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Everyone is “about” community. We actually are one: Whatever you nerd out about, you can find your people on Twitch.
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Dark mode: Y’all love this one. Black and purple have never looked this good together.

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Twitch: Live Streaming App Comments & Reviews

Twitch: Live Streaming Positive Reviews

Amazing, but!Overall, the Twitch mobile app is a great tool for casual viewers who want to stay up-to-date with their favorite streamers on-the-go. The app is well-designed and easy to navigate, with all of the features you need to watch and interact with your favorite Twitch channels. One thing that would improve the app is the addition of a search bar for emotes. While the app allows you to use emotes in the chat, it can be difficult to find the specific one you want without a search feature. Adding this functionality would make it much easier for users to communicate with streamers and other viewers. That being said, the app is near perfect for anyone who wants to watch Twitch streams on the go. The interface is user-friendly, and the app includes all of the essential features such as following channels, viewing recommended streams, and browsing through previously watched streams. Additionally, the app offers a great viewing experience, with the ability to adjust video quality and access full-screen mode, even low latency mode! In summary, while a search bar for emotes would be a nice addition, the Twitch mobile app is an excellent tool for casual viewers who want to stay connected to their favorite streamers on mobile. The app is easy to use, with a clean interface and a host of useful features that make it a must-have for any Twitch fan..Version: 14.6

Lost streamsI been using this app for a long time and its very good but the thing that I'm frustrated about is the streams disappearing or being deleted now if who I'm following is doing that Im fine with that but is twitch is doing that it makes me frustrated cause some people stream for long hours and sometimes I don't have that time and it will take me a while to finish it but twitch rushes you and you don’t get to enjoy the stream cause if you don't watch it “fast enough” its being deleted which upsets me when ever I just started watching a streaming series or the streamer im following start playing something new that I have interest in but then I miss out and others that I missed out on too cause people don’t have 10 hours in a day to finish it so A. Can you make a option where you can bring back any lost streams and maybe to where you can save it for later or B. bring back the streams and let the viewer finish them then you can delete them again later when their done watching, this would help a lot of people and me who are busy in life. also the multiple search bar functions be brought back cause sometimes twitch will bug and it wont let me search anything then I have to close snd reopen it and the one search bar thing is so slow to use when you wanna search multiple things..Version: 14.3.2

Mobile finally doing wellI love the streamers I watch on twitch. I’m going to watch them regardless of my experience, but the experience can definitely cause frustration when it’s not working. There’s been a lot of headaches (annoyances) over the years on the mobile app and each update that would bring features also seemed to bring some annoying bugs. I say this as someone who will use this app most of my waking hours. Even at work or on a commute I’ll have it running but be listening in only. I’ve realized that the annoyances I’ve been having have significantly improved. I no longer feel like Im missing out by not watching from my PC. Picture on picture mode was a huge improvement. Im not stuck having to stop listening/watching when i need to multitask. Low latency mode brought to mobile no longer makes me feel behind the community in the chat. Ability to do sound only mode is excellent for lower connection areas (perfect while I’m driving!) and even when bugs come with new updates twitch is actually making some quick fixes now. I’m impressed. For years it felt like the app was an afterthought. They’ve turned a new leaf everyone!.Version: 12.9

App structureI think twitch is cool and different than other platforms. I have a couple channels that I follow and browse some others that peak my interest occasionally. There are some issues that I have with it tho. When you open the app, the first thing you see are other channels that are being promoted or match who you are currently following. The channels you follow are at the bottom and you have to scroll all the way down just to get to them. Put the ones I’m following at the top for quick access, please. Also, I understand that the app is for ages 17+ but when you open the app and the channels that are being promoted show up, I’d rather not have a bunch of pages of girls with every part of their anatomy hanging out as the first thing you see. A good 2/3 of the channels are like this. I don’t even follow channels like them; just some gaming channels and a couple where the women actually wear all their clothes and talk about everyday life. Yet they are spread all over my front page in string bikinis in hot tubs. I’d rather not open the app and look like some creep who views those kinds of adult channels when I don’t. It’s like you have to open the app with your phone or tablet covered in case there’s someone else looking by mistake. Maybe I’ll look through the app and see if I can fix things myself or hopefully the app is updated in the future..Version: 10.6

