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The #1 baby app worldwide! Understand why & when your baby suddenly cries more than usual, is not themselves and… what you can do to help.

Your baby is suddenly crying all the time, clinging to you, and you ask yourself what is wrong. The good news is that this fussy crying phase is a sign of progress in the brain!

Millions of parents have gone before you in following, supporting, and encouraging the 10 leaps in the mental development of their baby or babies. It is with good reason that Apple has declared it to be in the top 10 of the “Best sold apps in 2018, 2019 & 2020”

- Learn all about the 10 mental leaps with tips, tricks & mind-blowing insights.
- Your unique personalized leap schedule shows when a leap starts and ends, and… it counts down for you.
- Discover how you can give your baby the help they need during the various stages of a leap.
- Know when you can expect new skills.
- Keep track of your baby’s development and milestones in the diary.
- Gain insight into your baby’s perception of the world.
- Experience the world through your baby’s eyes.

- Over 350 extra milestones to keep track of in your diary
- Baby monitor: Wi-Fi 4G (INCLUDING 7 chapters on sleep from the book)
- E-Book (in full or per chapter)
- Audiobook (in full or per chapter)
- Music to lull your baby to sleep (white noise & music)

- Declared by Apple to be in the top 10 “Best sold apps in 2018, 2019 & 2020”
- Most downloaded paid app in Health and Fitness
- Award for “Coolest App for Moms”
- “Choice & Gold” Award from users, MumIi
- AppRx Awards Top 10 “Children’s Health App”
- NHS (UK) – “Best App for Parents”

Especially for parenthood. The baby tracker for your baby’s leaps in their mental development. You can keep track of your baby’s milestones and your baby’s growth in our The Wonder Weeks! baby tracker. A leap for you and your baby.


Disclaimer: This app has been developed with the greatest of care. However, neither the developer, nor the author is liable for any damage caused by inaccuracies or incompleteness of the app.

The Wonder Weeks App Comments & Reviews

The Wonder Weeks Positive Reviews

Highly RecommendWe’re loving this app. We’ve used it since the very beginning. Even if you don’t get to use every feature, the info alone is spot on. My daughter is routinely in the 2 week margin ahead of schedule but we think now, this last leap or two (currently ending leap 6) she’s more in line with the typical timeline. We’ve recommended it to so many parents. I’ve heard someone say leaps aren’t evidence based but it’s working for us. I think the concern is it replaces profesional advice. Of course if you have concerns always communicate with your pediatrician but it still helps give us a little glimpse into understanding what could be behind her different moods. And even if you don’t agree with all of THAT info, the tips and suggest on how to utilize each leap and work with their development is super helpful! I feel like I don’t do enough to stimulate her or support her development and this really feels like I’m taking advantage of all her new skills and abilities. This is just as important to my husband and me as the week by week “your baby today” updates and descriptions..Version: 11.2.0

Good app, update threw me offThe leap schedule alone is def worth the $4, the sanity it gives is priceless. Knowing that the stormy period will come to an end and your baby will go back to the sweet angel they once were is such a relief! I found that to be the most helpful and useful part of the ap. Leap 4 was awful but it ended exactly on the day it said it would. We were both about to loose our minds. Im a first time parent and the ap updated just before leap 5, i like the new look and format but not the the interactive parts. Like other reviewers the diary part is not useful, I really don't have time for that. Much preferred the previous way clicking off each task when accomplished. Im often interrupted and like being able to pick up where left off. Developer, please can you double check the skills? Leap 6 says baby will ASK someone to sing a song & understand the names of animals.. baby is not close to being that verbal.. im wondering if something glitched. Also I tried to use the nap tracker and its more trouble than its worth. Have to be able to pick up where i left off, not enter start and end at once.. or all naps. I tried to do it as the day went and it didnt add the total time together. i can barely remember how many time i fed baby last night. Please make things as simple as possible, my brain capacity is limited to most crucial items or not at all..Version: 10.4

