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Explore our curated collections of homes chosen for their style, location, or nearby activities. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cabin with views or apartments by the beach, Airbnb Categories helps you find places to stay that are right for your trip.

Narrow down your choices easily with filters that help you book homes that meet your needs. Search by certain amenities, like pools and fireplaces, or filter for confirmed accessibility features, like step-free bedroom access.

The Airbnb app keeps all your essential trip info in one convenient place, so you can quickly revisit or share your travel details with others. You’re also able to chat with your Host and receive up-to-the-minute booking updates, making it easier to get there, get inside, and get connected to wifi.

Airbnb Experiences are fun activities led by Hosts. They’re a great way to immerse yourself in a new place with a local expert as your guide. Browse both in-person and online options, whether you want an Experience that gets you out and about or one you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch. Book, save, or share your favorites—all with the Airbnb app.

As a new Host, Airbnb Setup matches you with an experienced Superhost in your area who’ll provide one-to-one help from your first question to your first booking—by phone, video call, or chat. You’ll also have one-tap access to Community Support agents to guide you through anything from account issues to billing support.

Airbnb App Comments & Reviews

Airbnb Positive Reviews

Love the app as a host, but is missing one key feature for hostsThe app is amazing and I love the expanded ability to included personal info in the scheduled messages. There’s a few things I really want that are not on the app and one is the ability to manually check a guest out of your unit so it allows you to leave a review and change automatically into new daily guests. Otherwise having to wait until 12-3 pm to leave a review after I’ve completed all checkout/check in tasks for the next guest and then having to come back later is a little annoying. Also, if there’s a way to turn off notifications for “_____ is arriving in 12 days” that’d be great. Additionally, I’d love to be able to utilize IF functions for shortcode messages. For example, if I try and attach a shortcode message and include something like the guests home city (“safe travels from /guest_city/!”) but the guests profile doesn’t have that information to pull, it shows as “/guest_city/“ in the message to the guest and I would like to be able to attach an if statement to drop part of the phrase if the info isn’t available (or warn me that it’s not filling it in bc it’s missing that data so I can fix it myself, otherwise I often miss it if I’m not diligent!). This would help avoid a lot of problems..Version: 21.25

Loving AirbnbWe used Airbnb during our recent holiday in Kona, HI and stayed in 3 different private units. Each was wonderful and had everything we needed including the loan of beach chairs, beach towels and umbrellas. We didn’t cook, but each unit was well appointed with everything we would need and next time we will enjoy creating our own meals at the units and eat out less. We enjoyed visiting briefly with each owner, they were all really nice but not intrusive at all. We went on two excursions recommended and booked through Airbnb. They were great and good value. I would recommend the Wild Dolphin & Snorkeling adventure with Captain Chase and the Local Brews & Poke Flights with Lottie and a wonderful chef and fun bartender at a beautiful golf course. They were both awesome and each was a small group of 5-6 people allowing us to ask our hosts questions and visit with the other guests. We will likely use Airbnb more often, it was super easy to book the units, more fun and less expensive than a hotel. When they say ‘Super Host’ believe it, book it and relax. I’m a fan and sharing our experiences with friends. Mahalo!.Version: 18.19

Ok it’s time to abolish the Covid cleaning feesI’m sorry but this has been something that’s bothered me since the start of the pandemic and I am not an “anti-masker” or a “conspiracy theorist” so I was grateful for the additional precautions, until I learned there were no additional precautions. As a company, you are fantastic to your hosts but are horrible to the guests. We have no recourse, are rarely believed over the host and truth be told, I feel like there never should’ve had to be a massive hike in cleaning fees (unless you’re honest about it and tell the guests it’s for the “host” putting themselves at risk by hosting and having to clean up afterwards and not telling us it’s for “deeper cleaning protocols”. Also most places in the US are fully open again which means this ridiculous hike in fees needs to be dropped and furthermore you should expect your hosts to be deep cleaning between each and every guest. The reason I know about the fees and why they were instituted is because I clean Airb&b houses for a few ppl when I can and for who I can…and for the record I always deep clean in between guests. It’s called good hygiene and keeping those people safe and healthy and that’s what you as a complete should strive for and expect from your hosts (not give them a cash prize for possibly doing it..Version: 21.23

Great service - serviceable appI have used AirBnB between 3-4 times per year for travel. It has been a great service and rarely have I been disappointed with the homes, cabins, and condos we have enjoyed over the past couple of years. The app, however is lacking not so much in its function but what it provides for searching options. One of the first things people search for when booking accommodations besides location is the room type. And part of that is what type of bed. I can search for number of bedrooms, number of beds ... even the bed height as an accessibility option, but not the bed size (!?). Thinking it was just me not being savvy, I find multiple posts on AirBnBs own forum of people who have raised the same issue over the course of the past 3 years. Devs, if you read this, please review the basic filtering and sorting options for this app and add this as a feature request for your next agile sprint or whatever you do to update this program. I appreciate your respect for those who need accessibility options, but the rest of your customer base might appreciate a fundamental filtering feature added, that literally every other travel and booking site uses as a base feature. Thanks!.Version: 20.17