Some problemsA bug still exists that has for a long time where when in dark mode, certain movements or actions can cause the app to switch to light mode, which takes a long time and 4 menu pages to flip through to turn it back on which is inconvenient and slightly annoying. Another issue exists that when you are watching a stream in full screen mode and you double tap to open chat, and you click on a chatter’s name, a menu will pop up that allows you to gift them a sub, or look at their info etc. The problem is that when this menu pops up when in fullscreen (phone sideways), there’s no way to close the menu; you can’t click anywhere to get rid of the menu as it takes up the entire screen, and the only way to close it is to flip your device and go back to non-fullscreen, tap anywhere outside of the menu, and it’ll close. Again, this is an issue that has a solution but requires a lot of time spent to undo which can be annoying for users. A simple fix would be to add a close button for this menu, both in fullscreen and non-fullscreen. Similar to the last issue, when you tap on emotes in chat, the only way to close the menu is to click outside the menu which can be difficult/inconvenient. The same solution exists where all that is needed for this problem is to add exit buttons to menus..Version: 9.1

Design Problem fixed!UPDATE: the below problem was fixed! Thank you for making hype train stop taking up all the screen on mobile! Keeping the original review below to show that there was a problem but it was resolved. Obviously still not a perfect app, with problems such as implementation of DMCA rules, but at least the UI designers are trying, thanks :) Please fix this design problem. When I am watching a stream on mobile (iPhone XR) in horizontal mode with chat, if a Hype Train appears, it extends the chat to over half of the screen space. This makes watching the stream harder, as it becomes very small in comparison to the chat. Please don't force the Hype Train to make chat bigger, or give an option to remove seeing it entirely please! When I am watching my favorite streamers sometimes the Hype Train lasts several minutes and I have to decide whether to not see chat or not see the stream well. Other than that, great app/service..Version: 11.0.1

Nice but app’s update timing…I’m a newcomer over 6 weeks. App has some interesting features for live stream segments with content streamers and chat. But last Thursday after 5pm, I got an update notice during the same time I was trying to get on Sasha Grey’s live stream segment (not a recent one). Held off the update but most of things were affected; her live stream froze and live chat was stuck in limbo. I could not update while on public transit to home. There’s no wifi signal until I got home; I updated the app. I tried getting on an hour left of Sasha’s live segment, I was kept out with a brief message on the lower bottom frame I tried to read, only appeared 2 seconds then disappeared before I could finish reading it. Don’t know why I wasn’t allowed to attend her segment. Either her chat room was full or something else from the update affected the app from letting me attend her live segment(s) I subscribed for 3 months. I’m not that interested in viewing recent streams since users cannot interact with the streamer(s) nor with others in chat. Now I’m considering on dumping this app since the update affected a number of things and most of the content streamers I’m not familiar with..Version: 15.3

Bugs and excessive adsThere is a recent bug that causes audio from a stream to keep playing even after it is closed, which results in multiple instances of audio playing at once, forcing a restart of the app. Also, why did they remove the button to put the stream picture-in-picture mode so you can watch it outside of the app? For a little while, it would automatically put you in picture-in-picture mode when you would minimize the stream. But now, the picture-in-picture stream doesn't stay open anymore when you close the app. For some reason, you can get the stream playing when you close the app, but only if you swipe up very, very precisely with some arbitrary momentum (I'm on an iphone with no home button) And the ads... man... they are getting ridiculous. Instant 30 second ad after switching streams makes switching to another stream to see another perspective of something happening impossible. And the blocks of 5-7 ads that are all 15-30 seconds long are appearing much more frequently on streams as well. At least get some good ads if you plan on shoving them in everyone's faces. Don't you guys already make enough money from subscribers and turbo?.Version: 12.1

Broken AppI started having issues with the bonus chests a little while ago, when I tried to claim them it didn’t work and a message would pop up saying “Claim failed, please try again later”. So then after that happened I would just delete and redownload the app and then just keep it open, and it would work fine for a while. But now that’s not working, I just can no longer claim the bonus chests at all. I tried deleting and redowloading the app and I tried logging out and logging back in to my account, but neither of those worked, so then out of curiosity I tried using twitch on Safari and used the desktop version, and on there the chests work perfectly fine but it’s very annoying to use it like that. Oh yeah, and I also recently discovered that when you tap on people’s usernames in the chat it doesn’t bring up their profile and it also brings up an error message, so there are probably other things that are broken that I just don’t know about. Please fix it soon! Like I said, it’s been like this for some time but now there is no way for me to temporarily fix the issue, so I would really appreciate for it to just be fully resolved already!.Version: 15.5

