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My experience :)God blessed me when He led me to research booking and I found Javier’s apartment. Javier was and is AMAZING!! My mother, brother-in-law and myself had to go to PR very short notice and Javier’s apartment was the only one left due to everything being booked because of the 4th of July. He is the most sweetest and decent man there is!! He’ll treat you like his family and his daughter is adorable! The apartment is so clean and he takes COVID-19 protocols and procedures very seriously. The apartment will meet your needs and he is right smack in the middle of everything. The airport is 5mins away, the beach is like 2mins away and the strip on either side has all kinds of food trucks, actual restaurants and tiny shops. It takes 5-10mins to get to San Juan depending on traffic and all other locations are very close as well. He is so willing to help and he is very willing to make sure you’re safe and that you’re guided properly. He will tour you and be completely honest with you with where to go and not go and what’s good and what isn’t good. He will also pick you up and take you where you need to go when needed. Especially when an UBER is impossible to find due to all the tourism. He is amazing and his apartment is amazing, very affordable and very comfortable. You will have everything you need there. The water pressure is good and he supplies you with the basic necessities. I am so thankful for Javier!!! BOOK HIM!! I rate him a 20 and beyond!!!.Version: 29.0

Retracting First ReviewI left a less than complimentary review of this wonderful and quiet accommodation. I missed breakfast and was frustrated, an ailing family issue had drawn me north and I let it taint my words. When I expressed frustration at missing breakfast the very kind proprietor brought her own oranges and bananas ( I had said I wanted fruit!) to my room when I returned from a quick run (running a morning addiction). I had already written a negative review and here retract it completely. I am sad I did that and beg the pardon of that lovely lady who fed an old, ill-mannered curmudgeon such as I. The hotel was spotless, quiet, and the people utterly courteous. I was quite in error to besmirch them with my impulsive words. On top of being a fine establishment it was an amazing bargain. I wish the owners Godspeed and good fortune and hope they will forgive me the slight I imparted, they are deserving of far better than my petty moment of meanness. Should the lady who I showed disrespect and then who brought me fruit read them this I wish to say I will not forget your kindness in the face of an bad mannered guest’s silliness. You were charming and patient, to put it mildly..Version: 28.8

Great modern roomsMy experience in the hotel was near perfect. I went to 3 different hotels and this one was the most modern and stylish... the USB ports for charging your devices was a big plus for me since I have a lot if electronics and the USA watts are different the USB ports were a great little detail that went far in my experience. My single bed room was the best very spacious and the view in the balcony was amazing to view the city. I got different room with 2 twin beds that felt smaller and less luxurious than the single bed room and the balcony wasn’t as nice like the single bed room but I am been picky with those small details if I have to say something to up the experience would be My only recommendations or wishes would be for the gym to have more options than a treadmill , bike and a multi lifting weight station. But it was clean and the sauna it’s right next to it. Great for after a good workout session. If the hotel had a pool it would be perfect. The breakfast was good and fresh the chef comes out and prepares your eggs to your liking. Overall the service was excellent the staff is friendly and very helpful really accommodating. I will definitely be back and recommend the place to family and friends.Version: 28.5.1

Best stay EVER !Great welcoming staff ! You come in and they greet you with excitement and have weekly plans already without asking. Clean hotel with great housekeeping staff as well. This was my first stay here and we will definitely be back they had awesome hospitality and made sure I enjoyed my stay ! They were all helpful with anything I needed and the beds were so comfortable! I highly recommend this resort and the fees are unreasonable at all plus the stay included free kids meals at the on site Applebee’s and shuttle to three different parks for free ! Love it here ! The manager Danny was great and quickly solved several issues that I noticed . He leads with great staff behind him where Fabian the most welcoming and calm, Allison the bilingual phenomenal associate helped with quick check in throughout my week stay and Amanda who was extra understanding and nice . Absolutely love it highly recommend to anyone coming in to Orlando not far from any attractions either ..Version: 28.6

Usually my go to appOverall the app is pretty good, there are just a couple of things I wish would be changed. First, a lot of accommodations (especially in the US) charge a security deposit. It’s almost never easy to find out how much it is and it can even cause a cancelation if it goes over your card limit. I really feel security deposits are a form of age discrimination. What I would like is a way for the app to filter OUT properties that charge a security deposit. This would show age discriminating businesses that we won’t tolerate it. Secondly, again in the US, it doesn’t show the taxes until you’re on the last page to book. It makes properties seem cheaper than they really are. Booking even in expensive countries like the UK can still be cheaper because it’s difficult to find something affordable and safe in the US. Some of these things may be difficult to change given how unfriendly the US is towards its own consumers, but I overall love using this app and hope they can do something to punish age discriminating businesses and help save us money when booking domestic..Version: 26.8.1

