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The #1 Most Popular Christian Wallpaper App

Custom Bible-based wallpapers
We have thousands of wallpapers, designed in hundreds of styles. We have content for everyone to be blessed by.

No subscription, one-time fee
Pay once and get unlimited access. It is becoming harder and harder to find quality apps that do not have a subscription. As an independent developer, thank you for your support!

Curated by design or topic. Feel free to download an entire collection and then make it an auto-rotating wallpaper. See our tutorials section for how to do that!

A growing list of Bible-based devotionals, each with an audio version. We will continue to add more of these as time goes on. Let me know if you like them!

Completely redesigned
The app has been completely remade. Old designs have been removed, and over 500+ new designs have been added.

Download Button
On every wallpaper, look in the bottom right for a dedicated download button. This will make it much easier, and gone are the days when you had to tap and hold to download.

Search bar
Finally, a search bar! This was one of the most requested features. Search for quotes, Bible verses, devos, videos, etc. You can also try typing out the verse, verse reference, topic, and more.

Videos BETA
Devotional & voiceover videos by myself, Ryan Maher & also my good friend, Marcus Stanley. I make a lot of content like this for social media and thought it would be a blessing to include it. So let me know if it is a blessing to you.

Listen BETA
Sometimes I want to sit back and listen to Scripture over soothing ambient music. If you are like me, I pray this blesses you. So grab some headphones and allow Scripture to speak to you.

iPad-specific images
We have added a bunch of iPad-specific content, perfect for Landscape & Portrait modes. Much more is coming soon.


iPhone users look at their lock screen many times a day, to use their phone, to check the time, or to use one of the millions of apps available on the iOS platform.

The lock screen appears for about eight seconds and is the first thing you see when you use your iPhone. Eight seconds is a lot of time to be looking at something random. Why not use a background with Scripture on it?

My heart is that these Bible Lock Screen wallpapers would help remind you of what the Word of God says and help you walk it out.



"This app is a GREAT buy! By far the best Christian wallpaper app in the AppStore. Such a great way to be encouraged daily by God's word in beautiful art form for your iPhone!" - Kim S. (iTunes User)

"This has been so awesome! The variety of lock/home screens available is practically endless. I also love the new update. Flows great! What a great way to profess your faith in the 21st century. Get it!!" - Lando25 (iTunes User)

"What a blessing it is to have this app! I'm able to encourage other people by sending them a pic. And when I look at my phone I get to be reminded of my sweet Savior the Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks a million times over! - Torch A. (iTunes User)

"This app is the best for getting to know Bible verses and if you are having a bad day then you will always have something to look at when you turn on your social networking device." - R110545 (iTunes User)

"I love this app! It has definitely replaced the regular lock screen pictures I usually use and is also a great conversation starter when others use my phone! I hope to see even more screen options in the future!" - Mandi4787 (iTunes User)


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Bible Lock Screens + Devos App Comments & Reviews

Bible Lock Screens + Devos Positive Reviews

I love this app!Whenever I’m in need of encouragement or hope from God’s Word, I know I can count on this app. The wallpapers look fantastic and help remind me of God’s truth whenever I glance at my phone throughout the day. I’m continually blessed by the content from the creator of this app and contributors. If you have a chance, download it today! You won’t regret it..Version: 6.0

You can get lost in this app!!!I downloaded this to find a John 3:16 lock screen. As I have searched for it I have found so many awesome wallpapers and lock screens that I may just set my lockscreen on random and let it automatically switch every time I open it because it's hard to just like one lol..Version: 5.0.1

Love this app, excited for the update 🎉This was my favorite wallpaper app for years, so I’m super excited that it is updated! Thank you for adding a search feature! That makes it so much easier to find stuff! 🙏❤️ Definitely recommend!.Version: 6.0

Beautiful lock screensIt’s hard to find a good app for biblically based lock screens that has all sorts of styles/aesthetics and I finally found the one! I like to change mine frequently and it’s great to have such a huge selection. Worth the money!.Version: 6.0

Bible screenPlease put a search button!!!! God I love this app, it just sometimes I want to search for a certain lock screen and to scroll thru so many beautiful lock screen can be overwhelming. Please put a search button..Version: 5.0.1