My only parenting adviceI don't like to give a lot of parenting advice, but this app is one thing I tell every mom I know about. I'm on my 4th baby, and this app has been so dead on for us for every single child. I am so glad I found this with my first child because it has saved me from so much unnecessary anxiety, and most importantly allowed me to enjoy every part of my babies because I know the rough parts end. And thanks to this app I know almost exactly when they will end, lol! But seriously, prior to understanding what leaps were, I would think we were finally getting the hang of things, only to be wondering why my baby was suddenly so unhappy with everything he seemed to be happy with for weeks before. I wondered what I had changed, or what I was doing wrong. After I learned about leaps I understood that it wasn't about what I was doing, it was about what his brain was doing. I particularly love the alerts that warn you ahead of time that your baby is approaching a time when he might be more cranky than usual..Version: 11.2.7

Great knowledge for any parentI am a second time mother so I should know it all right? Wrong. My first is 10 and when he was a baby we didn’t have apps like this. It’s fascinating to read about the reasons behind your baby’s behaviors and also by knowing why your baby is behaving a certain way you can help them through all of their little growth spirts, while also helping yourself. Because let’s face it all parents wonder if their doing a good enough job so when baby is having an especially rough day we all say what am I doing wrong? Well with the Wonder Weeks it sometimes tells you, no you aren’t doing wrong your baby is making a “leap” that affects their mood, sleep, behavior, etc... and how to help them and yourself have an easier go of it. What I love also is it tells you when the “leap” should be over which really gets me through the tough times. I recommend this app to every mother or father who wants to know more about what’s going on in that sweet little head and also wants great expert advice on how to help your little ones along..Version: 9.1

I love this app & highly recommend it to others!This is my third child & I’m pretty educated on infant/child development, but this app has still been an amazing resource. I haven’t found any resource that gives the details that this app provides. I love knowing how my baby is currently experiencing the world. It doesn’t just tell you what skills your baby should be gaining but why they do the things they do just how they do them at that time. Like why their movements are so jerky, or why they stare at particular things. Why they make short abrupt sounds & then later how & why they start making longer smoother sounds. It has also been right on with the dates & the fussy vs bright periods. It’s nice to have a warning that baby is probably going to be fussy/clingy the next X # of days & when you can expect that period to be over as well. It’s honestly hard to describe just how awesome this app is & all that it does. I will continue to recommend it to those I know with infants..Version: 11.2.0

More parent inputI think this app would be better with more parent input. Meaning, if my child is experiencing x,y, & z then they would be going through a leap. But this app TELLS you when your child is going through a leap. For my child it has been so inaccurate with the dates. It’s almost the OPPOSITE of what he is experiencing. The one feature I do like about this app is that if my child is fussy for a few days I can look at it and say oh he might like A or B (things the app suggests due to a growth). And it typically helps the situation. However, because it is not lined up with my child’s actual leap schedule. I have to search all around for ideas through different leaps because he’s not coinciding with what the app has him scheduled for. I downloaded it around 2 months for him snd it keeps saying he didn’t ever go through the previous leaps. Which is also so annoying. If it had asked me what he went through and when it could have gotten a better idea of what his schedule is actually like. This is just a generic schedule based on my baby’s conception and birth date. I am disappointed I bought it..Version: 10.5.4

Love this app!The app has been pretty much spot on so far at showing what will happen when, and explaining why. My baby has been right on track so far with the developmental leaps and the fussiness phases were pretty much right when the app said they would be, and we can now expect them to be pretty accurate. I enjoy the explanations of what is going on with our baby, what she is learning and thinking and how it is affecting her behaviors. It is a great app. We have enjoyed the activities that it suggests to do in helping her to achieve her leaps. She has enjoyed them and so far has accomplished her advancements on schedule with what the app is saying. This is wonderful for parents everywhere, and can explain why the baby is fussier than notmal and let you know that you are not doing anything wrong, the baby is just experiencing a new challenge and to support the baby through the fussy phases!.Version: 11.2.7

