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Join the millions of riders who trust Uber for their everyday travel needs. Whether you’re running an errand across town or exploring a city far from home, getting there should be easy.

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With Uber, you no longer need to worry about hidden costs or unexpected surprises. As you enter your destination in the app, you get upfront pricing and the estimated time of arrival.

Safety is a top priority at Uber. We have established comprehensive safety features to help ensure every rider and driver feels secure and comfortable.

We’re doing all we can to make our pricing as transparent as possible.

- UberX Share: UberX Share connects you to other riders headed in the same direction.
- Group Rides: Share the journey with friends.
- Split Fare: Don’t worry about doing the math later—split the cost evenly while you’re still on the ride.

Benefit from $0 Delivery Fee and up to 10% off eligible delivery and pickup orders, 6% Uber Cash back on eligible rides and a $5 credit if our Latest Arrival Estimate on your order is off. Other fees & terms apply. For more details see uber.com/uberone.

Need a ride at a specific time? No problem! Uber allows you to reserve rides in advance, so you can plan your day with confidence.

Uber is committed to building a sustainable future for our cities. With a growing fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles, you can choose eco-friendly rides to reduce your carbon footprint.

Whether you need a car today or later, the online booking experience will help you find the right vehicle for a family vacation, a weekend getaway, airport travel, and more. You can have a rental car delivered to your door at the time and location of your choice with Valet, currently available in select cities.

Delivery: Order food from your favorite restaurants through Uber Eats. Stock up on groceries, shop pharmacy, convenience and pet supplies and get them all delivered.

Uber Connect: an easy, same-day, no-contact delivery solution that allows people to send items whether it’s a care package for a loved one or an item you sold online.

Transit: Say goodbye to complicated time schedules, hectic transfers, and unexpected waits while reducing your trip’s emissions.

Uber Charter: Book high-capacity group rides in vehicles seating 14-55 passengers, such as limo buses, luxury vans, and coach buses.

2-Wheels: Did you know you can also bike or ride a scooter with the Uber app?

Uber for Business: Manage and track business travel, meal programs, and more on one dashboard.

Uber Hourly: Keep a car and driver with you for hours.

Uber Car Seat: Uber Car Seat provides one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least 2 years old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall.

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Uber - Request a ride App Comments & Reviews

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San Juan Puerto RicoUber drivers deserves equal opportunity in Old San Juan San Sabastian festival which is a 4 day festival held this year 2023 from January 18th - 22nd. Their Uber drivers were not allowed inside the general station area as other local taxi drivers were allowed to do. I see this as being bias toward one fleet of operators such as Uber. This is an annual systemic problem here for Uber drivers and should really be addressed to the mayor and governors office while other local taxi’s are allow inside Old San Juan many of these drivers look like people from a 3rd world county that cannot take on a normal conversation and suspecting that they are illegitimate taxi operators, something smell fishy here which I suspect that many of the taxi operators are leasing their operating licenses to immigrants. In addition there is no transparency and usually wanted to charge me double the price for my commute from Old San Juan to Isla Verde Another concerning issue is that many of the municipal buses at the Old San Juan Depot stop operating at 9:00 pm during the San Sabastian Festival that lingers on until 12:00 minight or so, doesn’t make much sense to me as you have hundreds of thousand people and tourist here to enjoy the festivities. I urge Uber to address these issues to the governors and mayors office of a democracy. Edwin Cosme from Brooklyn NY - Uber se llevanta!.Version: 3.545.10001

Use at your own risk!I heard so many good stories about people using Uber and being pleased with its service, but when my wife and I reached Los Angeles and decided to use it I found out the harsh reality. Unfortunately, Uber has become a master of deception using its large user base to suggest confidence, but after getting a quote for a little over 40 dollars, my wife and I ended up getting charged almost 100 dollars because of difference in “time” and “distance.” I would be fine if that were the truth, but instead we had a driver that wasn’t focused and missed his exit, then his phone died and we had to use our own phones to guide him. This resulted in us having to drive another 30 minutes just because their own driver didn’t plan ahead or pay attention to the road. I will NEVER use Uber again because the only thing they did to “fix” the problem was give me 5 Uber bucks without any notification and then ignore any requests sent via app to find a proper resolution. So much for customer “support.” UPDATE After a few days of trying to find out how to talk with support staff directly I was able to reach a satisfying solution. I believe the best way to avoid situations like this would be to make the app send a notification when support staff message you, instead of you having to dig and find out where to talk to them. Because of their understanding I may use Uber again, but just be wary about knowing where to contact anyone in case of a bad ride..Version: 3.371.10002

