and much more. Best of all, this app makes it really easy to create and stick to new habits. One feature I’m making good use of is the ability to set reminders at custom times during your day makes it easy to follow through! One thing I’d ask to make it even better - is the ability to go beyond your goal. I’d love to set a reasonable goal but also be able to track and celebrate when I go above and beyond! It could be something as simple as enabling the option and letting you continue to tap your task after it’s already marked ‘completed’..Version: 8.1.5

Well Designed to Develop Good HabitsStreaks is well designed to help set goals for new habits and track your progress. The tasks can be customized to fit your exact goal and frequency. It only allows for six goals to be tracked so it’s not going to work for multi-task projects or a standard to-do list. Instead it’s built to help develop a few good habits at a time (e.g. walk 3 miles every Tuesday and Thursday, go to the gym three times a week, and stand up from my desk once an hour on weekdays). It’s very motivating to be able to mark a task complete and see the ‘streak’ number increase as I start meeting that goal more consistently. And if I’m not meeting a goal there’s no build up of incomplete to-do tasks. Intuitive reminders help remind me of the goals I’ve set and I can quickly get an overview of how many times I’ve completed a task. It’s a beautiful design with smart functionality to help me get more of what I want in my life..Version: 3.1.5

Amazing app to track habitsThis is truly a great app. I liked how the devolopers haven’t made it into a subscription business like most of the other habit tracking apps. I found the interface and usability even better than the other habit trackers. The big circles for each habit and long press to complete the habit is a nice touch, since it assures we dont accidently click and mark it as complete. Now, after using this tracker daily for quite few weeks, here is what I would love to have. If they can put an optional textbox in the notifications which is for what we would like to be displayed on the phone screen for that notification - this would be great. Here is my why, I have this habit - Take medicines. I really loved how we can set multiple notifications for a habit. But if I can see what medication to take when that notification comes in my phone screen, then it would be helpful. For eg, a notification at 9:00 am, says ‘take allergy meds’. Another notification at 12:00 pm says ‘take multivitamins’. I know this is not a todo tracker and I certainly dont want it to become one. So give it a thought and bring it only if you guys think this would be helpful in habit tracking, and if you think this would go more towards the todo tracker then you can ignore my request..Version: 9.2.2

Great; gripes are in the minutiaeOk this app is getting 5 stars because it is simple and straightforward. Well featured and robust details without too much clutter. I like it a lot and have been using it very well. My minor gripe is that the apple watch app has slightly different controls, and I develop conflicting user habits since I use both mobile and watch apps every day. For example the watch app scrolls up and down to change pages (which I actually like better!) while the mobile app changes pages by horizontal flipping of cards. Same with click to complete vs. press and hold to complete. Very minor details but since I’m doing them so often, it is burdensome to get confused trying to quickly complete tasks. For example, accidentally clicking instead of press and holding on a task to complete it in the mobile app will cycle the task view to the calendar and subsequent options. One misclick can have you cycle through 3-4 alternate task views before you can return to the normal one and complete the task, turning a 2-second interaction into a 5-second one. Again, it adds up, which is why I am here writing this. I would prefer to just do a better job automating completions to avoid having to click to complete tasks in the first place, but the shortcuts app has limited options..Version: 9.0.3

Game ChangerI've been using this app for a good while now and it's been instrumental in my mission to attain good habits and lose ones that don't serve me. It's simple and easy to use and I appreciate the option to modify icons and colors so you can switch up the visuals. I say this as someone who can actually bored enough looking at the same app templates too long and then I literally don't see them anymore, like any other dusty todo list (to whoever else this applies to this will make perfect sense). I also really like having the ability to retroactively go back into the calendar and input details which was what lured me into going from another app to this one. I didn't want to lose track of my ongoing streaks and didn't have to with this app. Not a dealbreaker but made it all easier. All in all out of the other streaks-related apps and the paper method -- I find this one to be the top dog. I've gotten other people hooked on it and recommend it regularly to other people interested in employing this (very effective in my opinion) system into their regiment. It's allowed me to reach AND surpass yearly goals that I had much more trouble achieving before using this app as an aid. You still have to do the work, the app won't reach your goals for you. But for many I think this could be the right booster rocket to push you through..Version: 5.0.2

