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Bully: Anniversary Edition Customer Service

***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported on the following devices only: iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, iPod Touch 6th Gen, iPad Mini 2, 3 & 4, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad Pro.***

The Rockstar Games tradition of groundbreaking, original gameplay and humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling invades the schoolyard in Bully: Anniversary Edition. As mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins you’ll navigate the social hierarchy of the corrupt and crumbling prep school, Bullworth Academy. Stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, beat the jocks at dodge ball, play pranks, win or lose the girl and survive a year in the worst school around.

Bully: Anniversary Edition includes everything from the critically acclaimed Bully: Scholarship Edition plus support for high-resolution displays, enhanced graphics, improved lighting and textures, and controls redesigned for touch gameplay, all while adding multiplayer with new Friend Challenges.

Friend Challenges are head-to-head classroom and arcade style mini-games: see who can dissect the frog fastest in Biology, solve word problems in English, help a flying squirrel destroy his enemies with acorns in Nut Shots, and much more.

Features :
• Includes the complete Bully story with extra missions, characters, classroom mini-games, and unlockable items from Bully: Scholarship Edition
• Gorgeous graphics: high resolution textures, dynamic lighting, shadows and particle effects
• Native support for high resolution displays
• Challenge your friends anywhere with turn based multiplayer Friend Challenges. Play on the go and get notified when it’s your turn
• Intelligent touch controls with contextual buttons only when you need them
• Seamlessly continue your game across all your devices with cloud saves via the Rockstar Games Social Club
• Physical controller support
• Taptic Engine Feedback for all buttons on iPhone 7 class devices
• Capture your gameplay with Replay Kit support on iPhone 6S and greater class devices

Mobile version developed in conjunction with War Drum Studios.




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Bully: Anniversary Edition App Comments & Reviews

Bully: Anniversary Edition Positive Reviews

An excellent game for iOSI first payed this game on the PS2 when I was 8 didn’t understand it at all. I played in high school and fell in love with it. The mini games, the replayability the character development and the plot. Something that I didn’t love about the GTA series is the unrelatable characters. I completely relate to Jimmy due to how I made friends in elementary and high school. I have the Scholarship Edition on PC but it’s in repair and bully crashes a lot in Windows 10 also there’s no achievements at all which is a burden in my opinion. I love the fact that there’s an Anniversary Edition on if it was on PC,Xbox One,PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The have the PS2 version on PS4 but $15 is asking a lot when it cuts away a bunches of content and missions. The iOS port is excellent and needs to be a console and PC release. Also there needs to be a bully College Edition or a prequel of how he was sent to Bullworth. Rockstar listen up because I like this game a lot better than the GTA games including GTA V. This game has a cult following so what are y’all waiting for? Please make a bunch of sequels or prequels to this game..Version: 1.04

Amazing! But having issues...First off, this game is amazing for a T-Rated game made by a company who has been known for famous franchises such as Max Payne and GTA, the game feels like a GTA game but it's the teen version. R* really outdid theirselves when they made this mobile version of Bully, but there has been numerous bugs like the game crashes on the mission "The Rumble", after the fight with Peanut and his boys, the confrontation with Johnny crashes when he knocks Jimmy on the ground and the police show, I always make sure to make Cloud Saves just in case something like this happens, but this really is an issue that bugs me with Rockstar's Mobile Games, I'm glad they have Cloud Saves but these bugs need to get fixed ASAP. I'm giving this 5 stars even though it probably should be given 4, but the game is beautiful and has wonderful gameplay and a great story about a teenage bully named Jimmy Hopkins who tries to fit in at a school called Bullworth Academy that's riddled with bullies, jocks, rich kids, slicks like greasers, and other kinds of troubles..Version: 1.04

OMGLet me tell you one or two things this game is very entertaining fun I had playing on the PS4 Xbox every Consol this game is so much fun you will have the time of your life on this game you will never stop playing it and I have played it since I was one years old probably limo but I promise you will like this game and please play I’ll give you the five stars and I would never regret in my life this is one of the best teams in the world from 2013 all the way to 2020 so please consider playing this game if you’re new to playing video games this game is so much fun it’s worth it’s 6.99 or 5.99 there is some bugs but it’s fine all that matters is you have fun and you enjoy the game it’s better than some other games rockstar is one of the greatest companies but it’s easy to hack and stuff like that but yeah I like this game so much I’ve been playing it for so much I read this a 10 out of 10 or 100 at a time it’s like the most funniest game you could ever played so yeah.Version: 1.1

