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Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped including hundreds of millions of businesses and destinations. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other important places.

Get where you need to go efficiently:
• Find the best route with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure

Find important businesses:
• Know what’s open in your area and their latest business hours
• Find local restaurants offering delivery and takeout
• Create lists of your important places

Get there faster with real-time updates
• Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
• Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
• Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure
• With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn.

More experiences on Google Maps
• Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums

Some features not available in all countries

Navigation isn't intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles

Google Maps App Comments & Reviews

Google Maps Positive Reviews

This is where you want to goEvery good knee surgeon will tell you they cannot guarantee a positive outcome. My research indicated 85-90% of total knee replacements have a positive outcome. I think the best doctors can improve that a bit and doctor Kilgore is one of the best. There were two things, in addition to his outstanding reputation, that confirmed He was the doctor that would give me the best chance of a good result . 1. His passion in telling me he takes it personally if a result is not positive, “he does everything in is power to avoid it”, there was do doubt he meant it”. 2. When I asked about his skill he said, he still learns new things almost everyday; I know from experience, and it’s been written in studies, the best experts always underrate their own ability and know there is always something more they can learn to improve no matter how great they are; When you see an arrogant doctor who thinks they’re the best and no one can tell them anything stay away. Guys like Dr. Kilgore are always better. In short, if you want the best chance for the best results, go to Dr. Kilgore, I am sorry I don’t have space to individually mention the many great members of his entire staff. He’s surrounded himself with equally great nurses, PA, staff and anesthesiologists, I loved being in the care of all you guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart..Version: 6.74.0

Needs some workIt doesn’t keep track of multiple accounts very well. I have several different email accounts for different businesses and put my personal and I have them all logged in yet it won’t sync doesn’t show locations or places visited properly. For example, I have two iPhones an iPad and a MacBook the MacBook has all accounts signed in one phone has one business in my personal. The other has my other business and my personal. I carry all devices with me most days oh and an iPad, which sometimes has my wife logged in. But just say I take one phone, the MacBook and iPad with me and I go 4 places. Well, one phone and it’s not just one particular phone that does this some days is the iPhone 14 some days it’s the iPhone 13 mini some days it’s the MacBook some days it’s the iPad That will not show any locations I’ve been. and then sometimes it’ll say I’ve been in other states that I have never even visited. I mean, shouldn’t it show on all devices as long as I’m logged in on all devices with the same settings shouldn’t everything be the same if I go to McDonald’s four times in a day which I do not by the way but if I did shouldn’t it show that all my devices show that I went to McDonald’s four times along with the date and time, but it doesn’t. Again it’s hit or miss some days. It all worked out lol then for a month it may not work in an every other day at my work and then once a week it may work or so y’all really need to get that fixed..Version: 6.53.0

Been using this app for years and it’s a good app, but…It has problems that just don’t seem to be addressed. 1) If you submit a correction to the map (ie no left turn at an intersection), the change is adopted (yay) but then gets changed back to the erroneous display at a later update. (Boo) 2) each update seems to mute alerts. STOP IT! Why is this changing? Why do I need to find out my voice commands have been shut off yet again? I don’t need to try to sort this out after I’m on the road. 3) connection interruption with Car Play screws up the routing. If you have the “correct” route you’ve been following and say halfway there your carplay connection gets interrupted for whatever reason google maps will not display the route you were on, it will offer longer routes. No idea why it does this. You need to back up and re-set “your location” again and then ask for directions to get the original route to reappear. Again, not something that you should have to sort out when on the road. 4) very reluctant to offer alternative routes. You can get caught up in a 30 minute delay of traffic and there are alternative routes available and it will not offer them. 5) poor judge of traffic delays based on historic data. I know how bad traffic is on certain days and times where I live. Google Maps consistently underestimates travel time when you select “leave by” reminders by a good 15-20%. This hasn’t changed in the decade+ I’ve been using the app..Version: 6.68.0

