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Pop All the Fidgets!

Trading Master is a super fun simulation game where you trade so many different fidget toys and objects!

Drag an fidget from your inventory to start the trade or place an item as your opponent starts!
If you all agree on the deal push the tick button to complete the trade.
If you want to reject simply push the cross button to decline the trade.
Get more items from your opponent with the plus button!

Are you ready to collect all Fidget Toys

Grow your inventory and be the Trading Master!

Trading Master 3D - Fidget Pop App Comments & Reviews

Trading Master 3D - Fidget Pop Positive Reviews

Please read this before downloading.As the title says, please read this. I gave it five stars so people would see this. I would actually give it three. Here’s why, the app has improved... A BUNCH. But I have a few problems. I am addicted to the app. And because of that I have noticed a few things. Once I have all the fidgets I have tons of money and nothing to do with it! I’m on level 78 and I have nothing to do with all this money. I have 2M+ and nothing to do with it! Please add a way to spend that money! I also realized we get more money as the levels go on, the money we earn multiples, why? It started with just earning a few hundred, now I’m earning a few hundred thousand! Why?? Please make it just one amount to earn through all the levels! I also noticed the pop-it levels have the same pop-it’s in a loop, please add more. Also, please add more fidgets! Another problem is... the app is rated 9+ and one of the fidgets is a pair of scissors. I don’t like that because that means nine year olds might start playing with scissors. And last, I think you should add more options to the trading levels, like trading with online players and a remove an item button. Sorry for asking so much and for bad grammar. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.13

The game could be better…😞😞😞Please read till the end. This game is a fun pass time game to play when your traveling or your just bored and need something to play. It’s a great game! Because you get to trade the computer and it feels so realistic! Also I like that it has the thing at the side that shows you if it’s a good trade or a bad trade. But…there are some minor issues. First of all there are way to many adds and I can’t tell you how annoying it is when you are in the middle of a trade and a add pops up and just when the add is over you get to practically press one fidget and then another add pops up! It’s fine if you have adds but just not in the middle of the round! Come on that’s annoying! Second of all on the front picture it says you can scam. It’s not true. I don’t know if it’s old and they just need to update it but if they never had scam in the first place then they should not have the picture up there. When me and my friend saw that you could scam in this game we were so exited and downloaded it right away but it is a lie. The trick might seem like the scam but it’s not. All it dose is turn your fidgets into gold the opponent gives you more and it ends the trade. Third of all some of the fidgets aren’t even fidgets. For example how is a pencil a fidget? Or a kings crown being a fidget toy. Seriously??? Thank you for reading this I hope that you can fix all of these issues 🙂.Version: 1.17

Please read!!! (4 stars)Ok so at first when I got the game i was sooo addicted it was so fun! Just a few complaints though... once you reach 2 billion it resets once you get more money... this has happened a few times to me? Also I’m on level 413 but when I try to go to the next level my screen turns black/dark grey/gray and exits me out of the app. No matter what o try I can’t get past the level! It’s just popping a pop-it?! I’ve been playing for less then a day and I already need to stop playing it? Also please make more fidgets and don’t make the money reset after 2 billion please. I know this was short but I don’t feel like it. PS : I’ve tried almost every fidget game I could find and this was my favorite one of all, I love the graphics of the game, but I can’t continue to play the game, sadly. Not because I don’t want to or I’m not aloud to. It’s because it won’t let me get past level 413.Version: 1.14

