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Battle through a series of challenging Arenas and prove that you have what it takes to enter the fabled Hall of Masters and seize your glory!

From the creators of Bloons TD 6 comes a brand new installment of the top-rated head-to-head tower defense game. Gather your Hero, choose your team of powerful Monkey Towers, and prepare to battle one on one against other players and relentless waves of Bloons!

Competitive Tower Defense!
* Outwit and overwhelm your opponent in intense head-to-head play
* Balance the strength of your defenses while preparing a Bloon offensive that blitzes your opponent
* Countless strategic combinations can lead you to victory

Skill Based Gameplay!
* Match with players of similar rank as you work your way through 9 unique arenas
* Reach Hall of Masters to battle the best on a dynamic elo-based leaderboard
* Earn and display unique badges each season based on progress

Lock and Load!
* Select from familiar Heroes and brand new Alts with unique upgrades
* 21 Monkey Towers with 15 unique upgrades each to customize your build
* Brand new Bloon send system optimizes economy building and attacks

Build Your Bling!
* Win in style as you customise your loadout from hundreds of cosmetic items
* Flex with unique animations, emotes, bloon skins, and more
* New content added every season!

And of course tons of content and new feature updates are planned to make Bloons TD Battles 2 even more awesomer. What are you waiting for? It’s time to Battle!

Bloons TD Battles 2 App Comments & Reviews

Bloons TD Battles 2 Positive Reviews

Great game, but a lot of issuesThis game takes a lot of what bloons td battles did, and made it much better, however there are a lot of balancing issues. i have had to play over 15 games with the same towers, to even get a tier 3 on any of them. the XP you gain is based on how long the match lasts, which is never very long because you unlock balloons way too fast. in the first game you couldn’t even send anything for a few waves, now i’m getting swarmed by blue balloons on round 2. i can only get a single unupgraded tower down by then. the fun of bloons td battles came from the chill matches where you actually built a defense and built your economy, but in this you unlock balloons so fast it’s more like a battle for who can send more balloons faster. the main fun of the game is just gone. there’s also the trophy gain system and the battle points. you gain more chests than you can open because of how few you get, and you only get 1 trophy per win, and its 100 for the next arena. that is just outrageous. all your doing is trying to get people to spend money on your game, but all your doing is making everyone hate your game edit: another really big thing is, why do you have ads? no other bloons game has had them and every time i get ad i just close the game and go play something else. it’s almost like your trying your hardest to discourage players from actually making progress in your game. i don’t know what happened to NK but please step up your game.Version: 1.0.5

Still a great game but suffers from a lot of the same issues from the first game.I loved the original game and when I saw that they released a sequel, I was excited to try it out. Unfortunately the game suffers from a lot of the same problems as the original, the matchmaking is relatively the same which is fine. But I was hoping that they would implement a feature where if you don’t have all the monkeys unlocked or all the upgrades for those monkeys then you would get matched with people who also don’t, I have no problem playing with people who have everything since I still remember how to play from the original but a simple toggle option for new players would be nice. Also there is a new issue in the game where if you upgrade a monkey in a certain discipline path; the game won’t tell which upgrades you can get next, why did they get rid of this?!? It was a simple feature and now it’s gone. For example if you wanted to get all the starter upgrades to get a coconut cannon then the game would tell you “unlocks path to Coconut cannon” or “Unlocks path to MOAB mauler” and it would show a picture of the next upgrade faded black and with a red arrow. I hope that they add this back because it can-be really confusing to remember what upgrades lead to what when you’re rapidly placing down monkeys in a tough round. Loving the game so far but it could use these improvements..Version: 1.0.5

BTD battles 2To begin, I like this game, it’s very fun and the gameplay would probably be 5 stars. However, as many others have pointed out, the leveling up system is pretty bad. However, since ninja kiwi buffed exp, it’s gotten better, even without VIP I’m close to a tier 5 tack shooter. The main issue in my opinion is that you don’t get exp for towers you don’t use in battle outside the pitiful amount from chests you get every 7 battles or so. This means it encourages you to play with a variety of towers, which is good right? Not really since for one, some towers are much much better than others, and for two, playing with under leveled towers is a recipe for losing. It actually incentivizes losing all the way to the second arena just to grind exp from wins against bad players. It’s really not ideal. A possible fix is to give the majority of points from chests (like clash Royale) and make it be from any tower. Or you could use a matchmaking system like brawlstars to pair you with others with bad leveled towers. A few other problems I find from playing so far are how bloon sends are unintuitive to use for eco, and how the game is very unbalanced in general. Also, some more variety in gameplay would be good. I know different stats provide that, but with unbalanced stuff, and bad leveling up, it doesn’t really work. I’m to lazy to proofread so sorry for grammar bads.Version: 1.0.2

Hope for the futureI’ve been a big fan of the Bloons series for many years, and one of my favorites was BTD Battles. This updated version is just about as fun as the first, but like all NinjaKiwi games, it’s got some major problems on launch. To start, Tower XP is one of the biggest issues. In the previous game, you could win medallions in fights, which could allow you to get towers and unlock upgrades. In this version, you instead to tower xp from using towers in games. This normally wouldn’t be an issue since it gives new players time to learn towers instead of throwing all the upgrades at them. But the glaring problem is the XP earn rate. You earn xp so slowly it can take around 15 games of spamming a single tower everywhere before you earn enough to unlock a single tier 3 upgrade. This makes grinding the only option for getting higher tiers, and god forbid you win enough to move to higher arenas without any tier 4 upgrades. I’m not gonna go over the other problems since they’re not big deals, but this one was certainly the worst part. I would still recommend getting the game though since it is fun. I can only hope NinjaKiwi update the game soon with a new XP system..Version: 1.0

