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MyChart puts your health information in the palm of your hand and helps you conveniently manage care for yourself and your family members. With MyChart you can:
• Communicate with your care team.
• Review test results, medications, immunization history, and other health information.
• Connect your account to Apple Health to pull health-related data from your personal devices right into MyChart.
• View your After Visit Summary® for past visits and hospital stays, along with any clinical notes your provider has recorded and shared with you.
• Schedule and manage appointments, including in-person visits and video visits.
• Get price estimates for the cost of care.
• View and pay your medical bills.
• Securely share your medical record from anywhere with anyone who has Internet access.
• Connect your accounts from other healthcare organizations so you can see all your health information in one place, even if you've been seen at multiple healthcare organizations.
• Receive push notifications when new information is available in MyChart. You can check whether push notifications are enabled under the Account Settings within the app.
Select features are also available on Apple Watch.

Note that what you can see and do within the MyChart app depends on which features your healthcare organization has enabled and whether they’re using the latest version of Epic software. If you have questions about what’s available, contact your healthcare organization.

To access MyChart, you must create an account with your healthcare organization. To sign up for an account, download the app and search for your healthcare organization or go to your healthcare organization’s MyChart website. After you’ve signed up, turn on Face ID, Touch ID, or a four-digit passcode to quickly log in without needing to use your MyChart username and password each time. Then, make sure you have push notifications enabled to receive updates on your device when new information is available in MyChart.

For more information about MyChart’s features or to find a healthcare organization that offers MyChart, visit

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MyChart App Comments & Reviews

MyChart Positive Reviews

Great App & Functionality With One Noteworthy FlawIve had this App for my previous Healthcare provider, Atrius Health. It’s worked pretty much flawlessly since I installed it several years ago. I get my test results promptly and can communicate with any of my doctors quite easily as well as schedule and cancel any appointments. The one flaw, major in my opinion, is there is no way, at least no easy way, to change the Healthcare Provider. Two years ago, our insurance changed and our new Healthcare Provider uses this App as well, but my settings and login are connected to my previous company and there no way I’ve been able to find to change my login to my new provider. When I go to their webpage where you see the “try our App, install here” it takes you to the App store, where i see this App, which if course shows that its already installed but the login takes me to my previous Providers page not the new one. This should be fixed so the User can easily change his Provider, which is hardly an uncommon occurrence. Given how many Healthcare Organizations use this same App, this should be a priority fix..Version: 8.7.1

I know there is a way!I have been using this app with UTSW for several years, and added SSM Health this year. It has made what would have been the difficult task of keeping track of multiple providers and facilities appointments, test results and communications easier. The MyChart message feature has saved hours of waiting to communicate with my healthcare team. The facility’s fluency with the app does make a difference, but there is nothing complex about the patient side of the tool. The Blue Jeans virtual appointment feature is simple to use as well, though I find the appointment notifications for virtual appointments is not working as well as the in person one- need to add telephone recorded reminders. I have missed several appointments because the reminder emails get lost when you don’t have time to go through 300 emails to find them. For comparison, I have never missed an in person visit or even been late for one. Another improvement for me would be access to the Radiology studies, not just the reports, but I’m not sure most folks care about that. Since I use an IPhone and not a computer, that might be available already. MY ASK I need to also have my husband’s medical records available and would like to have another copy of the App on my phone to do that. So far, I haven’t been able to figure It out. It would also be helpful to be able to mark his app icon to distinguish one from the other. Would love input?!.Version: 9.4.6

Great but NOT user friendlyThe app is great for keeping up with my appointments, communicating with the doctor, refilling prescriptions. However, when it indicates that there is a new message, I’m not sure which message is new unless I look at the date. My inbox reflect that I have two messages. When I click on the inbox tab, nothing happens. It would be nice if when I click on it, it go straight to the new messages and the indication of “two new messages” disappears reflecting that I have read the messages. It would also be nice if there is an indication of some sort to show that there are new messages and which ones are NEW. In regards to the “to do list,” it would be ideal if I could decline the options or have a yes or no button or something to show that I don’t need to do what it’s indicating. For example, my dental office is totally different from my primary care physician and they keep telling me my dental appointment is overdue. I wish there was some way I could tell it no or not applicable. Additionally, it keeps telling me I’m overdue for an influenza shot. I have never, and will never, get one so to be able to decline or simply say “not applicable” would be great. If these minor disturbances could be fixed, it would be a five star app for me..Version: 9.2.1

