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The mountains are calling! Explore more mountains than any mountaineer! PeakFinder makes it possible… and shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° panorama display.
This functions completely offline - and worldwide!

PeakFinder knows more than 1'000'000 peaks - from Mount Everest to the little hill around the corner.

Winner of several prizes like 'Best of AppStore', 'App of the Week', …
Highly recommended by,,,,,, …

••• Features •••

• Works offline and worldwide
• Includes more than 1'000'000 peak names
• Overlays the camera image with the panorama drawing
• Realtime rendering of the surrounding landscapes in a range of 300km/200mil
• Digital telescope to select less prominent peaks
• 'Show me'-function for visible peaks
• Selection of the viewpoint by GPS, the peak directory or an (online) map
• Can fly like a bird from peak to peak and vertically upwards
• Mark mountains and places you like
• Shows the solar and lunar orbit with rise and set times
• Uses compass and motion sensors
• Daily updates of the peak directory
• Does not contain any recurring costs. You pay only once
• Is free of advertising

••• Ratings •••

Every good rating (including those following updates) makes me happy. The positive ratings and reviews make it possible for me to continue to improve the app for you. Many thanks!

••• Support •••

In case of questions, problems, mistakes, missing mountain names and ideas for future expansion, I am happy to help you. Please write to [email protected].

PeakFinder App Comments & Reviews

PeakFinder Positive Reviews

A joy to useI rarely write app reviews because so many apps of a geographical nature are very close to being awesome, but tend to be overpriced, lacking in some basic and obvious feature, or have some major glitch. I’m frequently disappointed, but don’t want to discourage developers. In designing a home, this app has succeeded where a dozen other highly technical apps have failed, to give me quick information about features on the landscape, their general appearance and orientation. The camera is intuitive and the function to adjust the position of the features to match the camera view very easy to use. Not only is this useful in a practical sense, it is fun, and I find myself opening it up all the time to better understand my landscape. Please don’t change the essence of this app! It is great as it is..Version: 3.6.3

What I’ve always wanted - in app form!I’ve been a very satisfied Peak Finder user for many years. I’m usually one to write reviews, but this app is cool that I want to. So many times over the years I’d sit on a mountaintop, staring out at a vista, and think “wouldn’t it be cool if the mountain names could just pop up above the peaks??”. Peak Finder does just that! It’s really pretty incredible that I can carry this technology in the palm of my hand out in the wilderness. You can also take photos with the labels on them, and even get the names of further off peaks by zooming in on the saved pic later. If you love the outdoors and maps, do yourself a favor and get this app! Also, the price is low and worth every penny..Version: 4.7.12

One of my favorite appsThere are very few apps out there that do their job so well you barely notice them. Almost every app has some little niggle. This is one of those apps. One of its best features is actually its secondary feature: sun and moon path representation. If you ever want to know “when is the sun going to hit my tent” or “where do I have to be so the moon rises behind that mountain for my perfect photo”, this is the app for you. One of the top negative reviews has to do with aligning peaks. Unfortunately, that user probably has used magnetic phone mounts and screwed up their hardware. I’m on my >=10th iPhone and this is the first time I’ve had any issues (MagSafe is pretty good at balancing that effect, but not perfect). True, there’s no image detection with auto alignment, but the line drawing is clear and easy to match up. This is especially useful in areas where the DEM just isn’t accurate. (The other comment about screenshots is many years out of date.) I bought this app for cheap years ago and it was easily one of my best purchases ever..Version: 4.7.6

I Show It Off Every TimeOne of my favorite apps of all time! Every time I’m on top of Genesee Mountain or Evergreen Mountain, I “wow” anyone who seems to be enjoying the view by showing them Peak Finder. They can’t believe what this app can do, especially the “fly to” feature. That usually gets the most emphatic response. Who knows how many people download this app after I show it to them...hopefully a lot! For 29 years, I’ve always wondered how far from my house it is to the top of Mt. Evans. And now I know with Peak Finder that it’s exactly 21 miles..Version: 4.4.18

Yikes!Update: I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app again. It seems to be working for the most part! I’ll see what happens when I travel next week. I saw a few posts about it getting “stuck” in a location. I think maybe that’s what mine is/was doing? Original: I don’t know what it is about this app but it’s never worked for me. I’m often in southern CO, northern AZ and southern NV and it’s laughably wrong. I’m currently in NV and it’s telling me peaks in Vegas are actually peaks from central CA! It’s like this all the time. It’ll tell the mountains in front of me are actually 10 mile behind me, etc. Yes, it’s updated. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro, do not have a magnetic case, and all of my other apps that use GPS/compass work perfectly fine..Version: 4.2.20

