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Play the top-rated tower defense franchise in this free head-to-head strategy game.

It's monkey vs monkey for the first time ever - go head to head with other players in a Bloon-popping battle for victory. From the creators of best-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles game is specially designed for multiplayer combat, featuring over 20 custom head-to-head tracks, incredible towers and upgrades, all-new attack and defense boosts, and the ability to control bloons directly and send them charging past your opponent's defenses.

Check out these awesome features:
* Head-to-head two player Bloons TD
* Over 20 custom Battles tracks
* 22 awesome monkey towers, each with 8 powerful upgrades, including the never before seen C.O.B.R.A. Tower.
* Assault Mode - manage strong defenses and send bloons directly against your opponent
* Defensive Mode - build up your income and outlast your challenger with your superior defenses
* Battle Arena Mode - Put your medallions on the line in a high stakes Assault game. Winner takes all.
* All new Monkey Tower Boost - supercharge your monkey towers to attack faster for a limited time
* All new Bloons Boost - power up your bloons to charge your opponent in Assault mode
* Battle it out for top scores on the weekly leaderboards and win awesome prizes.
* Create and join private matches to challenge any of your Facebook or Game Center friends
* 16 cool achievements to claim
* Customize your bloons with decals so your victory has a signature stamp

"...outstanding gameplay"
-- Modojo, 4/5 stars

"...excellent for players seeking a real challenge"
-- Gamezebo, 4/5 stars

"...simplfied-yet-fun multiplayer"
-- 148Apps, 4/5 stars

Universal app, available for iPhone 4 and up, iPod touch 4 and up, and all versions of iPad.


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Bloons TD Battles App Comments & Reviews

Bloons TD Battles Positive Reviews

I love the game but just a few suggestionsThis game is one of the best I’ve ever played. I’ve played it for years, and still playing. There are many things you have done exceptionally well, like the surplus of towers, strategies, abilities, and powers. I also think, however, many things could be done better. I would appreciate a targeting system that is more elaborate, with the addition of ceramic, moab, bfb, and zomg targeting. Like with snipers, they have incredible firing speed and popping power(2-4), but as the game gets longer, they begin to target the blimps instead of the ceramics, and the main reason I have the snipers is for ceramics. This makes it a little tedious to control ceramics. Another suggestion, like in BTD6, if there was a tower that auto triggered abilities. I play on mobile and it is frustrating trying to send bloons and activate abilities at the same time. That being said, there needs to be a way to customize where the things are on my screen. If I want all of the menus to be visible at once, then I have to deal with the microscopic menus. I also play on my laptop (during school mostly, darn you math teacher, make your class less boring), and I know the luxury of having all menus on the screen at once. All in all, I would like HUD customizable or revamped and a better targeting system..Version: 6.9.1

Pretty good gameI have been playing this game for almost a year now and I’ve noticed some minor problems. First, game modes that have powers can be a problem for lower level players. Some high level players have OP powers doubling balloon speed or something similar. These powers can be very frustrating for lower levels because they cannot get them. You would have to grind constantly just to get a couple good powers because they’re so expensive. I think that they should make the powers less game controlling and focus more on the towers. Second, I’ve recently started having this problem where I cannot get into a game. This is actually why I am writing this review. Every time I try to get in a game it will just say “farming bananas” for a couple minutes. I don’t know why it does this because before when I’ve played the game I would get into a game in around 30 seconds. This is a major problem for me because I’m currently around 30,000 medallions and I cannot get any more. I worked very hard to get those and now it’s just going to waste because I can’t use them to get into arena games. My favorite thing about this game is the idea of using your medallions to unlock new levels to towers and new towers. It keeps the player wanting to get the tower and play the game even more. Overall I think this is a very good game other than the glitch of me not even being able to play it. Im not sure if this happens to other people but I think it needs to be fixed..Version: 6.5.2

It’s okNot saying this game is terrible but btd 5 is way better. I read this one guys review (TonTiger606) and I agree with him, some things in the game are just a bit too costy. One thing is the banana farmer. It’s kind of a rip off paying 100 medallions for the monkey farmer which you can only use once per match. Could you at least make it 40 medallions just like in btd 5? Also, this game glitches too much. I was doing a battle with someone and they had 6 health left and I had something over 100 then the “really hard” round (round 63 on btd 5, the one where it send three stacks of ceramics) came and the bloons on his side stopped for a split second then continued and he should have died first because he has 6 lives left but he didn’t. Now this isn’t that big of a deal because it was just a normal battle I was rematching with someone but the point is, if that would have been an arena battle and I lost a bunch of medallions from that, I wouldn’t be too happy. Long review short- this game needs some fixing, until then, I’m gonna be spending most of my time on btd 5 *edit* also, make it where you can’t send MOAB class bloons so early. It makes no sense that i have one of them already coming at me and I’m struggling to defend. Make it to where you can only send a certain type of bloon when the round it comes on comes because it makes no sense that BFBs can be spawned like 20 rounds before the Game sends one.Version: 5.0.2

