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My Trip to Italy 2019This was before COVID -19. It’s been a while and I meant to write a review. This place was perfect for our stay in Rome. Staff was friendly and spoke fluent English as well as other languages. Food was delicious and location was with walking distance to many attractions and the Metro was easily accessible for the further excursions. The main train station was also close by if you wanted to travel to other cities or Countries. We traveled as a family of 4 so we needed an apartment. European hotels don’t all accommodate rooms for 4 like American hotels do. I also made one big mistake. We traveled on a evening flight from NY to Rome. By the time we got to the Hotel it was sometime the next morning. Our bodies were still on Eastern time and were awake about 26 -27 hours before we were able to get into our room for a nap. It was August and quite hot outside we felt tired and ready for showers as well with no where to go but sit in the lobby where I was actually falling asleep. They were probably not very happy with us. My advise for European traveling take that into consideration. Next time I would even pay to have the room ready a day early so it’s ready for a little rest and freshen up when we arrive..Version: 34.2

Great stay for a great priceThe check/check out process we so easy. Rooms weren’t anything spectacular but they were spacious and got the job done for our home away from home for 10 days. The beds were SO comfortable. 2 pools on site. Hotel is in a great location with in walking distant of some restaurants/activities/shopping areas. Super convenient that it had a “convenience shop” in the lobby, as well as an arcade, breakfast restaurant, and lounge/restaurant. About 25 minutes from Disney and 10 minutes from Universal Studios. It has a free shuttle to Universal which we definitely took advantage of. Staff were all nice. Will definitely book again if ever in the area! Literally the ONLY negative of the stay was the 2 story part of the hotel we stayed in didn’t have an elevator and we were on the 2nd floor. Slight inconvenience but nothing worth rating the hotel any less than 5 stars!.Version: 32.6

Reservations not accurate on arrivalApparently according to the hotels they never received all the information for my rooms. First one had been confirmed on the way 3 times. Worked out in the end. The second had nothing correct & blamed this booking site. I’ve allergies ruined the evening & we didn’t stay an extra day because nobody cared. They made it seem like they jumped through hoops to make me comfortable They did not I’m allergic to down removing it doesn’t remove all the presence of down Zyrtec & epipens later I was still not well the next am. At first they had 2 King rooms on different floors I booked 2double bed rooms next to or near each other Traveling with elderly parents. Then said we’re going to get you 2 new rooms I was waiting in the courtyard we put our stuff back in the car It took way too long. Went to dinner & found out on our return they just removed the down bedding. No manager. Nobody cared. And I reserved with breakfast & had it printed out. They wouldn’t look & said they didn’t have it down. What a nightmare. Double Tree in Gainesville. We would have stayed another night there. Next time we’ll choose a different hotel directly..Version: 33.2.1

Usually my go to appOverall the app is pretty good, there are just a couple of things I wish would be changed. First, a lot of accommodations (especially in the US) charge a security deposit. It’s almost never easy to find out how much it is and it can even cause a cancelation if it goes over your card limit. I really feel security deposits are a form of age discrimination. What I would like is a way for the app to filter OUT properties that charge a security deposit. This would show age discriminating businesses that we won’t tolerate it. Secondly, again in the US, it doesn’t show the taxes until you’re on the last page to book. It makes properties seem cheaper than they really are. Booking even in expensive countries like the UK can still be cheaper because it’s difficult to find something affordable and safe in the US. Some of these things may be difficult to change given how unfriendly the US is towards its own consumers, but I overall love using this app and hope they can do something to punish age discriminating businesses and help save us money when booking domestic..Version: 26.8.1

Please post warnings!We do not live in a state that is running in fear from Covid. We have not had to deal with masks for over a year and a half. So we were a little taken back when we got to the hotel and had to mask up. No big deal, I carry my Shaun the sheep mask with me. We are also greatly disappointed that nowhere on the app does it disclose the yuge number of amenities that were not going to be available. That’s a yuge selling point for some people. Not whether or not I am forced to wear a mask, could care less. However nowhere did they check our temperatures, ask us any questions in regards to our health. They did not make us wash our hands or use sanitizer, but we had to have the mask on! Let’s get back to the truth in advertising part for things that you pay for. Greatly disappointed about the pool being closed. Have you done any research in the area of chlorine and Covid? Because your paper masks are far less effective then hand washing. The three stars is for the staff they were great. The two missing stars belong to ownership..Version: 31.3

