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Meet our Cookies, all voiced by an amazing cast of voice actors
Witness their epic skills, fall in love with their voices, and dress them into new chic costumes.
Join the Cookies in CookieRun: Kingdom!

The secrets of the ancient Cookies and their kingdoms are waiting to be unraveled.
Join GingerBrave and his friends against Dark Enchantress Cookie and her dark legion.
The chronicles of CookieRun: Kingdom have just begun!

Choose from a great variety of unique decors to design the Kingdom of your dreams.
Produce materials, craft items, arrange all sorts of activities—the vibrant kingdom life awaits!

Create the ultimate Cookie team with endless combinations of Treasures and Toppings
Prove your battle skill in the Kingdom Arena, Cookie Alliance, Super Mayhem, and Guild Battles!
Come up with different strategies to emerge victorious!

Reach the top of the ranking table with your fellow guildmates.
Expand your guild's Domain and collect Guild Relics to become the strongest guild there is!

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Tap Settings
Tap Info
Tap Delete Account in the bottom part of the screen

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CookieRun: Kingdom App Comments & Reviews

CookieRun: Kingdom Positive Reviews

Great Game OverallI’ve been playing for not that long, but I really like the game. Overall, it’s a really good game, with all the story and all the things you could do, but there is some things. One thing would be the levels. The levels show the total power, and you’d think that levels with thousands and thousands more power than your team’s current level would be challenging. However, with a well made team, you could clear those levels easily. I’ve been doing most of the 80,000+ battles with around 40,000 total power, and it works. I feel like the power makes you think that you would need a team with around the same power, but you don’t really. Another thing is the servers. At the very start of the game, you get to choose two servers: pure vanilla, or hollyberry. It doesn’t seem like a difference, but if you didn’t know, pure vanilla has all the veteran players, all the good players, while hollyberry is the newer server with less experienced players. I didn’t know this at first, so I picked pure vanilla. All my friends are on hollyberry, while I’m in pure vanilla. Sadly, you can’t change servers. Maybe in the future, you could let people switch between servers, or let people be friends with other people regardless of server. Or maybe for the new people, give a description of each server so they can decide whether or not they have to battle experienced players or not. That’s all I have to say, but otherwise, the game is amazing! I give it a solid 5 stars..Version: 2.5.101

This is a recommendation for my friends but it has mistakes.I really enjoy the game a lot, I've been playing this game since October and never once have I ever disliked anything to the point of completely deleting the app. I'm very picky with the games that I keep and this is one of the few that I've kept for this long. But four things that do annoy me is the amount of time in events, the chance rate of the costumes, the star reward after polling on the costume gacha, and how rare the rainbow cubes are. Practically everything else is absolutely amazing but those four things bug me. Events using missions isn't a bad idea, but it could be difficult because of the time it takes, say for the bear train it takes around 6-8 hours for it to come back and the rainbow cubes are usually only in events if you're free to play, like I am. If you don't have a lot of money that you can't spend or aren't allowed to becomes annoying especially if you really like the costumes. Moreover, because the rainbow cubes are a bit hard to get and there is a low chance of getting epic, even rare costumes, you've wasted your rainbow cubes on costumes you already have. Also, even after you get most of the costumes you already have, the stars that you get after doing the costume poll is so low as the price of the costumes in the shop is super expensive. Thank you for reading my review and if you don't made Devsisters please fix this, thank you!.Version: 2.9.001

Absolutely love it!! Except…It crashes SO OFTEN. Especially when I draw from the gacha, which is extremely frustrating when I open the game and find my gems lost and no new cookies or soulstones have been claimed. My phone’s age and rather old model is very likely to blame for the glitches and crashing I get, but I still think it’s a problem because my friends have reported frequent crashing too on newer phone models. The things I like are that the game never gets boring to me, there’s always the calling to refill my queue or use my arena tickets. There’s an addictiveness to this game that I rarely find with other games, I really love playing this game and there’s always something new to do. This game updates often and there’s always new events going on and new cookies to collect. Building a strong team is tricky and you need to find the right combination of cookies and treasures to make a strong team, and completing story mode levels or Tower of Sweet Chaos levels is an efficient way to get gems and star jellies, but to beat those levels you need a well-put team. It all fits together perfectly. There are plenty of in-app purchases you can buy, but you can also build a strong team and great kingdom without spending a dime (I personally have not spent anything on this game so far and I am doing really well!). If you want a game that’s addicting, engaging, and incredibly fun, I definitely recommend giving this game a shot!!.Version: 2.4.101

ITS RLLY GOOD(plus my glitch)So before I get into the game I would like to get my lumber Jack lodge back please I can upgrade it how many times I want my self but when I put it in my storage by accident it wasn’t their and deleted my lv 2 lodge so I was wondering if you could make one of them free??? It could have debuffs I don’t mind that I just rlly want my lodge back ☹️ So I literally love this game it’s amazing It a fighting game kinda Their a arena , Cake towers and other stuff if you can reach it yet In the story you Starter Characters are Named Ginger brave,strawberry cookie,Wizard,Custard and Chili pepper cookie In each level it has a pretty interesting story! You fight bad guys but I don’t want to spoil so I’ll leave it at that When you start doing anyone of the fighting modes You get coins,toppings to help your cookies star jellies to make them stronger (please don’t use them on all your cookies please only your team) Once you get enough you can expand and decorate And soon in later in the game you can get cool costumes for your cookies join a group/guild ,help fight different levels of the dragon, But domed thing I wish is that you can join more guilds at least or 3 And not just one, I would love if we could put objects rlly close to eachother like with one small bench I could combine with another one to make a longer one!I also wish for rotating the objects in a full 360! I believe these would make everyone’s kingdom look a lot better!.Version: 2.5.101

Best game out there!I have been playing this game for about 4-5 weeks now and I’m officially addicted. It’s a great game to keep to from being bored and full on entertained. The cookies have great designs and I get full on excited when I get a new cookie even if it’s not the best! Other than the game being FANTASTIC, I have some difficulty’s with the game to. First problem is the levels. I’ve heard my freinds complain about how the levels being almost impossible to do. I finally reached the academy level and it’s pretty much self explanatory on why it’s so hard. My cookies are great but get kicked almost every level! I can’t even imagine how hard the future levels will be. The 2 problem is the gacha. Now I know this is something people complain about VERY often about why it’s so unfair but I’m not complaining to give the creators a bad day. I’m complaining because of how HORRIBLE the gacha possibility’s are! I did up to 10 10 pulls today from the codes and I got absolutely no new cookies! I was extremely upset about this situation. Ik the promo codes are “supposed” to give you a WAY better chance of giving you a brand new cookie but unfortunately I got nothing. I really wish you guys update the gacha possibilities because I’m very upset this situation! Over all amazing game but need alot of changes! I hope you understand and thank you for creating this for all of us to enjoy! Im obsessed..Version: 2.5.101