This is a thoughtfully and carefully created app❤️❤️❤️ The audio devotionals are a huge blessing! Didn’t expect them but what a great bonus. The lock screens are fantastic and I love that I can set them to rotate now on iOS!.Version: 6.0

Love it!It needs a search button though. I’ve been looking for a specific picture that was from your app start up screen. I’ve searched until my eyes started scrolling. LOL.Version: 5.0.1

Love it!I love this app so much, the countless bible verses make it hard to choose one lol! All the bible verses and words of encouragements give me hope throughout the day. It's so helpful how it reminds me to think of God daily. It's an absolutely wonderful app, it's worth downloading..Version: 5.0.1

LoadingIt's so awesome to have an app that just has encouraging messages. My only problem is that it doesn't load anything /: wish this could be fixed..Version: 5.0.1

I love this app! 💖❤️💜Such a great app for your walk with God! ❤️ Great for encouragement and godly reminders! There are so many screens to choose from! I am definitely going to recommend this to my friends & family!!! 🙏.Version: 5.0.1

Absolutely amazingThis is a phenomenal app! Well worth it. It has a ton of great wallpapers! They are decent at uploaded new ones, but with so many already lock screen wallpapers, it's hard to complain.Version: 5.0.1

What a blessing this is!I change my wallpaper often to keep myself mindful of God’s promises. It’s a joy to be able to share with loved ones in need of encouragement..Version: 5.0.1

Great wallpapers! Helps me with my faithThis app has great content! Love all the new wallpapers and the devotional are a great addition. Look forward to more updates. Thank you Ryan 🙏🏼.Version: 6.0

Love it!!I absoultely love this app!! The quality of the images is excellent and the huge selection let's me change up my wallpaper as much as I want! I do declare this is one mighty fine app! Boy I tell ya!.Version: 5.0.1

Great AppI just downloaded this app, and it is just truly phenomenal. It it extremely great and easy to work with and is just truly an amazing app. Keep up the good work on spreading God's word!.Version: 5.0.1

Love It!I'm so in love with this app! I bought it about 2 years ago and I haven't been disappointed once. It's so nice to have Bible verses to uplift you during the day. God bless!.Version: 5.0.1

Best app on the App Store!This is the best ever! It has so many wallpapers that will inspire you whenever you look at your device. It encourages you..Version: 5.0.1

Amazing Options to pick outReally cool wallpapers to choose from and worth the money..Version: 6.0

AmazingI love this app! It's amazing and inspirational. Whenever I am feeling distraught or uneasy, I turn to this app for comfort. God is always good!.Version: 5.0.1

FavoritesVery encouraging wallpapers but I keep losing my favorites. It's a bit annoying given there are so many choices..Version: 5.0.1

Favorite App!I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I change my Bible verse out monthly. It’s a constant reminder of God’s love for us mere mortals. Thank you!!.Version: 5.0.1

Beautiful and inspiring WallpapersI love this App❤️ I love all the options and endless designs! BEAUTIFUL 💖.Version: 5.0.1

This app is AwsomeThis app allows me to have screen savers that are encouraging.Version: 5.0.1

Beautifully MadeSimple but Sweet.Version: 5.0.1

Phenomenal appGreat content and really encouraging images!.Version: 5.0.1

AwesomeThank you so much. This is perfect.Version: 5.0.1

InspiringThis app has truly helped me out in my life daily by enriching me with the word of God every time I look at my phones lock screen. Some days I am sadly not able to open my bible and read it in order to enrich my life but with this app I have been able to easily look at a Bible verse that will help me in my life by just looking at my phones look screen. This app has a wallpaper for everything. Many times a want to continue to remind myself to never forget to pray for my friends and so one of my wallpapers that I am using from this app says "pray for your friends today" and this helps me out to remember. This app is for anyone. If you are someone who gets mad many times or wants to simply have a bible verse that they can look at all the time this app will help you do that. I would like to thank the people who made this app because truly it has really helped in my daily life. Thank you and God Bless ☺️.Version: 5.0

