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We’re committed to your safety at Uber. We’ve established a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to help you feel safe every time you ride.

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Request a ride from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world, the Uber app is a great way to make your travel plans stress-free. Request a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time.

Whether you’re looking for style, space, or affordability, Uber can help you find the perfect ride to fit your needs:

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We’re committed to making every trip with Uber as safe as possible. That's why—in addition to our Door-to-Door Safety Standard—we've built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences.

You can share your trip
Give your loved ones peace of mind while you’re on a trip—you can share your location and trip status so they know you made it to your destination.

You can contact emergency services
You can call your local authorities directly from the app, and your location and trip details will be displayed so you can quickly share them with emergency services.

After every ride, you can submit a rating along with comments. You can also let your driver know you appreciated your experience by adding a tip for them right in the app.

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Uber - Request a ride App Comments & Reviews

Uber - Request a ride Positive Reviews

First timeThis is my first time using Uber and my first time to write a review about anything. I’ve never felt the need or the want to do so before this but after reading all the negative the reviews when I downloaded the app I felt that I needed to. The only reason I downloaded the app after reading one bad review after another was because I had no other option.I had missed the last bus running for the day and couldn’t get a hold of anyone to get a ride from. I was stuck and my phones battery was low from calling people. Now I’m desperate So I very reluctantly Downloaded The app. I was skeptical And was ready to deleted the app at the first sign of any problem. I was quite pleased to find that app was straightforward and very easy to use. After entering all my information and my destination a pick up time was Scheduled. I didn’t have to wait long and I received a text when my ride was a minute away. By the time walked outside the driver was pulling up. My driver greeted me nicely and he was very professional and polite. He chose the fastest route to my destination drove the speed limit at all times and was all around a good driver. I have to say my first experience with Uber was great and would definitely use Uber again..Version: 3.268.10002

Use at your own risk!I heard so many good stories about people using Uber and being pleased with its service, but when my wife and I reached Los Angeles and decided to use it I found out the harsh reality. Unfortunately, Uber has become a master of deception using its large user base to suggest confidence, but after getting a quote for a little over 40 dollars, my wife and I ended up getting charged almost 100 dollars because of difference in “time” and “distance.” I would be fine if that were the truth, but instead we had a driver that wasn’t focused and missed his exit, then his phone died and we had to use our own phones to guide him. This resulted in us having to drive another 30 minutes just because their own driver didn’t plan ahead or pay attention to the road. I will NEVER use Uber again because the only thing they did to “fix” the problem was give me 5 Uber bucks without any notification and then ignore any requests sent via app to find a proper resolution. So much for customer “support.” UPDATE After a few days of trying to find out how to talk with support staff directly I was able to reach a satisfying solution. I believe the best way to avoid situations like this would be to make the app send a notification when support staff message you, instead of you having to dig and find out where to talk to them. Because of their understanding I may use Uber again, but just be wary about knowing where to contact anyone in case of a bad ride..Version: 3.371.10002

Mediocre support and serviceIf you need a cheap ride and you need to get somewhere then I agree Uber is for that. However they need to fix some issues that keep me from wanting me to. For starters the seller fees are absolutely ridiculous! I should not have to be charged for my drivers errors. I have had numerous occasions of being charged a $5 fee for my driver not being able to find my house. Which brings me to my next problem. The GPS navigation they have going is a mess. My old house was a difficult yet not impossible location to find. The u-turn by the gas station was right by the driveway to my house which is easy to miss. However I have tried contacting my Uber drivers giving them guidance. Some still ended up canceling. I have had drivers that would decide it was better to take a longer way for certain places rather than back ways and shortcuts. That also makes everything 10 times worse, because I have been late to work even scheduled ahead of time since these problems with your system have occurred. I’m also currently disabled and can’t/shouldn’t drive, because of it. However I can’t blame Uber for being late for work even though it most certainly is. I take my job seriously so apparently I need to go back to Lyft since I haven’t had any of these issues personally. They even found my house in the dark! Uber needs to fix some stuff before I even think of trying to rely on them again..Version: 3.342.10000

