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Pregnant? This is for YOU!
Hear My Baby is the leading app since 2018, allows you to use just your iPhone microphone to record and share your baby’s beat sounds. It is the best-in-class, has over 5000 5* ratings, is super simple and safe to use. Supports Apple Airpods and Bluetooth Headphones.

"It took some time and patience... thank you for creating this cheap, awesome technology to use at home." - Niki

Category #1 in the USA and 102 other countries. Here's why...

Developed by parents like you (with expertise in sound engineering and apps) who wanted a trustworthy way to record our baby's fetal sounds (kicks, heart beat etc.) - and keep a record of a quality that we hadn't been able to find before in other apps. Extensively tested on expectant mothers with over 450,000 downloads since launch!

"I was skeptical at first. Great app! Worth it." - Legretta

**** But honestly, does it actually work?? ****
Yes. We've sound-engineered ways to attempt to isolate the baby's heart beat, sounds (kicks, heartbeat and more) and using an advanced algorithm, amplify them making them easier to detect and hear.

NOTE: It takes time, technique and patience and depends on the position and number of weeks of your baby so you'll need to stick with it. When you do, our results are excellent. Results are best between 27-40 weeks as your baby is bigger and stronger.

We constantly improve our extensive tutorial and techniques to handhold you through - we even have a support group on Facebook to help.

We want you to be happy with Hear My Baby heartbeat and to monitor results can sometimes be difficult. If you are struggling (can't find your own heartbeat etc.) DO contact us via support. We want to help you!

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**** No Accessories Required ****
We use the internal microphone from your phone to attempt to listen and record your fetal sound. We recommend Bluetooth Headphones for best results.

**** How It Works ****
1. Hear My Baby, has been precisely engineered to listen to abdominal sounds, then record and amplify them. Listen to your own heartbeat first to confirm the app is set up correctly.
2. It works best when baby is head down and their back is facing forwards.
3. Remove the case, be in a very quiet room and focus on your lower abdomen. Listen then Tap record.
4. Our simple recording management helps you to keep a record of your special moment
5. Take a selfie if you wish and share
6. We'll walk you through exactly how to get the best baby heartbeat results.

**** Easy Share Feature ****
Sharing is awesome you can opt to share via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or email.

**** We Care About Your Privacy ****
We take your privacy and special moment seriously. You decide who sees or hears it and can delete it at any time.

**** Before you start... ****
You DO need to carefully follow the instructions for Hear My Baby to work. A quiet room is critical for results as the mic is super sensitive. HMB doesn't fake the baby heartbeat or other fetal sounds :)

Please Note: results are normally superb, however the recording may not work if your placenta is at the front of the tummy or the baby is in the wrong position.

**** Supported Phones ****
15, 14, 13,12, X, Xs, 11, 11 Pro, 8, 7, 7+, SE, 6. We don't support iPad.

**** Worried about safety? We are too! ***
HMB is safe but to be extra sure DO switch your iPhone to airplane mode. This is a precaution and automatically stops all cellular transmissions.

**** Is it a substitute for medical devices/support? ****
No - under no circumstances is HMB a substitute for medical support - if you don't get a result it doesn't mean anything is wrong :) Consult your doctor for any advice. We are NOT approved by the FDA. This is not a medical device and is not a medical baby heartbeat monitor. It is for FUN.

Please do check our T&Cs before downloading.