Amazing Books!From the beginning, this app, even within context of changing infrastructures, within networks, and all of us with individual security challenges test our patience I knew something was different immediately in the software design of this app. That is, I have often felt I was falling between the cracks in apps in the last 2 years, so was this skeptical of one that would hold so much info ( safety, financial) and transport hotel details of a reservation. But, it does, and so seamlessly set up my personal and business accounts (and led me thru process of organizing my 'books') in just making a travel plan that I was unaware of all the gains until now. The ease of use, for those of us with little or waning patience for glitches, 'fear of losing things' syndrome is great...hang in there thru a 3-4 bookings. it will all start appearing, syncing, all history intact, etc. My hope is (once again...) restored!!! Beautiful..Version: 17.9

Extended stay in Tampa FlMy check in time was supposed to be 3 pm and I got there at 4:30, I still had to wait sitting in the lobby for another 10-20 min waiting for her to give me a room number but a man walked in behind me to check in and she gave him his room and he did not have to wait. I booked well over a month in advance requesting a bottom floor and got a 3rd floor room. The breakfast was nothing like it said had coffee and granola bars really disappointing! They say they are only 2.6 miles from the stadium and they are over 6.6 miles away!! The person checking us in seemed very rude and not very friendly at all!! At check out the lady was leaving the lobby briefly asked me what room and said fine and walked away not sure if I was supposed to do anything else instead, I really hope it was fine because there was no one else around to ask!! Was very disappointed and the facilities was a big let down!!.Version: 15.3

Outstanding location and serviceThe room was large and appeared even more spacious with the tall ceilings. The view from our first floor room was amazing. Very large windows and remote control blinds made it all the better. The bathroom was up to date and clean. The bed slept well and I would rate it above above average. The addition of the included mini bar was a nice touch. They restock the wine, water, coke, diet Coke (Coke Light), Sprite, beer, and peanuts every evening. I never heard noise from the nieghboring rooms. The location was central enough to get around easily. It is only an eight minute walk with luggage to the central train station. The staff was welcoming and accommodating. I had but two complaints. First, the water in our shower and one of the double sinks in the room had a drainage problem. They backed up very quickly. The tub and other sink did not have the same issue. Overall, I would say the hotel was the best I've stayed at in Amsterdam..Version: 16.3.1

My stay at the Drury Inn in GreenvilleFirst off,I love the location specially if you don’t feel like driving long distances for the most convenient thing’s! It’s great restaurants near by, you have Walmart down the street. I had a king suite room! I love love the amount of space of the room! The room had a hallway from the front door to the bedroom it self. The bathroom,I kid you not you could have a party in the bathroom if you wanted too! You didn’t feel so closed in, in the bathroom you had more then enough room! The shower was bomb,It was a walk-in shower which I love! I love the location of my room, I loved being in the corner. Everyone was friendly, and very homey. Even with this pandemic going on, they was well organized. You didn’t hear no loud noise while trying to relax and sleep. The tv was very decent, had good channels. I was dere for four nights,I can’t wait to go back!.Version: 26.6.1

Gorgeous but out of the wayIt was not near or convenient to anything. When you look at the map you think “oh its in Jimbaran so it near...” as there are many great things worth seeing & experiencing here in Jimbaran or Uluwatu area but its quite far from anything due to the windy roads. You have to hire a car —no taxis available from here —and you are at the mercy of whatever they want to charge you, even to go 5 minutes down the road to the closest restaurant. I’d recommend stYing here for a night and enjoying a full day relaxing by the pool and taking in the views. The dinner at the restaurant is quite good and reasonably priced for the portions and quality. Then, after enjoying your time here, find another location for site-seeing the rest of Bali as this is not a convenient base for going on excursions, shopping, dining, etc. its gorgeous and inexpensive for what they offer—this makes it a great value, but its too far away to enjoy anything beyond this property itself..Version: 16.4

Kind of pricy for what you getThis accommodation was more like a bed and breakfast (except without the breakfast) Beds were not comfortable. One, the hide-a-bed was a thin mattress and my son woke up with neck and shoulder pain. Queen bed was a mattress with memory foam on top. Wi-Fi worked only sometimes. Hot and stuffy in room but Xavier brought a fan which was helpful. Only one faucet worked on sink with lukewarm water and shower was not so great, but had nice hot water. Also, no fridge, microwave or anything. Parking was about 1/4 mile away and an extra $10-$15 a night. Xavier was very trustworthy and helpful and gave us good suggestions where to eat, etc.. (The reason for the 3stars otherwise I would give it Just 2 stars for comfort). He was also a good communicator and responded to texts and requests promptly. This place was close to the center and seemed to be safe enough with double locked doors. All in all I felt like we paid a lot for what we got compared to other places we stayed in MX though. Be prepared to pay for your stay in cash (pesos) too..Version: 15.6