Impressive. One limitationLove this app. I have other habit trackers, but they are not as graphical and easy to use as Streaks. I like that iCloud sync works well with my iOS and Mac devices. The degree of customization is ideal but not overly complex. I use this app every day to track my weight lifting body splits, my runs and type of runs (tempo, long, etc), coffee intake, teeth whitening, shuddering “O’s” (yea, you read that right lol), dog walks, veggies eaten, etc. The one limitation as of Jan 2022 is that there are four pages of 6 trackers each for a total of 24 activities to track maximum. This sounds generous, but it’s actually quite easy to fill. Example if one puts each body part as a lifting tracker (biceps, chest, back, etc), at least 8 activities are taken up. Please Developer, give us another page or two (5-6 pages of 6 each), begging you! Awesome app overall. Get it!.Version: 8.1.4

A quick request for new widgetsLove this app, use it all the time. Elegant and clean, highly motivating. I’ve been using the new widgets feature but I came across an instance that I think needs a quick fix. Right now I am tracking two tasks, one of them I do 3x / day, the other one I do 3x / week. On a day where I am doing both tasks, the weekly one fills up half the bar in the widget and the daily one fills up the other half in three increments. This is as expected. However, on a day where I am only doing my 3x daily task I would expect them to fill up the entire circle in three increments since I do not have my 3x weekly task scheduled on that day. (It is scheduled for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday). However it currently is only filling up the same amount of space as on a day where I have both tasks. So on a Monday for example, I complete my 3x daily tasks but the progress bar on the widget only appears half full as though expecting me to complete the 3x weekly task which is not scheduled for that day. When I go into the actual app that task appears faded, yet the widget shows me that my tasks are incomplete. Would love to see this functionality update dynamically based on how many tasks are scheduled that day, not just all tasks regardless of how many need to be completed that day..Version: 6.0.4

Widget fix pleaseeeEdit 2018: I had like 5 or more icons i could hold tap to on my “swipe down from top” control center on tr latest apple iOS, Why did the update delete that function when ive been depending on this for over a years My habit schedule is in panic mode. Please bring this function backkk!!💚 I would appreciate an answer. Ppl buy things so they can function as they always have and an update can really mess with ppl i guess? 😢😅 This has always helped me with my adhd and whatever else to help me have the fastest reference system going. Pleasee please add this function back. Again, it’s worked so well for so long edit oct 2022: widget has not changed functionally whatsoever. We supporters would like an answer as to why the functionally we paid for was taken away? this app was legit helpful, but it’s been “not there”. legit sad about how this intuitivity was taken away :(((.Version: 8.0.3

Outstanding habit-building supportI love the Steaks app. It is simple enough to get started right away, persistent enough to get my attention when I have a spare moment, subtle enough that it doesn’t draw my attention away when I’m busy, and nicely designed. I really enjoy using the app and I find that my thinking has shifted substantially since I started using it. I entered a goal for “eat a healthy meal” and while that might seem utterly underwhelming as my target is literally *one* healthy meal at some point during the day. My focus has shifted from “what am I going to eat for lunch?” when my work schedule gets too crazy for what I had planned, to “what healthy meal will I eat today?” This has the knock on effect of generating loads of healthy meal ideas that I’m enthused about, without any real pressure. So my eating is better throughout the day. I was eating fast food at least 3x/week before. I got fast food once in the last two weeks. Not perfect, but definitely progress I’m happy with. I’ve set similarly effective goals for quality time with my kids, maintaining other relationships, and exercise. Some goals I don’t hit everyday, but I’m making progress on those too. So glad I got this app. Best $5 I’ve spent in a long time..Version: 8.1.4