I had it but…So recently around June 19 I was doing a live stream (just chatting) and a couple minutes later my stream just stopped then I went to start it again and it said log in or sign up I was really confused and I was like at first oh I got logged out let me log back in when I did straight to the appeal page if you don’t know what that is it’s where it sends you to submit a request to get unsuspended/unbanned and then I got an email saying my twitch account was indefinitely suspended this is a bit emotional for me to talk about so I’m not gonna say what for but I promise you it’s not anything bad and when I try to make a new account it doesn’t work it’s a I think it’s a hardware ban if you don’t know what that is it’s when you get banned on one account and they send a signal to your what ever your using and ban you from even making an account. well at least I can watch people on my pc, well anyways (8/10) and that’s my review and I actually have to go back to bed it’s literally 4 in the morning #FreeExtremeisaiah?????????? aka my twitch if you wanna check it out see y’all later peace..Version: 13.4.1

A major suggestionI did not know this app defaults to auto play. Not to say there’s anything wrong with auto playing streams themselves but I was not aware of it and as a result I assumed a stream would end if I let the phone be. Halfway through a late night stream, I fell asleep without worries. However, I woke up and found my phone went from 100% to 13%. The streams stopped it from naturally falling into sleep mode after I unplugged it and set it to low power mode. This night of nonstop video playing no doubt harmed my phone battery’s maximum capacity, meaning it will be quicker to drop to 0% in the future and I did not intend for that. My suggestion is that you please make a pop up for mobile that stops the stream, live or otherwise, and asks the viewer “Are you still there?” after one or two auto plays have already occurred without outside input. If there’s no further response, the phone can fall into sleep mode. If there is someone still watching, they’ll tap ‘Yes’ and keep watching. Anyway, I’ve turned off auto play in settings, so this problem won’t happen for me again. But I still I wouldn’t want any people starting out with this app to make the same mistake I did..Version: 7.1.1

New updateI have been a bit frustrated with the new update for the twitch mobile app. I have an iPhone 10, so the corners of my screen are rounded off and when I go to full screen the top and bottom of the video get cut off, along with things being blocked by where the camera is placed. This used to not be a problem because they left a blank space on each side of the screen so that it all fit in frame, but now especially while watching games like Minecraft where the bottom of the video is very important(the players inventory and the chat box) is impossible to see. This can be frustrating to watch and take away from my overall experience as a viewer. Another bug I have encountered is that often when I start to type in chat it will make the stream lag, causing the video and audio to get out of sync. Reloading/refreshing the page always fixes it, but leaves me waiting through an ad. This makes me less inclined to interact in chat, which is one of the best features of twitch. Besides these two bugs I absolutely love this app and the community that Twitch has created!.Version: 9.10

Unstable as of lateI used to never have problems with twitch, it was one of the apps I used to always get on and just watch a stream for fun. After a while I left because had life things to handle. But recently I decided it was a good time to get back on twitch. Was I wrong, yes and no. While the audio is fine without video, I’ve had troubles watching a stream and have audio at the same time. While the video plays just fine, it’s the audio that don’t work well on the stream. While I’ve been thinking maybe it could be my end, but when it’s been constant, I just don’t see the point in watching anything. Another thing, you removed the option to switch from 720 to something like 480, how can you test something to make sure it’s not your end if you actually take away a feature that was fine to begin with. I get the times are changing and technology is getting more and more advanced, trust me, I was born in the age of technology’s very beginnings of taking over. Just fix the stability of the app please, is that so much to ask. And please just add back a 480p button just for the users who can’t watch in 720..Version: 7.1.1

People should only get banned for one day. hear me outHonestly, I enjoy the platform a lot however, me and my younger brother share the same account and he is really immature because he has autism so he would end up saying things really inappropriate thinking. It’s funny in some of my favorite streamers chats and end up getting banned and since we share accounts, that means I am also bad too and he has did this to some of my favorite streamers like defective nutt, frost fox, and even dream. And I know you can appeal your ban but I am still banned. I even gave the peel some time, but my band still didn’t get appealed, so hear me out if someone says something inappropriate and that certain streamer bins them, it should be one day then the next time to get banned it’s 2 day then if they get banned one more time it’s permanent I know some people will disagree with me, but it’s a lot better than having to appeal bans I hope twitch sees this, and if you do, I hope this gets added into the app Goodbye. Oh and if there are some misspellings, I do have dyslexia and I’m not the best at writing so yeah.Version: 14.4.1