I love your game. only……Hi i love your game, why cuz it’s amazing you can play card battles and do those bananzza plays and play with fire and mega boosts. but the thing where a game expires in a replay I kind of don’t like that because there were some battles were I loved to watch and they expired. also when I go into the game to play it the game pauses and my screen freezes in about 5-10 seconds loading in the screen. idk if this is my phone or what but I have to try about 10 times to get it to work. also the game also freezes only when I’m at my house with a good internet connection. I kind of think that should be opposite we’re with a bad connection the game freezes. also with the new update I think having 3 lots of glue uses was way better. I didn’t like that update really. and also when you get to the point we’re your power is you can like cover the whole screen in glue or in spikes. that’s stupid when the glue and spikes disappear cuz it’s like you earned so mutch and then on the track it disappears. over all I also like the doctor evil but when you did the think with him and his 99k health bar. I could always beat him when his health bar was same to mine. I love the games and can you please work on what I said. thank you. saber440 (my gamer name for bloons).Version: 6.15

OkDon’t get me wrong, I love the game. I’ve played for well over a year now, while I have enjoyed the systems of the game, while I have one issue that totally ruins the game experience. Recently as of 2020, I have been experiencing major hacking. Every, I mean every match I play, my opponent has infinite money, upgrading to their 4 towers in round one. This overall ruins my game experience, while the game is a really addicting concept and utterly amazing. I however have stopped enjoying it due to these major problems. So, in regards to the overall game concept, it’s great. The game itself and the playing, meh. Yes, the game is fun, allowing you to upgrade towers, powers, etc. However, due to very recent experiences, I have grown out of the game, based on the current issues with hacking. If there is anyway the developers could fix this issue, I would be ecstatic to be able to play this game again and enjoy it. The hacking problem is in no way the developers’ fault, but I hope it can be sealed with soon. (Hacking in the game includes the following: Infinite money, enhanced towers further than their four that shoot blue projectiles and fire at a much faster rate, etc...those are all I know of so far, or have encountered) Overall, great game, but frustrating do to hacking problems..Version: 6.6

One of the bestI usually rate my favorite games 4/5 stars because I always have a problem to comment on, but with this game, there really aren’t any problems at all. It never lags, it’s fun, popular (so it never takes long to find an opponent) and addicting. One thing though that I do hate but really isn’t a problem is how you can send balloons. I’m constantly finding players who send balloons to me, especially when I’m betting lots of medallions. I understand it’s part of the game, but it’s just so frustrating how I come up with a strategy for when to upgrade my farm and for when to buy a sniper and such, but then the balloons they send mess it up, so I have to spend more money on the towers to defend and less on the farms and then later I don’t get enough money for round 30 and it just messes everything up! I know you can’t really just take out the whole balloon sending system or anything, but… I just wanted to express my frustration. Anyways, it’s a wonderful game and I hope you don’t abandon it like other game developers do. Thanks and have a good day..Version: 6.12.1

Lovey Game, Few SuggestionsHey, Before I begin, just let me say, this is a game I have played off and on for 5 years, and recently I’ve really gotten into it. The game is original while placing a multiplayer spin on it, with a certain income and power ups. The game has changed from 5 years ago, allowing players to customize their power ups and a new event. There are little to no forced ads. Now, enough about the good, a chunk of the game is closed to non-paying player, such as Sandbox and creating Clans are all stuff that you can’t do without paying to be a member. And next I have a specific suggestion for a tower, the Cobra Monkey. The Cobra Monkey can steal from your lives, earn extra money, and send towers early. My specific problem is the life steal, I have no problem with it when it takes and replaces. My problem shows up when it takes your lives while your enemies are full. It’s stealing without purpose and I hate it, often times I lose because of the fact that I have lost all my lives due to reasonless taking..Version: 6.10

SABOTAGE POWERSI’ve played BTD battles since 6th grade (more than 7 years ago!) and have been accustomed to all the updates and different metas and strategies that come with each new update and have been an active member of clans and tournaments, gaining tens of millions of medallions and have enjoyed the game up until this point. I commend the innovative attitude, but Sabotage Powers are not only game breaking and annoying but a literal game killer update. Not even the massively over-powered eco amp or damage boost have come close to the frustration envoked by the effects of this update. I wish to channel this frustration in the form of this comment and ask the developers of the game to completely overhaul or delete this new set of powers. I have grinded and unlocked these new powers in a vain attempt to see how it feels when I have the over the top abilities such as Power Lock but the game simply isn’t the same with this toxicity-blooming ability or any of its counterparts in its class. I am afraid that I am watching my GOAT mobile game lose its fun and replayability, and I know the BTD community agrees. Please listen to them..Version: 6.3

Game is deadI’ve been playing this game on and off for years now and have loved it until recent times. The game is absolutely dying making it hard to find a balanced game, 9/10 times your playing against players with absolutely no skill or players 100x betters then you with all the overpowering powers up. I can’t seem to be paired to anyone around my skill level and I’m no noob. For example when I start pushing for medallions I first get paired with people with absolutely no skill so I obviously destroy them feeling bad for them because it’s not fair. Then when I have about 20k-30k I get paired with players that have like 10 million medallions and every power up which makes me loose everything I was working on. This has been happening for a while now and I’m really starting to get tired of this. The developers need to work on matching you with players relative to your skill level or make the power ups easier to obtain to be able to go up against unfair matchups. I hope to see this game come back to life how it once was.Version: 6.5