“ Math and “ Nutcracking “ missionI don’t even know how to start this. nice game brings back good memories n stuff but there’s a really really bad issue with this game and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one who had experienced this. so when your about to do the “ Nutcracking “ mission there’s a problem with the touch pad and it doesn’t let you perform the touches on the left side literally there’s no way to pass that mission i tried it on many different ways like turning the phone around and nope you can’t touch those dots at the left side it’s the same with music class maybe rockstar will not read this but if y’all do please fix it so we can enjoy this game even more. i’m sure i’m not the only one with this problem i’ve seen comments of people complaining about this. so please please fix this it’s all on y’all. 🙏🙏.Version: 1.1

Love it, one small improvementI don’t want to ramble, but I LOVE this game and have one, small improvement suggestion. Since I was 8, I have probably beaten it at least 6 times, and platinum trophied the PS4 edition as well as doing the equivalent of that on the scholarship edition on Xbox 360. So far, I love this edition too - not to mention being able to connect a controller to your phone is mind blowing. The only thing I’ve run into, is that you can’t change the button interface in-game. For example, I’m playing with a PS4 controller. The buttons in game are laid out as an xbox controller ( X is A, Square is X, Triangle is Y, circle is B, LB is L1, etc). If I was able to change the layout to be a PS4 controller (or Nintendo switch for that matter), it would make classes/games like Chemistry and Shop way easier since you don’t have to second guess each button you click. Otherwise, I love this edition. I am still waiting for the day Bully 2 makes a debut 😁.Version: 1.1

BRINGS BACK MEMORIESI love that Rockstar made this available for mobile.... I miss the days of laying on the floor in my room, my face about an inch away from the TV drinking a 2 litter of soda and playing bully on PS2 all day until I passed out. I’m really happy with how the controls work. For a game that had no intention on being on a touchscreen Rockstar nailed it. MY ONLY COMPLAINT IS THAT....when it prompts you to read the bulletin board and you do so, there’s no way return to the game. You have to close the app and start back at the save point. Ive missed this game so much that I can deal with little things like that. I’d like people to think about how much work goes into taking a console game and converting it to work on IOS. I’m sure it’s not easy. Secondly to do all that work and it only cost $6.99!?!? In closing GREAT GAME,GREAT PRICE, SAME ROCKSTAR QUALITY AS ALWAYS. Nothing’s perfect just minor problems that are easy to look past without loosing interest in the game. Playing on iPhone X.Version: 1.04

Game play is good but needs workGame play is decent however needs work in the following aspects. The controls are a little wonky for certain things like when you get to close to something if you drop an item. It doesn't give you the ability to pick it up because the computer thinks your trying to "use the other item in its way. Another issue is when you are using the camera it should also you to align the camera and zoom similar to the way you work a sniper rifle in the GTA series. Next frame rates are sketchy at times. The most lag is seen when you are "go-Karting." It starts off fine and then the frame rate just becomes horrible. Lastly a bug report if your phone gets a call when playing the game all sound from the game mutes itself forcing you to save your progress. Force close and then re-open the app. Rockstar if you can fix the controls and frame rate issues you would have another 5-star game. Lastly this game is being played on an iPhone 6S.Version: 1.04

❤️Loved this game on the PS2, And i love it on mobile. Some Problems.💔If you're thinking about buying this game, but feel Unsure about getting it because of the Price, Here is how this game feels an Plays. Story: The main story isn't the most innovative thing about the game, but it pays off with great Characters, And the side missions you do will be fun, Might even bring back some memories from your childhood. 7.5/10 Gameplay: Here is what makes the game such a blast, whether it's you pranking your classmates, or riding a skateboard you get early on. My favourite part are the Classes you HAVE to get to on time or else the prefects will be on the lookout for you, Once you finish a class, you'll get a reward, such as, Stink bombs, fire crackers, clothes, E.T.C. 8.7/10 World: Thè places you can explore are kind of limited, The map is not as big as some other rockstar games, except that doesn't matter too much because there're a-lot of things to keep you occupied, like a carnival that you can take dates to, an play mini games. 8.1/10 Cons: There is a camera problem when you're up against a wall, which hinders your site. Steering on the skateboard is a little bit finicky for my taste, either you turn slowly or steer too quickly. 6.9/10.Version: 1.04