Right Idea, Poor ExecutionI was looking forward to playing this game but then as I play more and more I become discouraged from playing. For starters, mobile performance is sort of choppy, although it's not my biggest concern since I am playing from a Iphone 7, I just brought it up because I thought it would run as smooth as BTD 6. On the other hand some balance changes need to occur, I more than 100% sure Im just bad at the game but its sort of annoying when the game goes from being strategy and planning to "Haha Im gonna click these bloons the entire game and overwhelm you early on. I know that this is how you grow your eco since its been that way since BTD Battles but something about it in this game sort makes the gameplay mot worth while. I'm probably just being to nice to my opponent by not sending them waves of bloons each millisecond because I want to see who's strategy and set of monkeys will last endurance wise but its really annoying going into a game onto to lose 5 minutes in because of constant eco-ing. Other than that I don't really have any other complaints and hope that these issues are addressed in the future. Keep it up Ninja Kiwi 🤟 Edit: I'm back again, suddenly the game has been giving me ads that won't close or the game unexpectedly closes whenever I try and get into a game :/.Version: 1.0.2

Great Game, but has some things it could fix.I LOVE Bloons Tower Defense games, and I always have. But with this game there are some super unbalanced things. For example, a purple rush. Once you reach the round that you can send out purple bloons pretty much instantly, you can easily get around 2,000 dollars by waiting or selling your towers, and there is LITERALLY NO DEFENSE that can stop this. At ths point its just whoever realizes that you can send compact purples first wins, because there isn’t any defense for them. This might change later in the game, but at least in the 1-20 trophy arena, its impossible to counter because you only have tier 3 towers max. Like maybe a blade maelstrom could counter it, but at this point in the game, it’s so hard to level up and such that you won’t have any of those things unlock. I would say to fix this you could either make the purples more expensive, or (the way that I think is better) make leveling go a lot faster. I know there are like the multiplier things, but I don’t want to have to pay to win, because that’s kind of what early game is like, just getting lucky and sending purples first, or paying to level up a ton faster..Version: 1.0

Before you play / State of game (Launch)I can’t deny that this is a great successor to a great game, however like many others right now, I will also state that the game is nowhere near complete. The launch of this game has two major issues, Loading and XP Grinding. Every time I start the game, even when I get off for about 10 minutes and get back on, there’s an extensive downloading section of about 400MB, now if this happened once or twice I wouldn’t mind, but this happens just about every time you launch the app. Now for the serious problem of XP grinding. The state of the game right now is heavy on P2W, as if you want the 3x XP boost, you need to pay for the VIP access, normally I don’t see the problem with that, but the fact is you get so little XP per match and you need so much XP to unlock things, as of right now I calculated (for F2P users), that it would take up to 300 hours to fully unlock everything, and that’s with the 2X XP rate and assuming you have extremely fast matches. While the game is great, Ninja Kiwi needs to either balance the XP gain or rewrite how XP works in this game..Version: 1.0

Fun competitive tower game(Edit: the XP issue is much better now, I can get tier 3 upgrades in one just a few matches now) I love BTD 6 and have put hundreds of hours in an made quite a few in app purchases. I was really looking forward to this game. But they’ve monetized this one in the wrong place. BTD6 helped you get into it by making early progression fast (lots of monkey money for beating maps the first time and really fast do for the first upgrades). It was the long term stuff that you paid more for (especially continuing in Impoppable mode). This game monetizes the very beginning essentials. It’s like having a game where you have to grind for 20 hours to unlock the jump button or turning left. And All VP does is make you unlock it in 7 hours instead. I keep trying to get into it knowing eventually it will be fun but they’ve made it so hard. If they’re customer-oriented, they ought to let growth be easier at first then taper off. And if they’re predatory, it would still make sense to make early progression easier so people get interested..Version: 1.0.4

Good game but “connection issues”BTDB2 is a fun game, no doubt. But there are many issues. It seems that I am not the only one experiencing “connection issues”, even though I consistently have 2/3 Wi-Fi bars. This makes it very unenjoyable at round 20+ and 15-20 mins in, then suddenly forced to quit and get very little rewards. It also seems to be exclusive to mobile, although I’m not sure about that. There’s also the extremely grindy aspects of the game, which I do respect and enjoy but feel that it could be eased a little to make it more enjoyable for newer players. Speaking of newer players, the bloon rushes are somewhat unbalanced at low arenas. Personally, I don’t believe it is reasonable to expect someone to defend a $30,000 reinforced DDT rush with tier 3 tack shooters and a hero. This could be easily fixed if bloon sends were limited on arena (eg group rainbows unlock at yellow stadium, zomg unlock at lead dungeon etc). Despite these issues this is still a fun game for f2p and recommend downloading. I have the utmost confidence in NinjaKiwi to fix all these issues fast and make the game even better :).Version: 1.0.2

