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A global zombie infestation has converted many into zombies. As a survivor, your primary goal is to retain your humanity and survive

- Think Fast, Move Faster!
Begin your journey with an intense survival challenge. Dodge and combat waves of zombies. It's not just about survival; it's about quick reflexes and strategic thinking, as each lane presents unique obstacles and zombies!

- Create Your Zombie-Free Shelter
Customize your base and expand your army - you are the light in this shelter, leading people towards a glimmer of hope. In this strategic game, your choices in building and developing your base will shape the future of your survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

- Assemble Your Dream Team
Assemble your ultimate team by recruiting heroes. With a choice of three military branches, each hero comes with their own unique skills. Combine different heroes to easily achieve victory against the zombies.

- Unite for the Greater Good
In the challenging world of zombies, survival is a team effort. Partner with players from all over the globe to battle the zombies. Stay alert – alliances are complex, and not every survivor you encounter is friendly.

How long can you last in this apocalypse? Join Last War: Survival Game and embark on a thrilling journey of survival and strategy!

Last War:Survival App Comments & Reviews

Last War:Survival Positive Reviews

Fun , F2P but can be expensiveLast war advertisements would lead you to believe this is a game just with zombies coming at you, and you either upgrade your guns and troop counts successfully based on your character position. But that is so far from what this game is. You have to build a town, join an alliance, and conquer these weekly and daily events. It is free to play and while it can be fun, they really dangle and tempt things in front of you to purchase. They also have a weekly battle pass that costs an astronomical 20$, I’m not sure why they are so greedy with that. Make it 5$ and many more people would be interested. Anyways, this game is far from what i described in the beginning and more about coordinating with fellow alliance members. Fun nonetheless, just don’t fall in the hole of compulsively paying to become stronger..Version: 1.0.182

Why Lie?I have played this now for 40+ days and have yet to see the part of the game shown above in the advertisement. It’s pretty fun. Kept playing to hopefully be able to play the barrel rolling, shooting math game, displayed in the Ads. Still have not seen this!! It’s a F2P game that I have spent $10 on so far. You have to join an alliance, participate religiously ( log in 5x’s/day for at least 30 mins) and only use resources at specific times to be successful and level up. I’m definitely closing in on a money wall, to be able to level up. I’m about to stop logging in all day, because my new role at work will not allow me the time. Due to participation rules of my Alliance, I’m sure to be kicked! Without an active alliance, providing awards, gifts, and rare resources, it will be near impossible to level up. Anyway. It has been good enough to get me to play for over a month several times per day. So, $10 well spent I suppose..Version: 1.0.188

ReciewIt took a couple weeks to completely understand and get my bearings but when I had any questions I reached out to customer service and they got back to me not long after. I do wish they gave out more rewards and made leveling up easier. You’d have to spend thousands of dollars to become strong enough to beat some of their bosses and other players. I usually just buy the battle passes or all of the weekly passes but I still barely level up. I’ve been playing daily for over 2 months and my headquarters is just now level 20. That’s a lot of time and money for not much gain. Overall though it’s a pretty enjoyable time killer, they should just do better with rewards because people get bored of not being able to play or upgrade because they don’t have enough recourses..Version: 1.0.175

Confusing but goodThe game is a ton of fun but nothing like the pictures and previews show. Which is weird because the game IS GOOD so why not just show us that? They do need to add some sort of PVP ranked system with rewards and seasonal resets. Right now there is nothing to make players want to play daily. Unless you’re a top player in the world you pretty much log in, claim your rewards and that’s it. I want to be able to log in, battle other players online and get rewards. The arena mode is fun but only 5 matches a day is lame, and many arenas and events are only available to top players. The game is fun but there needs to be more to do for the average player to want to stick around..Version: 1.0.182

Good game, wish it was more like the ads hahaThe game is fun, but I wish we got more time to play is it is shown in the ads (killing a mob of zombies). Over time it starts to feel like FarmVille. Youre basically forced to buy the second builder right off the bat or make no progress leveling up so there’s also that. I made it to lvl 24 in a month or so. It can be fun, but the idle times are really boring and the game gets automated over time. They should make the actual mobs of zombies harder and make you really push your limits to get it done. Instead they focus on how to make more money with different “packs” being available but there are too many ways to “expand”. Again they need to focus on making the gameplay more challenging over time instead.Version: 1.0.182

Fun but…I played this game for about a week and it was a lot of fun. My favorite part was playing the shooting mini games were killed the zombies. However, that ends after about a week of playing and upgrading your town. Then, at that point you only get three levels time you upgrade your main tower. The game does a good job of allowing you to still keep up and not pay to play. You just have to be patient. But, there is really no currency that you can’t get in the game by playing for free. overall the fun game, but I did lose interest after about a week..Version: 1.0.183

Game Still Needs Work!!!I really have been enjoying this game. But, I would like to discuss some issues. There have been a few bugs I have experienced such as not receiving the semi-truck around block 55 just before HQ 7 or 8. As a Commander I cannot view my clan rank in the leaderboards. The whole alliance section needs to be revamped for easier navigation. Overall has been a fun new game but it has so much potential and can be so much better..Version: 1.0.198

