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Family Island — Farming Game Customer Service

What would your life be without modern technology on the deserted island? Dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family in this thrilling offline adventure game. Stranded on the remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs your guidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through various family life situations with humour.

After their previous city had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption, help this family build a thriving town, all while looking for a way to reconnect with their family and beloved tribe. In this farm game, their world might seem ancient and alien without modern day technology, yet their daily family life and relationships are very relatable in today’s world.

Family Island™ is a farm game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventure!


- Enjoy your adventure to the Stone Age era! Get creative and start farming, using cool ancient technologies
- In this farm game, you can unleash your inner explorer and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands
- Start your own family farm on the deserted island! Grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters
- Customize your farm with beautiful decorations
- Get to know the family better and guide them through exciting quests and life stories in this island game


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Family Island — Farming game App Comments & Reviews

Family Island — Farming game Positive Reviews

A nice way to relaxI started playing this game as an alternative to a farm game which had become way too intense. With Family Island you can grow crops, make different food dishes to feed the family for energy points, obtain machines to make objects, harvest supplies (stones, clay, logs, twigs, precious mineral rocks) to make objects which you in turn sell to a Shaman and a Merchant and visit other islands with the family to complete quests. Periodically there are island journey events ..Treasure Island, which is three days...and other theme events which are about ten days long and far easier than the short Treasure Island. Usually the family and Shaman visit a nearby island and your quests include clearing the island, making objects, feeding cows..yep..and sometimes you take home a totem or an energy machine which works for 30 days. I am currently at level 34..max I believe is 44...and the game is more challenging...harder to get resources and harder to make items for quests, Shaman, and Merchant...I play the game every day..have only purchased one Ruby energy packet and still have a nice time working my Farm Island. It is a very well thought out game...👍😎.Version: 202103.1.10816

Lagging and Pop upsSo, I usually play on my iPad, but occasionally I change to my phone when I’m on the go. I’ve noticed that I often lose large chunks of progress that I’ve already done and have to repeat large chunks of islands that I’ve already completed. This puts me behind where I should be and causes me to lose my place in the ranking, disrupts my motivation to keep playing and distresses me that I have to repeat so much. I even try to wait 30 - 45 minutes before switching devices. Is there something you can do to speed up the data dumps to your servers because this is very distressing!!! The number of pop ups is really getting annoying. First it was asking if I wanted to be notified on every little thing happening in the game. The answer to that is NO. If I wanted notifications I would turn them on. Then pop ups started coming every time I changed screens to show all the things I could buy. If I wanted to buy things, I would click on the icon to buy them. I don’t want them constantly thrown in my face. Lately every time I come close to running out of energy I get a pop up to buy more energy. All these pop ups detract from the game. I understand that you are trying to intrigue people to buy things, but every few minutes is ridiculous. You need to give players a way to permanently opt out of all the ANNOYING pop ups NOW!!.Version: 2023106.1.26157

I used to like it moreI started playing more than a year ago. I originally thought events would be short and occasional. I quickly realized that events were long and more than just frequent. In fact, there is always an event island. ALWAYS. At first there were very few or no pop ups saying that I could give them money… $2, or 9.99, or even $20… I was so excited to pay for people to make the events that happened so frequently that there was no excitement to see that there was an event. They say that you can get energy producing decorations by completing events. It takes so much energy to complete an event that I gave up on completing events. I also learned that most the energy items are limited use anyway. When I first started I was excited to make meaningful progress to developing a thriving island that I can explore. I’m not sure that they have given access to the entire whole island to any players. The characters can go to a new island every few days and demolish huge barriers but they can’t seem to cross a bridge on their own island to see what is right next to them… So I can make meaningless progress, spending energy and golden tools where it does little to no good, while their actual home collects stumps and disarray because there is no more energy left and there are no more golden tools. I’m not sure how well thought out this plan was..Version: 2023114.1.27171

