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MyChart puts your health information in the palm of your hand and helps you conveniently manage care for yourself and your family members. With MyChart you can:
• Communicate with your care team.
• Review test results, medications, immunization history, and other health information.
• Connect your account to Apple Health to pull health-related data from your personal devices right into MyChart.
• View your After Visit Summary® for past visits and hospital stays, along with any clinical notes your provider has recorded and shared with you.
• Schedule and manage appointments, including in-person visits and video visits.
• Get price estimates for the cost of care.
• View and pay your medical bills.
• Securely share your medical record from anywhere with anyone who has Internet access.
• Connect your accounts from other healthcare organizations so you can see all your health information in one place, even if you've been seen at multiple healthcare organizations.
• Receive push notifications when new information is available in MyChart. You can check whether push notifications are enabled under the Account Settings within the app.
Select features are also available on Apple Watch.

Note that what you can see and do within the MyChart app depends on which features your healthcare organization has enabled and whether they’re using the latest version of Epic software. If you have questions about what’s available, contact your healthcare organization.

To access MyChart, you must create an account with your healthcare organization. To sign up for an account, download the app and search for your healthcare organization or go to your healthcare organization’s MyChart website. After you’ve signed up, turn on Face ID, Touch ID, or a four-digit passcode to quickly log in without needing to use your MyChart username and password each time. Then, make sure you have push notifications enabled to receive updates on your device when new information is available in MyChart.

For more information about MyChart’s features or to find a healthcare organization that offers MyChart, visit

Have feedback about the app? Email us at [email protected]

MyChart App Comments & Reviews

MyChart Positive Reviews

Life Changing 5*Until someone in my community had shared their journey with Ochsner and their ability to communicate via messages and Zoom with their doctors, I was not familiar with the app for Ochsner nor had I ever been a patient there. I’ve currently been going through fighting cancer and was not receiving care that needed in Mississippi. I downloaded the app; the world opened up. All the specialists I needed to see were right there at my fingertips suddenly as well as the ease and simplicity too schedule appointments at my desired location/time/provider. In addition I’ve since been able too experience Ochsner and if could give more than 5*, I definitely would be. I had to have an EUS done there; every single individual I encountered regardless of involved in my care directly or indirectly, they ALL showed such kindness, respect, compassion, that I’d not had this kind of care anywhere else. And I mean everyone I crossed paths with and not just on the date of my procedure but also at a whole different location where I went to see my new Ochsner oncologist at Luling and again 5* too infinity more, because everyone right down to the receptionist and the individual working at their tiny cafe was AMAZING! Thank you Ochsner for choosing employees that are obviously happy to be there doing what they do, I am quite grateful!! Keep up the great work!.Version: 9.9.3

Update your contact informationHate that it is forever asking me to update my contact info. Always and forever. With no way to get rid of it… For the most part, I like it and it works really well. But wait, before you go, don’t forget to update your contact information. Just in case you missed it, please update your contact info. Now, just to be sure, we are reminding you that this message will never leave and will haunt you till you die, but before then, please update your contact information. Lol. MyChart can take that request and use it for a rectal examination. Epic responded to my criticism and said it was setup that way by my provider and I should contact them. Thank you for the response and information. We all know how dismissive providers are over abusive hospital billing practices, I really don’t think they are going take the time to correct an annoying pop up message. So, I’ll just have to get over it. Just like I had to just get over the 30k bill I got for appendicitis. At least you responded. I’m adding two stars..Version: 10.2.1

Need better delete optionI’m having a mastectomy and it keeps telling me to get a mammogram. I already got mammograms before and need to remove that and Cant. It clogged up my patient info so that I didn’t get a call back promptly for breast biopsy Followup. I was told to come back next years by office staff because they thought I wasn’t taking tests, non compliant etc. I don’t know why but I expect it’s the computer program blocking pertinent info about a patient and clogging the system with inaccurate info. System gets bogged down and becomes confusing to everyone. There needs to be an easy way for someone to update symptoms and procedures. Having a computer network like this is essential and can save lives so I appreciate it but keep working on making it more efficient and responsive. There should also be a confidential area that requires another password and a notes area. There should be a way I can enter information without having to scroll through ten pages and then given a small box that is not bug enough for info. I would like to enter info about the previous surgeon and hospital I have gone to and there should be an easy way to do this. There should also be a security aspect to it if someone does not want a specific person to visit them in the hospital or to have access to them..Version: 9.9.1

