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Lyft App Comments & Reviews

Lyft Positive Reviews

Long Wait TimesYesterday I requested a Lyft ride. The wait time showed 16 minutes on the app, but I waited 19 minutes without a ride. I watched the car as it got within 3 blocks of picking me up then it disappeared and another car was requested showing an 18 minute wait time. After waiting for 10 minutes and not seeing the car making much of a progress, I cancelled my request and made another request to pay more for a 5 minute wait time. It ended up being about 10 minutes. This has happened to me three of the last four Lyft requests where my first option got close to picking me up but then disappeared and waiting for another 15-20 minutes. On one of my recent requests last week, I had two cars cancel on me, both were close but got called to another Lyft customer in the last second leaving me with a 3rd car that was 16 minutes away. In total, I waited 49 minutes. That driver told me that it’s the system that makes those changes. I’ve watched my rides get so close to me, within blocks, after 15-20 minute wait times only to have them cancelled on me by the system. I wish there was a way to fix this. The drivers are always great. I appreciate them very much..Version: 6.74.3

Unable to Report Being Dropped at Wrong Location and MoreUnable to share my exact issue with customer support, so I am putting it here. My home address is not mapping to the proper location, so drivers are going to the inaccessible gate on the wrong side. When you are blind and cannot see where they are going, especially if the driver is deaf or doesn't speak your language, it makes it impossible for them to know where you need to go and unsafe for me as I am being dropped at the wrong location. The app is not giving me a way to report this specific issue. As a blind user, accessibility is a big deal to me. This app in terms of accessible components is actually quite good. My issue is this. They encourage users to upload a photo so the driver knows who you are, I can't see them being totally blind, so I don't have such an advantage. They say verify the license plate of the car, again great if you could see it. They really need to come up with a more creative solution that helps us blind users. As a side note, users should be given a language option for their driver, Spanish speakers may not be able to work well with English speakers, English speakers may not do well with a Spanish speaker. This is especially true if you are blind and pointing at things does you no good. Try communicating with a Spanish speaker or someone who cannot hear when you are blind and they can't figure out where you are going, go ahead, try it..Version: 15.43.3

Unsafe routing and inaccurate wait times, condescending website.I took a Lyft after a 2 week hiatus and now remember why I stopped using them. First off, their touting algorithm has no concept of two way streets and often sends a driver to arrive on the wrong side of the street or drop off on the wrong side of the street. You have 2 options in this case - cross the street unsafely or walk to the nearest crosswalk and then back to your destination. Would dropping someone off a block away be acceptable if it is safe and legal to be closer? Of course not, but this is what wrong side arrivals and drop offs force. Next, conveniently every wait time is less than 5 minutes since this is the cutoff for cancelling without penalty. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Finally, they allow a great deal of driver feedback (negative always) and you are notified when you receive it. However, you are never told what the specific gripe is. Maybe I’m going something that I don’t realize is irritating and unless you tell me what that is, I’m just going to keep doing it. You are directed to their feedback page which basically amounts to “don’t be a jerk.” Vague guidelines which I (think) I follow. Since these complaints can apparently get you banned or slow your pickup times, it would seem to be fair to let people know what the issue is so they can correct it. Calling it “feedback”’is laughable..Version: 7.10.3

Very few driversI used to absolutely love Lyft and used the service all the time but over the last year I’ve grown more and more less fond of their services. Not all can be blamed on COVID affecting the service. There are way less drivers working in my area which has wait times sometimes longer than an hour like last night was for me. The bill is just as expensive if I pay to be picked up with the wait and save or if I take expedited services to be waiting an entire hour for pick up. Also lyfts competition Uber offers their drivers some incentive for certain rides so the drivers that work both platforms will drop a Lyft rider like a hit rock to try and snag that Uber rider up so the hour I just wait for my Lyft driver to come is doubled because the Lyft driver dropped me to grab up a more lucrative rider with Uber. That’s a very frustrating situation that happens way too often nowadays. Also it seems there are no Lyft rides here offered after 10pm. Another passenger told me that Lyft unofficially stopped offering rides for my area after 10 so the app will just say longer wait i times but not that they won’t be in service till 6am so I will order the Lyft and wait forever before giving up and taking a cab which has become my new go to for rides now anyway. Lyft is too expensive to wait for nothing just to call a cab in the end anyway..Version: 6.80.3