For results examples: www.facebook.com/hearmybaby

Hear My Baby Heart beat App App Comments & Reviews

Hear My Baby Heart beat App Positive Reviews

Satisfied OverallSo when I first downloaded the app I was super skeptical because I had downloaded a few other similar apps that didn’t work at all and paying 5 dollars seemed like it wouldn’t be worth it. Despite my reservations I downloaded it anyway and was disappointed I couldn’t find her to save my life. I was about 22 weeks at the time so I figured I’d surely be able to find her heartbeat being halfway through my pregnancy. I almost undownloaded the app and asked for a refund but something told me to just wait and I’m glad I did. I’m 25 weeks now & was able to find her heartbeat almost immediately after hitting the listen button. I maybe could’ve found her earlier but I waited a little longer just to make sure her heartbeat was strong enough to really be picked up by the app versus at the drs office. I’m glad I kept the app and would highly recommend it to future moms. I’d just tell them to give yourself some time if you don’t hear the baby at first and not to get discouraged..Version: 1.2.6

It works! No seriouslyI’m 12 wks pregnant, & I was skeptical when I downloaded this app because I had been unsuccessful with finding my baby’s heartbeat using other free apps. I tried for about an hour at first, but couldn’t find baby at all. I didn’t get discouraged bc I knew baby was doing fine. I decided to take a break & try once more before bed. I found the heartbeat within 10 minutes on the second try! I can’t explain it, but I knew what it was instantly after hearing. I will say that one sign of successfully locating the heartbeat was seeing the steady rhythm being shown on the screen. If you don’t know what to listen for, look for that first and the sound will match! I also had a full bladder when I checked the second time so I think that helped. Don’t trust the free apps because I kept my phone on baby’s location and could not hear anything through them. This is the first time I’ve listened to a Facebook ad and paid for an app... ever lol. Also my first app review so it’s definitely worth it!.Version: 1.4

32 weeks 4 daysThis is my third child, and the hardest pregnancy. Might be because of Covid, the world, idk but I’ve had a lot of complications and had a few high risk appointments for this baby. He’s all fine now but I’m paranoid, after two girls this is our boy so we’re excited. Baby’s movements have gotten slower since he has less room, also by this week he has developed some sleeping patterns so when I know he should be most active and isn’t Thats when I freak out. I have easily spent and wasted more than 5 bucks on in app purchases on other games, so I figured why the heck not try this. IT WORKS, I found my steady heartbeat after a min, found baby’s heartbeat after 5. His is obviously faster than mine and harder to find because idk what position he’s in. Following instructions helps, being further along helps too and patience. I’m happy with my purchase and will recommend this app to any friends that are expecting, worth the 4.99 :) thank you to the developers and staff..Version: 1.4

I hated it... until it finally worked!I was skeptical to even download this app. I really didn’t believe an app on a phone could pick up my babies heart beat. With a recent scare resulting in a hospital visit, I figured it was worth a shot for peace of mind. I downloaded the app, got nice and comfy in a quiet room, followed all of the instructions, and could not find my baby. I found my own heartbeat fairly quick. I read tips and realized my anterior placenta may be an issue. I was incredibly upset and asked for a refund. Support was very kind and sent instructions on a refund (which I never did). Well today I figured why not try again, AND I FOUND HER! It took a few tries in different spots, and she kicked the whole time making it a little harder, but I got a very clear recording of her and even recorded my own for comparison! I am so happy I gave this a shot and tried as many times as I did! Don’t give up! I am 27 weeks with an anterior placenta, and I found the heartbeat with this!.Version: 1.2.6

I’m obsessedI’m not going to lie I was a little spectacle, I thought it wouldn’t work but after doing some research I decided to give it a try. I’m 25 weeks pregnant, I had no idea what I was doing and after looking for a while I thought maybe I was to early for my phone to pick up the baby heart beat then I just sit my phone in the most awkward position and couldn’t believe that this little girl was just sitting there 😂 her heart beat was so loud and clear I just couldn’t believe it so I had to try finding my own heart and my pulse to make sure I wasn’t mistaken what I was hearing and yes it was her who I was picking up. Now I just can’t stop 🤦🏻‍♀️. This app it’s such a great idea right about now with the whole pandemic going on and not being able to go to my appointments as regularly, I can’t wait to tell my doctor about it. I feel such a relief knowing that at any given time I can just look for her and alway make sure things are still ok..Version: 1.4

IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Yay!!!I am exactly 12 weeks (3 mos.) I have my doctors appt in 2 days and I haven’t been feeling well for the past 2 days. I saw the add on IG a few days ago and read the reviews over and over. My husband also came across the app and asked if we should try it! Considering that I am only 12 weeks I was not too sure if it would work. I decided to spend the $4.99 and give it a try! I first try it on my own heart and then my husbands and it picked them up quick.. okay now let’s see if it works to find my sweet baby’s heartbeat! This was going to be my first time hearing it... well after trying for about 5 mins on my left side of my stomach, I tried it next on the right... we heard something! As I continued to try... the heart beat was there!!!! MY HEART WAS FULL OF JOY!!! I could actually hear the strong heart beat of my sweet baby!! I cannot wait to have my boys listen to the heart beat tomorrow!! Best $5 spent! I wish I had this app with my other 2 boys!.Version: 1.3.2

It does work, but only if you’re patient.I purchased this app at 20 weeks pregnant, but couldn’t find anything until 32. But since I could detect my own heartbeat, I knew the app wasn’t a scam. You just have to realize you are in fact using your phone, not a professional medical instrument. I’m having fraternal twins, so I have a posterior and anterior placenta. Which, as you can imagine, makes it harder to find the heartbeats. But I found two separate beats today, even though one was a little fuzzy. The main difficulty is finding the heartbeat without the use of the speaker. I understand why it needs to be turned down, but it is hard to rely solely on the sound waves pictured on the screen to find the rhythmic pulse of a heartbeat. If the app could be developed to recognize the rhythm of a heartbeat and alert you that you’ve found it, that would be a huge improvement. But, I am not a programmer so I have no idea if that is possible or feasible. 🙂.Version: 1.3.1

7 weeks 5 daysI was skeptical in ordering the app. I read all the reviews before buying and was like if it cost five bucks its worth it in my opinion. The first time i tried for about an hour as i am so early i was having a hard time finding the heartbeat. But i read the tips and i waited about an hour for the baby to move around a bit. Found a small quiet place in my house and started midway under my belly button and found it. I was super excited to hear it and see the consistency of my new little one on the screen..... I’m ocd so I’ll probably check every couple days but i love this app already and couldn’t be happier with the results. Now i can show the kids the happy heartbeat of the new addition to our family. If you’re skeptical on downloading don’t be, just be patient and you will find that bundle of joy. Beats a sonogram machine purchase any day and any worries of if the baby is safe and sound!!!!! Great app guys.Version: 1.2.6

I found him! ❤️😭I know this isn’t a substitute for a dr visit. However being that it’s late in the evening and I’m just having anxiety and I think I haven’t felt him kick all day even though my husband insisted I told him he kicked me earlier (pregnancy brain?).. I needed some peace of mind to fall asleep today.. I downloaded this app, took me a few try’s and at least 10 mins of patience and faith. I held my phone close to my belly followed instructions, including the ones that scroll through while you search! (Wonderful touch!) and finally heard it. Call it common sense or mothers instinct, but I knew my sons heartbeat the moment I caught it. My husband thought I was delusional and said all he heard was white noise, until I showed him the heart pattern. I’m delighted to say, baby is kicking my hands as I type this review with my hand and phone resting on my belly! And now I can sleep peacefully.. considering the circumstances haha! Best $ I’ve spent in the Appstore!.Version: 1.2.6

It’s OkI downloaded this app early on in my pregnancy, I wanted to wait till after I had baby to write my review. When I first downloaded this app I could t get babies heartbeat. I did get my own and my older children’s on here. When I was around 25-30 weeks I did get a faint heartbeat. But I will say this the reason I gave the app a four is because despite the fact that I wouldn’t get a clear heartbeat I did hear her heartbeat on and off but no matter what whenever I was scared that something was wrong with baby I would get this app out and look for her heartbeat and even if I couldn’t find her heartbeat after week 30 this app would always get her moving around. She always hid from even my ob getting her heartbeat and them looking for it would get her moving around. So despite the fact I couldn’t get her heartbeat all the time it was reassuring that this did get her moving. So for me it was worth buying..Version: 1.3.4