Uber websiteNot quite as user friendly to book a ride as I would have thought. For a first timer, figuring out the process was a bit of a stretch, but I have to admit my tech skills are limited. Having said that, one would think that Uber in their overwhelming need for profit would make it extremely easy for the new customer to book, get confirmation, track and have questions addressed in order to assure keeping them for future ride needs if not for a lifetime. That is how a business grows and thrives - by looking at it from a customer’s perspective, not from the perspective of an IT person setting things up with little to no awareness nor appreciation of how does a first timer navigate the website with ease and facilitation. How many companies I wonder actually have an older non-tech individual try out their web site and critique it for ease of use prior to installing it to be up and running. For minimum expense, they could avoid the frustration, dissatisfaction, and loss of that demographic and the consequent sales. If I were on the BOD of such a company, my fiduciary responsibility would necessitate harsh words at the least for such a CEO that overlooks this, to me, obvious loss of sales. In short, I’ll try Lyft next time in hopes they are better in this regards, but I’m not holding my breath - seems like all businesses nowadays cater to IT as the first priority on this..Version: 3.612.10000

Wait times in app vs reality/Language problemsThe minutes shown when you are waiting are wildly inaccurate from reality from my recent experiences. Had a trip where the car was shown after a driver was assigned, to be 3 minutes away. Well two cancellations from drivers later, and another long wait in the cold, the car arrived over 30+ minutes after the first quoted ETA of 3 minutes. This has happened multiple times. I have also had several white knuckle moments because the driver had insufficient skills on top of complete unfamiliarity with the route and no ability in speaking or understanding any English. This causes many problems and has become a critical safety issue when for example a driver made a u turn going the wrong way into three oncoming lanes of traffic on a major four lane artery. He completely ignored my emphatic alarm because he did not understand a word I said. I expect at a minimum the driver be fluent in the dominant language of the area he is driving in. I would be equally unhappy to find a taxi driver in Italy who did not speak Italian. Unless you want to provide a language rating this is unacceptable when my life is at risk in a speeding vehicle with a dangerous driver who may as well be deaf. I do not care where the driver was born. But if you are in a business directly interacting with customers in a potentially dangerous service, fluency in English should be a minimum requirement..Version: 3.552.10002

Overall, VERY reliable. HOWEVER…Uber is reliable! Met many cool people who can get the job done. Some don’t talk which is fine and very few don’t respect the road. Rides show up on time and get me where I need to go as soon as possible. HOWEVER, this app has good amount of problems. Uber doesn’t do a good job at managing prices. One time this app tried charging me $40 for a 9 min ride home, that’s way out of my price range for a short ride with no traffic and decent weather. Sometimes Uber drivers will make you wait 10-15min then cancel your ride right after. That is the main reason I’m making this review, today just lost 40 min worth of time since I had 3 drivers finish up trips that took around 10-15min and cancelled right after. I could’ve been home within those 40 min I lost. Uber should really do discounts if drivers are going to waste people’s time like that. Also prices are just way out of my price range when it snows. I understand charging more due to weather conditions but sometimes the prices can just be absolutely ridiculous and that’s where Uber becomes unreliable. I love that you can buy bus tickets through this app since it helps save money for how I decide to travel. By all means, DO NOT take this review as an insult! Take this review as criticism and advice to better improve your app and business not just for me but for everyone. Other than that I’ll continue riding with Uber!.Version: 3.539.10003

