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Empires & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG Customer Service

Epic heroes, monsters and action await in this beautiful, tactical match 3 game!

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"A challenging game of strategy and puzzles"
"We're impressed by this epic match-three adventure"

Players are saying:
"Awesome game. This will keep me busy for months!"
"Really fun, great production values!"

Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on puzzle games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels and RPG elements. Join the battle now!

• Match - Send your troops charging by making amazing combos!
• Build - Rebuild an immense war fortress!
• Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops!
• Raid - Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world!
• Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers!
• Team Up - Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance!
• Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world!

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Empires & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG App Comments & Reviews

Empires & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG Positive Reviews

Great for F2P/C2P. Ads are optional!The review by Slawguhy is true (game is not ptw). He said it's a slow crawl and meant to be an adventure you play for months/years. This is absolutely true. I've been playing for about 4.5 years now. And while i have spent money here and there, it's not necessary. One thing I've learned over the years is that spending is a gamble similar to winning the lottery (you have a 1.3% chance of pulling legendary heroes in almost every event and theme). But there is a building you get much later in the game that can produce these heroes for free (albeit, also a low chance of getting what you want or need). The benefit of this is that it offers A LOT of variety in PvP and PvE play. If everyone got so the good heroes all the time, everyone would have the same teams. One AMAZING thing about this game that i can't say about many other games is that the ads are completely optional. There are two areas that give ads. One gives random loot and the other gives random low level heroes and troops in exchange for watching. So they're not just optional, they're not necessary for gameplay. You can literally play this game for years without having to pay a dime or watch a single ad! I've never played a mobile game as long as i have played this one. The graphics are great, bugs are infrequent (almost never encounter), it's a lot of fun! Definitely give it a try and see for yourself..Version: 52.0.0

Would you play this game if you are bad luck?I don’t know. We are a group of 7 people. I must spend some money sometime. However, my friends doesn’t. They are poor, so They save a lot of gems for fortune. Until now they are at level 28, they are still bad luck and didn’t get any 5 heros. Even if you have 5 stars hero. You still need to wait a long time to find the items to update your heros. My clan members just told me... He just got the last ring that he needs since almost 2 years... We lost titan, war by weird matching. I am scared. Today My friends tell me they will quit the game. They told me :” It is so expensive, nonsense, unreasonable waiting for a really good game.” Im sad. I think if they quit, I will quit too. I dont know how to play game alone without my friends. This game used to give a really great memories. Update: I think I did my review for over 5 months until you guys responded. :-/ . The game is getting better than before a lot. After a year playing the game, My group is now only have 2 left. They all give up on the game because of bad luck with summons and collecting items to max training for 5 stars heroes ( 7 members before). They got frustrated and mad then left. I was sad cause all my best friends are left. However the game already got better by adding some good quests before they left. ( still so long but better than nothing). I want to play a game for long term even without my friends. My new friends from my alliance are amazing..Version: 38.0.1

Great gameThe reviews on here that state you have to “pay to win” and “never guaranteed you do win when you spend x amount” are Bogus claims. Playing this game is a marathon, not a dAsh to the finish. It’s team building; material farming adventure that takes months to get every character and item your so desperately wanting. The Months it takes to lever characters, upgrade buildings, play through the story and quests takes time and patience. You can spend money to get the things your so desperately wanting now with odd/chances against you OR you can just play the game and wait for the quest and tournaments to give you the items your wanting(takes time) What your goals in the gameplay can also differ. So any reviews telling you about bad character/teams or not getting them. Those people know they spend money with odd slim and change with every season. and spending money is no guarantee to any item due to the lottery/change type of buying. They tell you the % of chance to get certain items/ If your looking for a game you can dig into, put in the time needed to make it the team and build it have patience because they give you gem to spend, they give you many items to build you characters. Give this game the your time it deserves before giving it a review. **Happy Adventures Slawguhy.Version: 26.0.0