Missing notesI continually experience difficulty finding information on MyLaheyChart. The latest instance was when I received an email indicating I have a “New Message in My Lahey Chart account.” I logged on to MyLaheyChart and found a note indicating I had a message from my doctor. I clicked on it, and when the Message Center screen appeared, there was an entry in the Conversation section from my doctor with the same date as the email titled “New After Visit Summary”. When I clicked on that entry, a note was displayed stating “…Please click on the visit section above and the corresponding visit date to view your after visit summary…”. I clicked on the Visits section and then clicked on the View After Visit Summary option for the most recent appointment with my doctor and, under Appointment Details it read “No notes exist for this encounter.”. At some future date, without any additional notification, the “After Visit Summary” and “Notes” finally appear on my chart. “After Visit Summary” lists the technical results of the visit. It is the “view notes” from my doctor that provide me with the relevant information that allows me to understand the results of the visit. I feel the system needs to change so it will send out email to patients advising them they have results of their visits only after the results are actually posted..Version: 9.9.2

Great but NOT user friendlyThe app is great for keeping up with my appointments, communicating with the doctor, refilling prescriptions. However, when it indicates that there is a new message, I’m not sure which message is new unless I look at the date. My inbox reflect that I have two messages. When I click on the inbox tab, nothing happens. It would be nice if when I click on it, it go straight to the new messages and the indication of “two new messages” disappears reflecting that I have read the messages. It would also be nice if there is an indication of some sort to show that there are new messages and which ones are NEW. In regards to the “to do list,” it would be ideal if I could decline the options or have a yes or no button or something to show that I don’t need to do what it’s indicating. For example, my dental office is totally different from my primary care physician and they keep telling me my dental appointment is overdue. I wish there was some way I could tell it no or not applicable. Additionally, it keeps telling me I’m overdue for an influenza shot. I have never, and will never, get one so to be able to decline or simply say “not applicable” would be great. If these minor disturbances could be fixed, it would be a five star app for me..Version: 9.2.1

Could be betterThis app is great for a number of reasons besides checking test results and appointment reminders. •Through the app I can email my doctor directly, (very often they or they’re nurse will respond within a few hours so I assume the app makes that easier for them as well. •The app has a list of my meds (accurate only if you reported it accurately to the doctor) and provides an easy way to ask the doctor for a refill.•I can request an appointment from a established doctor •I can view and even pay my bill. All of these are things I can do securely through this app. It is very useful. What I CANNOT do is make notes. Currently I use this app only for check appointment times and the occasional email to the doctor. But I would use it weekly if I had the ability to make private notes. A note associated with a recent visit. Notes on possible drug benefits or side effects as I experience them. Notes on questions to as at upcoming appointments. Associating these notes with the drug or appointment or doctor directly within the app; helps keep me organized and would improve my healthcare as it makes it more likely I’ll remember details of a visit and concerns I need to bring up at the next visit..Version: 8.6.3

AppThis app has helped to keep me informed about test results and information on what medication I need to get updated for refills also you can see upcoming appointments. One thing I have also noticed is that the doctor’s office uses this as a wall to slow feed information to me about medical treatment questions. In the past I would call in they would pass any message to the proper person to handle the questions. With this app they want 48 hours to respond and a lot of the time this process causes more questions than answers because there is no one calling you to make sure they are properly understanding the question or questions because the app allows them to hide behind the wall of the app and answer when they feel like it. It’s like passing information through a crack in a wall and it makes you feel like your talking to an automated system with very generic responses I believe this app makes them lazy and gives them more freedom to put you off. If your use to talking to people in your doctors office this app may change the relationship you have with your doctor and his or her staff. I definitely believe this app is better for the doctors office than it is for the patient. Good luck.Version: 9.9.2

I love this app but I need a lil help from developers pleaseI have been using MyChart from its conception and have never had an issue ever💝💝💝💝 I go in and play around with it every now and then to see what is new. I do know that if you want to change anything important in your chart like your personal information YOU MUST DO IT FROM THE WEBSITE. I am guessing that is to be sure it is a secure location to provide personal information for HIPPA. Not positive but that would be my guess. My only issue I have is I just read on the website that I can now link my 2 charts together so I do not have to keep signing out of 1 and signing into the other for information needed. I just cannot figure out how to "LINK" both of MYCHARTS. Can you please help me with this???? It is really annoying getting a message from my doctors and I go to MYCART and I sign in and ugh it's the wrong 1 every single time😡😡😡😡 linking them would save some aggravation that's for sure. I already have the app on my iPhone where they both are on the app just need them linked and I'm all set..Version: 5.3