It’s a awesome game but...No doubt I love this game! I remember my friend recommended me this game and I fell in love with it but with the new update (DuskGloom islands) and all there is a few problems.... One it is very NOT new player friendly, I have a team of over 200,000 Power, and the first boss was still extremely hard. I get that it’s supposed to be dangerous but it doesn’t seem like if I was a new to play player I would have much fun on DuskGloom islands. Next, the second boss (I believe ginkoblin boss) is impossible to beat, you can get some damage on them but then the ginkoblin boss puts on a shield (which makes you unable to do damage to the boss) and that shield is permanent? Yes, you can’t get the shield off unless you KO the shield because the boss keeps healing the shield each time you attack. And sometimes if you do a move while a cookie is stunned your cookie can’t use their move, and then you have to wait 14 seconds max (I believe sorry if I’m wrong) to try and see if you can do your move, which just adds something more for you pay attention too. But I don’t hate the new update, I feel like the lighting mini game or the coin run mini games are really fun and think I’d like it more if it had mostly mini games. But this is all my opinion, and I still love game even tho I don’t like this new update. <3 ForgeDragon (Aka Squid cookie lover).Version: 3.6.201

My thoughts?Hello, I am Maxwell. And this game is my LIFE. I swear to god I play this game everyday! I never miss any new event! Cookie Run: Kingdom has it’s pros and cons, but none of them bugs me too much. But still, I have some complaints! 1. the rarity of cookies. Either my luck is horrific or this game is rigged about the gacha! Every 5 ten pulls will I get an epic, and it’s always one! True, that the more rarer, the more better. But like, come on, I don’t really wanna spend my money on this game. 2. Rainbow cubes I’ve been here forever, before the costumes and such. Rainbow cubes are really cool and useful if you don’t like the outfit of your current cookie, but, they are so rare to get! Even the bundles are expensive because they have the cubes. Can’t you at least get a few rainbow cubes when you defeat a boss or something? 3. The lag I have a lot of storage, so it’s not my fault. When I try to move around my kingdom, it gets a bit buggy. And will randomly crash whenever and wherever. But still, this game is amazing! I do recommend this game for weebs like me. All the best!- Max EDIT: This game almost corrupted my iPad data. I couldn’t click ANYTHING, and when I exited, a weird sound would be played. I also couldn't turn my iPad off or shut it down. And when I could, I had to wait 10 hours just to turn it back out. EDIT: Ok, so it’s better now! I just realized that it was kinda my fault! Sorry! I think my storage became full and CRK couldn’t handle it!.Version: 4.4.001

Fantastic game with a few near major flawsThis game by far has taken up a lot of my time recently. It’s very enjoyable game that can offer a lot of gameplay with cute graphics and animation, simple and addicting fighting mechanics, and much more. But there are more than a few flaws. Once you progress far enough into the story, you hit a massive exp wall. And it’s honestly not fun waiting actual hours or even days to get enough exp jellies solely due to the fact that houses are the only significant way to do so. Secondly it really seems the community is never heard. People are unable to even open the game without it crashing for these past few days. And the most the devs do is post on Facebook to update the game which obviously many have already done. Certain cookies are completely irrelevant with only a certain few being in the meta making a lot of the cast useless which is sad considering these creative characters. Lastly this is starting to seem more pay to win with this new update. What is the point of putting a guaranteed Pure Vanilla meter for everyone if the only way to get it is to spend insane amounts of money to finish it? Not a lot of people have the ability to afford putting forty dollars into a mobile game Overall there are a few bumps that are starting to become far more noticeable and I really hope y’all get them under control. This game has an unbelievable amount of potential so don’t let that go to waste..Version: 1.3.101

A Scrumptious Crumb-Coated Cookie Adventure awaits at your palmsI am somewhat of an RPG enthusiast. I have played freemium shovelware to console exclusives, obscure imported titles to mainstay brands. Despite all this experience under my belt, nothing has come close to the joy and merriment this peppy, cheerful, and user-friendly game is and continues to be! So far I have reached the penultimate chapter and I have enjoyed everything from the delightful puns, the clearly evident passion put into top notch in game models, and ultimately, this game is an accessible, entertaining and memorable experience without having to pay a dime. Unlike most town builders, there isn’t a whole lot of downtime when you have nothing to do. There are always resources that would benefit from further production, Cookie Houses will generously compensate your time with the leveling resources, and so far I haven’t had any trouble finding opponents that are my level in the arena. You can easily get pretty far without even having to summon anyone from the in-game gacha, and chapters will ensure that the level cap increases with the progression of the story mode. My only hope is that there will be more easily accessible means of acquiring crystals and premium in game currency in the future as I am almost on post game activities next chapter, but this has always been likely. I am excited to see what more comes from this game in the future!.Version: 1.1.31

Great game! but some ideasThis game is an overall really good game. I might say my friend and i are quite addicted. Some ideas that might make it a ton better, 1: picking up the sugar gnomes I find it quite annoying that i cant pick up sugar gnomes. for example, im trying to take a picture of my cookie in their special area i built, but the sugar gnome ruins the shot! and i cant move him. if you can let us move the gnomes like they are cookies, it would be so much better for pictures. 2: more decor options The decor that exists is already really good, but with more decor items, we can extend our creativity to make separate themes for different sections 3: “power potions” It would be so much easier if we could use items that have different levels like xp jellies, to give our cookies more power without having to grind forever. 4: More area expansion i find myself always running out of the slightest bit of room in my kingdom, and expanding is really expensive. my proposal, we can make the little expansion blocks a bit larger, and make the evil forest harder in exchange for the expansion. - edit I believe now that i've taken a break from the game, i come to see just how repetitive it was. and when things happen to make it non repetitive, it doesn't really correlate with the games. like for example, the guild update with the like team waves thing (i forgot what it was called) didnt really feel like cookie run. its changed from when i last played, and not for the better.Version: 3.3.101

Amazing, just one or two small problemsTrust me when i say that this game will change your life! I dont think ive ever been as invested in a stupid app game as this one. its so fun and so addicting. there is always something to do, you never get stuck. its challenging in the way that theres levels and people you cant beat, but not too challenging in the way that a little bit of grinding and bam! your beating them. trust me, this game is so worth it! if you can get invested enough or spend enough time on it, you will get properly addicted. warning though, this game could crash. for me, its about every thirty minutes, which gets a little annoying, but it usually never crashes during a fight. but other than that, theres really no reason not to play this game. and while there is a shop and such, you can get along perfectly fine free to play! i mean, there is literally a fountain that produces free goods all the time at no cost to you, so dont worry about material walls and such. the only material wall i can think of is a star jelly wall, that appears once you have leveled up your cookie enought at around level 38. Its a little bit hard to keep leveling up your cookies at that point, but also thats around the time you start finding things such as the sea trade harbours, so it wont be too much of a problem for long..Version: 2.2.101

