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Since 1999, HappyCow has helped users find vegan-options at 135,000+ restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in 180+ countries. Now it's easy to find vegan food delivery nearby, or get takeout. Read 750,000+ reviews and see 900,000+ photos posted by our awesome community! With HappyCow, you can search for vegan-friendly bakeries, health food stores, catering, farmers markets, juice bars, coffee shops, or other types of vegan businesses and use filters for delivery and take-away!

• Filter by Vegan, Delivery, Take-out, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, cuisine types, and more!
• Easily search near you, or nearby an address (perfect for planning a trip!)
• Order food for delivery and take-away via an easy link (within USA)
• Plan your travels by using our interactive map and saving places for offline viewing
• Find popular and undiscovered eateries with keywords and cuisine filters: perfect for foodie adventures and Instagram pics!
• See hours, directions, photos, and reviews - so easy!

• Join the largest Veg community with 500,000+ people who are changing the world!
• Search or browse to find like-minded people to connect with and send instant messages.
• Add restaurants to your Favorite list or Travel list
• Upload photos & submit reviews at places you love! Track where you’ve been!
• Content is updated 24/7 by a dedicated team and 2 million+ monthly visitors
• HappyCow is supported in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and now Portuguese.


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Vegan Food Near You - HappyCow App Comments & Reviews

Vegan Food Near You - HappyCow Positive Reviews

Best Search Tool for Vegan placesIt’s easy to be mislead by ads or SEO’s that some restaurants have and then when you check them they barely have more than one vegan option in their menus (when they have any). Also, to be honest, most of us vegans prefer to be patrons of restaurants 100% vegan, and thats what makes HAPPY COW app vegan’s best friend. It’s worth it the small fee that actually supports the app development and is more than worth it to have it available for any time you decide to explore new cities and new vegan food places worldwide. Yes, the collective contribution to add as much information about vegan places is real. The beauty of the app is also that it takes in consideration the differences between restaurants with vegan or vegetarian offers, restaurants that are vegan and vegetarian friendly and the ones that are 100% vegan that very often accommodate people that are also gluten-free, soy free, etc. I’m happy that I’ve been using it for a year now and I’ll keep using it because it rocks !!!.Version: 5.3.0

A must have for any vegan/vegetarian.Upon going vegan I chose not to purchase this app due to the higher than average price, but since then I have had many great meals thanks to this app which makes it well worth the cost. The app has some issues that need to be worked upon and the kind developer team has informed me that they are aware of them and are doing their best to integrate them. I recommend this app to anyone who is traveling or living in a metropolitan area where there may be vegan/vegetarian restaurants unknown to them. For those who reside in the suburbs and don’t travel I recommend you use the free website to see what types of options there are around you at one time. I wish there were vegan/veg restaurants everywhere but that is not always the case so check the website first. I hope that the happy cow community grows because for now I use happy cow to locate the restaurant but google to see the reviews and photos. If a rest isn’t on happy cow has a large number of positive reviews and photos it’s bound to be a home run of a a meal..Version: 4.2.0

Best resource for finding veg-friendly restaurantsSomeone recommended this to me when I first went vegan a few years back. It had been less than a month and I was just starting to feel that I wouldn’t be able to do it because I missed eating out with the family. We met this guy in front of the one vegan restaurant I managed to find by just trying to Google a bunch of stuff and when I told him what I went through, he told me about the app and I have been an avid user since! I have used it to plan trips because you can save an itinerary of places you want to visit beforehand and it’s really easy to add restaurants that you may find on your own. If you use the app I encourage you to leave reviews and add restaurants because that’s how the information grows. It is definitely worth the download! *As of Aug 2018, the app has been redesigned and looks great! The ability to filter by restaurant type directly from the main page is a welcome new addition!.Version: 4.0.0