ReviewLyft has giving me some of the worst experiences ever on more than one occasion. I’ve got picked up with debit cards at work one day, and the next day weren’t good enough. So I then added a Lyft Cash to my account on Lyft . you know at their money so I can use a guaranteed ride. So the card that work yesterday wasn’t good today today that card needed to be verified and it needed to be a debit card. I had a previously used a credit card now I need a debit card. I went through so many hoops that I was almost late to work every single time I use the app and ended up having to call a friend because I couldn’t verify that you do that on a card I had already used That’s when I added money to the account. Well, you know what that was even good enough if you add money to the Lyft bank account, you cannot get a refund and we know that now but you also can’t use it unless you have a debit card linked to that as back up well, the reason I add a Lyft Cash is because I don’t have a debit card. I was using a credit card so now they took my money and I couldn’t even use that. It literally took me three weeks to finally get a debit card a card because I had lost my debit card and I could not get a ride anywhere, but they blatantly took no time in taking my money…. Smh.Version: 15.14.3

Requesting a ride with a car seatI’m a frequent Lyft user and I carry a high rating. I have rarely had an issue when riding alone However, whenever I request one with a car seat in order to accommodate me and my three year old daughter I am either unable to get one after waiting a very long time or the driver cancels for no apparent reason. Tonight I requested a Lyft and was standing outside with an ample amount of time only to receive a terse text message from Lyft saying that I had been charged for the whole ride and that I received feedback from the driver, even though he had never picked me up. After I contacted him and he rudely hung up on me I got another text saying that I needed to check my inbox, when I responded that I had checked it and it was empty I got another message informing me not to text that number. This is ridiculous, and extremely frustrating. If you, as a company, are not actually committed to accommodating customers with families perhaps you shouldn’t offer a car seat option, or have the nerve to charge people double or sometimes triple for it. You certainly shouldn’t leave people idling outside with a squirming toddler when they are trying to do the right thing..Version: 7.39.3

Ride shares such as Lyft have greatly improved my quality of lifeLyft has absolutely been a vital service for me. I don’t drive, so most of the time I use public transit or I’m walking. Lyft has come in handy on so many occasions when I’ve needed to get some place quickly. Most of the drivers are courteous (too many of them play music that is not to my taste; fortunately I’m usually not in the vehicle long enough for the “music” to make my ears bleed). I hate the fact that quite often when you need it most - such as during inclement weather, or when the T is having major problems - the rideshares jack up the prices. I get it - supply and demand - I understand; still don’t like it. Perhaps it balances out though, because some of the rides are ridiculously cheap. One improvement I would like to see Lyft make is giving riders the option of the type of vehicle they would like to request. As somebody who’s mobility impaired, sometimes the higher larger vehicles are difficult for me to get into. An option that allowed riders to select either a sedan, an SUV, or no preference would be helpful. In closing, Lyft is a great service, it’s a necessary service, and I’m glad it exists..Version: 7.25.3