Good game but…I’ve played for several years and it’s okay, the numbers creep is rough, the difference between a season one and a season five hero fully leveled is vast. So expect that even if you a full team of season one legendary heroes you will lose to a team of newer heroes. It’s a business, they’re trying to make money, I get that. If you can get everything to be a top player without spending money there’d be no incentive to. That being said, you can spend hundreds and never pull a legendary and I don’t like that you can go through and get coins from an event where the only way to get them is to purchase it and you’ll still only pull season one rares, that’s bad business. For example if you get enough of the three kingdoms coins to do a ten summon then you pull four of the same season one rares(I’m looking at you Dawa) and you’ve spent thirty dollars for trash you’re going to feed to a character you already have. This wouldn’t be so bad if you were dealing with NFT but the characters aren’t tradeable. Their answer to this was the soul exchange where the “best” hero costs twenty legendary heroes for you all of the legendary heroes are the same value but theirs have levels, ten, fifteen and twenty. It’s a bit unreasonable and though I hesitate to say it because I hate the term, unfair. It doesn’t have to be fair though, we choose to play. Anyway, fun game but know you’re not “investing” in getting better, you’re buying and hoping to and hope isn’t a good strategy..Version: 54.0.0

Not A “Pay To Win” GameLet me be perfectly clear. Does this game have micro transactions? Yes it does. It’s a free to play phone game and they have to have some way to make money. You are not obligated to pay anything at any time. I know people that have not spent a dime on this game but I’ve been playing for way longer than I have. There are other claims that this is a pay to win the game and that is largely false. You could spend $10,000 on pools in this game and not get a single thing that you really want well someone could do one free pool and get the thing you’ve been looking for. That’s just the luck of the draw. That’s the great equalizer of the game. I love this game and I love the alliance system and I play every single day. My biggest gripe about the game is that there are definitely a lot of social systems that could use improvements. The thing about that however is that the forms are very active and the mods on the forms are very attentive to your suggestions. I was actually responsible for creating an entire troop type in this game just based on the suggestion that I made on the forums and the moderators told me that my suggestion was being implemented It was really cool to feel like I was a part of the game.Version: 51.0.0

Infuriating, rewarding, frustratingly funBeen playing this game for about a year now. Partly because I’ve made some great friends in my alliance I’ve been a daily player. The game itself is a clever combination of elements built around a core match 3 setup. The defining gameplay feature centers on the placement of your matches on the board dictate what enemy you hit, it opens up a depth of strategy and fun not found in other rpg/match 3 mashups. As others have noted it is a looong term game. As far as requiring money to advance, It certainly helps, but there are many high level players in our alliance that have spent $0-$20 over a year span. Most frustrating element is drop rates on items needed to ascend your 5* heroes. Honestly if you play a lot you will be able to pick up the items you need to ascend 4* heroes regularly, but those dang top end materials are few and far between. It took me 10 months to get enough materials to max my first 5* hero. This game is a grind, the greed of developers can be a bit offensive, but the irony of spending money on gems to get better heroes is the better heroes are worthless until you play the game enough to get the items needed to make them stronger so it is really counterproductive to your game to do so. Better off being patient, finding a good alliance and letting your team grow organically..Version: 24.1.0

There is no “endgame”Well there is, but when you reach it you still have things you can do. If it gets boring it means your alliance isn’t a committed one (leave and find a new one!) and you haven’t figured out how to make weaker (epic) heroes work as well as the super strong (legendary) ones. Which is possible. Definitely a game for the long term. I downloaded just because an Interactive app looked cool and I’ve been playing for almost a year it seems! tip: the game & team building is far more fun if you DO NOT drop cash. Atleast early on! You’ll be missing out on the early-type of fun of the game if you care about climbing the ranks and storing rare items too quickly. Don’t get fustrated with losses, just have fun! Level up atleast 2 heroes of every color that are 3 star heroes before moving on to 4 star heroes. Repeat the process with 4 star heroes before moving on to ANY 5 star heroes. 5 star heroes are of little to no value for younglings because the amount of resources and items you need to invest in leveling them up exceeds their value. You could have 4, 3 star heroes or 2, 4 star heroes done before your at the 5 star hero’s last level! As you level up, resources come quicker..Version: 20.1.0