Almost perfectI am obsessed with this game, it's fun, the characters are cute and creative, the story is interesting (and a lot deeper than you'd think for a story about cookies) and the community is great. I just wish they'd fix the game crashing constantly- I know that's probably something that would be hard to fix but it has to be one of the only flaws I've seen in this game and without the crashing it would be pretty much perfect. There's also the very overpriced add ons but you definitely don't need to buy any to do good at the game- there are some good deals though like the current 10k for a dollar one so look out for them! Although ovenbreak is great too, there are a few things that lead me to like kingdom a lot more. For one, the UI is a lot simpler. I really like that some features you don't even know exist until you unlock them, and as you progress you unlock more features instead of getting them all at one time, which would be overwhelming and confusing. Also progression is pretty steady, I've yet to run into a super huge roadblock as even when I'm stuck on a specific thing like a level in the main story there is always other things to progress on like the dark mode story, whatever events are going on at the time, arena battles, ect. One last thing, the devs are super generous with giving gifts and rewards and it makes my adhd brain very happy when they're always giving me stuff lol..Version: 2.6.201

A fun ol’ timeI loved Cookie Run Ovenbreak and I’m enjoying Cookie Run Kingdom. It really makes my min maxing brain go brrrrr as I try to maintain resources, kingdom growth, and Cookie leveling. So far, I’ve been able to maintain getting cookies I’ve wanted and haven’t had to sink any real life money into the game. There is a bit of an experience jump at some point. Even if your team’s power level says it’s average, sometimes your team just isn’t strong enough. And you get to a point where experience comes in at a crawl since everything always gives you peak prizes for your initial win. My main issues with this game comes in the form of this certain glitch that happens sometimes. Every now and again, the game will teleport all the cookies to the end of the run, but still have them fight all the enemies that come along the way. This isn’t a bad thing for most levels, but when doing things like fighting the cake hound base, which steadily spawns in more cake hounds over time, it can make beating the level utterly impossible because every wave of enemies defeated just gets immediately replaced with the thing spawning them not even being in sight. It’s not a major thing, but it is annoying, especially when restarting the game doesn’t fix it. Overall, with my experience, I haven’t had the game crash on me too often. I think it’s only ever crashed once and I’m always able to get in without problems..Version: 2.1.101

Good game but…..My friend got me into the game a year or so ago and I have liked the game a lot since then but there has been a couple of issues. My first issue is definitely the kicking me out while I’m playing. Whenever I’m playing the game now it always kicks me out every so often. I know that is probably technological issues but still. My second issue is how hard it is to get stuff in the game. For example energ and other stuff used to play the game. I just wish there was either way to get more or the developers of the game would just get rid of the energy and other stuff used to do the story mode and all that. I only have 2 others issues so don’t worry. My first issue kind of falls into the how hard it is to get stuff category. It is so hard to get the legendary/ancient/super epic cookies. There isn’t a way you can just buy the soul stones of them with mileage you can only buy them from the arena guild or the trade harbor and that takes FOREVER. My last issue is more of something they should do more of is the thing where you use the cookies to run like cro but not have the entire game like cro just make it like a thing like the arena (also they should add the rhythm stages again 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰). Also the game devs should make more mini games inside of crk Btw I usually don’t write reviews but this time I did bc it’s game I like to play and there just stuff I wanted to say about it..Version: 4.0.001

Dear cookie run kingdom.. (PLEASE READ)Hello devsisters. I am here writing this review to inform you that I love your games CROB and CRK, but there is one MAJOR problem to me in CRK that I feel like should be added right away. It’s the fact that blueberry pie cookie and moon light cookie are not in cookie run kingdom. It bothers me and I wish they were in. I feel like they should have a event with a whole story kind of like frost queen cookie and cotton cookie, but a different plot line since blueberry cookie actually admires moonlight cookie. I feel like it should have to do somewhere in the archives while she’s protecting the tomes. I also feel like her moonlit memories costume should be added, because she is my beloved and it makes me sad that she is not in game, I also feel like it boost your money sales since people would want to max out both blue berry pie cookie and moonlight cookie. I feel like blue berry pie cookie could be a magic cookie, where she summons her dragon to deal massive damage to the other team for 10 seconds (kind of like Pumpkin pie cookie’s skill) and moonlight cookie would be a support, raising the teams defenses by 50% and doing healing during the skill as well. I also feel like one of moonlights costume should be added as well. Please add blueberry pie cookie and moonlight cookie into CRK, you can even change the powers I details listed, thanks a bunch..Version: 2.5.101

Amazing !I've genuinely been playing 2 years or more, and I still play everyday which is crazy for me cause I get bored of everything. I've also NEVER!! had to pay for or buy anything to win and I'm at a really high level and part of a guild that is consistently in the top 50! (my in game name is razzberri ❤️) The gacha is super fair and they have so many different ways to get the items you need! They give you so many gifts and freebies and there are so many missions you can complete to get what you need to either get the characters you want or level them up! At the same time the game is also interactive and you can chat with and play the game with others in the guilds! And all the cookie characters are sooo super cute, their lore and backgrounds are super well fleshed out and theres so much to dive into and it's never too late to start. There have even been times I have stopped playing for a couple of months when I needed a break, and every time I come back I get nervous I'll never be able to catch up but the game has my back and has a special welcome back thing that makes sure I'm not at a disadvantage! They really thought of everything with this game, and the graphics are so cute and amazing like, I can't think of any other game as amazing, accommodating, and player friendly..Version: 4.7.001

I need help with thisI really REALLY love this game i love the characters the details the story to the game and all i just really have a problem with hearing the story i turn my volume up i can hear any other thing on my phone i turn the voice mode on where i can hear them talk but i cant hear anything from it idk if the check in the box means the voice mode is off but if so i wouldn’t like to know because i’m really honestly upset with the fact i cant hear them talk because i not only want to give them a voice in my own head as to yk what they might sound like but i wanna hear their voices too but overall i love the game the details in the characters got me over here astonished the stories catch my attention and it excites me to grab my phone and play the story has so much background and details to it like y'all put yalls FOOT in this made sure we didn’t miss a BEAT and mist content creators don’t do that they just make a game or some type of app and just don’t put any love or oomph into it and just go about they day but y’all didn’t let out on us and did what y'all had to do and i love that so this gets a 5 ⭐️📈 and thats that so if you guys feel like it i would want to know if im doing something wrong with the sound because i really wanna hear everything and be more aware.Version: 2.8.101

Wonderful game just NEEDS these featuresIt has basically everything I like: gacha, kingdom building, arena, and more. I first found out about the game from my friend and quickly became addicted. My siblings then became interested and then it spread to my cousins and now most of my family is playing. My one complaint is the different servers. I am purely by chance on the same server as my friend and cousin but my siblings picked a different server than me. Now we can’t friend each other or join the same guild as each other. Another thing is multiplayer. I would like to be able to fight my friends when we are both online so that it’s not just the computer fighting for you. Also it would be awesome to have a similar thing to the story mode where you can beat levels with your friends with both people present. And if you add that then make it maximum of 4 players. This is a solid game and the first thing I said when I saw it was “these graphics are pretty good for a cookie game”. Also I love how you are able to still play and have fun while being free to play. Unlike other games when all you see are pop ups saying pay for this to get this blah blah. Overall amazing game very addicting in a good way. There are so many things to explore so you’re always busy..Version: 3.3.001