2 bad experiencesI put in my bad experiences and I expected to be reimbursed. However, all Lyft did was say we weren’t pairing you with that driver in the future. That’s good but not satisfactory enough. I expected a credit. First guy just dropped me in the middle of some residential neighborhood, (I was going to the Price is right), and told me to get out and walk and look for the address!!! This was way out in LA which I’m not familiar with because I live in Lancaster. It turns out we were way off of where I wanted to go and the address was nowhere to be found. So I had to call another Lyft driver. Since I always plan for incidentals, I was an hour early and still got there on time by calling another Lyft ride, who went over and beyond, and I gave her an excellent review by the way. I seriously feel I should’ve been reimbursed for this trip because the driver and I had zero conversation, so there was no hard feelings for him to tell me to get out and walk and look for the address. 2nd incident I had a round-trip planned and I wanted to confirm that with my driver he never confirmed it with me. He dodged around the issue and when we got there he left me after only one minute. My determination is that he didn’t want to take me back to my house in the desert. NO REFUND. instead, they told me they won’t pair me up with that driver again.🤔😡🤬.Version: 15.38.3

Great, When The Drivers Show UpI’d had so many negative experiences with Lyft lately, but I actually gather together every penny I owned and bought a vehicle so that I wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore. I schedule a ride, they say they’re on their way at the correct time, then five minutes before they’re supposed to be there they change drivers on me. Same thing with the next driver, and the next. I’ve been made late for work on more than one occasion, once over an hour late. I’ve also been left stranded for 2 1/2 hours in the cold after several drivers canceled, two of which were within one minute of my location. The only way I was able to get a ride is by agreeing to order an $80+ “Lux” ride. And believe me, that car was not that luxurious. I know some drivers have had difficulties with riders, but I have never had a complaint and leaving a woman alone in the dark in front of closed businesses was absolutely abhorrent. After that, I gathered together every penny I could scrabble, took out a loan, and bought my own vehicle so that I would never have to deal with Lyft again except in dire emergencies. And believe me, if I’m going to ever deal with Lyft again, it will be a dire emergency..Version: 7.18.31

App works and that’s about itI recently installed Lyft on my phone for work. I used to use Lyft 5 years ago. Oh boy what a night a day difference. I expected the price to go up after so long but the service is just terrible. Long story short I was in Newark for work and tried to request a Lyft to get to the airport. I tried for the first time around 6 PM and it quoted me for around 23 bucks. Sure no big deal. This is where the frustration begins. From here I waited the maximum amount of time until I was forced to rebook the ride 5 times. Each time my fare increased. By the end of it I went from 23 bucks for a 15 minute ride to 56. Then to add insult to injury one driver actually accepted my ride. Was 3 minutes away then canceled. By this time I’ve already been trying to secure a ride for just over an hour. At that point I was done with Lyft. I decided to use Mass Transit. I wish I would have done so from the beginning. I would have saved myself time and frustration. I wouldn’t have cut it so close to get on my flight either. After all of this I’m going to strongly recommend to my company that we use a different ride share service. Lyft definitely has fallen far into the dump..Version: 7.26.3

LYFT CHARGES FOR STOLEN ITEMSMy Lyft driver stole over half of my groceries (by driving away while I was still unloading) and Lyft charged me $15 (DOUBLE the cost of my ride) to have their thief of a driver bring it back. They only have a SINGLE link for all situations regarding any items and that is the “Lost and Found” tab. They claim that because the driver brought my “lost” groceries back, they charged me but my groceries were never “lost”, they were stolen. Lyft locked out the “contact driver” tab after the first attempt of use and seems to have a long and tedious email process for all other forms of support for riders (customers). I am highly upset, and despite talking to Lyft constantly about this issue, they stand by their flawed reasoning. Lyft has failed to implement a fair and just policy for stolen items and don’t even have an investigational protocol. At this rate, drivers can always drive away with your items as you are unloading and claim that the you “left” them, in an effort to gain some sort of bonus. I have asked for them to remove all of my information and delete my account (which is another issue. Why isn’t the means to deactivate my account in MY hands?). I will not use them again in the foreseeable future. 0 stars.Version: 6.8.31

