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Instagram App Comments & Reviews

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Music Tag doesn’t work!I have had Instagram since 2011 and I have never since then had an issue until the Music Tag feature rolled out and I haven’t been able to use it since then. I have tried so many things from updating everything, logging out and logging back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times, going to someone’s story to look for the “Try It” button but nothing, unlinking my Facebook account, changing my password and updating profile.. which btw didn’t let me change it to my personal email because it was taken already, I have never used it so I clicked on forgot password to see who has been using my email but it says that it doesn’t exist so I’m a little confused on how it has been taken but doesn’t exist. But anyway I reported the Music Tag issue awhile back but haven’t heard back since then, so I reported the issue several times back to back to see if that works (prob not). All the research I have done over this issue has been through Google through other users experiences because IG doesn’t even have support help over this issue. The only thing that has inconveniently worked was to make a second account, everything shows up on there but as soon as I switch over to my account that I use it’s not there! INSTAGRAM.. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! 🤨.Version: 96.1

Instagram please let me comment 😭🙏🏾Ok so recently i sent you guys a review about how i couldn’t comment on instagram and that reason was because kids were acting VERY VERY weird 😭🙏🏾 and i know i was wrong for that but the ONLY reason i got banned this time is bc i told the truth and i guess y’all didn’t like it… i said that americans are the worst race (which we are😂) because i was on a mukbang and this asian girl was doing asmr so she was eating real fast and this white lady (not being racist but she was😒) said “can’t you people eat normal?” mention you she said YOU PEOPLE LIKE UGHHH SO RACIST RIGHT? so why didn’t you ban her from commenting when she was in the wrong now i only told you portion of the story so let me tell you the whole story so basically it was a normal day right and i scroll past this asian girl making a mukbang right? ok cool so tell me why i see this lady say “can’t you people eat normal?” so i PROUDLY said “americans are the worst race😂 just because she not eating the way YOU want her to don’t mean that she not normal, ain’t nobody perfect😒” and honestly if you ban me from commenting because of THAT then you are racist honestly i was just trying to help the girl out and because you did that i can report you and i will for racism😒because you ain’t ban the racist girl from commenting but you wanna ban ME a BLACK GIRL? got it. i will be reporting you if you don’t let me comment in the next 2 days. muah no bars💋🥰😘.Version: 314.0.0

I have a few issues with instagram.Dear instagram, I overall really love this app, but as said in the title, i do have a few issues with it. I know it is not just me who is struggling with this issue but many others as-well. Many users on instagram are not able to play 30 second music clips in they’re notes and i also struggle with this issue. I have been very patient as i had done everything to try to receive this update. I have un-installed and re-downloaded this app many times, i have signed in and out, i have updated my phone, the app itself, and tried to restart it many times. I have also reported this issue many times in hopes of instagram’s feedback. And i have NEVER gotten any response on this problem an not once have seen instagram acknowledge this problem that many people are struggling with. I am also concerned as to why i am able to have this update on my other account and not my mainly used account. Many people have this as-well. I feel very left out and as-well as many other people. This is truly rude on how many of us have to struggle to have no answers onto why we do not have this update that many other people around us already have received. I have grown very impatient as i have waited almost 2 weeks for this issue to be fixed. And yet it is STILL not acknowledged. I would really love if you could fix this problem as soon as possible. Thank you..Version: 288.1

What a shameInstagram, once a beacon of inspiration and creativity for photographers, has become a mere shell of its former self. The platform, which used to showcase high-quality photography, now promotes meaningless content that is more focused on vanity and self-promotion than anything else. The platform has lost touch with its roots and no longer values the art of photography. Instead, Instagram has shifted its focus to more superficial trends, such as filters and gimmicks, which have little to do with actual photography. It seems that Instagram is more concerned with monetizing its platform than celebrating the creators who helped make it popular in the first place. It is also disappointing to see that Instagram has taken to smearing other platforms, such as TikTok, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. Instead of focusing on creating a platform that values its creators, Instagram is wasting its money and resources on trying to discredit its competitors. It's time for Instagram to wake up and start appreciating its users and the value they bring to the platform. Instead of focusing on advertising and gimmicks, Instagram should be investing in the creators who helped build the platform's success. By doing so, Instagram can become the leader in the industry once again and regain the respect of photographers worldwide..Version: 275.1

