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Lemon8 is THE destination for sharing and exploring. On Lemon8, photo and video content are refreshing, diverse and informative. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, beauty lover or looking for a food recipe, travel itinerary, there's something for everyone on Lemon8. All you have to do is browse, record and engage with what you like, and you'll find personalized content just for you. From a shopping haul experience or a book recommendation, Lemon8 has the contents that are guaranteed to make your time worthwhile.

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Lemon8 - Lifestyle Community App Comments & Reviews

Lemon8 - Lifestyle Community Positive Reviews

So much fun and I've inspired by a lot of these womenThis app has been an absolute joy. I'm still not sure I'm using it right but I'm learning as I go and I don't really care if it gets large or not. I'm enjoying it just as it is it's got his own flair. It's got its own camera it's guys on system and I'm really enjoying it, it's also good to learn something new keeps your mind fresh, so yes, I love it very very very very very much. Thank you lemonade.8 and by the way, if you're reading this, it's not just for young people it's for everybody cause I don't dress my age I never have and never have and I really. Enjoy being creative and it's gotten me to think a little bit more about how I'm dressing every day and I have more fun with it because that's what it supposed to be is an expression of how you're feeling or at this time in her life or whatever it is and I'm just really having the most fun with it. Thank you..Version: 3.9.1

Refreshing! And thoroughly enjoying it so far!This app has been a breath of fresh air to say the least! I really enjoy the layout and posting format of Lemon8. I also really really like that we can add links to our profiles without a minimum follower requirement - THAT is awesome and helps us all connect even more. **Literally my 1 flaw I’ve found is they don’t have a ‘toggle’ option (As of this review on 4/9/23). I thought maybe the recent update would fix that but it wasn’t in that bug fix. Being able to be logged into multiple accounts and toggle back and forth is really beneficial to a lot of us with personal accounts, business or esthetic accounts and I’d love for that toggle to be added ASAP 🤞🏼 Right now you have to fully log out, and log back in each time to switch accounts..Version: 3.9.5

Fresh platform for all my interestsThis app has taken the best of Pinterest, Instagram and blogging into one place. The editing and filters are better than most paid apps, I was blown away. I’m having SO much fun posting and not caring if it’s getting 1,000 views like on Instagram. The communities already forming on Lemon8 are really encouraging. So far, it’s mostly women I’m seeing and connecting with. Everyone has been supportive and honest, which is refreshing. They just want to share their life story and that’s what social should be about. There’s almost a plea from most everyone on the app to “keep it this way”. It won’t. But, instead of trying to force it to be something, get in early/now and be part of the growth to take it in the direction you/we want to see..Version: 4.0.0

Idk….It feels very OG IG meets instagram stories and a bit of Pinterest. I love that. But what it’s lacking is the tiktok feel of “Real People.” They are on the app it’s just they are currently getting washed out by all the big makeup & fashion influencers you can find on any other app. I can’t tell if their goal was just to get as many people on the app as soon as possible, spread the word fast, and that’s why it’s not very inclusive right now or if this is the direction they want this app to go. That has not been made clear. Unless the clarity is in the lack of having a pet category. No photography (being a photo first app). Art. Music. Motherhood section/community is lacking as well & so many others. I get that those can & probably will develop over time, but there’s already so many amazing influential people in these industries / categories that they could have brought in to help pilot this app yet chose purely beauty & fashion influencers & their content is all the algorithm picks up regardless of who you interact with. I get enough of that on other platforms. Because of that I am already feeling drained seeing the same makeup & morning routine 1000 times. Not sure there is much more to gain from this app at the moment but the same fashion advice repeated to you 1000 times. I do hope it evolves though, because it has potential!.Version: 3.9.5

Good but needs some serious additionsThis app needs a few things like an art tab for one, but also a way to draft and schedule your posts. I also think you should be able to add videos in the same post as a photo. As an artist, I like to post the art and then a speed painting video of the art in the same post. I also think limiting this app to certain things like beauty, fashion, home, and health is stunting on what this app could be in the future. Like all major platforms have an array of things you can create content on. If it limit’s itself only to those things I listed I don’t think this app could compete with instagram, Pinterest, or even tumblr if that is this apps goal. I would personally be less likely to stick with this app if it doesn’t expand the array of content it promotes on it’s platform..Version: 3.9.1