26 year vegan use this app all over the worldI’m a 26 year vegan / 15 year raw vegan and lifetime performing artist who tours all over the world and this app is everything. I’ve used it in Spain, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, Costa Rica and so much more. I’ve certainly used it in all 50 states. And surprisingly, I use it regularly in my home city, Los Angeles, the world mecca of vegan food just to see what new places pop up. They show up on Happy Cow first. Of course the app is only as good as its community reviews, so I always try to upload a photo and short review where I go - especially if it’s a small town. It’s easy to use and through the photos and reviews, you can really tell what a place is going to be like before you make the trek there. Support!.Version: 3.14.0

Phenomenal resource for veg-friendly optionsI was initially hesitant to purchase this app due to it not being free (I’m cheap when it comes to app purchasing), but upon downloading it, I could not be happier. Especially when visiting new and unfamiliar locations, I have used this app to find restaurants able to accommodate my dietary choices. Secondly, I really appreciate the ability to add reviews to the locations – both pros and cons – and the ease of adding photographs of the restaurants. (Venue is important!) Third, I admit that I was annoyed when I noticed that multiple restaurants offering veg options were not listed on the HappyCow app; however, I decided that I could change that by adding them myself. Since then, I have found this app the greatest resource for me because it engenders and cultivates a community who is collectively trying to make eating veg an easier and more delightful experience. Lastly, I’m extremely thankful for this app and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try veg, already veg, or simply interested in seeing veg options throughout their area..Version: 4.6.1

This app was a lifesaver in Italy!We just returned from a 10 day tour in Italy and this app was a lifesaver!! We were able to search out vegan restaurants in Rome, Tuscany and Venice!! We ate like kings and everything was so easy to find! Thank goddess for this app! In the land of dried meats oil and cheeses we found fresh and savory selections in every town we visited! This app was so worth the price! We use it all the time!! Thank you Happy Cow! My only request/feedback is that you add “Whole Food Plant Based” or “WFPB” as one of your dietary label choices, pretty please🙏🏻 I’ve selected Herbivore but would appreciate the correct title to be available for those who are WFPB, which many are for health reasons..Version: 4.4.3

Excellent InvestmentThe convenience is priceless! As in, it’s worth a LOT more money than is charged, just to find exclusively vegan dining establishments—and they also list so much more, even farmers’ markets. I recall my last pre-vegan roommate asking me get “heartburn” pills for him, which he took nearly every day; they were expensive. For anyone regularly taking antacids because of meat eating, I’d highly suggest buying the app to find all-vegan restaurants once in a while—you can go in, order anything on the menu, and probably not need to take any pills! There are so many reviews to help you choose, especially by vegans.... Get out and live a little!.Version: 4.4.0

Don’t leave home without it!I’ve never felt strongly enough about an app before to bother rating it. We rely on this wherever we go - even in Europe. I love the “veg options” feature because we have a vegan, a lacto-ovo and two omnivores who prefer meat. So we’re able to find places fit for everyone. We use the app to plan our sightseeing schedule so we’re close to something good at mealtime. Options include grocery stores, so whether we’re with family in Frankfurt or AirBNB in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire, we know where to go. Love that you can see what’s open and easily click for directions..Version: 3.14.0

Cool concept but..There are tons of places with vegan options around me that are not on the app. The app is showing me that I live in a dead zone for vegan options, which is kind of true but the app is still missing a lot. Edit: I appreciate the developer response, but it seems like this app is not what I was looking for. It seems like it is not geared towards those of us who are having difficulty finding restaurants with ANY vegan options, but instead for people who are surrounded by vegan and vegetarian restaurants and just need help choosing which one. Disappointing, because I am aware of the one all-vegan restaurant in my town, but I wouldn’t necessarily know which places would have a vegan item or two on their menu. It seems this app would be helpful if you lived in a large, vegan-friendly city. Edit 2: after reading the other reviews, it looks like they’re no longer allowing submissions for restaurants that serve meat? That would explain why nothing was coming up for me. If this is true, that completely erases the functionality of the app in my mind. Not all of us have the luxury of getting to eat at all vegan and vegetarian restaurants! Sad..Version: 3.13.0