Uber app spams me with ads for itselfThe Uber app constantly spams me with iPhone notifications that are essentially ads for itself. Someone needs to maybe sit down with Uber’s board of directors to let them know exactly what it is their company does, because those morons don’t seem to get it. The app is to get a ride someplace. I’m only going to use it WHEN I NEED A RIDE. So it is POINTLESS to keep sending me app notifications on my phone telling me all the great things about Uber. NONE OF THOSE THINGS is going to make me run out and get a ride!!! I don’t need one right now! I will let you know when I do!!!!! Plus: I ALREADY HAVE THE APP!! What in the name of holy Moses is the ad for???? I already downloaded the app and I’m already using it to get rides!!! Do they think I forgot??? The ads SERVE NO LOGICAL INTELLIGENT purpose. If that isn’t the epitome of corporate stupidity I don’t know what is. Yeah I can turn off notifications, but then I won’t get any actual useful ones, like when my ride shows up or if something happened to my ride, or the thing that tells you to rate and tip the driver. THOSE ARE THE ONLY NOTIFICATIONS I WANT!!! It is impossible for me to believe that I actually need to explain this to adult humans running a gigantic corporation with an enormous market capitalization!!! No other app …. LITERALLY NONE … that I have installed on my phone spams me with notifications that are commercials for themselves!!! Unbelievably stupid..Version: 3.545.10001

Mediocre support and serviceIf you need a cheap ride and you need to get somewhere then I agree Uber is for that. However they need to fix some issues that keep me from wanting me to. For starters the seller fees are absolutely ridiculous! I should not have to be charged for my drivers errors. I have had numerous occasions of being charged a $5 fee for my driver not being able to find my house. Which brings me to my next problem. The GPS navigation they have going is a mess. My old house was a difficult yet not impossible location to find. The u-turn by the gas station was right by the driveway to my house which is easy to miss. However I have tried contacting my Uber drivers giving them guidance. Some still ended up canceling. I have had drivers that would decide it was better to take a longer way for certain places rather than back ways and shortcuts. That also makes everything 10 times worse, because I have been late to work even scheduled ahead of time since these problems with your system have occurred. I’m also currently disabled and can’t/shouldn’t drive, because of it. However I can’t blame Uber for being late for work even though it most certainly is. I take my job seriously so apparently I need to go back to Lyft since I haven’t had any of these issues personally. They even found my house in the dark! Uber needs to fix some stuff before I even think of trying to rely on them again..Version: 3.342.10000

The worst customer service you ever!Uber is Uber, it’s as good as lyft but pricier, we call know what we’re getting with Uber. What you may not know is the customer service is an absolute joke. They literally won’t give out a number to call or email, and as far as I can see online, they literally don’t have one (even though their website currently says they do give you the number), or if they do they’ve done a great job of making it very unintuitive to find. What they do is, give you a preset list of 4 or 5 possible issues you may have with a specific ride (so no complaints if 5 drivers in a row cancel right before they are at your location). If you click on the thing from the list they just run your trip through some automated program that determines if you get your money back. My most recent incident my driver took a terrible route, then took two wron turns, adding 30 minutes to what was originally estimated to be a 30 minute trip total, and the navigation app he was using said it would be another 30 minutes. At that point it was literally quicker to walk the last 1 ½ miles. So I got out and walked, but it shows up as me having completed the trip, so whether I select driver took poor route or trip was too long, it just spits out an answer based on incomplete information. Clear lack of effort on their part, luckily for me they have competitors that care about the customer experience more then they do..Version: 3.268.10002

CUSTOMER BEWARE (4th try)App and/or developer deleted my previous (negative) reviews. App is rigged to ONLY provide DEFAULT pickup location(s) around a major airport versus the ACTUAL customer location. This is not only unacceptable but it is also frustrating because the app’s SEARCH field does NOT allow the customer to specify the actual pickup address and it reverts to the app’s default(s). Someone is making money by channeling traffic elsewhere (for additional fees and with added DELAYS); a blue “box” locks you out but interestingly calling Uber for an inbound drop off to your selected location away from the main terminal is allowed. The current “rigged” setup is also bad in case of an emergency because we can NO longer rely on the app to direct the driver where we actually are. Just for the record, there is nothing wrong with the GPS signal on our phone or iPad AND rebooting the app is completely useless, just like most of the developer’s “canned” responses. Looking back to find if our posted review(s) have been answered is futile and meaningless because there is NO useful way to search for keywords except for scrolling. Developer answers reviews selectively - SHAME! The app’s review section should be limited to feedback about its FUNCTIONALITY (or lack there of) instead of a compilation of useless comments...Very disappointed....Version: 3.365.10003