Ads ads adsOK, I have to say this game is very fun. The only thing is there are so many ads. I play a round of the game and then right after there is an add. A lot of times in the middle of the game there are ads too. I come in a big family of 8. There is only one ipad a one phone. of course the oldest sibling (Hannah who is 16) gets the phone with her snapchat and tik tok or whatever she has but the rest of us have the ipad. The schedule is simple-3 yr old laila gets from 9-10 am. 5 yr old lucas gets it 10-11 am. 6 yr old wyatt gets it 11am-12pm. 8 yr old sammie gets it 12-1 pm. 11 yr old easton gets it 1-2 pm. 14 yr old Bailey gets it 2-3 pm. and then there is a break from 3-5. then me. me, 11 yr old Sienna gets it 5-6 when the battery is almost out and because i’m the younger twin for some reason i get it last. and this is the only game i could download because the other games my siblings have are so boring and all the games that sound interesting have SO MANY ADS. we are supposed to charge it during the break but it never happens. low battery and ads don’t help because we each get one app. ridiculous right? and sometimes the ipad dies on me so it doesn’t help when there are so many ads and i barely even get to play the game. this is my review thank you..Version: 1.14

GLITCHY AS HEKI have an iPad Mini so maybe it’s a glitch might just be my iPad but even if it’s not glitching you do trading in the game and when you trade in real life like there’s the only real fidget that is on the app is a puppet and it always cuts out into random ads and sometimes you click multiply to multiply your coins and you watch like an ad and then it multiplies it sometimes it doesn’t even do that like you click multiply you Watch the video and it doesn’t even like multiplier thing and also the game has a robot trading with you in the robot I can sometimes scam you and there’s a burger which makes no sense and there’s fidgets on there that aren’t actual fidgets the only fidget that is on there that people actually use when fidget trading is a puppet I want more variety in the scheme and I wanted to be less glitchy and overall in my opinion a better game he thinks that whoever made the game should stop with the like ads that just come out of nowhere like if you want to do a simple action you have to watch an ad before doing it overall I give this game a three out of five stars because I’ll feel there are a lot of problems with the game I would like a game like this to exist but for it to be better much better..Version: 1.13

Eh......So I was looking for some new games to play cause I was bored and I kept seeing this one on the app store and some ads for it, so I downloaded it. Its sorta fun but there are a ton of annoying ads and the AI's trades are pretty unfair and basically the trades are not fair and you need to watch ads for new "fidgets" and it soooo annoying like even when I try asking for more "fidgets" it makes me watch ads like OMG THE ADS ARE OUT OF CONTROL you could put on Airplane Mode so there aren't ads I think I dunno if it requires internet cause I only played it for a little and honestly most of the reviews I looked at before downloading are agreeable like too many ads and unfair trades but honestly its not that good of a game I know ya'll are tryna make money but jeez you don't need THAT many ads now :) So I ended up deleting it I should have listened to the reviews and not wasted my time so if you like watching ads this is your game there are ADS GALORE so yup thats all I gotta say I would NOT recommened this game tbh but if you wanna try it go ahead i dont care but pls fix and REMOVE AT LEAST 80% OF THEM ADS :3 Tysm have a wonderful day~.Version: 1.13

I love it butI love this game however, like most people complains about: TO MANY ADS!!!! They are in the middle of trading and The adds most of them you can’t skip and they are like 50 Seconds long. This is not a good thing even I love the game you have created. The game is so fun and I am always trying to get dimples and more pop it’s and I also love to try and scan them. But there is one other thing. I’m not sure if this is the game or if there is something wrong with my phone, but there is no sound. Of this is the way the game was made it would be a lot better if you could hear the hands hot the table, the pop-it when you pop it, and other stuff like that. Someone please tell me if it’s something with my phone. Even if it is the game it’s not taking off votes from me that is just from the adds. I hope you can fix the adds. It is ok if there are adds, (I’m perfectly fine with it!!) but there are WAY to many. I hope you take you time to read through my message and fix these few mistakes. Thank you for reading!!!.Version: 1.13

Plz read this before u download get full opinion!!Uhm so this game is a game that is good but bad at the same time. There are many problems and by maybe a day or two you’ll get bored. I do not recommend it and I only put 5 stars so this message could be seen I would really give it a two So there is a person your trading with and u have the fidgets and everything but the round are so short and very uneventful. Problem #2 TOO MANY ADS if i even click on a fidget there would be a 99% chance an ad will pop up and they are so long with no skip!!! This makes it reallllllllyyyyyyy anoying to play. Problem #3 this is a fidget game and they barely let u play with the fidget I mean dude! Come on man!!!! It’s really uneventful and has no spark I have been playing for the past few days and already found these problems PLZ FIX THIS GAME!!.Version: 1.14