Dis organizedI went to this place little neck and they told me come back at 2 pm I came back early and the place was jammed pack they just told us to wait no number or anything and it’s almost 30 people and a long hours wait still not calling anyone it takes a long hours for me to wait to be tested for my PCR the staff are unfriendly and not compassionate with the patient so rude and the PA who tested me name Riaz Ali ! was a nightmare for me ! for the PCR give me a trauma she was so rude and seems angry when I ask her I’m gonna get a PCR for my travel she doesn’t seems to know and have to ask the other nurses about what kind of test and when she does the Covid test she almost brought the swab to my brain and so hard so painful I almost bleed !! Terrible and horrible person to do that she seems so angry that she did the most painful test in my life!!! That I have to write this review so they can tell the nurses or PA that being in medical it’s there job they should be compassionate and patience with the patients . Specially the person who tested me until now I can’t get over to what she did to me !.Version: 9.9.2

Love itThis app is great, has everything in one spot, I don’t need to walk away with papers anymore after an appointment as I can just tell them to put it on my portal. I can message my doctors immediately and also echeck-In which saves A LOT of time. Also being able to see all my past appointment and information as well, I can update all of my insurance or medications through the app too. The most important thing to me though is that I am able to have proxy to my daughters profiles so I can easily grab something if needed for medical reasons or need to go back and check something all their papers are there and I can also schedule our appointments through the app and have our tele medicine appointments too (even though I make in person appts because I think it’s more important for the doctor to see you in person) if you can’t make it in and your symptoms are not bad the tele medicine is great. The app is wonderful. Welcome to new age tech. Just keeps getting better and better..Version: 9.9.3

The Ultimate Medical ConvenienceBreast Cancer has been no walk in the park. But from the beginning of this ordeal, I have found reliable and secure communication and information regarding my treatment through MYCHART. My appointments are scheduled, confirmed and if needed, changed, via MYCHART. I’m able to message my doctors and receive prompt responses, view test results and images, check my balances due, make payments and so much more. I even share important information with my son, saving me many calls and explanations. I have friends and family in West Texas and they are, for the most part, in the dark about their medical situation unless they are at the doctor’s office or have received emails providing info. They are very impressed that I can login to MYCHART and access my doctors, nurses and volumes of information. Even though I’ve had a tough 2021, it’s been comforting to have a talented team of doctors from MDA and MYCHART to relay information to and from my providers. In short, it’s convenient and IT’S GENIUS!.Version: 9.9.2

So Beneficial!My daughters have a lot of minor health problems and have to see several specialists. We try to keep them in the same health care system, but that’s not always possible. When a doctor asks what medicine they’ve been on or when they’ve been on a medication or seen another specialist for a problem, it’s all right there at my fingertips. Our previous pediatrician used this app and so did the specialists, which made it even easier. We moved, and our new pediatrician’s office doesn’t use this app. It has frustrated me on numerous occasions. Now I write everything down in case I need it. I’m constantly asking them to please get MyChart! I’m glad that our specialists use it, and hopefully the pediatrician’s office will get it soon!!! This app has been such a lifesaver for us!!! It’s so convenient and easy to navigate. I can even send messages (with pictures!) straight to their specialists, even in the middle of the night. This is the best app that I have on my phone!.Version: 9.9.3

Super impressedI’ve been using this app for almost a year or so & I don’t know how I lived without it!! I have multiple health issues & keeping track of Drs. can get very confusing. This app keeps track of all of my Drs. & my appointments. It also gives you a complete list of everything discussed at that appointment, when you need to follow up if need be & a link to contact the Dr. if you need to. The app keeps track of all my medications & you can request refills too. I can also share my chart with anyone I choose to add. So if you need someone to help you navigate appointments this is awesome. Plus it’s just easier for my kids to keep track of what’s going on. I always forget what I talked about with my Dr. so this way my kids know everything. You can also add your appointments directly to your calendar. I can’t think of anything else right now but I’m sure I’m missing something. Lol. I just couldn’t go back to my old way of doing things. This app is priceless & it’s free!! 😉.Version: 9.9.1