ServerI wanted this all for a while but never could fork over the money. However, the moment I could i bought this app because i mean look at these reviews! Anyways once i bought it i was so excited i immediately went into the app only to find a black blue screen. However after multiple tries and a redownload later nothing worked. So i contact the creater and he was great! He Told me exactly what was going on and a few days later boom! It worked! And i am tellin you! Yes you! This app is AMAZING! I mean there is no other app like it! I got so many compliments from church and just from random people on my screen savers! Im tellin you (again) all of these reviews are true! If you just need those daily always there reminders to live your life for Jesus this is the app for you! God bless you and i pray that you have a blessed day!.Version: 5.0

What I've been waiting for!! Best money I've spent on an app.This app is beautiful and a wonderful way to keep your eyes and heart focused on God while using your phone. It's also a great way to whiteness to other people who might pick up your phone or get a quick glimpse of your lock screen. I've downloaded mainstream wallpaper apps and they literally have a just a handful of "religious" photos and they are pretty dull and basic. You can tell that the developers of this app want to portray the beauty and boldness of a relationship with Christ. Thank you very much for this app. Best money I've spent on the Apple App Store. God be praised!!.Version: 3.0

Works Great, is GreatWhen I first bought this app for my iPod touch 4, it would crash all of the time. So when I contacted the developer, he worked with me to get it working again, he put out a whole new version. He was very helpful! The old rumors of the app crashing can definitely be dismissed, I tried to get it to crash like it used to and it simply doesn't anymore. Major credit to Ryan and everyone who works on the app. And beyond that it's a wonderful app, lots of wonerful things and definitely worth it if you're concerned..Version: 5.0

Amazing Bible Wallpaper AppAt first, I was reluctant to buy this app because of the price. But it's worth it. I have not even seen all the iPhone backgrounds. And they are very high definition. As well as iPhone images (which also work great on iPod Touch) there are iPad 1,2, and retina screens. It's really simple to use. Just select your device type then swipe through the gallery until you find the one you want. Then you just download to your photo album and set your screens like you normally would. Overall this is a great app!.Version: 3.0

Thankful for this app!I have been looking for Christian / Bible-Themed iPhone wallpapers for awhile now.. I found a few, but barely anything. I could never find one I liked. Through research, I found this app. First off, this app is well worth the minimal cost! There are TONS of great Christian and Bible-Themed wallpapers! The best thing is, they add more to their database quite often! I found tons in here I really like! There is only Christian wallpapers also, so you do not need to worry about surfing through other pics that could be thrown in! Really like it!.Version: 5.0

Fantastic app!Love the quality and variety of the images and verses, and how they fit perfectly on the lock screen without covering up any words. Had trouble with the earlier version, which did not work well with the iphone 4, but their latest update has fixed the issue and added many more wonderful images and scriptures. Someone even emailed to let me know about the update and to ask me if it was working well (since I had emailed them previously about it)!.Version: 5.0

Great AppThis is such a great app. There were times I would go on here just to look at what's new and God will speak to me through these lock screens! If you like changing you lockscreen or wallpaper everyday / week this is the place to get great word, inspiration and love everyday. Thank you for opening an app like this. This is an app I do no regret getting I had this app for about 2 or 3 years Now. Never crashed. Never freezes. It's always up and running and working quickly. DEF GET THIS APP YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! God bless :) - Jenn.Version: 5.0

Need to create creat our own captionsHi there i liked the app a lot but, there its something that could be not worn, but its necessary, let other create their own picture caption, i know y might this that this could let other to use it for their own desires, but i wish and thing that this is what this app need to be completely blessed, and because of this other reason to, that even though this have a lot of pic messages and videos, we sometimes don't find what we are looking for" so make that feature and i will be glad and more blessed, thanks my name is josue, IG @_josue07 thanks again and god bless you all..Version: 4.0

Best thing since sliced bread.This app is amazing! The designs of the lock screens are beautiful and so smooth. I love having these lock screens because It keeps scripture in my mind through out the day. I can't believe it's free too! I would definitely pay for this app If I had to. It works for both Iphone and Ipad so no matter what device you have...this app will cater to it. I wish you could give more than 5 stars. It's just that much of a blessing..Version: 1.0