Amazing Books!From the beginning, this app, even within context of changing infrastructures, within networks, and all of us with individual security challenges test our patience I knew something was different immediately in the software design of this app. That is, I have often felt I was falling between the cracks in apps in the last 2 years, so was this skeptical of one that would hold so much info ( safety, financial) and transport hotel details of a reservation. But, it does, and so seamlessly set up my personal and business accounts (and led me thru process of organizing my 'books') in just making a travel plan that I was unaware of all the gains until now. The ease of use, for those of us with little or waning patience for glitches, 'fear of losing things' syndrome is great...hang in there thru a 3-4 bookings. it will all start appearing, syncing, all history intact, etc. My hope is (once again...) restored!!! Beautiful..Version: 17.9

Outstanding location and serviceThe room was large and appeared even more spacious with the tall ceilings. The view from our first floor room was amazing. Very large windows and remote control blinds made it all the better. The bathroom was up to date and clean. The bed slept well and I would rate it above above average. The addition of the included mini bar was a nice touch. They restock the wine, water, coke, diet Coke (Coke Light), Sprite, beer, and peanuts every evening. I never heard noise from the nieghboring rooms. The location was central enough to get around easily. It is only an eight minute walk with luggage to the central train station. The staff was welcoming and accommodating. I had but two complaints. First, the water in our shower and one of the double sinks in the room had a drainage problem. They backed up very quickly. The tub and other sink did not have the same issue. Overall, I would say the hotel was the best I've stayed at in Amsterdam..Version: 16.3.1

Extended stay in Tampa FlMy check in time was supposed to be 3 pm and I got there at 4:30, I still had to wait sitting in the lobby for another 10-20 min waiting for her to give me a room number but a man walked in behind me to check in and she gave him his room and he did not have to wait. I booked well over a month in advance requesting a bottom floor and got a 3rd floor room. The breakfast was nothing like it said had coffee and granola bars really disappointing! They say they are only 2.6 miles from the stadium and they are over 6.6 miles away!! The person checking us in seemed very rude and not very friendly at all!! At check out the lady was leaving the lobby briefly asked me what room and said fine and walked away not sure if I was supposed to do anything else instead, I really hope it was fine because there was no one else around to ask!! Was very disappointed and the facilities was a big let down!!.Version: 15.3

Flora Barsha hotelI stayed at the flora Barsha hotel in Dubai from June 30th till July 6th, 2022. It was a very pleasant stay starting from Checking in, I had request an earlier check in as I was coming in the morning. They let me check in at 10:30 am although the regular check in time was 2pm. The receptionists lakshmi and Manas very helpful and professional. The room was nice and spacious, the breakfast had nice variety and the house keeping guy, Saurabh always had a smile on his face. He always clean the room and make sure we had enough water, and our coffee and other things were always filled. Very kind. I had a car so basement had lots of parking available. No matter what time of the day I would come. One day I left my car light on and the front desk called me to let me know that my car light is left on, that was so nice of them. Otherwise my car battery could have died, in this hot humid July month. When it was time to check out, my flight was really really late at night, and they kept my luggage for good 10 hours with them :) it was so easy. There was a small hair Salon on ground level where I went for blow dryer twice, it was so convenient to have a salon at the hotel site. One day I used the serenity spa and had a massage done, it was really relaxing. Overall I would say, it was 5/5 experience for me..Version: 33.9.1

Savoia JohnsonI love everything about this place and I LITERALLY MEAN EVERYTHING !☝️😫 from the beautiful clean fully loaded house to the breath taking ocean site ! Like you literally take 8 steps out the house and your feet is in the sand and the view and vibe is taking your pain and stress right away ! 🥺🙏♥️ I loved everything I slept so peacefully 🤦🏻‍♀️ and they even had items in the closet for the beach such as children toys 🧸 and beach layouts ! 🏖 I definitely will be renting again and definitely would give 6 stars ⭐️ if I CAN ! let’s not forget the $200 dollar deposit they gave me back literally I’m 24 hours 🙏 not 3-6 business days , (24 hours) ! Which was definitely appreciated because it help save me from coming out my pocket for extra expenses while I wait those few days so I really do appreciate and thank you guys SO MUCH I promise this was one of the best birthdays EVER 🥺☝️♥️🤲♥️🌎.Version: 29.6

