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Welcome to Gossip Harbor
Follow Quinn Castillo as her picture perfect life on Brimwave Island crumbles around her. Divorce, sabotage and secrets. Help answer the question everyone's thinking: Who's trying to ruin her life?
Merge flavorful dishes, restore and decorate Quinn's restaurant and watch the mystery unfold.
But who can you trust in Brimwave?

Whip Up Tasty Dishes
Serve coffee, sandwiches, seafood, and a range of other dishes, to your customers. The more you play, the more dishes you’ll find to add to your menu!

Restore the Restaurant
Rebuild and design the best beach restaurant around! Choose the flooring, wallpaper and furniture to restore restaurant to its former glory!

Build Relationships
Converse with customers and hang out with old friends. Or explore the possibility of a new budding romance.

Catch up on the Gossip
You'll renovate and merged to reveal clues, and uncover hidden secrets of the residents on Brimwave Island. And perhaps even unveil the Castillo's hidden secrets…

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Gossip Harbor®: Merge & Story App Comments & Reviews

Gossip Harbor®: Merge & Story Positive Reviews

Honestly no complaints… ok maybe 1I was surprised to find that this game is actually quite fun. I’ve played my fair share of merge games and so I’ve become a little picky w them so I didn’t expect much. The game itself is adorable and there’s this mystery that’s trying to be solved as you complete tasks which is honestly quite clever. It’s not flooded w ads like some other merge games and starts u off w a significant amount of energy. I haven’t had it for long tho so I might find something that rlly annoys me later on but so far so good. The only real complaint I do have is the decorations you are given to choose from are (in my opinion) tacky, each of them are designed to fit a certain color scheme like green or blue or orange/red (I think those are the colors) which means if there’s a style of table u like there’s no way for it to work w other things you’ve chosen bc everything is a different color. I’m only on the cafe part right now and honestly I’m struggling to decorate things bc everything is a specific color. the designs of things aren’t the greatest either but that ofc is just my opinion. So in conclusion a cute little merge mystery game, something to try out it rlly helps occupy ur time when ur bored or waiting, just don’t get ur hopes up on the decorations.Version: 2.6.1

Some mistakes but overall a fun game.This game was pretty fun to play. What surprised me the most was that it didn’t have many add. It’s very detailed and the story is very interesting.😁👍 HOWEVER it seems that the energy runs out VERY VERY quickly each ingredient takes 1 energy and I usually depend on energy potions so I get a little of energy. Each energy potion is just 40 for me and what’s enough for a whole day is 200+ so I can’t serve that many people meaning that I can’t continue the story and I have to wait a while to recharge my energy and since I’m impatient (one of my weaknesses) I can’t really handle the waiting since I need 200+ I have to wait 200+ minutes which is 3 hours I get really stressed and since this is one of my main games right now (in fact my only one) I don’t know what to do and I can’t install more games because my storage is low. 😭Overall A VERY FUN GAME!! 🤩🤌 just needs a tiny bit to become perfect. All I’m asking for is more energy for 1 minutes at least 3 is enough. ☺️🫰.Version: 3.35.0

Good needs minor changesI have tried several merge games and this is one of two that I really enjoy enough to log into daily to play. Visually, the play board is nice and the story is not horrible and is easy to skip through if you want to. However, it gets extremely frustrating to work towards one order for several weeks because most sources will release 6-10 items then need to recharge for an hour. I play to relax at night or on a lunch break so I’m not going to log on again an hour later when the source is reloaded. At level 22 I’m often not able to fill any orders because all 4-5 customer require items from the very limited sources. I purchased a promo package that awards rare items for filling orders and I can’t ever fulfill the daily challenge because there aren’t enough orders that don’t require extremely limited items (like level 10 shells that take 2 weeks to fill). It’s also frustrating to have the play board constantly cluttered with rare items that will take weeks to get the pieces to merge to create a finished source (beach baskets for example) I have started looking for other games to switch to because of this but otherwise this could have been a super fun game..Version: 3.7.0