Balance Needed*This review is subject to change as Ninja Kiwi have proven that they will respond to fan feedback quickly and effectively so they likely will release some changes soon* The exp changes were a great thing and I’m so happy that you listened to the community and acted on it. But the game still has more problems with it currently. The tac shooter is completely and utterly broken and destroying the meta. Right now if you play anything besides tac shooter you are purposely trying to explore off meta strategies that are fun but not competitive. It is killing the creativity associated with the new three path upgrade system and new towers and needs to be fixed. Another problem is the pacing of matches. Games usually come down to a camo purple rush or fortified ddts. So either your opponent is bad at the game and you win early or you always go until whoever clicks the send ddt the fastest. Somehow if you both survive that then it is just send a fortified BAD or wait until a tie. This is not the endgame content people want and more possibility for early game rushes are needed..Version: 1.0

Great game, recommend it (sometimes)Honestly, I think this is a great game. The idea is awesome, love the sequel to Btd battles, but there are a couple issues. The reason I give this app 5 stars is because personally, I very much enjoy this game and find it kind of addicting. It is very fun, but the Xp system is kind of wack with all of the issues and exploits there currently are with it, and it needs some changes, like you shouldn’t get a lot of Xp just for surrendering. Like it is right now, the best strategies for farming Xp makes you lose, which makes it not that fun. Also, the VIP is kind of too op, and even though I have it and it makes the game easier, it’s just that. It makes the game too easy in my opinion. It’s very hard to win against a P2W player when you don’t have VIP, which is why I switched. I think you should either slightly buff normal rewards, or slightly nerf VIP rewards. Anyway, enough ranting, great game all in all, a few issues, but those can be fixed, and it is very fun :) So 5 star. Bye now..Version: 1.0.4

Love it, but have some recommendations.This game is brand new, of course there is some flaws. That’s why I hope you take in mine or others ideas and make it work. Now, onto the recommendations. #1 It would be nice if you added a purpose to the monkeys on your island in the menu screen. All you can do with them is make them bounce, which isn’t a bad addition in the slightest, but I would like to see more. I think when you click them, it should bring you to that monkeys upgrade page. So it’s like a quick upgrade with your favorite monkeys before you battle. #2 I would love to see a return of special monkeys in BTDB2. Like the agent monkey from the original Battles, and maybe some new faces as well. #3 Now we’re all thinking this, right? MONKEY PASS! With some tweaking, you could fit it in each season as a way to boost progression for $5-10. Maybe this is where you could unlock the special monkeys I was talking about? Anyways, thanks for the great games over the years Ninja Kiwi, love ya. ❤️.Version: 1.0.5

Exp and annoying playersFor starters I’ve been with the bloon franchise for about 6-7 years to the point where i was playing bloons monkey city (another great game) so when this game was free on mobile I got it as soon as i could. It was really fun but their were some issues. For one (and I know NK is working on this one) Xp. I am a free to play player. I rarely if ever buy things for games since in my mindset it would be more rewarding if I did it without buying everything than if I did. Since I did that I don’t have VIP. The problem is you average about 600 xp per tower for a round 28+ match. If you watch an ad to double its over a thousand but if you look at these upgrade 1000 xp for 20-30 minutes of play time. Not worth it. Yes I know NK is working on it but I still thought I had to address it. Now this last one isn’t on NK but the community. WHY ON EARTH DOES EVERYONE IN THE LOWER ARENAS JUST SPAM THE HIGHEST LEVEL BLOON THEY CAN. IT’S SO ANNOYING AND ISNT A PROPER WAY TO PLAY THE GAME! Anyways, great game, Xp needs to be fixed, and spaced rushes are too op in early game.Version: 1.0.5

Awesome game and creatorI have been playing Bloons td battles/6 for 2 years or more. I love the addition of the towers in Bloons td 6 in the game even though there are many bugs like later shock stacking. It would be awesome to add all the hero’s to the game. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes video games. I like the idea of the vip but I do not think it should be a timed thing. The merch for towers is so cool and is a huge update. Also there are ADDS in this game unless you get vip. This is annoying and I would hope that the game removes this. I know that the creators are working on new modes but it would be nice to creat better chests that mabey have a time limit on the chest opening not a badge thing. One big thing to fix is xp. It is so hard to get and I would recommend to get all t3 for 1 do cost not individual paths. The game coders should go over stacking of effects and other glitches. If someone actually read this from nk then that is cool and thank you. Sorry for typos.Version: 1.0.5

Good game, but no time to actually play it!Before you jump to conclusions, I am not written mg this review to talk about stuff in MY life. I am writing this review to talk about the annoying roadblock of constant ~370 megabyte updates. Usually, these things would not be a problem, but they are constant! For this first week of having this game, these have prevented me from playing when I wanted more than six times! The game is great, and it fits into the setting of “play a match before work.” The main issue with these updates is that along with them being constant and large, I am required to download many of them with cellular! This game would be perfect on a drive home (in the passenger seat), but it always requires a fat update that does nothing. Forgive me for the long and drawn-out review, but I just want some kind of implementation into another method of updating. I don’t understand why they can’t just use the apple updates… great game besides that, when I get lucky enough to play it..Version: 1.0.5