My stay at the Drury Inn in GreenvilleFirst off,I love the location specially if you don’t feel like driving long distances for the most convenient thing’s! It’s great restaurants near by, you have Walmart down the street. I had a king suite room! I love love the amount of space of the room! The room had a hallway from the front door to the bedroom it self. The bathroom,I kid you not you could have a party in the bathroom if you wanted too! You didn’t feel so closed in, in the bathroom you had more then enough room! The shower was bomb,It was a walk-in shower which I love! I love the location of my room, I loved being in the corner. Everyone was friendly, and very homey. Even with this pandemic going on, they was well organized. You didn’t hear no loud noise while trying to relax and sleep. The tv was very decent, had good channels. I was dere for four nights,I can’t wait to go back!.Version: 26.6.1

Gorgeous but out of the wayIt was not near or convenient to anything. When you look at the map you think “oh its in Jimbaran so it near...” as there are many great things worth seeing & experiencing here in Jimbaran or Uluwatu area but its quite far from anything due to the windy roads. You have to hire a car —no taxis available from here —and you are at the mercy of whatever they want to charge you, even to go 5 minutes down the road to the closest restaurant. I’d recommend stYing here for a night and enjoying a full day relaxing by the pool and taking in the views. The dinner at the restaurant is quite good and reasonably priced for the portions and quality. Then, after enjoying your time here, find another location for site-seeing the rest of Bali as this is not a convenient base for going on excursions, shopping, dining, etc. its gorgeous and inexpensive for what they offer—this makes it a great value, but its too far away to enjoy anything beyond this property itself..Version: 16.4

Cancel experience very happyI am very appreciate the hotel for their understanding and supportive staff that make things easy. We booked our family trip in March, unfortunately my daughter’s visa got some problem and stuck at Iceland. My husband needed to fly there to help solve the problems. But it’s too late for us to cancel the reservation just three days before we check in. We called the hotel staff, they are very friendly and thoughtful, they waived our cancellation fee. It’s very pity this unexpected situation happened which ruined our family trip after such a long time we looking forward. But we are very lucky to have a very good experience here to figure things out. We definitely will back soon when we have holidays later. Thanks so much for all the staffs who put their efforts on to help us out. Thank you very much!.Version: 32.3

Friendly staff, great accommodationsFrom the beginning at checkout, to questions, to the restaurant staff... everyone was helpful, cheerful and happy! The rooms are a bit small, but we only rested and got ready in them so no worries. The beds and pillows are so comfortable and rooms were clean. The restaurant is currently only serving breakfast, the staff was attentive and pleasant. Could use a lot of upgrades, but was roomy and food was decent. (Not free). The Splashatorium was a good way for the kiddos to wind down. Not really big or much to do. It was just the one slide, pool, and hot tub.... like I said good way to wind down and chill. Make reservations for the splashatorium!!! We made reservations a week in advance do to my research and looking at reviews, otherwise I would not have known. We had no where to sit or put or things, I would recommend that the resort supply enough sitting for the amount of people reserved. All and all a pleasant stay..Version: 26.6.1

Kind of pricy for what you getThis accommodation was more like a bed and breakfast (except without the breakfast) Beds were not comfortable. One, the hide-a-bed was a thin mattress and my son woke up with neck and shoulder pain. Queen bed was a mattress with memory foam on top. Wi-Fi worked only sometimes. Hot and stuffy in room but Xavier brought a fan which was helpful. Only one faucet worked on sink with lukewarm water and shower was not so great, but had nice hot water. Also, no fridge, microwave or anything. Parking was about 1/4 mile away and an extra $10-$15 a night. Xavier was very trustworthy and helpful and gave us good suggestions where to eat, etc.. (The reason for the 3stars otherwise I would give it Just 2 stars for comfort). He was also a good communicator and responded to texts and requests promptly. This place was close to the center and seemed to be safe enough with double locked doors. All in all I felt like we paid a lot for what we got compared to other places we stayed in MX though. Be prepared to pay for your stay in cash (pesos) too..Version: 15.6