Missing featuresIt’s nice to get a social side of plant-forward diets, and the following for the app has really made it a great resource for finding those places. * Update based on developer’s second response: I appreciate your time to explain the intention behind the app. I think that others could benefit by understanding that you want to highlight places that are *purposely* providing plant-based options. I recommend you put that in the app’s description. As it stands, it seems like you’re trying to advertise your service as a yelp-for-vegans; which is why I was confused..Version: 4.0.0

11/10I tried this app a while ago, and I didn’t like it too much because there were a few issues with it at the time. But, I recently went vegan and had a hard time finding places that would suit my diet. Luckily, I decided to give this app a second chance, and I’m glad I did! Every issue has been fixed, and I love it now! I don’t travel much, but it has helped me find new places to eat in a town that I thought I knew like the back of my hand. When I do travel, the first thing I check is my app to see where I can eat- it’s a lifesaver!.Version: 4.2.0

Best app for vegan and vegetarian travelers!!My husband and I love this app!! We love to travel around the world and every place we go there are vegan options for us thanks to HappyCow.. we use this app and TripAdvisor to strategically find hotels close to vegan restaurants... I also found one time a vegan bed and breakfast in the FL Keys and I took my husband there for birthday ... I don't compare this app to yelp because in Yelp I don't trust if the place is complete vegan or not.. maybe it's me, but happy cow was created with a different mission compared to Yelp.. hope this review helps! Totally worth the $4!!.Version: 3.9.0

Plant Based No-Oil optionsThe happy cow app has been very helpful to my wife and I under our new lifestyle of plant-based know oil living. We are wondering if you could add a feature or filter for establishments that are willing to serve a plant-based know oil option. Very difficult to find places that have it on the menu. We recently found a great one near JFK Airport in New York City thanks to your app. We were disappointed that there is no way to identify such accommodating establishments with your app. The numbers behind Dr. Collin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn continue to grow exponentially. We hope you can serve this growing group of followers with your wonderful app..Version: 4.4.3

BEST VEGAN RESOURCE EVERI have been using this app ever since I went vegan three years ago. It shows you all the vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in an area. Whenever I go on a trip, I use this app to find vegan food places, and it has been indispensable for locating AMAZING places. I have never had a poor experience at any of the many places I’ve visited thanks to this app. Not all of the places are strictly vegan, but that’s ok, because they still have vegan options. Also, the profiles of the places tell you if it’s “vegetarian,” “vegan,” or “veg-friendly.”.Version: 4.6.1

Indispensable app for any vegan / vegI rarely write app reviews but this app has truly been a life saver countless times on countless trips. Whenever I am in a new city, country or continent HappyCow is among my most used apps. It saves you a tremendous amount of time by locating nearby restaurants, shop, grocers and many other categories that cater to vegans or vegetarians. Then, each place you find has honest, trustworthy reviews from other vegans. Not like Yelp reviews, where they are completely untrustworthy. This app is WELL worth it’s small asking price. Thank you HappyCow!.Version: 4.7.8

Love this app.Being vegan can be challenging when eating out but this app helps so much. Delighted to find even when I am visiting China it’s still offering suggestions. I guess it’s only as good as the people who use it so I must remember to keep adding and making reviews as we all should do. It’s what its all about helping each other along . I tell all my vegan and none vegan friends about this, times are changing and it’s amazing people who aren’t vegan will know someone who is so keep spreading the world about this app it’s such a brilliant app..Version: 3.9.7

LifesaverI was born and raised a strict vegetarian and I travel a lot for work. I’ve been using happy cow for 10 years now, and this app has changed my life. I used to go overseas (Korea/Japan/China) and was completely lost when it came to finding food. I’d be lucky to go on a trip and have some bread and water to eat. Happycow has literally changed my life. Now I can go alllllmosssst anywhere and be able to find a great meal. I don’t think I’ve been to a city in the last 4 years where happycow didn’t have listings. This is awesome..Version: 4.1.1