Satisfactorily worksI was skeptical at first but this app and its algorithm to spot your baby's heartbeat is good. I’ve seen a few YT videos of other apps with comparable reviews. Apps that have a fake pre-recording in them and others that are unreliable in detecting heartbeats. This app got me on the star rating review. When I first purchased it and tested I thought I just wasted my money. It was around 16+ weeks I think and I wasn’t hearing anything. I tried my heart and there it is. I figured it’s too early so I kept the app. Surprisingly 20th week was a sweet spot when I tested the app again. Tested both mom’s heartbeat and the baby at different body location and they register. I would have gotten a baby Doppler which is accurately better but I wouldn’t want to spend on a 9 month device. This app is ok for me and you can really distinguish the “regularity” of the audio pattern of the heartbeat..Version: 1.3.2

I was skeptical and then BLOWN awayI’m a first time mom and I’m definitely extremely paranoid and scared of anything and everything happenings to my baby. I was skeptical at first about an app being able to hear my baby’s heartbeat and I even tried a few times before and it didn’t work. I was trying to not get my hopes up due to only being 18 weeks pregnant because the required week is closer to 25, so I thought I’d wait a couple of days and see what happens. The app doesn’t lie, you definitely have to have patience and just stay calm because I found my baby’s heartbeat today and literally burst into tears, I now have a way of calming my nerves and being able to make sure everything is okay with my son. I know most of you are skeptical about spending 5 dollars on an app but I GUARANTEE it’s the best 5 dollars I’ve ever spent.Version: 1.2.6

Not what I was expecting at all!Let me start by saying I am 7 weeks and 5 days. Reading most of the reviews and seeing how everyone is much further along than myself I just knew I wouldn’t hear anything, but decided to go for it anyhow. Also keeping in mind that once I was further along I would hopefully hear my baby’s heartbeat and would have a success story using this app. Nine years ago I had my second c-section. Still till this day I have a slightly visible scar. I decided to press my phone in the area of where my scar is and voilà!! My baby’s heartbeat was very faint but quick. It was one of the sweetest sounds. I just downloaded the app today and went through the quick tutorial. I was able to get a heartbeat in about 10 mins. You guys really are amazing and thank you for creating this app!.Version: 1.2.6

Shocked!At first I was superb skeptical. I’m 22 weeks and I’m plus size, but I found my baby’s heart beat. It took literally 30 mins but when I found it I could clearly hear it. I jumped up played it for my husband and accidentally deleted it. I panicked laid back on my bed & tried it again about to give up only to find my baby moved and was on the opposite side of my tummy this time lol. I’m so happy and impressed it’s our first and I want to document everything. 💕 So Happy with the results. ***My only complaint is the location of the chat button on the listen screen. Sometimes when I’m moving my phone at certain angles my belly hits it bc it’s near the microphone so it interrupts me and tries to connect to Facebook messenger, but other than that no complaints..Version: 1.4

Finally was able to hear her heartbeatI downloaded this up pretty early during my pregnancy. No matter how patient I was I couldn’t find it which frustrated me since I paid for it but developer says that you should wait until your further along. Therefore I waited and tried it in between and couldn’t find heartbeat until now. 31 weeks pregnant and this morning I found it in less than 1 minute! I enjoyed the sound so much that I sent it to all family members because I was so excited ❤️ Therefore don’t get discouraged when you cannot find it before you 30th week! You will find it at some point! So happy that it finally worked - thank you for developing such a great app and giving the opportunity to share recordings with family and friends ❤️.Version: 1.3.2