Great but could use some thingsSo I rarely rate games but this is an exception. This game is GREAT. The gameplay is fun and frantic and the towers are fairly UNbalanced. But there’s a couple of things.1. It feels like it’s too hard to earn Monkey Money without paying. Sure you earn a lot in the tutorial, but if you lose a match (which when you are starting out, you will) you earn 6 monkey money. It costs 250 to unlock a support! 2, no single player against AI mode. So that means every game you join, you’re playing for 10min normally and then a bunch of crap comes and kills you. 3. NO SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING! Like I alluded to earlier, you can be a level one with no towers and go against some level 20 who has every tower and you automatically lose. You get sent constant crap and have no way to fight it. In games like Tetris you can fight the garbage because everything’s balanced. But not here. So that’s the end of my problems. Final thoughts? It’s great but could use some things..Version: 1.0.2

Good game with errorsFirst of all very fun game and I greatly enjoy it but every time I load in I’m forced to download a 344mb update no matter what which is really annoying when I’m trying to play it away from my house because it drains 30% of my battery if my phone is not charging and then once I do get into the game it still drains my power then I can’t even unlock chests because you need 200 darts and then I load into a game and I can’t play without worrying about someone sending me 1000 bloons on the first round and then once I lose the match I get 0 xp because the only thing I was able to do was use my hero before I died and if my phone wasn’t charging I wouldn’t be able to play another match unless I charge my phone another problem is there is way too many pop-up ads TL;DR fun to play but you can’t play for long if you aren’t charging your phone and it takes forever to level up towers and there is way too many pop-up ads No hate to ninja kiwi though and it’s about time for a sequel to btdb1.Version: 1.0.5

Game Good…. And Bad, Here’s why!First off, the systematic ranking system seems like it will be great fun. Second, Bloon sending is astoundingly overpowered, though I see this as a great way for players to showcase their own skills in the arena. Third, the addition of heroes was almost flawless, as the heroes seem balanced enough for just barely being introduced into Battles. Now, I know this game was just released, though there is a major flaw, which was made apparent to most players thus far. The XP leveling system. Now, the concept is not bad, but for a casual player (like myself) the time requirement to get a single tier 5 upgrade seems outrageous. Even getting a tier 3 upgrade takes around 5 matches to attain enough xp for tier 3 upgrades, let alone tier 4 or 5, and this is with max bonuses, such as first blood, no lives lost, and win streak. Assuming the xp system is going to change, I will likely enjoy this game and it’s evolution throughout its “lifespan”..Version: 1.0

Great game but I would love some updatesFirst off the connection to get into a server match sometimes kicks you out even if you have a perfect internet connection so I would love to have something that aloud us to connect to people with our same internet connection so we don’t get kicked out. Second I think all of the players that love bloons td games will hop right on and start playing but I think we can all agree that the xp needs a fix .like when I started playing btd6 it was a great game the xp was easy to get I was getting tier 3 upgrades on almost all my towers and I almost had the darling gunner on the second day. But here I am playing bloons td battles since it came out and I only have one tier 3 upgrade. But still this is a great app and I recommend it to all bloons tower defense player. Ninja kiwi if you read this please do some updates please Me and the community are begging here..Version: 1.0.5

Fun, although with its problems.On launch, this game is really addictive with the constant rewards you get while playing and a unique progression system. With that being said though, the progression system itself is flawed and highly pay to win with subscription based in-app purchases that allow you to progress 3x quicker than an unpaid player. If you just want a free game to spend lots of time on, prepare to spend days just to unlock one tier five tower upgrade. Paid players get the advantage by being able to unlock these tower upgrades much quicker and then vs. the unpaid ones stuck grinding away their tier threes. On terms of balancing, some of the bloons you can send out are extremely overpowered and it turns into a battle of who can send the first purple or DDT rush as soon as the round starts. I’m sure NK will work their hardest to get this all balanced out and I get they need to make their money somehow, but it’s disappointing they didn’t decide to just make it off cosmetics..Version: 1.0

Good but not like the first oneI’m not going to lie i’ve been playing this game for a while and its fun. The only thing is its not like the first one. They have all new characters and better graphics like btd 6 which i love but there is only one mode which is regular battle which is pretty boring. You only go up to round 20 or 40 then whoever has the lowest health loses which is not cool. Like someone with 20 health left could still survive till round 60 or something. Some of the balloons you can send early is not pretty cool because it can be round 15 or 20 and you can send a black moab which has lot of health and extremely fast while you are still having a ok defense which is not enough. If the game makes more modes and makes the game longer and make balloons a little longer round wait then this will definitely get a 5 star. Great game though.Version: 1.0.5

The towers need nerfingI loves these games, but this game all it really takes is a bunch of one specific tower to win. The game just kind of came out and everyone is new so the highest tower the average person playing this game as of right now has at least 1-2 tier 3 towers and I just got beat by someone using a tier 3-0-2 ninja tower. All they did was place him like 20 times with his hero and some other towers. The other games were very good and took a lot of skill but this one for now is ok. It’s ok because of the fact that a tier 3 tower can really just solo about like ten moabs. And I really just can’t stand the fact that in a couple months there’s going to be people with tier five towers that could just stay there and do nothing and just sit back and relax. That’s not why I downloaded this game. I downloaded to possibly out smart people with amazing tower combos, and I didn’t download it to get easy win or to lose to an Overpowered tower. The game is supposed to go fast though and I get that but I shouldn’t see that good of a tower till tier 4. A tier 3 tower is like an average tower can’t beat a Moab if you place down a couple beat can deal with stronger Bloons like ceramics (depending on the tower). I also don’t like how you have to pay an in-game currency that you have to to grind for just to open a chest. Possible Suggestions: Nerf the towers of buff the bloon’s and Moab’s health Extend the wave with the first moab bloon back.Version: 1.0.2