Great game a couple complaints though.I think overall this app is a great game. I have been really into trading so I decided to look at all types of fidget trading and this was the best one yet. You get to trade with people and you get chances to get new fidgets added to your collection of fidgets you use to trade. This game also every once in awhile you get to pop fidgets and it’s seems very real. Here are are my complaints though/ suggestions: there are lots of adds well at least for me.. every time you finish trading an ad pops up. When you trade with someone, you don’t actually get thing thing you traded the person for. You only loose the stuff you traded and don’t get the stuff you wanted. I think it would be nice to actually get the stuff you wanted to trade for. And last thing, a suggestion, I think there should be a shop where you can buy new fidgets and have them added to your collection. That’s all , thank you for reading.Version: 1.13

Ehhhh… it’s not too badThe game overall is okay, it’s pretty good for when you’re bored and you just want to pass the time and chill. But there are a few things I don’t like about it. It doesn’t have any sound at all (at least not for an Ipad) which makes the trading and the fidget popping a lot less satisfying. It was pretty disappointing… also, there are never ads available when you want to watch something to get advantages but there are always ads when you really don’t want them. It would be nice if the developers could fix it so that there were ads available more often because I have never been able to get the free fidgets I wanted from watching the video. But download this if you want something fun to play while offline 👍🏽 PS: I would actually give this game a 3 stars not a 5 🙃.Version: 1.15

Pls read thisI only gave this five stars so people would see it so I have bought all the fidgets and now I have like five million dollars just sitting there I really want to do something with the money but there is nothing to do with it so I’m just asking the creators to add something to do with all that money and there are just way to many adds sometimes when I want io make the other person add it makes me watch an add and every time I finish a level I have an add and the game doesn’t really even have levels that have a meaning it’s just have fun trading besides that it is a really fun and addicting game and I recommend it to people that want to fidget trade but don’t have the fidgets to or something like that I hope the creators read this.Version: 1.16

Please read this will give you some invitation!Don’t get me wrong this app is down right amazing but there is a few flaws. 1: this app has some weird toys like a pistol and a shotgun and scissors and seines it’s a toy in this game might make kids think it’s ok to play with scissors. 2: The adds there is so many of them they are 20 seconds or more and I don’t want to sit there that long and is annoying and it shows the same adds over and over agin. 3: this is not really a problem but maybe something to look in to you get like 2,357 k every time you win a level and I think that is a little to much. 4: some of the trades are way unfair it told me to add win I added like a pop it a dimple and more and they had a train and win I hit add they decline. But over all this app is super good and fun I would recommend it so have a good rest of your day. ;).Version: 1.14

Good but needs some helpThe game is so good I love it but there are some problems with it like.... There are to many adds to many there are some in the middle of the game if you hit the I want more button it takes you to an add it Is annoying after the game to get the figits u have to watch an add or you don't get it even the ones you earn from trading u have to earn with an add so plz think about changing that also you should be able to play with the fidgets to cuz you can only play with them if u watch and add plus u only get to use it once so that is annoying the game is great but to MANY ADDS so think about this before you get it also the adds are long and they are about the same game like right trading 3d the have adds that are to long on the game you are playing I don't want to watch adds on the game I I'm playing so good game just the adds need to improve So thank you.Version: 1.17

Pretty goodI would agree with everyone else about the ratings so I give it a three. I just downloaded this game saying oh I like fidgets and I have seen YouTubers play it so then here I am downloaded and all. This game is fine but I have a few pointers. 1. TOO MANY ADS and they are usually pretty long. 5 sec ads should do the trick. 2. How much coins u have to pay to get some of the better fidgets I would settle for like 450 for a shoe but 200 more then that?! That’s just wasting. 3. Just because the meter says it’s a good trade doesn’t mean that it is! I want an option besides add more because it is of course limited and to be like you choose one of the items they put out. And it could be the same way around for the A.I. but still the third one is more of my opinion and the others have just bothered me. So still this game is good even though it haves it’s quirks..Version: 1.17