It’s a good game but…I’ve been playing this game for years and I genuinely, really enjoyed it for first year or so. But there were a few issues that came up then and worse now. Why does this game crash so often? I recently got the new update but it kept crashing whenever I did world exploration or something. I even have the FPS to the lowest and the quality as well, yet it seems to get worse over time. Also, this constant power increase within CRK is driving me crazy. Around the time that Cotton cookie was released, new cookies were designed to be OP, that away all the struggle previous players got when they played. It also means that new cookies will constantly outpace your current team and if you take a long break, all the effort you put into your current cookies will be useless as you would get DESTROYED by the new ones. One last thing, this game is WAY to pay to win. Pay for soulstones, gems, gnomes, auto production buildings, it only benefits certain people. I mean, pay-to-win is okay to a certain extent, but seen the videos of people spending a fortune to get over a thousand Gacha draws. Everything gets unbalanced. The animations and storyline however have me hooked and I like the style this game has to it. I enjoy kingdom building and decorating my kingdom and it’s well made. I still like CRK and it has been my favorite game for a long time, but I sometimes question, “is it worth sticking with?”.Version: 4.8.001

AMAZING GAME. But…I absolutely LOVE this game. The characters are super cute, and they have very unique designs, as well as unique stats and attacks. The gameplay itself is fun and I usually spend a long time playing each time I load up the game. There’s a lot to do in this game and a lot of features, plus I can play with my friends!! And it doesn’t lag or take forever to load. I also like how you can get so many rewards so easily, and I like how it’s not one of those “pay to win” rpgs, y’know? I like how it offers a whole bunch of different inexpensive bundles and such in case you need them! The only critique I really have is the English voiceover. I love the Korean voiceover, and the Japanese one is cute too. But the English voiceover honestly is a little disappointing… a lot of the voices for the characters don’t really fit them at all. Some just sound- really out of character, y’know? Though there are some that do fit very well and the voice actor did an amazing job voicing them! Almond cookie’s voice for example- literally perfect. This game still deserves 5 stars, at least in my opinion. I’m just a little bit disappointed at the English voiceover. I have to admit, some of the voices are straight up annoying.. but not annoying enough that I’d like to switch back to the Korean voiceover..Version: 2.2.101

I love it! :)So i really like cookie run! i have been playing for about 4-5-3 months and the updates are amazing! i love the cookies i have, the only thing is that since Saturday when i get on it crashes and never lets me on. i might have missed a couple diamonds to get or coins, this isn’t my fault for doing this but one time i didn’t log on for 2 WEEKS. YEAH 2. that’s kinda my fault tbh, but my sister reminded me in this sentence “i’m playing cookie run.” hahaha then i said “OMG I HAVENT LOGGED ON IN FOREVER.” she does have sea fairy, i probably would’ve if i logged on but ya. that’s my problem and i’m really sad about because it’s probably my favorite game, i mean lots of other fun little simulator games! but other then that, that’s probably my fav game!! i hope someone might know what to do. i hate it when it does this i’m sad and mad. date: november 22, 2021. (i put the date so you know when it happened.) also it happened (started) on a saturday (SORRY IM HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SPELLING.) and today it’s monday. does anyone know what i mean?? it’s happening so often! & i know someone else / some other people said that it crashes for them too, if you did, and it’s not crashing how did you make it stop?? please please let me know! it’s so sad that my favorite game is down!! thanks a lot, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!.Version: 2.4.201

A Masterpiece of a Sequel!I remembered playing cookie run overbreak back in 2018 and remembered loving the game so much! I remember also trying cookie wars but we don’t really talk about that failure. But back on to this game if there was one word I can say about it, it would be “MASTERPIECE”. I cannot tell you how much fun and amazing the game is! The story mode of the game is amazing as it not only ties as a sequel to Ovenbreak but also a prequel to the entire story of the cookie run lore! The ability to make your own kingdom may have been used before but still it feels amazing with the cookies just walking around it. Another thing I love are the cookies themselves, they all had a good new artistic look to them making them look more hd oh and I cannot forget about the voice acting! Each cookies voice actor did an amazing job in there role adding a new element to the characters I never expected! The battle style in the game feels amazing and with the colorful and cute designs of the enemies I just loved playing this game everyday! In addition the game also has many more story modes to be discovered but I’ll let you all find that out:)! All I can say is just go and play this game it’s free and it’s always fun to keep playing no matter what! Even if you finish story mode of the game the game will never die!.Version: 2.3.201

Suggestions!!I absolutely LOVE this game. It is so much fun and addicting. There is a lot to do, which I like. I have a few suggestions that could make the game even more addicting! Being able to trade with friends. I’m sure a lot of people would like this. Maybe people could trade not only items, but cookies! I started a bit late on cookie run, and my friends wanted to help me out. They sent me gifts, but they wished they could give me something like jellies, sugar cubes, or even diamonds! I can understand why you wouldn’t want to put this feature in too. New cookie ideas. So there are SO many cookies to collect, even if that is, I still have suggestions! So one is caramel cookie, I feel really strong about her and she could be maybe a rare or an epic! Her powers could be trapping the enemies into some sort of caramel so that they can’t attack or their cool down would stop counting for a few seconds. Another one is chocolate chip. I’m not that far into the game, so I only have a few cookies. The chocolate one I’ve seen so far is dark choco. I have nothing really else to add about chocolate chip. Another one is butter cookie, I also get a strong feeling about this suggestion, it could have similar powers to caramel. That’s all my suggestions! Hope you like them!.Version: 2.3.201

I love it!So I’ve been playing cookie run for years, before the new version Ovenbreak even came out kinda years, and I’ve always LOVED the cookies, the running, the stories and character bio’s and when I saw that they were making an RPG I was SOOOO excited! It’s got the cookies I love, the stories, and all that jazz plus its an rpg! I’ve never spent a single penny on cookie run ever so I’m used to how the coins and gems work. You dont get LOTS and lots fast but quick enough I can use the 10 cookie roll at least once a day. The coins come to me a little slower than I’d like but that’s probably because I’m not as good at the crafting and filling requests yet, I’m mostly used to the running aspect of ovenbreak. The biggest issue I’ve seen is that the game will occasionally crash on me, worst is when I’m using a cookie cutter and It happens, causing me to lose the cutter. But not to bad yet. Yeah they’ve had to do some patches but its a brand new game, they usually run a different format so the developers probably missed a few minor bits and had to fix em really quick, but they’ve always been good with compensating andgiving extra rewards for those inconvenience’s. All in all, I love it, I get absorbed into the game and hours go by before I realize, and I cant wait to see where it goes and what new cookies cone out!.Version: 1.1.41