Tricky to get into, but rewarding and customizableI bought this app after a user had stated they had achieved surprising weight goals. The biggest set back for me is procrastinating and not keeping track of my daily tasks. At first I was excited to set it up and test out the functionality. However, when I started using the app it was cumbersome to open each time I wanted to record a behavior. In the search/quick menu the UI buttons were small so when pressing them in vibrate mode I sometimes complete an entire multipart task instead of just the single part. There are no title separators for the icons so you had to think about the classifications and identify what groups they are yourself, this leads to searching for a while before you get through it. This aside, once you get used to the UI the app is very customizable which is enjoyable. You can select multiple color schemes, icons and even the home screen app badge can be modified. The 12 tasks keep the measuring manageable, but I find that the streak is no more than a remainder. There is a sense of urgency to keep your streak going. However, I would love it if I could assign my own personal rewards for keeping a streak. This way the streak becomes more meaningful. Great job guys, credit where it’s due. This app could change your life if you use it right. Worth the money..Version: 3.1.5

Exactly what I wanted.A lot of apps have a form of streaks or goal setting for using the app which really can help build a habit with using it. Be it Duolingo, Meditation apps or MyFitnessPal. Streaks very elegantly makes it so you can transcend the app and apply this to any behavior in life. While I ro would like more than 12 goals. The limitation also helps a person focus on what is truly important. We only have so much time in the day. Once we develop a strong enough habit for one behavior using streaks for example: flossing eventually we won’t need to use it anymore for that habit and can change it to something else. I like this approach and while I have used Streaks for less than a week find it has already strongly focused some of my behavior and habits and keeps me focused with idle time on what I want to and should be doing..Version: 4.2.1

Correct my recordsI add this app to my iPhone recently . It was helpful in the beginning to track my habits. By everyday using I felt it needs to be improve in some points. I can’t adjust my records to any habit once I mark that I did it by mistake or even I can’t erase it . For example I add drinking water as a habit I want my self to be used of it .I put 12 notifications in different times to remind me to drink 200ml of water and by end of the day I should finish drinking 2400ml . First problem I faced it that I can’t easy record the same actions in the same time . As some times I drink 2 glasses ( 400ml) in the same time so I can’t record twice. Second If I was keeping my finger in the icon to record my second one sometimes it accepted and sometimes it shows that I complete the whole recording which is not true . In this case I can’t delete the wrong record . I hope that the developers can update this app and fix this problem. Thanks.Version: 5.3.6

Wow!It took me awhile to use Streaks on a regular basis. That may have been a good thing as it's developers continued to improve the app from the version I originally downloaded to the current version I use multiple times daily. I currently regularly use both the iOS and Watch OS versions daily, and they complement one another nicely and are VERY useful. My bottom line is this: Streaks is useful, but, like any good tool, it must be used consistently and honestly to realize is benefits. Since I've been using it consistently and logging my habit achievements honestly, it's helped me a great deal. My only suggestion would be to increase the number of habits it can track to a number greater than 24. Perhaps there's something magical about 24. If so, I would like to know what that is..Version: 7.5.7

Really really love this app (1 caveat)This app is great and is really helping me to focus on certain areas of my life I want to make sure are part of my daily routine. Am applying moisturizer and spf more regularly, the house is a little cleaner, eating more veggies, and I am a little happier. In spite of my love for this app, I do greatly encourage one change to the program. I have divided each screen into a morning routine and an evening routine however I really really need an additional page where I can include a work routine (or afternoon routine). A lot of my space is taken up with items that relate to diet (eating veggies, smoothies, vitamins, fiber, etc)and would like to include more, but also need to include the pomodora option and other things that relate to work. Please, please consider adding a third page (18 items in all) to this app..Version: 5.3.6

Great app, except for weekly goals.Daily and automated health-based habits work great. Main complaint is just the confusing way weekly goals are set up. The partitioned circle design for logs/week is great, but editing the actual logs/day for a weekly task is impossible. For example, you can only select failed/success for entire week, but cannot log completed on Mon, Wed and Thursday. The stats for weekly tasks seem buggy, too. Finally, the “completed” dot does not fill If you are on track for a weekly task. For example, if you are 2 days into the week, have logged habit both days, and have a goal of 5 logs/week, the task will remain incomplete, reminding you that you are behind, even though you’re not. All weekly goals shouldn’t have to be completed on Monday..Version: 6.1.3