Ridiculous costsI would really enjoy this game if it wasn’t for how outrageous & difficult it is to collect resources, some items cost over three times the amount of energy that you are maxed out to like 75 max energy but to break down a large stone costs 255 energy.. Yeah, sure, there are rewards for collecting things when there are events going on but even the amount you collect from the gifts for getting to a certain section isn’t even enough to complete what ever it is you are trying to accomplish for the next task. I have spent more time waiting on this game than actually playing it, the game is fun when you can actually play but most the time you can only collect 1-2 resources before you’re out of energy again & then it’s another TWO HOURS for you’re energy to be regained. This game is so hard to get anywhere in, I’ve been playing for about a month & I haven’t been able to upgrade anything, this game requires constant checking in & resources take literal DAYS to collect for 1 thing. If the cost of everything went down and/or they stopped maxing out the energy at such a low amount it would be fun. I think this game just needs new developers who actually listen to the reviews & make it a more playable game because after all isn’t that you’re supposed to do?.. play!.Version: 2022226.0.24922

It should be easier to get resin and candlesLove the game. Started playing it because I was trying to get a 750 dollar Shein gift card 😭😭. Never got the gift card but fell in love with the game. Anywho, it is very fun and relaxing and I play it several times per day. I don’t mind how long it takes to make things. I will use up my energy getting supplies, make the things that take the longest time then close the app. Like I’ll make 3 bricks (3 hours) and when I reopen the app hours later my bricks are finished. I enjoy traveling to other islands and filling merchant and Shaman orders. In my personal opinion, the worst part of this game is how difficult it is to collect resin and candles. I’ll probably never upgrade my bathroom again because I need FIFTEEN resins and the only way to get that is by opening chests to get tools and you need keys to open chests and the game doesn’t allow you to accumulate keys that easily. I don’t even know how to make a candle because every time I click on it, it takes me to a foggy area my characters haven’t advanced to reach yet. I do like how easy and abundant energy is. When I run out, I just know it’s time to close the app. Still a very fun game despite its flaws. I will probably only stop playing it if mostly all of my upgrades require resin or candles..Version: 2023123.0.28227

Fun game… ABUSIVE in-game ads!First off… this is a FUN game. I don’t have bad things to say about that. However, trying to contact them for questions is an exercise in frustration. Their contact feature in-game doesn’t provide a back button, so if you choose the wrong category to report under, you’re stuck. Also, contacting them online generates a generic email that says you need to use the app if you want a response. The issue I have is with the in-game ads for Solitaire Home Design Fun-Times. The ads are horrible and abusive. I’ve seen three different ones on loop and they’re all depicting abuse and humiliation against women. One of them is a woman getting slapped to the ground because she’s taking too long tying her guy’s tie. She then pees herself! Another ad starts off with a guy cutting off his girl’s hair because she made him mad in some unexplained way that’s OBVIOUSLY her fault!!! They all end with the woman freezing to death in a house. These are NOT ads that should be shown under ANY circumstances and I really wish someone would show a little responsibility (and common sense) and screen them out. I much prefer the ads for the other games. Those, if repetitive, are entertaining..Version: 2022152.0.16771

Server crashing /unable to connectGood game, easy and fun to pass the time. Difficult to advance in many stages if you don’t play all day (which is impossible if u work a full time) but this is a game right. Concept is to play through the difficulty’s. Would be nice to have more opportunities for energy and diamonds well more less keys and tools would be a blessing as well. But onto the trouble at hand since the past two updates the game is having trouble connecting to your server/ glitching and restarting as well. Doesn’t do much harm most the time because I’ll just wait a few hours and it’ll eventually connect through but in the times such as the current event, it’s hard to keep a top spot in the leaderboard if u can’t connect and use the limited energy u can have saved up in the time frame. ya know.. open to any tricks because maybe it’s on my end but from me restarting my phone to updating the game as well as using data and home WiFi I have reached a dead end. But other then the current issue I do like the idea of it and the opportunities y’all give to scope out multiple islands, which is ideal so u don’t get bored out with the same aspect👌.Version: 2021144.0.12000