Great Showers!The hotel was near a new mall. The room was small but clean. We stayed for 13 days. On the 3rd day, a bottle of perfume was taken out of the room when they cleaned it. The front desk was notified and they said the cleaning crew knew nothing about it. Nothing else done about it. Use the room safe as the cleaning staff may not be trusted. The bottle of perfume was not high in value but still bothered my wife because something was taken out of the room. No manager came to talk to us in the next 10 days of our stay. Another thing, we received 2 card keys in the beginning of our stay. One cracked and did not work when trying to open the door. I alerted the front desk and they said they will replace it for 200 pesos as “all room cards are inventoried”. Such a valuable piece of plastic... We continued to stay there as we were already charged for the entire stay. Flip a coin when deciding on this hotel as they seem to be customer friendly until a problem arises. The only real plus were the showers..Version: 16.4

Trying to play in VEGAs - not working for themYa. Umm. Find a new in house management and marketing team.... Front desk manager should not look like a peep show girl with a small silver bow in her side part unless at an adult only restort 🤔 Coming from Park City Utah and knowing what the resort is like there—— No COMPARISOn - never staying at this Las Vegas property again! I’m sure this is not the atmosphere you would like to use for carrying on such a reputable establishment As a guest——Know resort fees are better covered in properties in Las Vegas that have fresh drinking water service at the pool..... Serve room service with water included.... (not upon request) ..... When going GREEN - don’t place the offer on the desk and hard to see —— use a tent marketing strategy in the BATHRoOM——Oh and coffee in room makes most excited!! Not included??? —- !!! AND when the pool is closed in April, don’t use internet, fitness center (not used) or TOLL free calls be obliged to waive the resort fee when addressed in this situation..Version: 16.6

Friendly staff, great accommodationsFrom the beginning at checkout, to questions, to the restaurant staff... everyone was helpful, cheerful and happy! The rooms are a bit small, but we only rested and got ready in them so no worries. The beds and pillows are so comfortable and rooms were clean. The restaurant is currently only serving breakfast, the staff was attentive and pleasant. Could use a lot of upgrades, but was roomy and food was decent. (Not free). The Splashatorium was a good way for the kiddos to wind down. Not really big or much to do. It was just the one slide, pool, and hot tub.... like I said good way to wind down and chill. Make reservations for the splashatorium!!! We made reservations a week in advance do to my research and looking at reviews, otherwise I would not have known. We had no where to sit or put or things, I would recommend that the resort supply enough sitting for the amount of people reserved. All and all a pleasant stay..Version: 26.6.1

Incredibly courteous and helpful staff and team along with great locationThe Oakwood has really gone beyond my expectations. I was originally going to check in at the Marriot since my brother was getting a room there; but instead I decided to next door to the Oakwood and I was not disappointed. It was 15% savings with a studio room upgraded to a suite by the fantastic fellows at the front desk. The rooms are very clean and modern along with large fridge and full kitchen. Beds were very plush. The gym on the top floor was well rounded and fantastic along with the steam room. I did laps in there rooftop pool which was very clean. The hotel is connected to the mall and the shopping was also very good and convenient. There are about 6 restaurants you can choose from here and so far each one has been good. You will feel very welcomed and have everything you need and then some at the Oakwood..Version: 22.3.1

Abosolutely fabulous!!!!!We loved it. It was more than what we expected. The 2nd floor jumper/ trampoline was a extra for the kids. They wanted to sleep on it. The kitchen had everything we needed. The rooms were spacious and great!!! Bathrooms were nice. Plenty of towels. Plenty!!! Everything was roomy for two of us families. Access was easy and they were ready for us. The top pool was amazing!! It was so beautiful up there. It had a bathroom and even a grill!!! The architecture and design of the building and every detail was so impressive. It was close to circle k, gas, food and a police station. We felt safe and at home. I really would love to own one of these units. This will be our spot going forward whenever we visit Tulum. We have always loved Tulum and all it’s restaurants, shops and activities. It’s the place to be!!! Thank you so much to All the staff!!! We’ll miss you!!!.Version: 17.4

Le voyage splendide!My fiancée and I flew away and was booked in Montréal for a one week get away. There were many amazing places to dine coming from the gem of hospitality in the South - Charleston, SC. There were so many great and diverse ethnicities to dine. We stayed above a grocery store on Sainte-Catherine Street that had all of the amenities one could ask. We ate at ‘Cacou 70’ Rue Sainte-Catherine where we stayed for breakfast, Mediterranean Tabouli at a grocery store for lunch and Israeli, Latin, Greek, Asian and of course, French food for dinner. We were two foodies in a nirvana metropolis. We found ourselves eating at Cacao 70 several times due to their many options. We never ate the same options twice, as we sampled bites from each other’s order. We also went on a hot air balloon and hit the spa ‘Sibéria’, and bought many postcards and trinkets to seal our memory. I proposed to my fiancée while in Québec and look forward to future travels with her. Viva Montréal!.Version: 15.6