Didn’t not work out for me but maybe for others.It definitely works finding my heart beat as well as others. As for finding my babies heart beat not so much, I had been patiently trying it several times since I was at 17 weeks. I’m now at 23 weeks and still nothing, but I’m sure that it due to having an anterior placenta. So I’m guessing it might work fine for ones who do not have have an anterior placenta. As for me maybe I’ll give it a few more tries later on in my pregnancy. I can now feeling him moving all the time since at about 21 weeks so not being able to hear his heartbeat,I’m fine with as long as I know he’s moving around in there, but it would be nice to hear the heartbeat just to have that special connection being that It feels so long in between dr visits to have to wait to hear his little heartbeating..Version: 1.2.6

Surprisingly impressed by this appI bought this app at 17 weeks, and was very skeptical. Some said it worked, some said it really didn’t and were unhappy. So I chanced it and decided I’ve wasted worse money before, so I’d give it a shot. Go figure, it didn’t work. It could pick up my own heart when I put it to my chest but no baby. So I said whatever and hadn’t used it again until 27 weeks. Oh my goodness it found my son immediately! I shrieked and my husband came and listened too, I got several flawless recordings of his heartbeat, no fake reviews, no fake “app made” heartbeat, ALL BABY! I know this because I hadn’t been able to find it before. Definitely impressed with this, and no regrets on spending the money on it..Version: 1.3

Labor and Delivery nurse approves!I’m a labor and delivery nurse that is 10 weeks pregnant. I was super skeptical about this app because even with Dopplers and ultrasounds in the hospital we can often have trouble. I was planning on buying a Doppler for myself to use during pregnancy, but thought I would try this app first which is waaayyyy cheaper than the Dopplers you can buy online. It took some time, patience, and reposting, but I FOUND THE BABY’S HEARTBEAT!! I am blown away. I haven’t even had my first OB appointment yet so this is the first time hearing my baby! I cannot wait to take this to work and show my fellow OB nurses and doctors. I’m almost in tears right now because I’m so happy. Thank you for creating this awesome, cheap technology for us to use at home!!!.Version: 1.2.6

What An Amazing Gift!I purchased this after reading the reviews a few hours ago. I’m almost 15 weeks. I knew I needed to wait a few weeks based on the recommended use. But curiosity got the best of me. So I tried it out on my own heartbeat and listened to the examples of the fetal heartbeats. Then I said what the heck, let’s give it ago. To make a way long story short, I tried several times over a couple of hours and got nothing. After eating dinner and getting very full, I payed down on my back. I noticed my tummy got flatter and decided that could maybe help. So I gave it another go and bam!! It worked! Only took me like 15 min to find the right spot. Sounded very much like the example. Thanks so much for this app!!!.Version: 1.3.4

Pretty darn happyHonestly didn’t think this would work, I’ve seen a lot of scams out there. I read Facebook reviews on this app and they seemed generally good, and I’ve been trying to buy a Doppler for a while now and had no luck, so I figured an app with great reviews and only costing me $5 shouldn’t be too bad. After using this I tried to share it with other pregnant ladies on another app and they all basically called me dumb and delusional for thinking it’s pre-recorded heartbeats. I concluded that there’s no way in hell my heart beat and my baby’s heart beat aren’t ours because I can feel my heart beat, and it feels exactly as it sounds on the app. I really like this and can’t stop using it. Thanks for making this!.Version: 1.4

Worth the waitI originally bought this app around 22 weeks pregnant hoping I was going to hear the heart beat, but weary of actually hearing one after reading reviews and their warnings of best results. I heard the heart beat, but not until about 24 weeks along but just barely. Now that I compare recently saved heartbeats and the very first one it sounds more like the volume being too loud than a heart beat. I’m now 30 weeks along and can hear a perfect little heart beat. I also didn’t try to listen for a beat in between 24 weeks and 30 weeks. It’s amazing how calming hearing that little heart beat can be. I recommend this app to be used closer to your third trimester..Version: 1.3.2