Payment IssuesReader’s Digest Version: I had to travel to from Leominster, MA to the bus station in Boston so I could get to friends in Maine. I went to the Lyft app and attempted to secure a ride, and it said I had a $3.00 and some change left as a balance. I’m had no idea why I still had a balance, but attempted to pay it anyway. Then I got an error message saying “unable to make payment and settle debts.” Now I’m panicking because I think I’m going to miss my bus. I enter in a new card and try to get a ride, and got another messages telling me that the payment couldn’t me processed. Then I try my wife’s Pay Pal card, and it didn’t work either! I attempted to call Lyft, and all that was available was a recording with some basic information that I already knew. At this point, I was ready to make plans to fly back home because I would miss my bus and have to stay another night in a hotel. I tried one more time to use my wife’s pay pal card, and this time it worked; God only knows why. If someone from Lyft could contact me and explain where the extra charge came from, and why my payment wouldn’t go through, and why the other cards had issues, I would greatly appreciate it. As for the driver, there were issue at all. He got to me in five minutes, drove safely, and was very kind..Version: 6.96.3

Bad drivers are ruining your appI’ve had this happen on multiple occasions, but this time is the worst. Drivers are running multiple driving apps at a time to “line up” their next ride. Unfortunately, this takes away from the major advantage of using an app ride service in the first place: the ability to track your driver & see a relatively accurate ETA. This morning I ordered a Lyft & it said my driver was 7 minutes away & did not have any notification that they were finishing another trip. Yet, the driver chose to make a 45 minute detour around me, and then cancel my ride. After the first 30 minutes of waiting & becoming anxious about being late, I opened Uber to see if there was a different driver nearby. Guess who accepted my ride? THE SAME PERSON THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PICKING ME UP! Absolutely frustrating that there’s no way to report a driver if your ride hasn’t yet started. Yet, this driver somehow has a 5.0 rating with over 2000 rides. So meanwhile, they are raking in the benefits of being a “top performing employee” while actually ruining your reputation. I thought Lyft was a good idea because it’s a little cheaper than Uber, but the risk isn’t worth it.Version: 7.13.3

App 100%; drivers 75%I’ve had good experiences throughout my time using Lyft. The one time I didn’t was on New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Morning. Now while most passengers agree we don’t want to cause trouble or a mess for our driver, sometimes this is unavoidable. When I brought my coworker onto our Lyft to get us home safely my coworker puked OUTSIDE the car. Very little mess inside to clean. I can respect being upset. But when he took pictures of the mess BEFORE I cleaned his door on the outside and sent it to a Lyft to charge me $150 even AFTER I apologized. That pisses me off. Especially when he says and I quote, “I have to take my kids somewhere tomorrow” now I don’t hold it against the driver for feeling that way, but my response holds. “Why are you driving to take drunk people home then?!” We got into a shoring match (which I admit could have been more mature about-but I was drunk; what was the driver’s excuse?) he drove away after I said “buh-bye”, at least 5 times. I accept my part of the blame for my drunken coworker, even if $150 isn’t fair AFTER I cleaned. BUT, where is the driver’s responsibility for being professional (which he wasn’t) and understanding on a busy drunken night? There was none. Perhaps I should have driven home drunk with my coworker…..Version: 7.14.3

Driver abandoned meFlew into John Wayne Airport, call the Lyft, they arrived but could not find the designated pick up location. We spoke over the phone I explained in great detail where he needed to go inside the garage at lot C. He insisted he was in line at Lot C, however he was not inside the garage he was in the general pick up area, not in the designated lyft-Uber area. I watched on the map simulation as he circled the airport four times missing the entrance four times or more. I received the threat from Lyft that I would be charged for missing a pick up, apparently he pushed the button that he had pick me up. This was a lie, I called a second Lyft, once I figured out that I had been abandoned by the first driver. As a second driver arrived, the first driver also arrived just ahead of him. He picked up two other individuals that called Lyft. No apologies at all from the driver who abandoned me. I jokingly warned the passengers they might be in for an adventure. When the second Lyft driver and I were exiting, I witnessed the first driver apparently lost circling the garage looking for the exit. I was charged a five dollar penalty, and will apparently be downgraded for my five star status. I consider this to be both theft and defamation of character..Version: 5.97.31