Best Food App if You Travel!I was a little deterred by the $4 cost for an app, but it was more than worth it to plan my Japan trip!! I’m so floored by how amazing this app is and it’ll also help me find places around town easier as well. My only complaint is that it seems to have recently changed from a 4-star max rating to 5-star (?), so all the reviews I’m seeing for food in Tokyo mention something along the lines of “I wish there were more than 4 stars to give”, so I feel like ratings should be adjusted..Version: 4.5.0

Great for road warriorsI haves used this app around the world to discover great restaurants often in walking distance. Truly awesome. One tip: call ahead to verify a restaurant is open or still operating. Restaurants change their hours often and there’s a lot of turnover in the business. If you do find info is out of date, take the time to update in the app or on the website. And unlike a lot of apps, it is actively developed with frequent updates by a developer that takes feedback well..Version: 4.7.8

Favorite AppThis app has been a savior for me when traveling. It gives me recommendations of vegan-friendly places that I would not have known of otherwise, based on my location. It has made it much easier for me to find places that cater to me, taking the pressure of me when I’m a new place. I even use it in my hometown to see what new restaurants have popped up. MUCH more effective than google-searching for places and definitely more reliable. I can’t explain how much I value this app..Version: 3.9.4

*****APP OF THE YEAR*****I travel LOTSSSSS for the government. Finding food around the county and world was hard. Most days I would either starve or eat very little because there is NO WAY for me to google search or drive around asking for Vegan restaurants, until now. Eating is a basic necessity. Us vegans don’t always have the option for food in remote locations. Happy Cow has made my life much easier and given me more options that I would most likely never have discovered. THANK YOU!!! -Navy Chief⚓️.Version: 3.9.1

Best travel buddy... home and abroadI love to travel. I LOVE that no matter where I go, happy cow is reliable in helping me track down vegan options. I travel 3-4 days a week and I’ve found the best restaurants in the middle of nowhere. The reviews are honest and done by actual vegans and vegetarians, not just someone guessing what veg people might eat. Sorting by open now and distance makes this app really versatile. Happy it’s been around as long as it has, and the reviews and options continue to grow with it..Version: 4.7.5

Such a great appThere’s something really strengthening to have this app when traveling. I’m pretty aware of what is near me so I don’t have to look up much locally unless I’m curious to try something that might be new. But when out and about on an adventure elsewhere this is super helpful! Especially since most of my family isn’t vegan I can also find places that they might enjoy but have great options for myself. Whoever made this app is genius. Thank you!.Version: 3.9.9

Lackluster Experience So FarI love vegan for so many reasons. My top three being compassion, my health, and the environmental impact. This app is great for finding finding strictly vegan restaurants. It’s usefulness diminishes as you move towards more inclusive options. For instance, in Reno there is a breakfast place called Two Chicks that has an amazing vegan skillet and delicious vegan pancakes, but many meat options too. They don’t make the list. The app doesn’t allow you to search for a particular restaurant. I’d also like to sort by meal (breakfast, lunch, Italian, Mexican, etc.). Lastly, you cannot rate a restaurant five stars if they aren’t strictly vegan. They have a category for “veg-options”, why not allow me to give a place with veg options five stars? Seems discriminate. I hope the app continues to develop, and I’m happy to contribute my $4 to the cause, but at this time I do not recommend it as a one stop shop to find vegan food in your area. I still find yelp and google more useful..Version: 4.5.0

A Must-Buy For VegansDining out was a lot easier when I was vegetarian but now that I’m vegan it’s simply too time-consuming to sift through Yelp and Google reviews to figure out 1. If a restaurant actually serves any vegan dishes and 2. how good those vegan dishes are. You know on Happy Cow that the reviews are by fellow vegans and vegetarians so they more accurately predict the experience as opposed to restaurants receiving many five star ratings for their steak and other animal flesh based dishes, while their veg options are just afterthoughts..Version: 3.9.3