Just a great game,also I believe there coming out with Bloons truck battles 2I just ha very to say again great game especially with club membership it can be a grind at first but you can do it! I have a lot of medallions which is the currency so I can buy the arenas they have which is where you both put in medallions and the winner gets them all, my only complaint is that there are some rlly good players so if bloons see this if you want I would like some button that’s let’s you play with everyone or people your level but other than that good luck guys, oh and another great part is NO ADDS unless you want to watch 1 for very little money or energy. I hope u saw this helpful, also they have cross platform in case you want your progress put on another device and there’s clans where you get keys for chests and every Wednesday you get rewards for playing a lot and winning, I have a hard time joining clans but you might have better luck. ninja kiwi you did a great job on this.Version: 6.12.1

Perfection!!!!! 😍😍😍I love this game and everything about it! I’d be here forever listing the fun features and crazy cool stuff, but I’m here to report a MAJOR BUG! After owning the app for a few days, after entering the game and it loading the screen that lets you choose stuff like “quick play” the audio turns off. There’s no way to turn it back on. I tried everything :( . So please fix this. The only current solution is deleting and red downloading the game, which was a pain until I linked Game Center. And eventually THAT stops working. Also please make it more clear how to use a account password I have no idea how too log in using it. I’ve also seen some complaints about eco powers, and I have to agree. They are overpowered. Maybe try to decrease the income gain or put it to a fixed number. And please update blooms 1 and 2 to newer iPhones ( u probably won’t it’s kinda useless).That’s preety much it. Great game! Edit: plz make it take longer to send MOAB class bloons. I read “science experiments” review and agree with his edit.Version: 6.5.2

Great game!I love this game and have been playing it for a while with my brother on our laptop. The main reason I’m writing this however, is because I recently got the game on my iPad so that I can play separately from my brother. Everything works great that I’ve seen, but the music bugs out. Whenever I open the app the music starts playing but once everything loads it stops. Turning the music button on and off doesn’t do anything. I tried restarting my iPad, clearing some space to see if that was the issue, and turning the music off, closing the app, opening it again and turning the music back on but it still played for a second then went silent. I may try reinstalling the app to see if it helps, but I doubt it will. Would this happen because I started playing on my account I didn’t know I had from 2018?? It’s fairly boring to play without the music, so I may revert to the laptop. Please look into this!! I would appreciate it very much..Version: 6.12.1

HiThis game is great. One of my suggestions is that there isn’t such an insensitive on purchasing the premium access thing. People who like playing Arena gamemodes are restricted to only playing 1 game every 17 hours. The only gamemode I find really fun is the mode which gives you 500 cash per turn instead of 250. You are awarded double per bloon as well. You get the full scale of what your army of monkeys can do. The suggestion I have is that If you win your one arena match the time should be reduced to around 5 hours. This will encourage players to play the game for longer. I believe this game is better than Battles 2, there are less towers and the unlocking phase is shorter. Overall this game is great but there is a repetive aspect of perchasing the premium option. So I only play one game of the double money gamemode then go to bed. I wish to play more but I’m restricted. Please continue to update and focus on this project instead of blooms td battles 2. 9.5/10 would Recommend..Version: 6.15.1

Great concept, frustrating gameplayLet me first off say this game is amazing. I spend a lot of time on it which is probably why I have developed a love/hate relationship with it. I love the concept of pvp Bloons. Being a BTD5 and 6 fan I love that this time it’s against players rather than the computer. However I think it’s a little ridiculous how early you can send Moab’s. It happens so much when your playing battle arenas when players are so annoying and give you 12 Moab’s on round 20. It ruins arenas for me and that’s why I don’t frequently play them. Normal games are fun players typically like long games but you don’t get enough money from normal games and I just want to enjoy arenas. All I’m saying is that you should move Moab’s back to round 30 or something because the first red Moab comes like 15 rounds later then when you can send them and it’s really annoying. Or just remove Bloon sends from arenas peirod. But this defiantly is my favorite game on my phone and I hope I can see it do better..Version: 6.0.1

Has potential but is ruined by bad powersThe game is fun and competitive when you aren’t getting harassed by players using toxic power loadouts. I don’t know why Ninja Kiwi thought it would be a good idea to allow someone to make your defense just stop working with a touch of a button, but that is what they did with sabotage powers. Quick shot has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Why would it be ok for a balloon to fly past my defense in half a second? The fact that you can use Salted Wounds to profit off of these powers makes everything even worse. Their are no low tier Boost Only arenas and Old School is so hidden that it’s rare to find more than 75 people playing there. In addition, Old School has terrible match-making and no reward for playing. Long story short, getting rid of toxic powers, especially sabotage, could balance the game and reward players that actually have skill. Alternatively, giving newer players the ability to play in good Boost Only/Old School arenas would be nice instead of watching 200% speed balloons fly past their sabotaged defense..Version: 6.10