A Quick Ride To Auto RepairThis morning, I was in need for transportation to a local auto repair shop. My car, suddenly died at the gas pump after filling up with gas. I was preparing to go to my granddaughter’s high school graduation. Ran errands all day and with no warning car didn’t start. Enough of that though. This morning I needed a Lyft to go to the repair shop. I was assigned a driver and in less than 5 minutes she had arrived. My driver, Amanda greeted me with the most radiant smile and warm spirit. Car was clean and comfortable. What made the ride exceptionally different is that I have had tons of ride from people of many backgrounds and genders but none as amazing as this young lady. She was so warm that I end up talking endlessly to her about things that I have only spoken about to friends and family. Fact is, I’m not a talker especially with people I do not know. Amanda is the exception and I can’t help but believe she is exceptionally kind, warm and attentive to all the people she meets. Kudos to Amanda for preserving my faith in the human factor. For as much as we can be divided, the world would be a much better place with more people like this young lady. Salute Amanda~.Version: 7.34.3

Very trust worthy serviceI just had my 3rd incident were a driver left me at my first stop because I was taking too long which I don’t mind but I asked him and he said it was fine and if a driver can’t wait any longer I’d at least like a heads up that their leaving. Now each time this has happened lyft was swift in refunding my money and generally send me an email of apology. I know not everyone’s perfect but they guys at lyft are always on point with any problems or concerns. I’ve had an incident where a driver tried to kiss me and was refunded the full amount along with an email. I’ve never had the app crash but I have heard there are problems from time to time. Guys I don’t care about that kind of problems because you’ll have that with any app or technology from time to time and as far as I’ve heard they fix it in a timely matter. So I can’t find one bad thing to say about lyft. Uber doesn’t take my debit card so they lost out on my business to lyft and I’m so glad I ended up here instead. There are promos that help from time to time and it’s very easy to contact lyft if I ever need to. Thanks guys for being on point with your customers..Version: 6.20.3

Not happy anymore with Lyft, thousands a yearAfter several problems having them charge the correct cards, charging cards long deleted from the account, denying the card I intend to use that has funds, removing cards that should not be used, charging my bank, I want nothing to do with this application solution anymore. I will use (another solution) instead. The drivers are good, and the service is good too, never any issues on service management and delivery, but I refuse to offer my payment information as I can no longer verify Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards are being followed. As deleted cards are still being charged, and so my assessment is to not to use this application. The risk of using it is too great for my appetite. And so I will consider alternative vendors. Basically Car as a Service (not to be confused with Container as a Service) is being phased out starting with Lyft. That had already begun, but the lack of support on Lyft’s end completely pretty much seals the deal. Also make sure, you, are paying your drivers as they frequently report they are not getting paid either. Y’all havin issues over there?.Version: 15.3.3

I wish..I do like the platform, and I think that they could do better about dealing with issues that are concerning safety. I was unfortunately place in a situation, when I got into a Lyft car, that was completely hazardous (From my perspective). I reached out to Lyft, and I do believe that I did my part, but it was a long time since they were able to say anything to me, but I did seemingly make a mistake about responding to them. I actually thought I responded to the email. To be completely honest. Since I responded to the email, I still have not gotten a fair resolution. The situation did involve someone having a gun and using the presence of the gun to force an image of an ideal that the driver had accepted. With the evidence that I provided. And they called it was made the day I got enough urgency to see if there was a person out on the to the road and investigate more and asked more of me. Just because I forgot to does not mean that the problem is not in the “so” end it also does not mean it’s one of those things you just gotta let go off because I didn’t follow up. I hope this is something that they see and relate to my situation to us this to help create a safer platform for the riders, the driver and the people who are surrounding us as we go to our places… Ty.Version: 15.47.3