Please read!I said 5 stars, but this review is actually 2 stars. So, I have used this app for bit, and there are a few flaws. First off, THE ADS. I get an ad or two now and then, but you have to watch an ad to claim fidgets to trade, and after, before, and even during a level! Its annoying how many ads there are, and most of them are 15 to 30 seconds long! Second, when you pop a fidget, it doesnt make any noise. I use fidget apps for popping satisfaction, and this app doesnt give any. Third, theres no tutorial, and I can't figure out how to buy fidgets with the coins I get. Thats my review, and I hope people will find it helpful!.Version: 1.17

Ads and the person you are trading with problems(As others do I gave this 5 stars to be seen) this is a 3 star game I would say. I feel one of the major problems is the fact that you can get a super good trade but then don’t get the super good item because it is locked behind an UNWATCHABLE AD this has happened 3 times for the best items in the entire game. And also the speed the other person takes the trade makes its look like he is snatching everything if it’s just me or everyone feels this then ok but still please slow it down. There are many improvements to be made here..Version: 1.14

This is not fair!1. So, I was playing having fun, until I put in half my stuff to see what the other person would offer. I didn’t like their offer so I hit the Trick button. After I did that they still had a VERY VERY VERY bad offer still. I wanted to decline because I did not want all my stuff down the drain. But I couldn’t!! It made me automatically accept! I had no option to! I almost quit the game! I was sooo frustrated. You guys should but a option after you hit the trick button to either, accept, decline, or add. Please do!!! 2. Music! There should be music. Not boring ones but stuff you think people would like, or you could have an option to but in any appropriate music, like pop music, or country, etc. It’s kinda boring just with no music! (You could also mute music too) 3. As much as I love this game, there are to many adds!!! Maybe when after you hit the Trick button (when the person is done offering) you should not put an add there. It’s boring watching adds continuously and constantly. Keep and mind, a lot of people agree with not a lot of adds! Thank you for your time!.Version: 1.15

Great game but...First of all there’s way too many ads like I had an ad as soon I opened up the game and then in the middle of me trading and then right after the trade and It happens every time I try and trade. Second of all I don’t like the mini games, like this is a great game overall except for there is so many mini games. The mini games are not even apart of the game concept, but whenever it comes to doing mini games that I did not download the app for and when you’re just trying to trade then that’s not fun. The trading is fun though and as recommend to play without WiFi, it won’t give you ads. There is nothing I can do about the mini games though. Please fix this..Version: 1.13

This app is greatI really like this app because when I’m bored I will go onto it and become not bored. I only have one problem though you are in lots and lots of money and after you buy all the stuff you don’t have anything else to use your money on I would really like if there would be something you could use all of that money on instead of just getting stuff to trade and I would also like to be able to play with the toy is the trader is giving you instead of just playing with the same puppets every single time I would really like to see these changes in the game other than that this game is really really nice and fun 🤩.Version: 1.14

Fidget game masterIt’s just like a real playing game it’s just like a real thing but it’s like a king Saul like if you tell people to keep adding and adding and adding they’ll tell you to add once and then you can press the check and you get more fidgets and take it like two or three so that’s why I love it and I love you guys for making this game whoever makes the game I love all the games that I have on my phone so last review on what I’m doing yes/review like yeah actually right now really I am ready for a new game in the game like in a new game old I’ll do it in and you only I would love one so all my love ones I would like.Version: 1.11