One Helpful FeatureI appreciate this app mostly because of the calendar view, which tells you when your child will be going through a leap. I find that helpful. However, with the recent update, it has turned into a muddled mess of information, most of which doesn’t make much sense. Yes, it’s supposed to go hand in hand with the book, but surely they could have designed it in a way so that it is at least understandable without the book. The check lists aren’t very helpful to me because they’re just restating the fact that your kid is going to be grumpy and clingy during a leap. That information is already found under the What Are Leaps tab. It’s difficult to really pinpoint the problem with the app, but as another reviewer said, I think it could be summed up as too much redundancy. Everything is stated multiple times but none of it is intuitive or user friendly. I like the idea of this app and I hope they will be able to simplify it a bit to make it useful. Otherwise I’ll probably just delete it..Version: 10.4

Great-Makes you want moreThis app if great. I first purchased the book and ready parts of it. The book has more information, but most of it is parents’ experiences. While those are important, I feel that the most value giving by The Wonder Weeks is that provided by the chart. Those small little clouds can help you keep you sanity. Knowing that a leap is approaching or that you’re in the middle of one, helps you stay calm as a mother as it justifies the madness. The app provides the timing for the leap: by week and by dates. Also, the new feature adds it to your calendar which is GREAT! There is some information as of what to expect behavior wise. A bit more info about what each leap means for them and what to expect them to do. I recommend this app to all my mommy friends. It’s a great tool for a mom with one or 5 kids. I would have liked to see also an indication of growth spurts in the chart. Also, the chart ends at around 2 years I believe. While it is very beneficial to until that point, the kids still have major developmental leaps after (as I have witnessed with my own child). So, it would be great to add any information for after that. That just stays there and does nothing after... seems very close ended. Overall: it is great for when you need it, and you will need it for your own peace of mind when you don’t know why they keep crying and nursing..Version: 7.1

An Essential Baby AppEspecially when the child is your first, like ours, this little app is like having a pocket manual for your baby. It is especially useful when little one becomes inexplicably fussier. Why? Well, according to the Wonder Weeks (which is based on evidence-based medical science), this is usually because your child is going through one of the many ‘leaps’ of childhood. The app was incredibly accurate in predicting when (indicated by a rain cloud icon) our sweet one suddenly because much more sour. Knowing this was itself helpful since parents armed with this knowledge can fortify their emotional defenses in preparation. While some baby apps are fun - but do little in the way of informing parents - The Wonder Weeks stands out as the rare outlier which both satisfies our curiosity while respecting that our time for doing so is quite limited after baby’s arrival. I highly recommend it..Version: 8.0.1

Great helper to understand my baby’s developmentThere’s so much to pay attention to and learn as a parent of an infant. And sometimes it’s tough to figure out why things are “off” with my baby. Often times I will check the wonder weeks app to see where we are when my little one is unusually fussy or isn’t eating well and sure enough most often it’s when we are entering a new leap. I have some assurance that things are okay. This app helps as a guidepost for our baby’s ever evolving development. In addition to helping us understand how our baby’s brain is developing we also love that the app gives games to play and things to do to help our little one develop even more. The activities are always age/leap appropriate and simple to do. The app isn’t always the easiest to navigate, but overall I would definitely recommend it as one of many helpful assistants in navigating the ever progressing development of a young baby..Version: 11.2.7

Mama TWonder Weeks was recommended to me by a friend at church. When my girl was 5 weeks old I was describing to my friend how she sometimes didn’t want to nurse or take long naps much anymore and she said it sounded like a Leap. Turns out all the things we were noticing were “signals” and she went through Leap 1. She’s 9 months now and just entered Leap 7, and some of the signals she’s already been showing way before now! I don’t live by this app or stay on it all the time, but it is helpful to know it’s not your fault when the babe gets a little fussier than normal. It just means they’re growing and learning like they should be:) we love looking at the list of skills and looking forward to her coming through with them on the other side. So fun:) God bless all you sweet parents, you’re doing a GREAT job and He gives grace to sustain ❤️.Version: 11.2.7