GreatWas skeptical of this, after ready all the reviews, I only found that very few were saying bad things. So I decided to test my luck and buy it. I love hearing my baby’s heart beat.. Once I downloaded it I followed all the instructions, and before listening for baby, I listened for my own heart beat, and I could hear it clear as day. Next I was on the hunt for baby’s heartbeat. I will admit it took a couple hours.. taking breaks here and there, then finally I heard it... clear as ever.. this is a great app. The only thing that worries me is having my phone pressed to my stomach like that, and the possible effects it could have on him, other than that this app is amazing. Highly recommend. 💞❤️.Version: 1.2.6

9 weeks and it worked !!!I purchased this app about a week ago, I knew I was not going to be able to find the heart bit of my baby until few weeks from now..!! For my surprise today I had an ultrasound with my doctor and I watched carefully how they found the heart bit. When I got home I said let me try and see what happen... for my surprise it worked perfectly !!! We were able to listen pound and clear the heart bits of our baby and were able to record it to share it with the family !!! We are so happy for this and it only cost $4.99 why not give it a try ❤️❤️ just need to be patience and learn where your baby is located. Good luck mommy’s ❤️.Version: 1.3.1

14 weeks and found the heartbeat!I’m currently only 14 weeks and had the app for about a week now. At first I couldn’t find anything but what my own heartbeat was but just now while laying down before bed I decided to give it a try and followed all the tips and bam there was my baby’s heartbeat!! Very loud, fast, and strong! I’m literally jumping for joy right now. I’m high risk and had some scary moments at the beginning but feel so much better right now. Knowing I can listen to my baby’s heartbeat whenever I want. I highly recommend this app. If it doesn’t work right away don’t give up. Follow the tips and you will soon find your baby’s heartbeat as well..Version: 1.3.2

Pleasantly Surprised!I borrowed a doppler my first pregnancy and it’s not available now so I figured I’d give this a shot. I could faintly pick it up at 12.5 weeks and now at 14 weeks it’s working great! A little more feedback noise than a traditional doppler but for this cheap and convenient, I’ll take it!! I will say that if you’re an anxious person, these probably aren’t for you anyways. I also wouldn’t panic if you don’t know what you’re listening for. The rhythm of a fetal heartbeat reminds me of a horse gallop. I took the advice of another reviewer and started with my phone right at my csection scar! Again, very happy and so shocked that this actually works!.Version: 1.3.2

Don’t Worry!!!I love this app but luckily, my midwife showed me how to find my babies heartbeat because she didn’t want me to worry if I couldn’t find it. However, she also told me that hearing falls behind movement. I have only used this app a handful of times and I only use it to send the sounds to my Mom and Aunt. I have been able to find the heartbeat and it’s such a magical sound. Would I buy it again had i known what I was getting? Probably not. I would have got the Doppler I saw on Costcos app if I saw it sooner. I’m 34 weeks now so I don’t need to hear him. I feel every single movement he makes lol..Version: 1.10

READ , Its True It WORKS!HELOOO i never EVERRRR write reviews unless its worth my time . This app not only is 5 bucks but really works . Knowing where to look for the baby, since everytime i go in to my Drs baby is always below my belly button i calmly layed down and made contact w my skin and found the beat . You do however have to move your phone around til you find your baby . I suggest you trying to hear your heart beat first so you know what to look for ...except babys beat is super fast superrrr fast compared to ours. Im always doing activities that make me wonder if my bean is still OK 🙄 (not intentionally) so yeah this app is a must . ..for worried moms 😋💗🙌🏻 love it ..Version: 1.2.6

27W 5DI bought this app in first trimester after reading the reviews I decided why not. Of course with reading reviews I knew I probably wouldn’t pick up anything until I was further along. Today I was going through my phone, forgot I had the app and was saw it so I decided I’d try again - after multiple times before. I finally heard my sons heartbeat. Almost as soon as I placed it on my belly - I’ve been watching where my OB usually finds his heartbeat. He moved after a few seconds but I was still able to record that. If you are patient and willing to spend a small amount on an app I recommend it. Love it!.Version: 1.4