Fun And Expansive Match 3 (with some issues)I’ve played this game for over 3 years, during which time I’ve invested a modest amount of money and a significant amount of time in my little digital kingdom and beloved heroes. This review is from a place of significant experience and fondness, but also objective honesty. The world of mobile games is dominated by match 3 puzzles for a reason. They are quick and intuitive, they are shiny and addictive. This game is no different but incorporates an expansive campaign and hero mechanics system that puts it into the realm of some of the best mobile RPGs. The developers regularly feed the app new content, and the global player base is generally very healthy (my own alliance is made up of polite supportive strangers). These elements all make for a finely tuned game that is easy to pick up and stays fun and competitive at even the highest levels of play. As with any mobile game, there are issues in Empires: annoying pop up ads, mind-numbing resource farming, an abysmally slow building upgrade system, overtly sexist female characters/avatars, and the pay to win factor here is significant, but Empires can be fun as a 100% free game as well. I have friends with a few less heroes on their rosters, but healthier bank accounts. Overall the game is great, assuming your patience and resilience is as well..Version: 33.0.0

AdjustmentsI’ve never put money towards a game ever in my life. Empires & Puzzles is the only game I’ve enjoyed playing. I admire the different deals you guys do with obtaining more gems. However, there are minor things that can be modified to make my rating jump to 5 stars. I just feel like you should be able to upgrade multiple buildings at once. Waiting 2 days for one building to finish is ridiculous. Either upgrading multiple buildings at once or changing the time frame would be suitable. Then, there’s the troops that can’t be upgraded. What’s the point in having all the same troops if I can’t add them to one another. I have 1 star troops just sitting there for no reason. I’m given literally the same troops every random draw. The algorithm for that should be fixed to where it’s not so rare to get 4 or 5 star troops/ heros. And if there is a button to level up your troops then that should be more apparent. Instead of searching high and low to figure out if it’s possible to do so. Also, how are you supposed to use the emblems without any since of direction? I’m over here stuck with 41 of the same emblem because I don’t know when I can use it nor how I can. Other than that, I really do enjoy the game but it would be better if my suggestions were carefully thought out..Version: 20.0.0

Good but frustrating gameI’ve been playing the game over 3 years now, so obviously I like it enough to stay. People say you just need patience, but that’s only partially true. The new hero’s they release seem to be consistently more powerful than previously released hero’s which means even if you max out heroes, they will only be average in a few months. People who pay (significantly) can buy enough chances to draw the new stronger hero’s then buy the ascension materials to get them to max levels. Also, I’ve waited 3-6 months for a single ascension item (yes patience), but you need 5 or 6 of them to max level a single hero. Sometimes you can get them more often, but they are still pretty rare in the game and with 6 colors/classes of heroes, it can take a really long time to level the hero you want if you don’t ever pay. I have a really great alliance and several of us have become online friends, but make no mistake, this game is frustrating in how long it takes to max level heroes and it takes a lot of your time daily to keep up with all the titans to kill with your alliance, the alliance wars, quests and leveling up. The game play is a lot of fun though and if you get in the right alliance for you, it can be rewarding..Version: 50.0.0

Hit to miss ratioNow, don’t get me wrong; I really do like this game. I enjoy the story behind it, the game is including while using strategy, and also has an option where the game plays for you. The heroes are clearly thought through, and each design is unique to the type of hero and the way they play their role in the game. The play is smooth, with little to no lag. However, not every diamond is cut perfectly. During the game, whenever a move is played on an enemy, the hits have a chance of missing the target. No big deal, that’s to be expected in a game like this. However, my last plays of recent levels (and this may just be me not quite being far enough into the game yet to get past this) have shown that the moves I play tend to miss the enemies on almost every hit without fail. The enemies, on the other hand, whether NPC or player, have a much higher chance of actually hitting their chosen targets. Again, this may just be a problem with my game or something that is just unlucky for me. This is my only real problem with this game, though. Gameplay is relaxing and fun, and the occasional Titan that pops up is fun to engage with your teammates. A very well thought through RPG, and certainly one to be respected for the work and creativity put into it..Version: 20.1.2

Great game but...I love this game. Been playing it for over a year now every day. Very enjoyable and lots to do the more you move up the levels. The only thing i would suggest is not to spend a dime on this game. You’re better off just waiting and saving up your diamonds to buy better characters. Don’t waste your money because they’re just going to give you the same duplicate characters that you get from saving up your diamonds. Would be nice if there was a bigger chance to get decent cards when you’re investing real money. I’ve invested a bit into the game and so far have not received so much as even one decent card from my investments. I literally just keep getting duplicates of the cards that I already have that are three stars and four stars. You’re better off saving your money and just taking your time to find decent characters cards. My daughter plays this as well and she is in her first month and has already received a five star character from spending her diamonds that she saved up. You may think that investing your money will earn you better cards faster but it just spends your money faster. Over a year of playtime and I still don’t have a five star card. Just isn’t fair!.Version: 32.1.0

