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What can GoWish be used for?
GoWish is your digital wishlist, where you can create and save all your wishes in one place. Download the GoWish app, create a profile, and add wishes that you can easily share with all your friends. The app makes it easy for your friends and family to reserve and purchase your wishes.

With the app, you can create your gift wishes wherever you are. You can add wishes to your wishlists from any online store in the world - there are no limitations.

Also, use the app to keep track of things you need to remember to buy for yourself.
It has never been easier to share a wishlist than with the GoWish app. Share wishlists with your friends using the app, share via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, or one of your other favorite media.

Avoid duplicate gifts:
One of the significant advantages of using the app is that you won't receive duplicate gifts for birthdays, Christmas, confirmations, weddings, etc. Your guests can see what is being reserved by other guests - without you, of course, being able to see it yourself.
You can use the GoWish app, or you can use GoWish through your browser. As a user, you always have your wishlist at hand. Easy and simple.

Super easy to use:
If you come across something you want, you can save it in two ways.

If it's on a website, you can save your wish directly with a single click on the wish button in your share-menu on your iPhone or iPad.
You can also copy the link to your gift wish and then go to the app and press "create wish automatically," paste the link, and the app takes care of the rest :)

We recommend that you use one of the two automatic methods to create your wishes, making it super easy for your friends to find and buy exactly what you want.
All your wishes end up in the same place and are accessible, whether you use the app on your iPhone, iPad, or log in to our website.

Benefits of using the digital universe og GoWish:

Easily create all kinds of wishes from all online stores worldwide
Save wishes online with just one click on the wish button
You can create all the wishlists you need
You can create a wishlist with your partner - e.g., a wedding wishlist
You can create wishlists on behalf of family members or friends
You can share wishlists digitally with your friends and family
Avoid wrong gifts or two of the same gift
Get inspiration from friends and family when exchanging wishlists
You can follow your friends' wishlists
You can find inspiration for your next wishlist from all the coolest brands

GoWish - wishes should be saved, not forgotten.

GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist App Comments & Reviews

GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist Positive Reviews

LOVE IT!I think this app is such a useful and easy way to organize my wishlist. At first, I was just had multiple pages of links pasted in my notes app. Now, having an app where I can see my whole wishlist organized with pictures, prices and links all in one place is amazing! One feature I think would be really cool to implement into the app is a feature where the app can automatically add up the price of each of your lists, so you can see how much it cost to buy everything on a certain wishlist! I think this would be a really cool and helpful feature!.Version: 5.1.8

Should add option to check things off listI love this as I collect vintage items from a specific brand and love to have stuff I want all in one spot. I think it is necessary that they add an option that marks off whatever you manage to get off your wishlist! Not get rid of it, just mark with a check or something in the corner to show you own it. This way the app can also work to keep track of your collection/ filling out the wishlist. Hope to see these changes soon! Edit: please also consider adding multiple pictures! For items that have a different back/ different angle pictures. App keeps lagging and won’t let me add any other items to my wishlist! I’ll put in all the info and hit done and nothing will happen! It just glitches.Version: 6.0.7

Organization frI seen this app on Tiktok and I was like perfectttt because I’ve been keeping like “wishlist” lists to remember specific skin car, body care, supplements, grocery items to get so I don’t forget them. This is perfect because you just copy a link for what your wanting and create a wishlist for that category of items. I’d get it if you wanting a way to organize items or things you want to remember. Oh & the prices with be there to so you can budget as wellll!.Version: 6.1.0

The best wishlist appI’ve never been more satisfied with any app in my life. Go Wish is the best app for anything you want to share with family and friends. This has helped me and my family so much for the holidays. I love that there are examples of things to ask for and what you want your list to be about. I 100% think that everyone should have this helpful app for all of your wishes..Version: 6.0.7

Great app but room for improvement!1) dark mode would be great!!! 2) when adding a wish, if you manually swipe down on the screen before waiting a few seconds after entering a wish, it seems to cancel the process and you need to redo it and start over and wait for the wish to wait a few moments until is slides down out of frame other than that great app! super excited to see the featured content.Version: 6.0.7

OMG IN LOVEI already shared this app with my friends and they LOVED it. I love how you can share wishlists,it’s free, and the app is great for organization. Just something I wish was in the app: I like doing outfits but everything is all over the place in my wishlist, so what if there was a way you put many wishes in one wish and put it all together? That would be so helpful thank u sm for reading!💜🫶🏽.Version: 6.0.3

It’s great but could add one more thingI used to take screenshots of what I wanted and I always would fill of my camera roll with photos of things I wanted and when my mom wants to buy me something she can without me sending her a screenshot and she have too go and find the shade and all of that but I think you could add were on the top it shows how much the whole list coast so I can know how much I am spending and so my mom knows too.Version: 6.2.1