Please listen to thisBtd has been apart of my life for so long, and I really wish to play this game. The thing is tho I cant sign in. Logging into ninja kiwi is blocked on my school iPad and is the only way I can play, I have my phone but it’s soo glitchy, and I have my computer that crashes when I open up gmail, so chances of it opening up btd battles 2 are 0. Please add a way to where we can make an account or sign in using the game. Not redirecting us to ninja kiwi, I can gurantee you, you would get so many more players if u did this. Please listen to this review because I have been waiting for btd battles 2 for so long, and no I cant play it :(. I also reccomend like other games being able to Sign In with Apple and other stuff like that. And also thank you for releasing so many games and being apart of my life :).Version: 1.0

I like this game but I’m here to report an issue…I really enjoy this game but there’s an audio issue where when I load into the lobby there’s no music or in game there’s no music. I checked my audio and it was turned on and up all the way. I’m not giving this a bad review because I understand it’s a new game and y’all are trying to fix bugs and patch things up but just had to notify y’all about that bug. But overall I really enjoy the game. Oh and also make an unranked game mode Because I want to be able to play without losing trophies in my arena. Just a suggestion because people really need to get their towers upgraded and it would be great if people could upgrade their towers and grind XP and at the same time not losing or gaining trophies. Okay don’t worry That’s all I had to say. :).Version: 1.0.5

Pay to win?? No!I’ve played since it was a flash game on cool math games forever ago. When super monkey plasma upgrade was top notch. And this game is no acception. There are more purchases than normal but they don’t shove it down your throat and it’s ALOT like the old btd battles (I was 300th best player, so I’ve played a lot!) purchases are normal. The XP system is incredibly ingenious- I was abit sad to see the update making it easier to get anything. It’s a highly competitive game that pins rivals in a now more unique and spread out environment with new machanics stratagys and downright incredibly even bloon to round status. It’s amazing and makes a beloved game have the same difficult and competitive adrenoline rush I remember. Though there’s one problem, it lets you watch adds for a little bit of monkey money. Ide prefer to work for it and there’s only a few ads before it no longer allows it. I tested it. The game is incredible and introduces a whole new entirely different machanic to an otherwise weird and wacky world that y’all worked so incredibly hard on. Long time veterin fans would love this game, and I’m so glad it got through to the App Store. Don’t ever stop makin these games with the disciplined crafts and creative minds y’all have:)..Version: 1.0.2

Great game with some kinks that can be worked outThis game is very addicting and I love to play it. However, there are some problem that should be addressed. I have an issue where I don’t play the game for a few hours and I’ll hop back on the app to play and I’m always hit with a “download content” that is always 370MB and I have bad internet where I live, so this leads me not being able to play the game for about 10 minutes. Hopefully this gets fixed. Also I dislike the chest system as a F2P player which makes it painful to only open a chest once every 10-15 games. I think they could make the chest system like clash Royale which is time based and the VIP status could let you unlock more at a time. Also it feels like some towers are unbalanced, but I haven’t played enough to experience all of them. Thanks for making a fun game!.Version: 1.0.5

Great game and a classic but needs a few balance changesThe game for the time I have played which is a few hours now is great but some balance changes need to be made and the time do so is now since the game is in its early stages of life and is going to have a larger player base in the future. If you are doing eco with zebras later in the game but before the amount of bloons sent is ramped up then you can go from standstill to winning a game with a zebra rush by sending out about 25-45 zebras after the increase. There is also an issue that multiple of my friends have experienced in which the in game music continues to play for some time after the game is closed but that is not as important as the aforementioned issue. Other than this the game is great and I’m excited to continue playing the next installment in the bloons series!.Version: 1.0

Good Start, but needs workI’ve played most of NK’s games and they’re really fun! However, this one seems a bit too grindy with the xp system as every other comment says. Not only that, but the “meta” strategy so far is only Tack 2-0-(3/5), Village for camo, and Alchemists for buffs (3/5-2-0). On their own, Village and Alchemist are not op but tack shooter can be for third path 3+. With the meta strat being tack, village, alch, there is plenty of low xp grinding just to try get other strategies up to play. Even if a person does P2W, there is still about 15 games just to get a 3rd tier of a different tower and by that point, you’ve gotten yourself into an arena where other people have t4’s or even t5’s. The arena system is good as it makes sure beginners stay with beginners and sweaty players are with the sweats. The only downside is how close each arena is in order to level up to the next arena: only 10 trophies (which could equate to 5(P2W)- 10 games..Version: 1.0.2

Two big problemsThere’s one problem I have with this game, and it’s something I find fun in many other btd games. The main problem is there’s no late game. Theres 2 reasons for this, 1. The game supports the idea of rushing your opponent with rainbow or regen rainbow rush or zomg rush, but that’s really just annoying. 2. This basically ruins the idea of fun for me but the game caps out at a set round and isn’t just people playing for late game set ups and eco but who can kill the other first. It’s just generally less fun(IMO). I wish that I could choose wether or not to have this feature but it just makes it not fun or anything for me. Maybe playing against friends and messing around but you done get xp from that and it is insanely hard to get xp already. The second major issue is XP it is so difficult to get and you have to invest so much time and effort into getting 1 upgrade. It’s very time consuming and annoying..Version: 1.0.2