Fun, but limited playing time.Hi! I’ve had this game for a while, and it’s enjoyable to play, but only for around 15mins per use. The game has a concept of earning coins to pay to continue to the next mission. In order to get coins, you must play a mini-game and merge items to make dishes and serve people. Here’s where I find the issue with Gossip Harbor, the game has an icon that is a lightning bolt which stands for your energy. In order to produce an ingredient or item, you must use up a lighting bolt, therefore constantly using energy. When your energy is out, and you can no longer continue with the mini-game without paying real cash, you may be able to speak to one or two people to complete the next task, but then what? It takes a minute to be able to produce an ingredient leaving me waiting over an hour to be able to do anything in the game again. I don’t understand. Why would the developers limit people’s playing time on their game? Gossip Harbor does indeed have no ads, which is beneficial, but at what cost is it worth if you are only playing the game for 15mins?.Version: 3.13.0

Fun!Updated review: Thanks for the response. I very much enjoy the story and the gameplay. If you enjoy some calm merging and a cute story, I definitely recommend this one. I’ve played quite a few merge games and this one is quite enjoyable. I’m leaving my previous review in case anyone else comes across the same issue and wants to see how to turn the feature off. There was a new update where the items produce higher level things but consume more energy. I do not want to spend 4 energy on one click. But there is no way to turn that off that I see, and the game “tutorial” doesn’t allow you to not follow the tutorial instructions. So you have no choice but to end up spending 4 energy to get one item. I enjoyed spending 10-15 minutes tapping and merging. Now I spend less than 5 because the energy is gone so fat. It’s a cute game with a cute story line, and I’ll update my review if they change this new feature to allow for you to turn it off and on..Version: 3.32.0

Best game ever!!!!I have been playing this game for a couple months now, and i never get bored of it. Most merge games make you watch so many ads, or they just take forever. This one gives you good amount of energy at first and really only takes a hour or so to get 100 energy again which you can go eat or clean or anything. You could watch a quick ad for some energy or spend your gems, which isn’t a issue because you do get a good amount of gems here and there. The challenges are so fun and pretty easy, and the variety of things you can merge and create is nice. altogether the game is great, but the only downside is the decoration. It’s very tacky and hard to kind of match all around the cafe, but it doesn’t bother me as much. the story line is amazing and i don’t mind spending money on this game to get a few more goodies. The game is fun and unique. definitely worth the time i have put into it!!! i’m addicted to it, the more you play the more stuff you unlock and reveal..Version: 3.4.0

It’s good but I have a complaint. Please read this!!!It’s good but might recommend something. First off, I would like to say that this game is really good if you are bored. But I saw this game on an ad, and it was very deceiving because the ad looked way different than what I saw on the game. Please STOP 🛑 putting fake ads and deceiving people because it’s getting really boring. And also, in the ad, it shows a homeless girl and gets adopted by a poor woman. They go to a house and the person/hand controlling how to fix the house or controlling what they decide to do to fix the house always makes the wrong choice which gets on my nerves. WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TAPE THAN A DOOR TO PREVENT THE COLD?! Stupidity. So back to the game. Why do I have to wait 2 minutes just to get 1 more energy?! That’s not fair?!?! I would recommend you change this to at least 15-20 seconds 5 seconds is even the best. That’s what makes the games fun!!!!!!! Goodbye..Version: 3.11.0

It’s fun but I have complaintsI got this game about a month ago and I have to admit that I’m loving it, it has a complex but I simple story and it’s not impossible. But on thing I will say is your ads are fake, there’s a lot of different games like this though so I won’t criticize that much I would just appreciate it if you would be honest with your ads. I also appreciate how it’s not one of those pay to win games, you get 100 energy and you ahead to wait a minute for each, seems fair to me, you can buy some with gems to and you can actually buy gems. But the thing that impresses me the most is that you can actually get a fair amount of gems for free, and the characters are really likable. It’s pretty much a good game but I jus have one more complaint. The decoration style is good but it’s for one certain color and sometimes it could look tacky, now there is ways to make it look good but that’s all I wanted to say, it still is a really good game so I suggest you check it out.Version: 2.7.5

My Favorite Merge GameI’ve been around the block with merge games. I’ve played everything from Merge Mansion to smaller merge games. This one has a completely different feel. The storyline is interesting (I usually ignore the storyline on other games because they are so boring.) I love the characters and their interactions. I’ve seen people complain about how long it takes to get what you need. Honestly, it isn’t that bad. You can normally get what you need in about 2 energy refills. On another merge game I was trying to get an object for a month straight due to how rare the item was. This game isn't that bad in that aspect. I personally like the challenge of getting items. Energy does go down fast, but there are chances to watch an ad or spend diamonds for a refill. Diamonds are pretty easy to get compared to other merge games. Overall, I don’t think you could go wrong by giving Gossip Harbor a try!.Version: 2.7.5