Sharing information.I am scheduled to have a kidney stone removed next week. I had an appointment for pre op visit with urologist followed by a pre admission appointment at Piedmont Rockdale. I received a call from Rhonda with out patient admissions and explained to me that she could see in My Chart, that I had an EKG done within a couple of weeks at my cardiologist visit and it also showed that I was vaccinated at the Piedmont Vaccine Clinic and had a booster at the health department. She told me that with this information, there was no need for me to come to the hospital for pre admission. They would call the day before to ask some questions and give me my instructions and that they could do blood work the day of my procedure. So because of the information that is shared in My Chart, it saved me a trip to the hospital and gave back time to the pre admissions team to help other patients. This is a great example of how My Chart is beneficial to patients, physicians and the hospitals..Version: 9.9.3

Great App & Functionality With One Noteworthy FlawIve had this App for my previous Healthcare provider, Atrius Health. It’s worked pretty much flawlessly since I installed it several years ago. I get my test results promptly and can communicate with any of my doctors quite easily as well as schedule and cancel any appointments. The one flaw, major in my opinion, is there is no way, at least no easy way, to change the Healthcare Provider. Two years ago, our insurance changed and our new Healthcare Provider uses this App as well, but my settings and login are connected to my previous company and there no way I’ve been able to find to change my login to my new provider. When I go to their webpage where you see the “try our App, install here” it takes you to the App store, where i see this App, which if course shows that its already installed but the login takes me to my previous Providers page not the new one. This should be fixed so the User can easily change his Provider, which is hardly an uncommon occurrence. Given how many Healthcare Organizations use this same App, this should be a priority fix..Version: 8.7.1

Poor design for notificationsWhen I have new emails, my email app has a count of them added to the icon and can also send notifications to the phone even when it is “off”. This app does nothing. Even when the app is open, there is no visual clue that you have a new item you may need to look at. The only thing you get is an email to your personal account to tell you something is there, no clue as to what that something is. You have to manually search the app to find new items. I have not seen that kind of behavior in years in any app, especially one that might actually be telling you something important. I can’t believe an app like this that appears to be the choice from a lot of prominent health care companies has this behavior when every game does it better. A lesser, but still annoying problem, is that it keeps telling me that safari does not support chat. Well, if it does not, then remove the chat button and stop annoying me multiple times each time I enter the screen! I am not even using that button!.Version: 9.9.2

HandyIt’s super convenient. You can check on up coming appointments and have access to the follow up care paperwork afterwards in my experience within mins of leaving my appointment. You can message your doctor or nurse directly if you have medical questions and if you have other questions like billing that’s also available as an option but it’s one I’ve yet to use so unfortunately I can’t give any information on what it offers. You can check on your referrals. You can make almost all your appointments through mychart also. I really like and appreciate apps like these where I can do almost everything I need to from my phone. I have panic attacks knowing I have to call and talk to someone most days and I get upset and embarrassed and I won’t call and get services for myself but with mychart I can take care of all of it with my phone then just show up to my appointment on time. It’s been the best thing for me.Version: 10.1.4

Feedback(1) MyChart needs to add a mailbox option for “drafts” asap. Patients begin to compose and often need to confirm details, or pause and finish later. Without that option right now, your app just deletes everything and users have to start all over from scratch! (2) MyChart needs to add a doctor’s name under “providers” as soon as the patient has a confirmed appt showing up under your “calendar” link. Too many times I’ve needed to reach out with info or a question BEFORE my appt (which these days is months away) but unable to do so until AFTER the appt is over, when MyChart actually adds them. (3) MyChart needs to add an option allowing patients to submit their own corrections or updates to any incorrect data. (Ex I have a huge, unnecessary alert banner saying my Tetanus booster is overdue, but with no option to input data from my PC to show it’s completely up to date, and no option to remove the alert!) And if not an option to submit corrections, then definitely should be an option to remove the alert from my view..Version: 10.1.4

Great new featuresFinally shows sent mail and whether it has been read by staff or not. Collects all kinds of data in one place that you need. Not perfect, but still indispensable: 5 stars but could still use major work. Example: e-checkin allows you to add/delete meds, allergies, conditions before your appointment when you have the info handy, but this data doesn’t appear on the clinic’s computer for the doctor once you get there: major flaw! The databases should sync, or there is no point. Also, requested add/delete info never gets added/deleted by the doctors/staff (possibly because they don’t see it?). Would also like ability to send the same message to multiple doctors at once; currently only one doctor gets the message: no way to add or CC others. Ability to add appointments directly to your phone’s calendar with the click of a button ROCKS! Scheduling is very limited, however. Pluses and minuses, but keep up the good work!.Version: 9.1.5