Almost at 5My only complaints with the game is you can’t leave after you press battle and I’d love it if you could leave without having to manually leave the whole game, get back in and lose a trophy just because you didn’t want to play on a specific map that got picked. Edit: just noticed this but what’s the point in having tier 5 towers when you will never be able to buy them because they are the same price from btd6 which is insane because I would be lucky to even save up to 10k before I died due to lack of upgrading towers from the constant waves of Bloons so either heavily lower the prices from like 30k to somewhere around 15-18k or add a mode so theirs more then 42 rounds so you can actually save up enough money to buy them..Version: 1.0.5

Please make the game less complicated!Now don’t get me wrong the concept of the game is amazing. But it is just the least explanatory game ever I have so many questions, how does my opponent have arrows in there balloons and how do i equip or buy them? what do some characters do? what are the weakness of some. As well as the path away. It’s so confusing i place my monkeys in the way of the path it’s going and sometimes there’s this mystical path away somewhere else where ballons exit out of and i lose the game as well as having them place all there gallons and make you stress over in the game i love the concept of the game but please make it fair sort of like clash royale make a coin limit. where they can’t collect anymore if they go above it. Make the game more understandable so we can have more fun playing. and there is definitely things you can help make more fun. Thank you i guess.Version: 1.0.5

Free game so no reason not to get itIt is a fun game that you can play with random people or friends we’re you face of to see who will win also it will put you in the goop that is in the same skill level. You can send balloons their way or try to resistant your opponents attack if you don’t want to kill your opponent you will still have a reason to send balloons because it will give you more money every eight seconds depending on your eco can increase from some balloons and if you played the first game you this is a massive improvement and also all the upgrade balloons and more and if you play BTD6 it’s like that but you’re against other people. Can I put everything in this review but please check out the game it’s free and you have massive fun..Version: 1.0

Game is awful, not fun.This game is just completely awful. The Hero’s - The hero’s are the most useless item in the entire game. They are taking up a slot any “competent” tower could use to actually support you in games. The issue with hero’s, is they level up so slow. If you placed your hero on round 1, and got to round 20, it’s only level 7 or so. It’s not like they actually deal damage anyway, none of the heroes can do anything semi competent. The towers - The towers play and perform excellent, there is no complaints here. All the towers can be used in unison, but this brings me to another topic below. The XP Grind - I have bought VIP because the grind was awful, and yet even with a 3x bonus to XP I STILL have a very long time unless I specifically use one tower. Also, when you lose a game, you don’t get 100% of the XP. Now, I would agree with this if you didn’t get jack for XP, but you don’t get jack for XP. Considering some of the towers are beyond useless (monkey farm, mortar, ice monkey, glue gunner, etc) but still require 7k-12k XP for tier 4 is insane. Just trying to level up my engineer and boomerang monkey is impossible in the same party, I shouldn’t have to play separate games to level each of them up when I have 2 party slots sitting right there for them. Summary - Don’t get it.Version: 1.0.5

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.This is BTd Battles but BTD 2. It is a very interesting game, requiring sharp strategy and military genius to succeed. It also reflects our society in a very interesting way. One of the mechanics in the game is getting more money by sending balloons at your opponent, seems innocent doesn’t it? No, it is far from it. It exactly mirrors business strategies in the real world. It perfectly encapsulates the need for corporations to spend massive amounts of money to make their competitors fall, and their use of cheap labor (Monkeys in this case) as a means to do so. But just like balloons in the game pop, the illusion that this game is nothing more than a tower defense must be popped out of the minds of the players, so they can see the deep philosophical ideas presented in this work of art..Version: 1.0

Decent launch, but needs workWill keep this review short - the overall gameplay is pretty decent, the UI is also nice, although transitions somewhat slow. My main gripes are the amount of ads and the tower leveling system. I get an ad when starting a match almost every time, and unlike the original Bloons TD Battles, I can’t just close the game and reopen to skip the ad - a new one will just pop up anyways. Would be great if ads could be reduced, or if they just worked the same as the og game. For tower upgrades, the exp takes incredibly long times to earn, making it really hard to upgrade any towers. If something like the medallion system from the og could return, that’d also be really great. That’s basically it, if i notice any improvements il bump up the stars on this review. Overall, decent launch, looking forward to this games future.Version: 1.0

Fun but hard to grind in my opionFirst I’d like to say the game is really fun and I love it but there are TWO things I don’t like about it one is how it’s hard to get xp like I use rattling gunner so much and I use lots but I usually only get 500 xp and it’s hard if your saving for big upgades like plasma accelerator for over 10,000 xp so I have to watch an ad after every game to get just 1,000 xp and the money I usually only make 25 with a win and around 10 with a lose so it’s hard just to make 100 dollars and I’m trying to get Oben greenfoot but 3,000 cash is hard to get the people I usually see with a different hero other then the 2 starters are vip with a 3x multiplayer like it’s crazy so please make it at least easier to get money.Version: 1.0.5

Battles 2I really love the updated graphics and animations, but the Bloon Eco is kind of terrible and the level cap is even worse. The most satisfying thing for me in the originals was the late game potential, and while I loved some maps more than others, all them them were survivable for a while at least. Here, on some maps you will be overwhelmed by a Round 1 rush instantly and there's nothing you can do about it no matter what towers you have. On top of that, in the rare case both players survive to see round 40, the experience is cut short and it's super disappointing. All in all, it kinda makes me wish this game didn't exist and instead Battles 1 was just updated for the graphics and new tower content :( I hope in time, I can grow to like this game for it's own quick-play style charm, but it's just kinda meh for me?.Version: 1.0.5