Bad Lyft experienceI requested a scheduled ride this morning to the Tampa airport for 6:30. The app told me they would be there between 6:25-6:35. They arrived at 6:15 and when I told them I needed ten minutes because they were early he said ok and then left leaving me stranded and charged me a 10 dollar cancellation fee. I had to order another Lyft which almost made me miss my flight. That’s totally unacceptable that I was charged $47 dollars for a ride that never happened. If you don’t pay attention to this I will never use Lyft again. I’m a good customer and have never complained before but this is wrong. The driver was in the wrong for coming too early and leaving when I told him he was early and I needed 10 minutes. He just left. If you think this is professional service you’re mistaken and I will lodge a formal complaint and put a hold on my credit card as a incorrect charge. I thought Lyft was better then Uber but I was mistaken. Reverse the no show fee and he and Lyft got paid twice. If you look I immediately had to request another ride so I didn’t miss my flight. Why would I cancel? Please respond to this request with a human. Tracy Mevs.Version: 7.64.3

Lyft Satisfaction SurveyWhen in need of a ride, Lyft is normally very reliable and I have gotten wonderful drivers most of the time. However, when leaving home from Decatur, GA., I experienced a driver (Juan) who accepted my ride request and had me waiting approximately 15-20 minutes and then he wound up dropping my request. My request was to the airport, so I cannot express strongly enough how every minute counted. After his terribly inconsiderate cancellation, I was initially assigned to another driver who was 13 minutes away. I cannot tell you how very frustrated I was with Lyft at that moment. Fortunately, Lyft then found me a closer driver (Lashon) who was only 4 minutes away. Lashon was GREAT and got me to the airport in plenty of time to catch my flight but I still can’t get over Juan accepting my ride request only to have me waiting in vein for 20 minutes wasting my time AND jeopardizing me catching my flight. I would certainly like to see him reprimanded and definitely want him BLOCKED from ever picking up another ride request from me in the future! And this guy supposedly have a 5 star rating? I don’t think so. Very disappointed with that terrible experience 👎🏽.Version: 6.20.3

Price jumpsI understand the business model of having fares change during different times of the day. I would like to hear the justification for the price differences in my area between morning and afternoon trips. The mark up has been consistently 3-4 times more expensive for the same trip I take in the morning compared to the afternoon and I still have to wait more than 10 minutes for a pick up either time of day. I wish there was more of a flat rate for times of the ay instead of a such incrementally adjustable pricing designed to gouge every last cent out of your customers. I have also had terrible lick with the “schedule a ride” feature. It is either not available when I need to schedule a ride the next day or in advance to be somewhere. I have also had my pick ups for this feature not be on time or miss my pick ups so bad I had to walk to find them. I feel like Lyft as a whole has played a slow game of bait and switch with its customer base to build a false sense of caring to make us think you we aren’t being taken advantage of the “we’re not Uber” thing is getting worn out..Version: 6.72.3

Order process more confusingI’ve been using Lyft for about 2 years now and it’s a fantastic service. The latest update has done wonders for the graphic identity of the brand and it looks especially good on my iPhone X, they’ve done a good job of integrating the notch into the design that makes the whole app feel purposeful and user friendly. One thing they changed, however, and have made much worse in my opinion. They changed the order sequence from ~dropoff lovation>pickup location>size select and confirmation~ to ~dropoff location>size select>pickup location and confirmation~ this has made the buying order process much more confusing even for an experienced Lyft rider. The final order screen should always have the approximate dropoff time and the expected cost on it, in my opinion. With the latest update the final order screen simply asks you where you’d like to be picked up and honestly this makes no sense to me. The last purple button before you’re charged doesn’t even say “order Lyft” it just says “confirm pickup” which has led me to accidentally order a Lyft when all I wanted to do was check approximate times and charges for a Lyft I would be taking later in the day. I think if this aspect were changed it would round out the app perfectly and make it deserving of 5 stars..Version: 5.38.3