Fun gameUpdate: I am still enjoying the merge part of the game but I have to say that the storyline is getting annoying. There are so many grammar issues and not to mention whoever is writing the storyline keeps mixing things up. First it was Quinn’s dad who poisoned his clients, and then suddenly he isn’t even mentioned anymore and it switches to being the ex-husband (who was actually a fiancé in the earlier chapters) who was being investigated for the poisoning. Who knows what is going on at this point? But it detracts from the game in my opinion. I really enjoy this game. There aren’t annoying ads, there is a storyline that is interesting and fun merges. The only downside to this game is when you work to fill orders to collect coins and all you get is a conversation from it. 150 coins for a conversation is way to much. Most of the time when it takes that many coins there is no action to be done. Those high coin transactions should be saved for actions not conversations..Version: 3.2.0

It’s alright.It’s a cute enough merge game. I feel like I’ve tried every merge game on the app store at this point, and like someone else mentioned I’m pretty picky with them. If you’re thinking of downloading, here’s a rundown. Pros: cute graphics, you get a good amount of energy to start with, no ads unless you watch them, the storyline isn’t bad. I usually couldn’t care less about storylines so that last one is a plus. Cons: the merge lines are so unbelievably long, causing you to use an insane amount of energy to get a lot of the very early game items required, energy regenerates very slowly and takes a LOT of gems if you want to regenerate. My biggest issue is pretty much the same complaint that almost every merge game has — you download it, you play for about 15-20 mins, you get stuck with no energy and waiting for your items to regenerate for a long time. Which then forces you to either wait for a few hours for everything to regenerate again, or spend real money. It’s just an okay game. Very, very similar to the Love and Pies one. If you like that, you’ll probably like this one. No hate to the devs, it’s a well developed game with great graphics. Maybe just give people the option to watch some ads and give like 30-50 energy so they don’t get bored and uninstall instead of trying to wait for their energy to come back. People have short attention spans nowadays, like me. Or make the merge lines a little shorter. Both would be nice. But y’know, you do you!.Version: 2.7.5

Amazing Customer Service!!!I love this game so much so I decided to download it on my phone after using it on my iPad first. Then my data was linked and I lost my progress on my iPad (which I was further ahead in levels). I contacted costumer service through the app and told them my problem and they worked with me through everything and were very kind and explained what I could do on my end. For 6 days they worked with me to get my data back and they were able to fix it and I was so grateful! I highly recommend this game to everyone and I love how they care about the people who play their game and I want to personally thank the person who helped me. (If you see this lol thank you) I will be a lifelong player! Also best merge game I have ever played. I can’t wait to see how you continue to make this game great!.Version: 3.16.0

THE best out of them allEdit: I may have spoke too soon about the energy and gem costs. Further in it ended up being just the same as any other. Sad. This one follows the same formula of merge games you probably already enjoy. Decoration, cute story line, cafe… BUT this one actually lets you play for a good little bit before you run out of energy. Even then you have opportunities to earn them in game and they aren’t asking for a large number either. Maybe 1 gem or 2. You easily get those already in the game without spending real money. For that reason I’ll actually spend my money to buy things from this game, as crazy as that sounds. It is very refreshing to have one of these games not be a huge cash grab. Not everyone has $10 to spend every day loading energy. I support that. There will be other people who feel the same way about this game. I hope devs are reading this and keep the game that way because I will continue to support you all for doing this and thank you..Version: 2.4.0

Gameplay Is Addictive, But Storyline Is the WeaknessI'm enjoying playing this much more than I'd thought I could enjoy a merge-type game. It's fun strategizing what to work on and I'm enjoying the game even more with the western side event, because it gives me the opportunity to earn more goodies and play for more time each day. I hope when that is over, they replace it with another similar one! I also think the amount of ads is reasonable for a free game. What I'm not wild about at all is the storyline, which is kind of dumb and kind of a mess. But what bitters me even more it's that it's centered on a character (Quinn) I don't like at all. She's very immature/judgemental and not a great mom (for example, she tells her daughter she's too busy to play with her, which is fine, but after promising to play with her later, when she finally has some free time, she chooses to go on a date, instead). I basically find her annoying most of the time..Version: 3.24.0