Great game, no crashesHours of entertainment! Seriously, I’ve beaten it twice now and I’m starting it for a third time. I read a lot of reviews about this game before I purchased. I’ve never heard of it or knew about it, but I love the GTA games for iOS. I read a lot of complaints about crashing and bugs in the game. Aside from one crash I experienced after receiving a phone call in the middle of a mission, I have had no problems at all. Perhaps because I’m on the latest iOS and have an iPhone XR, but it works just as well on my 2nd gen iPad mini also. What a fun game! Rockstar needs to put all their games on iOS so we can have them in our pockets! I CANNOT WAIT until GTA V is on a mobile platform!.Version: 1.1

It WAS great, but now...This is a perfect example of why you need to update your phones, people. I just did the iOS 12 update and its running better than ever before. My apology to the developer. (It's glitching almost non-stop. Everything from icons during the Halloween mission just disappearing to the refresh rate being so bad at times in the game that I have to exit it and restart, to there being several times that I've suffered through the glitches to finish a mission and see the save message come up, I then close it out and restart it and the save is gone so I have to do the entire mission over again. I don't know what the hell is wrong with this game, but judging from the fact that it's been over a year since the last update, I'd imagine I might as well get used to these problems if i want to continue to play it.).Version: 1.04

Incredible portI am playing using the Backbone One on an iPhone X. The controls are seamless with the exception of your character occasionally reverting from running to walking when you change directions diagonally on the left stick. That may/may not be within the game itself, as I have not had the issue with any other game. Tapping ‘A’ to sprint has helped get around it, although I am finding my right hand tiring quickly from constantly doing it while I play. Graphically this is a BIG step up from the PlayStation version I was familiar with. Character models are more fleshed out, detailed, and have individual fingers (LOL) Mouth movements match dialog far better than I remember in prior versions. Character animations are more fluid on the whole. Draw distance in the game makes a big difference while exploring the environment. Although I didn’t have an issue before, I find myself getting to locations with much more ease this time around. This is an amazing way to experience a beloved classic. R* u da 🐐.Version: 1.1

Quite a Spectacle!To take a game that originated on the PlayStation 2, update and release it to 7th Generation consoles, to then find a way to make it work with nothing but your two thumbs on your smartphone. This game is absolutely splendid! The story is full of character and humor, the gameplay brings such a different flavor to a familiar feel with the combat, social system, cliques with respect levels depending on progress, collectibles everywhere with rewards that are cool enough to go for, I could go on. To fit this masterpiece onto a smartphone, optimized quite well, including everything from the original release, as well as the Scholarship Edition content, it’s a must!.Version: 1.1

Controls don’t work sometimes!I love this game played it on the PS2 years back! This game would be perfect other than the fact that sometimes controls seem to work. For instance whenever I am chased by a prefect and I’m entering a building or exiting my bike, scooter, etc the movement controls seems not to work despite me using the analog. Same goes for the “Music” class. In the 3rd edition of the music class you are required to play the drums. Unfortunately there is a note you’re supposed to play and it requires you to hit both sides of screen. However the game doesn’t register you hitting the screen on both sides of the screen which causes you to miss the note. At some points the controls of the game are infuriating..Version: 1.1

Love it but there is ONE thing wrongI love bully. It is the best game on my phone rn. But one mission in the game called “nutcrackin” is super annoying. If you don’t no want this mission is let me tell you, nutcrackin is a mission we’re the music teacher tells you that someone is sick or something and they need jimmy to take his place. When I was playing this I thought that you were someone in the play acting but no, NOT AT ALL. Instead of that you have to do music class for 5 min and do 3 songs, the song that they played got really annoying and the people dancing were just on repeat. But besides that mission the game is super fun and I recommend it..Version: 1.1

Awesome with controllerI bought this game back of February 2017 and I played about 5 minutes because of the touch screen and put it down till yesterday night I just recently found out you can use your PS4 controller and other types of controllers on your I phone and my PS4 is down and I be at work a lot so been uploading some games I bought but havent really played. Leme tell you I’ve been playing non stop since about 12 yesterday morning and am still playing I’m about 8 % into the game I recommend useing a controller you jus have way more controller and it’s actually really fun and addicting love this game with controller Compatibility.Version: 1.1