Vegan Traveler’s AideWe find Happy Cow very helpful while traveling - to find restaurants that provide good vegan food. We find that even the Veg Friendly restaurants almost always can make one or more of their options vegan when asked. These options are so so much better than the ones when you ask for vegan and they don’t know what that means. Good job Happy Cow. I know you’re growing fast and that must bring challenges. Keep up the good work..Version: 3.14.0

The Food is excellent!You must try the veggie Black Bean Burger!! The Bun melts in your mouth literally ! It’s so soft and the black bean patty tastes very fresh compared to other restaurants that use too much grease. They have Vegan mayonnaise just make sure you ask for it. If you’re vegetarian try the corn bread !! The only thing I wish this restaurant had is some ambience/ background music to give it more of a restaurant feel.. Also it’s not open on certain days. Don’t sleep on it !.Version: 3.13.0

Don’t Leave home without it!I have traveled around the world, to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and I’m planning a trip to Africa. In each case, I have found a HappyCow app to be indispensable in planning exciting and healthy eating on the road. I trust the reviews, they are always spot on. I have easily added new-found gems to the collection (somewhat easier on the website), and made updates to existing restaurants. I’m very grateful for the HappyCow community!.Version: 3.14.0

Super cool but needs tweakingThe app is super easy to use and very helpful, but I wish it were more polished! Literally, every uploaded picture looks grainy (is it because of the watermark?) and something as seemingly useful as a menu photo ends up being totally useless, and I have to either rely on a website that‘s hopefully updated or Yelp. It‘d also be nice if pictures were separated categorically: menu, food, drink, inside, outside. This helps me get a better understanding of a spot and not weed through blurry pictures..Version: 4.6.0

Vegan Savior!Thank you, Happy Cow, for always helping us find something good to eat!! I love being part of the Happy Cow community and I’ve created some of my best Food Memories thanks to you! I would love if Happy Cow could be linked to my GPS to show me vegan options along my route! That would be so helpful as I drive a lot for Work and would love to see what’s on my way, vs 7 miles back (for example) - thought I would share my idea!.Version: 3.9.2

It’s the Best!I went vegan 3 years ago and Happy Cow has been with me almost from the very beginning. I’ve used it in several foreign country visits and throughout France. I love this app. No matter where I am it lets me know where I can find something for me to eat...and places for me and my meat-eating husband to dine together while traveling or running errands in unfamiliar areas. Definitely recommend to vegans or just health conscious people..Version: 4.0.0

Sooooo useful while traveling!!Happy Cow has left this very hungry vegan satiated while traveling countless times. I also have discovered restaurants in my city thanks to this useful app. I definitely recommend adding restaurant listings, reviews and photos if you use the app a lot. I started contributing more to the app and it’s nice knowing that other compassionate people are finding good eats thanks to my contributions!.Version: 4.7.8

Happy Cow has truly saved my lifeI am a touring vegan musician and sometimes eating gets really tough on the road. Especially finding vegan things in states you aren’t familiar with. Happy Cow has made it easier for me countless times. Going to different states to eat is now fun!!!! Thank you Happy Cow for being so amazing. I don’t starve on the road anymore now I can fully nourish my body because of you!.Version: 3.13.0

More than worth it! Much better than googleI can’t believe people who say that using google or yelp is better than this app. I never get clear search results for vegan or vegetarian restaurants with those apps. This was well worth the $4. Easy to filter based on vegan, vegetarian, or regular restaurants with veggie options. I can’t wait to keep discovering new veggie restaurants with this app!!.Version: 5.1.4

App doesn’t solve problem of no vegan restaurantsThe premise of this app is good but having an app to find vegan restaurants doesn’t magically make them appear. When I first installed it it came back with nothing, so I went in to “filters” and increased the search radius to 50 miles and then one restaurant is listed. So if I drive for over an hour I can get breakfast or lunch (they don’t serve dinner...) We don’t need apps so much as we need vegan restaurants! I would say save your $3.99 and use Yelp, but Yelp lists places as vegan that aren’t..Version: 4.7.1