Update: Please put a heading for Referrals!!!Update: They finally put a heading for where the Referrals are! This makes it sooo much easier! I feel very happy that the developers listen to the parents/patients needs in regards to using this app. I have 6 children and 2 elderly parents I take care of so having the MyChart App has been a godsend. It is really great to be able to go through each persons name and send messages and take care of all their medical business at once. Thank you to the developers and technicians for continuously updating this app for the better! Previous review: I can never find my referrals because they are always hidden somewhere in letters or messages. I have to go through at least 5 steps every time and it is frustrating because it never seems to be in the same place twice. I just want a heading that says Referrals. Please give us this small convenience in 2020. Thank you.Version: 9.8.3

This app is greatI love this app. It allows me to keep track of all my appointments and medications, and it allows me the ability to e-check in to my appointments before I arrive. This has been a lifesaver for me and I couldn’t be happier. One thing though: I do wish that when appointments were changed/canceled, it would notify/alert me. Last month, my husband took me to an outpatient center I’ve been attending where I thought I had an appointment, only to find out that wasn’t the case. I made sure I checked before we left and it said that was the day and time I had. When we arrived (after a 2 1/2 hour drive), we found out that wasn’t the case. I had no alerts/notifications from the app that the appointment had changed. If there was a way to alert/notify patients of appointment changes/rescheduling, that would be wonderful and it would make this app 10,000 times better..Version: 9.9.1

MyChart is extremely helpful with my Mental IllnessI have used this app for about 7 years. It has been excellent helping me navigate through serious health issues including mental illness, cancer (surgery/chemo/radiation), orthopedic and neurological. This app is excellent follow up for the fore mentioned health issues and preventative health care. I don’t have to struggle to keep all my appointments. I’m never ‘double booked’. All my Drs have access to all important information and using MyChart. We communicate when needed - no matter where in the country I am. Recently, while in Georgia (I live in CA)I broke out with Shingles. I immediately went to the nearest Urgent Care where all the required information for my care was pulled up through the MyChart app. Plus my primary Dr in CA was kept in the medical loop. IN MINUTES!! MyChart totally expedited my immediate need for medical care. But the MyChart app made the most impact on my mental health. I struggled with appointments of any kind. I can become hyper while stressing if I was going to miss an appointment. This often brings on Shingles. I can access the MyChart app virtually anywhere at any time to check my appointments. I can do this 10 times a day if I need to. I don’t need to keep 5 calendars, appointment cards, make daily phone calls for peace of mind. The app is so reliable, I am healthier for it. Thank you..Version: 10.2.2

Issue getting back to my accountI’m a bit confused. My one healthcare provider sent me an email to sign up for MyChart. That was Geisinger. So I load the app and I select Geisinger, went to create an account, but found I already have an account through my other provider, Penn State. So I use that log in to access. Ok, so I’m in and a little tutorial pops up and said to use the “Switch Provider” (I think it said) if you have more than one. Well, I looked everywhere for this feature and finally found it under my Profile. I click on that and it shows that Geisinger is my provider, even though my account was set up through Penn State. So I tried to add Penn State but it’s not an option here. So, then I tried to go back to my Profile page but there’s no option to take me back. I’m stuck on the screen. No back arrow, nothing. Just a + sign to add a provider, and an Edit link to edit it. Nothing else. How do I get back to the app?.Version: 9.6.4

My ChartI really like having My Chart, if you don’t understand something, or have a quick question it’s so much quicker and easier to look at My Chart for after visit summaries, office notes from your visit which are very helpful in case you discussed quite a bit with your doctor and you couldn’t remember what you were told all you have to do is read the notes from that visit. I also feel like you don’t have to call in explain to this person only to find out you have to start all over again until you reach the correct person. Using My Chart you type in your question and you sit back, do other things while waiting for your response. I like how you can connect with some of your other physicians if they use My Chart, much more convenient. After getting use to using My Chart I wouldn’t want it any other way..Version: 9.9.1

Best Patient Portal I have ever usedMyChart is the best patient portal app that I have ever used. It is the most interactive, it’s efficient, and I can communicate with all of my providers. I like the fact that I can request appointments through the app, view all test results, pay my bill, etc. Other apps that I have used have only been good for appt reminders and lab results. With MyChart you can do everything imaginable. love this app out of all my healthcare provider apps!! This one is the most user friendly. It is very easy to communicate with all of my hospital system providers. I wish you could change the following things: have the ability to search for & message the clinic nurses and not just your doctor. I also would like the ability to decline or initial things to your To Do list, such as input a date of a vaccination that you received elsewhere..Version: 10.1.5

