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Tayasui Color is a unique coloring book and an incredibly relaxing experience.

Feel like coloring up your day? Need to de-stress? Stuck in a waiting room? Open Color, choose a gorgeous illustration specially designed for the app, and just follow your poetic, vibrant or eccentric coloring mood!

Play with 4 ultra-realistic drawing tools selected from our award-winning app Tayasui Sketches, including the fantastic watercolor brush.

You can also add gold and silver texture for a glittery touch!

And enjoy our magic ingredient: Tools makes sounds! Our patented Sound Engine provides realistic sounds while you're coloring for a genuinely soothing and immersive experience 

Finally, share your creations or find inspiration in the Tayasui Color community.

Features :
Smart boundaries
Fill tool
Brush editor
Color eyedropper
Color editor

Tayasui Color App Comments & Reviews

Tayasui Color Positive Reviews

Highly recommend this one!So I have been using this coloring app now for a little over 2 weeks! I am absolutely in love with it. There are numerous amounts of pages to color, i think it is around 70+, if I’m not mistaken. With new pictures added every so often. There are 4 different coloring tools to use, plus an eraser... Here are a couple suggestions to have added to the app.... 1. when actually coloring- having the ability to use “gradient” coloring effect, or even an effect that resembles hammered steal, or wood grain effect. 2. Adding a few more coloring mediums- like oil pastels, acrylic painting, or maybe even something like or having the effect of “staining”, having colors that have a “glitter” effect (if that’s possible) or maybe an effect as if one had “oil to water” appearance. 3. Offering other styles of pictures to color, such as Mandalas, repeated patterns, or even “kid friendly” pages that are not as complicated to complete. Again, this app is one of my absolute favorite to use for free-handed coloring... polar opposite to the “color by number” app I am also addicted to. It’s nice to switch it up every now and then...Great job to the developers in the creation of this one..Version: 6.0

Very enjoyable. Would like a few more options.The app has a small learning curve. I found myself tapping in the wrong places and messing up my work at first. The drawing selection is just okay. As others have said, it would be nice to see some mandalas or other more abstract drawings. Blending colors isn’t easy. You can best achieve blending with the water color brush, but the pen and even the pencil tool aren’t very good at blending or layering color. A smudge tool would be a great addition. I am using a regular stylus on an iPad and I don’t know if an Apple pen would make a difference. The app would have better flexibility if the brush sizes went a lot smaller. It would also be helpful to be able to lock in a color selection to the palette so you don’t have to keep resampling the color to use it again. Even with the drawbacks, the app is very enjoyable and offers a lot of flexibility with color selection. When you look at what others have achieved in the gallery, good results are clearly possible..Version: 6.0

Great tools, lousy picturesThe tools are fantastic, you choose the style you want to use, watercolor, painting, etc. You pick what color and style you want to use on the pictures, it’s not paint by the numbers like other apps. But...there are only 25-30 pictures to choose from, and they are all in one style of art, the animals and everything look the same in every picture. The content of the pictures change, but the look is the same because of the very distinctive drawing style. You don’t get to choose by type, mandalas, animals, flowers like in other programs, they are presented in a book style. Most are animal with a few flower pot ones. I’m quite disappointed, even though it wasn’t much money, I don’t like the style of the art, or the lack of selection. If you don’t want much selection beyond bears, wolves and a few kittens, in a very unusual style, this program is for you. If I could integrate the tools with the selection of most of the other adult coloring apps, that would be the best of both worlds..Version: 5.3

Brilliant, Flexible App that Is Well Worth its PriceCompared to similarly-priced and even-less-artistically valuable apps, this one is a gem. Lots of color and texture options, a true sensitivity for palette, and a cohesive high quality in the aesthetics for the line drawings. This app offers a huge range of options for the downloading customer without the limitations (of color palette, undos, archiving, etc.) that competing apps offer for a weekly or monthly or annual fee. This is the genuine article for people who just want a few scenes to paint, color, and experiment with. A surprising, GREAT value, considering the "leeching" competition with its subscription fees, limited palettes, and predictable drawings..Version: 4.0

4 out of 5I can’t give this a 5, but would love too. I am a precision person. When I tap an area to color, I only want to color that area. There are many times that even though there are no visible gaps in the line, an entire area will fill in. Also, I’m not a fan of the way you have to constantly go back and forth into the color palette. Maybe keep the colors available that we are using on the current drawing, no matter what color group they fall under. Also, I think if we tap a color in the photo, it should pull it back up, rather than change it to the color we are using. There could also be some Mandalas, repeating patterns and more variety of things to color..Version: 6.0