Could be betterThis app is great for a number of reasons besides checking test results and appointment reminders. •Through the app I can email my doctor directly, (very often they or they’re nurse will respond within a few hours so I assume the app makes that easier for them as well. •The app has a list of my meds (accurate only if you reported it accurately to the doctor) and provides an easy way to ask the doctor for a refill.•I can request an appointment from a established doctor •I can view and even pay my bill. All of these are things I can do securely through this app. It is very useful. What I CANNOT do is make notes. Currently I use this app only for check appointment times and the occasional email to the doctor. But I would use it weekly if I had the ability to make private notes. A note associated with a recent visit. Notes on possible drug benefits or side effects as I experience them. Notes on questions to as at upcoming appointments. Associating these notes with the drug or appointment or doctor directly within the app; helps keep me organized and would improve my healthcare as it makes it more likely I’ll remember details of a visit and concerns I need to bring up at the next visit..Version: 8.6.3

I love this app but I need a lil help from developers pleaseI have been using MyChart from its conception and have never had an issue ever💝💝💝💝 I go in and play around with it every now and then to see what is new. I do know that if you want to change anything important in your chart like your personal information YOU MUST DO IT FROM THE WEBSITE. I am guessing that is to be sure it is a secure location to provide personal information for HIPPA. Not positive but that would be my guess. My only issue I have is I just read on the website that I can now link my 2 charts together so I do not have to keep signing out of 1 and signing into the other for information needed. I just cannot figure out how to "LINK" both of MYCHARTS. Can you please help me with this???? It is really annoying getting a message from my doctors and I go to MYCART and I sign in and ugh it's the wrong 1 every single time😡😡😡😡 linking them would save some aggravation that's for sure. I already have the app on my iPhone where they both are on the app just need them linked and I'm all set..Version: 5.3

Billing portion of the app and to do listI would have rated it higher but I don’t like a couple of the features. First in the billing area it automatically defaults to paperless billing. Second once you are looking at the bill you can’t print it. I use a HSA account through my work and pay dr’s bill that way. This forces you to pay through the app. And had to play around with the app just to turn off paperless billing. Another feature I don’t like is the medical to do list. Through both my medical providers I have linked in the app it show 2-3 exams/shot to do for the year. It will not allow editing to tell it they are done. And my primary dr’s office is still struggling with updating it as well. They are still flipping back and forth between their old system and this one to view things. The two health providers are Cape Fear Valley Health and Duke Health..Version: 9.1.4

Great new featuresFinally shows sent mail and whether it has been read by staff or not. Collects all kinds of data in one place that you need. Not perfect, but still indispensable: 5 stars but could still use major work. Example: e-checkin allows you to add/delete meds, allergies, conditions before your appointment when you have the info handy, but this data doesn’t appear on the clinic’s computer for the doctor once you get there: major flaw! The databases should sync, or there is no point. Also, requested add/delete info never gets added/deleted by the doctors/staff (possibly because they don’t see it?). Would also like ability to send the same message to multiple doctors at once; currently only one doctor gets the message: no way to add or CC others. Ability to add appointments directly to your phone’s calendar with the click of a button ROCKS! Scheduling is very limited, however. Pluses and minuses, but keep up the good work!.Version: 9.1.5

Issue getting back to my accountI’m a bit confused. My one healthcare provider sent me an email to sign up for MyChart. That was Geisinger. So I load the app and I select Geisinger, went to create an account, but found I already have an account through my other provider, Penn State. So I use that log in to access. Ok, so I’m in and a little tutorial pops up and said to use the “Switch Provider” (I think it said) if you have more than one. Well, I looked everywhere for this feature and finally found it under my Profile. I click on that and it shows that Geisinger is my provider, even though my account was set up through Penn State. So I tried to add Penn State but it’s not an option here. So, then I tried to go back to my Profile page but there’s no option to take me back. I’m stuck on the screen. No back arrow, nothing. Just a + sign to add a provider, and an Edit link to edit it. Nothing else. How do I get back to the app?.Version: 9.6.4

