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Join the 90 million people already saving! Get the free GasBuddy card and never pay full price at the pump again. See how GasBuddy gives you more ways and more places to save on gas than any other app.

Pay at the pump
Get the free GasBuddy fuel card and save on every gallon, at any station. No hunting for deals. Just securely link your bank account, swipe, and save up to 25¢/gal. Manage your account right in the app.

Find gas
Find the best prices with the gas map. Sort by price, location, and the important stuff like restrooms.

Track driving habits
Drive smarter with tips and tricks to use less gas.

Get gas rewards
Turn your daily purchases into free gas. Just shop in the app and start earning.

Report gas prices
Give fellow drivers a heads up on the latest deals.

Log your fill ups
Track your gas use and export the log for reimbursement and taxes.

Stay safe
Be the first to know about important recalls for your car.

Win gas
Complete challenges in the app to earn points. Use points to enter the daily prize draw for a $100 gas card.

GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Gas prices only for USA & Canada. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of the prize draw.

GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas App Comments & Reviews

GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas Positive Reviews

GasBuddyI’ve always liked this APP, but over the last year or so alone is all, I’ve learned to love it. It’s just gotten better and better every time I use the APP it seems like. It’s really grown a lot since it first started way back then, and there’s just so many things you can do on the APP now and they’ve turned it into an amazing APP all the way around. It’s almost addicting in a way, but not in a bad way at all. It gives you a good and also a very fun chance to win gas money and get points for entries to win free gas, or get gas % or gas $ back when you purchase anything from certain stores listed on the APP. There’s a good amount of stores to pick from actually. So whenever you make a purchase at that store through that APP, you get gas money no matter what. They also send you a free card to use when you actually get money built up on that card, and you’ll be able to use it just like debit card or credit card and just swipe it at the gas station pump instead of your regular bank card that you may have. It’s pretty cool actually and it really helps if you actually try it out. 5 stars all of the way..Version: 6.03.0

Hidden GemI had this app installed on my phone for a solid 6 months and probably used it twice in that time. When I went to fill up my vehicle (2019 Mercedes-Benz sedan) last month and noticed I was paying nearly $70 for a single tank of gas, I had to find some solution that would work for my needs. This is when I realized the full feature set GasBuddy packs into their easy to use UI/UX. I have since been earning real cash back (gas back is the term - credits redeemed in fuel) every time I pay with my GasBuddy card and get to be apart of an actual community of members who are usually locals or people who visit the same gas stations you do. Can’t say enough good things about this app so far. I pay $9.99 (this is not required! The app is free and is useable without ever paying for anything). I wanted to opt-in on their $9.99/month plan for two reasons: 1. I wanted to have full access to the apps features and 2. The amount I save using this system far outweighs the fee I happily pay each month. I’ll pay for quality every time. This app is that. Try it out! Also, nobody asked me to write a review or had any impact on my opinion. GasBuddy included. I’m just here with the facts!.Version: 700.51.22151

Can’t use the card at the pump or in store at most stationsI used to use GasBuddy ALL THE TIME, but now I only occasionally use the app to search for the best price. The card doesn’t have a chip, so no longer works at most pumps. I tried to use it inside once, so I could get the special extra-cents-off “deal,” but it wouldn’t work inside the store, either. This coupled with the difficulty finding a way to contact GasBuddy, and the need to get a new card each year that doesn’t automatically come to you and you don’t get a reminder email or a link to click on to renew, I rarely use it anymore. The whole Gas Back thing doesn’t really work for me because it requires me to SPEND money that I otherwise would probably not have spent. My time is a commodity and there’s precious little of it, and I really don’t have the time to go through the GasBuddy gas back “deals” before I shop for something I need. Most of my needs are pretty basic anyway, and the “deals” are for things I don’t need or wouldn’t use, PLUS I don’t shop online much. So, I’m very disappointed because GasBuddy used to save me money, and now it really doesn’t do anything but direct me to a station that is a cent or two lower per gallon of gas..Version: 700.47.22075

Use to like this appI have had the GasBuddy app on my phones for many many years (with an iPhone 4) and it has worked great. In the beginning it was easy to use and throughout the years the developers kept adding new features to it. The Recall feature for your car, I don’t use. I think that it does not need to be there because I get those notifications from other sources. But this last update makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find the gas station near you. I have updated the price of a 7-Eleven that was listed at the top of the list, but that station was 5 miles away. This app is supposed to be quick and easy to update and see where the cheapest gas prices are near you. It is not supposed to try to sell you other gas stations that ain’t even close to your location. One more thing. With all of these new features, this app takes forever to open, load, and update the locations of the surrounding gas stations. I wish this app was simple and easier to use like it use to be..Version: 6.04.0