AlrightIt’s alright. Buggy sometimes even with good signal. When I search along the route it will sometimes not come up with any search results, only for me to pass the very thing I searched for prior in my drive. And no it wasn’t a new business, it had been around for years. Also when I search places, one will say it’s 10 minutes out of the way while the other says only a few. Only to realize that the faster one ended up not being as simple as they said, and that the slower one (+10 minutes) was only slow because for some reason it had me take side roads completely around it before arriving, when I could have simply turned directly into it from the road I was on, making it a quick trip. Not all gas stations show up in searches, it almost seems to favor the expensive gas stations. There’s doesn’t seem to be an algorithm that keeps track of the bad traffic times. It will re rout my whole trip to a significantly slower route if it senses traffic, even if that traffic is close to the end of my trip hours away and will be cleared well before I get to that point. If you’re a contractor that has to go in and out of many neighborhoods, it normally recognizes certain entrances while not recognizing others, so it will take you completely around the neighborhood 30 minutes away to the other entrance when you have just passed a perfectly good entrance that has been around forever. It’s still one of the better gps apps, but still way to buggy to trust it.Version: 5.58

Head north or south??!!This app routinely gives directions by saying head north, south, east, or west on a certain road. Now, I’m not a moron and I know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and whatnot and it is easy enough to figure out my cardinal directions if it is early morning or late afternoon but when there are fifteen people waiting for me to make a turn and it’s high noon, overcast, a moonless night or any of a half dozen other circumstances under which it is difficult to decipher cardinal directions on the fly I REALLY wish it would just say go left or right!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have just picked a direction and turned the wrong way and then had to wait on the app to re-route me when it could have been easily avoided by simply saying turn left instead of head north. I use the app a lot since I drive for a popular delivery service and when I get lost because I head north instead of south I end up being late for my delivery which lowers my tip and my rating which reduces the number of deliveries I am offered and impacts my ability to make a living all because it expects me to figure out north from south when I’m already stressed, in a hurry, and trying to arrive somewhere I’ve never been before all while being timed. I’m certainly not the only person who can’t tell north from south when stressed. Please, do me a favor and reduce the mental arithmetic it takes me to drive when under pressure and just say left or right..Version: 5.78

Sanchellima & AssociatesI have had the immense pleasure and honor working with these amazingly professional and so kind and the patience of JOB, I might add. This patent team of men and women, my direct person ANGEL for the crazy questions I would ask at breakneck speed and sometimes through tears… he always maintained such a peaceful, calm demeanor all the while seeing and hearing my vision. As well as Miguel and Gilbran along with Angelia they could not have been more sweet and knowledgeable and very well versed in making sense of things for me. Christian, who I know I would call ( once on a Sunday morn, which I did only because I felt it was urgent) He took my call and put all my fears at bay without hesitation and was never abrupt or rushing. All in all, I had the best experience and learned so much from them all and when this is beyond the abstract and into the tangible it’s because they put in over 100 % because they really care. I would highly recommend anyone with a seed to give it to them they surely will create “The Garden of Eden”. Oh, and the company that referred me to them has a very strong instrumental ala carte flair of duty and delegations and they are very efficient. Thank you Amy , Maura and Lori. God Bless & Caio! xxxo Gypsy.Version: 6.63.0

NavigatorMy iPhone 11, running the latest IOS (15.4.1) and with the latest Google Maps is locking up when running Apple Car Play in a 2020 Toyota Avalon. Google Maps open on the phone and on the Toyota’s touch screen. Google Maps is not responding on the phone. I can’t close Google Maps by swiping up and the screen can’t be dimmed by pressing the right side button. Also, the phone does not respond to attempts to shut it down and restart. Continued pressing of the buttons to access the shutdown screen merely merely results in an whooping chirp, but no other response. The kind of chirp tech equipment makes when it is trying to get your attention to stop doing whatever you are doing. If I disconnect the phone from the car and put it in my pocket, after awhile the screen will go dark and the phone becomes usable again. Until the phone’s screen dims, it is unusable. The first time it happened, when I got access to the screen again, I shut the phone down and restarted hoping that it was one time random problem that could be fixed with reboot. Nope, the problem is back again. Both times this happened while stopped, with the car running and the transmission is “Park”. I often check Google Maps for traffic issues before getting under way. This is a new problem that didn’t exist before with previous traffic checks..Version: 6.17