It seems drivers forgetWe’re the customers. We’re not your friend or family or significant other. We’re not entitled to talk to you! And a tip is generous it’s not owed but please appreciate it when given! I had a driver who asked me why drivers have rated me poorly. Because I didn’t have 5 stars. I have a rating of 4.8. Which made me feel really uncomfortable because I never caused a driver an issue, I am quiet. I keep my bags in the floor, I respect their car. I say “hi” and “thank you”. You get my point. I always TIP! Sometimes I forget but I always tip. I tip what I can and based off how I felt about the experience & distance. He told me apparently drivers where I live go by how attracted they are towards you , if you’re black or part of the LBGT community they will automatically rate you low which blocks you from Ubers making it hard for Ubers to see your request. Drivers you’re not picking people up for your pleasure! You’re providing us where we need to go! I honestly never get thanked for my tips it’s once in a blue moon. But they want to complain! I would like to know who is rating me to avoid these drivers! I want to feel comfortable. Seems like everyone just does it for money not the value of providing someone with help to get somewhere but expects to feel entitled and wants the best tips. Learn to thank your tippers no matter what they tip and stop rating passengers poorly for no legitimate reason! And don’t think we owe you conversation..Version: 3.468.10001

The worst customer service you ever!Uber is Uber, it’s as good as lyft but pricier, we call know what we’re getting with Uber. What you may not know is the customer service is an absolute joke. They literally won’t give out a number to call or email, and as far as I can see online, they literally don’t have one (even though their website currently says they do give you the number), or if they do they’ve done a great job of making it very unintuitive to find. What they do is, give you a preset list of 4 or 5 possible issues you may have with a specific ride (so no complaints if 5 drivers in a row cancel right before they are at your location). If you click on the thing from the list they just run your trip through some automated program that determines if you get your money back. My most recent incident my driver took a terrible route, then took two wron turns, adding 30 minutes to what was originally estimated to be a 30 minute trip total, and the navigation app he was using said it would be another 30 minutes. At that point it was literally quicker to walk the last 1 ½ miles. So I got out and walked, but it shows up as me having completed the trip, so whether I select driver took poor route or trip was too long, it just spits out an answer based on incomplete information. Clear lack of effort on their part, luckily for me they have competitors that care about the customer experience more then they do..Version: 3.268.10002

Double Standards. Ride at your own risk.So, tell me why, when we cancel for quote “taking a drivers time” we are forced to pay a fee, but a Driver can cancel on us, Mid-trip, and virtually have no consequence? I have been late to work, meetings, meeting up with friends, because an Uber, without notice, simply Canceled, and they don’t go on your trip history, so there is no way to review or report them, so they get away with it! They can cancel on us as paying riders, but we have to pay them a fee if we decide to cancel on them because they’re to far, not moving or just plain rude! I hear so many good stories from others using Uber, but I have been an active rider for over 2 years, and over those years, it has become progressively more unreliable, price gouges are everywhere on this app, promising you a Booked ride at 6.50 only to turn around and try to charge you 40$ to go less then 3 miles! I loved Uber but I’m slowly reconsidering using this or recommending it to anyone. The drivers are lazy and rude and suffer virtually no consequence, but we as Honest paying riders, have to suffer fees, and bad rating making us look bad.. this app is just something else, and my experience with it is starting to become rather bitter. It adds so much unneeded stress on rather I will be able to get from Point A to Point B safely and reliably. Ride at your own risk riders..Version: 3.463.10000

Satisfied but a few issuesI am overall very satisfied with the app and take it basically every day. However, I have had 2 issues recently that if fixed would make it AMAZING. I live in NYC and normally take uber pool. I have no problem walking a few blocks, however sometimes the place I’m walking to is not possible for the driver to get to without going very out of the way. There have been a lot of updates to traffic patterns in NYC in the last 6 months and I don’t think uber gps has been updated with these. (Example: no left turn allowed onto 8th Avenue going east on 14th street - this is my typical pickup location and the driver usually has to spend 5 minutes driving around the block unless I text him to meet me elsewear). The other problem which is a recent one that has happened the past 2 days is that I get matched with a very convenient driver, walk to the pickup location very happily and then they cancel. The next drivers (multiple) I am matched with are extremely far away (up to 10 minutes) and I am forced to cancel and get into a yellow cab because I am now late. Drivers should not be able to cancel when they are that close to picking up their rider, especially with uber pool where that person has most likely walked decently far to get there..Version: 3.349.10001