Memorable StayI spent 4 nights at the Rocabella Santorini Resort. Simply stated, it was an excellent experience. Upon arriving at the hotel, I was presented with a welcome drink and informed that I was upgraded to a nicer suite. The room was perfect, large, and had all the amenities that I could ask for. My room faced the Caldera, which made for beautiful views. The highlight of my trip was twofold. First, the restaurant served very tasty food and the service was beyond excellent. Second, the waiter at the restaurant, Vlad, made my stay most memorable. In the 5 days that I stayed at the Rocabella, I developed a friendship with Vlad. During his time off, he showed me around the island and knowing my love for hiking, hiked with me to the town of Oia introducing me to some of his friends. As I was traveling alone, having Vlad there made my trip most enjoyable. Thank you Vlad and thank you Rocabella! I will be back with my wife..Version: 15.8.1

Broadway 3BR ApartmentOh my goodness! Where do I begin? We arrived around 6:30 pm, after a 10 minute drive from Boston Logan Airport to the charming area of Revere. The entry details sent to us by the hosts were perfect! Upon entering the building, we knew that we were in a special apartment. The apartment is exceptionally beautiful. Everything has been renovated to the highest caliber. The beds are all three like sleeping on clouds. Although, we were here only one night, prior to a flight to Newfoundland, we could have all spent a week. The restaurants in the area are great & so reasonably priced. We ate at Di’Parma, 2 blocks away. Fantastic fresh swordfish & risotto. Great house bottles of vino for $17 USD. Whenever I am back in Boston, this is where I will stay. I would give this 100 stars if possible. Thank you Erik & Linda for allowing us to stay in your beautiful apartment. 😃🥰.Version: 20.6.1

Mr.The staff is so helpful and understanding. I had read all the reviews about the king size handicapped room on the 2nd floor next to the elevator. That is the room we have. For us, it’s not too loud, but we are here in late April. I do wish like others have said that it had a view of anything other than a wall. But it is what it is. I’m much more into the comfort of the room. Our room is clean, although, they do skimp on the toilet paper. I shall have to request more. We don’t use the amenities that the hotel offers. We don’t swim or go to a gym. We also don’t have have young children of any age. We have come to Reno to watch grass and trees grow somewhere. Anything other we say would be unfair because we have just spent our 1st night here. I don’t expect anything to happen negatively here that can’t be fixed..Version: 16.6

Super simple to use, but one suggestion for app devsDownloaded for US cross country road trip. Used everyday so far, now going on day 7. Very easy to search, read reviews by category, apply filters for specific needs (pet friendly, free cancellation, etc) and book. Saves billing info for easy reservations across pretty much all hotel/motel chains. Super simple to use. One suggestion, if Bookings had its own rewards program, it would likely gain more market share as many of the chains have their own rewards programs that incentivize using their app instead. For budget travelers like me, Bookings is easier to use in finding the cheapest deals across chains, so having an umbrella “rewards” or points system through Bookings that could apply to all stays regardless of the hotel chain would be awesome..Version: 18.8

Three starsWhen I initially got the app (about 6 years ago) I was very pleased with the recommendations and found that the reviews and ratings were quite accurate. I was also happy with how easy the app was to use. Notice I said WAS. Now, not so much. For some reason, I am unable to do a general city search; it wants to only search for what is closest to me. Most importantly, many user reviews of properties state peoples personal experiences and not specific to the amenities, facilities, staff and services. And I suspect someone has been editing out the negative comments. We stayed at a property three years ago with a high star rating and glowing reviews, but when we got there, it was a run down motel 50 yards from a freeway. They required a $200 deposit - even with a credit card, worn out carpeting, an AC unit that had to be beaten before it would cough out coolish air, if it blew any air at all, no hot water and spotty wi-fi. I have been reading reviews online and comparing those to reviews on Booking and they are not even close: 2 weeks ago people have began complaining about bedbugs and roaches at one property, while no mention of such nastiness is made on Booking where the reviews are still all positive. I will try the update and see if that fixes the functionality of the app and continue researching online reviews/ratings..Version: 19.9