Convenient for Medical history and moreI really enjoy this app. Upfront, my only gripe is that I can’t call from the app. I was late and needed to call to see if they could still see me. I ended up having to find the office in maps and call through there. Even though they have the office info in the app. Just need to make the phone number hyperlinked to the phone dialed. Otherwise, this app is great! Keeps my meds and recent test history right at my fingertips. Needed to log some levels at work for insurance rebates and because I had record of them on the app, I didn’t have to got through their BS and just entered my numbers. I can use this to communicate directly with my doctor and the staff in the office too. Makes it super easy to communicate basic questions and prevents unnecessary trips. I recommend my doctor and they app to others at the same time!.Version: 6.1.1

Info in one placeIts nice to have a place where doctor visits update instantly along with all test results. Im also very pleased that the doctors ive had communicate via mail through this app. The ui/ux could be revisited for clarity such as settings/preferences linking outside the app. Or having more of a sleek modern take on it however overall with all the complex info i still appreciate the amount of effort it took to design this app. My main problem now is there isn’t a way to communicate with the app builder to tell them of app issues. Mychart for some reason keeps quitting on me everytime i return to the app after i has linked me to a webpage for a settings change. Or if i just simply click “back” from reading my test results. Ive tried signing in and out to restarting my phone and reinstalling but the problem persists. Im hoping i could get an update or at least communicate this problem to the developers..Version: 9.8.1

Great app, but…This has been an extremely helpful app for me, allowing me to communicate back-and-forth with my primary care physician much more efficiently than we ever could before. It also has helped me to keep track of what tests I have had done and what the results were, what my upcoming appointments are scheduled for, and it lets me know whether my primary care physician has received the results from other doctors and tests yet or not as well. However, the messaging app is extremely, excruciatingly difficult to use because messages are limited to only 750 characters! In this day and age where hard drive space and server space are so inexpensive that they are a cheap commodity, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of ridiculous limitation. Every time I need to communicate with my doctor, this forces me to send three emails instead of just one! I am begging you, PLEASE fix this!.Version: 6.0

My Charts just keeps getting betterI’ve used My Charts since it was first introduced for PC. Now I used it with 3 health systems that use various versions of the APP. When my primary in one system and my gastroenterologist in another we’re able to ‘reach across’ their systems and sync my medications, see the labs performed by the other I knew My Charts had grown up. I’ve never had a problem in the desktop, iPhone and iPad APPs. I travel twice a year and I have piece of mind that I’m carrying my current health records with me. I now what my neurologist to interface their system. They get into MyChart easily but their is no merging of test, visit notes, therapies ordered accessible from MyCharts for my other doctors to see. I figure that will happen in due time. The developers of MyCharts and the APPs for it get KuDos from me. A 10 if the review scale allowed..Version: 5.4.1

Good with some annoyancesIn general I like this app. It is handy for tracking prescriptions, appointments, test results, and communicating with my care providers. I use my pharmacy’s refill app, but I like having a list of my prescriptions and doses in one place. My physician prefers that weekly updates go to his nurse. She is not listed in my care team, so the only way I can write to her directly is by responding to a message she sent me. It would help if I could start a new message to anyone who has previously sent me a message. I can not attach images using the iPad app. If I try to attach one, my photo library appears very briefly then disappears. It works on the iPhone app, but I often forget, then have to switch devices and start the message over again. Plus, it’s a lot harder to compose messages on the smaller screen..Version: 9.2.7

Want to change User NameAs I was going into surgery, my wife was pressured by the hospital to set up this account, and created it with a name I can’t ever remember. I would like to change the login User Name. I can do that with other health apps, but not this one. Please make this function available. Also, the main page of the app is confusing, with 16 different Activities icons randomly floating in a clutter. Would be much easier to read & find if these Activities were just listed top to bottom, perhaps putting a smaller icon to the left of each titles. As it stands, the main page looks like a lot of app icons inside an app; like I’ve picked up someone else’s iPhone and now I’ve got to figure out where everything is because it’s just a bunch of icons thrown at me. Frustrating. Just list the Activities, please. Thank you..Version: 9.6.1