So far it’s been good, but needs a little work!So far it’s been good, but still has some work to be done On the app ect. sometimes the app crashes or takes a while to update. I get messages way later like a day or 2 later on guests asking me questions. I did notice that it has not been sending the check In information to the guests so they get trapped out side the gate for a while because the messages don’t come in to my phone right when they message. Also I’ve been getting guests having a hard time keeping the booking I get them confirmed and then a day later it’s canceled on them. Guest call me a lot trying to figure out how to book. Maybe make the booking a little easier. Also if you are in a state that they pay the tax for you make sure to look in to it cause they only pay the state tax not the city tax. Wish they could pay that also each quarter for me. I give Airbnb over all a 4 cause it’s good just not yet a 5 yet. Work on app a little more and maybe put a system in that is like doc u sign. that way it just automatically sends the booking waver that we need each guest to sign so I don’t have to do it manually..Version: 18.24

AverageOverall, I’ve had good experience with Airbnb, and I like the general set up. I do have two major major issues, and that is 1). with the tax collection. My county and total sales tax are 9%, But they only take out 6% and refuse to fix it. This causes me to lose so much money because I have to take it out of my profit and then file with the county and do my state taxes through an accountant because the system is too complex... Major inconvenience... and 2). This is my 2nd home. I do not want to rent it to just “anyone“. VRBO is better because they at least let you see the person‘s full name, and you can Google their information to make sure they are a real person, etc. There are so Many scam emails. I have no problem with an AirBNB traveler who has previously had a review, but when a New, unknown person tries to books and gives me no information at all regarding their group or info on their trip, and all I have is a “first name”- it’s unnerving. I think they should try to protect the homeowners much better than what they do right now. It’s very one-sided towards the renter- where I would like much more of a mutual accountability. Hiding the pictures and last name is also not OK in my book..Version: 19.09

Love this appThis app is wonderful, if you’re ever in the Houston area research Superior Coterie! Thank me later!! We recommend you stay with Superior Coterie!! We we’re located 10 minutes from the medical district and 12 minutes from the VA. Close to everything from a massive variety of places to eat, to museums, the zoo and parks!! We definitely recommend anyone to come here! The bed and couch were sooooo comfortable like sleeping on clouds, with the perfect amount of firmness!! Just beautiful inside and out, with great energy! My son and I continuously played with the oversized connect four game outside! There are two peaceful sitting areas outside one with a fire pit! The inside is beautifully decorated, the place is clean, it smelled nice, fresh air to breath inside, plus nice and cool. Well lit both natural and artificial lighting, cute cucina and banyo (it’s really clean!!) my son of all enjoyed his stay here, he doesn’t really like anything other than home. We had a pleasure meeting the host and his family. I picked his brain a bit as I’m interested in establishing some of my own!.Version: 22.25

First experience with Air BnB is so-soI am traveling for just under a month and am using Air BnB for my travels. I am satisfied with most of my stats so far except one. This particular place was so dingy and run down that I immediately knew I did not want to stay there. Right away I contacted the host asking for the payment of my remaining two nights back so I could secure someplace else. She refused. So I contacted Air BnB and they too so long in figuring things out that I was well on to my next location by the time they said they had successfully negotiated a cleaning fee refund ($34). That was laughable. They told me I could dispute it further and asked me what was a fair compensation. I said that the fairest compensation was the two nights I had originally asked for. That would have been around $270. They negotiated some more and ended up refunding me $120. I am not impressed on the time it takes for them to respond and handle things, nor am I impressed with their negotiation skills. The place I stayed in was a dump and the pictures were a complete lie and they did nothing to fix that for future renters. I’ve now stayed in three other locations and I am very pleased with them. I like Air BnB but I don’t like their service..Version: 19.17

Amazing Business Model!We are making additional income per year - thanks to Airbnb! And this app streamlines the whole process!.Version: 17.41

The some landlord has no sense of responsibilityBecause of the epidemic, the landlord does not allow guests from other provinces to stay. In fact, the landlord told me that he would not allow people from other provinces to move in after I paid all the rent. However, he was unwilling to refund the rent of more than 1,000 dollars. He only wanted to refund the cleaning fee of 100 dollars. It only took 3 hours from the reservation to the time I called to request the landlord to cancel. And he sent a text message to warn me not to invite local friends to stay in, and change the occupants. If he does this, he will call the police? ? ? (The APP shows that I can change the accompanying members). The landlord blamed me for booking his apartment, which caused him to miss a more valuable client, and he never agreed to the request for refund of the rent. Finally, airbnn's customer service and the landlord could not be contacted, and the platform can only compensate for my loss..Version: 21.08

Deceiving pricesThe most annoying thing about the app is how you don’t know the final price per night until you go through the booking flow. The listing shows one price while in reality it is 30-50% higher with all the countless additional fees. I don’t need to know how you calculate the price, just show me how much it will cost me..Version: 19.40

Glitchy notificationsFor the most part, this app does what is needed. But it really bothers me that they haven’t fixed the glitches in the notifications. Even when I answer a message, the notification still remains, as if I hadn’t seen it yet. It’s the same thing with reviews. I’ll complete one, and then the notification still says “write a review”. Pls fix !.Version: 20.37

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