No wonder everyone loves this app!This app has been more than just a resource for what skills my baby is developing but it gives me peace of mind knowing when he is having a more difficult time than usual that it is of no fault of my own. It’s safe to say most parents’ natural instinct is to make sure their baby is happy and healthy. This app lays out the when the tough transitions occur, for how long, the signals to look for that they are going through the leap, and the skills they are developing and may choose to show after. My husband makes fun of me but I love this app because it’s sooo informative and it helps me to give grace to my baby and me during fussy times that I otherwise may think he was sick or something was wrong. Thank you wonder weeks for putting together such concise and helpful tips & info all in one incredible app..Version: 10.2

The info is interesting, the app itself is confusing at timesIt’s very cool that the app tells you what stage you’re baby is in. For the most part, I’ve felt like what they were saying is true. The tell you behaviors your baby might be displaying at a certain time, and it explains why they are doing it/what’s going on in baby’s brain. What I do NOT like is the format of the app. The information in the app is great & helpful (although I take everything with a grain of salt). But the app itself is confusing. To me, the app is not super intuitive or easy to use. I’ve had to figure it out by myself, but I shouldn’t have to do that. I think the app could really benefit from some changes that make it easier/more clear to use. It’s a shame because the information is really good, but it’s hard to figure out how to access all the information..Version: 11.2.7

My #1 suggested apps for caregivers of babies!This app is SO WONDERFUL! As a mom of littles it can feel like a full time job guessing their needs before they can talk. This app brings a whole new level of understanding. Not only do I NOT think my kids are teething/and or sleep regressing all the time anymore but I now have this beautiful window into what they are experiencing. I wonder less “what are they thinking?” and instead see very specific changes like “she sees the contrast in these blinds, or “she’s categorizing this pattern in my face!” The book it is based on is so wonderful I highly recommend it. BUT this app stands alone. You need not read the book to benefit. The transition periods called “leaps” are specifically applied to your child down to the day. Plus there is a space to record in detail how your child handles each “leap.” I’ve found that even observation skills as a parent are benefited! I have never gifted an app other than this one. It seems a strange thing to give an app but it’s such a help to parents, especially new ones, that I can’t recommend it enough! Not just for mother’s! Fathers, grandparents, caregivers, ANYONE actively involved in a babies life can benefit..Version: 9.0.3

Not user friendlyApp should be more user friendly. I see clouds and storm symbols but you can’t click on them nor does it explain it on the app what they mean.. I eventually figured it out but it’s just not direct and very disorganized. My sister loved this with my niece and I remember it being spot on back in 2015. My experience... So/so.. My son is accomplishing these leaps 2-4 weeks ahead of schedule and to a complete T. I asked my friend who uses this and she said the same thing with her daughter. The good thing is it helped me understand why suddenly my son was fussy, more clingy, or usual things aren’t cutting it. So I was more patient understanding he’s going through something and able to prepare. But I wish it would adjust with your personal schedule and use a “smart adjustment” technique to predict your child’s personal track. Therefore less offense with other parents I’m seeing in reviews...Version: 10.5.2

Wasn’t really worth it for meBought this app based on the glowing reviews here plus recommendations from friends and other people we know. It didn’t do much for us. I suppose we were lucky with our baby as his developmental leaps and fussy periods weren’t very disruptive. Because of that it was hard to tell how well the predictions of the app were. Also, a few other reviews talked about functions of this app being like homework, which I would agree. We stopped using it after a couple months. From a software perspective it looks and works very well. Some design choices for the interface perhaps could be improved as some screens are a bit unintuitive to get where you want to go. In the end, it’s hard to know if this app is for you until you buy and it then if it’s not then it’s money wasted. Keep that in mind before you hit the buy button..Version: 11.2.7

I wanted to like thisI had been using for the past few weeks and really liked. Then today I tried updating the diary and it crashed every time I tried to save. I restarted my phone and then tried deleting the app so I could restart. It completely wiped everything I had been documenting for the past two weeks. I don’t even feel like starting over I’m so upset. I also hate that every time I took notes in the diary it would move me to the top of the page instead of where I left off. The napping page if you moved your finger the slightest bit just moved you to the next page so you had to start all over if you didn’t get the time right. The leaps have been somewhat accurate but I don’t know that it’s worth the $4. And now that all my data and memories from those two weeks are gone I don’t think I’ll continue using. Very disappointed..Version: 10.4