Good game, but i lost all my progress.So today i launched the game, and it completely signed me out. It told me welcome to the game, and the tutorial. I had club, every single monkey fully leveled, over 9000 medallions, and i just wanted to play with my brother. I tried relogging, and it said no email registered. What the hell happened? When i tried to relog, it gave me two accounts. Both with zero experience and fifty medallions. I thought this must be wrong so i clicked decline and rebooted the game. Guess what? IT SIGNED ME INTO ONE OF THE ACCOUNTS! What the hell!? Now the progress on my other accounts is erased. Fix your game. I want all my progress back, i will not play the game until my progress is restored. I clicked restore purchases, and all it gave me was 1000 medallions and club. Thanks, BUT I CANT DO ANYTHING WITH IT! im going to have to grind for a good 30 hours if i want to get access to even super monkey, and im not willing to lose everything just because the developers dont know how to make a backup. Fix my progress dammit.Version: 6.2.4

Needs a practice roomHi I’ve been playing BTD for a long time, I’ve deleted it and downloaded it multiple times. The only reason for that, is because it’s hard to get good when there are players out there who are better then you. And the only way to practice and get better is by playing other players. Now my question is, is it possible to do an update where the players can practice against bots? For example, it wouldn’t cost nothing, and you wouldn’t get any medallions if you beat the bot, and it would go from beginner-expert, and even possibly have all the powers maxed out so we could see what type of tree we would want to go into. And what kind of rotation you would want, when going up against actual players. Sort of like COD how they have bots you can go up against. This is just my thought, it would make the game a lot better, I think. And possibly less frustrating for those who are having a tough time trying to get better..Version: 6.4

Sound glitchPlease help this game is really fun but for some reason my sound randomly stopped working and it’s kinda annoying. It’s not because my phone is on silence I checked that the sound effects work but the music option doesn’t work at all anymore super annoying on all my friends devices running the same iOS and same game version it works fine I have tried to restart my phone refresh my ram and nothing it’s just this app please if you know anything to fix it tell me if it weren’t for this it would have been 5 stars Edit never mind I was just playing the game and the sound randomly started working again. I have seen a few reviews about other people having this problem as well I would say give it some time and it will work deleting and reinstalling like the other methods I tried above also don’t work so don’t waste your time on that. I guess I’m changing this to 5 stars now that it’s working 😂👍.Version: 4.9.1

Good gameI have played some of the Bloons TD games 3-5 and thought of them as a good investment and worthwhile even though they get a bit redundant over time. This game however is really good. I like the options to play defense mode, assault and also bet your medallions. I wish it was a little easier to get some of the 3rd and 4th tier towers and you were better matched based on unlocked towers instead of win ratio at least in the beginning. This is because I am just starting out and am 21-10 and am playing people with 20-30 thousand medallions and all levels of towers! I have no chance against there guys with my tier 2 farms. Great game otherwise and the club investment seems like a really good way to support the game although I’m not sure it’s worth it. With there was a demo version for the tournaments so we could try it out once before I buy the full version. Worth it either way. Hope it’s helpful..Version: 4.7

Pretty cool game.This is not coming out of hate AT ALL! I really love this game and they're making more updates and improving but here are some things that could be changed. 1. Adding local / lan in game mods. 2. Making this more playable for older generations. I play on a 2012 first generation iPad mini but this is very far from playable. This thing doesn't really handle anything well at all anyways and I also need to wipe it. Or take it to an Apple Store. This sing is also VERY old as you just seen. I had this since 2 years after its release. So this isn't bad at all. Yet again I got this bad boy for free. Rather not say why. But it was brand new. Now 3. Making the GUI a lot more controllable. This would be helpful for tech nerds like me also for trying to fix my little problem and also to understand the game a bit more. But then again this is not coming from hate. This game crashes constantly. Most of the time it's every other game. People probably think I rage quit lol. I really don't know what it is. I will make my rating 5 when I get this fixed..Version: 5.0

Devs are dumbHey if you are reading this and you are a new player you can probably disregard this. This game is pretty good (hence the stars) but has flaws. Ninja Kiwi does not like to listen to the community... or at least, when they do, it takes, say, 3 years (glue gunner buff took 3 years to actually be implemented). A lot of the main problems with the game right now is the high level/pro gameplay. Powers in this game are one of the problems along with fourth towers. There is literally no matchmaking (I was probably 10,000 in the global leaderboard when I went against someone at 256 on the global leaderboard) so people with really good powers can go against people with really crappy powers and dominate because they have an advantage. Also, fourth towers are a problem. In most matches you can get a fourth tower, the first three you pick and the fourth is randomly chosen. The problem with fourths is they are completely luck based and you could get a really crappy fourth tower while your opponent gets a really useful fourth tower. Ninja Kiwi doesn’t seem to give a crap though..Version: 6.6

AmazingThis game has to be one of the best games I have ever played. This is truly a 5* game. It’s very fun with all the tower upgrades in a match, tower upgrades, powers, power upgrades, and super satisfying via the bloons (balloons) popping. It’s so addicting because you feel like you just need to keep playing and winning. You feel like you need all the towers. Now spoiler alert, in my opinion, the Gatling gun is the 2nd best in the game. This game features multiple game modes, maps, tower skins, and not to mention bloon designs. I feel like this game doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. It’s just, again, super fun and addicting. Whoever says that this game is not worthy of having all of the downloads that it has, don’t listen to them, they’re on drugs or something. All I have left to say now is, download the game, you won’t regret it, it’s super fun and addicting, and start playing this!.Version: 6.7.2