Almost PerfectStreaks is great. There is only one thing missing. And I’m really sad it is, because it is so freaking obvious. I need to be able to keep doing more pomodoro increments than my goal. I want to write at least 4 pomodoros a day, but I want to keep going. Right now the timer runs out, so I have to use a different timer after that. ANNOYING. It would be so easy. Please add this. A way to do it would be to allow you to set a minimum and maximum number of pomodoros. So when 4 out of 16 are met, my goal completes, but I can keep going. Or the UI turns colors to show complete, but adds another segment, maybe with the indicator used for negative tasks so you can continue adding segments as you work. Also, please DO NOT listen to people asking to track more things. 12 is enough. This isn’t a To Do List, and shouldn’t be. There are other apps for that..Version: 6.1.2

Intuitive, simple, somewhat useful, but limitedOnly 12 tasks can be active at 1 time. I’d like to have the option of creating more and have 12 just be the recommended default, not an enforced limit. Also it’d be nice to have previous deleted streaks saved in some habit history cache. Using the app over time you’ll eventually have to delete less important tasks to make room for any new ones you’ll want to add(hopefully those removed habits are strongly developed else they are neglectfully forgotten). It would be useful to have those tasks optionally saved along with their streak counts and specific configurations(re setting up daily intervals or timed tasks is a hassle). Being able to easily add them back when desired and allowing checkup notifications on their continued progress would do a lot in helping this habit tracker app become more effective at long term tracking of progress that’s made.Version: 6.0.9

The Interface and Gestures Get In The WayI wanted to like Streaks, but as time has gone on I find that the set up of the app gets in the way of actually tracking and keeping up with progress. It looks amazing and has a great amount of themes. The level of customization is incredible. If you’re a power user, you’re going to be very satisfied. I was very happy with the ability to customize when to get reminders and how often and with the options for how often to try to get tasks done!!! It also has very well done Apple Watch complications and app. Ultimately, though, I find everything takes too many taps to get to for things like history. The UI is confusing when it comes to tracking your streaks (best, new, when you’ll break if you’re not on a daily). I don’t like the only 6 on a page set up either. I’d rather a list style with all of them showing up on the page and then maybe I could swipe to the second page for stats. It’s just really cumbersome to use and I felt myself trying to adapt to how the app wanted to be use, which had just grown annoying to the point of me not wanting to interface with it now looking for a more traditionally-styled app. I wish the team more continued success as it is a beautiful and very feature-rich app, just not designed for speed and utility unfortunately..Version: 6.0.6

Love this app - been using for several years nowThis app has been great and I even use it in ways it’s not necessarily meant to be used, like tracking intake of food! I love it especially for tracking workouts and habits I truly want to keep and uphold. The only suggestion I have for it right now is to allow a “reset” setting per task. What I’ve been doing every year is to delete each task and to add it back on New Year’s Day to set a “clean slate” for myself for the new year. It’d be so much better if the app just allowed for this. Also - I’m always excited for new colors/backgrounds/icons to make the app more visually exciting. I love when they add new colors and icons and features. I esp appreciate that they now have monthly goals embedded - I was wanting that for awhile and am so pleased it’s here!.Version: 4.0.10

Very enjoyable to use habit appThe biggest advantage I find with this app compared to competitors (well besides the obvious by not requiring a subscription) is the UI is very pleasant to use. I really like that they have a Pomodoro option for your habits, but it would be even better if they would work like on apps like Forest or TickTick where it kills the pomodoro if you’re away from the app for too long, forcing you to put your phone away. That would be terrific. Also I wish they would include have a way to easily view all the habits in one list. Having to flip through pages is inconvenient but I suppose I have too many habits at once anyways. Having some kind of reward / award system would be really great too..Version: 7.5.11

One feature is worth 5 stars by itselfFirst time ever writing an app review (I think 😅), but I’m so happy about this app I felt compelled to write. The ability to start my day at ANY time (as well as start my week on any day) is so important when building habits and consistency. Starting something—anything—new, especially if it requires the disciplined building of routines, is hardest at the beginning. Old-me inertia is easier to overcome if I can see my streaks building and the consecutive days add up. The pain-in-the-ass experience of so many productivity and habit forming apps happens when I meditate at 12:15am because I worked late. My “streak” goes back to one because it’s a new day—that is a deal breaker for me. Thanks for getting it right with a beautiful design👏🏻..Version: 5.3.3