Its like pinterest and instagram had a baby!Amazing app, the inspo i get from pinterest but way better! So simple and easy to use with amazing tips! I loveee that there are no ads! I just hope it remains like that even after this app gets more love! I haven’t found an app like this for a while, I’ve been a fan of weheart it and once they started getting annoying with the ads I’ve tried finding something similar to switch to! This is it, only way better! Also like it better than instagram, because the creators have all of the info u need in the post, no annoying “check out the link in my bio for more info” and such! I reaaaally hope it stays so pure!.Version: 4.1.5

Lemon8 aestheticI downloaded this wanting to find a way to still be able to find things that are inspiring without having to feel like i was in “competition” with everyone else as instagram does. it gives very much Pinterest vibes, which i am a HUGE fan of because it actually gives you the ability to interact with one another as well. i am not super huge on social media but, love the concept of this app. it gives me/us an opportunity to be ourselves without judgment & is really just a way to help express ourselves freely. the aesthetic of it is so pleasing & gives me even more joy on why i joined! so far i have no negative comments about it..Version: 4.0.0

TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATIONI am writing to express my concern regarding the security of your app. as a user of your service, i believe it is essential to highlight the need for a two-factor authentication process in the application. in this digital age, security threats are increasing day by day, and bad people are becoming smarter in their ways of accessing sensitive information. a single password is no longer enough to secure our data, and we need an extra layer of protection. two-factor authentication is a proven security measure that adds an additional layer of security to user accounts. it ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive information and helps prevent unauthorised access. i urge you to consider implementing two-factor authentication in your application to provide a secure and safe user experience. by doing so, you will not only protect your users’ sensitive data but also gain their trust and loyalty. thank you for taking the time for consider my request. i look forward to your prompt action in this matter. sincerely,.Version: 3.9.5

Lemon8 off with an impressive start 🍋I downloaded the app as soon the released it just to see how similar or different it was from the other social media app and i was very impressed about how organized and how everything was structured. I’ve been active on the app for 3-4 weeks now and loving it, I really hope that lemon8 don’t minimize the black and queer creators like the other apps do. I hope lemon8 really display our queer community and boost the positive and joy we try yo bring to every social platform. My page is all about my black queer lifestyle and i want to see more if that. Justme_Diane is all about the community ✨✨..Version: 3.9.1

So far so good!When I saw a new app was rolling out and gaining momentum, I honestly thought “Do we really need another platform to consume all our time?” However, I can honestly say that I would gladly ditch IG to keep creating on this platform. No exaggeration. Here’s why.. IG has been overrun with ads, product pushing, and the algorithm pushes content inconsistently and out of order. Lemon8 has been amazing so far by simply inspiring creativity, building community, exposing you to followers you probably haven’t been able to come across on other apps, and the editing features are SO MUCH FUN!! I can’t wait to see how it plays out long term..Version: 3.9.1

Impressed but have some suggestionsI haven’t used the app long I just downloaded it but I really like it so far. A couple suggestions that I would have would be to be able to choose if I just want to see videos or still posts and make them easy to switch to and from the videos and posts. Also, to be able to scroll through either the search results or creators content without having to switch back to the rest of the results. In other words being able to continuously scroll through whatever content there is until the end. I can’t wait to explore more of the app and so far I’m very impressed..Version: 3.9.0

So many honest review and aesthetic pleasing content!I’ve been using this app these days, and I have to say I LOVE this 🍋They don’t have ads on it! You won’t be bothered by the random ads like on other platforms!!! The creation tool is very user friendly, I don’t need another editing app to post content. And everyone in this community is so supportive, I feel very welcomed. You can feel that they paid efforts on creating these honest review content, the caption is authentic, and pictures are aesthetic pleasing at the same time. I’m so sure it will be the next popular app!.Version: 3.9.1

Carousel posts not showing up to anyone but me?To start off, I think this app is adorable and I love the community feel and the types of content creators are sharing! It feels like a combination of Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram - which is amazing! However, when I try to post a carousel post (multiple pictures per post) - it is not visible to anyone but me. Yes, I did check the privacy settings and they are set to public. I have posted single pictures to my feed and they have worked and have been shown to my followers. Not sure if I am missing something or if there is an extra approval step? Would love to have access to all the features so I can continue to use this app! Thank you!.Version: 3.9.1