Can you fix this?I love BTD Battles 2 and I think this game is going to do great, but there is one issue that is really bugging me now. I don’t think it’s just me because I’ve seen other people complain about this too. The issue is that every time I go into a match, around round 8, the game will tell me that I have been forced to surrender due to connectivity issues, even if I’m sitting next to my router. This is very annoying because not only am I not able to play the game, but I’m also losing trophies for absolutely no reason. None of my other games have done this and BTD Battles 1 didn’t do this either, so I think this is a bug in the game. If you can please look into this as soon as possible and find a fix for it, I would greatly appreciate it..Version: 1.0.2

Ok one of the best games but why is the 203 tack so strongOk I love this game like so much and I have always whanted to play btd6 but I never got to but then BTDB2 came out and I was amazed so when I played it was very fun. . . At first but now the tack shooter a classic from the 1 game but now with the new 3 paths the bottom path is just broken so the 2-0-3 tack it’s so powerful it’s too strong for its own being and it’s so fast I can barley get by it and so many people have it and yet for me no matter how much I may play for with the tack it’s just so flipping expensive and it’s takeing me weeks to get it pls nerf the bottom row for the tack pls oh and on BTD 6 if you press the buildings in the title screen something happens to why not do the same for BTDB 2 well other then that it’s really fun.Version: 1.0.2

It’s okTo creators I love this game and have played all your other BTD games, but this new battles game doesn't fell right to play. I really don’t think it takes that much skill and I believe you need to nerf some of the ability's on some of the monkeys like the harpoon ability because it is way to over powered when u get to round 27 against the DDT’s, or just get rid of the DDT’s completely because there impossible to stop at round 27. Also we can’t afford something to stop the DDT’s. there is only one thing to stop win in round 27 witch would be the harpoons. I played 6 games in a row one time that went to round 27 every time than just ends and I lost most of them because of people using harpoon. This game has so much potential and could be the best BTD of all time just needs some fixes to make it more fun and challenging..Version: 1.0.2

Late game basically non existentI remember when we used to be able to say lategame and hope the player would do it but now a days no body does late game blooms send 10x better and so far I’ve gotten down the fact that around round 16 is typical death if u are not first to attack these people rushing for these trophies cause this game to be crappy I’ve been stuck in one stadium ever since I’ve entered due to the amount of people who don’t know nothing but eco sending and making sure any game is terrible for there benefit I love the game I just hate the fact that all people think about in btd 2 is omg I got to be the top I got to be the best I need to finish this game before we even see round 5 like jeez people enjoy the new game instead of ruining it for others and eventually ruining It for yourself you gaming burnouts.Version: 1.0.2

Great game but 2 bugs I foundWith the update making all towers start as 2-2-2, when viewing towers not bought yet the upgrades still show as costing tower EXP when they don’t (it’s only a visual bug and does not affect actual gameplay.) The second one is quite a bit worse. The game synced while I was sending balloons and the balloons I had queued never got sent and filled the queue so for the rest of the match I was unable to send balloons which resulted in a loss (I would’ve been able to win if not for this bug because he had no camo-lead defense and the bug occurred before round 12) I think you should at least fix the second bug because that one actually matters compared to the first one Other than that great game..Version: 1.0.2

This game is fun and all butNerf the bloon sends because they are way too strong. Make them a huge nerf please.Version: 1.0

Fun game, many problems.Now, the first issue is all the towers are god awful until it becomes meta. Once a tower becomes meta, all the other towers are complete and utter garbage. For example, in hall of masters, you have to go dartling, sniper, and ninja just to have a chance of winning. We need more viability in each and every tower. It gets annoying to see the same strat used over and over again by others. As someone who tries to get rid of metas, I used dartling at the beginning of the game. It became meta? WELL DAMN THAT SUCKS. My second issue is just the exp. Make universal exp. Thats all I gotta say. Or maybe make it so its like battles 1. You can get both tier 3s and 4s at the same time. Make it in btdb2, but with every tier. It gets boring doing the exact same thing OVER and OVER again. My third issue is bloon sends. You can easily kill people right off the bat, if they pay only 99% attention to defence. Seriously. Ive killed over 100 people only by ecoing with reds and blues. Make it so you can only send bloons at round 2. That way, most people will have a chance to avoid the opponent getting first blood. Seriously. First blood is free af. My fourth issue is also about bloon sends. DDTs. DDTs are op, and need to be nerfed. No more said. Also, not to mention grouped camo purples. And grouped purples. Not fun. Overall, amazing game. The thing is, it’s just impossible to not complain sometimes. I respect this game though, because it got my cousin into the btd series. Poggers..Version: 1.0.5

Add 2v2 and remove the max round being 40For people who like late game this would make it a lot more fun and adding 2v2 would be fun with friends.Version: 1.0.4

Please Fix ThisAs a mobile player who enjoys the game very much i’m very disappointed that i can’t play the game past round 30. I play the game very often, i’ve bought vip and almost played 200 games and in that experience every time round thirty is hit my game crashes. i just played a game and for the first time i was happy to see my game hadn’t crashed on round 30 although the second i sent multiple bad balloons to him it was almost immediate my game had crashed. Honestly the least you could to help everyone having this problem is to give the xp for each monkey so we can at least progress. Wishing i could finish a game rn..Version: 1.0.5