Just like the original, well, BETTER!I had the original bully, along with GTA San Andreas for my PS2. Well, my little brother got ahold of them and scratched em till they won’t work. I had remembered that those games were also available on mobile, so I went straight to Walmart and got an iTunes card. At first I only bought GTA SA, to see how the touch controls were. They were pretty good, except for GTA was a little glitchy, but still good. So, I bought this. Only problem was that it was (EARLY GAME SPOILER) kinda hard to use the super slingshot scope. Luckily though, with iOS 13, I could use my PS4 controller via Bluetooth. Great game. THANKS ROCKSTAR FOR MAKING THIS GREAT CLASSIC MOBILE.Version: 1.1

ClassicWhat more could you expect from Rockstar. When I seen it was available for mobile devices I thought it was gonna be a mediocre port with clunky controls. Surprisingly the controls were very smooth and I didn't have any problems with it. They refined some of the sounds in the game, lighting and shadows in comparison to the console version. Definitely a 5 I'd recommend. Great storyline with a lot of packed side missions and errands. Every character has a unique personality whether they contribute to the main story or not. The atmosphere is great and just a great game overall. Definitely a must play in my opinion..Version: 1.04

My favorite game from its release to 2020I first played this game on my brothers wii, when I was about 7 or 8, and was confused, but still messed around. Re downloading this in 2020 just hits different, it has the entertainment factor of the fight and weapon mechanics, but also has amazing character development. Another thing I can appreciate is the portrayal of Gary *SPOILER ALERT* with Gary’s clear signs of mental illness, I think rockstar did a great job at making him the “villain” character without villainizing mental illness. Overall, the characters are relatable, and it’s a game that’s fun while still showing meaning and a true story. 10/10..Version: 1.1

UniqueThis game is very very unique and amazing feels like it was meant to be on mobile than PC, Xbox One, PS4 etc just because how the graphics look i’m playing this on an Iphone 6S and it looks amazing now imagine it being on the newest up to date Iphone btw i’m a loyal rockstar games fan so i’m gonna love whatever they put out but for new comers i definitely recommend this game specially on mobile phones so when your at school it’s like your playing a little lit school game to match your theme of being in school at that very moment..Version: 1.1

Love the game but want iPhone X optimizationI played bully a lot when I was younger on the ps2 and when I saw it came to mobile I was really happy. Have no complaints for the game and have it the 5 star it deserves because it shouldn’t lose stars because of my one wish. What I’d love to see is this game be updated to fix the iPhone X screen because it’s a little weird when the game is smaller than the screen and a little harder for me to play. Still it’s an amazing game and love to see what rockstar has in store for future games. (And can’t wait for red dead redemption 2 😂).Version: 1.04

10/10 must playI loved this game I have scholarship edition on my Xbox and it is great but I decided to get this on my phone for quick and easy play it was so much fun and basically the same as it was as on Xbox the only difference was the Xbox had better graphics if you are wondering if you should get this game I say get it now not only is the story mode fun there is also so much to do in free play the detail in this game is amazing and I am dying for a second one overall this game is great I am glad I got it and won’t regret it.Version: 1.1

Massive CrashingFirst off I've played this game on multiple consoles and I'm glad it's finally come to iOS. The story is great, the characters are in-depth and well written. My only complaint however are the CONSTANT crashes. It is impossible to manually load a save because as soon as you touch the save you want, the game immediately crashes. Open the app back up and try to load up a manual save and boom, the app crashes once again. This is extremely frustrating as the only save that loads is the autosave but it could be a save from twenty minutes before. Please Rockstar, fix this game crippling bug.Version: 1.1

Love this game!!I played this game when I was in the 6th grade. I am still playing it!! I bought it on my phone a long time ago!! And I love the you do not need data to play it. I am downloading it on my iPad but it so easy to play on my iPhone se. I see that people have a hard time passing some of the missions. But I will be playing it forever. And I have timed myself on how long it takes me to pass it! I love rock star games. I have all the grand theft auto games from PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3! Love that I could buy this from apple!!.Version: 1.1

AmazingPlayed this game years back first on ps2,then on the Xbox 360, been my favorite game ever since. Nothing has ever even compared to bully. Now I’m able to play my favorite game on the go on the phone! Never thought I’d see the day were our technology has advanced so much that we can now play console games on our phones. I remember thinking this years back that I wish I could play bully always on the go, and now here we are and we can! Thanks rockstar for making such an awesome game available on the mobile format!!! 5 Stars!!!.Version: 1.1