Destination RevealMy request kept getting cancelled repeatedly today for a long distant ride within a few minutes prior driver’s pick-up arrival from my home in Philadelphia to JFK airport in New York. I heard a few of Lyft driver’s honest thoughts on they operate the platform via driver’s perspective; they tell me that a rider’s destination request doesn’t appear on drivers’ end until it’s accepted or met their customer in-person. Today, after multiple of ride request cancellations, one of the drivers who barely speaks English literally met me and politely denied my request due to his recent surgery treatment in the lower side of his stomach. I understood his struggles with no knowledge of English at all since I don’t speak his language at all as well, which is Spanish. He was kind to me and sincerely guilty for not allowing to drive me to the airport. Consequently, it took over 30 minutes to meet the right driver. I never worked for Lyft nor Uber before, but if this case is true, then I hope Lyft improves this minor flaw by revealing a rider’s destination request to the Lyft drivers to help them decide for the customer’s request in order to avoid further stresses and conflicts to ensure better quality of Lyft service. Best, Saleh A..Version: 15.15.3

Don’t trust current location.Several times lately I’ve found that if I didn’t specify where I was by entering an address the Lyft driver could not find me. I asked a Lyft driver, who had grown up in Seattle what the problem was. He suggested I always enter an exact address, even if I had to look it up in advance. I did that this morning and tonight and had a better experience. If we add inexperienced drivers in a location to the problem of the satellite location you can be texting with a driver who is on the other side of the block and doesn’t understand you are waiting at the front door of the hall “Town Hall” Seattle, Wa. Not only that but this morning I entered an address where I was at a diner and the program auto changed it to Coleman Dock 2-3 blocks away. What gives? I am writing on my husbands phone. I’m Dusty Collings. We are traveling together and we take turns calling Lyft. I think, & hope you can make some refinements to the experience. I don’t like having to pay for a driver who is in the wrong location and doesn’t want to drive around the block to pick me up. It wasn’t my fault and I had to pay the fee for standing him up. Not really fair. I have a walking disability and I try limit the number of steps I take. Thanks..Version: 5.85.3

They’re sneaky, do your own calculationsSo I noticed Lyft making 25$ withdrawals from my bank acct, after figuring out the problem that I was on auto pay turned it off, A few das later I find they’re still making auto reloads so I completely removed my card from the account. I ended up loosing 150$ to them and only used 67$ out of the Lyft cash there were 6 payments made in total so where’s the other 3 payments go? I filed a dispute with my bank and they sent me a WHOLE NEW CARD, the day after I activate it there’s a charge for 5$ on a Lyft scooter that was supposed to be taken with my PayPal money, yet there was no transaction history found in my PayPal account. So again I ask (after they’ve stalled and ignored me in the “Help center”) how are they still making payments on a DELETED PAYMENT METHOD? And why are they avoiding doing anything about it. I’ve had move banks and transfer all funds, make sure you guys are doing your own calculations and double checking your accounts because there’s definitely something sneaky going on here and they know, that’s why they close your disputes without looking into it, or even responding..Version: 6.83.3

DisappointedI have had Lyft for 3 years everything was fine really enjoy it never really had a issue until a couple of days ago I allowed my significant other to log into my account from his phone and it’s was good until the next day they made him do a mask verification which I thought was weird because he always had his mask he only forgot it about 3 times but that was it , I tried to order off my account again to get to work the next day but before It could completely book the ride it said they needed a little more info to verify it was it was me so I sent in my pay stub to see if they will accept it and they did but my account still currently keep asking the same thing after they had already told me I would be able to use it but I couldn’t I tried to go through costumer service couldn’t get any help to they sent over to someone higher and the problem supposed to be fix after talking to them too but no it nots so I just decided to send in my pay stub once again and it’s been approved but still doesn’t work so I’m very disappointed because I have 30$ worth of lyft cash and cant even get it back I very much disagree with that especially if they are going to have problems like this.Version: 7.4.3