Long-time PF user, suddenly in love with PeakFinderToday I went hiking here in Colorado. As I often do, I opened PeakFinder to figure out what peaks are which. Ordinarily, this was a frustrating process, because when I hold my iPhone 7 vertically, the compass doesn't work, and it was hard to look back and forth to match the outlines with the view. Today, WOW, augmented reality! I can see the view _and_ the info all together, right on the iPhone! Suddenly, it was easy to align the peaks to the view on the screen, and voilà! In seconds we identified each of the twenty peaks we could see, even the distant ones that were barely visible behind the others. We all were dazzled! Each of the five people on the trip said they'd be buying PeakFinder. If you love mountains, check it out. Even if you're not sure, I hope you get to see it in action some day. If you do, I'm certain you'll be buying it, too..Version: 3.2.7

Love this appPeakFinder is both an invaluable tool and a delightful toy. In the wilderness it is an incredible orienteering tool. If you enjoy maps, you will love PeakFinder, guaranteed. One suggestion for the team to consider: it would be neat if your GPS position was indicated on the terrain when “flying” to other peaks in the area. If I jump from Mount Foo to Peak Bar I can look back and see Mt Foo, and I think it would be nice if there was also an indicator of “that’s where I am!” With or without that suggestion this is an amazing app. Kudos to the team.Version: 4.4.9

Great appReally shows off the synergy between GPS, a camera, accelerometers, gyroscopes and an amazing database. I use it whenever I’m on vacation and take pictures in the mountains: just take a screenshot of the app looking at the same area you’re taking pictures of and you have a perfect record later on of what you were looking at. I add it to all my vacation albums. And everybody you show it to is just amazed at how well it works. A couple of minutes after I show them, they’re downloading it..Version: 3.2.11

Great app, one requestLove this app, but one request! It looks like the app uses GPS to find your location, but it assumes you are on the ground. Would it be possible to use either GPS altimeter or baro altimeter to approximate your actual altitude? I use this app from my plane when I’m flying and want to know what peak I’m looking at. But the perspective always assumes you are on the ground looking up at the peak. If it could adjust the perspective for the viewers actual altitude would be perfect!.Version: 4.2.19

Convenient to use without internet connectionI would give Peak Finder 5 stars, except that during the summer of 2019, with a certain update, the functionality of saving Favorites was lost on my iPad Air 2. Nevertheless, downloading the “map drawings” for a certain area allows one to “see” the landscape and identify many mountains, hills, and buttes. A very useful tool in conjunction with a standard map. Thank you!.Version: 4.1.6

App finesse!So much attention to detail, from the fluid movement of the view, to the artistic sketch style of the display, and now with AR! It is humbling to think of all the calculations and sensing that’s going on behind this beautiful interface. They say technology advances by increasing the number of things we can do without thinking about it. PeakFinder has definitely advanced technology. It’s an app worth seeing, even if you’ve never wondered “What’s the name of that lump?”.Version: 3.2.11

Easy to use, yet packed with featuresPeakFinder is one of our regular apps here in the mountainous West. It boggles the mind how it works so quickly to reveal topographic features near and far. It works without fuss, but now that I’ve finally read the manual, I’m dazzled by the extra features and adjustments that are available. This app is easily worth several times its price..Version: 4.5.5

Seems to work greatWorks great, worth the money. Only thing that I wish it had was when you are looking at the topography map, if it wasn’t just white and actually had an option for color data from google maps, that would look better for pictures. Overall very good app though!.Version: 4.4.18

A nice app but could use a filterThe camera feature is great for areas that don’t have many mountains, but using it in the Pacific Northwest makes it incredibly difficult due to the number of peaks. The app could really use a filter feature, for example hiding mountains over 50 miles away, less than 2500 feet, etc. I searched for this option on the app and couldn’t find it. If it’s there, they could make it easier to find..Version: 4.7.23

Great updateThis has long been a favorite app for traveling and hiking. Very helpful in conjunction with maps to get your bearings or just answer the question, "what is the name of that mountain?" To be honest, I thought it was a five star app before this upgrade. Adding the camera and the ability to make slight adjustments to more accurately track the terrain is brilliant. You don’t need this app, but you will want it!.Version: 3.2.7

Terrific productFantastic way to learn more about the environment I’m in. I’m surrounded by mountains in the Intermountain west and in order to learn what I can see in Peak Finder I would have had access to scores of topographic maps. Really enjoy being able to have the mountains in my photos labeled to show family and friends. Also helpful in teaching my daughter wayfinding skills..Version: 4.1.6