Great game as expectedRockstar has always had really solid gameplay in my opinion. However, the few complaints I do have is that 1.) the bus transportation is one way. It'd be nice to not have to waste so much time traveling across the map manually all the time. Even the GTA games had a form of quick transport. 2.) Zoe in my opinion seems to have a much more dulled down role. While the other girls are much more present Zoe takes an unfortunate and rather disappointing back seat to the rest. It'd be nice to have her wander around campus during the endless summer chapter, even have some dialogue alterations and character development occur. For example, Pete could be seen as more confident having been taken under the headmasters wing. 3.)I would've liked if Jimmy had mentioned Edgar as well to try and get an offer extended to him as well. Seems fair. 4.) Finally during endless summer it would be pretty nice if all classes were open so you can choose which you want to take on..Version: 1.04

UpdatesOk your last update was almost a year ago. Here are something’s that need work. 1) Soundtrack. I’ve noticed that some sounds of the game, almost seems like u guys used a voice recorder while playing the game on another device, and then imported into this game. Seriously it sounds bad fix it. 2) Controls need some miner tweaks and adjustments but overall it’s not bad. That about it, but overall this game plays very well. Even better than the original X box version. Well worth the money, but seriously fix the voice over sound track. I would have expected better form you guys..Version: 1.04

“The Masterpiece Video Game”I’m currently 23 years old, I found out about this quite masterpiece game back in the time once I was at the age of 10. I began to explore everything through The Bullworth Academy because personally I’ve always considered myself as a education obsessed person, then I fell into a deep love with it. I just can’t get enough of it even after all this time. I hope that Rockstar Games continue to work on the project of Bully 2. I thank you all for your attention..Version: 1.1

What more to say?It's Bully. Game is easily five stars. Nothing more to say. If you haven't played it, and you have seven dollars, play it. My only issue is that i can't seem to log in to my social club account which can be annoying if in the future I either get a new phone, or restore my current phone for some reason. The controls are about as good as a phone can get, it's your usual touch controls, although i've found that since this isn't a normal emulator, but rather an actual port, the controls work really well with what is going on in the game. All in all, totally worth every cent..Version: 1.04

Just like old timesI haven’t played this game since I was about 11 or 12, and honestly it’s exactly how it was and I’ve come to appreciate it a little bit more. Of course some of the references are a little dated, but that’s to be expected with an almost 15 year old game. I enjoy the mechanics, I enjoy the missions, and I really enjoy just playing this game. Shout out to rockstar for making this cross platform because I’ve wanted to play this for a very long time again.Version: 1.1

Please release GTA Vice City storiesI’ve always wanted to try out Grand theft auto Vice City stories but yet not on mobile or Xbox One which got me devastated and also please use another game developer for mobile like really the people who made GTA and Bully and the other rockstar ports are terrible like CJ is shiny and there bugs and some scenes where you couldn’t talk, please fix that issue and also release GTA Vice city stories please, I beated all the other rockstar games on here and on Google play store and now I’m waiting for more entertainment..Version: 1.1

Ferris by forceGo to a school where every clique will want to beat you up then gain those cliques respect by doing various missions. there is a button that looks like a run button. It is a jump button. On the left side of the screen everywhere you tap an analog nub is placed. On the right side of the screen you can rotate the camera. A small screen and cluttered controls make some of the mini games where you go to class difficult. They are optional though. Runs fine on an iPhone 5s on iOS 9.Version: 1.04

BullyThis game is a testament to mankind struggle for power piece normality in love it is the perfect blend of action adventure strategy and still has racing biting mini games and a large open world which must be explored it has hours of gameplay an amazing sense of humor it has an even better soundtrack in fact it is the best soundtrack of 80 P video game that I've ever played this game must be experienced by anyone who ever plays videogames and by the divine and holy gaming authority that is vested within me I got hereby grant this game he perfect 10 out of 10.Version: 1.04

When I was 11 I got this game for ChristmasWhen I was 11 I first got this game on PlayStation two . Two years ago I downloaded this game for my phone and every since it’s a good thing to have on my phone cuz I will never be bored if I do I turn on this app . Everything scholarship edition and the controls are simple to learn and use to conquer missions . Great asset to the App Store anyone that has bully in their childhood but didn’t download this , is missing out ..Version: 1.1