Started off good but went downhill fastI started off loving this app and now I’ve been using it for more than a year and it gets worse and worse. My first problem is the ETA of an Uber. When you request a ride it tells you the least amount of time you will wait but when it finds you a ride its 9minutes away. This morning alone I had to cancel 3 trips because they were more than 7 minutes away and by the 4th request an Uber was just 2minutes away. Why couldnt I get matched with the closest uber first?? Then my next problem and probably the worst is the Uber’s navigation. One example was a trip i took from the bronx to Yonkers and the navigation led the Uber all the way downtown to 138th street to then loop us around to go uptown to 231st. How? When I could look at the GPS and find several other routes that were quicker and less of a hassle. And finally, i want to mention that i dont even use the pool option anymore because it feels like taking the bus. I sat in a pool once and before I got to my stop we picked up and dropped off 4 other people. I wouldnt have minded if it was on the way to my destination but it was so out of the way I considered getting out and taking the bus. I have to take alot of cabs because of work and I’m always disappointed with Uber, if I had a better option I wouldnt use this app anymore..Version: 3.381.10002

Pickup times getting worse and worseWhen deciding wether to use Uber, Lyft or take a taxi, I need accurate pickup times. Increasingly, they are wrong and seem to be a bait and switch. Routinely, the app says, for example, it will take 3 minutes to be picked up so, i request ride. But as soon as a driver confirms pickup, the time until pickup becomes a lot longer. And regardless of the pickup time listed, 9 of 10 times it takes considerably longer for the driver to arrive. I can’t tell If this is an app or driver problem or both. Regarding the app, it looks to me like bait and switch. Get me to select a ride with short pickup time, and suddenly after selecting the ride double it or more. And even the extended time is wrong and the driver takes longer to arrive. This problem continues to worsen. I also now sometimes see drivers not responding to rides, at least on the app. On the driver location, I’ll see a driver sit without moving for minutes before coming to get me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the app or the driver accepting a ride and taking his to time before coming to get me. This happened at an airport pickup last night again. I walked past the cabs because it showed a 3 minute pickup time But actial pickup was 10 min and i could have practically been home already in the taxi. For the first 5 min the driver sat where he was when he accpeted to ride. I need reliability..Version: 3.287.10003

Option in settings for miles/kilometers and currencyWhen I am using the Uber app in a different country, such as Australia and Mexico, as I have been to both in the past three weeks. I really wish Uber would give you the option of seeing miles instead of kilometers, and also American dollars currency. I would have used Uber sooo much more it having that option to change in settings. For example, I used it today in Mexico. I wanted to go to a certain store. I put it in the Uber app, and it showed around $40, I thought it must be really far. Looking at the map, it showed kilometers. Then I noticed it was showing the cost in pesos. I had no idea how far it really was, or what it would charge me in American currency. SUCH A PAIN. The ride ended up being not so far, and only around $3 American. Then the top popped up, I clicked on $5 thinking it was a couple of dollars. Later my daughter figures it out and tells me that the $5 only ended being like twenty four cents. I felt so bad. UBER really needs to make a setting that you can choose what you want your miles/kilometers and currency to show. I seriously would be using it more here in Mexico, but too difficult because I can’t see what it’s really going to cost me, and clueless on how far of a distance it is..Version: 3.356.10001

Over ItIt’s been a good run but I’m over it. As of recent, I keep having to order my rides 20-30 minutes early to get to work on time and even then, I don’t get to work on time. People are so in a hurry to accept a ride that they accept rides knowing they are 30 minutes away and in the middle of dropping off someone else instead of letting the ride go to another person. I watched a person PURPOSELY drive in the opposite direction of my pick up location after they dropped off the other passenger (this was after I waited for about 15 minutes). It went from 13 minutes away to 28 all because the person seemed to keep driving home instead of just cancelling. That’s ridiculous! The day before that I had another driver who decided to accept a ride knowing they were 30 minutes away and I ended up cancelling because even when 15 minutes passed they still hadn’t dropped off their other passenger. I tried to hold on because I love Uber and it’s perks, but it’s not worth it with the recent surge of crappy drivers. There’s no support number and I couldn’t even report the person who drove in the opposite direction of my pick up location. I’m done. Account deleted. I’ll be with Lyft from this point forward and I hope to have no issues..Version: 3.441.10005