Love this app!I have two different healthcare providers. Both use MyChart. I love it, because after linking the accounts, either of them can see what the other is doing. Plus, I can email (and attach pictures) my providers and if necessary, they can send prescriptions. (Just had this with an abscess). Tests are loaded to the app as soon as they are completed. Some within an hour. Since I have tests that need to be done every three months, this is very handy. No waiting for results or a phone call. Statements arrive promptly. It is also possible to pay outstanding balances within the app. No waiting to see how much money is owed. I can’t say enough how great this app works for me! So glad my providers also use it!.Version: 9.4.6

Just a few things and it would be perfect!This app is pretty helpful overall. I love I can see my appointments and add them to my calendar, I can communicate with doctors easily, see directions and even do e-visits, etc. I would love to be able to update general settings to correct gender and give the option to tell health professionals my preferred pronouns. My gender is nonbinary and I prefer they/they pronouns. I’d like this both on MyChart under my control with an option to add it. I am constantly misgendered in health settings and this could help be avoided if we could add those important details in the app. Also, it could be helpful to add in preferred pronouns for health professionals themselves as well. I know there a lot of people who get misgendered and it makes navigating the health care system stressful. Being gendered correctly is a big health issue and when we are misgendered it affects our level of care. How forwardminded would it be if you all are inclusive of all genders? Also, it would be awesome to be able to include multiracial under ethnicity. I know some people who are fat positive and/or some people who have eating disorders and they have mentioned being able to hide weight in the app and in results to not be triggered..Version: 9.4.4

I Love it Except....1.) The e-check in process is excruciating, only for me to have to do the exact same process at the dr’s office. It doesn’t save me any time or aggravation so for as frequently as I go to the Dr, I just stopped doing the e-check in. 2.) I see providers in two different local health care systems. They both use MyChart but it seems that I can only use the app for one or the other. I would love the simplicity of not having to use desktop features from my phone for both but that does not seem to be an option. Other than that, I love having all of my test results at my fingertips, before my next appointment even. That allows me to prepare for educated conversations with my physicians prior to seeing them. Also, I can look back and see my progress..Version: 6.0

Informative, Once You Get InThis app can allow you to access a considerable amount of your medical data from the increasing number of medical providers switching to Epic, but it has a chronic problem with the TouchID feature, which has to be reset every day, or sometimes more than once a day. This is happening on two iPad Airs, but not on my iPhone, where the FaceID feature is available for the app. The whole idea with a mobile app is not having to carry around your password just to log into the app. I gave up for the most part and started logging into MyChart for my providers through my browser, where the password can be easily stored. I wrote the developers and have heard nothing but crickets. If you only use the app where FaceID is available you should be good to go..Version: 9.6.1

Finally improvedLast review I was royally po’d at all the problems. But I’m happy to say things are looking better. My login problems are gone and Touch ID is working normally again. The appointment scheduling section had been a total snafu - but now it looks and acts much more as expected. Unfortunately, the provider controls the options and the Cleveland clinic is not offering the ability to schedule a specialist visit. Kind of sad since my primary issues are cardiac and I typically schedule a cardiologist visit every 6 months, whereas I normally only see my primary doc once annually for my physical. Meanwhile, the messaging and test results continue to be very handy. Hopefully it continues to improve and be even more useful in the future. Thanks to the dev’s for listening and fixing user issues..Version: 6.0.2

Almost user friendly...So far the app is good for what it’s supposed to do, which is to keep all of the medical info in one place. The problem comes with the “maintenance” of the app. The so called “to do” list has nothing to do with being a list. You cannot clear any of the things that are listed on it, for example a tetanus shot due from 1967. Also, a good option to add for the “to do” list (whoever adds it those items in) would be to give the patient an option to accept or decline any of those. Not everyone is interested in getting a flu shot for example. So I guess this goes to the developers of this app: Please make necessary adjustments listed here and from other reviewers and I will gladly change my rating to 5 stars. Thank you for reading this review..Version: 9.2.7