Before you download this game, read my opinion. (3.2 stars)(Things That make it quite bad’*) Like every other game and most reviews, this has a lot of ads, but I just turn off the internet when I play it so I’d say if ur sick of the ads do that. (-1 star because of the ads*) Another reason why I gave it 3.2 stars is because, this game should be about fidget trading, but you can trade food, pencils, weird golden TVs and etc. Plus, sometimes you have to do unrelated things it’s the game, for example, spinning a wheel, popping pop it’s, also the ads can pop up from just clicking on the ‘add’. (*all of those make a -0.8’) For this I’d give it 2.5 but I don’t think it’s worth such a bad rating. (Things ig on the up side)* I mean you can’t really ‘pay to win’ manually you have to get things from trading and buying, you buy items with coins which you can earn coins extremely fast *I deleted it* but less then 3 hours I had 2 million coins* If you like easy games like getting coins easily and buying etc, you like fidgets eh you might like this game.. (Thanks if you read my review).Version: 1.16

Good but needs some changes...Honestly I love the game, but it’s needs changes. First, I have at least 4 million coins but I have nothing to do with them. Second, I think you could add a store where there are sections, like, pop it’s, dimples, squishies, and much more. Third, I wish you could list the fidgets that you actually have and trade those. But if you don’t have fidgets, you could obliviously go to the store like I mentioned earlier, and buy fidgets there. Lastly, there are weapons in the game, and the game is for kids. Like what if a kid wants a gun and wants to use it as a fidget and ask their parents if they could get one. Same with the scissors. Ik it’s a lot to ask but it really needs some changes. Thank you for reading! :D.Version: 1.14

Please Read!!!The app is amazing and much better than all of the other ones, but my only complaint is that there are way too many adds and I would honestly be fine if we had to watch an add every 10 levels instead of having to watch an add latterly every minute. They should also make a Home Screen like candy crush we’re you click on the next level. I would also have a button to click that automatically takes you to a shop where there are sections with , pop-it’s, squishes, dimples, etc. Pls update the app to the closest it can be to this. Otherwise I recommend this app😊.Version: 1.17

It’s a fun game but the ads are just to muchThis game is really fun and all but there is just way to many ads. I understand that ads are the way you earn money in this game but not as much people are gonna play this game if it legit has an ad in the middle of it 😐. What I recommend is to maybe add an ad every 2 trades so you complete 2 trades and then an ad. It will get much more people to play and enjoy the game, and it would help this game to get to its full potential. If you do what I recommend, more people will play the game so even if there is less ads you will still be able to make the money. This is just my opinion in how you can help this game reach its full potential because it truly is fun..Version: 1.13

Please read this!😀Hi, if you are reading this thx so much because I think this would actually be a four star than a five star. I put five star so you would read it. (Sorry) Anyway lets talk about problems. So, the problems are that when you pop the pop-it’s for the bonus level thing, my phone vibrates it is super weird. Also they should add online players to trade with you. Also it is 9+ and my kid is playing with this and she is 8 years old, and she has fun with it except for the problems we talked about. My kid says that this game is really fun though. Thanks for reading, Love, H.G.R.Version: 1.13

Amazing app,please read thisOkay,so I love fidgets and I’ve seen this trading thing on tic tok.I was looking for a new game I could play that I don’t just wanna delete. I saw this game and clicked on it. It had good reviews and I was like “ooh I’m gonna get this app.” Then I did. So when I started playing it had a lot of ads,which I’m used to do to me it’s not a problem,and the only downside is that I already got all the fidgets in one day,and had overestimated 100million coins,can you guys please make another way to spend your money,it would be a a little better..Version: 1.14

Please noticeHey he reason why I give this app a 4 is because it’s really a good game! But it’s just that whenever I press the plus for the other person to add, an ad keeps coming on and I’ll have to wait for a while. I hope you can change that. 2nd of all, can you please add a button where you can play with real humans/people? Doing it with bots are kinda not really entertaining and I want to see what good items others have. Doing it with a bot gives me the same items/offers when I give them something to trade with. The game is really fun but I hope you can make these changes and others opinions! -Holy.Version: 1.18