But the app, not the subscriptionThe app is great, very helpful even with my third baby. But the additional features at $2.99/month are not worth it and should just be included in the app itself. Unless you’re going to use the monitor feature, which seems cool if you haven’t actually bought a baby monitor, the other extras are marginal added value. The white noise was alluring but not functionally useful because they run for only a few minutes and then stop. Even if you click the “continual sound” option, it pauses briefly every few minutes and then restarts- which wakes both me and the baby due to the absence of what should be helpful white noise!! It’s nice to have the audio book in the extras, but I chose the app over the book for a reason and could get it from the library for free or from Audible for less than $2.99/month..Version: 9.1

Generic and wildly inaccurate info.It’s not an expensive app so I guess if it makes you feel better when your baby is fussy and you want a ‘reason’ then go for it. But if you TRULY want to understand your baby and teach them based on where they are at developmentally this ISNT the resource for that. I haven’t found it to really be worth the money. Seems like according to the app your child is almost always in a leap with maybe a week or two break in between. The milestones and what your baby might be able to do are definitely not accurate amd often not even developmentally age appropriate. For my 5 month old, his current leap says he may CRAWL after a parent. Uh, what? I thought this was based on research, what 5 month olds are crawling? The ‘activities’ to do with your baby to help during the leap are super basic things that you are probably going to do anyway..Version: 10.6.5

Has helped me be a better motherI’ve been using wonder weeks since my daughter was born. It’s helped me help my daughter thrive, as I understand where she is coming from and can see the world from her perspective. “Tantrums” or “fussiness” aren’t random, I am able to put myself in her shoes and understand why she is acting that way. It’s been super interesting to learn how her brain is developing as she grows. I can’t believe she is already in her last “leap”, it always felt so far away! But I will be using with my next who is due in March. I would highly recommend this to any parent with a child under 16 months. It changes your perspective of their behavior and I believe it has helped me be a better mother because of it..Version: 11.1.5

Best app to invest in to prepare for your newbornIf you are going to invest in any app for your newborn this is the app. I am surprised there is little information out there about leaps. I did so much research while pregnant and never heard about it until my baby’s doctor told me about it at her 2 month visit. This app has been so helpful because it really helps me understand more about what she is going through. I am way more patient because of this understanding. I wish I knew about it before she was born to mentally prepare better. I highly recommend the ebook as it goes into more detail about each leap and what we can do to help them grow and develop and be more compassionate during the hard times..Version: 11.2.7

Couldn’t live without it. Wouldn’t want to.Can’t even tell you how helpful this app has been in several ways! I recommend it to every new parent I meet. Here’s just a few things we love: 1st- when our son would be fussier than normal or not eating the same we’d check the app and wouldn’t you know he’d be starting a leap 2nd- it’s been amazing to know how our sons brain is developing, so much is happening in such a short time; we take so many things our brains can do for granted, their brain is just getting started 3rd- it helps us figure out how to interact with him based on brain development; we now can do activities that are right for him at that moment in time.Version: 11.2.7

Good Resource, Poorly RedesignedFirst off, I love the wonder weeks for helping explain baby’s behaviors as they grow and go through mental leaps. I love that it tells you what behaviors to typically look for and skills after each leap they master. I used the app with my first baby in 2018 and loved both the information provided as well as the layout of the app. It used to make it very easy to follow along with each leap. I was excited to use it with my second baby now but the new app format is not as user friendly as their old version. It makes it a little harder to follow along and the change in the flow of how the new version is written makes it confusing to keep up. It almost looks like the text was copy-pasted without being formatted. I still like that the calendar is there but miss the old format that was a lot more user friendly..Version: 10.3

First time mom!As a first time mom, sometimes you're just wondering if you’re doing everything right. Especially when it comes to learning. I didn’t know anything about development leaps! Thanks to a mom of 5 showed me this app. And I’m grateful thankful for that. Now I understand what’s going on and I know how to help her through her leaps and what she should be at least learning. We’re now in leap 7 and her personality really does change. I am super grateful for this app and would recommend it to my new mommy friends. Also I love the new update! It has this very clan organized look. But, I really do miss the countdown of how many days are left in her leap and the countdown to her next leap..Version: 10.0