It was great until a recent update kinda ruined it for meOne of the things that I like about Twitch is being able to clip moments from my favorite streamers, being able to edit and trimming the clips was always fun to do and letting you see how the clip turned out during and in the end of the trimming process was always satisfying. However after I recently updated the app the clips that I, well clipped, weren’t showing during the trimming process making it hard for me to know what unnecessary fluff I need to take out. So I pretty much gotta leave the clip unedited and hope that I timed it right which isn’t fun for me if I don’t know how it turns out after trimming it. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem but if I’m not and others have this problem and they can fix that issue that’ll be great and I might give it a 5 star because I actually like the app. Update: a recent update fixed it, so now I’m happy and will give it 5 stars..Version: 7.13

Easy to use, ethically shadyI’ll cut to the chase: Twitch pushes a lot of ads onto the user as soon as they open any stream they’re not subscribed to. It can be anywhere from one five second ad to eight thirty second ads. Furthermore, they’ll intermittently push MORE ads from that range (more often than not landing on two or three thirty second ads) unless the streamer is doing it hourly on their own initiative. The format and the like ability of their streamers is twitch’s saving grace. Unfortunately their current set up makes it almost impossible to willingly discover new people to watch. I’m also not 100% sure on this, but I heard that their creator deals are being lowered to 50% revenue for either side, which is the lowest I’ve heard a social media platform go with their affiliates. Twitch feels like a money grab and any good community it has, has nothing to do with twitch itself but entirely with the streamer it pertains to. Twitch has demonstrated time and time again an utter lack of care for all its streamers, even their poster children and highest earning streamers..Version: 15.1

Very solid but still loads of room for improvementI have been viewing twitch more and more and honestly the best twitch experience on mobile is this app. But there are a few things that if implemented, would greatly enhance the app. There have been a few times where I wanted to link my twitch and prime accounts but there is no option to do so on this mobile app. It would be great to be able to support my favorite creators with out worrying about missing a chunk of their stream. Overall there are a variety of features lacking on the app that really make me feel like I’m missing out while being a primarily mobile user. The only benefit to getting twitch prime on mobile is the crown symbol next to my name in chat. Besides lack of subscription options there is virtually no customization available except my profile picture. I know it’s not easy giving the pc experience on an app but the iOS app should be equal in features to computer. If they do so I believe many of the user base would prefer viewing from mobile..Version: 9.5

Updated App Design, It’s a no for me dogI’m on twitch almost every night and it’s not a huge issue but the new update is slightly annoying/ inconvenient. First world problem but when I go onto twitch I like being able to see who of all the creators I follow are online so I can choose which channel to watch at that time. Now it’s just the top 2 view counts that take up my first view and the scrolling is not as streamlined as picking from a more compact list. Experience of the app itself is worse with the new design. Just my opinion tho so it doesn’t really matter. I mean who’s really reading these things anyway. I could prolly talk about anything on here like hey did you watch the new bachelorette last night. Me neither I was too busy scrolling 5 miles down my screen to see the creator I wanted to watch. Anyways, I digress, is that the right place for “digress”? Is digress to a side thought what digest is to food. Very similar sounding. Anyways, digress, have a good night everybody.Version: 10.9.1

Close to perfectIf your into finds my quality content creators especially gaming Twitch is the place to be. The only thing that’s always driven me crazy to the point I almost gave only 4 stars is all the QUALITY broadcasters that are buried in such a saturated market. You must sift through hundreds to find a few hidden gems. “Partner” streams or “Featured” channels have put in the grind and deserve it but some of these other upstarts have no prayer to cut through the noise. With that said the majority of people sitting through directories do not take the time to sift to the streams at the bottom with little to no views. I find that to be the Consoles (XBOX & PS4) fault for making it so ez for any toxic 12 year old with a console can connect and upload toxic trash. So considering at the end of the day it’s not all on Twitch? I went ahead with 5 stars for the app. good for tips, & tricks for any gamer and other IRL streams as Well..Version: 7.14