Stale cookiesThis game can be a lot of fun at first, but the more time you put into it the less satisfying it becomes. After a while you realize you’re just doing the same stuff over and over and over again for months, with no significant changes to gameplay sans the occasional new cookie. Gacha draws are rigged (I’ve done over 320 of the frost draws and only got the queen due to the guarantee at 250…) and the battle arena is ridiculous: once you hit master tier 3 or higher, you’ll encounter basically the exact same team setup again and again, and no matter how your team is setup you’re still likely to lose (sometimes badly) to teams substantially less powerful than your own. The guild battle has been boring and useless since day 1, always fighting the same stupid dragon, always having to “Tally the results” every few days, which just gives you one fewer thing to do. Now that I have a multitude of 5 star, level 60 cookies snd I’m finally 1 soulstone away from getting Pure Vanilla (I’m apparently the only person in the master class with poor enough luck to not draw him yet), I think it’s time to cut my losses and walk away. It’s unfortunate as I think some fresh content could really re-vamp the game, but it just gets old producing stuff for weeks to trade for other stuff to see minute differences in your cookies just do you can get destroyed anyway..Version: 2.5.101

Cookie Run: Kingdom, worlds best game :)The first day I played this I had immediately fell in love, words can’t explain, how long I play this game everyday, I love opening new cookies, and the rewards always bring you a smile, you can earn so may different things everyday, also when you play everyday you earn rewards, in other words you could earn a new cookie in the rewards for playing that day, I have gotten Expresso cookie from this! All the cookies are so cute with different themes, I get exited every time I go to the gacha, you earn awards for almost everything that you do, I always save up for diamonds, since I love getting diamonds in some of my rewards, I also love that you can buy soul stones for mileage points, I love everything single one of my cookies that have entered my kingdom, although I think this game is becoming a addiction, I love how when a cookie is going to hit the opponent, the top left and bottom right corners show them going to strike going along with them saying something, this game had made me realize I was missing something this whole time, it is awesome and wonderful, I hope everyone enjoys it as well as I do. -Love CoookieCingdom.Version: 2.3.201

Great game, however…I really like this game, i’ve been playing it for a little over a year now I think. Everything’s great with the game so far, but there’s one big problem. As the new updates roll in, the game gets glitchier and glitchier. As of now, I tried to get into the game 3 times and it kicked me out every time. ?? It’s really hard to play now a days because of this, and it’s been reoccurring more and more. I’m not sure how mobile players are going to even be able to have the game open for more than a few seconds without it crashing. Also, i’ve noticed a change in quality with the sound on my device, i’m not sure what the cause of it was, but ever since the past few major updates came out, my device has been super buggy and weird, and the storage has gone down a lot. Overall, I do recommend this game if you have a device that can handle the game, there’s no other real problems with it though, except they might be going a little over board with trying to make things go faster. Like the new dashboard, it’s kind of unnecessary and is really just taking up storage space, and it’s so laggy every time I try and use it it kicks me out of the game right after using it. Anyways, great game, been playing for a while, only real complaint is all the lag… 👍.Version: 3.8.301

Cookie run:kingdom is amazing!This game is super enjoyable! I love to play every day! also whenever a new holiday or month is out they have new cookies that you can collect every month and holiday! oh I love this game so much that I am also really trying to get all of the cookies! It’s super hard to get them though because you never know what you’re going to get! That’s kind of what’s the fun of it, (at least for me) you can also decorate your island and expand it! This game is also about battling like cake monsters and sometimes other cookies! I really enjoy the experience of this game! I think more people should play this game because it is a really entertaining game with cute characters, cute island, and adorable monsters! (sometimes they’re not always cute the monsters but that’s ok) anyways I really enjoy this game I think a ton more people should play this game Way more often so they can get more cookies more diamonds more coins and more of a lot of things! You should also download this game not only because it’s super fun but also it helps The developer! The developer would be really appreciated if you downloaded this game! So come on what are you waiting for download it it’s so fun! Thank you so much for reading this review goodbye!.Version: 2.4.201

Things to addHi creators of Cookie run kingdom, your game is great it keeps me and my friends busy for hours. It’s a great fun and creative game, however me and my friends have a few suggestions we think would be great for the game, we think it would be great if you made furniture sets themed off of all the cookies like when you level the cookies up to 70 you unlock their themed furniture sets, we also think it would be super cool if you added holiday events and Holiday cookies and furniture sets, we loved the Disney event unfortunately we weren’t able to complete the sets that were available for character cookies or furniture sets we hope that you might consider bringing that event back for another month or so maybe even with a few new cookies and furniture pieces. We would love to see new furniture and cookies we love the art and fun of the game maybe even new castles themed off the legendary or epic cookies. We were also hoping to have someway of being able to play together on the game even if we’re not in the same server we love talking about our progress together but we would love it even more if we could play together unfortunately on of us selected the wrong server and had no idea that it mattered. We love this game and hope you take our ideas into consideration thank you for a great game..Version: 3.7.101

Love this gameI love this game so so much. It is pretty easy to get started and I love I can design my own kingdom. I have been playing since about October and I’m in level 43 with level 57 cookies. My kingdom arena team has 597,000 power. The game is easy to play and there are many different ways to combine cookies and different levels and types of enemies. There is world adventure, tower of sweet chaos (which reset every season), tropical soda islands, cookie alliance, kingdom arena (which you play against other players, also resets every season), bounties, and guilds. They all play a little differently and have different rules, they also give you different rewards. You spend coins to decorate your kingdom, add shops, and make materials. There are also landmarks that boost things such as chances to get cookies and boosting your team’s power. To get star jellies to level up your cookies you can complete tower of sweet chaos tiers, build cookie houses, and buy kingdom pass every season for special landmarks. They have lots of deals and sales. Kingdom pass is very good and worth the money. The seasonal missions are very cool, and there are so many quests to complete. I am still not bored of this game and I’ve been playing for so long. I reccomend downloading!.Version: 3.2.101

🤨The people in the reviews blaming crk for their luck is so stupid, idc if it’s a joke especially when a lot of people are doing that it can bring down the rating of the game 😀 like oh no you didn’t get who you wanted, oh no you logged yourself out and forgot the password 😐 I think this game is great and I play it everyday. I used to play genshin (still do just not as much) but eventually I got such a high level that there was nothing to do and it was just boring. So my friend showed me this gacha game and eventually I got it and I love it. In every game with characters with stories, I somehow get emotionally attached to the characters and this game gave me so many new favorites. On genshin you login, do resin, commissions, and log out. On crk, you have so much to do everyday and so much you can continue to do because of how much storyline there is every time it updates. Not only that but it’s much more simplistic in a way, genshin has these confusing names for artifacts and weapons and how to level them up, but crk is so straight forward with how you do things, it’s not hard for beginners to understand. Also thx for how much luck I got when I first started, 2 pure vanilla and madeleine cookie (I wanted him, he’s one of my favs).Version: 2.8.001