Works but confusing UI and watch app is poorThe fundamentals of the app work, but the UI is a bit confusing. For instance, access to favorite stations is not intuitive and should be more prominent (should be one of the primary navigation buttons at the bottom). I live near a river and the distanced-based metrics are nearly useless. Sure, the station with the cheapest gas is 2 miles away, as the crow flies. But it’s 25 miles away in terms of driving distance because I have to go across a bridge to cross the river and the bridge is several miles away in the opposite direction. The ideal would be to interface with a mapping app (eg. Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.) to figure out “closeness” based on driving distance and time. Without that sort of capability, favorites are critical. Then, I can use favorites to override the app’s naive, as-the-crow-flies distance algorithm. The watch app would be very useful as a quick way to see this info, but it unfortunately only shows stations by the naive distance algorithm and has no ability to view favorites. Fix these problems and it would be 4 or 5 stars..Version: 6.42.1

Flaws Needing AttentionThe concept of this app I love as it lets consumers aware of the best gas prices in the area. Your prediction option ALWAYS suggest that we hold off in buying as gas prices will go down tomorrow. A senseless option as it's not accurate. Since last update this app is difficult to open before closing completely. Once open have experience many "Something went wrong" and does accurately tally entered posts or allow you to enter posts due to the app flaw. Turning into a nuisance to use the app. App has difficulty in finding gas stations that I am at. Some gas stations are no longer listed yet still operating. Mind boggling My assessment of flaws needing attention continue. I love the concept of this app but since the start of using this app to today the system is boggled down and oh so slow. Stations will have been passed by to report price updates as the app is still concentrating on updating one station you already drove by...the app will send message “something went wrong” or cut out and prematurely close. Really frustrating to the point I don’t use the app as frequently as I did in the earlier years..Version: 5.36.0

Great AppThis is one of the best apps that I use, I like to look at it before my wife and I go out for a day of shopping. This way I know where the best price for gas is in my area. Plus we use it when we are traveling as well. I wouldn't be with out this APP. I can't say that I like the latest update, it makes it harder to navigate from 1 location to the next. I don't understand what was wrong with the old App. Why don't you listen to what users tell you? You have taken a great App and turned into something one has to wonder why you have it on your phone. I can't enter a Sams Club location that I have on my I pod but can't get it on my I phone. What the hell have you guys done??? I still don't like your new format, but I still use it.I have been trying to get the Walmart station located in Henrietta New York back on my list but you guys fail to do so. It's a good thing i have it saved under favorites because that's the only I can get the prices when i need it. Get with it and fix your app..Version: 6.06.0

Save A Bundle!!!I’ve been using GasBuddy for over a year now and I usually buy Shell gasoline locally. I love the way I can easily find the least expensive prices here in the city. I like looking at the Map of prices vs the list, myself. I’ve saved so much money with GasBuddy along with the Fuel Rewards card from Shell and the combination of the two have provided an even greater savings. GasBuddy is equally as beneficial when traveling and also provides great versatility of individual setup within the app, as well. I love Google everything, but, Apple Maps seems more user friendly to me and I love that when finding directions to a station out of town, when bringing up directions, it goes directly to Apple Maps (because of the options I have chosen). I have never had any technical issues or crashes as I have with other apps either. Thank you so much for saving me money and offering such a user friendly application!!! Keep up the great work, GasBuddy!!!.Version: 5.8.1

Desperately needs Top Tier search filterWonderful crowd sourced program. However, many major vehicle brands recommend using ONLY Top Tier certified fuels. We need a filter available to search only for these certified fuels. Each of these automakers recommends the use of Top Tier Detergent Gasoline in their owner's manuals. Top Tier Detergent Gasoline and Top Tier Diesel Fuel are performance specifications and trademarks designed and supported by several major automakers. BMW, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Navistar, and Audi support the gasoline standard, while General Motors, Volkswagen, Detroit Diesel, and Navistar support the diesel standard (as of 2018).Top Tier fuels must maintain levels of detergent additives that result in a higher standard of engine cleanliness and performance as compared to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement. In addition, Top Tier fuels may not contain metallic additives, which can harm the vehicle emission system and create pollutants. As of 2018, Top Tier Detergent Gasoline is available from 61 licensed retail brands and Top Tier Diesel Fuel is available from 5 licensed retail brands..Version: 5.43.0