Best UBER DRIVERI ran out of gas on the exit ramp. I called a tow company who was going to charge me $249 to bring me 2 gallons of gas, so I said no I’ll pass. I decided to Uber to the gas station to get a can and Uber back to my car. Ali came to my rescue and took me to the gas station. I asked if I could order another trip for the return ride to my car or how that works and he said no you can’t specify me I’ll just wait and take you back for free it’s okay. I found $20 in my purse so I gave him that got my gas and he took me back, but the only can the gas station had was 1 gallon so it wasn’t enough to start the car. This is when Ali turned into nothing short of a superhero and took the gas can and walked to the closest gas station to get another gallon. He walked back and we put it in but it wasn’t enough either! He offers to go back yet again and get another gallon. I only had the $20 so I couldn’t even pay him for the gas or the extra time and Uber won’t let me tip him again. I had already left a tip before any of this started. I don’t know how in the world to repay him for his kindness except to leave this review and hope that I get him the next time I order an Uber. He went far above and beyond all expectations and I appreciated it more than he could know!.Version: 3.561.10001

Thanking God for YOU!Lonestar Medical transportation company by day! Now has drivers available for ON DEMAND NIGHTTIME PICKUPS! Just think! I MAY NEVER get stuck out overnight in the winter in my 400-lb Quantum wheelchair overnight at a bus stop because the busses aren’t running ? As a RollUp comic I do open mic nights around Austin, but the paratransit limits for service area and hours of operation have limited my career…. Until NOW! The driver knew his STUFF. He was very quick to load me and I felt very safe with his driving skills also! The company is located in Georgetown so it took about :30 minutes to get to me where I was stranded in Downtown Austin on Dirty Six (W 6th but my pickup was E 6th St.) CapMetroAccess dispatch could not make accommodations for me to change my location when my battery acted up and I was afraid to drive through the unlit areas if I broke down again. My original idea was to ride to the MetroAccess location for the $8, but instead? I changed the location to home in NW Austin and it was $25! The ADA vans that cost more to drive are now allowed to charge the disabled more for our rides, so I offered the driver a ten, knowing he would barely break even with gas prices! In addition Lonestar also has daytime office hours for insurance covered medical rides!.Version: 3.601.10001

Too easy to accidentally cancel a rideOverall, I love Uber, and the app works well. However, last night in Atlanta, I experienced an event that was exceptionally unfair to the driver, shouldn’t have been able to happen, and Uber completely misunderstood the issue and refunded my money instead of solving the problem. I took a trip from a hotel to a grocery store and bought one reusable bags worth of groceries, including some bottles of water, so it was rather heavy. Hopped in the car, about halfway into the short trip I tip the driver. Once we arrived at the hotel, I had to kind of wrestle with the groceries to get it out of the back of the Tesla model 3. I grabbed my iPhone off the backseat, and since the Uber app was open, I inadvertently canceled the ride. I didn’t realize this until I got into the hotel and was going to rate the driver. The driver had already left the area. I contacted Uber on the help portion of the app, and I received an email asking me for more information. I detailed the story, and this morning I had an email saying we’re sorry you didn’t make it to your destination, and we’re sorry that you were unsatisfied with the driver. It refunded my money. So, the problem was not addressed, and the driver got shafted. The app needs a little bit of finessing to have a two-step cancellation process so that grabbing the phone Kent accidentally do it. Thanks..Version: 3.558.10000