PerfectI use this app all the time. I hike a bunch in the mountains and being able to see the names of adjacent peaks helps me decide where to hike next. I’ve recommended this app to everyone I meet on the trail. Now that the developer has added AR and other features everyone who I show it too is very impressed. Such a simple idea but so cool. Keep up the good work!.Version: 3.2.8

Spectacular app!Not only does this beautiful app have wonderful uses, it's so lovely to look at that I could just spend ages playing with it. Wonderful! Highly recommended for literally anyone-- whether you are just curious as to what that mountain over there is called or if you're a landscape photographer seeking the perfect vantage of a scene. Just fabulous..Version: 3.2.8

Even works in Wisconsin!I don’t use PeakFinder a lot, not many mountains in Wisconsin, but it is by far my favorite app. I am forever demo’ing it to friends showing them the ar function by finding our famous Blue Mounds which rise about 950 feet above sea level. Yep, PeakFinder finds it! Can’t wait until I go to Alaska this spring. If I were forced to bring only one app, this would be it!! Awesome app!!.Version: 3.2.11

Works well internationally too…I use this in the US a lot, and was delighted how well it has worked in other countries. I kept wondering which volcanoes i was seeing in Guatemala, a quick download of software and there you go, now you know. One of the best outdoors app I’ve purchased. Thanks..Version: 4.7.23

Fun and informative!Have been using for a while on iphone6 .. other than a little trouble getting the image registered with the visible mountains (often in remote locations with negligible cell service), it has worked very well. It is really fun to be able to put a name on mountains both familiar and new!.Version: 3.2.11

Incredibly Fun AppPeakFinder is great fun and never fails to impress friends and strangers! The developer adds sensible new features that keep it current and relevant, but not bloated. For example the ability to take annotated photos or to chose a viewpoint anywhere in the world from a map. Don’t hesitate on this one, highly recommended..Version: 3.9.2

So Much Fun and HelpfulI’m really enjoying this app. A friend recommended it to me and I’ve spread the word and recommended it to many of my friends. No matter where we are I can find out the names of the mountains around us. We are going to Idaho this summer and I can’t wait to use PeakFinder out there. Really a good app..Version: 3.6.4

Amazingly usefulThis app has helped me identify peaks countless times on hikes. I often take photographs on hikes, and thanks to PeakFinder I now know what I’m shooting! Best of all, we traveled to Taiwan, and after downloading the data I could get the same information there! Amazing..Version: 4.2.28

Highly recommendedI can’t recommend this app enough. It is incredibly functional and, after reviewing the clear and simple instructions on the developer website, easy to use. And it’s just plain fun for any level of explorer..Version: 4.2.17

Almost epicAmazing. Been using got two weeks, most days and can say it’s a really helpful and fun tool for adventuring. The app shows info of already named peaks and would be better if there were a way to get details on additional landmarks.. ones I chose.Version: 3.8.1

Insightful, clever and very usefulA gas company employee showed me this app- when we moved to the mountains- this app made our beautiful view so much more informative and everyone i show the app to instantly pays to get it because it works! Best app I've seen since skytracker/ sat tracker.Version: 4.2.14

Amazing!PeakFinder is such a cool app. The recent updates have greatly improved it from the older buggy versions. I would still like to have the ability to download multiple regions at the same time or have an easier format for downloading other regions that you plan to visit..Version: 3.5.0

Best money I spentAmazing topography tool and makes identifying the peaks around so much easier. I missed having the app for all my hikes and now I am rediscovering peaks when hiking. Have used the App in Yosemite, kings canyon and all over PNW. Highly recommend it..Version: 4.6.5

Clients live this appI do interior design in the mountains. When you can go out with the client and take a picture of their view and provide them with the names of the mountains they are looking at it is an awesome moment!!.Version: 4.7.6

Updates like ChristmasAs a climber and mountaineer, I love this app. Most importantly, every update is a monumental improvement in the right direction. Looking forward to this gift that keeps on giving. Download this and give the creators their dues because this app ROCKS (get it?)..Version: 3.2.8

Great App!I have been using PeakFinder for a while and it has really helped me find my way through the mountains and tell me the names. When PeakFinder AR came out, the whole process of naming and finding routes got much, much easier..Version: 3.2.8

I like to get lostThis is a beautiful simple app. I can feel more safe getting lost because i can orient myself to the landmarks i am familiar with. This app is allowing me to get on a first name basis with all the mountain characters in my geographical neighborhood! I love it!.Version: 3.2.11

Everyone's jealousHave had this app for years and absolutely love it. Every time I use it, someone goes "whoa that's amazing, what's it called??" Be that guy with the cool app that other hikers wish they had..Version: 4.4.18