Fun gameI want to give this 5 star review but I am disappointed with some things. I was buying energy and the jewels to help me get further, at first was good I felt I got my moneys worth then as I progressed it took more and more energy to complete the task. Full energy is 100, it take 2 hours for energy to refill, I just used (14 hours) and 700 energy and still have not been able to complete a task making a big round sandwich. Fulfilling the contest is really hard I was able to finish one at beginning then again it takes a lot of energy to complete these missions! Hey it is a game it supposed to challenging, I get that! After awhile playing without progress can get boring. I suggest sooner energy refills and more rewards of jewels to help along the way. Last I am sad to say I had to stop buying from the game as I kept getting double charged. Apple did reimburse me when I reported it, but it kept happening so I stopped. This is a very addicting game and lots of fun for awhile..Version: 3.18.0

Love this game, but…Love this game. One of my favorite mergining game. Problem is I wish there are more opportunities to get more energy, ‘cause they ran out WAY too fast given how many steps to get to the fancy coffee or the fancy sandwich. Honestly, I don’t mind if I need to watch quite a bit of ads just to get more energy - also please don’t just give like 15 energy, make it 30 or even 50. You get revenues from us watching ads, we have more fun playing this. ‘Cause, that’s too little. Also, it’d be great if there are other ways to get that energy box. Chances are too little. Either I have to level up or I’ll have to wait till 5pm PT to use 10 gem to purchase that energy box. I spent quite a bit real money into this game, yay to the developers, but not so much for myself that I might delete the game soon as much as I want to keep on playing due to lack of motivation and running out of energy too FAST :(.Version: 2.4.0

A Fun Game So FarI’ve only been playing for a day, as part of playing Merge Fables. I think it’s rather fun, but the energy used is too much, and it’s too hard to come by. As it is now, being a new player, I can only play 20 minutes or so until I’m busted. That being said, I’ll say these things about gameplay—the merging part of the game is smooth and, unlike many of these merge games, doesn’t fill the board with so many things you don’t need right then. The dialogue and the storyline part of the game is kinda lame—there was a fire that destroyed a diner which belonged to our heroine’s father who has disappeared. So, she sets out to avoid the two “hot and available” dudes who want to do her, and thus the party begins. I can’t wait to see which one gets the girl. I’ll keep playing for awhile, so I can earn credit for my other game, but I’d only keep playing if there’s some relief where the energy is concerned..Version: 2.5.0

Enjoying it so farThe game is very F2P friendly, and you can spend a decent amount of time playing before running out of energy. Though it’s not always easy to get to the final stage of the events, you’re still able to pick up some swag along the way. I also like how you can adjust your decorations, FOR FREE, after you’ve made your initial choice. This is a huge step forward for these types of games. My only complaint is around the seasonal events that allow you to get the custom decorations for the holidays. It doesn’t seem possible to obtain all of the decorations without paying to extend the event time at the end. Even with grinding daily on the last two events, I still ran out of time. If you’re not a serious collector then this may not be a deal breaker for you..Version: 3.6.0

Prepare for long wait timesI really want to love this game but as I progress in the game, it continues to disappoint me. Unless you have the money to buy the energy to produce items, prepare to wait for hours to become fully charged. On top of waiting that long for energy, there are some item producers that give you a limited amount of items to merge then it pauses for an hour or more before you can use it again. Also as you level up in the game it gets harder to complete one customer’s order as it takes a lot of item merging to complete it. I’m on level 19 and it takes me a day or 2 to complete some orders. There are some items or like 15 energy you can get from watching an ad but it’s very limited. I am still holding on hoping maybe the creator will make it easier or give us more options to gain items or energy but it looks like I’ll be deleting this game soon as my patience is running out..Version: 3.14.0

Cole is ruining this game for me.I used to love this game!! However, the sudden and unexplained shift in the storyline, the board that’s far too small, and the requests that take far too long are ruining it. I also am frustrated that the SECOND I started spending the occasional $1-$5 on the game, free energy options disappeared. Now, let’s get to my gripes about the storyline. When you suddenly change a storyline months after the game comes out, you need to explain the new one to the players. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on anymore. The old storyline and the new one do not coincide at all. Also, Cole is absolutely insufferable and I would love the option to just dump him for good. Also, most of the decorations are terrible and don’t go well together in the slightest. I used to love this game, and I want to continue to love it so badly, but it’s just become such a hot mess that is borderline unplayable due to the small board and difficult orders..Version: 3.9.10