Apple Health Support - Revised ReviewThanks for your response! It would be great if you could add an option to let customers see if Apple Health is available/not available and, if not available, why that is the case. That way, it’s not a matter of Epic not supporting it, we know that we need to contact the provider to ask them. Previous review.... I am amazed that a company like Epic hasn’t gone the extra mile to integrate MyChart with Apple Health yet. Apple Health has been out for a few years now and several other large EMR companies support it but Epic is behind the times. MyChart is still helpful but it would be so much better with a relatively simple integration that would take the average developer a day or two at most to do..Version: 9.5.3

What’s that word mean?Apparently they took the lazy way out by preventing you from being able to select words to look up rather than writing the selection process so that all you can do is select then look up a word. It is annoying because half the time I can’t even say the word let alone spell it so when I leave the app to try and look the word up. Then I have to write the word down letter by letter then enter it in my search letter by letter until the phone decides to stop playing dumb and presents the right word instead of repeating over and over I don’t know what you mean, try again. Other than that it is a good app, but if you have anxiety problems you might want to take a pill before trying to figure out what that dead language word means..Version: 9.3.6

Decent app, but a defect with adding an appointmentThis app is usually pretty good with minimal crashes. Functionality is good with a few quirks when trying to set an appointment (asks me for the clinic i want to schedule an appointment at and then asks a second time.). However after either the last update of the app or OS update the app crashes every time I try to add an appointment (of a child account, may happen with any account but I don’t have an appointment to test with) to my calendar. This seems like it a fairly basic use case that should be tested during beta testing resolved quickly after public release. It’s been almost 3 weeks since the iOS 13.3 release. The last appointment I was able to successfully add to me calendar was 11/30. iPhone X, running 13.3.Version: 9.1.5

Overall great, could use some improvementsPositives: I love love love that I only have to login to one app for the different healthcare organizations I go to vs. logging into each organization specific app every time Areas for improvement: -It’s a little bit hard/unintuitive to switch between my different health system accounts. It’d be nice if the first screen was a dashboard that listed all my accounts and allowed my to select one -the thing that bothers me most is un-actionable tasks in the “to do list”. For things that I need to schedule an appointment for I wish they would at least show a number to call, allow me to schedule it online, or allow me to ignore. Also they don’t always seem relevant for me..Version: 9.3.8

Usually inaccurateWhat stinks is old providers are listed to send a message to but not the one I’ve been going to for the past several years. There’s no way to correct wrong information or to let anyone know that it’s wrong. They have a medication that I take everyday listed as an allergy. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve told the many that have reviewed the meds I’m allergic to with me several times that I’m not allergic to it... I take it! And it never gets changed. Would be nice to have access to change these things myself since no one can seem to get it right. Who better to update my meds than me since I seem to be the only one who knows what I take. Or to at least be able to send a list to your provider to go in and approve as correct..Version: 9.1.5

Shows incorrect infoShows I was no show for an appointment while showing me test results for that appointment..Version: 9.4.5

Love this app!Finally there is a very easy way to keep track of appointments, reports and doctors notes..Version: 9.6.4

Simple and fastGreat app. Simple and fast. Love it..Version: 9.6.3

Vaccinations?Why aren’t vaccinations on here? Also woefully incomplete. Would like my other lab results included..Version: 9.5.5

Works! Delivers test resultsI was in the Emergency department of my local hospital. The doctor had ordered lots of different tests. I was receiving notifications of new results. The results were available in real time. Very handy..Version: 9.3.7

Excellent App!I had very low expectations due to the prior reviews but I was very pleasantly surprised at how great this App is. I also got my results within 8 hours. It is so easy to navigate and so easy to use. I love having my results all in one place. 5 stars for sure!.Version: 9.3.7

BEST HEALTH APP EVERThe simple fact, that I can login to my OWN personal health records, and test results, is AMAZING!!.Version: 9.3.1

Needs more functionalityIt is a good app to access my child’s medical records in Sick Kids hospital.. I would like to have option to tack pictures of documents and send to doctor via the app..Version: 8.7.1

Works in CanadaThe chart I'm using is with AHS in Alberta. I talked to my GP to get access to the online version, then downloaded this app. While designed to work on an iPad, it's little more than an oversized phone app and doesn't make good use of the extra space. These guys could learn a lot from the Mail app. I could see past test results (which also reveals how poorly information is entered by doctors sometimes), but couldn't figure out how to see a trend graph as advertised in the screenshots — which is disappointing..Version: 5.0.1

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