Really niceI’ve just started so far but what I have seen is good. You don’t have to look for “how to” the app begins with a fairly complete set of instructions. Had trouble going from page to page to see different pictures but I got there. I started the first picture and used a paint brush. I did do some fill in coloring and some areas color more than they are supposed to because there is a break in the line of the picture you can’t see. I really don’t like that. Otherwise I think I will really enjoy the app because it is really easy to use..Version: 5.1

Enjoyable . Some flaws need fixingWas enjoyable. Loved using the colors. Several flaws I. only used one tool. When using paint brush it went o ver the line and made a. Circular marking ...couldn’t control it. sometimes in coloring a section it would make a blob instead of filling it in with the color. I would have push back arrows to correct it. Sometimes there were areas I. Which the line to fill in was complete but it colored one or more areas. If erased, it would also erase the original place. A few time it just closed down and all my work was gone. No saving. I enjoyed it despite the flaws. I finished the book Could use some more pictures..Version: 6.0

Lots of issues, lots of crashes...It colors when you touch the screen even though you‘re using the pen, it colors right over your finished drawing if you accidentally touch the screen. It colors over many lines it shouldn‘t. It crashes when you try to open a new page, and when you turn the pages to select a new drawing, it also likes to crash. You have to restart your iPad. The reason I keep it? I love the color mixing tool and being able to save the finished drawing. This is my second review, it didn’t even publish my first one, I‘m waiting to see if it publishes this one. If they fix the many bugs it could be a really good app..Version: 5.1

ColorColoring. It’s fun, creative for just kids. Right? Wrong. It’s creative for kids and adults. It’s my first time using color. It started out by downloading,I downloaded it. But I had to delete some apps first. I tried the second time. It worked. When I got to the app, I said this in my head:”here goes nothing.” I turned the page and wow, I saw the instructions it gave me. The instructions had so much color on it. I couldn’t wait to get started. I read the instructions, and I was coloring. I’m now in love with it. It has so much colors and brightness..Version: 6.0

Just what is was looking forI love the tools, colors and it’s easy to use. However, there does seem to be a glitch, sometimes zoom doesn’t work and you have to repeat it till it does usually 2-3 times, but when you tap to move or zoom on the screen it colors over my drawing. I finally figured it out and stopped doing that. Make sure to use 2 fingers when moving the page. With some practice it becomes easier to use with less mistakes. I use it on my IPad no crashing or freezing.Version: 5.1

The bestBy far the best coloring app. One time fee, no subscription. There aren’t hundreds of pics, but the ones they have are good. Pretty detailed, but you can always flip to another page and go back to finish. The tools are perfect, not too much, not too little. The palette knife is fun. I do wish adding, changing colors was easier. I’ve deleted several coloring apps yet always kept this one..Version: 6.0

A few issuesGreat app, but wish there were more drawings. Additionally, it says that there are smart borders and that when you stroke it shouldn’t color outside of the border. The app says it is switchable in preferences, but there is no option for this in preferences. Please fix this, smart borders would be very helpful. Also, I find that when I fill a section it fills another one that doesn’t appear to be attached, yet is. Until these issues are addressed, only four stars..Version: 5.1

Wonderful!Do you want a multi-media coloring book and art supplies without the clutter and mess Then, Tayasui Color is the app for you! Its interface and tools are realistic, versatile and incredibly easy to use without losing the aesthetics. I'm an art student with tremors who uses it to practice shading. Part of my therapy program, it has strengthened my fine motor skills, saved me a fortune and improved my grades. Thank you!.Version: 4.0

Love Color!😃👍🏽💕I love having Color available for those times when I have to wait for something, like at the Doctor's office, having the oil changed in my car, etc. I don't have to tote things around with me, or forget to grab a bag of coloring stuff to take along...I just find a place to sit and I'm coloring!😁🌈 Thanks, developers, for creating such an easy to use, relaxing, fun pastime! 👍🏽🌈.Version: 4.0

🎨 COLOR 🖍I thoroughly enjoy this app—I can just sit back and color without having to worry about any pop-ups, or other frivolous nonsense. The issues I have are: 1. There picture saves EVERY time you leave that page. There should be a Share Sheet/Action option to save instead of having it constantly auto-save to the photo library (I’ve had upwards of 10 photos in my library during one session). And, with that... 2. On the full screen iPad Pro, you should make the Home Indicator disappear when in “coloring mode”—accidental swipes are what constantly cause the auto-save feature to occur. 3. There is no iCloud support; I recently un-install/re-install the app, and lost ALL of my artwork. (Devastating) Other than these things, the app is enjoyable..Version: 6.0

Super fun but took up so much room!I had this literally for a day, and in one day it took up over 2 GB on my iPad! And I only did 3 pictures and didn’t even finish them! I would totally recommend this but be prepared to get robbed of your space. I noticed that it only said that it took up 158 MG but it takes so much more then that..Version: 5.1