Every mom needs this app!As a first time mom there were so many times my baby was having a rough week and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong when suddenly I remembered this app and decided to check if we were in a leap. Each time I would find that we were, in fact, just entering one or right smack in the middle of a stormy week. Having that knowledge gave me the reassurance I need to know that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but also let me know that there was more I could be doing to help my baby through the current leap! It has made each leap so much easier for both of us! I also love that you can add more than one baby and I look forward to using it for any future children I have!.Version: 7.2.1

This is a missing piece for new parentsThis knowledge of 10 different stages of brain changes was a critical missing piece for understanding our baby. You can learn about baby’s habits, normal sleep patterns, feeding patterns, preferences, etc., but the part you would never know without this research is that their brains just follow this predictable brain change schedule. This is the missing piece to understanding why a baby is cranky or not. It helps you to not go crazy or frustrated or feel like you’re failing as a parent. So this is one of the few things I would recommend parents get, because they can learn a lot of the rest of things about their baby on their own..Version: 11.1.5

Not as useful as hopedWe don’t really use it very much. It was fun to explore the app at first but we haven’t found that the app is a very useful tool. We check back periodically to check off skills our baby has learned but we largely have stopped using the app. Also for our baby the app hasn’t been useful because unless I check the app I can’t tell if we’re in a leap or a skills phase because I can’t even tell if our baby is matching up to what the app says, he seems to do things at his own pace so the app is a total crapshoot. It may be more useful to other parents if you really spend the time cataloguing everything and making use of the diary and stuff but we haven’t haven’t had the interest/need/desire to dedicate the time to get the full use of this app..Version: 11.2.7

Helps me keep up with my PreemieVery user friendly. I love the diary part and being able to add pictures. This really gives me a visual of how much my baby has grown physically and developmentally with skills. I can also show my baby’s physical therapist too so she can keep tabs on his progress and what we do at home. It helps you figure out activities to do with your baby which is really nice because I never know what good activities to do to help hone skills besides what our physical therapist gives us. Babies love variety though so the more activities the better. I have not used the nap time feature yet but I think I will now that babe sleeps through the night..Version: 11.2.1

Absolute must!!I love this app. I heard about this early on when my son was first born so I tried it and man it’s extremely accurate. I find it fascinating being able to get a small glimpse behind your babies eyes. It really helps in understanding what they’re going through and why they might be more fussy than normal. It’s great for finding ways to stimulate your baby according to their development. It’s just overall wonderful and I feel so lucky to be a first time parent with resources like this. If we had nothing I think we would be even more emotionally shot not knowing why our baby is so unhappy sometimes. They’re just learning new skills!.Version: 11.2.7

ConfusedI really like this app and would probably recommend it, but I’m a little confused. Why does it say for example a child has started a leap, specifically a leap that will start at 26 weeks when the child is only 22 weeks? I used my due date, but it’s like the chart start dates and the actual text content are not aligned. The same thing happened with the previous leap and it’s very confusing. Has she started the leap or is she going to start the leap four weeks from now?? Can anyone help me understand why these are consistently different? I should probably mention my due date and the actual birth are only one day different, so that clearly couldn’t be the reason..Version: 8.0.2

Gives understanding and insight to parents of little ones.I’ve used this app for each of my 4 children. For my first it was definitely right on. I would wonder what is going on only to look at the app and notice we were in a leap. It helped me understand what baby was going through and how to be helpful. For my last 2 it’s been close not right on the dot but it still has given me foresight as to it’s coming, it says it’s coming but we’re already there etc. And gives me things to do with the babe to capitalize on the development they just had. I find myself returning to this app with every new babe..Version: 11.2.7

