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Planetary Hours Widget Customer Service

The planetary hours calculates unequal hours (through daily/nightly time intervals) from sunrise/sunset and helps you keep track of the ruling planetary hours on your mobile devices like iPhone or iPad, watchOS devices like iWatch.

You can keep the planetary hours on your home screen with iOS widget. You do not need to open the Planetaro app for a quick look.

Planetary hours app automatically finds your location on your iPhone and calculates hours according to your position. Planetaro offers also a watch app for your Apple Watch.

- Planetary hours
- Widgets
- Ruler of the day
- Customisable notifications
- Customise user interface
- Customise colours
- Automatically location finder
- iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
- Planetary clock calculator
- Planet of the day
- Remaining time calculator

It is meant for making the best use of time and also understanding the self, environment, and relations in real-time as well as in general. The planetary hours and Planetaro days calculator is based on the ancient Star of the Magi principle. The main rule is quite simple: the planet that rules the day and the hour promotes those activities which are in tune with its principle and can impede those activities which are of the opposite nature. Planetaro displays the astrologic hours for the current day. Also, the user can see the list of the hours for the chosen date.

Planetary clock calculation is an ancient astrological method to find out what is favorable for the current time being and what is not. Developed in Hellenistic astrology, it has possible roots in older Babylonian astrology, and it is the origin of the names of the days of the week as used in English and numerous other languages. App shows which of the seven traditional planets (stars) of the zodiac is ruling the moment. In the Planetaro the user has the ability to choose combination of planetary rulers - hour ruler, moving forward or backward in time.

The classical seven planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon, and they take rulership over the hours in this sequence.

Planetary Hours Widget App Comments & Reviews

Planetary Hours Widget Positive Reviews

Sweet and simpleEasy to use, love the widget too. Would appreciate am/pm time format option..Version: 1.0.1

Watch App needs improvementI wanted an app that would allow me to have the planetary hour as a “complication” on my Apple Watch face. While this app does have a complication option, it displays as the words “planetary...” You have to tap on it and open the app to see the current hour. It shouldn’t be too hard to create a dynamic display that shows the planetary glyph for the current hour, without having to tap and open the app..Version: 1.2

LoveThis app is super nice i really enjoy having it. using it as a widget is great as well and the aesthetic is beautiful! the only thing is i wish it would give you the option to only get notified of the planet of the day. meaning if it is sunday, being notified of it being the sun hour would be great, as i love to meditate during the hour that is aligned with the day of the week. having them all turned on just so i can be aware is a little bit too much. otherwise great app!.Version: 1.4

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