Addictive & FunI kept seeing ads for this game and at first I was annoyed and closed it because I wanted to go back to playing the Blackjack game which showed me this ad. Then it kept popping up and I finally interacted with it and fell into its trap. It’s a well designed game with beautiful graphics and elements of RPG and strategy that I enjoy with humor thrown in. The menu is easy and fun to interact with. It’s a game that requires patience and does not require you to spend real money to advance, although it does help but absolutely not required. I like the challenge of spending as little resource as possible to grow your empire. It’s a fun challenge to figure out what to upgrade and the order that needs to happen. I normally hate seeing ads but this game has cleverly weaved it into its gameplay that makes me look forward to seeing the ads. The only thing I hate about the game is the raids but overall it’s fun and addictive. And there’s a good chance I’ll splurge in the future and spend real money to support this company and developers for creating such an amazing game. It’s been a while since a game has caught and held my attention and makes me want to play it. Well done!.Version: 20.1.1

Fun game but....Like most games it can be free to play as long as you plan on playing for years to catch up to compete with the big boys although in saying that there is always people your level to compete with. You can easily spend a load of money to have the latest and greatest heroes. Saving 8000 ($80 worth) for a 30 hero pull does not guarantee you will get anything good. Most of all. The game is based around your ranking which is determined by the number of cups you gain in raids. Saying that. It would be great if they weren’t overly lopsided. You get daily tasks to defeat heroes in raids and as a reward you get food iron even gems key thing here being gems. They can’t give them away easily. You can basically determine if you have a chance or not by looking at the gems before you move them. Even if you greatly over powered your opponent. That doesn’t guarantee you a win. Especially if you need the win to collect those free gems. Overall a fun game. Just a lot of unfair moments and if anyone else out there like myself just wants to play a fair game. Then I don’t suggest this. An inexpensive game. I don’t suggest this. Meeting good people and working as a team. I suggest this game..Version: 38.0.1

I have this game and I love it.I have this game. I can tell you that no, it’s not a money sucking machine. No, it’s not that addicting (some furball thinks it is, THIS IS TO YOU STUPID FURBALL!!) me and my parents have this game and it was fun, we still play it time and time again, but I think of other games but this, this is something to pass the time, NOT SLOWLY MAKE YOU INSANE. It has great graphics and the story is awesome. I can tell you all that it’s not to hard. It’s matching colors and defeating monsters, that’s it. The only thing mom paid for is gems, and that was only once for me. Yes, there are tons of ad-like features when you log in, but all you have to do is bush X and then your free to play, no adds or anything! This game is great and anyone that thinks this game is stupid, or that it’s a money sucking machine are way to un-mature to be playing such a sophisticated game. It’s probably way to complicated for their tiny little rainwing brains (or tiny little jelly bean brains, you guys choose) Thank you for reading, Creators are Geniuses, and this game is great. Love, A~ the one who isn’t a rainwing, but a magestic Seawing..Version: 36.0.2

A pay to win match three gameThis is a Puzzle & Dragon like game. Players can assign different heroes into the battle. Match the color corresponding gems to launch attacks and gain mana for the heroes with the same color. The match three gameplay is on the simple part since the purpose of the core gameplay is launch attacks. There’re 2 special combinations which will lead to different special matching. With such depth of the match three gameplay, the key factor of winning is not how good you are at making matches, but depends on the strength of your heroes and armies. That’s why, this game has a mobile SLG like meta system for the resource collection and growth. Players have to invest tons of time and resource to get random heroes cards. And use those cards as resources to upgrade the main heroes. It is a fine choice for this type of game, match three gameplay has its skill barriers for players. The limited steps and puzzles will conflict with the RPG type of battle which eventually leads to confusion and don’t know which is more important. So the current choice is a nice balance between match three gameplay and RPG like battle. Just the match three gameplay is too simple that it makes the game feels more like a pay to win game..Version: 36.0.3