I really want to change my chat theme + I want to add music to my notesI’ve been having instagram since 2017 from where I met a lot of people and had a good experience of how to use the app to communicate with others even though I’ve been creating new accounts. It was also a good app where I discover new things updated such threads and many other options. However there’s 2 problems that I’m currently facing right now such as the the chat theme and the music notes. Since I had instagram, I’ve had the chance to change the theme in the chats including the reaction emojis but based on what I’m noticing right now all I can do is put different reactions but not changing the theme in my chats. Another issue I discovered in instagram is the music notes. Since I updated it the app, I had the chance to put songs on my notes but now everytime I tried to update my notes, it doesn’t give me a song option which is making try many ways to bring it back such as logging out than back again, uninstall the app then install it, and it still doesn’t work. That’s why I’m writing you to tell you that even thought there’s updates that gives me discover new options, it’s inactivating other options. I hope y’all understand and I would really appreciate it if y’all made all the updates and changes in instagram. Thank you!.Version: 290.0

The likes and technical difficultiesI love Instagram, it’s very useful and very easy to use. I love taking pictures of myself and with the special effects and tutorials that I can find in the app, my stories and posts look so much more amazing. I am able to connect with friends, and family. I also am able to get instant notifications whenever my favorite celebrity posts on their Instagram account. I don’t have Facebook, nor do I have TikTok, so having Instagram as my main social media platform that I use, is honestly the best. Although, lately I’ve been experiencing lots of bugs. First when I logged out of my friends account, it completely logged me out and said it could not load the page. I was going to put out a complaint, but after going back and reviewing how many updates Instagram does, I decided to wait. After about a week, Instagram fixed some of the bugs that people were experiencing. The update helped me get out of the “Page can not load” but made me stuck on the loading page. It’s been loading for so long, I even left Instagram on for an hour, yet still I was left on the load page. I will be waiting patiently for the next update in hopes that this will get fixed, at least I got out of the “Page can not load”..Version: 280.0

When I try to post, it usually fails and it’s time consumingWhen I try to post on Instagram, it will most likely fail. It has been an issue for quite some time now and friends of mine can never relate to my issue. It’s as if Instagram does not want me to post regularly. It is very time consuming to edit my photo, add quotes that I enjoy, put them in the order I would like them, create a caption and use hashtags; only for the post to fail and so lost absolutely everything I’ve just worked so hard on. I’ve noticed that I don’t have this issue with both of my Instagram accounts. The one I’ve had the longest, has the most issues when posting. I’m not sure how an update hasn’t fixed this issue but it’s been at least a year! This is why I shaved off two stars and it was almost three. — Also, the inappropriate flags to comments that Instagram automatically blocks, or deems offensive, is alarming. The atmosphere doesn’t feel diverse and it’s limiting to the Instagram experience as a whole. The requested reviews that I have submitted, don’t seem to be happening on comments that are not actually offensive. Instagram is deeming certain comments as a risk with a computer based system based on certain words that are used however, the computer doesn’t comprehend when a comment is sarcasm. It feels culturally exclusive on the app at times and it’s a concern for many reasons..Version: 234.0

I love instagramThis last upgrade has completely messed everything up!! 4/3/23 it’s glitches an I’m having problems with it!! Why does it have to mess everything up I love Instagram it's an amazing platform to showcase and promote your brand! I think a lot of people are missed informed of what Instagram is it's not a social site for meeting "friends" or connecting w/ family, although some people do it. Some accounts benefit by showing there followers pictures of there company's family an people behind the hard work! But, mind you thats why "FaceBook" was created to show & share pictures with each other out of love. I'm not saying people don't love on Instagram but it's more superficial! I had an account with Facebook for over 10 years and I would comment to my friends posts and I wouldn't even get a reply or complement back and they expect me to continue to like everything without talking so I don't have Facebook anymore! And why I have Instagram instead! But now I am promoting a brand an myself so The circumstances have changed! I highly recommend Instagram if you want to promote creat a Brand or simply have an accout cause your famous and that's what famous people to create a platform showcasing there worth!.Version: 277.0

Good social app, but…At times the feed will not refresh because of “no internet connection” despite being connected to a very strong WiFi connection. Why does it do that? It’s annoying as can be and it happens every single day on top of that. Literally every time I am on the app that message will appear; sometimes even as soon as I open the app. Posting pictures can be annoying at times as the app will resize the photo larger with no way of getting it to its original size. My videos don’t upload correctly at all on this app from my phone’s library. The top and bottom of the videos always have a pixelated censorship with only the middle of the video playing (not the time of the video, the actual picture of the video). Translations are wrong all of the time, especially with Japanese. It NEVER translates Japanese, Chinese, and Korean correctly. Seriously, it translates them wrong every single time. It probably translates other languages wrong, too. I’m 99% sure that it does. A friend from Japan posted that she felt like her brain was melting. The app translated what she intended to say into “I melted this brain.” Close translation but still wrong nevertheless. I’d give 5 stars, but those things make a rating drop, for any sort of app. Those things are needlessly annoying and disappointing for such a great app..Version: 312.0.0