Staying Informed is so easy with “My Chart”I love being informed of test results as soon as they are completed. No more waiting on doctor office calls letting me know results. Now I also know if there is a change in my condition even if it is slight. Practitioners do not always inform patient of minimal changes. I like having the exact numbers, X-ray readings myself, and quickly. And they are so simple to find on My Chart. There are advantages to having visit notes by the practitioner in writing also. Sometimes I forget what decisions were made and sometimes the practitioner forgets! The messaging system, in my experience, works great and fast. No more trying to get thru to office nurses or schedulers. Just send a My Chart message and have an answer within 24 hours, usually much quicker. My Chart allows me to be more responsible for my own care. Not everyone likes that but I love it. I have 5 specialists and each of them, and their staff, have been excellent to work with via My Chart. I cannot think of any complaints unless you might have poor record keeping from one of your practitioners. However, that would not be the fault of My Chart. But you can note any errors made or omissions on My Chart yourself. Once again, it allows me to be in a position of responsibility. I recommend My Chart 100%..Version: 9.9.3

Great service!!I have been using MyChart since it became available and I think it is a great service!! Prior to MyChart, when calling doctors’ offices, I was not sure if message was received and/or reviewed by the nurse or doctor. MyChart not only allows me to see confirmation but usually the responses are much quicker than someone returning a phone call. It’s awesome to be able to have a paper trail of messages, prescription information, appointments, and test results. I have everything right on my phone. Not only for myself but I can share information immediately with doctors outside of the system. There is no guessing if or when I have had specific tests, the results, or remembering medication dosages, etc. My phone settings allow me to get a pop up message every time there is an update in MyChart-this is wonderful! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!.Version: 9.9.2

ExcellentThis app is fantastic. Everything I do within the VCU health system is documented so quickly and efficiently. I am able to see office notes and test results for every visit . I can see my bills and pay them right from the app. I’m able to share critical information with my primary care physician that I’ve never had before. I see all of the results of blood work and can decipher areas where I’m having issues so they can be addressed. Every procedure is well documented and I feel more involved in managing my own health. I cannot say enough about how this app has transformed how I view my healthcare and my providers. Finally, I have been brought into the equation so I can make informed decisions about my care. I love this app and I love my VCU healthcare providers. I wish all of my doctors used this tool. It is superior to the other apps they use..Version: 10.1.5

Dr. Jake RodiEvery time I have an appointment or any type of medical issue, the staff at Ochsner in Belle Chasse or at any office that Ochsner has are very accommodating and extremely professional and nice. Especially my doctor, Dr. Jake Rodi in Belle Chasse, is by far the most professional, extremely knowledgeable, nice doctor and overall person in general. I will never have to change dr.’s again as long as Dr. Rodi is practicing. He also sees both of my sons one of which is severely autistic. Dr. Rodi is extremely patient and kind with him and that means a lot to me as his father. Because he’s not very easy to deal with all the time, but he will go out of his way to make sure that my son is comfortable and content when it comes to him having to be seen at the doctors office. I have nothing but extremely great things to say about Dr. Rodi and his office. Everyone here is extremely kind and accommodating..Version: 9.9.3

Info in one placeIts nice to have a place where doctor visits update instantly along with all test results. Im also very pleased that the doctors ive had communicate via mail through this app. The ui/ux could be revisited for clarity such as settings/preferences linking outside the app. Or having more of a sleek modern take on it however overall with all the complex info i still appreciate the amount of effort it took to design this app. My main problem now is there isn’t a way to communicate with the app builder to tell them of app issues. Mychart for some reason keeps quitting on me everytime i return to the app after i has linked me to a webpage for a settings change. Or if i just simply click “back” from reading my test results. Ive tried signing in and out to restarting my phone and reinstalling but the problem persists. Im hoping i could get an update or at least communicate this problem to the developers..Version: 9.8.1

So Easy to UseI see many specialists at the main hospital in Ann Arbor as well as in Brighton at the specialty center. With each visit I’m kept well informed with my visit details,Drs notes or lab results. If I need to schedule or cancel a appointment it’s easy to do directly thru the portal itself. It’s really nice that I can assess my general dr at St Joes or my previous hospital records from Beaumont. This portal application makes my life easier as it’s constantly updated and I can even post from the portal into my iPhone to add my U of M Drs visits directly into my iPhone calendar plus send my wife or daughter my appointment reminders to make sure they get me to my appointments on time every time. Thank you for developing such a great client portal but I’d expect nothing less from Michigans Top Hospital and Outstanding Drs and Staff . You folks are Awesome and Amazing and Thanks Again . J Mc of Howell Michigan.Version: 10.1.4