Ads & screenshots are lyingThe ads and screenshots you see about this game are overly exaggerated and probably relates to 1% of the entire game. This is a base building game, with elements of conquest. If youre not in a strong/active alliance, you’ll probably have a hard time progressing. The micro transactions seem a bit dumb, since some of the small initial purchases seem vital to grow your base competitively. Meaning, you probably need to buy the 2$ pack so you can construct two buildings at a time, instead of one. Lame. My alliance helps make this game enjoyable. Hope more UR tier heroes get added to the ticket pool because right now there is only 1 UR unit you can pull with summon tickets..Version: 1.0.170

It’s ok - kinda glitchyI have been playing daily for over 2 months. It is a scheme to get you to spend $5 per day to $20 per day to level up resources you need. If you don’t pay attention almost 24 hours a day you are shamed by others in your alliance. Never once have I seen the awesome run along the bridge and fight thousands of zombies parts of the game advertised on the click bait. I’m assuming to get to those levels, you have to play for months and months and then will only get one or two of them before having to spend weeks to level up. I would say it’s an ok game, but definitely not as advertised..Version: 1.0.195

Fun but….Game is actually fun to play and I would give it 5 stars but, it completely takes over the audio on my phone and I can’t figure out why. I like to listen to music and audiobooks while I play games on my phone but while this app is open it simply will not let me play anything. I have all the sounds turned off, the background music, the sound effects, even in my app settings I have sounds turned off for the app. This a complete turn off me, I probably won’t spend much more time on it because I’m always listening to a book and I won’t be able to while I play this..Version: 1.0.167

Fun but pay to winThis game was really fun at first. But as time progresses you need to start upgrading lots of things which really take forever. Days at a time. It’s just real bad. And you’re forced to buy speed ups and there’s other people in your server who spend a lot of freaking money and end up advancing very fast and having top tier equipment which makes them better than everyone else. ONE THING I BEG OF THE DEVELOPERS PLZZZ PLZZ PLZZZ ALLOW THE HELP BUTTON TO TRAIN TROOPS IT TAKES WAY TOO LONG. WHEN THERES VERY STRONG PEOPLE WHO PAY LOTS OF MONEY ITS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY. And reduce the time on things jeez. Try not to make it obvious that u need to pay money to enjoy yourself on a game..Version: 1.0.198

Ridiculously Addictive and funThis game is more than I bargained for! It’s been truly fun and addicting to play. I thought I was just gonna play a simple so desired game with the cute little bonus games but it’s got a whole community building and a great available for every single job you would need to survive in a post apocalyptic zombie era game. It’s like clash of clans in brawl stars are rolled into one if you’re into games like this, I truly truly and highly recommend this one five stars truly earned.Version: 1.0.170

It’s everything you’d expect from a modern mobile game but that’s okayI found this game through an Instagram ad for it, I didn’t expect too much from it at first. I decided to look more into it because the ad didn’t do much justice to it. But after installing it I found it pretty entertaining, with a lot more to boot than I expected it to be. It has your typical mobile game price gouging but outside of that it’s entertaining enough for a decent rating..Version: 1.0.172

Account messed upI really enjoy this game, I play it almost everyday, unfortunately with this new update that just got released almost 30 minutes ago, my account was messed up. The game would load but in the Home Screen there’s something blocking my screen. My level says 99 even tho I’m 12. My vip is back at 1 when I’m 7. And when I go into the storage I don’t see anything. I’m not able to play the gameright now and it’s kinda frustrating. Please help me fix my game. If I could send screenshots some how to show you guys better of what’s going on, let me know how..Version: 1.0.137

Last War, Devs who careThe game is great, one of the few games of this type where you can F2P and still be competitive, the developers are constantly updating it, and host an official discord. I wish other games would learn from this and focus on quality of life, F2P aspects more. I know you can P2W in this, but you don’t really even need to, if you go into the game informed, you can achieve great power, considerably quick, for nothing..Version: 1.0.194

It’s fun butIt’s fun and so far exactly like the ads BUT my main complaint and what knocked two stars off my rating is it shuts off whatever music or book you’re listening to. You can’t listen to anything and play at the same time which is very annoying for someone like myself who only plays a little before bed while listening to a book. I haven’t found any kind of settings option to try and see if the cut off is something that can be changed or not. This flaw will honestly prevent me from playing the game..Version: 1.0.163

Over priced and falsely advertisedThe game has VERY little to do with what the ads who. The majority if the game is building a base and playing in a clan. Which either takes a TON of time or a TON of money because everything is beyound over priced to be enjoyable. The screen shots and ads they show are the least portion of the game, not to mention im at level 19 on my base and have YET to see any game play that looks anything like the ads. No clue what is happening here. Fun game but is way over priced and over advertised as something its not. Unfortunate really..Version: 1.0.193

Fix your easter eventThe app keep crashing its annoying af Otherwise the game is fun but theirs a big gap with people paying and the poor like me!.Version: 1.0.196

Really funFun.Version: 1.0.198

GoodNice.Version: 1.0.196

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