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Based on Sporty’s popular handheld E6B Electronic Flight Computer, the E6B app has been designed from the ground up to make the most of iOS on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and MacOS on Apple Computers. The software is based on the tried and true formulas and algorithms developed over the years by Sporty’s team of over 50 pilots.

Its pilot-friendly design makes quick work of any navigational, conversion or fuel problem and it also performs conventional arithmetic calculations.

The advanced timer/clock feature simultaneously tracks Zulu, Local and Home time zones. The timer counts either up or down, and will display an alert when reaching zero.


-Pressure & Density Altitude
-Planned True Airspeed
-Heading and Groundspeed
-Compass Heading
-Leg Time
-Fuel Required
-Crosswind, Headwind and Tailwind
-Cloud Base and Freezing Level
-Actual True Airspeed
-Actual True Altitude
-Wind Speed and Direction
-Planned Mach Number
-Required True Airspeed
-Required Calibrated Airspeed
-Distance Flown
-Fuel per Hour
-Actual Mach Number
-Percent Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC)
-Hydroplane Speed
-Required Rate of Climb
-Specific Range
-Pivotal Altitude
-Top of Descent
-Required Rate of Descent
-Glide Distance


-Celsius :: Fahrenheit
-Nautical Miles :: Statute Miles
-Nautical Miles :: Kilometers
-Feet :: Meters
-Pounds :: Kilograms
-Avgas Gallons :: Pounds
-Jet A Gallons :: Pounds
-Gallons :: Liters
-Hours/Minutes/Seconds :: Hours
-Climb FT/NM :: Climb Percent
-Climb FT/NM :: Climb Degrees


-Perform basic math without having to exit the application


-Simultaneous tracking of Zulu, Home and Local time zones
-Advanced timer counts up or down and operates independently so you can perform other calculations while the timer is running
-Upon reaching zero in the countdown mode, a message will display no matter what app is active – a useful feature for missed approaches, switching fuel tanks, etc.

Sporty's E6B Flight Computer App Comments & Reviews

Sporty's E6B Flight Computer Positive Reviews

5 stars except for the numerical keypadI love the app except for the size of the keypad. It only uses a third of the blue area on the bottom of the screen. Please give the option to upscale the numerical keypad to be larger, even the size of the entire blue area..Version: 3.3.3

Needs more watch featuresOver all a great app on phone and iPad. Needs more watch features. Timer for example would be really nice. Having my favorites from my phone on my watch would be really nice as well. Even having different favorites on watch would be nice. Really hard to scroll Thru all of them and find what you want..Version: 3.2.2

Old versionI actually prefer the old version before the update. There were some features on the old version, like the weight and balance, that are no longer available on this version. Those other features were very helpful..Version: 3.1

Easy and reliableAll the features you need and a modern, clean interface. I like the ability to favorite calculations so you can quickly do the 3 or 4 you always do..Version: 3.1

Quick and EasyYou always have it with you except during a written exam..Version: 3.3.4

Easy to useVery intuitive and user friendly interface.Version: 3.4.4

Great app….All the necessary functions and more!!! My only complaint in the W/B section is that you can’t change the units from lbs to kg. You have to calculate everything in lbs and then convert them to kgs…. An oversight? (Not everyone works in lbs and gallons).Version: 3.1.1

Amazing app, covers everything fast, reduces need for spending time with the E6B.This app should cover everything you need for an E6B, but lowers the amount of time spent on calculations. Good for use on the go, or if you are in a rush..Version: 3.1.1

I love this app, there is one feature that I would like to be addedThe app is easy to use. The design is sharp while being simple to use. One calculation that I would recommend is add a glide path to the Top of Descent calculation. For example I would like to find how far out and what would be my FPM for a 3-degree glide path. Besides using a rule to thumb such as timing the ground speed by 5… etc. By leaving this review, I’m hoping to get the attention of the developers to add it in..Version: 3.4.3

E-6BDon’t use the app very much, but when I do it’s invaluable. Quick and easy and always at you fingertips..Version: 3.4

Wonderful App! Please add one feature. Calculating time.This app makes it a lot easier to just fly with your iPad and iPhone. Would you please consider adding the capability to calculate time like on your electronic E6B?.Version: 3.3.4

BEATS USING THE MANUAL WAYThe title says it all! It has made my life just that much easier! Using ForeFlight and finding wind directions has changed my life!.Version: 3.4.1

Simple and worksNice tool to have, simple and to the point.Version: 3.4.4

IPad and iPhone differentWeights and balances different on my phone vs pad. Cannot do on iPhone. Missing Ability to input informs the iPad . To some extent I like the older version. There was no carry over from the previous version..Version: 3.1