PatientWhen I arrived I was greeted with a smile and a pleasant good morning, and asked if I had an appointment. I answered yes and the young lady asked for my name. Upon giving her all the information I waited 10 minutes and was seen by another lady and escorted to the exam room. I the 10 minutes wait a couple of other patients arrived and spoke no English and needed translation in two different language. They were able to accommodate both languages. Spanish and Chinese experienced staff members. While I was being examined the staff member explained everything in detail what she was doing and that I may feel some discomfort this reassuring conversation put me at ease and I felt very comfortable. Once the exam was completed she thanked me for my patience and escorted me the doctors office. I waited 4 minutes to speak with the doctor and again was greeted very nicely, she was very polite and asked several questions about my health and my previous diagnosis with Dr. Nassuare and I felt confident that I was getting the best care possible from everyone. Highly recommend this practice to everyone who needs good quality eye care. Thank you to everyone there..Version: 6.54.0

Options neededTwo things: First, you need to have a pause button on Google Maps so that when somebody wants to go to the restroom, Miss Yip Yap isn’t busy telling them to go north, south, east, and west within 30 seconds trying to get them back on the track. Second, for heaven sake‘s, quit rerouting me without my permission. The selection needs to be “tap to accept,” not “accept unless I tell you no thanks.” At least 10 times in the last 10,000 miles, I have had to backtrack 20 or 30 miles to get to where I wanted to go instead of where you decided I should go. I’m hearing impaired; I don’t always hear Miss Yip Yap asking if I want to reroute, and I shouldn’t have to constantly go back and tell you that I want to go on the route I selected, and not the one you think I should use. If you don’t want to change the way the switches work, put in a selection in the settings that says “tap to accept” or “tap to decline.” I am beyond frustrated with having to hunt down on a map where I really want to be and how to get there, because invariably when I figure out Miss Yip Yap has rerouted me, I am in an area of no phone service, so I can’t reroute on Google Maps, because it says, “Off-line: touch to retry.”.Version: 6.32

Awesome, Accurate Map & GPS. Transit Trip Planning Needs WorkI’d be lost -literally -without Google Maps. It’s my GPS when I’m driving, and after many years, has only failed me once. One point off for the transit portion of maps, if only for the inability to designate trip planning preferences. Please allow the transit trip planner to allow one to choose the carrier. If I’m in San Francisco & have a monthly Muni pass, I’m not interested in Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans, AC Transit or BART, though multiple agencies might get me from point A to point B. Even if the other carrier is more direct, the UI should allow one to designate the carrier if there’s more than one option. It should also allow a forced connection point. So if I don’t want the metro and want only surface options, I can request schedules with my preferred connection point. We’re in the 21st century, and Google certainly has the talent to easily accomplish this. Please make it happen. SO impressed with the GPS, though. Just this weekend I drove to Levi’s stadium for the first time and directions were perfect. Oh! Is there a way to have the spoken GPS with the radio? If not, that’d be great. It’s fine with iTunes on, but it’s be nice to have the radio option as well..Version: 6.39

BACKOUT or Put a FIX IN for buggy update..Love this map app.. especially being able to share my location real-time with other people. Found this hidden gem feature (for me at least)traveling from IL to FL. Kept ppl I formed without a lot of texts or phone calls. 👍 That said... based on my interaction with the app a recent release royally screwed up city navigation where I’m at near Fort Meyers FL. I hope the update I just installed corrects the issues and madness this app has caused me the last few days bc I don’t know this city from Adam. The app has been literally unusable for 2-3 days navigating the area. So bad the audio told me to go south when I needed to go due north. I looked at the screen and the satellite image was correct on current location and route to intended location. I couldn’t get the audio to toggle on at all. Even after reboot of my iPhone 10. That’s when had no choice but exit your app and use map app plan B. IN SUMMARY, google developers please don’t make me find a new “everyday use” map app so I can rely on it to tell me the correct information in this city. If you haven’t already,, backout, research issues if you aren’t aware, or push an emergency update with fixes to correct things. Thank you 😕.Version: 5.58

THE UPDATE IS HORRIBLE!!In the recent past if I wanted to go to a specific location all I had to do was open up my browser, hit the directions button, and the Google Maps app would open and take me right there. Now when I go through that same process an alternative screen comes up, but you can’t see all of the options when you’re driving so you pull over and you’re still fumbling your way through the process with extended steps to maneuver through it and ultimately wants you to open up the Google Maps app, but by the time you get there the address is completely gone and won’t transfer over to the app. This app is completely useless because it will not allow you to navigate anywhere with directions now. I’ve done all of the updates, but to no avail does this app work. I’m sure I’m not the only person to complain about this, but at this point, I’m going to have to completely delete the Google Maps app and go with an alternative solution. Google Maps has one job to do. Why did you have to mess up what was already working? Now your app is non-functional..Version: 6.51.0