Awesome game... but I found a bugOk first off I just want to say that this game is amazing! I have no problems well I have one problem it’s a bug it took me a while to find out but anyway here’s the bug. So you know when you come in to the main screen? Well it will say you have unlocked a new power but it’s actually a new tower like there will be a ! On the power selection it supposed to be on the tower selection. Anyways this game is great I highly recommend! This is game totally appropriate for all ages. I recommend 7-13 I’m 11 and still playing I started on my kindle then my kindle just turned off and never turned back on. I can’t remember my save! So I have to start all over again. I ranked very high in region I had so many medallions I had over 100 farmers I made the best strategy ever I was destroying everyone! And I’m back! Btw my old user name was lil_augs,09 now it’s lil_augs09. I was also in one very popular clan called ASCENSION I really want my membership back tho! And I’m NOT buying it again! So here’s a tip RIGHT DOWN YOUR SAVE!!!!!! Btw if you have a PS3 system friend me I’m lil_augs09 Also I think this game can make a HUGE comeback if you make it so in the practice mode you can change the income/amount of money you start with max money is 1,000 and if your a club member you can make it bananza mega tower upgrade play with fire etc..Version: 6.6

Hackers? Or Glitches?So I've seen this at least 4 different times, a few when I was in one of the 2,000 or other high cost arenas. I would play the game as usual, and keep in mind this has happened in all modes except defense for me. Then they would either just get something that costs 5,000 or more round 10ish while they have basically the same towers as me! That's not even the worst part, then by around round 20ish their whole road is filled with bloons and they're going to the end but nothing happens. Then, my game starts lagging cause of the hundreds of bloons on their side! I know I can just sell my towers eventually, even with the lag and let myself lose to "report" them. But if I don't eventually my game crashes. This seems to be the player using some sort of hack client but is it? Anyways can you please just try and prevent this further or at least have the reported player inspected more thoroughly and possibly banned from the game..Version: 4.8.3

🤔 💬I think the game is great and all, but there is an issue that I have encountered many times. When non members get to play member games once every, I think, 16 hours. I always have fun with the special things you get in the member room bc I don’t get to play in it everyday, but then there are the members who have not a care in the world. I play and then the member “loose connection” aka just leaving, and then I win but I have to wait another 16 hours, whereas the members can go back in and play again. Some of them are leaving on purpose just so I have to wait another 16 hours. My point here is that some members are bullies. You can’t fix people, but you can fix the game. If a non member is playing a member game and the member “looses connection” within the first ten minutes, then you should give him or her another chance in the member room. Other than that, I absolutely, positively, undeniably, LOVE THIS GAME!!!.Version: 6.1

Great game, not so great match-ups.Now this game is incredibly fun, it brought new concepts for BTD. Whole new MvM concept gave people the chance to battle against their friends; other people included, but the whole match-up system is pretty jank most of the time. Now I’m not complaining because I’m bad (I’m terrible), I’m complaining because it makes earning medallions way to easy. There are chances where a player (like me) tries an arena match-up that they do normally, only to be met by someone who is several hundred, thousand, and even millions of medallions above you; you end up getting demolished and sometimes they make you feel like dirt afterwards; and I feel like that should be changed. A feature where you can’t enter lower arenas after a certain medallion amount, or something like that would be nice, and make match-ups way more friendly. But of course, this game is great, and I would definitely recommend this. Big thanks for reading this ~ TheCornMan.Version: 6.5

I’m obsessed with this game!!!!!!!Buuuutttt…. hear me out. on the tournament’s, the cheapest entry fee is 5 medallions. it’s a darn shame that people with say 30,000+ medallions can enter these tournaments and take advantage of the lil guys. It’s absolutely disgraceful. 🤧 they obviously have no need for an extra five medallions. What I’m saying here folks is that there should be a limit on the amount of medallions a player has to enter certain tournaments. For the 5 medallion entry fee, the limit could be 5,000 medallions. Anybody else who enters said tournament is just taking advantage of the system and corrupting the game as we know it. It makes it unfun AND unfair to others who have less medallions and upgrades. Same goes for normal defense game mode pairing. The game should pair you with other players who have similar win percentage and/or medallions. It makes sense right????? it makes sense. periodttt. 😐.Version: 6.11.1

EMERGENCY.Look, I still play the game. I love it. That's why it's not at 1 star. But, it's only at 3. Because, I got scammed. By you. Yes you. Or however many people work for your company. But you. YOU! Not only was my money scammed, but my entire account. Story - I've been playing BTD for awhile now. Got all the unlocks, including cobra. I decided to buy club. I had club for a week, then I took a break to play some other games. Went back on for some daily games and, my game popped out. I was like, ahh well, bad internet probably. I went back on and it loaded for as long as it takes to load monkey city. And then I had 50 medallions and 0 score. Thought the game was still loading, but I still had suspicions. What gave it away was I HAD TO DO THE TUTORIAL. I quit it as fast as I could and went to the main screen. I had nothing. My clan was gone. My towers were all gone. And worse, my club. I got scammed atleast a year of progress and 7.99. Why? Currently working on getting my stuff back. Not buying club. Unless you refund my club, of course. Not so sincerely, Scammed Gamer. Edit - I logged back in, and all that was left of my previous account was my battles tv. In that video, I had wizard, ninja, and super monkey. Also I was playing in CLUB arenas. Multiple times. Edit : Got my stuff back because of you guys, thanks I Guess? Took awhile though.Version: 6.0.1