LOVED ITI must say my Husband and I checked in for 2 nights we watched the fireworks Father’s Day weekend it was beautiful I will be back I would never check in the Days inn again with there nasty slippery floors I like carpet the microwave wouldn’t even reach the socket at the days inn plus they tried to film flam us and said the towels was missing who on earth would steal dirty towels the supervisor fired the guy who lied and gave us our $100 deposit back I called the police got a report I was hurt to the pit of my stomach you don’t lie on me and my Husband we have plenty of money to travel with and if I was a thief why would I take dirty towels and not the iron or the blow dryer pillows and ironing board they was looking for an excuse to keep our deposit and it didn’t WORK I’m fine Hear at the Super 8 its way much COMFORTABLE BLESS THE OWNER WHO RENOVATED THIS HOTEL YOU'VE DONE AN AMAZING JOB MR&MRS JOHNSON.Version: 17.0

Perfect for what we wanted!There’s two rooms with a pull out couch and a full kitchen. Pots, and pans. Silverware etc. nice big king bed. Comfortable newer mattress. Nice bedding. I personally watched as the maid brought fresh comforters to the downstairs unit, so it’s all fresh. Everything works. A couple minutes walk to the beach. If you want beachfront you may want to contact to be sure. Everything is nice and quiet, and clean. Since Covid-19 you need to have a mash on in stores, and some restaurants you have to wear one to the table. Don’t let this scare you off! Avon cottages offers a nice place at an affordable price. The beach is amazing down here!! Definitely two thumbs up!! If I had an extra arm the thumb would be up! Definitely coming back here!! Next time I want beachfront though I have a bad back, and can’t walk far..Version: 24.2

Modern and quietWe spent a week here and mostly just to rest it was quiet even know they're doing construction across the street and the room was nice and dark for sleeping on the air conditioning worked extremely well maybe too well. Staff is very accommodating and kind- You're within a five minute walk of the Times Square mall which is a great place to go for food on the lower level. also if you want to cross over where the monorail is a few blocks up there's a night Street market with tons of food and also the fancier Fahrenheit 88 mall and promenade. Personally I like the hotel but the street that it was on was off the beaten path and it could be a little scary for women traveling alone I would not recommend it. However I was always with my husband and never felt unsafe at any time. they have some fun theme rooms like the Beatles room in Marilyn Monroe room or the Elvis Presley room we actually stayed in the Beatles room for the first night and it was adorable. Breakfast was included but I'm not much of a breakfast person so I only saw one time and it was limited. Our favorite place was as you approach the Fahrenheit 88 mall there are some Japanese and Chinese letterings we found it on the last night and it's a massive food court with everything from Japan or Hong Kong. He was a nice stay and the price was right..Version: 15.9.1

Nice place but needs some updatingThe customer service is the best. They treat you like royalty. That being said, the place needs some updating. They tile in the shower is cute but shower curtain didn’t go with th decor. The floors are sold and need to be replaced. The furniture in the room and lobby is very dirty and outdated. The pictures that are on the website are not true to the hotel. Hated the art work in our room. It looked like graffiti so we took it down during our stay and it made the room more acceptable. It was very noisy. We had a balcony and you can hear the rain and people taking and the wind. The halls were noisy and you can hear everything so not a lot of privacy. No elevator with so you have to walk those stairs! But absolutely loved the rooftop. Had a small pool and lounge chairs that we took advantage while there because beach is hard to get to in Old San Juan..Version: 22.6

Love it ! Highly recommendIt was lovely to live there ! We arrived a little bit late , but the boss was so nice , even it’s late, he introduced us where the swimming pool and the kitchen and where we could have breakfast! He’s so nice ! And after we slept, we reminded that we need to get up early next morning so we can leave for the Xcaret Park early, but we have no idea where to take the bus and everything, so we have to wake him up , he’s so patient and helpful , and even helped us search for the bus routines so we could know when we can catch the latest bus back home ! Totally nice experience stay with them ! And the other day , his wife is also sooo nice ,cook us the breakfast and call the taxi for us . Highly recommend stay with them if you need to stay in Cancun! Lovely place and friendly host!.Version: 17.5

StaycationHotel was really nice wanted rooms together which came with a bed change but overall was clean and nice room was cleaned daily. Enjoyed the view of the ocean the pool the beach. Davian was our pool area guy and he knew his stuff made sure we kept up with the lunch time and went to get what we wanted in time so we had no wait and fed us nonstop drinks. He even knew the things my little niece liked and would pre-order for her. He really went above and beyond and I really like that! Wide selection of breakfast although some of the servers were stingy hey I love my food and one of them wasn’t very pleasant with my brother so I would have to go back there to get his plate. However food was really well cooked and flavorful. Enjoyed a few night shows and dinning, really loved the Italian restaurant..Version: 28.2