Thank you!I just want to write a quick note of thank you to the developers of this app. You were a real lifesaver this past week down here in South Florida during hurricane Irma. I was frozen in terror of whether not to get on the road with the stories of all the gas outages. I have a toddler and couldn't imagine driving around town looking for stations and waiting in long lines. Once I read about your app and website online, I downloaded it. Within five minutes I found a gas station that still had gas and not too long of a line. I was able to make my drive up Orlando a little less scared knowing that I had you guys on my side. As soon as I got to my evacuation point, I used the app again to find gas before the storm hit so I was immediately able to get back on the road afterwards to get home. I can't say thank you enough! During an incredibly anxious and scary time, you made things a little bit easier and that means the world to me..Version: 5.1.1

Love This AppI have been using Gas Buddy for quite some time now and have experienced no issues with it. On our recent drive out of the state of Florida and then back in after Irma passed, our search for gas would have been far more difficult had we not had the Gas Buddy app. Kudos to the Gas Buddy team for quickly updating the app to include information about stations out of gas and out of power. For those dinging the app for having incorrect information, you have to know that the gas price information is provided by the app users and it is helpful to look under the price to see when that price was submitted. The older the submission, the more the chance that the prices have changed. The prices are not a guarantee, but it is still far better than having no information at all. And saving money on gas over time using this app is the biggest benefit. Thank you Gas Buddy!!!.Version: 5.1.1

InputI really like this app for a long long time but lately you guys always update things changing the app now you’ve got things on here that has nothing to do with Gas Buddies this app is something to do with gas prices not my personal vehicle or car there is no need for all the updates that you guys do I’m constantly updating this app I like to report gas prices I really enjoy it but there is no reason for my personal vehicle to be on this app and all of the advertisements in between gas stations I just did an update this morning now I can’t Hardly find my points how to get on my points also leaderboard’s are for my area I have people on the leaderboard‘s that were in Chicago 500 miles from me that is not my area it’s not right or fair make this app fun once again to do as it used to be bring back the old Gas Buddies instead of adding all of this garbage to the app like your vehicle and other things there’s no need for it people want to check gas prices not their vehicle. Thank, snuffy 1963.Version: 5.24.0

GasBuddy tries to be your friendOutside of GasBuddy ‘s control, likely, are the restrictions encountered when using a promised discount at a service station along the route. Most of the time, we are unable to fill our RV’s sizable gastank because the purchase is limited. At $75 or so, it cuts you off and leaves you with the decision to continue to fill up at full price - and using a different payment method - or venture to the next ‘deal’ down the road. This is strange because GasBuddy appears to be targeting RV-ers and the likes. We’re not using this service to fill up our smart cars and save a dime or two, we signed up because we use serious gas and hope for significant discounts. Nothing is more disappointing than being promised a ‘deal’ only to be cut short. Hopefully GasBuddy will be able to address this issue because if not, better deals currently available like Murphy’s and even Kroger have no restrictions and don’t shut off the pump in a manner that’s not unlike being flashed the middle finger..Version: 6.49.0

Best app!I use this app more than any other. It has gotten painfully slow. It is also unfair that some users have more opportunities to get daily points than I and others (I assume). How can I improve my ranking if I can't get credit for all of my reporting? Also, when I update a gas station, the updates are ignored. That is annoying because I stop and take the time to update station info, only to find on my next visit that nothing has changed. Do they need 100 reports before accepting an update? Lately, some stations, that I drive into on a regular basis and were included before, don't come up in your app. I try putting in the address...nothing. This happens a lot. Before, when temporarily closed for renovations, it still showed up On the list. Now I can't get them on the screen. I tried customer service but got no response..Version: 700.51.22151

It does not work as they sayFirst, after getting my card activated I went to use it for the first time with the proper discount activated through the GasBuddy app and the card was denied 4 times, send a message to GasBuddy customer service and no solution. Second the drive offer that gives you Teo extra cents per galon does not work neither, it says tha my GasBuddy app is not allowed always in the location services, but it is. I’m conclusion, I was very excited about using this app and saving on gas but it looks like just another simple company trying to use a bunch off advertisements (aka marketing) to sell our information, I’m tired of being treated as a product. I will use it for one more week because I believe everybody deserves a second opportunity, but if I find more problems or false promises, I will delete it forever..Version: 6.43.0