Needs ImprovementThe concept of this app is good, however it falls short in several key areas. The first issue being that the interface is really not intuitive at all. Trying to figure out how to delete or edit a task shouldn’t take ten minutes trying to figure it out. The second thing that the app should offer is a larger selection of colors for the interface. All of the colors available are either blindly bright or just plain dull ( having full control of the palette would be optimal ). Lastly, the selection of icons for tasks is fairly weak. There needs to be more available or at least some fairly obvious generic ones. The devs of this app must not go to grocery stores because there’s no icon for one I could find. I believe if this app was updated with the few suggestions mentioned it could easily become a four or five star app..Version: 4.0.3

Doesn’t track for meGot a message from streaks that I had not completed a task. I had but went in to check. Streaks said I had completed it as well. The next day streaks showed that I no longer had a streak. This has happened more than a few times. Checked the app on my phone and watch. Both said I had finished the task yet kept getting reminders and the next day it would say I had not completed the task. Sometimes both were in agreement, sometimes not. When not I would change the one that claimed I had not completed the task. Next morning, sometimes, the streak was zeroed out. Sometimes not. The app also does not track my watch well. I complete three rings and Streaks sometimes says I have not and the next day my streak is over. To a degree I don’t care if it keeps track of the streak. Part of my life is hard to predict and missing some tasks on certain days is necessary. That said, I like to reflect and and this glitch makes that impossible. I can’t know if it was the program or me. I do like how the app focuses my attention and helps to form habits. Entirely worth it for just that. Not sure what else is out there but Sreaks is far better than anything I have tried. That said I will keep looking while using this app or hope this issue stops for me..Version: 4.0.8

Best app purchase I’ve ever made!One of the best values I’ve ever gotten out of an app, including the free ones. The widgets make all the difference, giving you a constant reminder, yet never nagging you. The interface is streamlined, minimalistic, and customizable, which makes the app pleasing to look at and interact with. This may seem small, but is crucial for an app you’re meant to interact with every day. A one-time $5 price means you never have to deal with intrusive ads or pleas to upgrade to a premium version. You can archive tasks and bring them back out later, allowing for seasonal habits (like watering the Christmas tree). This is easily the best habit/reminder app I’ve ever used, and I consider it a must-have..Version: 6.0.6

Super simple, highly motivatingStreaks is really fun, informative when it needs to be, and has earned its spot on my home screen. It motivates me, reminds me, and encourages me..Version: 3.1

Best Habit Tracker Hands Down.Everything it needs to be. No features locked behind paywalls or ridiculous subscriptions. Interface is simple and extremely vibrant and customizable. I was happily surprised by how many pre generated habits they had set up and the hundreds of icons to choose from when creating your own goals. Track habits in pretty much every way. Simple to use once you’ve set up all personal features. Statistics for each goal are simple but still in depth. Satisfying checking off completed goals. Never bombarded with reminders but are helpful when needed. Lastly, and probably the best feature, the lock screen/home widget is super convenient to see at glance all daily habits and check them off as completed without opening the app. For the price of a cup of coffee this is a must for productivity in my opinion and the best habit tracker currently in the App Store. Extremely pleased with this app👍.Version: 4.1

Love it butThis app is wonderful I really enjoy the layout and it makes it fun to mark off the new habits that I put into practice. My only remark is I wish it allowed for a lot more pages to add more habits to add in every day. 2 page fulls seems reasonable but when you want to do more in a day I’d like it if there were maybe more pages of habits you can add , so you’re in control of how many you want and you’re not limited to only two pages. Aside from that this app is great and I give it 5 stars..Version: 4.0.8