Uber has my address pinged at a business next door on GreenvilleI’ve had drivers drive all around my subdivision trying to find my house. I even have had them in the WRONG CITY!!!! While in a car one night with a great driver he tried to see if his GPS would take him to my house. Instead it did the same thing taking him to a BUSINESS facing Greenville instead of my home address facing my street name. He did not know why all of the drivers were getting it wrong on their end bc he read off my correct address to me so it’s right in the system but the GPS will not take them to my house!! The business it takes them too instead of my house is new. Not sure if that has something to do with the mistake. I have to text them every time telling them they are driving in circles around my subdivision then give them my correct address again. HOW TO FIX THIS???? Also as a warning….if you are not familiar with the area you are riding, drivers who are not honest can drive you the longest way possible to get you to your destination just like taxi drivers do if you are in unfamiliar location. That causes you to get huge charges. So get on your google map and tell them what road to take you on. This way you are in charge and won’t get overcharged for site seeing when you don’t want to site see..Version: 3.465.10000

Generally a big fan of Uber - few things to think aboutI use Uber almost every day and find it a huge help in getting me places I can’t during a hand injury, which makes driving tough. That being said, perhaps Uber can provide some guidance to drivers to not start a ride before the passenger gets to the car (I have had a frequent increase in drivers starting the ride when they arrive even if I’m still walking outside from my building or stuck in an elevator for an extra minute). This is tricky because the app stresses checking the license plate before getting in the car, but if the ride has started, then I can’t confirm the make/model of the car and the license plate. As a single woman hoping into stranger’s cars, I like being able to confirm that I’m riding with the right person before entering their car. Could you please provide guidance to drivers not to start a ride before the person gets in the car (ideal option) or add car info so that it is easily accessible once a ride has started so that if they do, I can still confirm I’m in the right car (back-up option)? It would definitely make me feel better being able to confirm, especially now that the app pushes confirmation of license plates so much..Version: 3.357.10002

Thank God for Uber.I have had a stroke and I lost all my side vision so I cannot drive no more and I rely on my wife to drive this last Friday she collapsed from a blocked bowel. And I had no way to get up to the hospital and back or for that matter to go anywhere that I needed to go. I had no other options available to me no one to drive me places I needed to go but my daughter had set me up with Uber and I have all the independence and mobility I need with just a touch my phone. My license is not that important anymore in fact Uber is even easier than driving I will be able to get into a warm car in the winter and a cool car in the summer and I am no longer worried about needing to go somewhere and not being able to drive. Uber has been a lifesaver for me literally and has given me total independence from having to depend on anyone else me and my wife will be using Uber a lot in the future and and the price is extremely reasonable I don’t write these things very often in fact I don’t remember ever writing a review but Uber has provided me independence to go anywhere or do anything without having to pay car insurance or car repairs or car payments. I am so grateful for Uber..Version: 3.369.10001

😊 Uber RatingUber is doing excellent but I think it should be cheaper. because we have to add tips for the uber drivers. after adding tips, the amount is same as a taxi would charge. And I wish Uber would allow Uber riders to choose the Uber drivers they would want rides from. that would be excellent..... I commend Uber for providing excellent service. & I can see Uber is improving all the time because I see new changes each time. I like the stop feature. that's clever, excellent. I'm not complaining. I'm simply giving some suggestions..... other than that, that's excellent service...... I wish there was Uber for everything. because there are people who are independent but still sort of disabled, who don't have any help from family or anyone because everybody is busy working. sometimes they need someone to do errands for them for groceries. if an Uber worker could do some groceries or miscellaneous tasks too. that would be awesome......some people don't have a car to work or lost their car temporarily. it would be nice if there was a special rate for individuals who need to get to work who can't afford a rental for two, three, four months......just like when Uber created uber eats which is very good! 🤗.Version: 3.322.10004