Great Showers!The hotel was near a new mall. The room was small but clean. We stayed for 13 days. On the 3rd day, a bottle of perfume was taken out of the room when they cleaned it. The front desk was notified and they said the cleaning crew knew nothing about it. Nothing else done about it. Use the room safe as the cleaning staff may not be trusted. The bottle of perfume was not high in value but still bothered my wife because something was taken out of the room. No manager came to talk to us in the next 10 days of our stay. Another thing, we received 2 card keys in the beginning of our stay. One cracked and did not work when trying to open the door. I alerted the front desk and they said they will replace it for 200 pesos as “all room cards are inventoried”. Such a valuable piece of plastic... We continued to stay there as we were already charged for the entire stay. Flip a coin when deciding on this hotel as they seem to be customer friendly until a problem arises. The only real plus were the showers..Version: 16.4

Beautiful bright and spacious apartmentWe stayed in this bright, colorful and spacious apartment for two nights during a layover. Excellent communication w host. They were very accommodating to our needs and such a large space could have included others! Great kitchen full of cute cups finishing etc. Only concerns for us, but maybe not for others is that the wi fi only worked in the dining room. If people needed it for full apartment may be an issue but was okay for us for a few days. Another issues for some could be the stairs. We needed to walk up four flights but some who have medical issues could have a problem with that. People need to remember too that it’s in the city so they will hear the metro. Not an issue for us but could be for some. Overall a beautiful place and allowed us to store our luggage while we wandered the city and gave great recommendations for local food and attractions..Version: 33.2.2

Great location and wonder amenitiesThis apartment was one of the best apartments we stayed in during our 2 week tour of Italy. Two separate bedrooms for a family of four with a nice size kitchen and living room area to relax in after a long day of walking. They had a washing machine ij the bathroom and a drying rack which was great to have clean close for our next city. The air conditioning units were wonderful and kept our rooms nice and cool after the heat wave we experienced. The host was also very friendly and attentive. Would definitely return. The location was amazing too. Across the street from the stone paved road down to the Ferry station (less than 5 min walk) and a 7 min walk to the right of the apartment building was the train station. Really could not be in a better location. All of the restaurants were just 5-15 minute walk away..Version: 33.8

Very Happy with ServiceFrom the time I came in to check in we were accommodated. The rooms were beautiful but they were not connected rooms. I noticed that my room was a connecting room to another room. I asked the front desk if that room was available and it was and they switched it immediately. When I checked on that room I noticed that it did not have a fridge (neither rooms did). Well when I went back to the desk they accommodated this request immediately too (he called in front of me for them to bring one up). Then I had a problem with signing into Wi-Fi. The front desk immediately stopped everything she was doing and called whom ever she needed to to fix the problem. Not to mention what she was doing was more important then what I needed her to fix. Great service and very clean too. Ms. Patti Estatico Harrison.Version: 31.3.1

Incredibly courteous and helpful staff and team along with great locationThe Oakwood has really gone beyond my expectations. I was originally going to check in at the Marriot since my brother was getting a room there; but instead I decided to next door to the Oakwood and I was not disappointed. It was 15% savings with a studio room upgraded to a suite by the fantastic fellows at the front desk. The rooms are very clean and modern along with large fridge and full kitchen. Beds were very plush. The gym on the top floor was well rounded and fantastic along with the steam room. I did laps in there rooftop pool which was very clean. The hotel is connected to the mall and the shopping was also very good and convenient. There are about 6 restaurants you can choose from here and so far each one has been good. You will feel very welcomed and have everything you need and then some at the Oakwood..Version: 22.3.1

Trying to play in VEGAs - not working for themYa. Umm. Find a new in house management and marketing team.... Front desk manager should not look like a peep show girl with a small silver bow in her side part unless at an adult only restort 🤔 Coming from Park City Utah and knowing what the resort is like there—— No COMPARISOn - never staying at this Las Vegas property again! I’m sure this is not the atmosphere you would like to use for carrying on such a reputable establishment As a guest——Know resort fees are better covered in properties in Las Vegas that have fresh drinking water service at the pool..... Serve room service with water included.... (not upon request) ..... When going GREEN - don’t place the offer on the desk and hard to see —— use a tent marketing strategy in the BATHRoOM——Oh and coffee in room makes most excited!! Not included??? —- !!! AND when the pool is closed in April, don’t use internet, fitness center (not used) or TOLL free calls be obliged to waive the resort fee when addressed in this situation..Version: 16.6