This is insaneI remember when canas canem edit first came out there was a huge mob saying that rockstar was terrible for making the game before the game was available to play, then it became very popular. One of the best titles by rockstar made in a long time. I am shocked to see that they were able to fit bully on a mobile device, that is very hard to pull off. All though the graphics aren’t that good and there being a lot of glitches. This is still the best game on my phone. HAPPY Anniversary ROCKSTAR.Version: 1.04

Absolutely addictive and fun to play!Definitely worth the money to play. At first it was laggy when I went into new areas (I.e., the “New Coventry” area) and crashed once or twice in the beginning of the story, but it stopped surprisingly quick after a while. Just have patience and this game is by far one of the most addictive games you’ll ever play! (If you love screwing around with NPC’s after completing a very long, intriguing, and great storyline). 9/10 game, definitely worth buying. 😁.Version: 1.1

WORKS ON IPHONE 11One of the best games I’ve ever played. There’s no major glitches or anything that would effect gameplay aside from not always having your skateboard in inventory. Every mission has no problems (maybe just small display glitches but nothing wrong with controls). Only mission I hate and would not recommend is The Collector. You steal bikes for a Townie but if you even think about stealing a bike that an adult is riding, multiple cops come out of no where and will ruin the mission..Version: 1.1

Clique leaders can spawn pleaseI ABSOLUTELY LOVE PLAYING THIS. I remember first playing it and immediately was addicted to it I beat it in like 2 days anyways only 2 complaints. Clique leaders. Can you be able to have them spawn around cause i always wanted to fight them again Russell is fine but I want to be able to have Ted, Derby, Earnest to be able to spawn Edgar doesn’t matter to me just the others another thing is that at first the walking theme was fine now it kinda glitches a little bit.Version: 1.1

Read this!! Best gameThis game is a great game good for road trips and long boring things it is worth the money really great game so get this game fun so fun love it. BTW rockstar makes lots of good games like this one. PS they should make another number 2 of this. That would be great so get this game if u haven't already and it's really easy to save it's so worth the money like 7 bucks that's a good deal. 5 star. Maybe some small improvements but nothing to worry about. Again 5 star best game on my phone and good graphics.Version: 1.04

Excellent GameI just found out about this game about a year ago, when I started playing this game it grabbed my attention and it was literally the only game I’d ever play. This game was so great, but it wasn’t highly appreciated as it should have been. Although it doesn’t look like it’s happening right now I would love to see a Bully 2 in the future. Thank you to everyone who helped make this game, you did an amazing job!.Version: 1.1

Is pretty good but could have some improvementsThis game is awesome but I have some things that well make the game better 1.fixing some sounds glitches and adding the classic sound affects like fire alarm instead of the normal sound it has annoying short loop the same things happen when you grab someone it has a short loop. 2. Adding a dedicated button on lock on well really help with interaction and fighting. This my only complaints..Version: 1.1

Tears of joyThe game was much smoother than I expected it to be and it is really a fantastic port. I am having issues with small things though. First is I can't for the life of my figure out a way to save custom outfit and the other is that it is very annoying trying to change targets when locked on. I think there should be a control to tap who/ what you want to lock on to for ease of use. And after gym I keep on gym clothes when the class is done..Version: 1.04

Pretty GoodOk so far everything’s been great and I enjoy the fact I can now play my childhood on my phone the story the gameplay re a great although a teensy hit buggy at times but nothing to stress out about. The only problem I’m having though is chemistry 4 and it registering my swipes on the commands I’m playing on a an IPhone 11 Pro Max so it’s a Lil newer but I doubt something that couldn’t be fixed . Anyways as a whole it’s great so far but as I said that chemistry class is killing me!.Version: 1.1

Genuinely a good gameThis game is definitely one of the best mobile games to date. The only problem with the fact that it’s a console game turned mobile, is that it does tend to kill your phone/iPad battery rather quickly. The best way I’ve found to combat this is to just play the game on a charger. And maybe turn down the visual settings. Other than that though it is a really great game with lots of things to do to pass the time..Version: 1.1

Great with a couple bugsThe game is great! I had it on the xbox as a kid and it runs just like it used to. Everything works very well and I have almost no complaints aside from the fact that it bugs out occasionally and boots me from the app completely only to restart itself, which can be a bit frustrating at times. That aside though this game is well worth the purchase and entertainment, especially for it being a phone game!.Version: 1.1