Update almost cost me time & moneyI was having trouble getting the app to load so I went to see if it needed an update. One was available so I updated it and then proceeded to schedule my ride. The scheduling process went perfectly fine, then the app just stop notifying me of anything. I scheduled a ride for 1:45pick up. My driver arrived 10 mins early and the app never even told me he was there. I kept refreshing it, trying to see the drivers location and all it would say is driver is 9 mins away, when he was already sitting in my driveway. Luckily he was kind enough to wait, so when I got in the car I tell him why I kept him waiting and apologized. We drove for 15 feet before the app ever acknowledged he had arrived and I was at my destination before it realized I was in the car. This isn’t only extremely inconvenient as I was going to work. It is also unsafe, what if I needed to notify the app of trouble. Luckily the waiting fee was waived, idk if that was his choice or if it was automatic due to the glitch. But 10 mins before I scheduled is a lot of time when you’re trying to get out the door and when someone is waiting for you. This could have gone way worse for many reasons, this update needs to fixed immediately.Version: 15.19.3

Great first experience a few weeks agoI had a great first experience and the discount code promo was the incentive needed to use it, because I live in the suburbs, and to take it from here into the city is actually insane expensive - but with that 50% off code, it was awesome. I was able to leave here on my own, and get to my friends place, without having to rely on someone else - I just did it myself. Thank you..Version: 15.37.31

Neat riding sharing experienceHad a great time using Lyft for the first time on a work trip to the states. The prices were often cheaper than Uber and every driver we met was amazing. I even got free credits towards rides upon signing up. As far as the rating goes, there are 2 reasons I’m giving it 3 stars instead of 5. One is because only recently (months after I used Lyft) I discovered that every time I cancelled a ride I was charged $1. I was not aware of a cancellation fee as it was not communicated upon signing up or confirmed before I cancelled a ride - which is very poor disclosure. And the second reason is more than once, after accepting a ride and already being in the car the app kicked us out of that ride because it found a closer one.. which doesn’t make sense seeing as we were already IN the ride we accepted so the individual driving us was forced to let us go because they wouldn’t be recognized for the ride. Other than than the overall experience was great..Version: 5.12.3

Good appUse my code DANY02991 to get up to $40 off on rides! might aswell save all the money you can (:.Version: 6.44.3

Worst customer serviceApp works decently and drivers are always pleasant but if any issues occur with the app or your ride it’s pretty much impossible to reach anyone and if you do they’re wholly unhelpful. They might offer you a $5 credit that expires in a week to appease you but that’s it. Better off using UBER, at least they somewhat seem to care about their riders..Version: 7.36.3

Not good 😡It takes so long to find nearby driver.Version: 6.30.3

ReviewWhy do you give 10% off promos and then up the price by $2-$3? Also we should be able to individually rate a driver, not just pick from a prepared menu of concerns. It limits the rider from explaining exactly what they want to say. I have complained before but Lyft doesn’t seem to care. I was ignored. At least with uber they are easily contactable..Version: 6.14.3

Lyft is cool, but the app is draining my batteryThe app is cool and the system works great, but it drains my battery so much. Don’t know if I’ll continue to use it..Version: 5.65.3

GoodAwesome ride with drivers.Version: 5.55.3

Jeet kAwesome trip in Lyft.Version: 5.55.3

January 28, 2019Today I order an Lyft and I was transferred to a different driver every 5 mins my time was wasted I am not satisfied I was late to work and I regret using lyft today I’m very disappointed..Version: 5.63.3

Love it, please make it available in Montreal.I really enjoyed this app while I was staying in Toronto. I wish it's available in Montreal soon..Version: 5.26.3

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 15.50.3

What do you think Lyft ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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