Not accurate nor updated.Perhaps due to the fact that I’m not living in the USA. But for what are you paying for this app they should provided an reliable information regarding restaurants. What’s more these seems to be a community sourced platform which means the user which must pay for the app to use can / have to add restaurants. So far I haven’t been satisfied using this app hope the developers switch into a proactive way of providing a reliable source of information for vegan and vegetarians..Version: 4.4.3

Happy Cow Saves LivesI’ve been stranded in foreign countries without a clue where to find good food and Happy Cow and it’s lovely community comes through every time. Happy cow keeps me healthy and connected to great people and food options. It also keeps animals alive and makes the earth cleaner. I’d gladly pay more for this app. I think they should make it an annual subscription ..Version: 5.1.4

Best Vegan Resource EverIt is the best because it goes where you go and gives really accurate information. I share the app with anyone who is on a wait at any restaurant. I make a point of especially sharing it with restaurant managers. Then I remind them that I will be rating them on their available vegetarian and vegan options, plus photos!.Version: 4.7.8

Great app!We just spent 4 weeks in Europe. This app helped us find marvelous food in out of the way places. We enjoyed the adventure of discovering delicious vegan restaurants. From burgers to elegant meals. The downside was that we would walk to a restaurant just to find out they were no longer open. At times we used Google to find foods and restaurants that should have been listed in Happy Cow. Overall, we love Happy Cow, because it is do universal! Thank you, Happy Cow!.Version: 3.9.1

Indispensable appThis is a must have app if you’re vegan or vegetarian because you’ll discover so many places you wouldn’t otherwise have. They’ve recently improve it with a social connect feature but so far I’ve only used it to find new locations to eat and to get recommendations on the best dishes at each place..Version: 5.1.4

Great ideaThis app is a great idea, and I’m glad that I got it. I find it slightly annoying that I have to create an email-tied account to leave a review. Why can’t I just leave an anonymous review, or at least create an account without using my email? Another problem: the distances in the app are often wrong, according to my maps app. Restaurants appear somewhat closer than they are. It’s not so awful, but it could use a fix..Version: 3.13.0

GREAT APP!I’ve been using the HappyCow app for years and it’s the best money I’ve spent on any app. I use it all the time locally and when I travel around the world. It’s truly invaluable to know where vegan options are and the app has definitely been a lifesaver more than a few times! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy to navigate vegan friendly restaurant guide!.Version: 3.14.0

A no brainer buy for vegansThe first thing you should do when you go vegan is buy this app. The website is excellent too but the app on the phone is a lot more convenient. I love to travel and that would have been very hard if I did not have this app. It makes exploring food at new places really easy. Totally worth the one time payment for the app..Version: 3.14.0

Best App!I travel extensively for work across the globe and this app is indispensable. I’m vegan and it’s helped me find great places to eat all over the world..Version: 3.9.2

Best app for vegans !!!Happy Cow app, it’s incredible for any vegans internationally that are travelling also to see what their vegan places or options are! Definitely recommend this app for my vegan siblings..Version: 5.3.7

Life changing!I am not sure how I lived before this app. As a vegan I remember using google maps for half a year and that was awful! This is by far the best app ever 🤩.Version: 5.3.2

The bestThis app is awesome, I use it all the time!.Version: 5.3.0

AwesomeMy wife and I travel lots and this app saves us from starving. 😉.Version: 5.2.0

Amazing AppHappyCow has helped me find vegan food all over the world. In particular, it saved me in Japan where vegan options are often hard to find. It’s very functional and easy to use, with regular updates and also an incredible member community! I definitely recommend paying the small amount to use this app all over for the rest of your life. It’s most definitely worth it..Version: 5.1.2