Excellent Wish list AppThis app makes it so easy to create different wish lists and shopping lists for different occasions and projects. I love the interface and the way that you can add a picture, price and link straight to the item. It’s very easy to use BUT can be a little buggy in terms of the link not pasting for the option to autopopulate a post. Other than that, I highly recommend this app!.Version: 6.1.1

This app is just what I was looking for!I saw all the bad ratings and I was very confused. I really wanted to have an app or something to add a bunch of things I wanted to buy, but I didn’t want to have to screenshot everything and put it on my notes app. So I went on Tik Tok to find an app that somebody might’ve created. And I found this app, it’s perfect. I’m a teen girl and I loveee it.Version: 5.1.3

Good for silly teen girl thingsI love this because instead of having to download each app that has something I want in it, I can keep several different brands all in one app. It does take a little bit a of time to add in the wish list but in the end it looks nice looking at the collage!🔥🔥.Version: 6.0.7

I can’t add anything to my wishlistI really love the how the layout of the app is but it’s not letting me add anything to my wishlist. Nothing in the help tab is helping me. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, even made a new account to see if that was the problem. The button is gray i can’t use it. Also i sent you an email about it to see if u can maybe fix it. This is the only wishlist app i like and i don’t want to have to delete. PLEASE FIX IT!!.Version: 6.0.6

Good- could be better!This app is AMAZING, however, there are certain things I think could be better. For example, I’m not sure if it’s just my app acting out, but you can’t add items from eBay. I also wish you could check off the items you have, or that other people can (you use who can) check off the items as well..Version: 6.1.1

InspirationI love this app and having one link to send the family and relatives. The idea and everything is amazing but I wish they’d add more to the inspiration section of the app. And I hate how you can’t paste from the actual app. It only has to be from Chrome or Safari. Overall though I think this app is incredible a solid nine out of 10..Version: 6.2.1

Such a simple but good appMakes keeping track of what you want really easy. Anytime i think of something i want i can quickly add it anywhere i am on any device. Makes writing christmas or birthday lists really easy and overall functions really well.Version: 6.2.1

Can’t create add anything to my wishlistIdk maybe i’m doing something wrong but i’ve filled out everything in the manual section but the button that i have to click in order to add my wish if gray and can’t be pressed. So i tried just adding the link automatically and that’s not working either. Anyways I really enjoyed the layout and aesthetic of the app, I just can’t use it for technical issues..Version: 6.0.0

A great app!I love this app! I have so many wishlists on different websites and it started to get overwhelming. I found this app and so far it has helped me a lot! It’s quick and easy to link items from websites and make lists and is well organized..Version: 6.0.8

Great app but some adviceI love this app but I wish it would tell you the total of the list so let’s say I want to get everything on the list then I would like to k ow how much I have to pay for it. It would help me and others budget. So instead of doing all the math, on my wish list I have that go wish would tell me how much everything cost.Version: 6.1.1

Was going good until…Loved this app so much it is great at organizing and planning out all wish lists. HOWEVER randomly it decided to log me out and then everything on my lists and all my lists were gone and deleted!!! so upset!!!! not sure if i will continue using due to this unreliability. edit I logged out and re logged in and everything was back up!! so glad!! really enjoy this app!.Version: 6.0.8

Easy to use but could use moreSuper convenient but - you can’t share the list to people that don’t have the app - half the time I have to manually put in the info because it won’t work - I can not stress this enough I NEED TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE PRICE OF THE WHOLE LIST COMBINED - it would also be nice to be able to order it all in one place as an option.Version: 6.0.0

Some updates are neededThis is the perfect app I have been looking for- I had a little trouble with sign up but was able to create an account. I have already made wishlists but it won’t let me add items to my lists- it must just be a glitch but I hope it works soon because I look forward to using it!!.Version: 5.1.8

Wishlist issuesI really enjoy the layout and the way you can set up the wishlist, but I got this to create wishlists. As of now I’ll create a wishlist add maybe 1-3 items before it won’t let me add anymore, when I paste the link it doesn’t process or load it at all it just sits there and the only way to add something is manually when you name, add the picture, price, and link yourself. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.0.6

Nearly perfectEverything works perfectly for me except the load times and the shortcut when you hit share on a website. The shortcut hardly ever works and the load time is tremendously slow sometimes. Everything else is great though. Great suggestions and inspiration page..Version: 6.0.6

My dream come trueI have been waiting for an app like this to shine its beautiful beamy light on me forever. I honestly think this is a wonderful way to see prices and just an easy way to sort out your wishes. Thank you GoWish! sydthesciencekid.Version: 6.0.8