Video Dimension View Error (Old Videos) & thumbnail edits please!Update: please add more Features to organize content like editing story order and clips within story after posting, reframing the thumbnail of old posts and to change cover photos of old videos. Instagram is one of the best platforms for an artist to market their work. I want to compliment the clean and simplistic layout that has been timeless over the last decade. But recent updates converted many of my cinematic 16x9 horizontal videos posted between 2016 and 2019 automatically into blurry vertical videos. they were originally posted and viewed horizontally up until the last year or two of updates. There is no feature to edit the size dimension or orientation after posting the video and there is still no feature to change the thumbnail of the video after posting (I’ve been asking for this feature for years) it will help people correct feed mistakes and keep their marketing relevant over the years. Instagram should also consider adding a way to reposition your old posts’ thumbnail by adding a new frame around it or way to display (zoom in or out, recrop, etc) and also a way to change the main carousel image after posting- for content creators in an ever changing marketing world, this is key!.Version: 295.0

UghI literally live on this app, it’s pretty much the only social media I used regularly. But a distinct issue with instagram is that some updates will just.. make everything wonky or sort of make the app lose its appeal. Even though reels are just straight up an accessible tiktok on the app, I don’t mind them. However, I’m extremely baffled with the recent update that changed the format of instagram videos. It’s like an IGTV/REEL format instead and it makes it very hard to save videos to folders- which in my opinion is one of instagrams BIGGEST appeals. Unlike other social media apps you can very easily sort posts into folders for later references. Making this feature that much more difficult to access is especially annoying when you are a part of the editing community in instagram where you’ll want to save certain edits to certain folders or save audios to an audio folder. If I’m scrolling through my feed it’s fine, but it’s very tedious to save a video if it’s something my friend sent me since I have to go into my account saves and manually move it. Granted, it only takes like 10 seconds, but I really don’t get the point of making it harder when it only took like 3 seconds before..Version: 210.0

Its very hard to communicate with themInstagram is alright but, they always have bug issues here and there. Like now, my account is not allowing me to utilize filters on Instagram in stories any longer. I’m not sure why but, when I looked up how to reach the team to ask them for directive on the situation I was met with and redirected to various automated articles.. getting frustrated I gave up. Then last week, several friends and I lost access to our ability to DM for over a day on the apps platform; thankfully the DMs started properly working again the following day because I had to log onto the website platform instead of using the app just to communicate with people via DM.. so I was frustrated about that as well and then the issue of security breaches on this app is just becoming insane and they make it ridiculously hard for you to retrieve you account because everything is automated. So if you’re for say sleeping and someone breaches your account they can go in amar it’s change your email address and since you can’t you know answer security questions you’ve set in place to verify it’s you or speak to any representatives I’ve seen a lot of people permanently lose their accounts. I’m hoping they can make it a bit easier for people utilizing the app to retrieve their accounts safely in the future. Thank you, Instagram.Version: 243.1

Good social media app, bad user interface designThe app works for what it needs to work as. But for whatever reason, the user interface constantly changes and there is absolutely no indication that it is meant to change in their version history updates. It becomes slightly irritating that the app will work one way one day and the next some random change will be made to either the explore page or the home page that just doesn't make sense based off of its history. My example right now would be the new reels that were introduced. Now when I go on the explore page there is a huge portion of it being taken up by reels that I don’t want there. Sure, reels is cool but I went to the explore page, not the reels page. Another example that also happened recently was where I opened the app one day and my home page didn’t show any of the pages I followed and instead showed random pages. It took me a minute until I realized I had to click on “see older posts” before I could see the old posts. Not that I care for this too much, but it was just irritating for no reason to suddenly have pages I don’t follow showing up in the section of the app meant for only pages that I follow. That’s about all I can remember but there has been a history other similar changes in the past as well that I vaguely remember..Version: 155.0