Love Love Love it!I just downloaded this app, and I’m in love! Thank you thank you thank you.Version: 5.0.0

Very useful appI use HappyCow whenever I visit a new place. The community of vegan diners is always a good guide. I have made effort to post reviews and have actually been thanked by people who read them..Version: 4.7.8

Vegan restaurantsHappy cow is an awesome fantastic app. We have used it all over the World in Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Canada, and directs us to the closest vegan or vegetarian restaurants starting with the closest one to us. I’ve shared it with many people that are vegan/vegetarian or transitioning. Highly recommended.Version: 4.7.8

Best AppMy husband and I have so much fun using this app when travelling to look for awesome vegan restaurants. It always makes our trips. Thank you Happy Cow!!!.Version: 4.7.8

I’d be lost without Happy CowI travel for a living and use Happy Cow everywhere I go. It makes it so easy to find plant-based food without extensive research. The reviews are an excellent way to determine if a location serves food to your particular taste as well. Good job Happy Cow!.Version: 4.7.8

OMG! What a vegan restaurant!Met friends at VHC for the first time. The menu and food is amazing. Doug the server was very friendly, informative with an entertaining personality. This place has a great setup where if you just want to get together with friends for drinks there’s a bar and tables. However being plant based I can’t say enough great things about this place. They even have entertainment Monday,Thursday with a comedian on Saturdays..Version: 4.7.7

AmazingIncredibly helpful especially when traveling.Version: 4.7.5

Wow!This is a time saver and oh so useful! When me and my family are out and about it’s always been difficult to find healthy food on the go. Now it’s so simple and the online reviews are very helpful. Well worth the $5.00 and the community forum is fantastic!.Version: 4.7.5

AmazingIt’s easy to use and finds stuff quick. Definitely want to support the devs behind this..Version: 4.7.0

Absolutely deliciousThis restaurant is only a month old. 100% Vegan lunch. Dinner has fish. The place is hard to find; it’s the basement of a larger building that houses Hotel B. Lunch today included tempeh, salad, gobo, sweet potato, rice, and amanagatogarshi peppers. Delicious homemade dressing. I will be back!.Version: 4.6.1

Not up to dateReally disappointed. Says open when it’s not. Says open when definitely closed. Not truth worthy. The only option for vegans but it’s disappointing so far.Version: 4.6.1

Amazing guide to vegan foodIf you are traveling, this app is precious. It help you find vegan eats wherever you go. I’ve even used it in my own home town and discovered new vegan options in various restaurants. Super helpful..Version: 4.4.3

Worth every pennyI did not know that I lived next to so many vegan establishments..Version: 4.4.3

Been using for well over a yearLove this app, it’s consistently works, have found so many places to eat in my travels, they update changes very quickly. Love leaving reviews and marking my favs for when I go back to that town. This app has been invaluable to me as a plant based eater, highly recommend!.Version: 4.4.3

Happy cow Happy manIt is so comforting to know that one can target a restaurant and know that you will be fed properly without hesitation..Version: 4.4.3

Great help, wonderful supportI love this app.Version: 4.4.3

Useful app for vegans and vegetariansFinds good food options that make me (vegetarian) and my family happy in any city. I know it’s not their focus, but It would be nice if they could add a gluten free tab as well..Version: 4.4.3

Such a useful app!!!This app is so useful for vegetarians, vegans and health food enthusiasts at home and when you travel. From shops to restaurants it's perfect. The reviews by users are very helpful too, as are the photos..Version: 4.4.2

Best vegan appThis app is amazing, I drove across Canada and was able to find amazing and remote vegan options and food establishments all across the country! It’s great to see where you want to go and how to plan your day!.Version: 4.4.0

Love it!!!Best app for vegetarians and vegans to see what is out there!❤️😍 so greatfull for this app💗💗.Version: 4.1.1