Yeety my meaty clan name 9/10 gameGame is pretty good I just feel as if the player base drops it’ll be harder for newer players. I feel like it should help out the newer players with small stuff. Like if you try to bet 5 coins it should say they recommend the “watch this ad” so they can make 100% profit if they win. If they don’t Ninja Kiwi still get profit off the ad. I know BTD 6 is all the rage but I feel like those who want to fight each other are still on BTDB and that player base is steadily dying out. Play the game if you want to play a very competitive game play this one. It takes real hard thinking when playing at higher levels but absolutely nothing when your starting off (as long as you’ve played at least one BTD game). Small things need to be fixed but not a lot. Let some mods come from BTD6 and fix it and the game will be as good as it was in its prime.<3<3 <3<3 <3< <3< <3<3 <3< <3< <3<3<3.Version: 6.5.2

Easily the most fun game ive played on iphoneExtremely fun game, tower defense with a competitive twist, much like tower wars for anyone who played warcraft 3 or starcraft 2. You and another player must build a defense while sending bloons at each other. Sending bloons increases the amount of money you receive every few seconds so a balance of attacking and defending is necessary. First player to lose all their lives loses. I was a little worried that a competitive multiplayer app would be pay to win but im happy to say that is not the case. Even better is all the micro-transactions are either cosmetic or in game currency, which is really only used to enter higher level matches. When you enter a match you pay x amount of coins with another player and whoever wins gets the pot. There is even a free mode that operates without coins and plays exactly the same, just without the prizes..Version: 6.1.2

5 STARS GAME 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️This is the best game on mobile super good I would honestly play it if I’m bored because it’s really cool this is the only BTD game I will actually play it is super cool, I love battling people and I also love that you can do custom matches with custom upgrades and stuff, I always play this game with my brother because he thinks it’s cool to I play this also with my cousin and brother and my siblings and people, I even tought my brother and cousins how to do custom matches and play with there siblings even tho they had the game wayyyyyyyy before me, lol so funny I tought them something they didn’t know even tho they had the game before me, kinda probably I play the game more than then they don’t play the game as much as me, they also don’t play the game as much as they used to play it. But yea that’s it’s I love ❤️ the game❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣😂😂😁😁😁 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥.Version: 6.11.1

The game can’t even handle it’s selfI have been playing the game for a long time and love to play the new game modes once a day but, when I play I try to see how long I can survive and I have many monkeys on the screen and have a good newer phone and great WiFi connection but, the game cannot handle it’s self it often crashes or is so slow to the point where you can be afk for lunch and when you come back it is still the same round. My input on the situation is that you should make it so the game skips frames instead of moving like a sloth or even have an option to lower the graphics when there is many units on the screen and all attacking. My point is that the game is great and I love the new modes even though you have to pay to have the most fun the game is great but, when you get deep into the game,the game starts to give up and stop trying to play..Version: 6.4

If you read this, have a great day!This game is amazing. I play this game daily and I never stop playing until I run out of energy or medallions for Arena mode. Also, can you nerf ceramic bloons? They are very overpowered and it would be good if you decreased the hit-points by at least 5%. Whenever I boot up a good match, ceramics literally make it x2 harder for me. Nevertheless, this game is great and I highly suggest it. When first played it I was like, this game seems interesting. Then I realized how much NinjaKiwi put into this game. If you are a fan of defense games this game is just for you. This game has defense, offense, attack, entertainment, and you can't necessarily beat this game which means no deleting it because you've completed the game. NinjaKiwi I hope your business exceeds and have a great day to whoever reads the comment..Version: 6.10

Great game, but needs help on dartling gunI’ve been playing this game since I was 6 and it has been great game however one thing I dislike about it is the dartling monkey. This is the monkey with the machine gun that spays unlimited darts and if you upgrade to full power can absolutely MELT through the bloons. However were ever you press or click on the screen it start firing in that direction and it gets super annoying especially if it’s the only tower you have because then all the bloons start destroying your health. My solution is to add a feature where you can basically “lock” the dartling gun in the position it’s at and it won’t change direction when you press the screen. Then if you want to change it you can “unlock” and move it around freely again. I would personally like this update to come soon because I lose countless amount of games because I misclick and all the bloons come pouring out the entrance..Version: 6.5.2