I may be frugal, but WOW!I don't like to spend money, especially on apps, so it took me many months to finally spend the dollar for this app, and I'm so glad that I did! I've never seen such wonderful lockscreens which were so easy to download. They're also very well organized, seem to update at least somewhat regularly, and I don't need to sift through dozens I dislike before finding one that I do - they're all fantastic and so encouraging! Thank you, keep up the good work!.Version: 5.0

Bible Lock ScreenThis app is one of the 1st apps that I downloaded... God uses it to minister to me at the exact time that I need it... I pick up my phone all the time, but now it's like picking up Encouragement from The Lord! The Words are always right on time, and the colors are so vivid... Thank You a Lord for my Bible Screen app!!! Try it! You won't be disappointed. The only set back is that there are so many awesome ones, I never know which one to pick😱! But I can deal with that...LOL GOD IS SO GOOD!!! All the Time!!!.Version: 5.0

God is GoodThis is a great app to own. I used to Google, weird how that's a verb now, different quotes or scriptures for my wallpaper. Now, I can get professional-looking wallpapers that encourage us followers of Christ in many different areas like Love, hardships, though-life, etc. Also, I wrote to the editor for a suggestion for a new wallpaper - hopefully they make it - and they replied with a personalized response within about 24 hours. This is my first review on iTunes so it's probably a bit long lol God Bless!.Version: 4.0

ExceptionalI have had this app for a couple of months now and I am extremely impressed by the app, the website, and especially the wallpapers. The wallpapers look excellent on the retina display and the designers have done a great job of making the verses have a nice visual look. I love having the scripture on my lock screen and I have had fun watching the library and app grow. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.0

Great ideaI like the food for thought. However, i agree with the randomization posts here. The one thing that would make this better is if each time you went to unlock your iPad or iPhone a different message comes up. I'd be looking forward to each time I unlock my iPad much more and would also spend more time on each screen, as it is not the "same old same old" screen again. Thanks for your idea and so far a great presentation! Keep up the good work..Version: 3.0

Exactly what I wanted!I wanted something so that when I first looked at my iPhone I would be reminded of God's grace, God's promises, God's love, and His incomprehensible love for us. BibleLockScreen is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Beautiful graphics, wonderful choices in verses, and the designer of the app very frequently adds new screens. I change my wallpaper/lock screen often, never any problems. I can't recommend this enough. The app is great, and God bless the designer..Version: 3.0

It's really easy to figure out and amazing!I really like this app because I'm getting a little encouragement of faith everyday I see this. Currently I follow the account on Instagram and I always saw the backgrounds and I thought were so nice and encouraging that I finally budged and decided to spend the $1 for the app. Happy that I did and will share with my mom because she is a big believe of god just like I am. Thank you! ❤️.Version: 5.0

Absolutely wonderful!!This app is amazing! With the new update it brought forth hundreds of new lock screen verses. I love displaying my faith on my phone. It says a lot to others too. This app has lead to curiosity in some of my friends and because of that a few of them now know Christ! God bless you for what you do, spreading the Word of God and inspiring others to do the same! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Your brother in Christ, Josh (@JesusFreakF4Evr).Version: 4.0

WonderfulBeautifully rendered and most are spot on. The only one I disagree with is "saved by grace not by works" this is not really accurate, but I understand where this idea comes from. :) As we all know, James went into great detail about this topic. I will summarize with "Faith without works is dead". But beyond little squabbly details like that one, hey we all love Jesus! And I like this app!! Follow them on twitter and facebook for more uplifting grace!.Version: 3.0

Awesome App!!!!!There are soooo many amazing wallpapers to use on this app and they are all so bright and awesome. It's really a wonderful thing to scroll through and just see God's word - and even when you just check the time or something. Great pictures to even share on our church page and text to a friend/family that needs to hear God's word or uplifting verses!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!.Version: 4.0

My overall experience with this app.....It's amazing. I love it when someone sees my lock screen and says "omg, where'd you get this?!" it's also a great feeling when I post the wallpapers to my instagram page. they're beautiful wallpapers not only because of the designs but mostly because they're the truth about our heavenly Father - & very uplifting. may God Bless the creators of this app..Version: 4.0