A favorite, ruined by horrible controlsIt’s Bully on mobile, which is great. But the controls get in the way of the game more often than not. Swiping left or right specifically requires an incredible amount of precision and the delay between actions such as jumping in a trash can or even moving after entering a new area/climbing a ladder make escaping prefects significantly harder than it is on other platforms. Double tapping to zoom, exiting interactions with other characters and controlling the camera are all needlessly difficult as well..Version: 1.1

My opinion on this gameMy opinion for this amazing game is 5/5 because the story about this 15 years old kid Jimmy Hopkins is perfect . This game thought me a lot of things like (when Gary was acting like he was a friend of Jimmy , but then he really show up that he led the school to a mess and let Jimmy got expelled for nothing , this teaches us that do not trust anyone unless you know him well). Jimmy Hopkins is a great person for what he did to the school , because without him the school is gonna be removed or closed because of the misunderstanding factions ( bullies , greasers , nerds ,etc....).And the main thing that he’s tryna do is to stop the bullying . If Rockstar Games can do a second story (bully2) of it that will be great , Thanks, and goodbye. I wish Rockstar games reply’s, Omar.Version: 1.1

Awesome!!There's only one problem. I was playing it and my battery died on my iPhone 7 and it kept crashing every time I opened the app. I had SO much progress. So, I deleted it and got it again, just to see my hard work gone. Other than that it's the best game I have ever played!!.Version: 1.04

Love this game!!It is so awesome best game I have ever played Thank you rockstar for making this Game 😊!!!.Version: 1.1

Played this game foreverIf anybody plans to get this game, don’t even second guess it, the 11 dollars is worth it🙏🏽 even at the start some of the controls are confusing but you get used to using them after awhile. from what I remember, the graphics weren’t as good as this on the ps2 or any of the bigger game systems for that matter, 5 stars, I recommend this hella🙏🏽.Version: 1.1

Cool gameLe jeux vidéo de Bully et superbe bravo….Version: 1.1

AwesomeRuns really well on iPhone 11. Overall great port.Version: 1.1

AmazingPlayed this game on ps3 and ps4, this game is just as great as i remember. Controls are adapted to ios controls and are really easy to use..Version: 1.1

Great PortI’ve had no issues and it runs better than many other versions of this game, Way to go Rockstar!.Version: 1.1

Better than I expectedQuite a nice change of scenery from all the gachas and the characters are pretty entertaining. Overall great purchase!.Version: 1.1

Very funI would definitely tell people to buy and play this game, its so entertaining and fun, so much activities costumes, and missions..Version: 1.1

AmazingMy childhood , such a great game.Version: 1.1

BullyThis game is awesome, runs smoothly on my Xr and it never crashed once, I loves bully on the ps2 and it’s even more awesome on the iPhone.Version: 1.1

Amazing gameThis game is a 10/10 it’s rockstars best mobile game it fun to play and it has a amazing story it’s a fun game to play on road trips.Version: 1.1

Perfectly restoredNice work rockstar!.Version: 1.1

WowThis is AWSOME rockstar keep up the good work!.Version: 1.1

Stands up stillOne of my favourite rockstar games ever. Wonky touch controls, but what port does anyway? Worth a tenner….Version: 1.1

Best game everOmg!.Version: 1.1

Very good gameGreat game and I definitely recommend it to any gamer lover. Once of my favorite games ever.Version: 1.1

AMAZING $10 IS WORTH ITThis is an amazing game if you pay the money for the game u won’t have to ever again in the game. AMAZING GAME. It’s the best.Version: 1.1

Can’t open a load file or start gameI love this game but when ever I try to open any load game on my iPhone 12 Pro it doesn’t load and app crashes. But on my iPhone X it works perfectly fine.Version: 1.1

Well I mean it’s rockstar so...It is a amazing game pretty much every rockstar game is a masterpiece in the digital gaming world. Bully is wacky but loveable game. The soundtrack is funky but amazing. I know Bully 2 won’t come out but just play the original one trust me it’s amazing. Once again rockstar games are amazing for example. GTA series, Read Dead series, l.A noire was amazing, Bully, The max Payne series, Even the flicking manhunt series was most of rockstar games are good and Bully is one of em.Version: 1.1