I love this app but...Let me get this out of the way: almost all the problems with twitch are erased on a computer. Whether on the site or on the app, on a computer everything works perfectly. However, on the phone it lacks a lot of what it needs. You can’t subscribe with twitch prime for some reason, and it’s much harder to navigate on mobile than on pc. The other problems are the sub tokens they added and buying bits. Why did they add sub tokens? They’re just kind of stupid, why would I buy sub tokens before instead of just subbing to who I want? The last problem is bits. The price of bits makes no sense. Ive been told before it’s about a cent per bit, but then why is it seven dollars for 500 bits? That’s way more than the tax should be, and my only explanation is that twitch gets a little bit too greedy between the viewers and the streamers and tacks on unfair prices, making it harder for viewers to support streamers. Other than that, incredible app, I love watching streamers and talking to the twitch community that you can surround yourself with, it’s really incredible.Version: 8.5.1

Streaming, simplified.I’ve used Twitch for years, and I’ll try to keep this review as un-biased as possible following the fact that I also now dwell into streaming onto this platform. To start off, Twitch makes watching your favorite streamer fun, whether it be the subscriptions I can purchase to support my favorite streamers in favor for things such as emotes to keep up with the chat hype or using channel points to get the streamers attention, it amazes me how simple it is to keep me engaged in the stream. Another thing I should mention is how easy it is to keep up with your favorite streamers, on twitch, the following system shows your followed streamers and if they’re active when you boot up the app, and getting into the stream is a click on their icon if they’re live, this makes keeping up with things such as Kai Cenat’s Subathon easier to not miss out on. Overall when it comes to watching streams and having a overall good time, Twitch is where I reside..Version: 15.3

FeedbackNeeds improvement; Twitch could certainly use some new and fresh ideas in terms of viewers/viewing capabilities, native communication is basic at best yet struggles with latency throughout the app. When asked, the initial response given was from long time users of Twitch, which was great! others not so much mentioning several technical problems from namely the app in and of itself with a few other hiccups here and there as expected however Twitch in it’s entirety is a brilliant platform as well as a great way to showcase any and all of your talents if you will. Continually Twitch will keep providing us with UI glitches more often than not currently there is no way suggest anything aside from writing a long neutral review about said inability, currently there is no way (that I am aware of) to exit a video you’re streaming without closing the app one would think of this to taken care of already and maybe it is or their working on it, if not then the solution is right here, all of which could be provided at a small nominal fee 😉😏.Version: 8.3

This Probably won’t be seen.But the advertising is becoming a big issue. Not only there is far too much advertising especially the annoying ones GOD plz atleast choose advertising that is worthwhile to watch. But the advertisements have gotten so troublesome that it is literally causing saved streams to restart from 0:00:00 every time. This advertising has gotten so ridiculous that its about time for someone to revolutionize the way advertisements are handled. So it won’t be as annoying and disruptive as it currently is. I for one appreciate advertisements in the middle of shows, its the same as watching tv. But when it gets this disruptive, this annoying, this detrimental to an actual feature of your product it begs you to question why don’t anyone want to figure out a much better and more consumer-efficient way to show there advertisements. But you know what you wanna keep being this careless with this advertising fine I got plenty other things to watch!.Version: 12.4

BuggyThe new update with that collapsible side menu has brought on a bunch of bugs. The ones that are plaguing me right now are the lack of tag filters (I always have English selected and now no tags show up at all which floods categories with channels I’m not interested in), I always sort by high to low viewers but that is constantly getting reset to the recommended sort, and the search icon sometimes doesn’t work. Usually the search is in the side menu but sometimes it’s replaced with esports in it’s spot and the magnifying glass icon is up in the right corner like it used to be except you can’t actually click on it in the corner. That means I have to close and restart the app any time I want to search (which in turn means another set of ads when I have to rejoin the channel I was watching). Also I just generally dislike the side menu thing. The user experience on iPad is worse with it. I do appreciate that the hype train banner was made much smaller though..Version: 13.5