Very pleasedBeen looking for a fetal Doppler but was reluctant in purchasing it since I’ll probably only use it a handful of times. I figured why not give this a try, since it’s only 4.99. I didn’t expect much from it especially since I am only 14 weeks pregnant. The first night I couldn’t find it. I played and played around finding mine and listening to the rhythm so I could distinguish mine from my baby’s. The very next morning, first thing I did was try again and I found it! Just takes patience... I only wish the quality of the sound was better but you can’t beat this price and having reassurance, your baby is okay!.Version: 1.2.6

This app help ease my anxiety, bigtime!I am 9 weeks and I was so worried being so early if I would even be able to hear anything. I did a lot of tests before searching for baby, I put it on my leg to make sure it wasn’t “detecting a heartbeat” there .. and my arm. No sounds. Then I listened to my own heart.. clear as day. Then it was time to look for baby. It took me more than 5, but less than 10 minutes and I found it. 😭 beating fast and hard! Such an amazing moment and I’m so happy! This app is worth the 4.99 and I’ll be keeping it throughout my entire pregnancy to listen to my little baby. 🥰.Version: 1.5

I’m so happy I could cry! No, it’s not the hormones...Went back and forth for awhile on whether to spend the $5 on something I was almost certain wouldn’t work... Wow I’ve never been so happy to be wrong! I’m just about 14 weeks and got to hear my baby’s heartbeat!! It’s so nice to have peace of mind. Best $5 I’ve ever spent. It takes patience! The first time I tried it I couldn’t hear anything and gave up (frustrated) after 20 minutes. I tried again a few hours later and 5 minutes in I had success with the help of my very patient fiancé. Brought me to tears. What a wonderful app, truly incredible work..Version: 1.2.6

18 weeks and 3 daysI was a little skeptical about buying this at the moment because I’m not as far into my pregnancy just yet and didn’t think I’d be able to hear her yet. But I went out on a whim and did it anyways. The first few tries I wasn’t able to find her heartbeat but after a while before laying down I tried it one more time and BAM! I found her heart beat!!! Seriously the best couple bucks I’ve spent today!! Mind you I’m only 18 weeks and 3 days along so it took moving my phone around just to find her! But it works so great! Thank you for creating an awesome app!! ❤️.Version: 1.2.6

OMG! It really does work!I am 8 weeks today and had a scare at 6.4 weeks where I thought I had miscarried. I downloaded another baby heart app for $4.99 but doesn’t compare to the results I got from this one. This by far gave me peace of mind to get me through my first prenatal appointment. It took very little time to find a solid heartbeat but could be that I did it late at night when it’s extremely quiet and baby sleeping (?). My only wish is I didn’t come across this app sooner when I was in panic mode 1.5 weeks ago lol Definitely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend..Version: 1.2.6

This App puts a smile on my faceI am having issues with my pregnancy with a little bleeding happening. I have an ultrasound Monday but until then I get to stress and freak out. This isn’t my first baby and I’m a pro at hearing the heartbeat. I am going on 9 weeks and I am able to hear my baby in there. I know that seems very soon but I know what I’m listening for and this app makes it so darn simple. Worth every cent to get the App ad free and also able to but put on airplane mode for safety reasons. I’m so happy to have this app so I can whip it out when I’m a ball of nerves!! Thank you so much for helping a nervous mom calm down which is healthier for my baby..Version: 1.2.6

15 weeks and 2 daysI was skeptical because of all the negative reviews i saw but i bought anyways i bought this app when i was only 9 weeks pregnant and was not able to hear the heartbeat i was not worried because i had already gone to the dr for a visit and dr couldn’t find it either but dr did a ultrasound and baby had a strong heart beat he just said sometimes it’s normal not to hear so early it was just till this week that i was able to hear it and i am so excited that i can finally hear it and this is much cheaper than a $50 fetal monitor.Version: 1.3