Great app, here’s a way to make it better.Devs: On Apple Watch if the current tasks are all done except for tasks that dont occur every day, it still shows the first page! Improve this awesome app by switching to the view of the 2nd page when all non daily tasks are complete. Alternatively provide a third page. Because its helpful to arrange morning tasks on first page, but not all first page tasks are every day tasks. E.g. I prefer to work out only 6 days per week. So on the day of rest, page switch doesn’t automatically happen..Version: 4.0.8

Weekly tasks are not incentivizedIf my goal is to post on Instagram 3 times a week, is it possible to have my task display 1/3 progress if I’ve posted once earlier this week? It’s more conducive to productivity to see that you’re 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 for the week instead of 0/1 or 1/1 for the day. If you have weekly goals it should display in fractions for the week not for a single day. Is this possible?.Version: 6.0.2

Great app, with active, responsive dev team👍👍 worth it, and I have 4 streaks approaching 3 years at this point.Version: 9.4.13

Please Fix the Watch AppThe main screen on Apple Watch doesn’t mark as done right away when I complete the task. Please fix this, I should not be seeing this on a $7 paid app. Otherwise does what I need..Version: 7.5.16

Needs more tasks!I have lots to do and 24 slots just ain't gonna cut it. Give me more tasks please! I'll give you a perfect review in return ;).Version: 7.5.9

Would be 5 stars ifLove this app so far, just downloaded it today, added the habits I could and played around with it. Couple things to make it 5 stars would be a tutorial video to showcase all of its features and abilities, and of course as mentioned by many other reviewers, more cards for tracking habits. I guess they increased it from 1 card with 6 habits to 2 cards of 6, just 6 would have been practically useless for me, but even with 12 there’s at least two more habits I would have liked to fit in here on just day 1 of using it. The app is simplistic to use and visually appealing (love the widget feature) which makes it the perfect app to track many habits so why restrict that to so little especially on a paid app. Regardless, much better than my previous method which was a calendar pocket planner with code letters for each habit..Version: 6.1.2

More than 12Streaks needed. Great app!.Version: 4.0.8

Awesome app!I'm loving this so far. A few issues in the initial navigation, maybe a tutorial?.Version: 3.1

Très bien, sauf…À moins d’erreur de ma part, il n’est pas possible de créer des tâches annuels. Exemple, lire 10 livres par années. Cela pour être très motivant dans divers scénario ! Sinon très complet et simple à comprendre :).Version: 9.6.3

Easy to use, but could use some improvementGreat app easy to use. With there were more than four pages so you could add more items that are done less frequently as well as group more categories together for ease of use. I don’t understand limiting it to 24 items..Version: 9.6.2

AMAZINGYou pay once and you have the greatest app of all time. I’ve been using doulingo for 38 days now just because I didn’t want to lose my streak , then I was thinking it would be so great to have an app that can track all the new routines, so I could keep doing it until they become habit. It’s super simple to use it and it pushes you to do your things. Loving it.Version: 9.4.11

Amazing Simple AppI am very thankful for this app, it is simple and solves all my needs to track things. Bonus points it syncs using iCloud, I got a new device and I did not backup anything 🙏..Version: 9.3.5

Stay on trackHelps keep focus on routines to form daily habits..Version: 9.4.3

Synching is inconsistentGreat app if you only use it on one device. If you sync it across all your devices on icloud, it’s very inconsistent and tasks you have already completed will show up as incomplete (widgets too)..Version: 9.4.0

Flawless appIncredible ux and utility. Buy now. There’s no trial because it doesn’t need one..Version: 9.3.5

I was looking for thisThere’s many apps that I’ve downloaded that does similar things but this one just clicked with me. The interface the Apple Watch support, the streamline design that has depth and customization. The only thing I’d wish for is 2-3 more pages because as it is I’m bundling some tasks together, which isn’t bad in itself, but I’d still add more..Version: 9.2.3

Really an excellent appReally really good and it does not have the subscription model which is really good. Hope it stays that way, there are other options but this one is the best..Version: 9.2.2

The best app for daily routine!Im serious. I’m surprised this is free. It’s got so many functions. I absolutely love this app, thank you developers! BTW I’ve found unobvious way of using. I’ve created task for smokin 🌿which I’m trying to limit myself to. And marking how often I 🤙🏼 makes it easier to balance my life. Lol.Version: 9.1.3