Not right...I called earlier this afternoon to make a reservation for tonight. They said they were booked full. Couple hours later, I tried on line and got a room but at a much, much higher rate. Very unfair way of doing business and a strange way to build customer loyalty. I also wanted to enter a comment about how they rent rooms (terrible). I had to enter a nickname to do it. I used my first name and initial of last name and a pop up message said that nickname was already used. I also entered both my initials and that got rejected, too. I then entered ‘Unhappy Customer’ and the same thing happened. I’m going to raise my scoring from One Star to Two Stars and keep going till it gets accepted. If this post appears online, it’s because it won’t accept lower ratings!.Version: 17.4

편안하고 즐거운밤을보냈습니다~처음으로 숙소 평가 써 봅니다. 숙소가 난징토루 B코스의 종착점 타샤에 있어서 가서 하루숙박하기에 좋습니다. 그리고 숙소 사장님과 사모님이 정말친절하세요. 도착하는날 사장님이 픽업해주시고 뒤에있는 사원안내도 해주셨어요. 그리고 사모님이 요리도 잘하시는데 초대해주셔서 저녁도 잘먹고 숙소가 깨끗하고 아늑해서 편안한 밤을 보냈습니다. 죽순요리가 난징에 특색요리중 하나인데 숙소에서 직접 말린 죽순도 구매할수있습니다. 향이좋고맛도좋아요. 숙소에 하루 묶은것이 아쉬울 정도였고 숙소에 묶기 전에서 후에도 질문에 친절하게 대답해주셔서 고맙습니다. The accommodation is well located at Taxia village, which is the destination of Tulou Course B. First of all, the owener of the place and his wife were really kind and willing to help me. They did not just pick me up from Taxia bus stop from the course, but also guided me around with a kind explanation. The madam cooks well and treated me dinner! The place is calm and homey, besides clean! If you have any problem, the owner will happily help you! Also, dried bamboo shoots that dried by the owner, (which is a local dish), is sold at the accommodation. Last but not least, thank you Mr and Mrs for your kind answers to my questions!!.Version: 19.0

Better communication with the hotels/motelsBooked online but decided to pay at the hotel but I put my information/ CC info to reserve my spot only to show up and THEY GAVE MY ROOM AWAY. Because of some technicality even though I had called in advanced to let them know we were running late. This is something they could work on is the communication so people aren’t left stranded with nowhere to sleep! Next night I booked online but this time I payed online to make sure We had a place to sleep after a long day of driving. I call the hotel to confirm and they said I had to pay in the establishment, but I told them I had already payed ? So I ended calling customer service and they helped me thru the process! Only reason for 4 stars is because of the customer service representatives!!! You guys are awesome.Version: 22.7

My Experience at Extended StayHi my name is Michelle, I remember the very first time I chose to stay at an Extended Stay which was in Doral, oh my gosh” it was home, away from home. It has been about (6) six years now, and no matter where I go, it has been and will always be “ Extended Stay Inn. Very clean atmosphere, clean linens, white clean fresh bath towels , dishes, pots and pans, all clean, bathroom, tubs, toilet and face bowls all clean and fresh. Relaxation in the heart of stores, plaza, Resteraunt’s, banks whatever you’re needs may be, it will be met. The staffs are very courteous, friendly, just professional. I am a Manager so I definitely know. If you’re wondering where to stay and you have traveling plans, please don’t hesitate you be the judge choose Extended Stay, you’ll see what I mean..Version: 16.8

Not what I expected!!The room was clean and the staff was kind but that was were it ended. We booked a deluxe room with sitting area and a balcony; what we got was a small room with a double bed on a wooden pallet and no windows!!! The sitting area consisted of a small glass patio table and a metal chair, also there was no hot water. When I showed the front desk my reservation with description I was told they did not have that room available however I did not see any balconies so I’m not sure if that room even exists... this hotel was really difficult to find as well. So if you are a backpacker and looking for an upgrade from a tent this is your place!!! I would not stay there again and was charged for all 5 nights even though they did not have the room as advertised. We left after 1 night..Version: 16.2.1

I Love the Hyatt but...I was happy with most of the staff with an exception of a few unfriendlies. I like the fact that they want to be at your service but the mandatory bellhop (requiring a tip) can be annoying. I love to be served but I was running out of tip money. Also, having to call for items we forgot and then those items not coming was aggravating. I loved the fact that they offered full sized water bottles but was disappointed that we sent my daughter’s friend to grab some and they would only give her one. We all had to be present? Silly. The Hyatt is my favorite hotel, always comfy, friendly service and clean, staff attentive. I would stay here again. I only mentioned a few things that fell short because I assume you want my honesty..Version: 16.4