It really does work! There is a trick.The trick is to have the volume down to medium, because I found out, when you have it all the way up, it picks up a lot of the white noise. Once you have the volume down, put the phone where you think the baby’s heartbeat is at, and tilt your phone to the left a little bit so you can hear it as well. I also think if you can’t find the heartbeat, try lifting your phone up so it goes silent then put it down again. I hope that makes sense but that really helped me find the heartbeat in 10 mins. ❤️.Version: 1.2.6

I love hearing my baby girl!So I legit never thought a heartbeat app would really work BUT IT DOES! It’s put my mind at ease so many times now! It was such a better price than buying an actual Doppler that I may not use again! I highly recommend! I’m not sure if you need to be in your 3rd trimester to really hear it but I downloaded it when I was 30/31 weeks! I love being able to hear her heartbeat anytime I want! Takes some getting used to to find it the first couple times but now I’m a pro and can usually get it after a couple tries! ☺️.Version: 1.4

This isn’t a fake reviewY’all I’m 33 weeks pregnant and thought hey why not try it out cuz it’s got some good reviews but at first I was like ehhhh maybe not because it’s nearly 7$ you know? But I still wanted to try it out and I’m happy I did because I can actually hear my sons heartbeat. I was discouraged at first bc I couldn’t hear it but you’ve gotta move around a bit to find it, plus you can tell the difference between your own heartbeat and his. Plus you can save recordings of the babies heartbeat!!.Version: 1.10

Great appI love this app. I can locate my baby’s heartbeat almost everyday. I was skeptical about it imitating a fake heartbeat but when I compare it to the actual recording that I bought from my local ultrasound tech, it is exactly the same. The baby moves all over and sometimes it takes a minute to find it but with patience I can locate it. The app can pick up strange sounds that mimic a heartbeat but you have to look for consistency in the rhythm of the beat. I have memorized my baby’s heartbeat, so I know the rhythm. It puts my mind at ease knowing my baby is okay. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.4

It works, but not till later in pregnancy!I bought this app in the early part of my second trimester and even though they suggest it won’t work till later on, I kept trying it. I never picked up anything, except my own heart beat. Over the past few weeks (now in the third trimester), I have used it a couple times and picked up the baby’s heart beat easily. This really does work, but you have to wait till later on in the pregnancy. I totally believe it’s worth the money to be able to hear my baby’s heartbeat at home..Version: 1.3.4

I’m in awe.I’ve looked into getting the Doppler machine to hear my baby and just so happened to stumble upon an ad for this app. I didn’t think it would be possible. I thought... no way is my phone gonna pick up my baby’s heart. Initially it didn’t, and I was disappointed but I was also impatient. The same day I laid down in a completely quiet room in the house and moved around and found the heartbeat. It is a very emotional experience and I’m just beyond overjoyed that for a steal I can now hear my little baby in there. Highly highly recommend this app..Version: 1.2.6

Kinda works16 weeks, Was able to find my own heartbeat but struggling to find baby, will try again in the morning.Version: 1.12

Found the heartbeat!!I actually found my baby’s heartbeat even earlier than the app expected!! 13 weeks gestation, I couldn’t find it at night but tried again in the morning when my bladder was full so was pushing the baby right near the surface of my belly. I put the phone right on the bulgy area and there it was!! =).Version: 1.4

Really good!This app works good when you are 18 weeks pregnant or so it works better.Version: 1.10

Have PatienceSometimes baby isn’t going to be flipped around the right way but if you try it in numerous locations and different times of the day, eventually you get it! I’m 28 weeks and I got a recording that was clear as day but it took me a few tries! Thanks for such a cool app :).Version: 1.2.6

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