My ride never came. I was charged cancellation fees twice.I have loved using Uber…until today, when I had two no-show drivers, and was charged for both. Luckily finally found a cab, but missed most of my meeting. I then went to Uber’s help page, to try to find out what was going on. (From watching the map, it looked like they were sent to wrong locations….nowhere close to me. I double- he led to see how I had booked ride, and I had clearly booked from my hotel. When I got to the help page, I was given all kinds of options on what to complain about. But not a single option addressed the issue of a no-show. I kept pressing « Something Else », and then the App just sent me back to beginning of Help Page, which basically said I was charged for a trip I had not taken. No recourse. Uber is a great App, and drivers are almost always professional, courteous, and punctual. But…If I’m having problem with App, then “Something Else” really should let me to report “something else”! There is no apparent Customer Service contact info, thus I am leaving negative review… which I would be happy to remove if someone could help me solve the problem that I actually have, instead of ones I don’t have..Version: 3.604.10001

Pickup times getting worse and worseWhen deciding wether to use Uber, Lyft or take a taxi, I need accurate pickup times. Increasingly, they are wrong and seem to be a bait and switch. Routinely, the app says, for example, it will take 3 minutes to be picked up so, i request ride. But as soon as a driver confirms pickup, the time until pickup becomes a lot longer. And regardless of the pickup time listed, 9 of 10 times it takes considerably longer for the driver to arrive. I can’t tell If this is an app or driver problem or both. Regarding the app, it looks to me like bait and switch. Get me to select a ride with short pickup time, and suddenly after selecting the ride double it or more. And even the extended time is wrong and the driver takes longer to arrive. This problem continues to worsen. I also now sometimes see drivers not responding to rides, at least on the app. On the driver location, I’ll see a driver sit without moving for minutes before coming to get me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the app or the driver accepting a ride and taking his to time before coming to get me. This happened at an airport pickup last night again. I walked past the cabs because it showed a 3 minute pickup time But actial pickup was 10 min and i could have practically been home already in the taxi. For the first 5 min the driver sat where he was when he accpeted to ride. I need reliability..Version: 3.287.10003

Worth every pennyI used to use Lyft because the price was less expensive than Uber. Well, the truth is you do get what you pay for. I worked in a semi rural area and clocked out at 11 o’clock. I did have the option of leaving at 10:30 because my employer knew that I relied on car service. I would use reserve ahead with Lyft and book a ride for 1030 as soon as I got to work at 4 PM, but I constantly had my heart in my throat waiting to see if I would actually get picked up well this one night I got passed off between five different drivers, who made up excuses why they could not come and pick me up. I was practically in tears thinking I was going to have to sleep at work when I said what the heck I’ll just try the Uber app even if I have to pay more. Low and behold, the Uber app told me they could have a car at my front door of work in three minutes and it was less money than I was paying for the Lyft ride. I had already reserved with Lyft, but I did not care . I jumped on it. I pressed confirm and pay before I could even pick up my work bag and pocketbook my driver Scott was sitting outside my door. you have won me over from Lyft! Never again will I worry about getting home thank you Uber and Scott!!!.Version: 3.592.10003

Disappointing first experienceI requested a ride to the airport and Uber set me up with a driver but she then cancelled after a few minutes. Uber then sent a second driver who seemed totally unable to find my house, indicating that she had arrived when she wasn’t even on my street. I called her and it was awhile before she could figure out where she was. I then gave her specific directions how to get to my street (two left turns from where she was). After waiting another 5 min or so I called her and she had made two right turns instead as that is what “UberGoogle” told her to do. She had travelledAWAY from my house! She then cancelledthe ride ($5 my expense). I had to start over and with a plane to catch! After wasting 15-20minutes the rate was now more than double what it was earlier and I had to wait an additional 10 minutes to be picked up. All in all I ended up leaving for the airport a half hour later than planned and at twice the rate. I did make my flight and the third driver was good but I then was not given the $10 credit on my first ride, was charged an additional $5 for a driver not showing up and then cancelling, and had to pay almost $25 more than if my first request was honored. Really poor experience overall..Version: 3.299.10002