AMAZING!!!I love this app! Most coloring apps that I actually like you have to pay to get everything several times! On this app though you only have to pay once, and you get everything! I really love how all the pictures are on nature, or animals. If you don’t like paying for coloring apps every month, this is the app for you!!!.Version: 4.1

Amazing!!!This Coloring book app is the best one I've downloaded! It doesn't have any ads, u can color without paying for more if the colors, and you can go through the pages over and over again! I mean, if there was a successful pyramid thing for coloring apps, this app would go to the top!.Version: 4.0

I love the sound it makes when you color.I’m not even joking when I say that feature alone made me like this coloring app better than the others. 😂😂😂 However I have one gripe. Please let me turn off the dropper! I can’t do anything without it messing up the default palette..Version: 5.3

SpeechlessI’m speechless I Have nothing to say I I just love it so much when someone is talking to you just don’t want to answer back because you working so hard On Coloring so much great animals or anything I’m just gonna love it you work so hard no You know what to 12 to 100 I give you infinity.Version: 5.2

Enjoyable!I had downloaded this app a while ago but never got around to using it because it was on a smaller device. Now I started using it I can’t stop! It’s really a fun way to pass the time and I love the sounds it makes as I’m making the brush strokes. So far it’s perfect for me..Version: 4.0

Best app!I love this and I just downloaded it today, I like it cause it’s not like most apps. Most apps you get told where to color and what color to color! This app lets u be creative! Even know it’s money, I really recommend it. It’s worth it! This is my first ever review and I hope I did good! Bye..Version: 6.0

Well?Well I really love the app. It has good tools but every time I go into a new coloring page it saves it so if you don’t want it to save everything then do not let them access your photos! Please improve!.Version: 6.0

Fun App but....This app is good. However, the bug of your hand coloring a spot while using the pencil is still a problem. Then when you try to “undo” this glitch, the app doesn’t always register the mistake. Potentially messing up an are you have already colored. Slowly we are getting new coloring pages, but some variety in their design would be nice..Version: 6.0

It’s just ...For those days that just boggle your grey matter or the daily trolls that try and drag you down the rabbit hole. Turn off, tune out and take a mental time machine back to your childhood and just COLOR!.Version: 5.1

Love it but dislike as wellI love all the different choices you can pick from to color with as well as the color and the effects. However, I dislike this app because it doesn’t have a tutorial first to show you how to work the app and how to find more coloring pages!.Version: 5.1

It’s PerfectI love this app because of its simplicity. It doesn’t try to do everything or make you pay for everything like some of the other coloring apps. Love Taysaui!.Version: 5.1

FlexGreat program. Would like to be able to have more color options when using textures..Version: 5.1

Some troubleAlways losing what I did when it freezes up before I have a chance to save it! That bothers me!!.Version: 4.1

No smart border featureIn the description, it says there is smart border feature. In the app’s help, it also says there is smart border feature and that it can be enabled in the preference, but it doesn’t exist. Hence, I took away two stars..Version: 5.3

More pictures pleaseGreat app but just need bigger selection of pictures to choose from. Otherwise fabulous app!.Version: 4.0

Nice coloring appIt’s nice to find a coloring app that is “all inclusive” and not subscription based. If you keep making them, I’ll keep buying them. Thank you!.Version: 5.3

Problems on iPhone 11 pro maxGreat app! Works fine on my iPad, but on my iPhone 11 pro max, when you open a file to work on it, the image scrambles. It's pretty much unusable there..Version: 6.0

Best coloring appFavorite on my iPad. And trust me, I’ve tried a lot. Easy to learn. Love the tools. Wish more pictures/drawings were included. Overall, worth the price..Version: 7.0

Best coloring game ever!!!!!!!!It has so much detail witch I like. I would like if the tool that does gold and silver had mor options and for it easier to find prefences. This and the second one of it are the BEST COLORING GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.0

MaggieI loVe it because it is like you are really coloring like in real life and you don’t have to take all your colors with you everywhere..Version: 5.1

I love it!I am related too bob ross and this just really reminded me of him, and I love listening to classical music while doing the art, it is very peaceful and calming and no ads!.Version: 6.0

Love the drawing sound!!!Tried this app at an apple store and fell in love with it. I could not get enough how soothing the sound it was, so I got this app just for the drawing sound. Haha!.Version: 6.0

I love it but......I love this app so much to just create stuff on and color but for the best you need to use a Apple Pencil wich I do have one but I love it other wise.Version: 7.0

Love it but.....I wish there were more detailed how to instructions for those less app savvy. What is the circle with the lines in it for? How do you find preferences? Thank you..Version: 5.1