Amazing butGame blacked out now I have to start over after 2 days of progress please address issue.Version: 1.1

My favourite game ever!This game is worth the money trust me! This is the 8th time I play it but the first on IOS. It’s as good as other platforms. No words can describe how happy to find it on the App Store!!.Version: 1.1

Amazing GameThis game is totally worth the money and is very surprising how good it is for IOS. I have this game on ps4 pro, xbox 1x and my Pc and it is just as good as it is on those consuls as it is on iOS. it is really nice how you don’t need wifi for this game but you can still play online with freinds and you can cloud save. 150% worth the money.Version: 1.1

MQ122There’s a bug where I play and it just freezes out or like glitch out and goes back to the home.Version: 1.1

GoodWhen ever I do nutcrackin mission or music the. Right side doesn’t work tell fix it on iPad so I can’t progress to Jealous Johnny.Version: 1.1

Rockstar Rocks it as alwaysFun, wicked soundtrack , great content and story. A timeless classic!.Version: 1.1

Great game for the time I got to playI love this game. The soundtrack is amazing, gameplay is super fun but can't play past the mission "the rumble" in chapter 3, everytime I get to part of the mission where you confront Jonny the game crashes over and over. If anyone know how to fix this please tell me, because I really want to finish this game..Version: 1.1

BullyThis game is awesome definitely a good way to pass the time good graphics for a phone game and the control layout is amazing compared to most phone games for sure 5 star game and recommend for everyone.Version: 1.1

Yeah!Love this game how did you guys fit so much content and not totally take up a ton of room this is the best game I’ve ever played on my iPad hands down the graphics may not be the best but I don’t care.Version: 1.1

Bully rocksNever played this game back in the day. Finally got a chance too and it’s amazing. Just wish it was on a bigger phone.Version: 1.1

Interesting conceptMainly a fighting game lots of mountain bike races and a go kart if you progress far enough. the story isn’t a best seller but compared to the garbage iOS games out today it holds up pretty well and the fighting mechanics work pretty well on mobile..Version: 1.1

I love bullyHey this game is so good you guys have to play it it is so good.Version: 1.1

Please repair this game!When Jimmy ride the bike or skateboard or a scooter the game turns into a black screen then I had to restart the game..Version: 1.1

Excellente adaptationAvec une manette, on ne peux rêver mieux. Beau graphisme et excellente adaptation tres rare de nos jours.Version: 1.1

Don’t knowFor the first 70 missions it was awesome but after that their were no more missions on the map why is that..Version: 1.1

So goodLove it.Version: 1.1

CameraCan’t control the camera how am I supposed to take pictures of the banners around the school when it auto selects a target and only aims the height of my character?.Version: 1.1

Please ConsiderYou guys at rockstar really need to fix this there’s way too many bugs and glitches I know you guys gave up on it long ago but if you fixed all the bugs in the game started advertising it I’m sure it could go very far yeah it’s an old game but all-new update open-world lots of adventure to be done everyone would be buying this game so please consider..Version: 1.1

Best game, best port.Beautiful yet simple retro graphics. Amazing storyline, quirky characters. I find it funny how NPCs insult me for no reason. Great port, great game overall. You will not be unsatisfied with this game. Worth every penny. (P.S. Target the little kids. 😂).Version: 1.1

Best game. Best port? Not so muchAt frequent occasions my skateboard disappears and sometimes i cant reversal when a student is grappling me. These bugs get annoying at times but overall best game on ios (Gta Sa was great aswell).Version: 1.1

Epic!This game is my favorite app store’s game!.Version: 1.1

Best game on IOSABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I went back to play it when I heard they were going to make a second one and was super stoked, but unfortunately found out the project was discontinued?? If so what a shame... could have been another great play through game :(.Version: 1.1

Awesome GameI love this game & this is my 3rd time beating on IOS I beat this game 1000 times Xbox 360 & Ps2.Version: 1.1

GreatThis game is so good 😊 It reminds me my childhood 🤘😎 But it’s keep crashing 😡 Fix it pls🙏.Version: 1.1

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What do you think Bully: Anniversary Edition ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Bully: Anniversary Edition iPad Images
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  • Bully: Anniversary Edition ipad image 2
  • Bully: Anniversary Edition ipad image 3
  • Bully: Anniversary Edition ipad image 4