I’m addicted but wish I wasn’tI’ve been playing this game for over a year!!!!!! It’s so addicting because you are curious as to what’s next and constantly waiting to reach that goal of completing something. I wish I can just turn it off sometimes but I haven’t found a game like this anywhere…..and trust me I looked. The game has cute and fun stories that keep you wondering what’s happening next but the downside is that 1/4 of the time you can actually finish those quests….which becomes annoying if you spent 3-4 days trying to complete a story and spent $20 too. If you don’t spend money on these quests you will not finish them, trust me I know. I’ve been at the end of quests and haven’t been able to make the items in time and lost out. It’s frustrating. I give this game 3 stars because it is fun….but you often don’t get the prize. I understand that the game needs to make money and nothing is free but can’t you make these quests complete-able ever? I used to be able to get the prize at least 2 out of 3 times now I can barely get any and I’m at level 50!! If this were to change I’d play the game more but now I’m taking a break from quests and just focusing on the main story. Hopeless.Version: 2022190.0.20407

Fun? Kind ofI’ve had this game for roughly 6-10 months. Not entirely sure. I’m on level 24 I believe? I’ve participated in many events. At the start this game is really fun, it was so easy to level up and build things. Then as you go on, having the materials to build new building takes a lot of time and resources. Then there are two steps, which seem ridiculous because it takes so much for step one. You also have to wait incredibly long amount of time for materials that are HIGHLY needed to be done. Gold tools are very rare and hard to come by, which can cause a standstill in your gameplay. You also have to sacrifice so many things just to complete one project, because things like bricks and hammers take so much time. The animals also take a long time to produce materials. An hour for a single rooster to produce one piece of meat that I need to cook and give to the Shawman? Very ridiculous. While the game can be entertaining and satisfying to see your diligence pay off. It can be extremely frustrating. I would give it two and a half but that’s not possible so three is the best option. Personally if you like a game that makes you wait get this, but if not then download hay day instead..Version: 2022172.1.18706

Costly gameI really enjoy the game but the wait time is a big issue and I am almost done to the exploring it cost way too much for way too little why does everything have to have hard to get products just to get through the next section. I came in first place with with the dolphin island but I put way too much money into it but I think that 1000 points should last at least through 1/2 of the island not 1/2 of of one little section with gather the shells and making items should not cost 150 points just to make 3 wheels plus the cost of hatching the other items. I enjoy making things for the game but because of the cost I believe I may have to quit playing I am on socsec and cannot afford this game and another thing after the time is up the island disappears and I really liked the island. I would rather have it then the three that never goes away. Dolphins are a favorite which is why I kept paying to help them. Please make playing less costly and I will stay but I am ready to quit with nothing to show for the cost except two aquariums and a dolphin in a child’s play pool. I am scared to check my bank on how much I put into the game. Thank you from a disabled grandmother..Version: 2022206.1.22525

Great game!Love the whole concept! Great art, great characters, love that you can occasionally choose what answers the characters give. My biggest issue is that bathroom and shower brakes. They barely give energy as is....why make it harder to keep them. It’s almost pointless to have them. Also, we should be able to use whatever amount of energy we have left to go towards tress, rocks, etc, to help knock down the cost. So if a tree is 114 but your top limit is 72, you should be able to use all 72 toward that tree so you can go back later maybe finish knocking it out. It seems like it’s awful difficult to accumulate the amount needed. Granted I’m currently only level 13, so maybe once you get a little higher it’ll be slightly easier???? Also the current holiday love island and bird island seem almost impossible to get through unless you’re paying for gems to get dynamite. I had to stop wasting my energy on those cause I’m not really getting anywhere. I understand you need to make money too but it shouldn’t be impossible. Throw an occasional ad for energy or something to help..Version: 202002.0.5730

You won’t get very far without spending money… or WAITING…The game is fun and cute, and when you first start playing, it can keep you pretty busy. But the energy you need to complete tasks and events depletes so much faster than the amount of time it takes you to earn any of it back. Of course you can purchase more energy, more tools, etc, but no matter how much you spend, it won’t last long… then you’ll be right back to the point of buying more or waiting… and waiting. When I play a game (which is not very often AT ALL), I want to PLAY the game and at least feel like I achieved something during that time, even if it is just a game. I have spent way too much time and money to be right back to the point of waiting. If you choose to wait it out and are able to avoid spending money, you’ll get to where you log on just to collect the items you were waiting on, add more items to be made, then log off and wait some more. I’m sure that’s a business strategy (since, who really wants to wait that long?), but during all of this waiting, I’m now looking for different games that don’t feel like such a waste of time and money..Version: 2022176.1.19009