Pressure density calculations are wrongI was following the sportys ground school entered the same values and the output from app was over 20ft off from value shown on video. Not reliable wouldn’t trust this app..Version: 3.4.5

It’s handy to have.It works nicely as a study tool for me. 👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 3.1

Magnetic variation?App could be tweaked by adding a magnetic variation input field, for calculating heading and GS. Where I operate from, it’s 16 degrees. I need to manually subtract that for every calculation to get compass heading..Version: 3.1

Love itGreat app! So organized and easy to use.Version: 3.4.3

Beautiful appDoes what it says on the tin. Nice to have an electronic E6B on the phone, and it's Spirty's so it is good!.Version: 3.1.1

Brief ReviewGreat app. Provides all the tools to accurately plan. Thanks!.Version: 3.4.4

Very HANDY!Sporty’s makes it easy for pilots!.Version: 3.3.4

YupIt’s everything I need.Version: 3.1

FantasticBest app for preflight, and inflight calculations/conversions!.Version: 3.4

Great UpdateHappy to see W&B.Version: 3.1

Excellent… butLacks the holding pattern entry calculator..Version: 3.2.2

Good but expensiveGreetings developers! As an app developer myself, I understand some of the difficulties of reworking an application. It can be a hard hit to end up with 2.5 stars for something you worked hard on (the current situation). I like the app and I also have a few suggestions. First off, make it cheaper! Do a sale! Get new users for $2 and they'll infuse new life into this. $10 isn't way too expensive normally but your rating is 2.5 and nobody wants to pay $10 for a 2.5 level app. Thankfully, your app is better than that! Get new users who will like it for the features it does have. Secondly, add weight and balance. Not hard to do, and that's your users' main concern right now. With those two changes you'll have a much better (and more profitable) app. Finally, my own suggestion: in landscape orientation, split the screen and put the calculator numbers on the right (or left) so all the content can fit without scrolling. Hope this helps, and good luck!.Version: 3.0.3

Overall GreatI bought another less expensive E6B application after reading some of the reviews here, and there. As a student pilot I'm using the electronic E6B only to double check my work on the mechanical version. After downloading the other application and cross checking my work I found that the cheaper E6B application was getting stuff wrong (or I was always wrong)! In an effort to triple check, I spent the money on the Sporty's application. Boy was I relieved when all my mechanical calculations matched up exactly with the Sporty's application. The only reason I knocked off the last star, and gave it a 4 rating, is the constant Sporty's banner on top. I know where I got it, I'll tell other pilots about it, please get rid of that banner and make everything else a little bigger. If you need to keep reminding me its a Sporty's application flash it on start up or something. As somebody who incorrectly went cheaper the first time, I've learned from my mistake and you can too... Get this application first..Version: 1.3.3

Great design and calculations, but lacking in other areasThe best thing about this app is that it looks great, lots of calculations, and easy navigation. And the final calculations automatically update when an input is changed. However, the buttons (numbers/symbols) are way too small. There is a lot of wasted space (amongst other things a big sportys logo at the top). They could definitely fix this. It is especially apparent in the calculator- micro buttons compared to iPhone calculator. This is such a small issue, and i know that sportys has the resources to fix it. However, it doesn't seem like they are updating this app with new features. Not cool at all for a $10 app. No updates is why I give this 3 stars. A lot of other reviewers have important ideas and fixes as well that should be addressed. This app might just be dead(no real updates).Version: 1.3.3

Great for quick calcs for shifting winds!Just downloaded that last night. Student pilot who's doing his xc's. really came in great during the flight planning AND in the plane during the approaches. I needed to recalculate the crosswinds quickly (was on downwind) since the winds were shifting and I have 7 Kt x-wind limit. Entered a few numbers and was able to request another runway just in time :-). I haven't had a change to explore all if the other functions, but so far, I'd recommend it!.Version: 1.3.3

Apple Watch display needs improvementI had hoped to use the Apple Watch app, but the display only shows the top half of the numbers. Perhaps this is because I have the original Apple Watch? I also find the process of entering numbers to be cumbersome. If I click on an item to change the value, I first have to backspace out the current value before entering the new value. I’d prefer that it just let me start typing the number right away instead of going through those extra steps. But I’m happy that this app is available. I haven’t used it much yet, but I’m sure it will be useful..Version: 2.4.2

Weight and Balance calculatorOne of the other reviews stated that you can't add additional rows/arms in the weight and balance calculator -- that is not correct. Just under the the Baggage 2 row is a large 'Add New Station button', which allows you to add as many rows or additional locations as you'd like. The Edit button at the top right of the screen then allows you to change the description of the location to whatever you'd like..Version: 2.0