Gusde HouseThe price was right for me to stay next door to my friends and the staff was excellent. If you’re use to luxury I’d stay somewhere else; the bright photos on the website look new, comfortable, a magical. This place is dark n dingy at best. Very misleading photos but fine for what I needed I suppose. I booked 10 nights for under $350 USD I only slept there about four or five total nights so I sorta didn’t get to use all the benefits of free breakfast and sort of wasted money; that’s my fault not theirs but I’d have booked somewhere even cheaper had I known the downfalls of this place. Very friendly and trust worthy staff. I never locked a thing and was barely ever there to watch over my stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to find anyone depending on the hour but I would still suggest staying here for the price tag just don’t expect the Lap of luxury that the website promotes..Version: 16.4

411 a 62 stOverall appearance of the room was clean and quiet. The street is a little busy but is expected this time of the year. The queen size bed is very uncomfortable.. with multiple areas that have dips with springs poking you making it impossible to get a good nights rest. It is not a ocean view room - which was one of the things we were looking forward to was the fact that it said ocean view. The walk to the beach is pretty far and wouldn’t recommend it when it’s hot out. Beware when it rains because of landing water and there really isn’t a place for your pet to go to the bathroom. Be sure to bring trash bags, dish detergent and a extra fan because the AC unit is not equipped to cool the space when temps are above 80. The bathroom door must be left opened or your literally sweat to death just washing your hands due to the heat that comes in through the sky light..Version: 23.8

Convenient location, very friendly staff!I stayed in more luxurious hotels in London, that’s for sure, but all together it was a nice spot and the reception girl was oh so kind and helpful! The hotel location is extremely convenient to train and tube connections. Our room was located in the basement. No exciting view but we were not bothered as the room was spacious, clean, totally silent at night and it featured a very good working air-conditioning which was a true blessing during the heat weave in July 2018. We had no breakfast in the morning so I can’t rate it. The location is perfect, very close to Paddington train station and a couple of other metro stations. Hide Park is just a few min. walk and we rented a bike nearby to cycle to lovely Notting Hill. I would definitely recommend this hotel to friends who wish value for money..Version: 17.3

Amazing location. Too many details not taken care of.Great location. We arrived at midnight for our night stay. Made it to the room. Took a bath and started getting ready to sleep. No lock on the main door , nor security tool to prevent others to come in. Wifi did not work. Not available. No TV. It was making a horrible clicking sound all night long. Although the linen appeared to be clean there was a stench of water damage/dust accumulation. No literature on the previously mentioned equipment tot working. Twice we had people come in the room uninvited and had no way of keeping them out. We decided to lean a chair against the main lock for security. Other than than apartment was good sized, amazing views, great location. Right next ro the beach, restaurants etc. We were out of there before 9am, the most expensive one night sleep ever!! Will not return..Version: 16.4

Amazing!!Makes booking a trip so much easier and stress free!!.Version: 15.2

Avis Booking.comTrès facile à lire et conviviale.Version: 15.2

Nice appEasy to use and very useful. Even better than the website itself..Version: 24.8

HinniEasy to navigate.Version: 19.7

Keep it upOne of the most stabilize and reliable apps Keep it up.Version: 18.9.1

The Best place to stay in Ivano-FrankivskThe best quality / price place to stay in town!!!! Clean , spacious, modern ! Friendly host and services!.Version: 25.6

Superbe applicationSuper application facile d’utilisation et simple à comprendre..Version: 29.1.1

Booking Easy to UseFirst time booking a hotel with this app. It was booking easy..Version: 29.1.1

Very easy to use! Love itI only use So user friendly, easy to use and always the best deals!.Version: 29.1.1

Very Reliable 🎉🎉🎉Very Reliable, I use it every year for vacation..Version: 29.1.1

Great StayWe had a great stay at Cowichain Calling. This little gem has everything you need with a beautiful view and warm hosts. Thank you, we will be back again!.Version: 29.1.1

So easy to useI love this app! It is so easy to use and shows me all the ways to travel to whatever destination!.Version: 29.1

Très bienRecherches faciles et bons prix.Version: 29.0

Perfect!A must have.Version: 29.0

Génial!Une App facile d’utilisation, offre souvent les meilleurs prix et surtout permet de payer plus tard (sur place à l’hôtel). J’aime beaucoup. Je recommande..Version: 29.0

Booking.comGreat App! Easy to use, trustworthy & has great deals..Version: 29.0

The Absolute bestI dont usually leave reviews but Ive had to use the the app alot in the past week to book hotels for leisure and work. The ease of use, the pictures and information make booking your stay so easy. I have never had a problem and I recently cancelled a reservation after just arriving to the hotel and the process was quick. I would def recommend this app for those needing to book a hotel and get straight to the point with the info theyre looking for..Version: 29.0

Easy site to makes it easy to compare different options for your desired locations. All details about the location, payment and COVID regulations are readily available..Version: 29.0

Pleasant experienceEasy and pleasant experience with this app. Like the ability to easily send confirmation to others and instantly add to iPhone calendar. Great job!.Version: 29.0