I’ve tried a lot of games & deleted them - not this oneI started playing this game about two months ago, and it really is a lot of fun. I appreciate that there aren't any ads, the storyline is great, and it’s the best merge game I've found so far. I’ve tried a lot of games, but only a couple (I played Seeker's Notes and Hogwarts Mystery for a long time but got bored and don’t play them anymore) have held my interest like this one. That said, this game is very expensive when you have to buy packages of gems to complete tasks. I don’t mean a couple of bucks here and there, like Candy Crush - I mean $10-$40 a pop! I’ve contemplated deleting the game because of the cost. Then I think about all the games I’ve tried and almost instantly deleted because of the constant, repetitive, annoying ads that take up so much time. I guess you get what you pay for..Version: 3.32.0

Fun but toughI really enjoy this game, especially being able to make decisions as to how to decorate the cafe & other rooms in the game even if it’s something as simple as picking a shower head. Orders can be hard where they might take a day or so to complete with all the merging & energy required; however, it doesn’t feel impossible when you see those orders either. My only complaint with the game is how difficult the festive areas are to fully achieve during the special events. It seems like no matter how many gems I spend or ads I watch to get extra energy, I only manage to get about half of the options before the event’s time runs out. In the other Microfun game Seaside Escape, I’m able to complete these events in the first couple days. Still looking forward to other merge games you might put out in the future!.Version: 3.34.0

Best merge game aroundI love both this and love and pies. These are my favorite two merge games now. I don’t know why but I like them more then other games it just works so much better and it’s fun. Maybe because you trying to reach a goal for the orders and then you still get to earn something to upgrade the restaurant or home. I wish you could offer the energy boxes for gold or gems in both games though cause when you run out the only way to get any is to buy a package with energy and you can’t buy them all day but even if u wanted to u can’t because your only allowed one. This would have people playing more and needed more so it would be a smart thing to do. Either way thanks for the great game it’s the best and fun..Version: 2.4.0

Love itI honestly love this game! Nothing is perfect so of course the game has things that I feel could be better but overall I really like this game. I feel like there should be more ways to get energy because it takes a while for the energy to replenish and to watch an ad and get 15 energy’s is pointless because they are gone faster then the time it took me to watch the as to get them! then when you use diamonds to by energy, it starts with 10 diamonds which is cool then it goes to 20 and then 40 and then it just gets ridiculous. And lastly with the rare items generator, you only get about four moves before it has to replenish. It takes extremely long to get the final items that Sometimes I forget it’s even there. But I will continue to play for now an hope they make some needed changes.Version: 3.29.0

Everything Takes Too LongI can see why the one person said she spoke too soon. This game started out pretty good, but as you go on, everything takes ENTIRELY TOO LONG to make. If you have 100 energy, it’s gone in literally, 2 minutes, just trying to make a coffee item or a sandwich. The coffee pots and baskets always spit out the same two pieces (very randomly, the food will spit out a bread), therefore, leaving you to make the same cup combinations 80 times just to get to the items further down the line of that series. Then you have to wait hours for energy rebuild. You can hardly finish anything in a day unless you purchase more coins or gems. The board isn’t that big and doesn’t hold much stuff, and then the game has a lot of those spaces pre-filled and you can’t move or use them until you build a piece yourself first. This game could be so much fun with a few changes..Version: 2.5.0

Fun butI enjoy this game, especially to pass the time. The aesthetic is nice and the storyline is interesting. I just have two main complaints: 1. Although you can skip the story (not read it) you do have to play through it, which may mean using 150+ coins just for a meaningless conversation with another character. Not every interaction unlocks the ability to update any decorations, in fact most don’t. It’d be nice to use my coins to be able to decorate more frequently instead of using all of them to talk to characters 2. The amount of time it takes to merge certain items. Aside from the coffee and grocery bag, most items only can produce six items before needed to recharge. This means it can take literally days and even weeks to complete a single order. I’ve been trying to complete Sam’s Dalmatian order for 3 weeks and still aren’t close to completing it..Version: 3.15.0