Get this app!This app is amazing! It has everything Apple Maps has and more! It comes with street view good enough it’s almost as good as Google Earth itself, multiple maps, the equator, the International Date Line, coordinates, the current time, weather, description, and photos of the country/territory/city/prefecture you clicked on, and the ability to find places such as restaurants, hotels, parks, attractions, stores, gas stations, etc. There’s also a feature you can use called live where you can point your camera at places around you(as long as you’re outside of a building near stores, buildings, signs, etc.,) and it can try to find your exact location to help you get places and find the direction of where you’re trying to get to. I have not used this app for directions while driving yet, so I don’t know how that is, but so far everything else about this app has been amazing! The only downside is that you need a strong Wi-Fi connection to get the most out of this app, but you can just use cell if you need to. Overall though, I very highly recommend this app!.Version: 6.28

Worse over timeLet’s get one thing straight: I love google. I use Google Chrome over safari, Google Calendar over the one that comes with iPhone, and for a long time, I used Google Maps over Apple Maps. Google Maps a year ago was amazing. It always knew right where I was, the voice notifications were brief and prompt, and the app overall was just easy to use. Fast forward to today. Maps only communicates in NSEW directions “Head East” (Who knows that?), the voice notification system is mediocre at best, and to say that Google Maps is glitchy is an understatement. I just went to a new city and drove my car around, and more often than not I was slinging my car across four lanes of traffic trying to make an exit that Google didn’t let me know I needed to take, or saying that I was on the wrong side of the road, going the wrong way or off the road entirely into the bushes (all the while I had at least 3 bars of LTE on Verizon. Coverage and carrier were not the issue). That was the final straw. This app that used to be more helpful was now potentially putting my life (and the life of my grandmother and friend) at risk. I still refuse to use Apple Maps, and have joined Waze. If the glitches can be fixed I may use again, but overall I am very disappointed!.Version: 5.19

Needs UpdateI will choose google maps over Apple Maps anytime!!!! But recently google maps been acting up. The app will not only crash itself but it will crash my entire phone and it’s extremely scary trying to restart it and retype your destination in while you are driving and getting lost. Another that has really gotten on my nerves and has me almost leaving the app is that it will stop me either in the middle of the road or a random destination and then tell me to walk across a field or another road to get to my destination. For example I looked up a brokerage office, google maps sent me past my location to a trailer park and told me to walk a quarter mile back (the way I just came) to my location. I had to drive another mile to turn around and drive into the CORRECT destination without the help of google maps. (It’s funny bc it will never ask me to rate those drives). Another instance is that I was looking for a location amongst a lot of other businesses, instead of getting me close it said my destination was in the middle of highway then told me to walk across another road to get to the parking lot. I love google maps but they really need to fix it or I’m getting a different one..Version: 6.32

The Dekroub TeamPeople always think their realtor is amazing, but Renee, Chad and the full DeKroub Team did not disappoint. My husband and I have been looking for the perfect house for 2 years and in this market, it is not an easy task. Chad showed us multiple houses and always made himself available on our time frame. If he was not available, Renee was there for us. So yes, that is what you would expect of any realtor right? After our inspection, we had additional questions and needed a contractor to make recommendations (if needed). The next morning, Renee was at the new house with a contractor to talk us through potential issues. And when we purchased the house and needed help with our move, her team was there! I know that is not normal and they went way beyond what we would have expected. Renee just offered to help and made it happen for us. If you are looking for team to help sell your house and find a new home, you will not be disappointed with Renee and the Dekroub Team. We are so glad we found Renee, Tony and Chad! We are looking forward to our new home. Sincerely, Lynn Wilde and David Concannon.Version: 6.27

Piece of junkIn recent months this app has become worthless for getting anywhere. It says that my destination is several hours away when it is really only 20 to 25 minutes away. It at times does not recognize that I am driving on a highway with no exit in sight and it will say to turn on to a street that is off the highway. On city streets it will say to turn where there is a city water control drainage ditch separating me from the street it is saying to turn on to. It will sometimes take me in the opposite direction from my desired destination. It will say to turn on to a street that is blocked by a concrete median. Today it was taking along a route and was saying to continue on to another street, I noticed that I was about to pass through the intersection of the street with the address of my destination. As I drove up to the address of my destination the application was still giving my directions to drive the opposite way. I am removing this app from my iPhone and going back to using MapQuest. At least I will get where my destination is without having to stop to ask directions..Version: 5.30