Stop with the teen eye candy crapVer. 6.20.1 come on more dumb eye candy crap. Seriously. We don't need full screen animated graphics for entering points, we are not 12. Just simple positive feed back to let us know you got the prices is what is needed. The full screen and 1/3 screen black stuff is annoying and gets in the way when you sit at a corner trying to enter multiple stations pricing. Now you showing station prices with the $.05 off if we use the app for special deal except is NO BETTER then what I get on the card already and it taking up more screen space so I need to scroll LOTS MORE. I want option to turn it off. Same for locations that don’t honor the card as I don’t shop them already but somehow they get more screen space this more promotion. Way back on Ver 3 we could see 6-8 stations no problem now lucky if you see 4. Make a reporting persons job easier not harder and more time consuming. I want version 2.4 back it was so much simpler, efficient and easier to use. We used to have a setting that would take us directly to the station list we want it back. The home screen that shows 1 station and other stuff is really useless. The sorting option does not need to be a banner across the top of the station list ALL THE TIME. We want to see the stations so we can get pricing and enter pricing. Everything you do to take away from that is bad..Version: 6.20.1

Love the GasBuddy Debit cardIt’s so easy to signup and use the GasBuddy debit card. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. The payment comes straight out of my checking account just like my regular debit card. It’s safer to use because I have to enter a PIN. Since having me regular debit card skimmed at a gas station, I was looking for a safer way to pay without using my credit card. This is perfect! I just wish GasBuddy would stop asking me to bump up to GasBuddy plus. There is virtually no savings when it’s $6.99 to bump up. You can only save $8.00 a month on gas. The other “benefits” aren’t nearly as good as AAA or most insurance companies already provide the majority of drivers. I shouldn’t have to decline this option 3-4 times a week. That’s annoying. I will do it, however, to get the extra $0.03 off every gallon and the security of not using my bank debit card at the pump..Version: 6.08.2

Worth itI have been using the app and the basic card they have for almost 4 years (next month) now. I use it every time I fill up except for when I go to Costco. If you don’t have a Costco membership or are not near one this app is great. In my area Costco is usually cheaper, plus I get cash back on the credit card I have for Costco when I fill up there. Otherwise I use this card at every other station. The app is relatively intuitive and easy to use. It is clearly listed if Gas Buddy is not accepted at a station on the app. I recommend it. The 5-25 cents a gallon you can save really adds up. I do not pay for their premium membership and I have never used any of the gas back deals for shopping at other places through gas buddy. I just stick to the basics and it works well..Version: 6.50.0

Definitely worth itIf you are on a budget or just trying to find the nearest gas station this app is perfect!! I love it, what a fantastic concept!! I would have given it 5 stars BUT there are only two complaints I have which are really not that bad. 1 they need to stop with the promoting premium features, let people use the app, it will market itself and people will want to buy the premium stuff. Stop trying to shove those features down our throats. And 2 it is pretty reliable but I've had some times where I'm going toward a gas station and I come across one that is listed higher than the actual price advertised on the board. I think this is just from a lack of people in my area actually updating the prices but the inaccuracies are definitely something that is a hinderance although it is tough to fix that. Overall it is a great app and really did execute the idea perfectly. Great job!!!.Version: 5.3.0

Convenient & ResourcefulI use this app to find great deals on gas, help other drivers stay informed of the constantly fluctuating prices, and go keep track of my fuel usage and driving. That’s a lot and it’s not even all! I signed up for the free version of GasBuddy. It’s relatively convenient, works at all but a few stations, and pretty much guarantees a ~2-3% discount when processed. My only complaint is likely specific to Iowa. The majority of stations offer 3 basic choices for gasoline: 87 Octane (10% EtOH) “Midgrade or Super,” 87 Octane (no ethanol) “Regular” and 91 Octane premium (usually ethanol-free but varies). “Mid grade” is the cheapest, followed by “Regular” and then Premium. Some stations offer 89 octane mid-grade, while others don’t carry “Regular” ethanol free 87 octane. This gets confusing when searching! Standardized rules that apply here or greater flexibility in reporting prices would be helpful..Version: 6.20.1