Almost PerfectThis is my first time playing a merge game. It’s sooo fun and keeps my mind busy. However, I have noticed something. In the beginning, every 24 hours like clock work I would get a free basket and energy box. Also, after I used all of my energy, it would give me 15 free after watching an ad, doing this several times equaling up to nearly 100 more energy. One day, I was at home sick and desperate for more energy so I could keep playing. I purchased a small amount of energy and jewels, like 1.99 I think. Since then, I don't get the daily free energy and rarely get the free energy from watching ads option. I still get the basket though. It’s almost like they realized I’m willing to spend money in the game so they are trying to get me to send more. :( haven’t been playing as much bc of the lack of freebies..Version: 3.7.0

Good gameThis is a fun game. However, energy building and opportunities to purchase more energy are quite punitive. Each time you buy, the cost doubles. So I can’t figure out if the developers just don’t want us to play very much each day. That’s the reason it doesn’t get 5 stars. The merging and filling orders is so costly to make items. And then, you must wait all day on energy, which means not playing. I’ve been reading the reviews and the complaints seem similar. Too long to get energy and then you are only able to maybe make 1 item. If you purchase energy, the punishment, in the form of costlier each time, sets in. So are y’all doing anything to fix this? I think there must be a happy medium where the game can make money and the players can have benefit as well..Version: 3.35.0

Customer service is a nightmareThe game is actually great. It’s addictive. It’s so fun you only realize how long you’ve been playing when you run out of power. But no matter how great a game is there’s glitches and Oopsies inside that cause you frustration or lost items purchased with the gems you so rarely get. But this game customer service is atrocious. They’ll fight with you and give you wrong date. When you advise them they’re looking at the wrong date they than say oh ya same for this date. All this after they ask for a screenshot to see your purchase. The game is no longer as fun knowing I’ll have zero help from customer service should I need it again. So play. Enjoy. But be forewarned customer service are absolute bullies and could care less about the people who play their game..Version: 3.17.0

Great game when maintaining balanceI personally have grown to love this game. Not because of the story line but because of the building portion of it. I like the fact I can see progress throughout the game and it isn’t tasking. It’s great when I need a minute to check out after a busy day. But it also keeps life balanced because the game doesn’t really let you continuously play for hours on end… unless you spend a bunch of money. & even then, you have to wait for new orders. So even though it might be frustrating you can’t play for hours on end, it’s good because it allows for the moment of disconnect but doesn’t allow you to go overboard. Great for relaxation, sense of simple accomplishment and balance. 10/10..Version: 3.12.0

Highly recommend! But one requestI love love love this game! Seriously, I recommend it for anyone—interesting plot, developed characters, adorable animation, fun sound effects, plenty of events and prizes, and lots of opportunities to decorate. I also LOVE that energy takes less time to refill than other match games, and I’m not bombarded with ads or required to watch to make progress. But devs, please add back the extra opportunities to watch ads if we choose to! The daily energy box costing gems now and the low number of 15 energy ad refills are limiting. The last few days I’ve played for five minutes and then I can’t do anything else for the next three hours while my energy refills. I miss getting my longer Gossip Harbor fix! 😭.Version: 3.7.0

Great game, very entertainingI play a lot of merge games, including three by this company, and just wanted to put in a plug for this game. It’s very entertaining and of all the little story lines in these merge games I would say this one may be the most engaging. Who would have thought the mystery of the gnomes could be so gripping? Any game that can get you to spend money without resentment is sort of dangerous but is also impressive. This is that game, so watch yourself! The special events are great fun and are actually possible to complete. But you can also ignore them which I appreciate because I like to focus on the main plot. There is also no need to spend money. You can play this game completely for free and have a great time. But I would recommend every now and then buying in on the $4.99 track to get the extra prizes on the special events that last for 30 days because they are very enjoyable and you normally can accrue a lot of great items. Overall, a very enjoyable game with great characters and an engaging plot. Well done!.Version: 3.15.0

Need More EnergyThis game is a lot of fun however it takes a LOT of energy to create items and forever for it to replenish. You can buy more which is fine for a couple of purchases then it goes up to 160 diamonds which is too much. There needs to be more energy options otherwise it just isn’t fun. I’ve spent a lot of money on buying diamonds because I genuinely enjoy playing but this is the biggest default. A lot of games let you watch ads for bonus energy and though that is annoying I’d rather have that option than spending real life money. The game is very addictive and I enjoy the storyline so far. The reason the main characters got divorced seems rash since the plot is trying to bring them back together. Anyhoo, I’ll still play but hopefully there will be better energy options..Version: 3.8.0