Ok but needs more reviewsI love this app but it need some updates information and reviews. Lots of veg friendly resto that aren’t on here and even missing a few of the new Vegan hot spots in Toronto such as Stella and Rosalinda..Version: 4.4.0

Best app to find veg friendly food world wide!I so appreciate this app especially when travelling. There’s always a new option somewhere close by. I look forward to a vegan future 😊.Version: 4.1.1

Super applicationMerci beaucoup pour les concepteurs l’application est très utile pour diminuer notre consommation d’animaux dans nos assiettes..Version: 4.1.1

Love the app!Love the app, but wish there was one more thing available on it... the app has been so helpful in many ways at home and on trips. The reviews are extremely helpful and I have been able to invite non vegan friends to spots that have raving vegan food. I can also go out with them knowing ahead of time if I can eat at their spots or if their is at least one option for me before agreeing to go. What I wish for is a section on the app to save “wish list” of restaurants and spots I plan to try. The restaurants/spots I’ve visited and will return to are saved in the like/favourites (heart) spot, but no where to save a “plan to visit soon” spot. When the group is planning a spot to visit, I’d like to click on my wish list of spots and quickly choose from the ones I’ve already read the reviews and checked the pics and decided I wanted to try. If that can be added then this would be a perfect 5star app..Version: 4.1.1

Gotta support small businessI frequented this place a ton! Such an amazing owner. Mo is there all the time cranking out great custom ice kream and smiles. They are open late and always clean the anti griddle before they make your vegan dessert. Check this place out! He doesn’t disappoint..Version: 4.1.1

One of my favourite apps everThis app has saved me time and time again. I absolutely adore this app and it is probably my top used app on my phone next to direction apps. I would buy this app over and over again and I rarely buy apps.Version: 4.0.0

Why didn’t I get this app sooner?As a vegetarian foodie, this is exactly the app I needed to make my travels that much more enjoyable!.Version: 3.14.0

Very usefull for travelling veganI found this application very usefull, when you travel and even at home. I found many vegan restaurant at home..Version: 3.14.0

A vegan’s best friendWorth the money.Version: 3.13.0

Indispensable et nécessaireIndispensable et nécessaire, on ne peut plus s’en passer dès qu’on a commencer à s’en servir..Version: 3.9.9

Best Vegan AppMy favourite vegan/vegetarian app. Super easy to use, lists everything that is close to me, it also works globally! I travel quite a lot, and it’s so great knowing I can find restaurants prior to my trip that fit my dietary needs..Version: 3.9.9

Rawsome!🌿Pretty neat app, it’s really helped me find local places to stuff my face with goodies🍓 I could only suggest that you give it a try, it sure was worth my money! Hope you find your vibe here🤟.Version: 3.9.7

Literally best app everAs a vegan, this app saved my life a THOUSAND times. HALLELUJAH..Version: 3.9.2

Lifesaver!! Literally ;)Thank you Happy Cow for giving us a kind option wherever we go. The very best app !.Version: 3.9.2

Great when traveling!I used this in Europe and enjoyed some great food..Version: 3.9.2

Greatest ap everBest ap I ever downloaded.Version: 3.9.2

The BEST app ever!!!Love this app beyond words. It finds us healthy vegan eats wherever we happen too be! 🧘🏼‍♀️📿🌱.Version: 3.9.1

Happycow everywhere!I love this app! It's so hard to get to know the places offering vegetarian/vegan options that are safe. Happycow does the certification job for you! The app worths the few bucks, especially when travelling! It's a real tool! I hope it's gonna be everywhere one day :).Version: 3.7.2

Doesn't always show veg-options in the areaI'm not sure if this app doesn't have info about restaurants with veggie options because it hasn't been updated recently but a lot of places that are veg friendly are not included. Other than that app is pretty good.Version: 3.9.1

Hate the updateMuch more user friendly when it was stated if the venue was vegan/vegetarian/bakery/healthstore/etc, rather than putting a symbol that one has to memorize. Make it efficient for the user..Version: 3.7.2

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