Pretty sweet appEven if you don’t go out hiking all the time, this app is a ton of fun. “What’s that thing over there? It looks like we could get on top!” Well, mom, that’s a little bump called Nipple Peak. The app was a huge hit on our brief tour around the southwest..Version: 3.2.8

After all these yearsThe first and best. So straightforward and functional. Wish about two dozen other apps I rely on worked this well..Version: 4.5.6

Night Photographer’s Dream Come TrueThis is by far the best, most accurate app for planning night photography utilizing moonlight. I’ve used this app for photographing moonrises and moon sets next to mountains peaks with pinpoint accuracy..Version: 4.7.12

Really goodYou can easily adjust the mapping by using sun or moon or mountain position for best accuracy, and easily adjust the desired radius you want mountain info on. Of the handful of similar apps I have tried, this one is the best, hands down..Version: 3.2.8

A useful and well designed appI love this app! I live in an area with mountains and it’s so easy to start the app, point, and learn the names of what I see. Highly recommended.Version: 4.4.18

Awesome App for hikers!Can tell what other mountains I’m looking at while hiking in the Adirondacks. Works great and functions even with the phone in airplane mode to save the battery etc. Very happy with the purchase!!.Version: 4.1.6

One of my favourite tools.Living along the Canadian Rockies, I’ve found this app an app solute gem. So many peaks that went decades unnamed in my mind, are slowly becoming recognizable landmarks, helping me make a mental map of the various front ranges. If mountains are your thing, I cannot recommend enough..Version: 4.3.2

Must buy for anyone living near mountains!I live in the Canadian Rockies and this app is the most useful and coolest app ever..Version: 4.6.7

Make sure to initialize before your hike!It’s fantastic and I love it, but I made a very silly mistake...I didn’t download the map data within the app prior to leaving for my first hike..Version: 4.2.17

AmazingI use this app every time I'm on a hike in our Canadian Rockies. It's totally awesome to be at the top of a mountain and being able to see the names of the peaks all around you and way off into the distance. The AR function rocks..Version: 4.1.6

Great appI enjoy being able to see which mountains surround me.Version: 4.2.14

Most useful application of AR I’ve ever experienced!!This app blew my mind! It was so shockingly accurate and made looking out at the mountains SO much cooler to know what all the mountains were. I can not recommend highly enough!.Version: 4.1.6

Highly recommendedI never hesitate to show friends in the Canadian Rockies how valuable this app is. As someone who likes to bag peaks it’s great getting to find out what exactly I’m staring at on the horizon. The latest update brings another level of detail and recognition to the peaks, truly an incredible app, totally worth paying for..Version: 4.0.4

Dream come true.I’m a Banff nerd. I’m out in the Park every few weeks or so. After a while you learn all the famous peaks’ names, but this is just super useful. The offline feature and the skyline overlay in AR mode, so you can quickly calibrate, are what sealed the deal for me. Everyone’s getting this for Christmas..Version: 3.2.11

Like it but...Know that you have to be able to see the PEAK of the mountain to be able to get the a valley that can be frustrating because you know the mountain is there...but you aren’t looking at the actual peak of the mountain. I believe...although have yet to try...that you can use the flying mode to get higher in valleys so you can see the peaks..Version: 3.3.8

Amazing so usefulI use this app constantly in the city and on hikes. It is super fast and doesn't need a constant data connection. It quickly shows all the peaks in my area / elevation and the renderings are gorgeous. I would only suggest and augmented reality feature where the outlines are superimposed on the camera image.Version: 3.1.4

Awesome backcountry app that just keeps getting better!Awesome backcountry app that just keeps getting better!.Version: 3.0.7

Awesome!I don't know why everyone is giving it one star and complaining, unless they don't know how to use it. Take a couple of minutes to learn how to use it properly. Download your coverage, make sure the viewpoint is actually your location and it's facing the direction you want it to, it's fabulous for offline use. Can also click on any mountain and it will take you to the peak, useful to see what the skyline looks like and what other peaks are visible from the top..Version: 2.6.0

This is the app I've been looking for.Ever since Google Earth came out, I've wanted something that would name peaks in the real world. This is that app. So cool. Make sure you set it up the first time..Version: 2.6.0

One of my favourite appsAs a lover of mountains I have looked for a way to identify peaks around the world. And in Peakfinder I found the perfect solution. I tested it in areas I know really well and am astonished about the accuracy of the information I get. I looked at mountains in Switzerland as well as Western Canada and the Northwestern US. "Amazing" is the word that comes to mind...Version: 2.6.0

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