Apartment PavleThe apartment was nice and clean, and the hosts are wonderful and extremely helpful. It has almost everything you need for an extended stay. It is located right by the #4 bus that will take you to Old Town, if you don’t want to walk. I prefer walking. It’s within easy walking distance of two beaches, grocery stores, bakery, and some great restaurants (Taj Mahal was my favorite). The only reason I rated it less was for the value. I stayed 5 nights in Kotor Bay for $45 euros less than I stayed 2 nights at Pavle, and in Kotor I had a full living room, and a washer to wash my clothes. The apartment I had in Virpazar, Lake Skadar also had a washer, 2 BRs and a living room for less money. And when I stayed in Old Town Dubrovnik, I had a wonderful flat for far less money, so Pavle is overpriced comparatively. But again, the hosts are great, the apartment is very clean and the kitchen is equipped, and the location was good..Version: 29.4

Abosolutely fabulous!!!!!We loved it. It was more than what we expected. The 2nd floor jumper/ trampoline was a extra for the kids. They wanted to sleep on it. The kitchen had everything we needed. The rooms were spacious and great!!! Bathrooms were nice. Plenty of towels. Plenty!!! Everything was roomy for two of us families. Access was easy and they were ready for us. The top pool was amazing!! It was so beautiful up there. It had a bathroom and even a grill!!! The architecture and design of the building and every detail was so impressive. It was close to circle k, gas, food and a police station. We felt safe and at home. I really would love to own one of these units. This will be our spot going forward whenever we visit Tulum. We have always loved Tulum and all it’s restaurants, shops and activities. It’s the place to be!!! Thank you so much to All the staff!!! We’ll miss you!!!.Version: 17.4

Very comfortable and clean!Our first day was absolutely amazing the employees that were working that they were very accommodating! The next day and the people above us were so loud they kept my baby up all night crying. The next day they had to guests up to 25 people drinking and partying till two in the morning right outside of her window!! we were not compensated for our night. We were compensated for the night before but it was a horrible!! the employee that was working that night did not give a care at all….He was kind of acting like he was part of the party! However there are Many other good employee that made the stay better…I did feel that with our overall experience we should’ve got a room compensated! The guests are the reason why our stay was so bad which is unfortunate because it it has been a great vacation!.Version: 29.2

Memorable StayI spent 4 nights at the Rocabella Santorini Resort. Simply stated, it was an excellent experience. Upon arriving at the hotel, I was presented with a welcome drink and informed that I was upgraded to a nicer suite. The room was perfect, large, and had all the amenities that I could ask for. My room faced the Caldera, which made for beautiful views. The highlight of my trip was twofold. First, the restaurant served very tasty food and the service was beyond excellent. Second, the waiter at the restaurant, Vlad, made my stay most memorable. In the 5 days that I stayed at the Rocabella, I developed a friendship with Vlad. During his time off, he showed me around the island and knowing my love for hiking, hiked with me to the town of Oia introducing me to some of his friends. As I was traveling alone, having Vlad there made my trip most enjoyable. Thank you Vlad and thank you Rocabella! I will be back with my wife..Version: 15.8.1

Henna Hotel IstanbulStayed at the Henna Hotel for 5 nights and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this little gem in the very heart of old Istanbul! From the second you set foot in the door, you smell the clean and relaxing sweet smell of delicate oils. The customer service is impeccable, from the front desk manager to every single employee ready to meet your every need possible. The breakfast buffet was amazing with fresh fruit, breads, desserts and so many more delicious local dishes-enough to fill you before your day begins. The rooms were so clean and the blankets, sheets, and towels smelled like they were freshly washed with the same sweet scent you get as you walk into the hotel. I recommend this hotel to anyone for its amazing location, service and exceptional employees. Also, the price was very reasonable too! I would do it again in a heartbeat! ❤️.Version: 34.3