Informative but can make you crazy..I understand the intent of this app and I love learning about what my baby is learning about! However… I also think the “leap days” can cause unneeded anxiety for parents. For example, my son is in leap six right now. It says this leap is estimated to last 28 days total. That means 28 days of potential fussiness from my baby. Do you know what that does to a parents brain?? Now obviously I know my kid isn’t going to be fussy for 28 straight days.. but for some people, this puts them on edge. Parenting is hard enough without being told you’re baby is going to be fussy for xx tie. Personally, I ignore the leap calendar and instead just use this app for the information it provides..Version: 11.2.7

A Must-Have for all parents!The Wonder Weeks app has been a great resource for this first-time mom. I especially love the tips and the list of possible new skills it provides for each leap. I know what activites are most helpful for my little man to develop all his new skills. The Sleep Schedule feature of the diary is very nice. One less thing I had to remember (when his naps occurred and how long they were). I learned very early how important sleep is to my growing little man. Lastly, having an idea when he might be more fussy because of a leap made me a little less confused when he cried. This App is definitely a must-have for all parents!.Version: 11.2.0

Absolute Must!!!Regardless of 1st or 3rd baby-you need this app!!! Gives the most detailed information/understanding of what the world is according to your little one. I often pondered the “what’s going on?” in terms of the disposition of my baby, and this app answered that question for me! If you need to anticipate the unexpected and changes that are happening, the Wonder Weeks gives the caregivers the peace of mind that we desperately desire. The ability to give yourself and the baby grace during the “stormy days” and with the timeframe, alerts, & checklists that are given, you are able to feel so much more confident in those days..Version: 11.2.7

Life Saver!I thought I was going crazy when my daughter started getting extra fussy, seemingly out of nowhere. I went searching to see what I could do to help and found this app! Normally I am not one to pay for an app but I was desperate - and I’m so glad I did!! Wonder Weeks explained that my daughter was in the fussy phase of a leap. This gave me peace of mind knowing that it wasn’t something I was doing wrong. Plus, it gives you fast information about what they learn in each leap! I love the activity suggestions too - they give me an idea of how to continue to develop the new skills my daughter is gaining. Highly recommend!.Version: 11.2.7

Great for nervous parentsThank God for this app! I haven’t noticed much until the last couple days (she has about 9 days left of this leap). She has been so fussy and napping much more. She’s also not been totally finishing her bottles. I keep getting nervous that she may be sick but she has no temp, no snot, nothing weird. Just a change in mood and some behaviors. She sleeps through the night but for 2 nights she woke up around 3 for her pacifier but went right back to sleep. Then 2 nights after that slept later than normal. I am so thankful for this app because I can look at it and understand that all of this is most likely just the leap. I am a nervous person to begin with so it’s so helpful to have some reassurance that she is just growing and this is normal..Version: 11.1.5

Might work for some babiesI used this app with my first child, and it almost always seemed to be a bit off with timing, usually by about a week (even though I put in the due date, as specified in the instructions). Though sometimes it just seemed like my child was in a perpetual leap, as she was what is known as a “high needs baby,” and it was hard to tell if she was still in her last leap, or she had gone into her next leap early, or she wasn’t even in a leap and was just extra fussy that day for a different reason. I basically ended up giving up on the app because it just didn’t work for my child. Now that I have a second child, I’m going to try the app again and see if it works with him..Version: 11.2.7

Very helpfulI really like this app. It is something that I don’t have to check everyday, but can reference when needed. I find the heads up on leaps very helpful in preparing me and my spouse mentally for a potential rough patch. As well, the explanation of what happens during each leap helps us to understand our child better, and connect with him at the appropriate level for that stage. Very helpful and I recommend the app to all new parent friends!.Version: 8.0.2

Life saver!!We absolutely loved having this app at our fingertips for both of our kiddos. Whenever they seemed “off”, we would check and sure enough, they’d be approaching or already right in a “leap”. It was so reassuring as new parents. Lots of great info but easy to navigate..Version: 9.2.2

Great appFull of information about baby development, and really useful for the curious and interested parent.Version: 7.3.3

Offers valuable insightSo spot on for my kids! This really helped to offer insight as to how my children may be feeling/experiencing the world which allowed me to attend to them with much more compassion and understanding..Version: 11.2.7