Going downhillUber was so much better when they first started. Currently, at times they are worse than taxis were prior to Uber. Each app upgrade is more glitchy than the previous one. Many times I receive wrong pick up location from my home and other locations. Pickup at the Atlanta Airport are only getting worse every week. First, the passengers have to walk unreasonably long distance to the pickup location, which are poorly marked and require passengers to walk thru a very creepy garage. Then the wait times for the ride is getting longer and longer. The drivers take longer than estimated pick up time. I fly every week and the decline in service is very noticeable. Not to mention the fees keep going higher and higher. Uber is getting worse than taxis. At least with taxis I don’t have to walk unreasonably long distance and wait for the driver. One more thing, Atlanta airport installed heating lamps in the Uber pick up area, which is the most idiotic thing to do in 90 degree weather. Furthermore, more and more Uber drivers install obnoxious air refresheners that are overwhelming and headaches inducing. Can Uber develop air refreshener policy. Because if I cancel the ride based on smelly car then Uber will charge me cancellation fee - not fair. Taxis don’t do that. If I don’t like the quality of taxi then I don’t get in without paying fees..Version: 3.319.10004

Uber is like the Bitcoin trend, it will eventually be of little to no value.I too, was sold on the idea of cost effective ride sharing. Until these past two years Uber has been in the news media almost daily, of a sexual assault, or involvement. Beyond that, I was an uber driver that got approved to drive in the Flagstaff market June 2016, while Lyft denied me. After 4700, trips and a high rating of 4.96(5 is the highest) I got waitlisted after Checkr decided to consider the charge that was there in my background when I first got approved. Having said that, my hopes of the future with uber, is out. As well, support, and praising their company. It is simply a get rich scheme they tried on us general population that’s costing them millions of dollars due to lawsuits, not really being covered by their ride share insurance while technically it’s illegal for us drivers to use our vehicles without our own commercial insurance. In addition, it’s illegal to use a personal vehicle for business use under a financial loan. If they find out, just like your insurance provider, you will not be covered and held responsible for violation. Please, general population, do not use uber because technically you’re not covered if something happens..Version: 3.275.10000

Unexplainable fare chargeI take uber at least 3-5 times a week to get to work and for the past 5 months, everything has been great until yesterday. I took an uber pool and I rarely check the uber app after getting into the car. We picked up another passenger and I got to my destination no problem. But then I got a notification from my uber app saying the driver has cancelled which makes no sense since I already arrived at my destination. But according to the app, apparently the driver never started the trip. Which makes me wonder how she knew to pick up the other passenger. But that’s not my problem, my problem is that it is the driver’s fault for not starting the trip. Yet somehow, I got charged for $15: $5 for cancellation and $10 for the trip. Which is just unbelievable, this was an uber pool, so the price was shown to me before I booked it and it was $8 not $10 and I can’t even get started on the cancellation fee because I never cancelled the trip. And how about the driver picking up another person despite not starting my trip? She was possibly driving for uber and lyft at the same time. And when I try to click on “review my cancellation fee” it says I can’t because it’s already been reviewed. I am just beyond livid. I want my money back, uber, this is unacceptable.Version: 3.389.10002

Drivers problemOkay this has happen to me about 4 times now, why am I waiting a whole 10-30 mins for a driver to leave the same area they at? Like I am waiting as I am typing this and it’s been 20 mins already man, The driver been at one station for a while now and I really am trynna go home, I get tired of waiting after a work day man but like I tried to cancel this and it tells me I might be charged since the drivers on the way, what? I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting that’s why I’m trynna cancel, and the driver is still in the same spot but I might end up being charged because I ordered an Uber but they taking they time to get here and so I’m canceling the Uber. I might be charged for that reason. WOW! Also this is an issue for me as well I don’t know why but recently after having a ride I get out the car to tip the drive and then I get a notification from my bank saying refunded, I didn’t cancel my ride so why am I getting my money back and they’re just wasting time on me, I mean don’t get me wrong I love the free rides and all but I don’t want to cheat them off their hard worked money, they earned it so I want them to have it, and yes this happened today this morning, so get this fix or I’m gonna keep up with these bad report on bad y’all treating your drivers....Version: 3.343.10000