Shortcuts through dark, curvy, rural roadsWhile trying to get to several places in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, I noticed Google Map’s inclination to direct the driver to rural roads, and secondary roads. These are really dark, narrow and curvy, not of any help when traveling at night, especially when I know for sure there must be a way to reach the place by highway (just not sure which one). It happened last night. After going basically nowhere for 20 mins on PR 845 and 844, the app telling me to turn right where there is nothing on the right, I had to call (bother) a client for directions. When she said: the entrance to the area is through PR 199. I thought: “sheesh, I know where that is”!!!! “This app had made my life miserable for the past 20 min”. I have also noticed a lot of inaccuracies in Trujillo Alto Specifically. The app tells you to turn right, then left to reach a destination, when you can see there is nothing, no road, on the right but can clearly see the building you are looking for on the left with a clear access to it. Thanks for having such a nice sign on the building. I try to collaborate by scoring the experience with unhappy faces. Not too happy today..Version: 5.83

Routes are NO LONGER accurate!!I have been using google maps for 5+ years and I love it because it’s very functional. However, as of this last update, the routes have been OFF. I drive to the Bronx from NJ everyday for work, which is about a 30 mile trip one way. I keep the app open with my route entered in case there is an accident and I need to quickly divert. There are tolls on my route, but I have the settings on “avoid tolls”, so I only pay for the GWB bridge or HT tolls vs the parkway/freeway tolls if that makes sense. Normally, my route is about 30-32 miles depending on which route I choose. After this last update, my routes (with the same settings) are now 66 miles or 77 miles to work. WHAT? WHY? The route suggests I drive to Albany or Fishkill (upstate NY) just to get to the Bronx. Any one who lives in tristate knows this is not correct. I toggled my “avoid tolls” off and the routes were back to 30 miles, however, it directs me to drive through the parkway tolls, which I don’t want to pay nor need to. Everything was fine until this last update. Now I am using WAZE because this app is unreliable. With “avoid tolls” turned on with WAZE, my normal route is back. Google maps has been VERY GLITCHY lately. Until it can be fixed, I’m sticking with the WAZE app..Version: 5.56

Amazing service, above and beyond expectations!!I highly recommend this business for your dry cleaning needs. I have used others, but keep coming back because they don’t ruin your buttons or lose your clothing! They are also very nice and support the first responders in our community. They also go above and beyond! On Saturday I needed to pick up my clothes because I am leaving g for a trip on Monday. I had a prior engagement in Mineral Wells, and couldn’t make it back before closing on Saturday. Do you know why the owner did???? He said, just text me and I will meet you at the store when you are back from Mineral Wells. I did not get back until 4, and he met me at the cleaners so I could get my clothes. He was kind and courteous. He went above and beyond… for me, no one special just a customer! It’s obvious that Spartan cares about their customers. Service is alive and well at this business! I highly recommend them without hesitation!! I drove from Alvarado to use their dry cleaning services and the drive is very much worth it for the exceptional service received time and time again..Version: 6.63.0

Dodge ram, 2500I was having my car serviced when I saw a vehicle that I liked. I was promptly met by a sales agent Jim Kruse. Jim was friendly and did not seem pushy at all. He allowed me to look the vehicle over. He allowed me to test, drive it, and after a night of thought, I decided to buy it. The next day, I got back with Mr. Kruse, and discussed the possibility of an acquisition. He was extremely knowledgeable. He was again extremely friendly, and again did not push me into any form of decision. After I made my decision, he and I filled out the paperwork, efficiently and without error he was very meticulous. I have purchased vehicles from Mike White Ford before, and this was by far the best experience I had, even though all of the other experiences were professional and knowledgeable. The financial aspect of the purchase was finished quickly and accurately, and I drove away with the vehicle. Should I feel the urge to purchase another vehicle? Mr. Kruse will get my attention and I will again determine whether to buy or not. I recommend Mike White Ford and Mr. Kruse thank you very much..Version: 6.47