Very promising but could use some more improvementAbsolutely love the vibe and the clean interface, however it does feel a little limited right now (April 2023). Not that many categories for the for you page, and the ability to switch the way you view posts would be a huge plus. Switching to a more Instagram style scrolling, or a more Pinterest style (it’s currently mostly like that) where you can click on a picture or video but then continue swiping to see more posts without going back to that zoomed out view. Super promising app, and I’m hoping it’ll make me delete Instagram :).Version: 3.9.1

OG instagram is back with a mix of pinterest??!!I downloaded this app for another platform in case tiktok gets removed. I love this app and check it more than instagram. The community has been amazing nothing to complain about. It seem very organic with how we receive the post and how post get viewed. I honestly feel like it’s perfect maybe a few updates but hope it doesn’t go crazy with the features as we’ve seen other apps do. I hope more join the app and have fun using it like the rest of us are..Version: 4.0.0

Let me find my peopleLemon8, I’m trying your app, and it’s ok - except that I NEED to have a quicker way to control what I see on my feed. As it is I have to go through and block the creator if I don’t like what they post. That would be unnecessary if there was a quick “dislike” or “see less of this” button. No shade to people posting what they wanna post. I want them to have their platform. But some things trigger me or bother me, and not being able to opt out of seeing content like that makes the app really unpleasant to use. I worry that by clicking through to the block option, the algorithm sees me “engaging“ with that content and just gives me more of it. YIKES!.Version: 4.3.5

I LOVE LEMON 8!!I am seriously obsessed with this app…the overly aesthetic posts i am just in love with. it makes it so easy to learn and romanticize life and i just love it so much. one complaint i have is that even if you just view a few of the same kinds of posts, not even liking them or anything, your entire feed becomes curated to that type of content! just because i view it, does not need i want to see it constantly. i wish it only showed you the kind of content that you like or comment on.Version: 4.3.1

Lemon8 the new InstagramIf this application can keep the advertisers and the bots off, then this may be a new place where people can share their lifestyles ideas and artwork because now the other social media applications have been saturated this will be a new ground for people to show their artwork before the opportunity to come and try to flood the algorithm to where we’re not able to see each other anymore. So far more people are seen my artwork on this app than any other..Version: 3.9.5

In loveIs like Instagram and Pinterest made a baby 🍋. Absolutely love it. They don’t have ads yet and I love that. The app is easy to use, has a lot of different filters, templates, texts you can use to make your photos or videos stand out. P.S. Lemon8 team please check the hashtags. Whenever I try to use some of them, my videos don’t basically appear into any hashtags I’m using and is such a bummer. Is on and off. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t work at all. Thank you!.Version: 3.9.5

So fun & easy to use!I feel like this app has restarted my interest in social media. It allows me to create the content I would want to make for TikTok, if it weren’t for needing to do video. I prefer photos and this is the perfect outlet! Kind of a mix between Pinterest & Instagram. It’s extremely user friendly! Only downside is that there are minimal topic categories and doesn’t seem to hit the male audience. This app seems to be primarily for females. It’s also another app for majority to post their “highlights” of their life, unlike TikTok, which comes off as more realistic content..Version: 3.9.1

Feels clutteredI just downloaded this app because i saw people saying that it was kinda like a smush of pintrest, instagram, and tiktok. I think it really is similar to all of those things, but it feels really cluttered. It is like pintrest in the basic interface, but you cannot scroll from one post to another, which makes it a little frustrating. As I was setting up my profile, I was a little confused because it was showing at only 90% complete. I clicked through a little more and it wanted to know information about exactly where I lived. It just felt a little uncomfy giving them that much info The last thing that I have found frustrating is that on the app store, the age is listed as 12+ but when I signed up for the app, it would not let me join unless I put my birthday to put me over 18 Overall complaints: Cluttered Interface Wants a lot of location information On the app store it says 12+ but on the app it wants (I assume) 18+.Version: 3.9.1

Fresh new social mediaI am really enjoying this app. For the most part, it is very relaxing and I see lots of content I’m interested in such as books, video games, and makeup. It feels like a safe space. The reason I didn’t rate 5 stars is we NEED a “not interested” option for content that we don’t like. As a plus size feminist, I don’t want to see fatphobic and anti-abortion posts. I don’t want to have to click the posts to block the creator, I just want to be able to hold down and choose not interested so I will see less of it. Thanks!!.Version: 4.2.5