GasBuddy Abandons You When Gas Issues AriseI pay $9.99/month for the premium membership which allegedly gets me up to $.40 off/gal. In 4 months I have yet to see more than $.20 to $.22/gal even when traveling. Then suddenly the app stopped giving even the usual $.21/gal from regular Shell station I use locally. There was no email or anything to let me know & that hardly any of the stations in my area now give me a deal. I emailed customer service 3 days ago but no one has bothered to answer it, other than a stupid bot that didn’t even get close to the answer. This seemed to coincide with the cyber attack on the pipeline. Apparently, they dessert you when nod get bad. Perhaps they’re too busy writing blogs t actually help customers. I need to know where to get my gas cheaper not read their blogs. I can get all that from the news. What a rip off! Will be going back to the free version once this billing cycle is over!!.Version: 6.47.0

Useful, but w/ room for improvementSeveral improvements needed to make ap easier to use on-the-fly and more accurate: 1) ap needs setting for default start-up zip for when location services are off. GPS is a HUGE battery drain, and turning it on or typing a zip while driving is not a safe option. 2) a setting for app to load by default to my "Favorites" list would be even better, since I've put together a list that covers the parts of my metro area that I drive most often. As it stands, getting to "Favorites" requires two additional taps while looking at the screen: punchline also *not* a safe option while driving. 3) bring back the option for “display credit prices only.” The best stations in town offer same price for credit & cash. Most if us have *no interest* in rewarding second-rate stations for penalizing card-users w/ higher credit rates..Version: 6.09.0

Most Convenient Thing since Sliced BreadYou know if I whip out the iconic dad quote to describe something that it’s serious. Whenever surveys ask “Would you recommend this to a friend?” my answer is always “no why the heck would i recommend something minorly convenient to a friend? I don’t care enough to do that”. But my god, this app has probably saved me a few hundred dollars in the ~year and a half i’ve had it. As someone who feels much safer when i’m the driver I always offer to drive friends and family whenever i’m spending time out somewhere. So using a lot of gas like I do, the 60-70 cents I save a gallon going somewhere cheap as opposed to Chevron really racks up. There really isn’t an app or item i’d say is a must download but I pretty much always recommend this app whenever I discuss gas or saving money. This app is easily my favorite app aside from Moviebox Pro (every movie or show you could think of for $3/month) purely based on convenience. If you couldn’t tell already, there’s no reason not to get this app, it’s free, and one could argue it actually gives you money by owning it so it’s paying you to download it. If you don’t have it after reading this review, you’re not intelligent, do better, and get this app. :).Version: 6.49.0

Numbers don’t lie $215 in a year saved.I’ve had Gas Buddy for just over a year. I travel for my job in a non fuel efficient truck. Gas Buddy has been a great tool for me. Sometimes I’ve saved .75 cents but others I average 5$ if I use the deal alerts on a low tank. It all adds up, its 215$ more in my bank account then I would have had. Great thing is with the card the savings are automatic! No turning in receipts or only certain stations. It’s great. I pay for the premium service. It’s 5$ a month for extra usage on the card but for the average driver in a car ITS NOT NECESSARY so don’t fret. For the pickup truck or SUV drivers who do a lot of driving it could be worth it. Usually one good transaction savings pays for itself then the rest is bsck to me essentially. I waited a month before I realized for me it was worth doing and I would suggest the same..Version: 6.26.1

5¢/gal discount...Love this app. It is not only helpful in knowing where the best prices are, but also what type of stations and of course their locations with directions — ALSO, Get The Gas Buddy Card. Not a credit card, just a card that links to your bank account and charges directly from there (like your debit card would). The only difference is, you also get a 5¢ per gallon discount when you use it too. Most gas companies have their own credit card that does the same thing, but this isn’t credit (that’s a good thing) and you can use it at most gas stations, not just that one company. You can see reports, as well, of how much gas you have purchased each month too. So helpful for budgeting. I’ve used this app for years now, and have yet to come against any problems or cons to its use. Get it 👍.Version: 6.01.0

Save money at the pumpI enjoy the gas buddy app and community to save money. I just started using the pay with gas buddy card and it's great. Since they know your odo and fuel purchase history, it would be cool if they gave you stats about fuel economy, etc. I see potential for more features with this data. I wish main app screen was a bit less cluttered, for example the "trending" section should stand out from the other bits. Docking a couple stars because in spring 2022 they made the app more spammy, eg. When you enter the contest the app auto-opens some App Store spam app to get you to download it. Also, the app sometimes uses full gps tracking (as if you’re running navigation but you’re just using the app). I like that I save 2-5% on gas, but GasBuddy is one of those scammy tracking apps that probably sells your location and data, so beware unless they start coming clean and become less sus..Version: 700.50.22137