Good for new neighborhoodsDoing instacart in my hometown, there is a neighborhood which is only partly built. Apple Maps does not understand this for whatever reason and takes me to incorrect addresses. A customer recommended google maps, and while google maps does in fact find the correct addresses and navigate me there, the sound of the person sounds somewhat muffled. The music volume goes down so that I can get directions from the voice person from google maps, but it’s hard to hear. My music is at a comfortable loudness and I’d rather not turn that up just to hear the GPS, whose level of muffled mumbling wouldn’t be affected as this isn’t a volume issue. There was one street where the gps didn’t tell me the turn was upcoming until I was so close to it that I would miss it, and I wish the app would tell me the next street I would turn at immediately after the current turn, rather than “in _____feet, turn ___ on ___.” Google maps also doesn’t seem to have speed limits posted on my screen, which I know is a me problem and not a gps problem, but I like to see the speed limit on my screen when I look. Otherwise I mean I got where I needed to go.Version: 6.61.0

Getting worseQuality is going down in numerous ways. Searching for restaurants by cuisine often shows many places that do not serve the selected cuisine. Example: select Thai and see Burger King and many other irrelevant places. Routing: constantly tries changing my route mid trip even though I purposely selected the route I’m on. Sometimes it prompts, sometimes it just automatically changes it. Inappropriate behavior for a navigation map. Tries to get me to do u-turns when it’s not necessary, like when an actual left then exists but it tries to get me to go down the road and turn around. Happens frequently, in different states even. If you set a departure time pretty much all the alternate route options disappear. Put in a destination and see 3 routes? Set a departure time and watch 2 of them disappear. Browser: when viewing a website inside the app, it’s way too easy to swipe down to scroll and close the browser entirely, thus losing your place on the site. Please fix the UI on this, and provide an option to open the default browser instead, which would make it possible to switch back and forth between browser and map view..Version: 6.19

Orientation determined is often inaccurate.I really want to feel secure to continue using this app as I am more familiar with it than any other navigation app, but it needs help - especially recently. The last few months it has been increasingly inaccurate when determining & showing my orientation and specific location on the map, especially in the beginning of the navigation, and therefore I often either (1) miss an exit (though sometimes that's due to a "lag" before the instruction is made - which is another problem), (2) I'll turn the wrong way when I follow the "turn right" or "turn left" directions spoken, or (3) I'm lead along the correct road but in the opposite direction of what's needed, thus resulting in a u-turn or other kind of detour. Sometimes u-turns are accessible and no big deal, but in some areas they are not accessible for long stretches, therefore creating a substantial detour in my trip. Idk if this is just a connectivity glitch or what, but these instances are happening for me more frequently and consistently in recent months than I have ever experienced before, so I don't think my specific location of reception is the issue. Please, please correct these issues..Version: 5.58

Search criteria and suggestions need improvement in personalizationIt’s disappointing that in the suggested topics to search “apparel” comes up before “gas”. The suggestions are just weird. I wish these were customizable as well as other search filters. Like, if I’m searching for a place to eat the criteria is relatively the same: low fodmap, gluten-free, vegan, low-to-mid price range, and open for at least the next hour. I am disappointed that the restaurant search filters include “American” or “Italian”. My dudes, I’m looking to feel good after I eat. I am so sick of the rabbit hole searching to find a gluten free place to eat. If I search gluten free the results still require work on my end. I think this should be a simple thing to do for both GF and Dairy Free. It’s so annoying to pull up like 6+ menu’s before finding a spot to eat. Like it takes a half hour just to figure out where to go, and then time to get there and time to order and time to wait for food. In the end it’s about 60-90 minutes from finding where the food is and then having it. It’s 2023… I think we can do better than this!.Version: 6.65.0

Better than iOS MapsI guess I didn't even realize the difference between this and the native apple map. I switched to iPhone last year and was used to pressing a map link and it opened right up in maps. Well, apple does that too...but when I needed it badly I had to come download google maps. I was stuck in a delivery parking lot of a huge hospital in an unfamiliar city that apparently had one address for the whole campus. Apple's map made me almost lose my mind- "Turn right then turn right! Go southwest then immediately go north then turn right! Turn left then turn right!" It was insanity. I finally broke down and googled what I needed which prompted me to download Google Maps...And I was immediately given correct directions and found my medical office in less than 5 minutes. Now every time I need directions I find Google Maps is the only one that's accurate. 4 stars because it turns me sideways sometimes and did have me turn right off of an exit just to make an immediate u-turn when it should have just told me to turn left from the jump. Still- it gets me there which is what I ultimately care about..Version: 4.39