Convenient!!I love the convenience of this app and would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for one flaw. It’s very frustrating when you are given orders by your doctor to see a specialist but can’t make an appointment to see them through the app. Currently, a patient can only schedule an appointment through the app if they are already seeing a specific physician. I’ve tried every way possible to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist who was recommended to me through the app and when I call the appointment line I generally can’t get an appointment for at least 6 months or more. When you check appointments through the app, it will show sometimes show recent cancellations and you can get in sooner. The process of calling the appointment line is usually cumbersome and depending on the representative you get on the line, it can often be frustrating and very unhelpful!!.Version: 10.2.2

Convenient for Medical history and moreI really enjoy this app. Upfront, my only gripe is that I can’t call from the app. I was late and needed to call to see if they could still see me. I ended up having to find the office in maps and call through there. Even though they have the office info in the app. Just need to make the phone number hyperlinked to the phone dialed. Otherwise, this app is great! Keeps my meds and recent test history right at my fingertips. Needed to log some levels at work for insurance rebates and because I had record of them on the app, I didn’t have to got through their BS and just entered my numbers. I can use this to communicate directly with my doctor and the staff in the office too. Makes it super easy to communicate basic questions and prevents unnecessary trips. I recommend my doctor and they app to others at the same time!.Version: 6.1.1

Unable to pick the pharmacyVery frustrating not being able to pick which pharmacy to pickup my medications from. I use 3 different Pharmacies for my medications but I am unable to change the pharmacy in the app for my prescriptions to go to so they always go to the wrong pharmacy. When I called my doctors office they said that the prescriptions all go to the last pharmacy that my most recent prescription went to not the pharmacy where the original prescription was filled. This makes no sense,for example if CVS says I have no refills left and they will contact my Dr. the new prescription doesn’t go to the original CVS pharmacy but it goes to the last pharmacy I used for a different medication and that happened to be in a different town. Does this make any sense shouldn’t it go to the pharmacy that I had that medication filled in the first place? Please fix the app so I can pick which pharmacy that I want to use for each medication I take!.Version: 9.9.3

Rapports médicauxJ’aimerai avoir la possibilité d’envoyer par courriel les rapports médicaux tel que les visites avec les spécialistes, résultats de Ct Scan et IRM. merci.Version: 10.2.2

Shows incorrect infoShows I was no show for an appointment while showing me test results for that appointment..Version: 9.4.5

Very very frustratingI’ve tried to log in to the organization that I’m receiving my health records from. This app keeps on asking me to reset my password or try again ....then I reset my password and the same thing Ground Hog Day..Version: 9.4.6

Very helpfulThis site has been very helpful.Version: 10.1.5

Shawn FriesnerGreat application, Very helpful..Version: 9.9.3

Love this AppGreat App. Wish I knew about it earlier.Version: 10.2.3

Love itIt make my life so much Easier.Version: 10.2.3

Great App!The app is very user friendly and easy to use. Great job!.Version: 10.2.3

My ChartGreat App to check on appointments and test results !.Version: 10.2.3

Super Connect Care in your pocketSo happy we can have Connect Care (Alberta’s provincial Heath System) on iPhone. Great job EPIC for making this possible! The web interface before Connect Care was harder to navigate this is much greater and on your iPhone. Super!.Version: 10.2.3

MyChart is Epic!Using MyChart for years now & I love it. Having the schedule of past & future appointments all together plus all the lab results is so practical and time saving. And that’s only part of it. Many great features. Presently, July 2022, My Chart is reporting upcoming events that actually happened in the past even up to a year ago. I hope this will be fixed soon as it is very disconcerting. I would really like to have the ability to graph my lab results on my iPad. I can only do it on my laptop at present..Version: 10.2.2

Doctors commentsI know this is not related to the app itself. I would like to see the doctors comments again. This was very helpful to ensure I understood directions given to me from my doctor. Currently it is a canned comment that says thanks for letting us take care of you, although a nice sentiment, not of any practical use..Version: 10.2.1

My ChartThis app is very useful to have an overview of your medical file as well testing to come..Version: 10.2.2

Contact infoIt would be great if there was a way to contact the folks who manage this. I have a question I’ve been unable to find the answer to..Version: 10.2.2

My ChartI give this app an 4.8 evaluation. It lives up to every expectation I could imagine great job guys sure there’s a few glitches that’s nothing compared to what we had.Version: 10.2.2