Inaccurate Timetable and location serviceI decided to download the Uber app and off the top I notice they’ll tell you you’ve got a ride coming in five minutes and it’s five minutes later and it’s still five minutes. I’m telling you where I’m at but the location services on the Uber app has me half mile up or in the front of a parking lot and I’m in the back about to miss my ride, but what took the cake was, I was at the mall at the food court. The app for the location says Popeyes OK I can see on the map, the car circling across the street over by the Target. I already had noted I have black and white on the person doesn’t answer. They’re three minutes away now they’re seven minutes away and the three minutes or three minutes for like 10 minutes she didn’t answer the phone so that I can see where she was. My phone was getting ready to die and another person got the ride. It was by Gods grace that I got in touch with him before my phone died. He told me don’t worry I’ll find you. The app brought you to JCPenney which is next to the food court or Popeyes, however it takes you to the other side of the mall where the store is vacant. wouldn’t that make you call the riderto see where exactly there located. So kudos to the guy who came and found me a handicap person about to melt in the heat. Thank you Jesus..Version: 3.576.10000

Some of the drivers are real A-HOLES!!!Today was so far my WORST experience with Uber drivers!!!! My 13yr old daughter & I had to go to Walmart to pay bills & get some groceries, I’m a single mom & don’t have a running vehicle nor do I have family or friends available to give me rides, so I at this time have to rely on PAID RIDES!!! It took 3 times to finally get a ride!!! The first 2 drivers canceled on me, AFTER ARRIVING TO MY LOCATION & LOOKING AT US & SEEING WE HAD A CART OF GROCERIES!!!! Didn’t even have the decency to say a word, literally looked at me in my eyes shook their heads NOPE! & took off!!!! I was beyond irritated & upset, so were my kids when their ice cream & popsicles meted due to me waiting outside, ea driver was less than 10min away when the rides were ordered as well. Now my last driver, she was great!! Wish I had more $$ to give her a nice tip because she was kind & made sure we were comfortable & even backed into a close spot for us ti unload our groceries near my upstairs apartment. Her service was 100%!!! The 2 guys prior to her were completely inconsiderate, couldn’t even speak to me before taking off!! & BTW it took us less than 60sec to load/unload our groceries so not like we had a crazy amount of bags or anything like that!!! I have unfortunately had more bad/not so good experiences so far than I have good or at least “okay”..Version: 3.579.10001

Uber App is GoodThe Uber App is a very easy App to use and smooth transitions from topic to topic to complete a ride from start to finish! I believe there needs to be a better way for Cancelling Rides, whether the Driver Cancels or the Rider Cancels! Example - Today, around 10-10:15pm, I ordered an Uber Ride for my friend. She was getting picked up at her house and dropped off at my house. Very simple ride, No Extra Stops were being added in or anything like that. The driver arrived at the Pickup Spot, texted me via the App which I acknowledged the text immediately then I sent a Text to my friend that he had arrived! Her sister ran out to inform him she was putting shoes on and after she went back inside the house, be proceeded to Pull Off and Cancel the a ride for NO REASON, he gave NO Explanation! The Driver just cancelled the Ride and the Ride was gone off of My Recent Activity. The driver did not call, text or message through the App about why we got cancelled on, if there were any typeof issue, just GONE! As my walked out the door, he was already in Reverse and Drove Off! He didn’t even wait longer than 2 minutes before just pulling off! I was scrambling with the App and My Phone to see if I did something wrong! I just think that there must of been an issue with the driver, maybe some kind of family issue or emergency!.Version: 3.570.10000

Satisfied but a few issuesI am overall very satisfied with the app and take it basically every day. However, I have had 2 issues recently that if fixed would make it AMAZING. I live in NYC and normally take uber pool. I have no problem walking a few blocks, however sometimes the place I’m walking to is not possible for the driver to get to without going very out of the way. There have been a lot of updates to traffic patterns in NYC in the last 6 months and I don’t think uber gps has been updated with these. (Example: no left turn allowed onto 8th Avenue going east on 14th street - this is my typical pickup location and the driver usually has to spend 5 minutes driving around the block unless I text him to meet me elsewear). The other problem which is a recent one that has happened the past 2 days is that I get matched with a very convenient driver, walk to the pickup location very happily and then they cancel. The next drivers (multiple) I am matched with are extremely far away (up to 10 minutes) and I am forced to cancel and get into a yellow cab because I am now late. Drivers should not be able to cancel when they are that close to picking up their rider, especially with uber pool where that person has most likely walked decently far to get there..Version: 3.349.10001