5/5 starsWe Always find the best deals with and countless options ..Version: 29.0

System friendlyEasy to manage booking, cancellations & changes.Version: 29.0

Easy to useLove using this app and so easy to deal with them when you need help.Version: 29.0

Like it!Nice.Version: 29.0

Booking Made Easy!Love this app! So many hotels to choose from with awesome deals!.Version: 29.0

Easy to useI always used for my accomodations when travelling. Its fast, easy and convenient.Version: 29.0

Quick efficient serviceAs usual are efficient in easy booking and any changes made to reservations. Highly recommend them.Version: 29.0

Does Everything you’d want made simpleVery easy and user friendly , can’t say anything bad about this product one of the best I’ve used and endorsed 👍👍👍 from me ….Version: 29.0

Excellent, clean, friendly ownerI didn’t know what to expect staying in a motel and I can attest that my first night here in the family suite surpassed all my expectations. The owner is very accommodating and very friendly, the family room we are in is a 2 bedroom, full kitchen, spacious lounge area/dining for 3 adults. What I like most is it’s very clean. From the toilets, to the fridge. Everything is new looking, no gross smells or crusts on oven or fridge. It comes fully equipped for breakfast, just buy food from Safeway and you’re set! Really feeling bad I didn’t book our entire vacation at this property. It’s literally in front of the lake/beach, and is surrounded by all the restaurants for a nice vacation with friends or partner. What I do not like, is a lot of drunk and high people on the beach smoking and cussing, but that’s not the properties fault. Speaking mainly about this property it’s been a wonderful experience and will definitely be coming back. Oh and not only is it directly across the street from the beach but it’s also only a few minutes walk from Loco Adventure Park for your kids. Oh and the AC in our unit is keeping us comfortable. It took a day to cool the entire unit but it’s now comfortable in 48C peak of summer heat..Version: 29.0

Great app but needs minor adjustmentsThis is a great app and a great company. Here are however 2 beefs: 1. Unless I am mistaken there is no way through the app to contact, only to contact the property through them 2. I love Apple Wallet to track upcoming “and old” reservations. Booking reservations go easy into Wallet. However they do not go in as individual reservations but lumped with all your previous ones! Even worse, the oldest one shows first and the upcoming one last! Illogical! The only cure is to erase your old reservations as soon as you finish them but in that way you will never have a log of your past stays. I hope they can fix this. There is no way to write to them about it..Version: 29.0

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 28.9

Great little spotThis is a cute little boutique hotel, very adorable. Not too far of the main road but still far enough to be quiet 😊.Version: 28.9

Overall a good app. A couple of improvementsThe app is easy to use and seamless across devices. Good way to find a variety of properties. The customer reviews are helpful when making a choice. Two things for improvement. Hard to find the customer service number and communicate other than through message which isn’t immediate. Taxi service auto fill form put in incorrect personal info which I couldn’t correct to finish the booking. Ended up doing it another way. When I got the message back about the issue suggested I call the taxi organization which is overseas!!!.Version: 28.9

AmazingAmazingly easy and extremely helpful with all the info and extra options provided! Made everything stress free.Version: 28.9

Comfy stayReally appreciate the place! Fully comfy and quiet if you like to be in good location and be in peace there is the place to stay for you! Thanks again for my stay will go back definitely!!.Version: 28.9

Super pratiqueToujours facile de réserver et canceller.Version: 28.9

Excellents tarifs!Facile à utiliser, excellents tarifs!.Version: 28.9

Easy To NavigateI use Bookings.Com for most of my hotel bookings. So convenient, easy to use and prices are great. The more you book using this website the higher your genius level the more discounts. Win/win.Version: 28.9

EmailDans mon profil de l’application il y a un email qui n’est pas le mien. Je veux mettre le mien mais il refuse. Quoi faire..Version: 28.9

BrianExcellent service. We use it frequently. It makes booking very easy to use and manage..Version: 28.9

BookingI have always used it is fantastic Thank you.Version: 28.8

Booking.comGreat way to book, modify and cancel accommodations with competitive rates equal to or better than offered by dealing directly with the establishments. Get the app as it works great! -Robert.Version: 28.8

We're good app!I loved this app. Everything easy and useful..Version: 28.8

No hassles!Problem free and no hassles, when booking or cancelling. Easy Peasy! Great!.Version: 28.8

Booking at Booking.comI have never had any issues and it makes travel less stressful. So easy to use and I’ve used the website/app for every trip 😊.Version: 28.8

Nice optionsAll good and friendly....Version: 26.6.1

It’s GeniusEnjoy the discounts & upgrades that Genius status offers! I highly recommend the app, it’s user friendly, you can quickly compare prices & book the best deal tailored to your travel needs. Using this app saves time & money!.Version: 28.8

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 29.2

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