Top 3 of all appsThis instantly became my top 3 apps of all apps. It’s actually life changing as it gamifies your daily habits. Not o it that but the design team really made a world class app. Everything from the design to the customization. I literally show everyone this app now. Thank you. Your new supporter from Canada..Version: 9.2.2

Love the UI but functionality doesn’t cut it for meThe app looks great and I was happy to purchase app that doesn’t collect a bunch of unnecessary personal info, which most of the other similar apps do. However, the functionality is a bit clumsy, to me. Controls and settings aren’t as intuitive as they could be and the timed activities don’t work like I thought they would. As such, the app doesn’t fit my use case and I won’t be using it. The potential is there and it’s probably great in its current state for a lot of folks, but unfortunately, I’m not one of them..Version: 9.1.3

Amazing App! Building positive habits is the key success.I am a vice president at the largest company in my industry worldwide, this app keeps me on track with building positive long lasting habits. Love it!.Version: 8.1.7

Goo appI would love a few instructions ani the app icon always shows it needs updating but good for what it is.Version: 9.0.3

Creating atomic habits with that app.Simple, yet very powerful tool for people trying to develop healthy habits. I really like that it is linked to Apple Health app, it allows me to track my weight and diet more efficiently. Awesome app overall, but I really would have appreciate ability to resize tasks on the page. 5/5..Version: 8.1.7

Changed my lifeHuge believed in this app and I never feel strongly enough about an app to ever leave a review but this is worth every penny..Version: 8.1.4

📈 Game changer!I love the app and how you can customize the apps icon and colours of every page. The hardest part is just the first week or so when you are just starting your streak but the more days in a row you count that you are on a streak it becomes fun and you are better for it..Version: 8.1.4

FreezingGreat app, but unfortunately it has been freezing multiple times a day - the only way to get it to work is restarting my phone. Please fix this, thanks!.Version: 8.1.4

Very efficientI love the simplicity of use..Version: 8.1.1

Just keeps getting betterThe developers do an amazing job supporting this app.Version: 8.0.2

Best habit tracker ever!Super easy to use, yet so many ways to customize! This app offers you absolutely everything you need WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION! I’d be happy to pay extra few bucks in the future for any big updates/extra features to unlock :).Version: 8.0.2

Great for tracking and many customization optionsReally enjoying this app! Love the simplicity and customization around most things. I’d love to see a view where you can see all of the tasks/trackers on a page as they look on a certain day - aka I want to be able to flip through the different days of the calendar and check off the status as normal (seeing many tasks per page). I know I can go into each task to edit the calendar but it would be nice to address a whole day at once if I didn’t have the chance to update it through the day..Version: 7.5.18

Multi device sync is flakyIPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. I paid for this app because it was available on all platforms. Sadly the data sync is very unreliable. You will get conflicts and completions that are not recorded. Works fine on one device..Version: 7.5.19

Wow, just wow.This app is one of those few that are worth paying upfront for them. No ads, no subscriptions, and perfectly designed. I love it! I tried so many other habit apps, none worked as well as this did. Such an intuitive user experience, and perfectly synced with Apple Health. I bought the pack for like $10 but I could live without the other two apps tbh..Version: 7.5.11

Love everything about this appThis app has helped me become so much more disciplined than I ever have been with my health & self care. I wish it allowed for more than 24 items though.Version: 7.5.9

Great, but want more…lolI like the simplicity of the app. I just wish I could have as many habits and pages as I want. Developers let us add more than 24 habits please!!!.Version: 7.5.11

Good app and supportUsed this app for a few years, it was great. But when I opened the app today, everything disappeared, no streaks, no progress, just an empty landing page. I have icloud sync on, but it looks like it's not working either. The app is still handy, so I'll keep using it, it's just sad that a few years of streaks are lost. Update : support came back to me and there is a Settings > Manage Data > Backups page feature, so I just restored a backup..Version: 7.5.5

5 star rating Keeps me on track for my goalsKeeps me on track with my goals.Version: 7.5.0

Very coolGood app.Version: 7.3.6

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