Confused unclearEvery time I log on I am directed to update my personal info. I have done this several times but I am still asked to do this again. Why? Is there a problem with my address etc? Please let me know what is going on .. This site is quite confusing..Version: 10.2.2

My ChartThis is outstanding.Version: 10.2.2

BeautifulI love the look and the ease of access to my results at my fingertips. ♥️.Version: 10.2.2

Information added, but not yet reportedI have provided a list of current medications and medical issues, but this information has not yet been listed..Version: 10.2.2

Brilliant!!This is such a great idea!! I wish that this was available years ago!!.Version: 10.2.2

My chartEasy to use, saves so much time, Not to mention, limiting direct contact with various Healthcare providers. Therefore limiting risk of exposure. There’s also the advantage of using it anywhere. Hopefully all will have equal access to this app & it can be done in various languages..Version: 10.2.2

Easy to use and very helpfulThis App is a must have when you have medical procedures done. It is easy to use/understand and all information needed is received via the App. The App also allows you to add extra security..Version: 10.2.2

MyChart appI love this app. My husband has been in hospital for a while. This app gives me instant updates on test results and appointments in hospital and future medical appointments..Version: 10.2.1

No place in My Chart for asking questionsThere should be a place in My Chart to ask questions to the attending doctor for the patients..Version: 10.2.1

Connect careLove using connect care reminders for all my upcoming appointments is fantastic keep track of all my test results summary of all my clinic appointments and my medications. all this and more fantastic having all this information. Thank You.Version: 10.2.1

Great app just some concerns …Easy to use but I’m Concerned about privacy , accuracy and ability to tamper with results being on a huge platform like this ….Version: 10.2.1

AccèsJe trouve très désolant que ce n’est pas tout les docteurs qui utilisent My Chart et ou les cliniques.Version: 10.2.1

Wonderful appVery user friendly and saves a lot of Hastle and time with appointments, results, tests, and follow-up. The more info you provide in the requested fields, the more helpful the app becomes. Almost impossible to miss a medical appointment once registered on the app. Easy to create login info and learning to navigate through, also. Recommend it to EVERYBODY where the app is available!.Version: 10.2.1

GratefulFor me, this service provides a great sense of security. It actually makes myself as a patient feel very much a part of my health care team. It is so appreciated not only by myself but also by my loved ones who want to keep updated. Thank you so much!.Version: 10.2.1

Great product very helpfulGood product.Version: 10.2.1

Why a three star review?Provides five star, invaluable level of information to which I have never had access in the past. In addition, I am finding it extremely useful to communicate with someone about the technological component of this information when necessary to get answers. But the technology has a long way to go. Firstly, All the different names are confusing myahs, myahsconnect, Mypersonalrecords, MyChart, Connectcare, Myhealthrecords, and more. Many of them are various names for the same thing. Others I can't remember which is which. The medication contents in my phone app are different from what I will find online. The former is full of errors and I am told that it is up to my Doctor to press the button in his connect care to correct it. But my doctor claims that his primary care network has no information about this and that in in a 15 minute appointment he does not have time to be checking my medication entries. Maybe another reason the docs are so frustrated with the province? At the moment it is still a love/hate relationship with this app. The encouraging note is that there are increments of change in the right direction every once in a while. I think the plan is in phase 6 right now. Maybe by the time they get to the final phase 9, they might get it right?.Version: 10.2.1

DiabetesI believe that my last operation (hip replacement) was pushed back because the diabetes team had entered that I have diabetes in mychart when in fact I am pre-diabetic. During that year+ my health deteriorated..Version: 10.2.1

Love this appHaving this information available to manage appts and reminders is so great.Version: 10.2.1

Okay app.Not user friendly. It’s nice to get your results but sign in is a pain on the app..Version: 10.2.1

Excellent ProductHaving my health information, including updates, appointments and reminders at my fingertips is an enormous help, comfort and privilege. Thank you ‘My Chart’.Version: 10.2.1

Short messageNot now. Because I had surgery recently and am not feeling 100% well. I will write the review later . We should be able to contact our doctors through my chart or through email, as it looks like the system has changed for good. Lúcia.Version: 10.2.1

Good job for this applicationI appreciate your time .Very interesting and useful for management result time ….Version: 10.2.1

Mandatory title hereThe app has good information on it if you can find it..Version: 10.2.1

Vous faites un travail formidable!!Très bonne idée cette Aplication plus besoin pour moi de louper un rendez-vous ou de l’écrire partout!! Merci à tous.Version: 10.2.1

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MyChart iPad Images
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