Two commentsThe game is great but it has SO MUCH ADS!!!!!!!!! The game would be better (I think) if it had way less ads. It have ads for everything. I would be playing this game for so much more longer if it had no ads. I got the game today and I been playing so much but most of the times it’s just ads. Also I know I got the game today but I saw in ads that they had trick like when you put nothing in a phone box and when they open it they get mad. I might be wrong yes I got the game today but so far it hasn’t had anything like that. Please, please, please, please make that adjustment. Thank you so much.Version: 1.18

ReviewIt’s like real trading it’s nice and it’s relaxing a bit.I would for sure recommend this game if your stressed or wanna have fun. Yes it is also a VERY fun game to play. You can also play it with your friends and family if you want. It is also good if you wanna laugh sometimes it is very funny or just funny. You can also focus and get distracted by it because it is so fun! Even in the bad times it is good to concentrate on something so you don’t tell sad. Yes those are all my reasons why you should download this fun and awesome game and have a good night!.Version: 1.13

Very funThis game is a very fun game. Fidget trading is a real thing but it can be very hard because you have to buy all of the fidgets but now you can trad and without having to spend any money. And for me since I’m only 11 I don’t have and get a lot of money so it is hard to trad but I do love trading so this app is a very fun app and a great idea. But I will say that there is a unreasonable amount of adds for example when you are trading in the middle of the trade a add just pops up and it is really annoying. But other wise I LOVE this app..Version: 1.14

Money problemSo I am at level 10 and my money amount is 6.471 and there’s nothing for me to do with it so I’m kind of confused do you need to add an update where you can spend money on maybe fidgets or trading screen.I also think you need to add online players because I’m sick of trading a trader that makes trades not fair like he’s making me add when the gutter bad meter is at the end is good and I keep excepting and then he’s keeps on clicking that he wants more. If you could fix this problem as soon as you can I will give you five stars Love, Willowtree.Version: 1.14

Please readI think this game only deserved a 3 but I did 5 so you would read it it is a really addictive game I like playing it but there is a couple of problems like ALL THE ADDS there is so many adds it’s crazy there is a add every round and in the middle of rounds and I think you earn money way too fast I have 10k after like 5 rounds I also think there should be way more figets and actual valuable things like phones and iPads I’m just a beginner but the game is really fun and addictive..Version: 1.16

Pls read before gettingHi I play a lot of games but this one I will give it a try it it’s really slow on iPod touch so I would recommend not using it on an iPod touch and I would say that when you get onto higher level You don’t get any new fidget do you still have the same ones he gets a bye and you also have the same fidgets it says 9+ but a lot of the stuff is it really for flashlight somtimes have scissors which is not really safe for nine-year-old you don’t get any new fidget do you still have the same ones he gets a bye and you also have the same fidgets I would beg to have new figets.Version: 1.17

Love butI love this game but there is a problem there is way to many adds and I got all the items in one day and I happen you put more items in to get and btw the bot does not offer you the phone and there is not a lot of actual fidgets and I feel like the rating for them needs to be better but it is very addicting and can you add a pee pod and a stress ball so I hope you see this and update it and add a online section where you can actual trade with real people thanks.Version: 1.11

Addicting game. Lots of fun.It’s super fun which is kinda funny but as someone else mentioned I don’t know what to do with all the money. I have like over 20M I can’t remember how much but since I’m on level 150 or somewhere close to that, I don’t know what to do with all the money so maybe you can add lots more Fidgets or customizations like hands or tables or different stuff like that you know? Turn on airplane mode and enjoy the game because yes it has a lot of ads..Version: 1.16

Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads ADSThis game has too many ads by the way only put five stars so this message could be seen and I have like 1 million in this game and nothing to do with it so if you guys can please find some things I can do with this money I would appreciate it also this game is really glitchy on my iPad and plus why do you play this game like a few times it gets really boring oh and did I mention TOO MANY ADS.Version: 1.14