This is amazing!I love this app, it is so incredible to be able to find quality wallpapers that are biblical and inspiring. With this app I can get wallpapers that whenever I open my phone I see encouragement! My only suggestion is that there is a search bar added, that way you can search by book, chapter and verse. That would be great! Thanks.Version: 5.0

FantasticI am always motivated and encouraged through the messages.Version: 5.0

Great App!!This app has a lot of cool features and if you need some help I think you should install it. It has mini videos of topics and it has tons of background being undated weekly / monthly over all I really recommend this app.Version: 5.0.1

.......Version: 5.0.1

Inspire :)This app is easy to use and has a nice variety of beautiful wallpapers. Ranging from beautiful and inspiring lock screen with memorable quotes, interesting collages, and colors. Very much worth 1$. Hope they add more wallpapers soon..Version: 3.0

A+++Fantastic app!.Version: 5.0

Beautiful app!Very inspirational. I love this app! :).Version: 5.0

Not Just an AppThis isn't just an app but a tool that can be used for inspiration and quotes and sayings that just lift your spirits up. This is truly worth the money I paid. All of the pictures are great. You can show off to the world that you're a Believer in Christ through making one of the pictures your lock screen..Version: 5.0

Beautiful!Works great, amazing selection. Nuff said..Version: 4.0

Bible appGreat app and quotes but it crashes way Too much.. Please fix this...Version: 4.0

Please Fix!!!!!!Great inspiring app. But please fix it! My poor IPod gen 4! The pictures load most times, but when I try to pick one the app crashes! I've checked that my software's up to date (6.1.5) I've tried everything! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐if it worked..Version: 4.0

Amazing and Inspiring AppDefinitely Worth The Money :).Version: 4.0

InstagramI love this app and especially all the things it posts on Instagram because it give me encouraging words that get me through each day. Thankyou for being so awesome.Version: 4.0

Amazingly inspirationalI love this app! I always have a hard time deciding which lock screen to use. I'd recommend it to everyone. God bless..Version: 4.0

Beautiful! 🌟👌❤All of the scriptures are very inspiring and full of delightful colour! I love them and always use them!!!!.Version: 3.0

Good app!Looks good and easy to use. Keep the screens coming! Perhaps needs more of a library..Version: 1.0

Love itThis app is amazing ! You can send the pictures by iMessages or email ! And there so helpful and a reminder of what God wants us to do ! Love it !!!!.Version: 3.0

ChelsAmazing and encouraging! Love it!.Version: 3.0

God is GreatIt's a great app to have. Take the spirit of God with you. Let Him speak through you in scripture. This app allows you to remind yourself of the awesome God you serve. If you going through strife, there is a text specifically for you. Thanks for creating this app. May God continue to bless your ministry..Version: 3.0

Good jobIt's a daily remainder of how great our God is! And the pictures are wonderful . Love it!!! good work.Version: 3.0

Finally! I had been wishing for a way to have scripture on the home screen for so long.This is exactly what I have been wanting but could not find before now. Thank you. I love it!.Version: 3.0

I love Jesus ChristGood job to this app maker GOD Bless U.Version: 3.0

HiI don't even know how to get this app to work? Thanks.Version: 3.0

Bible verse lock screenIt's really a great application recently updated now it's wonderful..Version: 3.0

Big fanGreat app. It is tools like these that not only brighten our day and increase our faith but also may help a complete stranger to see one of these and then possibly pick up the bible. Bravo.Version: 2.2

232hopeVery good job may God bless u all.Version: 2.2

Love it :)Great screens. It's a small change to an iPod but it does make a difference to your day. Good for memorizing passively as well.Version: 2.2

BeautifulI love this app, it's really awesome great job! I just wish the verses were in a more reliable version like KJV or NKJV..Version: 2.2

Love It!Beautiful App. Has been a blessing! Please add more :).Version: 2.0

Fabulous!!!Love it ... Exactly what I wanted, beautiful bite-size pieces of scripture to meditate on!!! .Version: 2.0

Great!I really like this app. It has really nice verses, and all of the backgrounds are beautifully made. My only complaint would be that there are not enough. Don't get me wrong, there are several, but only about 2 dozen. Keep them coming!.Version: 1.0

EskMine says it is downloaded but it even isn't.Version: 1.0

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