Hear me out!I enjoy playing this game but would you please make it easier to get more diamonds. Maybe use the coins we’ve collected and buy them that way. If I have any diamonds, I don’t have enough to pop the bubbles or get more lives so, either I don’t have enough or none at all. Diamonds and the recharging icons would greatly help to compete. The recharging icons should be faster to recharge. I have to wait for the icons to recharge and by time they are all recharged, the competition it’s all over and that is very frustrating. Please improve these suggestions and the game would be even better to play with no aggravation. Love, love that there is no adds. I will give it 5 start if what these suggestions follows through. Thanks for hearing me out.Version: 3.24.0

Story is lacking, merging is funThe images and colors are sweet, and the merging is a lot of fun/very addicting, but some of the more minor problems with this game is how expensive getting “energy” can be. You either have to spend real world money for gems to buy energy, or wait hours for it to refill. It’s not terrible and in a way it forces you to not play for too long. The MAJOR issue I have, is the storytelling. Which is honestly the biggest aspect of this game, since you’re solving “mysteries” and playing for the story. Spelling and grammar mistakes are just constant; words are missing, there are gaps in the story, the main character seems selfish and dismissive. Just when you think it’s maybe getting better, the supporting characters say or do something which is a complete 180 of what they had just said the “day” before. It’s a cute concept, but play this game because you want something mindless to merge, not because there’s an actual story or mystery to solve. I don’t ever leave reviews, but the “storyline” I just completed was ridiculous. Play Gardenscapes if you want cute storylines that make sense, merging mini games, and to not feel pressured to spend real world money every five seconds..Version: 3.27.5

Mostly wonderfulIt’s a typical merge game but the story is very cute. My only problem is there are some inconsistencies in the story that make it less fun from time to time. I loved the beginning where Quinn was a strong single mother setting a good example for kids about setting good boundaries and making the tough choices. Then the story does a complete 180 and she’s letting her boundaries get pushed back all of the sudden and then she starts being easily tricked/manipulated and isn’t making her own choices anymore. This went from being a game I would have let my niece play to a game I’m glad I played first so these behaviors aren’t normalized. I know this is most likely due to lazy writing more than bad intentions but it makes for a less fun game and a game I wouldn’t share with the kids in my life anymore.Version: 3.34.0

I like the game, but I don’t like the way you get energyI enjoy this game, the art, story and merging, but I will most likely stop playing because of the energy. I have to wait a long time for 100 energy and it gets spent up in less than five minutes. Obviously you can buy more by spending rubies but you don’t get those easily and will have to eventually spend real money if you want to keep getting energy. Honestly, I thought leveling up would give me back my energy, but I was sadly disappointed. All games I’ve ever played with energy, always refunds me it back after leveling up….. except this game. Because it takes a while for the energy to build back up, I pretty much only play this once a day, and since the game is slow to progress, I will inevitably delete it..Version: 3.12.0

8/10 recommended 👍🏾I just downloaded and started playing this game today! It's fun , slightly puzzling & a bit fascinating ! Although I have no game play or technical issues so far, I am a little unsatisfied with the way the amount of rubies necessary to purchase energy increases so drastically each trade, but yet the amount of rubies that are gifted or rewarded (even when merged multiple times) are minimal compared to rubies necessary for trading for energy and certain other items... in my opinion as a overall satisfied player (so far) maybe you guys can make the trade amount 25 rubies for 100 energy up to 4x a day or something! But over all I enjoy the game so far , just not fond of the constant increase in rubies for energy exchange price !.Version: 2.7.5

Fun Mechanics But Annoying RomanceI really like the mechanics of this game: it’s very similar to Love&Pies, which I love, and there’s typically enough energy to play a decent amount of time. Like all these games, it gets to the point that you’re spending several days on one order, but this game does a decent job of adding in new orders or events to keep things interesting. The reason for my three star review is that the romance “options” for Quinn are awful. Both of the guys are annoying and pushy and whiny and the storyline seems to forgive their actions without any real consequence. It’s getting to the point that I skip every part of the story that involves the MC talking to either of them. I feel like both of them belong on an AITA post of Reddit. But ignoring that main story element, it’s a totally fine game!.Version: 3.23.0