FrustratingThis is the only game I have that I frequently consider deleting. I’ve been playing for a long time and I’m tired of the problems. I can’t believe the company cares so little about its customers that they won’t fix long-standing common complaints. If you think you can relax with this game, think again. The playing field is horribly tilted against you, leading to vast amounts of frustration. It doesn’t matter how good of a team you build, you’ll be dealt awful boards that guarantee your loss before you even make a move. This happens a LOT. The raid system sets you up for failure and the numbers they give for you to use to gauge your opponent’s power is not actually helpful. Teams rated significantly weaker than yours will annihilate you. Frequently. Also, once you manage to get one of the awesome top tier heroes, it can take a year to collect the excessively rare items you need to level them fully. That is, unless you’re willing to pay obscene amounts of money. Then it only takes maybe 6 months. This game does start out fun, has a ton of heroes & events, and continues to add new content, but it gets to be very frustrating before long. Until they finally address these issues, save yourself the trouble. Don’t play..Version: 30.0.2

Great game, developers read?This game is very well made and thought out. The heroes are awesome and it doesn’t objectify or degrade female heroes with their outfits. I love the alliances. There are just a few things that made me take away a star. 1. First, I wish we could trade within our alliance. Maybe after being in it for a certain period of time? I’m sure you guys have heard this before. 2. Regarding the titan, the game is out to get you. I had 3 fire heroes against a green titan. I had maybe a total of 2 or 3 red shields on the board at a time for the entire round. This always happens. Also, when my heroes have full mana and it’s at the end of the round, that’s when I’ll magically get combo after combo instead of being able to use my mana. 3. The wait times are crazy long. I’m sorry but 7 days for an upgrade is crazy. We also use way more ore than food yet require less mines than food production? Anyway, this game really is good and I’ve been playing for over a year now. I’ve made friends in the alliance and the developers really take the time to make the app better for everyone. Their sales/specials are often and fair. I love it :).Version: 44.0.2

AddictingDefinitely your candy crush alternative but with an interesting story to go with it (though the main characters seem to be a little under powered). I want to give this a higher rating but all of the pop ups you get whenever you open the app are ridiculous! It’s like opening a virus ridden website and the fact that the button you press to buy things is right where you’d put your finger to swipe is stupid and begging for cash. The wait times for things are crazy (a week for training and 15 hours for an item?!). The level system for tournaments and even raids can be all over the place (sometimes you’re matched with somebody waaay over powered for you in the tournaments and there is nothing you can do about it). The algorithm system has to be broken. There are way too many times I’ve lost battles because the enemy will be on one side of the screen but nothing will match until it’s too late. Besides all of that it’s fun and forces you to learn strategy. I appreciate all of the characters and how you can level them and their unique skills. Definitely something to fill your time until the really long wait times kick in. Have fun!.Version: 20.1.3

AwesomeAs far as I’m concerned, this is the best game out there. It’s like they took the fun parts of other games, and put them all in one. Gem matching for the battles, town building for infrastructure, hero cards for strategy... PvE for basic fights, PvP for raids, team PvP for wars. Find the right alliance for yourself, whether you want chatty, intense, casual... it’s all out there. They even have auto play if you want to redo lower levels for rewards, so you can do real life and just tap and have it go! You can definitely play for free. I did for awhile, but my personal philosophy is that if I like a game and play it a lot, then I want to pay the game makers for the product. I do pay for this game (get a feel for the deals, and wait for a sale). But, I get a ton of fun from this, and play it a lot, and I love my alliance which has terrific people in it, so I am getting good value. If you spend money on games, then I suggest setting an annual limit, and looking for deals along the way. Like I said, just personal philosophy; you can play for free with no problem, just advancing slower than those who pay something..Version: 19.0.0

Fun game just a problem!Ok.. so yeah I’m not really willing to spend my money on this game. I think the prices Are kind of high- but.. this is a really good game also it’s really fun! But I would also kind of like to just get a free daily reward.. Because I would have to pay for it every single day to get the offer for the Christmas daily offers.. I like that at least some of them are free. But not a lot are free.. I just don’t want to spend that much money on the game.. at Christmas time. Because your going to be using your money to buy presents and other things! So I am not really willing to spend my money💰 at this time. I would just enjoy if they would make the daily rewards all free!🙂 Otherwise I think this game is really fun I like playing all the levels and I like that you can get people by playing that level it really helps me get more characters when I play the levels. Because of the money I have to spend on this game to get the items that it offers me I rated it four stars. but I love this game so much! And I also recommend downloading it. Yeah so I just really think it is a awesome game for anyone to play!! Thanks for reading my review!!😊.Version: 34.0.0