Fun, but…I started playing this game two years ago. I actually really like the game and all the adventure, but recently there have been some changes that take the fun away from the game. Yes, this game takes a lot of energy. I also know there are plenty of ways to earn and make energy. My biggest complaint is not necessarily how much energy is spent, but if the amount of item you get for that energy is balanced. For example, in the last couple of adventure there have been a few items that cost well over 100 energies to get, but stead of getting multiple items we only get one or two. I would like to see this more balanced especially if this is an item you are going to need a lot of to complete the quest. If I’m spending over 100 energy on something to get items I need, then I should be able to collect 4 or more of that item. You don’t need to make it overly complicated or hard for players. If you don’t want anyone to finish, make the adventure longer or more things to do. Many people don’t want to spend real money, and we should not have to. I’m ok with not completing each adventure, I just want to enjoy it while I’m playing..Version: 2022218.1.23866

Too much work!I would give the game a higher rating because generally I like it but it’s frustrating to spend money on extra lives or diamonds to satisfy a requirement that would take like 600 energies when they get refilled 87 at a time by level 31 and then find out that the next requirement is like 15 clay bowls that would take forever and I’m sure something else after that- a person with a life like kids and a job would never win a quest on this game. Everything takes way too long or requires way too much and waiting for the energies to refill to do each thing is so frustrating when you don’t even get much compared to what’s needed. For instance: Even upgrading things like the house is a tonnnn of work time wise and then waiting for the low amount of energy to refill just to cut down one tree and find out it makes only a few planks that then make only a couple boards that each take an hour?!? Toooooo muccchhhh wooooorkkkkk. And a lot of the game is upgrading the buildings that are already there. New stuff would be nice, or pets maybe? Anything? Graphics are pretty though 😬.Version: 2021132.0.11702

PicturesOk I love this game and had to wait for things to finish like everyone else or use rubies. Above this post are pictures of bigger and better island. How long must I wait to have a huge house, lots of good dirt for food and flowers ( btw I have had only a few compared to the picture). When can I get that plus more? I know your in this for our entertainment and money. I also know I put a cap on my spending because it was costing to much on a person who only get a little help from ssi. I do enjoy the game. I also noticed that not everyone is playing the same game islands. Some post I’ve seen are totally different then mine. It must have something to do with levels. One more thing, if you keep sending us to the same adventure island which you do. Don’t give me the same gifts I find, I got them the last time I was there and I can’t sell the for points or energy. I do like this game please stop sending to the same islands I’ve been to before. I need new challenges Thanks.Version: 2023102.0.25444

Not the best game I’ve played, but it is good.The game has a few issues and crosses (stuff seen/heard in ads that aren’t in the game) that I really do not like. The game would crash a few times at first, then it would work perfectly. And the soundtrack, I do wish the settings could have the choice of 3 soundtracks that would probably make the game. If not, at least stick with the extra music you hear when you level up. I don’t wanna just hear the same old crap that would play as the main music no matter where you go. LITERALLY! And where’s the voices that anybody (if seen the ads) would expect? Even bermuda adventures has different voices in-game. Similar to this game, but it’s 9+ (I don’t understand why this is 12+ when it has no profanity in it) and it gives a lot more fun to it in a way. But those are basically a few problems, clarified into one huge review. Have a good day, Melsoft. Oh, and the waiting time for the higher grade tools and item crafting are ridiculously drastic. Maybe lessen the time by 10 minutes for anything that’s 45 minutes or longer even now?.Version: 2022124.1.15439

Okay but could be a lot betterThis game is a lot of fun, and I truly do enjoy the gameplay. However there are several issues with it too. For the amount of energy you have, the tasks take a lot more energy that you can afford. I can wait all night and only save up about 75 energy the next day, with can be used up in seconds by cutting down two trees and a bush in one of the events. You can get statue boosters in your island, but those only last about three charges of energy before you need you refill them with expensive and time consuming time balls. I can never play the game cause I never have energy. Also, I downloaded MyCafe for an offer of 100 rubies for Family Island. I completed all the tasks and even got an email saying that I should be receiving my rubies shortly. I waited all night but they never arrived. This is apparently a common problem, and I feel scammed and ripped off. I went to the help section, and was basically told it was my fault and that I must not have done the requirements, even though I did. A good game, but not worth downloading until these problems are fixed..Version: 2021152.0.12131