UsefulGreat app Prices are accurate and map is plus.Version: 5.1.1

Closed Gas Station !Woodlawn and Nicklin, Guelph Ontario Mobil Station is closed for renovations, people are reporting fictitious prices which causes others looking for a cheaper price to waste time going to this location for nothing..Version: 6.50.0

Great app, data hog!!GasBuddy is invaluable in Québec, where gas prices fluctuate frequently, and prices can shoot up 10 cents/L or more over night. But as someone who tries to control his data usage, GasBuddy is a beast. In less than a week since my billing cycle started, the app has consumed over 20MB of data while only being active for a total of about 3 minutes. How much actual data does an app need to use updating price data? Especially since the prices only seem to refresh when the app is in the foreground. I can only guess that the app must be actively uploading my location data in the background. If this is the case, I'll be deleting the app from my iPhone..Version: 5.1.1

Great app but....Wish there was the option to add an alert for when gas prices or a specific gas station drops to a certain amount (that you can choose). For example, if I wanted to know when gas price drops below 99.9/L, I’d receive an alert or something. Also wish they had an option to input hours of operation for gas stations..Version: 6.26.0

Add new feature - Out of Gas buttonSo after the snowstorm of January 2019, 40% of Ontario Canada are out of gas, so a new button should be available to notify us that the gas station is out. Thx.Version: 5.41.0

Nice appI love this app but there is just one thing that bothers me a LOT! I would like to be able to have a setting that i can filter to see only reported price from the last 1 hour or the last 4 hours, because here the prix changes multiple time a day in Montreal so i have to always check when the price have been reported one by one to know if I can rely on this information. Pleeeaase!.Version: 6.20.1

GreatGreat app. Love watching the spread. Amazing reveal to how to industry works. Watch OS app need Spread, and favourite Brand..Version: 5.1.1

Less Responsive After Recent UpdateThe older version of this app was more responsive. The animations were more fluid and there was less overall lag..Version: 700.51.22204

Laggy AppDon’t know what they did with the recent updates, but the app is visibly laggy. You don’t see a pop-up for points earned anymore. Please fix it !!.Version: 700.51.22204

Drains your battery like crazyThe app works well, it does what it is supposed to, finds you the best price on gas wherever you’re going, but it drains your battery because for some reason it runs in the background 24/7. I turned off background usage and it was still the highest drain on my battery. Even when I wasn’t driving and just sitting at home it would be running in the background. If the battery drain issue could be fixed then it would be an alright app..Version: 700.49.22124

WorksNice app works well and is for the most part up to date The last app update lost all my favorite locations and gas.Version: 700.46.22011

Not so good anymoreIt’s showing me gas stations in the USA and I’m not near their at all?.Version: 700.46.21993

Easy to use and abuseI report accurate prices yet they don’t show up and blatantly wrong prices posted by unscrupulous users stay up for days despite my update efforts. Without the abuse the app is very convenient and easy to use..Version: 6.50.0

Change Size of Favorites Button!When you make the ‘Favourites’ button bigger, I’ll put it back to 5 stars..Version: 4.48.2

Costco gas stations REMOVEDWhy were the Costco Gas Stations removed?.Version: 6.50.0

ProactiveAmazing that I am informed of recalls from Gas Buddy before my car manufacturer..Version: 6.20.1

One complaintGreat app and accurate regularly updated prices by users and owners. Complaint: If you apply to win the daily $100 free gas prize, unless you have over a Million points you probably won’t win it. I’ve been checking the winners and 98% of them have 1,2,3 or 4 Million points. Occasionally I’ll see someone with 100,000 points win. But that is RARE. Great app otherwise 😊.Version: 6.28.0

Too many adsGet rid of ads.Version: 6.27.0

Great appThis is a wonderful app that is up dated frequently..Version: 6.16.1

Really handyI use this all the time. It’s very handy. It just needs dark mode support now!.Version: 6.08.1

No Prices!!In the last few days I am only getting blanks and no prices. If I tap on a location, it just kicks me out. This on an iPad4 with iOS 10.3.3.Version: 5.41.0

Run out of gas - let us report thatThis app has really gotten better and now I’m using it quite often. Right now the frigid temperatures are causing distribution issues and many gas stations are running out of fuel and post a 0.00 price. I’d like to report that but the app won’t accept it. So instead I’ve entered $0.01 and accepted the alert the price seems very slow, but then the gas price variance swings almost a full dollar per litre. Why don’t you let us indicate a gas station has run out of gas?.Version: 5.41.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 700.53.22225

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