Amazing game few complaints and a suggestionIve had cookie run and for a while now due to friend recommendations. And I thank them because it’s a really nice game. At first it was fun with cute cookies and cute side characters but when it comes to gems it was super hard to get them, and don’t get me started with the world exploration thing, currently I’m on 11-9 with a power team of 295,746 and the opponent is literally 227,000 power and yet every time I challenge them I always get defeated so now their is no other way to even get gems, and the events are practically impossible how can I get 50,000 decor points by the end of the month!? And the awards are not even worth enough for the effort (ATLEAST for some)Overall it’s a fun game, and now for my suggestion, in ovenbreak there is cookie trials, I really think you should add that to the game because whenever there is a new cookie and I get them I literally spend all of my jellies and skill powders for them and then be disappointed to find out they aren’t even good at all, like afogato cookie which they really disappointed me. So instead of trying to torture us by grinding day and night just for a cookie and being disappointed, please use my suggestion for the next update. Please keep up the good work and I hope there is more to come 🙂.Version: 2.9.001

Amazing!I personally have always been a fan of kingdom type games like dragon city but I feel like this game beats them all. With the many different floors and decor and them actually being decently priced so I can have a nice kingdom without even spending a single real dollar. Not only the kingdom itself but the other worlds seasonal updates so even if I complete everything there will still be more to explore and enjoy! The lore itself is like reading a book with complex characters and amazing conflicts and an actual plot the creators put so much work into this and you can really see it. The art is also amazing and this game is for all ages. I have a bunch of friends at school that play with me and everyone from my little sister to the teachers play. The only that I think could improve the game is some kind of trading system with friends that should be limited like only sending gems, but it’s would be really cool to be able to trade cookies tho kind of like how adopt me got corrupted with a bunch of scammers I hope the same thing wouldn’t happen to this game if that was created. Overall this game is so good I enjoy getting ads for it thank you guys for all the hard work you put into this game! :).Version: 2.5.101

Suggestions.Good game, nice design. Not to easy, not to hard. I respect it. Few suggestions, Just to say. 1: Better Gacha. An often complained system. Better rates, is my first idea. Make commons less common. I have been playing for 3 days. First day: unicorn cookie, Captain caviar cookie, Eclair cookie, and other good pulls. Second day: Wizard cookie must come with me every time, to ensure a waste of crystals. Best I got out of my last couple pulls are ancient Soulstones. Should give luck boosts through the week, not just for the one day I get a good amount of gems. Rainbow cubes are nonexistent, and gentle braves tux is pretty much guarantied. More codes every month; I’m keeping my DevSis account typed in the redeem page for October. Try playing your own game, see how hard it is without cheats just in Gacha. Yeah, not like you thought. Make wizard cookie not come along every time, at least with just Gingerbrave and Strawberry it’s 50/50. My good cookies never come with me, and I rely on the golden trio to spend 2 min apart. But my God, Harry Potter is too attached to his friends. 2: Levels. Playing the game. I have to play until episode 5 to do the Islands. So no black pearl cookie unless I save up until 2k pearls. I’m not doin IAP. Money nonexistent. But yeah, I have school, and I play another game. So I’m broke and Time limited..Version: 4.4.001

Great game but i have “harsh” criticismThe game is very good. I enjoy playing it, i play it when sad or upset. The mindset of being able to obtain cute cookies is adorable, but the events rush. The game itself is awesome. I enjoy playing purely because theres adorable cookies that you can choose from to fight with as you go on an adventure with an actual great story and dialogue rather than the game throwing you into the plot straight away- wait. It does that. At first, the game was confusing but its kind of beginner friendly and i like to see that but as an see it all the time add on to my tablet i don’t believe its a necessity. From time to time i find myself re-downloading the game because it got boring or i just didn’t want to play as in lack of motivation from playing for minutes, not to mention how hard it is to get gems. Although, i do think the game is generous. When you rejoin they give you free stuff for a full week. Their much more generous than genshin and i’ll give you credit for that (not to start a war between those two fandoms). Despite all those concerns and my harsh critique, i think that kids and adults will chuckle at it or find this game cute in one way or another..Version: 3.4.101

Good game but there are some issuesThis is a great game! It’s simple and fun! While I love this game and the cute characters, this game has gotten less fun to play over time. In recent updates it has become so much harder to play. It now takes months to pass a level and arena is just too difficult without a meta team. New characters need resources that I don’t have. I can’t use my favorite characters in battle anymore because it is too hard. I feel as if I can never be strong enough to the point where it has become extremely frustrating. I just wish the gameplay could be more even, so I am not forced to use specific teams to barely defeat something. Sometimes I also miss limited scenes because I am too weak to participate in an event. I also do not like the server setup. I can never play with my friends because I am in the vanilla server but my friends are in the others. I wish I can see more interaction between the characters and learn more about them. Additionally I personally do not enjoy repetitive grinding as much as I would genuinely enjoy actually playing. Overall, I have been playing this game for a long time. It is still fun, I just have specific issues I am unhappy with. I hope that I will still play in the future..Version: 3.2.101

The game is pretty good but there are some things that I have a problem withThe game is spectacular and I believe that it has great potential. But there are a few things that I have a problem with. First of all, the gacha prices are way too high. I think that 3000 diamonds as the price is way too high. I would say that we change the currency to coins instead of diamonds. Because since we get more of coins then diamonds, I think we should use that instead. Also, I think the probability of getting cookies is too low. I would appreciate it if devisisters would be able to change it to make it higher somehow. Also, some of the bosses in the story modes seems to be really hard. I would like it if it was a little easier so that people don’t get frustrated about not being able to beat it. Also, I would like it if there was a feature that would allow you to skip a stage for a certain amount of diamonds or coins. That would get rid of frustration of some players who are stuck on any stage. For now, I think that’s it. I think I’ll be doing reviews more often for that there are some improvements that need to be added to the game..Version: 4.0.001

Great but has some problemsIt’s truly a great game with fun characters, fun gameplay, and good storylines. It is easy to get enough for the gacha and the kingdom affairs are all quite fun and helpful. You also get to put in the appropriate amount of work to get the things you need. However, the shops such as the medal shop and the gallery that sell ancient and legendary soulstones are very inconsistent, as I have not seen the soulstones (hollyberry and sea fairy) I have been looking for after several restocks of said shops in a long time. Some stages are quite inaccurate about the power of the enemies you will fight, in episodes 9 and 10 I have had nearly double the power of the enemies yet still lost many times. The game also has issues with connection, too. The game often says I am not connected to the internet even if I am and everything else on my phone or other devices that need internet are working. The game also has a major crashing issue too, gameplay can be very smooth then randomly crash or freeze for no reason, which gets very annoying because this happens every day. I do suggest the game, especially to those with a moderate amount of patience, but it has flaws you will have to overlook to enjoy the game..Version: 2.5.101