RecommendedNice variety of pictures- thank you for no subscription!.Version: 6.0

ColouringWonderful App.Version: 6.0

Beautiful app!I tried the app and it’s soooooo beautiful and easy to use. You can use a lot of colours to create a beautiful picture and i am surprised how the apple pencil can be use for details. I recommend the app! Thank you to create it. Moments to relax!.Version: 4.1

I love it but I need more pagesLove it but more pages for water Color would be nice.Version: 6.0

大すき大すき!( ◠‿◠ ).Version: 6.0

Great appThis is a great app but the colours keep disappearing. I was wondering could that be fixed..Version: 6.0

Just startedNot sure just started app.Version: 6.0

I love ColorI tried “Color” in the Apple store and it was one of the reasons I bought my new iPad! Love it!!.Version: 6.0

Well priced for its featuresThis app provides lots of tool and colour options. Another HUGE plus is the pay once style. There appears to be a limited amount of colouring pages but the ones available are quite beautiful..Version: 5.3

Great!Love this just wish they would come out with more, Please!.Version: 5.3

Love itLove the fact that it only cost 3.99 and no other monthly or yearly fees. First one that I found like that. Wanted one where I could use my Apple Pencil..Version: 5.1

Good with potentialOne of the better coloring books with room for improvement. is there a reason this isn't combined with coloring book 2 as a bundle? couple issues; 1. no palm rejection makes coloring frustrating 2. zoom out distorts quality terribly and 3. smart borders is very glitchy & not seamless creating gaps 4. there is no "preferences" option within the coloring book 5. there's is no option to move around page with palm.Version: 5.2

Very niceVery nice colouring app,but would be better if you could size the pencil and brushes and have a blending brush..Version: 5.1

It’s great!I love it.Version: 5.1

It good but...It’s good but like all the colouring pages have a nature theme. I wish there were more themes instead of just that. Other than that it’s pretty good..Version: 5.1

Bravo!!! Pour cette application j’adore. 😀😏👍🏻Bravo !! Ne lâchez pas continuez à faire de bon jeu comme sa pour s’amuser et relaxer Merci.Version: 4.1

Nice!I love it so far, I just wish you had more drawings and different styles/skill levels.Version: 4.1

Very relaxingGreat time killer. Beautiful pictures. Really easy to use..Version: 4.0

Great ApplicationMy kids love using this application to draw... It has lots of features and works smooth on my iPhone...Version: 4.0

BraveauSuperbe félicitation pour le site..Version: 4.0

FunI just love it - love it love it love it.Version: 3.0

WowJust started. Really fun..Version: 3.0

AwesomeThis is great🤑🤑🤑.Version: 3.0

Great AppExcluding a few pictures that have a single section that refuses to be coloured (such as a petal for a flower and a section of one leaf), I've loved this app! The images, tools, and colours I'm able to create, are great and it's a relaxing app to use when I'm not well enough to actually draw or colour. I especially appreciate the selection of images available. Similar apps can have images that are blocky and childish, and really not worth the time to colour..Version: 3.0

SuperQuel passe-temps génial! Bravo!.Version: 3.0

Love it!Love!.Version: 3.0

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I like it!.Version: 3.0

Colouring magicAs therapeutic as colouring. Easy to learn and use. Millions of colours at your fingertips..Version: 3.0

So coolReally fun and great with apple pen on iPad.Version: 3.0

Excellente applicationJe recommande cette application pour les amateurs qui adorent le coloriage !.Version: 3.0

Awesome!Just downloaded today, but very excited about it. Will spend lots of time here!.Version: 2.0

Great thingWell so far so good.Version: 2.0

SuperJe trouve ça très amusant... Super détente !.Version: 2.0

Love it. Meditative.It's very relaxing. Well-designed..Version: 2.0

NiceNice app.Version: 2.0

Great app, and it's free! for a whileGreat app, and it's free! for a while.Version: 2.0

Love itLove this app.Version: 2.0

Virtual coloring bookTheir own description is so right. You actually feel like you are coloring in the old fashioned way. I love how you can press hard on a color and change it ever so slightly for shading, or slide the tones and create a whole new color. Excellent..Version: 2.0

À étudierCe n'est pas ividant un peu d'ajustement..Version: 2.0

ColorNous ramène en enfance, magique.Version: 2.0

I really enjoy thisI'm thrifty when it comes to purchasing apps but this is well worth it. Great way to pass some time and relax your mind with some colouring. Drawings are descent and you have a selection of a dozen to choose. I recommend it..Version: 1.5

Wow!J'aime.Version: 1.4

J'aime.Bien fait. Il y a juste une chose, je n'ai aucun son. Mais il est très bien..Version: 1.4.2

MultitaskingApp won't let you play music while you colour..Version: 1.3

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