Great game... BUT...Question for the developers - Will you come out and admit here that in order to progress much beyond medium levels, you must spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to defeat the built in cheats? I mean there’s no shame in that, but I started playing this game because I thought it wouldn’t be that way. Once you reach a certain level (around 2500 team points) all of a sudden, raid matchups are never equal and you spend tens of thousands in food just to get a fair matchup. The gem colors in puzzles start tilting in favor of the opponent (ie you can’t build mana for your more powerful characters in matches) and finding the items you need to ascend your characters becomes nearly impossible - you can’t even buy them outright - you have to buy packs or “chances” at the option to win the items which, of course, never happens. Finally -and while this is fair it’s frustrating - the people who have spent thousands of dollars have all fully ascended, five star teams that are impossible to beat if you’re a lowly pauper like me. So c’mon developers - can you give us the confirmation or give us a hint of how to advance play if you’re going to try and say none of the above is the case?.Version: 25.1.2

The Best A Mobile Game Can GetThis game has the perfect balance of RPG, base-building, online interaction, and puzzles. It has great features and more than one or two things to do in the entirety of the game. We need more of these rather than poorly programmed cheap games that took a day to make. Empires & Puzzles has great alliance features and account safety so you don’t have to worry about trolls and hackers. I like how you can choose to watch ads instead of the game popping up and forcing you to watch ads all the time. This game is good enough I would’ve figured it would cost money, but it’s completely free! The only complaint I have is that there are offers in the game that can cause pay-to-win people that you can’t defend yourself in a raid or win an alliance war. I love the base-building feature and the raid mechanics. The graphics are great and this game deserves more credit than it’s given. Overall great game and I would recommend it to anyone who loves RPG, team-building, and puzzle games that have an adventurous feel wrapped around it like a blanket..Version: 36.0.3

Listen to everyone that is saying it’s a money grabber!This game started out being fun, unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews warning not to spend money. I have spent too much money trying to get top tier heroes. I got a few at first, then I noticed I had mysteriously lost about four of them. I got a quick warning that if I didn’t sign in, someone could steal your heroes but I thought they were talking about signing into Game Center. The warning would flash by really quick so I don’t know what I need to sign into. I joined the alliance so that i could play the wars, i think however if you win you should get more lives than just three. The timing is terrible because sometimes you play against alliances that have the opposite time zone so by the time you’re awake and free to play, you end up playing the players that are the top players and you don’t have equal power, you get creamed! Or worse, you never had a chance to play. I won’t be spending anymore money but because I spent an embarrassingly large amount of money already, I will continue to play..Version: 19.1.0

Leszek MoonGreat game!!! Huge minuses is getting ancession material it takes a lot of time to get it! And also feeding heroes takes so much food. Last level 5* hero takes 5000 health it’s around 35 heroses in one level. That’s two huge minus of this game the other way it’s fine. In my opinion ancession material should be available to buy anytime in game store. Game is very disappointing because difficulty of maxed out your heroes that’s make players very frustrated. That’s the reason why people leave this game. Generally game is very interesting but small gigant should fix this two things. Feeding one her to max 80 level is taking a month it’s crazy who have nerve for that. Before you start play think about it. Hope so company will fix that problem and for the future process to feeding heroes will be much faster. And also players who spend money on this game should be treated better getting better lot and rewards. And also pull should be better for people who did second pull. Each pull should be better not worst. Thanks and have fun playing game.Version: 21.0.0

TL;DR: Get this game!I love this game. Are there issues? Of course! But the game is engaging and overall fun to play. You can raid other players for trophies and resources (food and iron, the in-game currencies). You can join alliances and battle titans every day, and with a recent add-on you can now battle other alliances in epic PvP Alliance Wars. The biggest complaint I have seen is that the loot isn’t always great. No, it’s not. But if you got everything you needed to be able to ascend every single hero from titan loot, you would be bored with the game and complain that it’s too easy. The point of the game is to grow slowly at a marathon pace, not finish it in two months at a sprint. Sure, you can buy gems and get those epic heroes quickly, but you still have to play the game to get the materials needed to level those legendary heroes. There’s always going to be someone who has better heroes, stronger teams, and more hams than you. That just gives you something to strive for in the game. In all, it’s a great long-term game with a great community. If you want instant gratification in a game, play Mario Kart..Version: 1.11.5