Le voyage splendide!My fiancée and I flew away and was booked in Montréal for a one week get away. There were many amazing places to dine coming from the gem of hospitality in the South - Charleston, SC. There were so many great and diverse ethnicities to dine. We stayed above a grocery store on Sainte-Catherine Street that had all of the amenities one could ask. We ate at ‘Cacou 70’ Rue Sainte-Catherine where we stayed for breakfast, Mediterranean Tabouli at a grocery store for lunch and Israeli, Latin, Greek, Asian and of course, French food for dinner. We were two foodies in a nirvana metropolis. We found ourselves eating at Cacao 70 several times due to their many options. We never ate the same options twice, as we sampled bites from each other’s order. We also went on a hot air balloon and hit the spa ‘Sibéria’, and bought many postcards and trinkets to seal our memory. I proposed to my fiancée while in Québec and look forward to future travels with her. Viva Montréal!.Version: 15.6

Amazing Hostel 10/10 ✔️Carob Hostel Carob Hostel is amazing!!! 10/10 from me. The vibe is FRIENDLY, WELCOMING AND HOSPITABLE. I was in Jordan for about 3 days and wanted to see Petra. Firas put together a tour for me to get the most out of my time in Jordan and it was amazing. I got to visit Wadi Rum, Petra, Aqaba and the Dead Sea. I got to see more way more tourist sites than I could have originally planned, and I couldn’t be more happy. The bathrooms, showers and bedrooms are clean and well divided. The outdoor space is very comfortable and with an amazing view to the city in the front. The overall the ambience is very relaxed, calm and comfortable; therefore very fitting for either younger or older people. The owners of the hostel are Ahmad and Firas. If you get to meet either of them you will feel like you have known them for years just by chatting with them for a few minutes very welcoming. I’ll come back to visit real soon and I would of course book with Carob Hostel. I would recommend this location to my friends and family. If you are coming to Jordan make sure you stay here and book tours with them you will not regret it. (Tips book the JordanPass and you will save a lot since the visa is included in the pass). Ahmad and Firas Thank You 👍🏽💯.Version: 30.4

The BOOKING APPI did find some cheap motels in Savannah Ga at the last minute, and they were very cheap. But is was so far from Tybee Island. We stayed at the Baymount Hotel on 2 Lee Blvd, Savannah Ga. the room was for Thursday-Saturday. We did get a good rate. That was the only thing good about it. The room was very clean but very small for a family of 5. The pool was dirty and warm. Almost like it was a heated pool. And I kept asking why it doesn’t look like it’s been chlorinated, but they finally cleaned the pool on our last day there. And we could finally see our feet in the pool. And on this Booking app. It said hot breakfast served every morning. But when we woke up to eat. There was only muffins, bananas and yogurt, and coffee. I asked tje concierge and she said that since the virus they don’t serve hot breakfast. I asked why that wasn’t labeled on the website. But she couldn’t answer me. So our stay was ok. But it wasn’t the best I’ve had..Version: 24.4

Amazing!!Makes booking a trip so much easier and stress free!!.Version: 15.2

Avis Booking.comTrès facile à lire et conviviale.Version: 15.2

HinniEasy to navigate.Version: 19.7

Keep it upOne of the most stabilize and reliable apps Keep it up.Version: 18.9.1

Nice appEasy to use and very useful. Even better than the website itself..Version: 24.8

The Best place to stay in Ivano-FrankivskThe best quality / price place to stay in town!!!! Clean , spacious, modern ! Friendly host and services!.Version: 25.6

Great place to stayBoban was absolutely perfect for us. Great service, great location and great breakfast! The rooms (we booked online and extended our stay) were very clean and modern. We arrived at 10am on the day of check in and were allowed to store our luggage, we sat at the property and enjoyed a complementary tea/coffee, by 11am they allowed us to check into our room!! 4 hours early. This also happened when we changed room 2 days later after deciding to extend our stay. Staff were very accommodating and friendly, 10/10 service. I would stay here again in a heart beat..Version: 35.0

HotelSuper easy, great price and very communicative!!! Will definitely use this site again.Version: 35.0

Canceled flight!Thank you a million times over. It was such a stressful day for us and you made it better. Being able to speak to an agent was very calming. She explained the whole process and even though there were no guarantees, it was her fast response to Circus Circus that our cancelation was approved! Also a big thank you to Circus Circus as well!! 🙏🏿.Version: 34.8

Beautiful Villa BrigantiLoved the area , the room, the view is just amazing. The owner's is lovely , breakfast just delicious🫶🏼♥️.Version: 34.8