Needs a Practice free play option.The game is fun but I get tired of other players sometime. I feel like the free play would be a nice addition to the game..Version: 1.0.5

Great game can be betterThis game is incredibly fun and I feel like its way better than the predecessor. I like how it’s very fast pace and I love the addition of all the new towers. Although I find it fun have quick and short games I feel like that early battles are bit annoying. What I find annoying is the fact that the opponent can send balloons right off the bat. I have to run tack shooters just to survive the first couple of rounds. I think you could change sending balloons to the second round..Version: 1.0.2

Good and allIt makes me download it every time I want to play it for suppose reason.Version: 1.0.5


I made a previous review saying titled, “Bad rollout”In my previous review, I talked about how I loved the game so far, except for its abysmal exp progression system. I’m happy to say the exp grind has been lessened with a few updates and the game is very enjoyable. That doesn’t mean there is absolutely no grind, however I believe that grinding is a necessity for a game to thrive. It’s something I actually enjoy in small amounts. So if you are looking for a new game and have some time on hand, download BTDB2..Version: 1.0.2

Forced to watch ads before every few games and slow progressionGame is nice but why am I forced to watch an ad just to enter a game? This is like voodoo… also the extremely slow progression just to unlock monkey upgrades is pretty absurd. Probably not looking forward to playing this game long-term due to this.Version: 1.0.2

Epic gameVery fun game. Exp is only problem.Version: 1.0

OP strat?!?!Guys when playing the game do a 360 and spin your phone on your fingers for 200 extra cash. OMG WORKS! LEGIT!.Version: 1.0

Add btd6 stuff to gameMake it so you can get money by popping the bloons.Version: 1.0.4

Fun game, the launch is absolutely horrible thoughAt the moment this game is insanely fun - it combines the fast paced bloons action from BTDB and the new monkeys and upgrades from BTD6. But, the system for unlocking new monkeys and upgrades is super slow, and the game is basically forcing you to buy the vip. For now 3 stars, but im sure this’ll change in the near future just like every other bloons game..Version: 1.0

Nerfs and buffsTwo things that would really improve this game is if you would nerf DDT’s like, a lot even a tier four or five has extreme trouble even denting it. Another thing that you could improve on is how many towers you can have in your loadout could you please change it to six or even five towers. P.S. change it so that you can only send camo-lead bloon on the fourteenth round or higher..Version: 1.0.5

So many adsThe game itself is amazing, and i have nothing against the grinding system and whatnot, but the fact that i have to watch an ad before every game is annoying. go back to btdb1 style for ads please.Version: 1.0.5

Just a SuggestionShouldn’t members of the Ninja Kiwi Community get some sort of thank you? I’ve played 4,5,6 and the TD battles games and put over 150$ into the game. Just wanted to know.Version: 1.0.4

Bug reportWhen I first played this game there was no sound for some reason then I figured out that if I connect a speaker the sound works please fix this bug.Version: 1.0.5

Just a small complaintI made an arena and the code was very inappropriate, i shall specify if asked, but would like it possibly fixed if possible.Version: 1.0

Good game butGood game but every time I want to play it it forces me to download 307 megabytes at this point I doubt it’s updating I think your just downloading junk and trackers and such there is no need to be downloading this much every time I launch the game.Version: 1.0.5

Online sucksGet disconnected loads if your internet is slightly bad Unfair against pc players because of no multi click Otherwise great game.Version: 1.0.5

Good but...It’s a terrific game littles unbalanced but that aside my iPad is older then I am so it doesn’t work like a charm, so when I’m play sometimes a message saying I’m forced to forfeit due to connection, but then I don’t think I should lose a trophy for it if it’s just my wifi.Version: 1.0.5

FunThis game is fun but you can lose in the beginning because you can send bloons so fast.Version: 1.0.5

BtdIt’s a good game but it makes me download every time i open the app idk why.Version: 1.0.5

Fun so farI played this game for a bit and I thought that it was pretty fun, however I do have one complaint: the bloon spamming is horrendous. I hardly have enough time to setup a defence before I get spammed to death by the enemy. I think that for this game they should either double the cost of bloons or make it so that the enemy cannot send until round 3..Version: 1.0.5

Please buff the heliIt’s very weak early game I think.Version: 1.0.5

BalloonsGood job on nerfing the balloons best game ever.Version: 1.0.5

MonkeyI just keep on losing from everyone because they just keep on sending bloons when I only have a hero down. Please increase the cost of the bloons..Version: 1.0.5

Developers Please fixThe game is ok. I personally like BTD battles 1 better but on top of that this game keeps crashing whenever you get to level 30+ the game crashes and you don’t get any rewards. For competitive players this is really annoying and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone gets it.Version: 1.0.5

Good gameBut it dose not let me by anything.Version: 1.0.5

No idea at allDecember 29, 2021 I weote a review for no reason theres a bunch of errors in my text and very cool game.Version: 1.0.5

Great game, but I have an unpopular opinion...I like the game since it requires strategy and grinding to play, but I would like to address another good “old” game of yours, monkey city. It is a good game, but the thought of having an update with all the new towers, graphics, and features makes me filled with hopes. Your games are great but I’d like a Monkey city 2 please. Thank you!.Version: 1.0.5

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