Great…but needs time mathI have the Sporty's electronic E6B in addition to the IPAD version. The one feature I really miss is the ability to do time math in HH:MM:SS format. There is a calculator provided in the IPAD app (which might benefit from bigger buttons), and maybe a ":" key could be added there (with the associated logic to handle it). This feature is the one thing that keeps me carrying my electronic E6B in my flight bag (as opposed to just using the IPAD version). I realize, of course, that converting HH:MM:SS to decimal time isn't rocket science, it is just a very handy time saver!.Version: 1.3.2

Major app update Five stars!A lot of the reviews on Sporty’s E6B app are from the old app interface. The app had a major rewrite a few months ago and it is fantastic. I love that it sorts calculations by phases of flight to quickly find what you are looking for. I’d like to see more investment in the Apple Watch app so it is more useful and xan be retrieved easier..Version: 3.0.4

Weight & Balance needs some workNice app with some room for improvement. Landing CG calculation is is wrong. It seems that moment for the burned fuel is not subtracted from the takeoff moment, so the calculated landing CG is way off. Also, entering the arm for the burned fuel seems redundant. Ability to enter CG/Weight safe operating corners into the aircraft profiles would have been a neat feature. currently the app only tells you if the weight limit is exceeded, but not the CG limit..Version: 2.0

Good phone app but watch app is uselessI love the iPhone app and use it as my primary e6b. Yesterday I got the Apple Watch and was excited to be able to use functions there instead of having to break out the phone. NOPE. The only thing the watch app does is conversions. When I'm flying, I don't need to convert avgas gallons to pounds, I need to be able to calculate heading, distance, and fuel burn to my divert location! Soooo disappointed that the Functions were left out of the watch app..Version: 2.3.1

Count down timer is poorly implementedThe setting of the initial value on the countdown timer has some problems… the picker doesn't respond to scrolling properly. Also, when you reset the countdown timer, instead of resetting to the initial value (as for timing an approach), it uselessly resets to zero. The keypad seems slow to respond to taps, unlike the built-in Apple keypad. There is no audible feedback..Version: 1.3.3

Works, if the function button would stop disappearing.On both iPads, the function button in top left is just missing. It’s there on my google phone version, but not on the iOS version. Needs to be fixed, unusable as is..Version: 2.4.3

Fantastic for sim pilots tooAlthough this was made to help real world pilots. I've found it increases my enjoyment of flight sim aircraft a lot as well. The descent functions alone are well worth the cost for me. I don't even really pay attention the FMS suggested VNAV anymore on one of my aircraft, this is more accurate! Im very happy, thanks a lot!.Version: 2.1

Solid, easyWay better than other e6b options. My one gripe and feature request is that the Next, Previous, and tapping an entry field select the full value so I can enter a replacement on the keyboard without hitting the C button every time to clear, since flight planning involves keeping some values the same while changing others for similar calculations..Version: 2.3

Sporty's E6BI'm pretty disappointed with this calculator. It does not live up to it's Hype of providing the calculations you can expect on theFAA Knowledge Test. It does not address 'Corrected Altitude", "Off Course Correction", "Determining Magnetic Heading and Groundspeed" or "Determining Wind Direction and Speed". It seems to me this could be easily fixed but it is not in the current App. You'll still need to carry your cardboard Flight Computer with all the confusing methods of determining the aforementioned computations..Version: 2.0.5

Nice AppNice App. Only things I would like to see would be an "enter" and "Conv" button on the keypad like on the electronic E6B. Weight and balance entry needs reworked. Is a hassle to enter the way it is set up now. Would also be nice to have a conversion button and pop up window to convert any window or result without having to re-enter in the conversion side of the app. Would also like to have the same screen view in landscape or portrait..Version: 1.3.3

Excellent! Just need complication for Apple Watch faceI use this app a lot and absolutely love that it is even useable on the Apple Watch! I just hope that eventually the developers will make it so that I will be able to add it as a complication on my “flying” watch face so that I can pop right into it quickly..Version: 2.4.2

Needs more flexibility with Formulas!Overall great app and ecosystem. My only criticism is that I wish there was more flexibility when it comes to formulas. What I mean is… example: for Rate of Climb calculation, I can input my ground speed and the min climb to get my required rate of climb… but I cannot get my min climb if I know my ground speed and my required rate of climb. I’d like to be able to input into that required rate of climb box but it is locked. Can you guys make it so we can input in cases like this? There’s a few different calculations that would benefit from this… Otherwise great app, and love the watch app too but same question as above!.Version: 3.4.4

More units pleaseLooking for calculations in kg for fuel not just pounds!.Version: 2.0.5

BasicIt's OK but has only very basic functions. Version 2.0 looks much better than the original..Version: 2.1

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