Picture or description won’t changeI think it’s a really great app and so Easy but whenever you try to update the pictures or change something it doesn’t pop up even though it says successfully changed it doesn’t change I don’t know what to do and it can get very annoying.Version: 5.1.8

Amazing AppLove listing the things I want here for future purchases, you can customize how you want everything to look and honestly I use this app to bookmark the stuff I want to get.Version: 6.1.1

Great app!!I never write reviews, but i felt like i had to for this app. it’s really good!! a lot of the time, i’ll see something i want and screenshot it, but never go back to it, so my storage just ends up being completely full. however, with this, i can keep everything documented for when i have the money to buy the item i want and not just completely forget about it. the only suggestion i have is that they should add like a “total,” so you can see how much everything in your board amounts up to. again, great app !! 💓💓.Version: 6.0.0

Could use improvement...I currently had 75 wishes but my wishlist all of a sudden got deleted and I couldn't add other wishes. I also noticed it wouldn't take Ebay wishes so I had to make the links for the Ebay ones.. Other than that it's good for organization, and helps me know which link is for what item :).Version: 6.2.1

Pretty goodI’ve just started, and it’s pretty easy! It brings me straight to the website and it shows you the photo for it. I can also update later but it’s going pretty well!.Version: 5.1.5

GREAT APP!!I literaly love having everything I want across so many websites all in one spot-the pasted URL doesnt always work but it’s super easy to manually insert the details and is certainly worth the convenience it brings 👍👍👍.Version: 6.0.7

I LOVE THIS APPThis is a five star app! it’s free and so easy to organize all of the things i want buy. I use this for christmas and my birthday and in general to help set goals on what i should earn money for! This is an amazing app and i absolutely recommend to everyone!!.Version: 6.1.1

Love loveSo easy to use and i love how it puts the pictures and it uses the links quickly and the interface is really cute. i think it would be better to have all the prices in a wishlist to be summed up and be shown at the top of the wishlist to see how much it would be to buy everything. but it should also be a feature that can be turned off or on..Version: 5.1.8

GlitchReally good app overall there is a glitch where when I put in the link that I want it brings me to a completely different website. To be more specific I will put a link for Target and it will bring me to the glossier website..Version: 6.2.1

Great app! fun and easy!I love this app, it’s so cute, fun, and easy. sometimes the links i add don’t work and i have to paste the links into messages or notes and then copy and paste them into gowish but other than that it’s fine. you should add an option for people to check off items they’ve bought so they don’t get duplicate items and you should add the option to remain anonymous or public when someone check it off they can choose to remain anonymous.Version: 6.0.8

Awesome but one issueEverything was perfect until I wanted something specific and I could not find it so my one request is please put in a search bar.Version: 6.1.1

Good at first, but…When i tried to edit my wishes it keeps saying “Does this wishlist contain images or text that seem inappropriate or offensive?” which makes it pretty much impossible to edit a wish, and sometimes i can’t even make one..Version: 6.0.2

GoWishGoWish is such an amazing app. It helps me keep track of things that I want and need. It’s perfect! You can make all kinds of different lists and add stuff to the list. I really love GoWish.Version: 6.0.8

Never Forget A WishI used to forget what I wanted all the time. Not anymore. This is like my personal memory bank for wishes..Version: 6.0.8

Wishlists Done RightIt just gets it. From Christmas to shopping lists, this app handles it all in the most user-friendly way..Version: 6.0.8

I like the potentialWhen trying to sign in I put in all my info and it still won’t let me make an acc. I thought it was my wifi so I went to a different place still didn’t work but I like the thought of it.Version: 5.1.7

Great ideaIt’s an amazing idea and makes christmas lists so easy to make and send but it closes out of the thing where you add a wish so often and will just trash everything just just put out if no where.Version: 6.0.7

.Took like 20 mins to understand but over all good and good app.Version: 6.0.6

It keeps glitching outI honestly loved this app before but then suddenly this week it starts glitching out in a white screen and then I have to clean up my phone every time. please fix this problem!.Version: 6.0.7

Rlly helpful & trendyTbh i love this app, it's actually quite easy to use if you loom at it for more than 2 seconds, and it's rlly nice to have somewhere to put everything u want in a organized fashion. i rlly hope this app takes off :).Version: 5.1.8

This app is greatI usually make wishlists for stuff so I can buy it later when I get a chance so being able to add stuff with all the info by just pasting the link is great!.Version: 5.1.8

It’s okCreated an account and made a huge wish list bug when you share it with someone who doesn’t have an account on the app, they can’t view it until they make an account. Just a little annoying.Version: 5.1.8

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