Put my account on hold and won’t tell me why!I use uber almost every single day and I spend lot of money on it. Why? Because I thought it was the most convenient and reliable choice out there. But I guess I was mistaken. I’ve had lot of great experiences with them and to be honest, they have been very quick at resolving my issues. However, last week, I just received an email from them saying that they were investigating a report from one of my recent rides, so my account would be on hold in the meantime. I wrote them three times to ask what was going on and why I was being investigated, but I never heard back from them and usually they are very quick at responding to emails. I just think this is very unprofessional on their part as they should be able to give the reasons why they decide to put my account on hold. But it’s not fair on my end because I might be accused of something I did not do at all because I use UberPool most of the time. So a driver might report under my name, something that a different rider did because they don’t know who is who most of the time. I don’t mind the investigation, but at least tell me why before you put my account on hold. This is just very disrespectful and I guess after this, I will never use uber again and you just lost a very loyal customer..Version: 3.335.10000

Driver ratingsNYC drivers with lower than a 4.7 rating should be placed on temporary probation. Drivers with lower than average ratings are a risk to the company profit too. I’ve been treated rudely, ignored, and basically told by some drivers, they dont want to follow the customer recommendations or request navigation route.. With all the cultural differences in drivers, some drivers don’t want to listen to women & I honestly don’t want to get in a car with a driver with low ratings. Please ask drivers to maintain clean cars, I shouldn’t have to sit on another mans trash. Please ask drivers to ask customer if AIR conditioning and no music/music is ok. One driver didn’t one to turn on music for a 45min ride, I was losing my mind in the awkward silence. All Uber drivers should have iPhone chargers for customers. Uber drivers should not stare down women in the rear view mirrors, or turn ALL the way around while driving to flirt with customers— there simply should be some company rules for workplace harassment inside the Uber car. There should be a feature in the Uber App that allows customers to indicate if / when they are rushing to a destination, so drivers can know in advance if they need to drive more strategically around traffic or drive a little faster within the speed limits..Version: 3.271.10001

Not ADA friendlyThis app is probably fine for most people, but it is horrible for low vision users who prefer not to be conspicuos by using voiceover in public. Zero accessibility features and miniscule font even when iPhone’s large font function is employed. Ironic given how many blind and low vision people don’t drive and would be potential regular users of the service. To be fair, Lyft’s app is only marginally better in this regard. Update: the app developer sent me a message asking for specific suggestions. Like i said, build in a way to increase font size or have the app make use of the iPhone already-existing large font features. Another idea is to not assume “accessibility” only means people on wheelchairs or who use guide dogs. How much would it help customers AND drivers if “rider is low-vision” or “rider is deaf”could be voluntarily added to the profile? Understand that very few “blind” people are completely blind just as very few deaf people are 100% deaf, so many of us prefer to use tech as naturally and inconspicuously as possible. Thing is, it is not just a low -vision problem. When i complained to my spouse and a couple of friends —alll of whom have eyesight in the normal range, they all said they found this app’s font hard to read..Version: 3.396.10000

Good app, not so good drivers and supportGonna be honest, I’m lazy as heck. If taking an Uber lets me stay in bed til the last possible moment, I take one. That being said, I’m on first name basis with nearly all the drivers in my area. However, there are some bad apples out there. My main dislike is when drivers don’t end the trip. I work at an airport, and I’ve had drivers take me home and go all the way back without ending the ride until they get there. This results in a ~$25 trip costing $50+. Of course, this makes me have to go open a help ticket with support. (They made this harder to do it seems). Another trick of some drivers is to get close enough to start the ride, then if they don’t like it, they’ll either cancel it, or drive away somewhere far enough where I’ll have to cancel it. On my dollar. What’s more, if the support team see you have a ‘pattern’ of requesting a refund, they can deny you one. Even if it’s clear it’s an error on part of the driver. I feel like the driver’s app should have a fail safe built in. If they make it to the drop off location, and leave farther than a certain distance, the trip should automatically end. God forbid I’m busy when I make it home or to work and can’t check if the driver still has the trip up. Sheesh.Version: 3.390.10003

Always on tracking. Gone!They removed always on tracking, 5 stars!.Version: 3.260.3

Tap tap tapQuick easy reliable while cost effective..Version: 3.316.10002

TippingWhy can’t I add my own tip amount instead of chosing the options that Uber gives ? Also, why does Uber take a cut of the driver’s tips ? All 100% of the tip should go to the driver.Version: 3.351.10003

Yeah !Works great. Thanks for the update to the gps setting.Version: 3.260.3

Okay...Uber makes too much of a profit off the backs of drivers and restaurants and customers....Version: 3.424.10003

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