Good but..pls readIt’s a good game but I have a complaint on the trading levels (1): ITS TOO GLITCHYY) (2): I wish when you trade when the trade is accepted you get the fidgets of the other person without having to watch an ad) (3): If noticed that when I buy up a fidget the other person puts a crappy one so I look at the trade thing so they add crappy stuff which makes me decline) Ty for reading pls update the game from the 2nd complaint thanks..Version: 1.14

PassableThis game has a fun premase and its likr those fidget trading tiktoks you see everywhere now, but its filled with ads. Before you start trading? Ad. After you want to see your results? Ad. Its very annoying. Also you woukd expect things like pop-its to be there, and they are but everthing else is stuff like.. A suit of armor? A TV? Would it be so hard to add maybe a DNA ball? Or Gloobles? Its just so random. I rate this a 3/5 because when you play for the 0.2 seconds its pretty fun (minus the ads). There is a scale to make sure you know what your getting and pop its you can buy..Version: 1.14

Great but to many addsI love the game because it teaches you about trading so I thought I could download it because I need to be taught about how to trade because I’m a horrible trader in adopt me Roblox so I thought it could teach me something but whenever I click the add button it has and add! It makes me so mad but then the adds stop for a wile and then another add but then when I finish a level another add I recommend narrowing down the adds so it will make the game more enjoyable for other players.Version: 1.11

Fun but lots of adsThis game is really fun and it’s good for if you have no one to fidget trade with or if you don’t have fidgets and cuz some people can’t see there friends or people🙂. But there are Way to many ads, This really fun but to many ads when ever I’m gonna press one of the buttons like accept, Add or decline or even when I’m adding a fidget or before or they add or press something and ad shows up, it kinda gets annoying But I Really like the game maybe just less of the ads.😄😅.Version: 1.11

Good game butFirst off to many adds like please stop and when it says you can scam you can’t. It’s rated 9+ yet you can trade guns and scissors why would you add guns there’s no point how would kids get guns. Some “fidgets” in this game aren’t even fidgets like first of all guns why would kids trade guns or even have gun and why would they have crowns or chestplates,umbrellas,popcicles,tnt,gold coin’s ,watches and many more so please remove some of the bad stuff and add hood fidgets and remove adds please and thank you..Version: 1.17

ReadOk. I would give this game a 5. But there are some problems, when you click something to watch an add to get a pop it, it says “Add not available” then in the middle of the round A ADD. I would recommend waiting to get this game till it updates. And the left bar is useful but could you add stuff to like scam, like fake stuff to get good stuff? That would make the game really fun. And being able to pop the pop it’s at anytime. I hate having to watch an add, finish a few rounds and them only getting to pop one side..Version: 1.14

Great game!Hello so i really like this game, its so simple and fun to play, yea there might be ads and all but this is a good game for me to play when there’s no wifi, or the powers out. I really like these random games to play, i dont know why but the more random they are the funnier they are, keep up the good work, these people in the reviews don’t even know how to play it right, of course its going to have ads, thats how games are.Version: 1.1

Read this before downloading cause there some problemsAs you can see I give it a three (this is not a poem lol) anyway I don’t like this game that much there are so many friken ads I hate it! But I have this trick so if I put it on airplane mode there’s no ads also I wish if you press the no button you don’t have to watch an ad sepratley for them and instead buy them with the coins also I wish there were more fidgets I love fidgets and hold them in my heart but the apps no and ecspecially this one sorry but it true.Version: 1.14

☾★Ok٫ but...★☾I really like this game alot but there's some stuff i wish you could change or add to it. 1. ▶️T̲O̲ M̲A̲N̲Y̲ A̲D̲D̲S̲!!▶️ Look٫ i know u guys gotta earn money out of games but there is W̲A̲Y̲ to many adds. Like when im the middle of a trade and i press decline٫ a add pops up. Maybe make it like one add per level or something 2. 🧸ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕗𝕚𝕕𝕘𝕖𝕥𝕤🧸 I just thought it would be cool if we could play with the fidgets we get through trades. Maybe there could be a inventory where we could play with our fidgets. 3. 🎶 [̲̅S̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅u̲̅[̲̅n̲̅][̲̅d̲̅]🎵 Idk why but whenever I pop the poppers it doesn't make the *pop* sound it makes in real life. So maybe if u could change that it would be ⋆AMAZING⋆. I hope u consider adding or changing some of these things. Have a great day! (=①ω①=).Version: 1.14