Fun but expensive to get full experienceI love the game, characters, storylines, and humor. It is also family-friendly and has positive, feel good vibe. There is plenty to do building your home island and doing the storylines on other islands. If you are looking to play the Adventure stories that last usually 1-4 days that is where it becomes pay-to-play. They are fun, but very very costly to finish. It is a real letdown to even start one and realize you need a LOT of real money to get to finish the story. It is possible to skip some and play strategically to get through one occasionally, but don’t expect to go on every adventure unless you have a lot to spend. And the temporary islands that pop up to let you craft the coveted gold keys are a joke if you expect to actually gain gold keys without spending ridiculous amounts of other resources. And the ones I have played require the same gold keys to open gates to get to materials to make more. Lol. You can actually leave with fewer keys than you started with if you fall for it. Love the game, but wish I could afford to experience all of the adventures..Version: 2023134.0.29583

You Should Definitely Download This GameI usually don’t write reviews, but I honestly love this game, so I had to. To address a couple of the issues other people have mentioned: there are pop ups that advise you that you can buy energy, rubies, etc., but honestly, they are in no way excessive IMHO. Of course the devs want you to purchase these things, they would like to make some money. I have made it quite far in the game, and I have not purchased anything at all. That is not to say that I won’t in future, but I haven’t up until now. I do agree that sometimes you have to find an excessive number of one particular item, and some of these things take a great deal of energy to procure, but this is not really any different to games similar to this. Plus, there is a lot of free energy that you can find on each island, in addition to energy for updating the game, and daily prizes when you log in. There is also a little timer thing that gives you some extra for watching an ad, and even a little bonus where you get 20 minutes of an energy discount, where actions cost less energy than usual. This is the one game that I play multiple times a day, and I never get bored. I really enjoy the quests, and have even gotten first place a couple times. The family members are all so cute and engaging — especially the kids — and they make this all the more fun. Definitely download the game, and just have some fun with it!.Version: 2022150.0.16566

Really Fun but...This is a really fun game. I enjoy playing it very much, but at the expense of my bank account. The keys, scrapers and grass stuff needs to have additional ways for those items to be created earlier in the game levels or players are going to get frustrated. Say at level 20 you can add a second weaving hut and a stone mason hut!!! The upgrades of those don’t do much so to have a second hut making supplies would be helpful. AND the keys are so hard to get!!!!... and eventually are just too difficult to get in time from the merchant. So you purchase some with Ruby’s and energy but that’s a little pricy after awhile because to get more than one key you have to purchase the higher amounts. Why can’t we just win a bundle of 3 keys from time to time. I don’t mind paying a little to get ahead but this game isn’t worth playing if you creators don’t give us a little help. It’s just too expensive and the wait times become boring if you don’t pay and so you we stop playing. It’s really up to you creators. Thanks for your time..Version: 2021132.0.11702

Please fix.I loved the game first levels easy as any other game get lots of energy as you go about the levels it’s harder and harder and the production times are ridiculous on some things. i’ve been enjoying the game spent some money to get energy in order to upgrade my workshops however in the past week a lot of the items i’ve made mind you i’ve taken days to do so turns out they are gone just like magic. First time I noticed was when I was producing bowls for the lion well i logon to the game and turns out i only had 1 left from 7 I already had made (no I did not exchange them not used it for anything else. Yesterday I had chopped some trees to get cinnamon it never collected the cinnamon so I just gave up on that festival thing. Now today I logon first time I do I noticed i’m a stake short to upgrade the stone workshop which I have been producing since 3 days or more ago i get that going and log off the game well when I come back to the game I only have 3 stakes left. please fix it i enjoy the game just dislike to log in and notice some of my things are missing..Version: 2022184.0.19736