First timeThis is my first time using Uber and my first time to write a review about anything. I’ve never felt the need or the want to do so before this but after reading all the negative the reviews when I downloaded the app I felt that I needed to. The only reason I downloaded the app after reading one bad review after another was because I had no other option.I had missed the last bus running for the day and couldn’t get a hold of anyone to get a ride from. I was stuck and my phones battery was low from calling people. Now I’m desperate So I very reluctantly Downloaded The app. I was skeptical And was ready to deleted the app at the first sign of any problem. I was quite pleased to find that app was straightforward and very easy to use. After entering all my information and my destination a pick up time was Scheduled. I didn’t have to wait long and I received a text when my ride was a minute away. By the time walked outside the driver was pulling up. My driver greeted me nicely and he was very professional and polite. He chose the fastest route to my destination drove the speed limit at all times and was all around a good driver. I have to say my first experience with Uber was great and would definitely use Uber again..Version: 3.268.10002

Cheaper than Lyft with not much discernible difference that I can seeAre usually have a car, so I am not as familiar and have not use the app as much as many others probably sending a friend or having someone picked up more than anything. I will say that they are less expensive than Lyft alternatively and they do a good job of driving and getting you there however, do not make my mistake and wait to try and go get beer until there’s only five or 10 minutes after pick up because they will cancel or will find out that I have a gate with codes to punch him and sometimes Paideia and I’ve only taken about five Lyft rides and five Uber rides so I can tell you it’s happened a few times although I will say I have preferred Uber every time because I like it and that’s what she did with Uber except for the times when I have sent people and I don’t know how the drive went I would give them five stars on safety. Just if you’re in Dallas and you need to go get beer get your Uber and over with before 1130 something like 1115 or 10 o’clock to places are closing earlier these days so I would even suggest after work or 7 PM or something and schedule of the trip back if there’s nothing else because that’s always fun to do from the backseat when you don’t have your reading glasses lol. Happy Holly- Days!!!!.Version: 3.539.10003

My driver didn’t pick me up and still charged me.I had a horrible experience today. I was in front of my hotel and I received a message to go to a street I never heard of. My husband and I had five pieces of luggage between the two of us. The message said that my driver would be three minutes. My husband and I had to walk through a huge crowd and it was difficult with all of our luggage. I received the call from the Uber driver and I said we were told to go the wrong way. We had only been walking three minutes, so it couldn’t have been too far; especially since we had to walk through the crowd with all of our luggage. He then told me we were too far away, he wouldn’t pick us up and to put in a ride request again and then he hung up on me. I saw a taxi cab driver and then went with him because I didn’t want to risk missing my boat. This has been my only bad experience with Uber, which I wasn’t completely angry with. Then I just received an email stating that I was charged for a ride that I didn’t receive. I should not be charged for a ride that I didn’t receive because I couldn’t get to a pickup spot in less than three minutes with a big crowd. Then to top it off, I had to pay a cab driver $20..Version: 3.325.10003

Uber has my address pinged at a business next door on GreenvilleI’ve had drivers drive all around my subdivision trying to find my house. I even have had them in the WRONG CITY!!!! While in a car one night with a great driver he tried to see if his GPS would take him to my house. Instead it did the same thing taking him to a BUSINESS facing Greenville instead of my home address facing my street name. He did not know why all of the drivers were getting it wrong on their end bc he read off my correct address to me so it’s right in the system but the GPS will not take them to my house!! The business it takes them too instead of my house is new. Not sure if that has something to do with the mistake. I have to text them every time telling them they are driving in circles around my subdivision then give them my correct address again. HOW TO FIX THIS???? Also as a warning….if you are not familiar with the area you are riding, drivers who are not honest can drive you the longest way possible to get you to your destination just like taxi drivers do if you are in unfamiliar location. That causes you to get huge charges. So get on your google map and tell them what road to take you on. This way you are in charge and won’t get overcharged for site seeing when you don’t want to site see..Version: 3.465.10000