Awesome appAwesome app easy to use no hustle no wait book right away.Version: 34.8

Great app. Horrible website.This app is extremely useful for viewing reservations, changing or cancelling. The pictures and interface are great. BUT 3 stars because: Way too many email ads for stuff you don’t need like taxis, car rentals and events. PLEASE STOP THE CONSTANT EMAILS!!!.Version: 35.0

Park inn hotel stayAmazing room love the space beds wonderful the service is excellent will come back again.Version: 34.8

The BestLast day in Cancun and I found this place for relaxing. So amazing here.Version: 34.8

Love the App!!Easy, efficient and intuitive to use! Versatile while on the road and at home! Kudos to your App developers! Love it and use it for all my travel destinations!.Version: 34.8

Unexpected discountI was booking and got an unexpected discount if 12%… I am new to this site our friends in MX recommended it. Expected to be more $ as we are booking 2days in advance for 1day as we wanted to come back to Playa before heading to Edmonton..Version: 34.8

Loved it!So easy to use… even for a not so tech savvy persone 😁.Version: 34.8

Excellent serviceLa représentante de m’a vraiment aidée à modifier mes dates de voyage suite à un imprévu. Merci beaucoup..Version: 34.8

Facile et pratiqueUtilisation simple et efficace. Pas de mauvaise surprise.Version: 34.8

Review of grand BalyanThis hotel was absolutely amazing!! The people were very welcoming and helpful especially Diana and Tolga! The rooms were very clean and the breakfast was amazing. They had a terrace with a great view of the water and mosques which was the best place to have the breakfast. If we’re coming back to Istanbul, we’ll definitely be staying here again. They also had a very nice location, walking distance to the grand bazzar and main square and mosques..Version: 34.8

Awesome 😎Easy to use and convenient . Just annoying getting all the e mails from booking and the place you stay at.Version: 34.8

Best Booking app I have used till now...Amazing membership offers with great discounts as per your genius level which is determined by you number of stays. Smooth and easy process from search to booking. Love the experience and recommend for everyone who wants a worry free travelling..Version: 34.8

Perfect location!Inside the walled city, easy walking routes with many many cafes & restaurants to try. Our apt. was amazing ! Space galore, everything you need for your stay, lovely linens & fluffy towels & roof top terrasse to enjoy the sunsets. Our hosts thought of everything , and easily communicated any answers to our questions. I would love to visit again ❤️ Thank you so much Tammie & Martin.Version: 34.8

Clean rooms and friendly helpful staffQuick check in. Staff were friendly. Rooms were spacious and clean. Nice location/easy to find. Nice restaurants and shopping nearby..Version: 34.8

Very is a very nice app, it helped me a lot and the motel I picked fr my bf wasn’t so bad , just that a staff was really rude to him on an issue that wasn’t her business at all..Version: 34.8

FantasticA wonderful app that makes life so easy and gives fantastic opportunities of bookings in trusted hotels..Version: 34.7

Déjà vue pirePour passer une nuit côté prix et confort c est convenable. Nous étions bien servi . Merci.Version: 34.7

GreatNew member no issues as of now great service.Version: 34.7

Facilité et efficacitéFacile à utiliser. Toujours les meilleurs prix avec de bons choix qui répondent à mes besoins. Booking fait des suivis, rappels et suggestions pour améliorer notre réservation . Très fiable. Robert Proschek.Version: 34.7

Booking roomEasy to do..Version: 34.7

App BookingFacile d'utilisation.Version: 34.7

ConvenientEasy to use and easy to update credit card once my booking was showing it would be charged to USD from CAD.Version: 34.7

Apartamentos La Roca RentalsRéservation rapide et efficace Merci.Version: 34.7

Great place to stayWe enjoyed our stay. Lot of eating places around the block. Bus stop is outside hotel and takes 7 mins from Interlaken OST. Host is a nice person to deal with..Version: 34.5

Marriot TorontoWent for a Jays game was a great time great location very close to centre and good food. Booking was great no problems great price thanks.Version: 34.5

Love this site for booking!Booking is the only site I will use for traveling! They are so accommodating and their customer service is amazing! Would recommend over any other site. ☺️.Version: 34.5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 35.0

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