If old Instagram and Pinterest had a baby🥰Firstly, I’m from the days of Instagram being a beta app that was exclusive to iOS and loooong before Meta bought it and turned it into the influencer machine that it is now. Back in the day, Instagram was about creation, art, and making connections with other people. It was photo based and video support didn’t exist for a long time. So it was a chronological flood of art, creation, fun writing, and everything in between. Lemon 8 has returned that to us in this app. You can absolutely post video in Lemon8 but the app really seems to favor images and creator based content. Not the sell sell sell aspect you get from Instagram and I hope this app really keeps to this format because humanity needs it. Think Pinterest and old Instagram had a baby and you get Lemon8. It’s refreshing..Version: 3.9.5

Fun app needs improvementsLove the app and concept of the app. It’s very fun and aesthetically pleasing. You can find everything you’re looking for . The only cons are really in regards to the boards. It gets very glitchy and crashes every time you make a new board so you have to exit the app and then go back which is super frustrating . Other than the glitches which I would hope would be resolved soon, I have no complaints ! It’s basically like Instagram and Pinterest combined ! With a mix of LTK(like to know it ) ..Version: 4.0.0

I never leave reviews…But felt compelled to do so for this app! It has honestly been SO refreshing creating content on this app as opposed to the draining, rat race feeling of Instagram (or TT, etc.). Not to mention there’s no ads, growth incentives to spend your money, and I’m seeing NEW faces and NEW content. I’m so into it. Def having a glitch or two here and there re some carousel posts not showing up for others, though. Figure it’s still early on in development. Excited to create and grow here!.Version: 3.9.1

Great App but…I loved the app, but my post aren’t showing up. It’s like they vanished. When I tried logging out and back in, it won’t let me, it’s like I never created an account. However when I look at my account from a friends phone it’s there with no posts, all though each posted post has downloaded to my phones camera roll. Now I can’t get back into my account. Please work on this and maybe security/authentication of account..Version: 4.1.0

So happy every time I open the appI love the layout and features! It’s like IG, TikTok, Pinterest and Canva all in one! I also love when I open the app all the new people that are curated to me and they all align with my interest! I literally want to follow all the accounts I see! Also love how it’s like a digital scrape book and I feel more inclined to post on here because I don’t feel like this has to be this perfect picture like IG! Love it can’t say good enough things about it! Lemon8 all the way!.Version: 3.9.5

Better than instagramThis app actually has potential and makes me wanna get back on unlike apps like give that went viral for a moment and then gets forgotten about. You can look at videos and photos. It’s the perfect for content creators too. The app is like Pinterest and Tik Tok together. It’s aesthetic pleasing and caters to your interest. Hopefully the creators of lemon8 keep encouraging others to join and use the app so there will be content for all interests..Version: 3.9.1

Will not let me create an accountThe app looks really amazing to use, although whenever I try to make an account, it says that my age is not eligible. Though I put in an age that was older than the required age, it still wouldn’t let me in. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or something, but my mom also tried to make an account on her phone, but it still said we were not eligible. We are both older than the required age and it still says we are not eligible. Thanks in advance! 🤍.Version: 4.1.5

It's good but can be betterI love that this is a photo heavy app so I don't have to make a whole video just to show my art. However there are some tweaks I would make. I wish that there were more categories for things such as art. There is a big art community on lemon8 but there's not a category for us still. I also wish that we had something like Instagram stories. I want to post the progress on my art without spam posting the same art with some changes on my page..Version: 4.0.1

Whoa this app!This app is a breath of fresh air! I love the vibes of the layout and I love that it’s no pressure like other socials that just are starting to feel really fake. I saw someone refer to this app as a soft space and that it just what it’s giving- community, ease,fun. Let’s build this app to stand out as it should and let’s support each other by truly engaging and connecting in the comment sections without looking for a follow. This app whoa! If you’re not on it what are you waiting for?.Version: 3.9.5

Overly curated and perfectI deleted Lemon8 after a month. Everyone posts that they don’t want a niche, no influencer content, let’s be “real”. While posting highly curated, highly edited, overly perfect content. It was boring. And unless time was taken to push the same Canva-esque content, photos weren’t being viewed. Where’s the authenticity that’s being screamed about? This is not the app’s fault so I’m still giving it 5 stars for aesthetic, ease of posting, and cuteness!.Version: 4.0.5