Started off good but went downhill fastI started off loving this app and now I’ve been using it for more than a year and it gets worse and worse. My first problem is the ETA of an Uber. When you request a ride it tells you the least amount of time you will wait but when it finds you a ride its 9minutes away. This morning alone I had to cancel 3 trips because they were more than 7 minutes away and by the 4th request an Uber was just 2minutes away. Why couldnt I get matched with the closest uber first?? Then my next problem and probably the worst is the Uber’s navigation. One example was a trip i took from the bronx to Yonkers and the navigation led the Uber all the way downtown to 138th street to then loop us around to go uptown to 231st. How? When I could look at the GPS and find several other routes that were quicker and less of a hassle. And finally, i want to mention that i dont even use the pool option anymore because it feels like taking the bus. I sat in a pool once and before I got to my stop we picked up and dropped off 4 other people. I wouldnt have minded if it was on the way to my destination but it was so out of the way I considered getting out and taking the bus. I have to take alot of cabs because of work and I’m always disappointed with Uber, if I had a better option I wouldnt use this app anymore..Version: 3.381.10002

AmazingToday, was a rough and difficult day for me. I initially requested an uber today because I locked my keys in the trunk of my car while I was loading my clothes at the laundry. I was so devastated because I had my teenage son at the barbershop getting a haircut, and I was supposed to pick him up when I was done. Well, back to the beginning as I was loading my stuff my keys fell in the trunk, I closed it before realizing they were there. I was most concerned about my son waiting for me for such a long time, I requested different stops, made many mistakes doing so because I was frantic and going through severe panic and this gentleman was so kind the whole step of the way. He was beyond patient with me as I tried to figure out were exactly we were going, and then turning back, and adding stops and he made me feel so understood as a mom while he patiently waited for me to get it together. He definitely deserves more then 5 stars. He is a genuinely a kind person and anyone traveling with him will definitely enjoy a nice ride with a kind human being. Thank you so much for being kind to me, I appreciate you very much! -I was able to recover my keys when the locksmith showed up..Version: 3.550.10000

Going downhillUber was so much better when they first started. Currently, at times they are worse than taxis were prior to Uber. Each app upgrade is more glitchy than the previous one. Many times I receive wrong pick up location from my home and other locations. Pickup at the Atlanta Airport are only getting worse every week. First, the passengers have to walk unreasonably long distance to the pickup location, which are poorly marked and require passengers to walk thru a very creepy garage. Then the wait times for the ride is getting longer and longer. The drivers take longer than estimated pick up time. I fly every week and the decline in service is very noticeable. Not to mention the fees keep going higher and higher. Uber is getting worse than taxis. At least with taxis I don’t have to walk unreasonably long distance and wait for the driver. One more thing, Atlanta airport installed heating lamps in the Uber pick up area, which is the most idiotic thing to do in 90 degree weather. Furthermore, more and more Uber drivers install obnoxious air refresheners that are overwhelming and headaches inducing. Can Uber develop air refreshener policy. Because if I cancel the ride based on smelly car then Uber will charge me cancellation fee - not fair. Taxis don’t do that. If I don’t like the quality of taxi then I don’t get in without paying fees..Version: 3.319.10004

Always on tracking. Gone!They removed always on tracking, 5 stars!.Version: 3.260.3

Lack of trainingWhen Uber first started, cars were clean, fairly new, drivers happy. Now, dirty cars, old and broken looking, some drivers very poor in driving abilities, they lack experience behind the wheel and are scary to drive with. Uber you need quality control and training before you loose your customer base..Version: 3.329.10002

Why??Cost more than taxi, what is the point of Uber? Taxi - $35 to airport including tip. uber - $35 to airport not including tax or tips. Is this a joke? First time opening map it freezes on map. It wants me to set pin but goes no where. Time to delete again..Version: 3.474.10002

TippingWhy can’t I add my own tip amount instead of chosing the options that Uber gives ? Also, why does Uber take a cut of the driver’s tips ? All 100% of the tip should go to the driver.Version: 3.351.10003

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