Lost my progress even though I saved it to the cloudI’ve been playing this game for a little over a year but I forgot to update it for a while so when I finally got around to updating it I saved my progress to the cloud every day then 4 days later I log on and my progress was completely gone. I tried to recover my lost data from the cloud but it just kept a black screen with the loading symbol and I waited but it wouldn’t do anything but glitch out after 5 minutes of waiting. I would give it 5 stars but my data was gone and had to start a new one from scratch, I’ve tried to create an account but it doesn’t let me so I’m afraid that my progress will be lost again and if it doesn’t then I will just quit playing, but I hope it doesn’t because it’s a really fun game to play when your bored. BUT ANYWAYS PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME BUT CANT GET MY OLD PROGRESS BACK OR START A NEW ACCOUNT AMD SAVE FROM THERE PLEASE HELP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 6.9.1

Mostly GoodThis is a fun Bloons game to test your skills against other players. At first it was not pay-to-win or grindy at all, it was easy to get a lot of medallions, and bought the club pass. However, they added custom powers, which take a long time to get, and give you a big advantage. I think those powers should be easier to get, and you can speed it up by spending medallions. My second problem is the connection. Sometimes when your opponent places or upgrades a tower, it doesn’t appear to you for 5 seconds, so it may look like they leaked a lot of Bloons but they didn’t really because they bought a tower to defend that didn’t show up for me. Even if you have the best connection, this can still happen if your opponent has a bad connection, and it makes it hard to tell when to send Bloons or when you are going to win..Version: 6.7.1

Ok everybody’s wrong.Btd is wonderful I keep seeing people that say you’re lazy because some of the skins are bad and wasn’t much effort and stupid things like that; why don’t they try making a game? And another review said that “everything was overpriced” It’s false because everything is reasonable priced “medallion wise” because it’s all about perspective, plus you just have to be good at the game; the review that made me most angry was “I hate that you can’t match up with your own level, and it can match you with anyone no madder how much experience they have” first of all, I love that it does that because instead of getting practically the same match over and over again, I can get a lower level, so you kinda get a taste of fighting by every level, so please keep this game the way you have it; by far five stars. Sincerely me..Version: 5.0

Fun GameThis is a really fun game that you can play against other people or your friends. The characters that you can use in the game are really cool, and I like how there are a bunch of different ones to chose from so you and your opponents are battling it out with different powers. Basically the goal to this game is to survive longer than your opponent before a certain amount of balloons get through. You get to chose three characters that have powers that you place down to pop the balloons, and every 6 seconds your money supply goes up and that’s how you upgrade your characters. The game looks really nice, and they aren’t really any bugs from what I’ve seen. Every once in a while you might disconnect from a game, but most of the time everything runs smoothly It’s a strategical game that is really fun and I recommend that everyone tries it out..Version: 6.10

Amazing just upset about one thingIt’s an amazing game and I play it 24/7 and it’s amazing but it’s upsetting the fact that this masterpiece of a game is played by no one and that leaves me waiting for a match for ever for example when I want to play the card game mode I either verse someone who’s way better than me like way better or I don’t get it a match at all I really do t understand why people don’t play this anymore the second version of the game is suppose to be better but the newer isn’t always the better it feels like a rip off of the original game that some random boy account made but overall great game and I can’t blame this on the developers they can’t control who plays the game just please make more games like this and not the second version..Version: 6.14.1

Hacking ProblemI love the game and the entire concept, but there’s a problem with hacking. I’m a decent BTD player and not the best nor the worst. However, I played a game today where a player all of a sudden got the highest level of helicopter (which the one he got is 14,000) without sending that much eco. I believe he soon got three of them and I was still in the process of working on my superhero monkeys. Please, fix this issue. I love this game, but many people don’t play it anymore because other people have to cheat in order to win. You should eliminate the Cobra too. There are players who aren’t even good and use that. It’s not fun for more experienced players that enjoy playing late game. Instead, there are noobs who will spam it and automatically win because they will take all of their opponents’ health. It isn’t even fun to play against people with that..Version: 6.9.1

Wow you guys downgraded this gameUse to have daily logins and actually play a game that’s has beatable tasks…I bet my last 100 medallions and end up playing a computer for it which has everything in the game unlocked. Every skin, powerful, tier, etc. then the daily challenges are near impossible, how does the bot get the best of best then you get 2 good towers 1 which takes loss of money so you can’t even use because by the time you save enough for them you’ve already lost from the amount of good stuff they give the computer. Did I mention you can watch an ad before the game to have it pay for your 5 medallion entry, but is it really worth it when you have to watch an ad after every game as well? Don’t think so, you’ve become so money hungry like the rest of these developers and run your own game to s#*t. Have a good one with your corny responses, I’m done with this game..Version: 6.12.1

Only play if you’re gonna grindThis WAS an amazing game when I was younger I was good at it had all the towers even bought the premium pass but when I tried to log onto that account it wouldn’t work so I made a new acc and then I learned what a pain it is to level up you’re towers plays either make this WAY easier or just remove it completely I say this because 1. You barely get any xp playing a game 2. You have to get an enormous amount to level up 3. Not only do you have to get the xp you also have to pay for the towers. 4. You go against people who have max towers when you don’t making the amount of space you get even less. These are just a few of the reasons you should change the system. Maybe you could make it where the amount of xp you have to get is less or just put it as you have to buy it instead of using xp. Just please change it. It’s so bad and really toxic to new players.Version: 6.9.1