A really good RPG but.. pay to win problems…I’m going to be discussing a really big problem in the cookie run kingdom community; the “whales”. Whales are classified as people who spent hundreds of dollars to unlock the best of the best. Examples are buying packages for jellies, or for magic candies, or buying items for special gachas such as Stardust’s gacha. If you still don’t agree with me, take arena for example. You could go in right now and see 5A Hollyberies, Sea Faries, Moonlights, Stardust’s and a lot, I mean A LOT of one shot comps consisting of some of the following cookies listed. Now.. as I am typing this, a big event just ended. Triple Cone Cup. A lot of people say this event was extremely pay to win and trash. I personally agree! The attack on the candy golem thing was used to gain points by using ridiculous DPS (Damage per second) teams. What I am saying is that people will pay to win to have overpowered teams and gain maximum points. And you could do this with arena; doing arena could be used to gain points and like I said earlier, you could use ridiculous p2w teams. Besides everything I have talked about, the game is really great! Please do something about the whole P2W problem, Devisisters. Thanks..Version: 4.5.101

Amazing game overallThis fighting Game is very nice there’s so many things you can do so many updates that come every day I honestly love the game entirely just everything to get it’s kind of really hard to get a lot of time do you have to pay to get it but it’s not one of those games where you have to pay to unlock everything it’s just if you don’t wanna like do the Gacha thing like cause it’s really hard to get them because they’re like ancient and legendary but overall it’s an awesome game I wouldn’t I wouldn’t delete the game for any reason it just needs a few more things like different categories. for the Gacha so if you want a healing type you can just like go to the healing category but if people wanted to just be randomized they can go to random category so they can wear anything fighting type healing type or maybe like you can design your own cookie to make add to your team I want you to be that easy you can select the type ancient or legendary common or rare and then you go to the Gacha And try to get it and there’s like a different GachaFor your own design so you can go to That GachaAnd get it from there. that’s all my comments so far!.Version: 3.9.101

A review by someone that wasn’t pitiedI’ve been playing the game for about a week now and I’d say that I have some experience with the game and this my review on it. And to get this out of the way I did not get pitied by the game as much as others the only “good cookies” I have is red velvet and espresso cookie. First of all, the game isn’t very in in your face about ads but it’s less than other games that bombard you with ads all though it does feel very pay to win. There is alternate ways of getting stuff in the game other time and as a person who doesn’t want to spend money on mobile games I’d say this aspect of the game is fine. Other thing is the game play which is simple and can be understood fairly quickly. It’s also nice how they have an auto feature which I think helps the game a lot. One last thing the gacha is very addicting. Unlocking epics and other cookies is very exciting. Also the game’s gacha can also be annoying at times and constantly having to grind for grinds Irritating to say the least. And the pity system is very weird in my case I got red velvet cookie fairly recently and not any others before that if you can count clover cookie. But besides some of the problems in the game it’s good..Version: 2.3.201

One of my favorite gamesIt’s a really fun game with a lot of options you can play kingdom arena world exploration and I really like dark mode so if you finish stop mode you can do dark mode it gives more cookies 1 or 2 days after the other cookies banner disappears there’s a lot to do and there’s a lot of the same thing but I never get tired since the release more stuff and world exploration gets harder but it never gets too hard since you can get new cookies and I love the fact if you don’t have a cookie you can get it from getting 20 soul stones of that cookie there are some glitches but it’s still a great game all the characters are adorable and I love how all the cookies are unique and all the updates with new cookies have a amazing theme and you can’t be on stage 9-14 then skip to 9-20 without doing any stages so starters can’t skip to 5-6 without completing 5-1 and they won’t get stuck and if you can’t beat a stage you can always replace another cookie for a different cookie for that stage I never get bored because of all the updates there are some annoying stuff but overall it’s a really good game if your always bored I highly recommend this game.Version: 2.7.201

Amazing game but some problems ☺️I have played this game for about weeks and I'm already in LVL 34 It's so addicting to play if I do say so myself but not other than that all the characters in the game or drop-dead adorable 😄 but let's come to conclusions now shall we? There are some levels that some of us can't beat even so I think that having to try and try again just to win is too much, in the end, you can't do it anymore until you level up your cookie which I am having trouble with my main cookies are all in level 36 and there supposed to be in level 45 already let's not forget that whenever you use their power skill It sometimes glitches and does not do it and there should be an artifact that gives us energy recharge because whenever you use the power it takes a long time to regenerate in my opinion I think that chili cookie should not be able to get on the banner is getting annoying of getting her for the 5 times but the people that do want her I think you could give her in some chests or a battle not sure really but not other than that the game is amazing but I think for starters you could at least give them a 10 pull for joining the game That's all thank you. 🥰.Version: 2.2.101

Love the game, heres some suggestions.I’ve been playing crk for just over 2 months and I’d have to say Its an amazing game, however there are a few aspects I’d love to see in the future. The main real issue I have with the game is the server-system. Its really frustrating when you and your friends choose different servers not realizing you are unable to switch later on and now your unable to be friend or send gifts. I thought about this and I realized that this might be because of the arena. So maybe after every season there could be a couple days to switch servers. Another thing I’d love to see added is the ability to save your kingdom. What I mean by this is the ability to save your kingdom layout and decor instead of completely deleting it every-time you want to redo your kingdom. Even if it only has 2-3 save slots that would be a great addition to the game. The last think I hope to see come to the game is more of Ovenbreaks cookies. Ovenbreak has so many more cookies than crk and I feel like its kinda annoying when you cant play your favorite cookie on your team because they arent available. But yeah just some suggestions.Version: 2.4.201

I highly recommend this app!First off, decorating and designing ur own kingdom is so fun and u get to be creative and u can unlock cookies and also decors to put in ur kingdom. u can get very powerful cookies and make them into one team to fight as much cake monsters u can. there’s so much stuff u can do like u can add people and visit their kingdom, I honestly don’t know why people give this one star because it’s a pretty good app and I really recommend u trying out cookie run while it may take time to get everything ready, everyday when u play u get to unlock new stuff and areas for ur kingdom to expand it. There’s different kinds of this app but i overall think this is the best because the designs of the cookies and whole point of the game is just really good and convincing. I can tell why people like this so much… another thing is having a dream cookie and finally getting it. please I beg u to download this app there’s no regrets, it’s so strange how people would give this 1 star, as well as a person making a review pretending to be one of those “uwu 🥰😍😘🤪🤪” people which is kinda annoying. But don’t listen to the one star reviews please download this app! - amia.Version: 2.2.101