Love this App!Love it!! Helps me better understand my daughter and has little examples or exercises we can do together..Version: 11.2.7

Love!I love this app for letting us know where Lucy is at in her journey! It’s been very accurate so far!.Version: 11.2.7

Helpful and eye openingThis app was so helpful and always spot on. In times I had no clue what’s happening with my little girl I would check the app and be like there you go next leap is on. All the advise, activities, education on infant development and tips given has helped us so much to understand what our little one is going through, which allowed us to handle every new stage with compassion and grace. I’ve recommended the app to many of my new Mum friends because of how helpful it was for us to.Version: 11.2.7

Good appIt’s very helpful to know what may possibly occur in the coming weeks. While your child may experience some or all of the listed actions and it’s even possible for your child to experience the leap before the week is mentioned as leap. It’s worth it to get this!.Version: 11.2.7

Must for new parentsThis app has given me the opportunity to better understand and help my baby as he is going through every leap of development!.Version: 11.2.7

Helpful but some negativesMy baby displayed their “fussy” phase about a week prior to the expected dates in this app. Unfortunately there was no way to edit the leap timeline within the app..Version: 11.2.7

Educational, with more to offerLove this app, I think it has led to more informed and beneficial playtimes with my baby. I do think that it could offer more to the user for the price paid..Version: 11.2.7

Wonder Weeks Best Baby App!!This is probably one of the best baby apps I’ve used. It helped with both of my sons to gain perspective on how they are viewing and viewed the works through various stages of development. I thoroughly recommend this app to anyone wanting to see things from their baby’s point of view!.Version: 11.2.7

If you're unaware of the due date, get ready to do some reading!The app's information is quite helpful, although it can be time-consuming to determine the appropriate level for your child without knowing their due date (because of fostering, adoption, etc). The app solely relies on due dates for providing information. However, if you're willing to read through all the levels, it's definitely worth checking out. On another note, I did notice that the videos don't have sound when my phone's ringer is off, which is different from other apps I've used. Nonetheless, I'll continue using the app to assess its overall performance..Version: 11.2.7

Timing js offWe found the timing off. Our baby appeared to go through the first leap a week earlier..Version: 11.2.7

So accurateThe wonder weeks has been spot on with both of my kids. If they seem off and I wonder why, I turn to the app and the answer is usually a leap!.Version: 11.2.7

A must for any involved parentMost informative and entertaining.Version: 11.2.7

Easy and interesting to useFun to watch your little one go through the development stages of the app..Version: 11.2.7

Very informative!Love this app for giving me insight into our newborn! Very grateful ❤️.Version: 11.2.7

Timing off but info accurateI think it’s a bit off with the timing for my little one. Things seem to happen almost opposite what the app says.Version: 11.2.7

So helpful!I find it super helpful because I know what to expect and what is normal behaviour for his age. It also brings peace of mind on the rough days that it’s just a phase and we’ll come out of it soon enough. I like that it gives suggestions on activities to help development and explains how your baby sees the world at that point..Version: 11.2.7

Loving it!So far, this has been pretty accurate. Knowing it was coming (and that it was normal) has helped my anxiety immensely. My baby needs extra cuddles and is being extra fussy… but, this app reminds me that it will pass and that they do learn skills with the Leap..Version: 11.2.7

Ajuda mas poderia melhorarEu esperava um pouco mais de informações e dicas sobre os saltos. Meio engessado, e gostaria que fosse inteligente pra alterar ou que me sugerisse mudar a data, o salto do meu bebê sempre começa antes e acaba antes do previsto pelo app..Version: 11.2.7

4th leapEverly went through this leap with flying colors, she was happy and started sleeping though the night at approximately 12 weeks. Once we figured out what her eating schedule should be once she started to sleep 9/10 hrs. She was perfect!.Version: 11.2.7

Love it!It’s been great using this app as a checkpoint for my son’s development! I found the tracker to be very accurate and helped give me piece of mind during the fussy faze.Version: 11.2.7

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