It was a good gameIs was a good game over all but I dont know what to do with the coins you get and I don’t like how the other “person” trades the same things..Version: 1.1

EnjoyableI enjoyed this game.Version: 1.13

I enjoy this appI think this app is pretty fun! But I think there souls be more fidgets in the game there’s mostly non fidget items but then the that I quite enjoy this app 😒🤗😁.Version: 1.18

:DTo the people who says to much ads tip:turn off ur internet :) Other than that I really enjoyed this AMAZING app :).Version: 1.15

To many adsThe game is great but no not ads in between each game, there everywhere after like five times of trading a ad shows up, this is not fidget trading its seeing how much fidgets you can trade before a ad pops up..Version: 1.13

Good gameIt is a good game but ads.Version: 1.12

AMAZINGI love.Version: 1.18

BruhYou use coins to buy figdets when you run out.. great game tho.Version: 1.18

Not badThe game is not bad but it gets boring afterwards so I deleted it.Version: 1.18

PopI think this game is really good and fun but I don’t like the ads good job ..Version: 1.18

It’s good!It’s fun I like it but to many adds. But it is much better that other fidget trading apps I had plus it has cool fidgets👍🏻🙂.Version: 1.16

AmazingTo much ads but the game is great.Version: 1.17

Sound affectsIt’s an amazing game but the sound affect are bullying me, they make bussing sounds.Version: 1.17

AmazingTricked them and they’re so good ice wish this was real it’s not but make more games like this.Version: 1.17

NiceIt was a nice game maybe remove some ads.Version: 1.16

Awesome gameThis game is awesome and fun to play plus it shows what trades and bad snd witch are good so u don’t get scammed and lose all your fidgets but, the one thing I highly dislike is the amount off adds. There’s is like and add after every trade and I would like if there can be less adds..Version: 1.14

Amazing gameIt’s a good game.Version: 1.14

To many addsThis game is fun but there is way too many ads.Version: 1.14

OIt’s a very good game but I think there are to many adds.Version: 1.14

AmazingOmg this game has no cons all pros.Version: 1.14

Why I like the gammmmmmeI always wanted to figer trade this is my dream come true ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💝.Version: 1.14

Lots of adsTo many ads but other whys everything is perfect it’s just like real fidget trading!.Version: 1.14

❤️‍🔥It is good but to much adds.Version: 1.14

💜👏🥳Really great, well done the people who made it. Wish it had more options of fidgets too though, but otherwise highly recommend:).Version: 1.14

OkThe app is fun but I would really like if it had sound affects when you pop the pop it. It’s good because it lets you play multiple rounds without there being any adds🤩.Version: 1.14

OkayIts a good game but it would be better if the fidgets u got from trading would go into ur inventory.Version: 1.14

Fun gameIt’s a fun game but a lot of adds You get to pop pop it’s sometimes it’s a fun game.Version: 1.14

It was really fun at firstIt was really fun the first day i got it but then the next day after i opened the app then popped the pop it when it was supposed to go to the trading screen it brought me back to my home screen and it keeps doing it.Version: 1.14

GreatNot the finest game in my point but , pretty good ! I love the idea of tik tok fidget trading.Version: 1.14

It’s so realThis game is so real this is how you would trade in real life I’m rating this the max 5nmy mom has to come on and tell you about it,hello my name is Karen and I rate this game a 0 it’s so bad when I tried it please its lagging my phone.Version: 1.14

Read the following:Deez Nuts.Version: 1.14

Pretty goodIn the middle of the game it makes u watch adds but in general It’s a good game.Version: 1.14

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