Dear cookie run KingdomI’ve been playing this game for nine months and this game is really been on my mind like when I always get out of school I just go on my phone and play CookieRunKingdom and I am so obsessed with this game because X sleep like it I like this game and it’s so fun like I love it I like like how you give us new cookies like the antiques the Epix because like I just love it like you gave us dark cocoa Halle Berry pearl vanilla cookie and they were going to give Golden cheese and white lily but when we get all of those cookies I’m going to use those cookies and I’m gonna be so like excited for this game because you’ll need to keep your good work up and I really like this game because everybody around the world play it and I wanted to play too slow to see what was it about so I downloaded it and then it was just about some cookies and antiques and all that other stuff but don’t think don’t get me wrong now I love this game now and I’m not lying don’t get me wrong for real I love this game so yeah keep your good work out because I really love this work and it’s so fun and I just like this game so much to keep your good work up and thank you stay cookie run kingdom good.Version: 2.8.101

New updateEvery time I update the app it won’t let me in and keeps saying “New update available” But this game is so fun, I’d give it a 5/5, but it’s now a 4/5, :)).Version: 1.9.001

Too many Crashes!Why does this game have so many Crashes? Can you please fix this problem? Other than that it’s a good game.Version: 1.2.501

New Cookie IdeasHi I love this game but I would like to suggest three new cookies this first one would be a lemon and lime cookie I think it would look cool the second one would be an Orange cookie again having more fruit cookies would be cool and the third one would be a Cream puff cookie having a cream puff cookie would be cool in fighting because it’s power would be to explode and do damage but it won’t die from its attack and the cream puff cookie should be a bomber and be in the middle. Well those are all my cookie idea tell me if they are good..Version: 1.1.71

Great game butIt keeps crashing to the point where I can’t play it now.Version: 1.3.301

My herbPls give herb.Version: 2.1.001

I love it but, I have one complaint.Tbh, this game is amazing! I don't play it much anymore because I'm having trouble levelling up my cookies due to the lack of star jellies. Other than that; I love it!.Version: 2.5.101

😍Lilac…cookie ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥.Version: 2.2.101

Idea for cookies!I have an idea! What if we can reset our cookies and gain only 60% back. For example if a cookie is lvl 45 and I don’t use it anymore I can reset it and make it back to lvl 1! Getting 60% of the powders, money, and star jellies I have used in that cookie! This would help players in many ways that wasted items on cookies they won’t really use anymore. But, I also think there should be specific items just to reset that cookie. Please tell me if this is a good idea..Version: 3.2.001

YesPure vinilla cookie is hot.Version: 2.3.201

For the people who did 1 starY’all are being so dramatic if you have problems it aint cookie run kingdom its yo device my dudes your probably using an old device or a slow device to play crk yall are just being dramatic also dont beg for star jellies or crystals you have to grind and work for them you cant always get your stuff for free. Dont expect to get an epic or a legendary or anchient in the gacha because the gacha is to test ur LUCK not for you to expect what u want and think youll get it so shut yo god damn keyboards and turn that 1 star to a 5-4 bc yall just hatin bc your using a slow device and begging for better stuff.Version: 2.9.001

LOVE ITT- but..Ok, of all mobile games i've played, this HAS to be my favourite. From the cute style to the gameplay and story, its an art piece. My only complaint is that it takes up a lot of space. this is common for gacha games, but there's gotta be a way to lower the storage requirement. also, it's been laggibg and crashing so much lately it's almost unplayable. other than that, 10/10! I recommend this to anybody that likes gacha games, a smooth plot, and some cool characters!.Version: 3.10.101

Damn this is addictingThis is very adorable I will never find another rpg like this, this is very unique.Version: 2.7.201

Crashing :(Idk if it’s just me or cookie run keeps crashing but good game tho (ㄏ ̄▽ ̄)ㄏ.Version: 2.2.001

For the people whose game keeps crashing…You guys keep complaining that your game is crashing and giving it a 1 star but that’s not devsisters fault. It’s probably because of your trashy devices 💀💀find a solution or keep whining to devsisters about a problem that’s your device’s fault. I’m actually tired of scrolling through reviews of y’all complaining abt your game crashing..Version: 3.8.101

YesI love espresso cookie and red velvet cookie pls omg 🤤🤤🤤.Version: 2.1.101

Works well for a mac portGame works fine for a mac installment, good to have when I can't use my other devices.Version: 4.3.101

🙁Pls give herb and sparkling.Version: 2.3.001

BugI try to play the new event but whenver I do the trial it keeps saying that I have no network connection.Version: 3.8.001

Very goodI marry espresso please please I’m begging let me marry him please.Version: 4.8.001

😩I give you 5 star you give me sea fairy😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘.Version: 4.8.001

:/Amazing! Love the art! But I rate it a three because it takes TOO MUCH STORAGE and I literally had to delete 4 or 3 apps and a lot of photos and this still doesn’t download..Version: 4.4.101

Summer updateHey devsisters can we have a summer update? We could have lime cookie, and the rest of the citrus squad with some summer costumes please im begging you for this update 🥺🙏.Version: 4.4.001

One of my favourite comfort gamesThis game is a must play!.Version: 4.4.001

Please add theseI think you should make TWICE cookies because of there new album ready to be and it would just be awesome! Please take Consideration.Version: 4.1.001

OoooooO00oooOOGive sorbet more costumes.Version: 3.11.101

😩🙏Why you gotta make the cookies so FINE tho 😩🥴 im boutta make affogato cookie iceCREAM so hard if yknow what i mean 😍🤪.Version: 3.9.101

💀💀gulp gulp gulpI think you should add a thing where you can trade different cookies to people!.Version: 3.8.301

Bts cookieBts is cookies are so hot like dam.Version: 3.8.101

3/5 should be 5I’m so upset I can’t participate in the concert part of the BTS crossover. Every time I go to do the tutorial one it always at the Edna says network not connection. Try again. And then I have to leave the game and come back in just to lose all my progress. I’ve tried multiple times and this has not changed. I cannot progress in the concert which is so sad. Please fix this I would love to play. 😢.Version: 3.8.001

Meme update plsI dont like the bts but I do like the game there should be a meme update like the rock and the bacrooms.Version: 3.8.001

GlitchesThe game is one of the best in the world,but in the BTS collab i beat mic drop but it wont let me continue.i hope this is fixed soon..Version: 3.8.001

Love the gameI. Personally love this game. It’s so well made and I’ve been playing it since 2022. I love this game and hope for more cool updates on the future. I also have a cookie idea and hope to see it one day even if it take 1 million years. How about a ice cream sundae cookie. It could shoot out ice cream at people and I think it would be very cute.Version: 3.1.001

Luv it!! :0000I love this game I play it everyday it’s so awesome 😎Can u add moonlight cookie tho she’s ma fav 😍.Version: 2.9.001

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 4.9.101

What do you think CookieRun: Kingdom ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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  • CookieRun: Kingdom ipad image 1
  • CookieRun: Kingdom ipad image 2
  • CookieRun: Kingdom ipad image 3
  • CookieRun: Kingdom ipad image 4