Great game, but...Overall, this is a great game. However there are some things I believe ninja kiwi could fix. 1. If you’re playing in yellow stadium (which is the lowest arena) with 100 medallions, you should NOT get matched up with someone who has 100k medallions, all the towers and a way better win/loss ratio than you. I think they should add a way of matching up players with similar matches played and win/loss ratios against each other. 2. There is a huge skill gap in this game. If you get matched up with someone who has way more darts and medallions than you, they almost always take advantage of the fact that you have less darts than them (Example: build up 10 4-2 super monkeys when you struggling to defend on round 50). They almost always take advantage of the fact that you don’t know strategies or exploits. I’ve seen some comments complaining about “hacking” or other things. Some people have been saying that other people’s temples shoot out tornadoes or saws. Well that’s because the temples can gain abilities by absorbing other towers. Most lower level players don’t know about that stuff. So, like I said, huge skill gap. I really wish that ninja kiwi would take the time and consideration to fix this kind of stuff. This game could be an amazing 5 star game if it was fixed..Version: 6.2.3

Add some thing newIt is so fun but can you guys add 2v2 plsssss it will be a lot more fun to play.Version: 4.7.1

Ninjakiwi listenMake 2v2.Version: 6.5.2

Pretty goodGreat game overall, but several things need to be fixed. 1. Connect players in similar rank. Unfair to connect newbies and pros. 2. Fix lag and issue where sometimes you sent bloons and the opponent doesn't loose lives. 3. Add other ways to earn money. Maybe 3 daily missions vs. computer.Version: 4.6

Tournaments - 40 rounds limitHi there, I just wanted to propose an improvement that could be made. When you reach the 40 rounds limit, you just want it to continue. On this app, there's people that like short games and those who prefer longer games. Simply removing the limit would improve the in-game experience for users who prefer longer games..Version: 6.6

Great Game!Love the graphics.Version: 4.6

Best game everThis is the best game ever because you have to use strategy and your money very carefully that’s it🤯🐵.Version: 4.7.1

Monkey gameMonke 🐵👍🏿.Version: 6.18

LiesMost of the offers in the “free” medallions section That give you a high amount of medallions aren’t even free. They require you to buy a product, so please don’t label them as free when they aren’t. Otherwise it is a pretty good game..Version: 6.5

FunVery fun but make it so you join matches with people with a rank similar to you’res its unfair to join for the first time and someone has 50000 medalions.Version: 6.6

Is this in pc ?This could go well on pc or bring some of the towers in this game to the latest Bloons TD 🙃.Version: 6.6

Great gameGreat game but the time for the custom club is to long so my and my brother can’t play.Version: 6.5.2

Love it!I can't stop playing!.Version: 4.6

Stupid gameEvery time I play it and other people just kill me in like round one so can you make the btd 5 free?.Version: 4.6

CoolVery cool game.Version: 4.6

Best everSo fun so challenging and is great to play when your bored 📱💻.Version: 6.19

Love this gameIt is a nice strategy game! I am a chess player so I like these types of games. I like all those mods and maps too because you have to think everytime..Version: 6.19

GreatJust disconnects randomly for some reason and it’s not an internet problem.Version: 6.19

REALLY FUNI recommend this game if you like tower defence games. BTD Battles 2 is also really fun!.Version: 6.19

Not badIt pretty good I got infinite money I don’t know how but make a new tower.Version: 6.19

It’s the bestIt feels like I’m actually a monkey.Version: 6.18.2

Bloon td 6I like this game it’s cool and fun and you can buy lots of things and stuffs and I hope you guys can add more interesting things 🤩🤩🤩..Version: 6.18.2

Fun game Bad match makingI started playing last week and got put against someone who’s 4 on the world leaderboard.Version: 6.18.2

2V2 for 2024It’s been a long time since were waiting for the 2v2 update. stop new versions and add 2v2.Version: 6.18.2

ITS GOODIt’s great the thing with the game there’s stages like (round 1) then it keeps going up and up I can’t beat round 25 it’s hard but THE GAME IS GOOD WHO EVER LOOKS AT THE REVIEWS TO CHECK IF THE GAMES GOOD PLAY IT 100% GREAT GAME TO PLAY the monkey dudes shoot the balloons The monkeys are good guys/the ballon’s are bad guys That’s the game there u have it ITS A GOOD GAME.Version: 6.18.2

Bloon td2Way better than the second.Version: 6.18.2

A way to ruin the game for othersGames fun but people just wanna Win all the time, 70% change your enemy gonna send you a red blimp and Just end the game , every just wants to win and no one wants to have fun? It ruins the game Honeslty.Version: 6.18.2

It’s goodI like it but I hate when people like to be d*cks early game. Man I just wanna play for the long run D:.Version: 6.18.2

FunThis game is so fun to play love it🍔.Version: 6.18.1

AlrightI like it it is not my favourite but it is really fun to olay you should download it.Version: 6.18.2

No game saves but goodI had this game awhile back, but when I got it again, I had to restart. Good game overall though!.Version: 6.18.1

NiceIt’s a fun game. Nothing more to say..Version: 6.18.1

Professor evilOk so it is a good game but hacker I mean proffeser evil is not cool.Version: 6.18.1

Really good👍Good game.Version: 6.18.1

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