I’m frustrated with an issueI was streaming today for an half of an our filming a craft that I was doing. When I stopped filming I went to check the video and it said it was only 44 seconds long. I just thought that it was a glitch until I watched the video. I had sat making the part two of making a lantern for so long. I had spent 30 minutes making this stream only for it to cut and end up 44 seconds long even though it was way longer than that. It took me two and a half days to make the lantern. I was so happy to show the finished product and the steps it took to make it to my viewers. Now I’m really upset about what had happened. I understand glitches and bugs happen that you guys don’t no about. This is a glitch that can make people leave really bad reviews so I would try getting it fixed as soon as possible but thank you for trying your hardest to keep this app up and running. Other wise I really enjoy using the app. Thank You!.Version: 15.0

Error problemsI’ve been having nothing but problems for the past few months since the coronavirus. I guess they gave up on this app or are too lazy to fix the problems with it. There’s not even a place to complain about the issues. I know Twitch doesn’t care about iPhone app problems because they don’t get any money from Apple. That’s why there’s not a subscribe button on there. Because Apple doesn’t make any money from Twitch. But it doesn’t explain the reason why I can’t get anything other than an error on my phone or on Xbox. There’s always loading issues and error problems. And no way to complain about it. When I do get to see somebody stream I can’t chat. Somebody needs to fix this or just ditch it and remove the app completely. I pay good money for subscriptions I can’t even watch the channels..Version: 9.5.1

Great AppI know twitch has been around for a while but I didn’t feel like I needed another broadcasting app. However, since 2020 I’ve been on twitch a lot since there is so much time now lol. I gotta say, it is a great way to connect with your favorite content creator. I’ve been noticed by the smallest content creator to the big ones who either have a huge following on twitch or are famous from another platform. My only issue is this app lags. Say I start watching a stream on my iPhone and then I switch to my laptop, the steam will be delayed. Other than that, it is a good app to make some friends for discord. I’m an introvert so I don’t really talk in chat but I’ve seen many people become friends in chats. Just to note: I think memberships and bits are pretty expensive and they run out super quick like I think after a month but that’s just my opinion lol. Okay..Version: 10.5

Would be 4 or higher butI have loved twitch for a long time, but when they removed the host option I lost a lot of respect. Simply because they just stonewalled streamers. Hosting someone was one of the best and easy ways to help a streamer reach people who they might otherwise never have reached. I feel that this is both a power move and to try and save money so they don’t have to pay as many streamers. Sure the share option is still there but that don’t help near as much unless, you as a person, have a big following. Meaning now if you want to help a small streamer grow, you need to have a large following and hope that they are willing to help the streamer you like. Instead of hosting them on your channel and keeping the stream live as long as they’re live. Passive traffic has dropped off due to this. And it’s really sad that a streaming service would do something like this to make it harder for anyone actually trying..Version: 14.4.1

Great idea, horrific experienceI absolutely love live streams, and twitch in general. I’ve been on the twitch bandwagon for longer than most, but can’t help to notice these extremely common, frustrating bugs. I will play live streams or VODs, and the audio will just go out. I used to be able to close out stream, change video quality, or close out app to fix it, but that is no longer the case. The only fix I have been able to find as of late is to completely uninstall and reinstall the app. I am now doing this 10+ times per day, and that’s unacceptable. If this issue isn’t solved by the end of this week, I’m just going to go watch someone else re upload one of your creator’s livestreams. Which mean that’s neither you, or the streamer you pretend to help will be making any money off of me, and I will cancel my multiple subscriptions..Version: 6.2.1

I am an avid twitch user but this app is very frustratingI on average watch Twitch streamers for 2-3 hours a day and it is my main form of entertainment. So it saddens me that the iOS app is riddled with so many issues. First off there is an insane amount of delay (15-30sec) which makes it very difficult to be involved in chat. While on my other devices the delay is essentially unnoticeable or very minimal (5-10sec) when I’m on mobile chat becomes separate and I no longer get the full twitch experience where I can be immersed in a community of other viewers. Having the app play in the background is riddled with issues and is extremely finicky. I can barely get it to play at times when I’d just like to listen in the background. Then when I go back to the app it pauses for a while consistently and then suddenly starts after waiting. Many times when I click on a stream it will be frozen without the option to press the play button. The only way to fix this is to reload the stream and sometimes it requires completely relaunching the app. I love twitch and the app isn’t unusable by any means but it could really use improvements. What is really disappointing is that the iOS app has been around for so long yet we still deal with these bugs. Considering a large number of viewers are on mobile it is time some work was put in to polish the app and improve the experience of mobile users..Version: 7.7.1

