Landfill Customer ServiceChris Owen

Landfill Customer Service

Praise for the Amiga original:

86%, Retro Gamer magazine, Issue 199:

"That constant expansion is a clever twist on the standard [Tetris] formula and Landfill therefore changes as it progresses,
so, while it might initially seem to be a simple pattern matching game, having to remember which objects can be paired up turns it into a combination of action puzzle and memory test."

Match items of Landfill as they fall - TVs, with remotes, with armchairs... cameras, with photographs, with cheese, with milk... Just try to remember what matches with what!

Featuring hand-crafted pixel art from the retro homebrew original, this new release adds modern touch-controls for an even better experience.

Swipe-to-swap: This unique mechanic switches your item with the item next to it. With a simple swipe you can reach more blocks, trigger chain reactions and boost your score.

-- Beach clean-up (iPad only) --

Clear bottles, cans, flotsam & jetsom and other rubbish from the beach as you play. Play long enough and even the coal-fired power station will be replaced by renewable energy.

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Thinking SlowClassic @WEF having been the main architects of mask madness they now propose solutions to the problems they created - tonnes of this junk dumped in landfill/oceans. Their "smart" mask doesn't suggest they want this restriction removed - ever. #COVID19 @21WIRE .

All Our EnergyThe #OceansideNY High School CARES (Community Activists Restoring Earth) Club wants to turn the Oceanside landfill into a solar farm. Help us support them and show the Town of Hempstead you support their efforts to make it so!#DisplaceDirtyFossilFuels. .

Dollar Bin on KFAI@funkomatic AND I believe I have at least one more CZR 12" from Landfill in a crate somewhere....

Christian SchneiderFeast your eyes on this passage, where he discusses all the CD jewel cases that contribute to landfill waste, then concludes, “given these numbers, it’s inevitable that signs of trash should permeate rock lyrics, rock criticism, and the lives of rock musicians.” .

Eyewitness NewsA federal judge denies a landholding firm's request for a restraining order against Union Carbide. The firmed claimed that Union Carbide's landfill in South Charleston is leaking hazardous substances into nearby Davis Creek and its tributaries .

The Simple Environmentalist // Emma DendlerCaught up to today's video, 45 surprising things you can't recycle (pt 2!!). Recycling can be a bit of a pain but recycling properly means MORE gets recycled instead of sent to landfill so this is super important! .

Lisa@MagicalOverload I did own My Pillow, it’s now slumbering in a landfill somewhere....

SigforthecityNEWS: The @SantaFeGov Solid Waste Management Agency is hosting a Free Trash Day for Santa Fe city and county residents at the Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station (BuRRT) and Caja del Rio Landfill on Saturday, April 17, from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m..

Jaye ⨂@wandasdrk you got a problem landfill?.

RidersOnTheStorm@darafaye Landfill materials is what I see LMAO!.

Sustainably Blk | Environmental OrganizationA garbage truckload of clothes is burned or sent to a landfill every single second! source: Sustainably BLK⁠ #SustainablyBLK ⁠ 👔⏯🔥 .

The Blue MountainsNOTICE: All municipal facilities with the exception of the Town Landfill will be closed to public access, beginning on Thursday, April 8, 2021 in response to the Provincial Stay-at-Home order. For more information: .

Sian SutherlandWe urgently need to find a better way. Every one of these single dose plastic sachets will end up in incinerators, landfill or polluting our planet for centuries. Moments of ketchup pleasure = plastic crisis = carbon crisis = climate crisis. It’s time to #sackthesachet for good .

Bravo76 🇺🇸@wspd3pio @WSPElProtector Looks like you were by the landfill.

Viking Twin yellow belly.Fair play Lidl. I asked @LucozadeIreland if they would stop wrapping their plastic bottles in non-recycleable plastic earlier this year. They said they were in the process. The same landfill is on the shelves. The new ads with the hoop kid shows him throwing a plastic. 1/2 .

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