Greatly designed game!!I have been playing this game for over 3 years, and have seen it progress overtime. In my experience, most of the people saying that the game is only “pay to win” are people the who have only been playing the game for a little bit. Yes, the chances of getting a 5 star are low, but even for people that pay the chances are the same. Unfortunately I did lose my account (100% my fault I got a new phone) and I now have no five stars at all, however this is not a problem, as the way the game is designed, my team of max four stars has beaten a team of max five stars. The other thing that a lot of people don’t understand is, that this game takes time. You not gonna speed run the game (unless you wanna spend thousands of dollars) you have to take the time to get your hero’s, level them up, and improve them through multiple different ways. Overall this is a fun, addicting, and balanced game. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what comes out next!!.Version: 49.0.2

Decent game, pushes for money a lotOverall I think the game is pretty good on its own. The developers did a good job with the story and character designs. Bad part is that it’s all about money. Every time you log in and everything you do, there’s a notification to spend money. You can progress through the story very slowly and grind for a long time or spend money and progress at a decent rate. You can participate in raids and guild wars but unless you’ve put months in or spent money you won’t do very well for a long time. It’s a serious problem but I doubt it will ever change. The game also has a way to completely keep the board void of a color or provide an extremely limited number of the color creating issues for matches and what not. It’ll also cut you down to one move at a time from the start and you won’t be able to get combos. Honestly, the game just plays as if it wants to frustrate you to spend money. It would be an amazing game if the developers didn’t push so much to make a buck. Sorry to see something good ruined like this..Version: 39.0.1

Don’t bother spending moneyI’ve played for over 4 years and the game isn’t bad to casual play but don’t waste money buying gems or summons. I’ve spent my last dollar on this game from doing so. The last 2 special events, I bought enough to get 20 hero summons each event. In 20 summons I got the same 3 star hero 5 times and another 3 star hero 7 times. 13 rolls with the same 2 heroes. The last event, 20 summons I got one 3star hero 5 times, another 3 star 4 times and another of the same hero 2 times. Over half of the summons and only got 3 hero’s. The odds of this happening not once but 2 different events twice are astronomical and their summoning system is rigged so you’ll spend more money. After contacting them to get my money back when it happened the second time, I was pretty much told, there wasn’t anything wrong with their system and everything is done fairly and the issue was closed. This not only happened to me but also another player in the alliance I belong to. The more money you spend, the more disappointed you’ll be..Version: 48.0.0

Games are drugsBy now most people realize that video games are dopamine dealers. This game is no exception. Sure, many games like this one are free to play. The thing is, things like rewards trigger that dopamine response and make us feel good. Things like getting a bad board or getting beaten up by much stronger player (who probably paid a lot of money to power up) will make some players want to buy things in order to feel better again - by winning and getting more rewards. This game makes MILLIONS - look it up. It does it by being brilliant in its character designs that slightly resemble figures in pop culture and its system of rewards and punishment. The punishment by other players and by the board generators will make people want to buy power ups in order to feel better. I’ve played this game a couple of years and have spent some money on it, but I’m also aware of what’s going on. So you have to know yourself and understand that if you lack impulse control, you might be better off with a video game without in-app purchases..Version: 44.0.1

WhooooWell done *****.Version: 1.6.3

PubC’est trop charger de publicité et promo qui pollue l’écran. Ça manque de vision graphique. La solution c’est le jeu: War of Valhalla...identique avec moins de pub!.Version: 31.0.3

Pretty funPretty addictive and fun game.Version: 17.1.0

Needs better internal marketing and balanceThis game overloads on internal marketing all of the wrong type: spend cash for more. I think each time a new batch of heroes pops up everyone should get a token in their inbox that when used gives them a hero of that batch. People will be far more enticed to try to get heroes of that batch if they already have one, upfront, for free. Also improved balance is a must. Including lowering gem cost, etc..Version: 36.0.2

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