Great concept spoiled by greedFirst let me say that I routinely spend money on games. I realize how much work goes into creating and maintaining something like this. I throw around $15 at a game once I decide it is worth playing, and continue to support it if I love it. This game is theoretically awesome. However, it is a mind numbingly slow process to progress because of the energy requirements. The free energy you receive will clear a rock, a tree, or a few bushes. I can see the potential in this game and spent my $15, but the energy requirements ate that up in minutes. I will probably slog on with it when I get a free moment, but it’s not worth spending money on considering how little you get for it and how much it requires. It really is a shame. The graphics are awesome and the characters love able. The storyline is interesting and even the dialogue is amusing. A lot of attention to detail has been used, as tapping on a person tickles them. This is obviously someone’s brain child which has sadly been overmonetized. 5 stars for the designer, -3 star for the financial department. Average them and you get a pretty average, not worth paying for, game..Version: 202011.1.9290

NiceNice, relaxing and easy game.Version: 201908.2.4862

Love the gameThe game is relaxing and entertaining! It doesn’t push you for money loadings and only has reasonable amount of ads. I hope we could load energies faster or have more bonus energy tasks, otherwise it gets bored easily. Love the game..Version: 202009.1.8329

Bug du jeuxCe jeux est super mais depuis hier soir il as un bug dans le jeux donc sa marque erreur et il ce ferme seul !!!.Version: 2021144.0.12000

:/Très bon jeu mais depuis hier je suis incapable de me connecter.Version: 2021144.0.12000

Solid gameI just like it ....Version: 202010.1.8838

Family islandHow do you restart the game if you want to start from the beginning again.Version: 202010.1.8838

Great Game!!This is a great game. Really enjoy it. The last update makes it crash though. Once it is fixed I will love to continue to play it..Version: 202010.0.8725

Double charges a lotStop charging my card twice every time I purchase something jeez.Version: 202010.1.8838

It made me restart the gameI was really enjoying the game and made it to level 35 and then it glitched and wouldn’t let me load the game. I re downloaded it and it didn’t save any of my progress and made me restart. Customer service hasn’t replied and I’m very frustrated. Not sure if I will keep playing.Version: 2021142.0.11922

L’énergie insuffisanteJe trouve votre jeux très amusant et j’ai envie d’y jouer souvent mais je trouve qu’on manque trop rapidement d’énergie alors je voudrais vous conseiller sur comment vous pourriez faire par exemple vous pourriez baisser l’énergie des object à déplacer ou à cultiver et possiblement rajouter le fait de quand on fini une tâche de soit disant l’agriculture ou faire des roche aussi rajouter de l’énergie et de baiser le temps avant qu’ont aye de l’énergie donc à la place que ce soit 1 minute 30sec que ce soit par exemple 30sec ou 45, en plus ce serais extrêmement agréable et appréciable pour moi et comme ça je vais pouvoir jouer plus souvent à votre jeux J’espère que vous prendrez mon conseille😁.Version: 202014.0.10492

First reviewI like playing this game but at times I’m confused on how to do something or where to find the object needed. Maybe when you click on something it should have a blurb/text bubble..Version: 202010.2.8876

Heavily ObsessedI play it everyday. It’s such a simple but engaging game & allows me to drift off for a few minutes multiple times a day. Honestly, the islands are also always really cool & there really is no need to ever spend any money..Version: 2023132.1.29491

It’s a’ightPlayed for about a year. It’s an extremely “meh” experience, even if you pay to play. 15-30 min a day is all you can really wring out of this title for free. It is technically playable for free… long as you don’t care for events or leveling up in any sort of timely fashion..Version: 2023134.0.29583

Fun gameEnjoying the game but like all the fun games to get ahead at a certain level takes forever or lotsa $$$$ to buy keys and such..Version: 2023132.1.29491

I love this game nice & peacefulI love it I love it.Version: 2023132.1.29491

Family islandQuels beaux défis :-)))).Version: 2023132.1.29491

Family IslandLove this game! Always a new adventure! Never ever bored! It’s exciting and fun! Keep up the good work!.Version: 2023132.1.29491

Love this gameThis game keeps me amused for hours, five stars.Version: 2023132.1.29491

Good but slowAddicted to this game! But it takes too long not only to level up but to be able to build your home island..Version: 2023132.1.29491

Fun gameI love it's so fun.Version: 2023132.1.29491

Good but be ready to spend moneyIt’s a good game in the beginning I loved it but you can not proceed without purchasing the stuff and this thing losses me off and lost my interest..Version: 2023132.1.29491

YESLove this game so much.Version: 2023132.1.29491

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