Some kinks but otherwise goodThere’s quite a few things that could be implemented that the mobile version doesn’t have yet, but desktop does. I did notice that there is no longer a pop-out version for Twitch anymore and it’s frustrating that I can’t watch streams in a mini pop-up anymore while doing other tasks. Edit: after several updates the small media pop-out option is still broke and does not work. Twitch also has a glitch where they keep having your stream crash and restart a dozen times, sending a dozen notifs to your followers that can be quite annoying. Twitch studios software has also bee a huge reason for concern as the last several times I’ve streamed using it, it crashes the stream and then restarts it, as well as the layers I set will often times disappear and I need to reupload them. So I am removing yet another star till atleast some of these problems are fixed..Version: 12.2

There’s a few issues…While overall I can say the majority of this Twitch app works fairly well, there are a few things that seem to not work. The main issue is editing clips does not work at all. When I clip something and go to edit, it loads for a while and then is just a black screen with no option to view playback on the clip in the editor. It make clipping some longer moments impossible to be done on mobile. Secondly, the app kicks me out of streams when I have an unstable connection. If anything I would prefer it to just buffer like other video playback apps, rather than kick me out of the stream. It causes my unstable connection to not let me watch streams at all because of it. Lastly, there’s not a whole lot to do within the create section of the app. It mainly just has analytics and your activity/chat. Would be nice to have more video editing options within the twitch app as well.Version: 17.5.1

Verified emailI verified my email but still can't talk In chat because I receive a message saying It requires a verified email address.Version: 5.3

Uncontrolled adsSelf-refresh means ads all the time, no matter what the broadcaster wants..Version: 5.4

YaGreat app 👍.Version: 5.4

WomanI love woman.Version: 10.2

GoodI saw a dog.Version: 10.7

PogNeeds a bit more jack manifold.Version: 10.6

Allowed me to stay calmGave me access to many of my comfort streamers hecc yeah Ranboo my beloved.Version: 11.0.1

I love karlThis app helped me watch karl 😩.Version: 10.6

HelpThe app is great but..... every time an ad plays while I'm in the middle of a stream it would restart it. Pls fix this soon.Version: 7.13

Quackity my belovedQuackity my beloved.Version: 10.6

Great AppPlease add subtitles for different languages!.Version: 11.3.1

Anwesome burgersThis was the best burger I have ever tasted in my life five stars. I would definitely eat her again. Stunning dishes!.Version: 11.7

Great DesignThe app works great and is much more functional than watching through safari. It also looks really good too and is easy on the eyes at night..Version: 10.2

YayI can watch mcyts now👁.Version: 10.0

Making accounts is not workingFirst off I try to log in my account and I forgot password and had them send me email and then password would never work so I had to do it a bunch of times and still didn’t work, then they suspended my account which made no sense because I never go on twitch so I’d don’t do anything, then when I tried to make a new account several days later they said I made the account too fast which makes no sense why is there a time limit of how fast I’m going ?? There set up is hard and difficult and made me stop using twitch because I couldn’t log in and it wasn't even my fault. Fix my account twitch ur missing out on someone who wants to try streaming and watch videos of my friends because I love too..Version: 9.8

PoggersIt’s very good for metal Heath.Version: 10.7

Restarts the past broadcast after an adGreat way of streaming, but most of the time when I go to watch a past broadcast I get an ad. But this is no ordinary ad, it tends to play the same one and restarts the broadcast making me lose where I was. I find this an issue that just ruins the experience..Version: 7.13

BandBeloved streamers getting banned for no reason like Minx she gets banned for saying simps and men calling her slurs,twitch really needs to work on who needs to actually get banned and who doesn’t ,anyway good app..Version: 10.8

Good update... Adds reset videos, again.Pretty sweet how every second update or so the bug where an add plays and then your video/old stream goes back to 00:00 and it just keeps on doing that. Made it 5minutes in each time, and has happened repeatedly and even after re install. Keep up the good work, can see why ninja left, joke of a company imh.Version: 7.13

Fix bugsThe amount of time twitch freezes when I click the predict button is equal to the amount of time I open the app.Version: 17.8

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What do you think Twitch: Live Streaming ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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