The social media platform we’ve been waiting for!!!Lemon8 is an inspiring social platform that focuses on Lifestyle content. This is not a TikTok alternative as much as it is an IG alternative. Lemon8 is an app I use for inspiration and for inspiring others. The content I follow is carefully curated and the content I create is meant to showcase elements of my life that I would not otherwise share while adding a little value along the way. I thoroughly love the refreshing experience that is Lemon8..Version: 4.0.0

I like the idea but needs workI really love the idea of this app and the creativity it produces. However, I have tried posting a couple of times and my friends have noticed that they can not see some of my posts. I’m not sure why this is as I can see them in my profile. This is very frustrating as I’m trying to put a lot of work into what I post. I tried contacting support but no response yet..Version: 3.9.1

Nice AppSo far, the app is nice but I’m already over the fonts and texts people add over their photos. I think it personally looks pretty ugly. Hope the more people get on it the more they overlook that “magazine” “product promotion” feature. Like I’m just a regular person who wants to post pretty pictures with my friends. Not everything has to be titles as “inspo” or “how to” like make it stop. Use a hashtag instead!.Version: 3.9.0

AMAZING! BUT…I love the app already and I just started using it today!! One thing I would recommend for future updates is subcollections! For example, I have a gym collection of posts from other people. I would like to have subcategories within that gym folder for Leg days, chest and tris, back and bis, Ect. If you could pls implement this, the app would be above everything. Thank you for reading, please consider :).Version: 4.3.5

LOVE ITThis app is super addicting in my opinion, I'm a bookworm and I find the best book recommendations on here AND there are so many different types of foods whether it be healthy or something sweet with the ingredients right below which you don’t get with many apps honestly. Very thankful with the fact that it popped up on Instagram because I’ve been wanting to try new healthy foods with no clue where to start.Version: 4.3.1

Loving it but…..I’m loving the app, it gives off very pleasing and aesthetic vibes. It seems to prefer photos over videos; although that may change in the future, I’m hoping they add more to the lifestyle of different types of people. And example of this is me as an artist, doesn’t have an art section in there and for those artsy people who know what I’m talking about, art is essentially a lifestyle for us, and can add a very aesthetic view to our lives through the app!.Version: 4.1.0

Enjoying it so farHi all, I’ve been using Lemon8 for a few months now and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik tok combined. I’m a little unsure of how accurate the views on your posts are, and it would be great to better understand analytics behind engagement of the posts to better reach my community. So there is room for improvement but I’m here for it 👍.Version: 4.3.5

I MIGHT STAY 😌❤️This feels like instagram and it could be so much more. The profile and FYP set up is perfect, similar to Instagram’s. However, there’s no way to directly message people. Also, the FYP is more of an explorer page. The “following” page is what needs to be the FYP. You definitely need to change that. Also, the FYP needs to have an infinite scroll, similar to TikTok. Lastly, I want more color schemes. You currently only have a light mode, and I prefer dark mode apps. But a variety of colors would be much appreciated..Version: 3.9.0

Love it but glitchyI love the app!! It’s literally the dream child of all my favorite apps in one. I just can’t seem to get by all the bugs. It won’t let me complete my profile. Every time I reach 100% it just resets. It also won’t show my own posts to people. I can see them when I’m on my profile and it’s all public but other people can’t see them when accessing my profile. Quite annoying but hoping it’ll be fixed soon because I really do like this app!.Version: 3.9.0

Love the format, don’t change it!I just started using Lemon & I have to say so far the format is so aesthetically pleasing. My only issue is that I’m unable to save a post to multiple collections, I’m only allowed to save a post to one collection. I also feel like there should be a feature where we can choose to see less of certain people..Version: 3.9.1

I’m loving your app. The only issue is.When I go to post a video like I do on TikTok it only shows up on my profile and I have another business account on there when I go to view it that video doesn’t pop up and it’s the same thing for both accounts so if you could please fix that that would be appreciative.Version: 3.9.1

Great app! small concernsLove how aesthetically pleasing it is!! a mix of instagram stories and canva. i’ve only been using it two days and my current request would be to allow users to edit the font or alignment of text in a label template. cuerrently, if you try to edit font or alignment of text in a label template, it will tell you that you cannot do that in a template. ALSO i’d appreciate if the arrows could switch directions/reverse!.Version: 3.9.1

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