Not very good or accurateGoogle Maps is helpful, probably, when one is driving. It's not helpful for someone who has to take transit or walk. Transit often has changes/transfers - there are no actual walking directions available that are helpful. If you're walking the wrong way, the app doesn't stop you, just tells you to walk to {location}. Also, some bus stops are very near/across the street from one another and Google Maps has a hard time pinpointing that. That's the difference between going the wrong way in a strange place or arriving at your destination. I commute to work but Google Maps only shows one route instead of any route, no matter how I change the settings, so I never know when the bus comes. I know when the trolley comes, but it only runs twice an hour when I am out of work and being able to see any kind of alternate route would be nice. I've also noticed that we have a trolley line that runs all the way to South Hills Village, but Google Maps just tells you to get off the stop before that and walk for sixteen minutes. I know better, but a person new to the area may not. I just don't find it very helpful as someone who doesn't drive..Version: 5.21

Almost perfect (almost)For the vast majority of usage, this app has been flawless. The traffic is accurate, the routing is good, and the user interface is simple and easy to use. However, I have found some things to be quite annoying. For one, I have found that sometimes when I am in the far left lane on the highway, the app will think I am on the wrong side of the road causing it to constantly reroute me (this mostly happens in HOV lanes and high speed ezpass lanes). Another issue is that if I purposely choose a slower route because it is fewer miles the app will constantly tell me it found a faster route (I know there is a faster way, but I purposefully chose the longer timed route!) this is very frustrating, and on my last 2 hour drive it told me 5 times that there was a faster way and I had to take my hand off the wheel to cancel the change. Finally, my last complaint is that there aren't more alternate routes given. I’m lucky if the app gives me 3 options, whereas online you can drag the route to any road and it will find a route. Other than these issues though, the app is very well implemented..Version: 4.44

Unsafe directions!!Do you plan to support Dark Mode? All areas that are white should be reversed and made black and vis versa. My girlfriend recently used Google Maps to find an address in Long Island City. The directions given were a very long way having her cross over train tracks and walk by strip clubs where people around there thought she must have worked there. I would think that Google Maps would give you safe directions. Once to her location she asked for a safer rout and they were able to give here much safer directions to get back. Please do a better job at directions... This should never have happened in the first place. ** GLITCH: I’m using Google Maps and plugged in an address. It correctly puts a pin where the address is but where the blue circle says I am the blue directional radar where I am pointing is in the completely incorrect direction. I have to go NORTH and am pointing my iPhone North however Google Maps says I’m pointing SOUTH. If I did not know for sure I was going in the correct direction Google Maps would lead me away from my destination. Im in Manhattan so I know the street numbers increase as you go uptown..Version: 5.76

TrafficHaving the same problem with the new release now I have to turn the traffic every time I open the app. Pls fix 9/19 thx for fixing issue app back to being great again..Version: 4.36.1

Awesome!!Best map app out there. I do a lot of point A to B travelling and need to know distances, with the ability to save customers addresses and my destination addresses, it makes giving a quote so much easier!.Version: 4.37

You really need this for your navigation !Your must use app!.Version: 4.54

RealtorGoogle maps is great but the only problem I have is even though I don't have it on mute end it is connected to my Bluetooth, there is no sound..?? I have to look at the map while I'm driving. Not safe!.Version: 4.36.1

Change the logo!Change the logo back to original one as it stands out on screen among other apps with similar logos! Sometimes Google map routes through a parking lot or very narrow countryside roads even though there is a main highway nearby. Please fix..Version: 5.43

Google MapsWhen in doubt, google map it! Google maps has never “steered” me wrong ;).Version: 5.72

Not so great…What happened to the Transit Departures widget? I used to use it all the time but now if I want to know any transit information I have to plot out my route in the actual app. I know where I’m going, I don’t need full directions every time I head to work, I just need to know when my bus is coming. I live in an area where you can access several different transit systems and using google was a better option than getting all the different apps but now that’s just…gone..Version: 5.76

Transit hidden on satellite mapWith new update u have to change to default map + transit view to see transit stops, cannot use satellite map. frustrating..Version: 5.55

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What do you think Google Maps ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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