Feel like a penalty for payingThe story is simple, but it is quite addictive to play. No brain needed. I look forward to completing the items and earn coins to slowly reveal the story. I like this game, but I feel like I got penalized for paying. I made a small purchase wanting to support this game and did think about making some more purchases in the future. But after paying, I can no longer get the daily energy chest by watching the ad and I get one less free 15 energy by watching ad. The daily energy chest at 10 gems is pricy. I get that the game wants people to spend more gems to support the game, but I feel very sad about the change after paying. Higher priced packs are offered. Items are less affordable. Less benefits for paying..Version: 3.34.0

Nice game and ConceptI am really enjoys the game like that it’s not fluded with commercials huge plus. Don’t mind the decor and like the mystery in the store line I thing the only annoying part for me is how you have to build up each item I would have preformed the basket through out at you different items that you have to match versus you having to click on the basket and it give you a bag of flour that needs to be kneaded and you have to do the same step all over again and keep going building that up o gets a bit annoying, have been stuck in the same area because it’s taking me so long to finish one are. I almost want to give it up, but will keep pushing let’s se how far I get..Version: 3.7.0

Fun Game w/ Attainable GoalsI’ve only been playing for a short time. But it’s long enough to know I enjoy this game quite a bit. I usually delete apps within a few minutes if I’m bored by a game. This game is fun & allows you to design the restaurant with your own taste. I like a game that can hold my interest w/o being as challenging as Sudoku. I like a mix of game types. UPDATE: There is one thing I don’t like & it’s a game changer. As you get farther along in the game & want to move at more than a snails pace, you need to keep buying Gems. Otherwise, you use up the 100 energy & you’re stopped until the energy fills back up. I’ve found that the gems go much quicker in this game than the same type of thing in MANY other games. I’m thinking of deleting this game..Version: 3.20.0

Gossip HarborI love the game very much.Version: 2.3.0

LovelyI love the twists and turns of the mystery. Personally rooting for Harrison..Version: 3.17.0

Pretty good, could be better.Very fun, excellent for chilling or waking your brain up in the morning. Only thing is, I’d make energy more plentiful or easier to get. As it is, the wait for it to recharge can be frustrating and sap interest..Version: 3.5.0

Where did the ads go?!Why don’t I get to watch odds for free items and lives??.Version: 3.20.0

Storyline changeI would have rated it higher before, but the abrupt change in the storyline is confusing. Originally Carmen was the aunt and now it sounds like she’s not because Quinn’s dialogue indicates that she doesn’t have family ties to her. It’s Carmen’s family, Carmen’s parents, where as it should be Quinn’s grandparents. Also the weekly update of the storyline makes the game move really slowly. It would be better to have more put out at a time..Version: 3.6.0

UX problemI figured out a way to get over the cash dash so I decided to stick to the game longer. One UX problem I have is with the store, there’s no undo. I want to see the evolution of items sold in store but I usually misclick the info of the item sold in the bottom row with the purchase button of the item in the top row, and there’s no reverting the action. At least make a confirmation pop up before purchasing would be much nicer, so users can buy stuff wisely. Still a cash grab game, but you get what you pay for..Version: 2.7.5

Idk manCould be better if energy was easier to buy or if the gems were easier to get without spending money.Version: 2.4.0

I love the game 😍I love the game 😍 i am addicted now!.Version: 3.5.0

StefaSuper gra.Version: 3.35.0

GreatLove it.Version: 3.35.0

Gossip HarborGood game.Version: 3.35.0

Fun but tediousSuper fun game. But can get tedious trying to get to the bigger merge leveled items. But the different challenges keep it fun. I recommend this game. Also enjoying the story line.Version: 3.35.0

Fun time. Makes one think while playingFun.Version: 3.35.0

ReviewLove love love.Version: 3.35.0

FunGreat game.Version: 3.35.0

Great game!Amazing game!.Version: 3.35.0

GreatLove this games.Version: 3.35.0

FarahNice game.Version: 3.35.0

Games are funEnjoy the prize and the story.Version: 3.35.0

Good story/gameplayEnjoying it so far, but I do wish that when we turned over to a new day, we got a refill on energy as other match games do (would keep me in the game longer)..Version: 3.35.0

Fun gameIt’s a good game to waste time.Version: 3.35.0

FunFun game.Version: 3.35.0

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