Rules are ridiculousSo I’ve had this app since before it became extremely popular. I’ve always loved this app so much but lately the rules have been so ridiculous! I can hardly comment on people’s posts now without being blocked. It’s been happening pretty much every day. I’m constantly having to write to instagram letting them know that I’m blocked and to please unblock me. I feel like this is a social media app but we’re getting punished for being “too social”. It really takes away the fun of using it when I’m constantly being blocked. I get that there are spam accounts but there are a ton of people getting blocked that aren’t spam accounts. It’s getting a little bit ridiculous lately. A lot of us like to enter giveaways and comment on each other’s posts and we’re getting punished for using the app. I really hope something can change and this can get fixed because it’s really taking away the fun of using the app. I really truly love this app so much but all these rules and getting banned constantly is just so frustrating and really ruining my experience using this app. So please, please, please fix this so we can stop getting blocked constantly. I know a LOT of people would really, really appreciate it. Thank you! ☺️.Version: 123.0

THANK YOU for fixing bug, but there’s still 1 issue*Updated review* a few days ago i wrote a bad review because there were bug issues and my saved songs on instagram weren’t loading and now they’re all BACK YAYYY i love you forever instagram 🫶🏻🫶🏻you the GOAT. finally i feel at ease. i can finally see all my saved songs again. Giving you 5 stars now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️but…. there’s still another issue i complained about, so every time i delete the app and log back in or go on private then back to public my account bugs out and some of my archived stories are frozen like a lot of them !! :(((( makes the app un enjoyable. please fix this!! like reels i had posted and are now in the story archives are frozen and won’t play… i love watching my old stories and some of them are frozen? not just the reels but some of my own photos or vids i posted in my story archive are frozen. :( once you fix this you will earn all my respect back. this app has been around for so long and is the most popular app, i feel there shouldn’t be issues like this still? the whole point of instagram is the posts and some of my archived stories are frozen and won’t play .. what’s the point then? once this gets fixed i’ll love you forever and will earn my full 5 stars..Version: 294.0

MaintenanceI have had a frustrating issue for several months now where certain features either make the app crash suddenly, or do not work entirely. One feature that does not work at all. Not a single time... is the ability to post multiple photos in a singular post. I’ve tried with just 2 photos. I’ve tried with the maximum amount of photos in a photoset(10). Not a single time has this worked. After adding a caption with some hashtags, tagging friends, and waiting for the post to load. It fails to post every single time. I’ve tried this on both my old phone iPhone 6S plus, as well as my most recent phone purchase the iPhone X. This feature has never worked for me, often times being so frustrated I’d neglect the app for a few days and then find myself back. After attempting to delete the app as well as the app cache and reinstalling on both phones the feature is still inoperative. I also agree with many other Instagram users that the feed is very annoying that I’ll see posts I’ve seen already, or posts from several days ago. Chronological order?? If Instagram was more oriented on creating a seamless working application they may have a lot more users, or more frequent users of the app. Every bug I’ve experienced, I’ve submitted through the in app report a bug..Version: 53.0

Death of Organic followers was the Death of Instagram.Title says it all. Not everyone wants to be a business and pay for followers and promotions. IG was already making enough with ad revenue. But killing the organic feed was about the most blatant sign of greed i’ve seen from a social media platform. We expected it from Facebook, and naturally everyone saw it coming with the merger. Its absurd to think that because you dont pay per post, even with a good follower to post activity ratio, your posts dont take priority among your own followers or area. Instagram took the fun out of discovering people and forces those who pay to play down your throats. The bigger accounts just saturate the market and everyone else gets forgotten. Personal pages should NOT be penalized for not paying to promote posts where as business profiles should. IG, like every Google product, is self imploding and destroying itself by its obsession with catering to ads. Not the creatives who even bring traffic to IG in the first place. Remember what happened to Tumblr? The first IG? Yea its going in that direction. The censorship and bias towards trending profiles alone is going to kill this platform just like Facebook is suffering from. And dont get me started on the spam and scam messages/ comments that plague this app..Version: 95.0

Good app, terrible support systemInstagram is a good application, but when there is a problem there is no way to fix it. For me the tap in feature does not work, it appears as part of the image and is not interactable. I have looked up a lot of things to try and fix it but nothing seems to work. I tried to contact Instagram but the only way to do that is through reports, and I have reports from 6 months ago that are still in review. And when I report a technical problem such as the tap in or add yours feature not working, it does not even show up in my reports. I think that whenever I report it that nothing happens because I think it should appear in my reports log in settings right? My application is fully up to date, I’ve tried clearing the data from the app, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing has worked. There are thousands of other people claiming to have this problem but nobody can find an answer or solution to it and Instagram does not provide a way to help with this. The help center only provides information for business things or how to do very basic actions within the app. There is no help for glitches and bugs, there is no way to fix or contact about these bugs, which is quite annoying..Version: 238.0

Notes FeatureI don't wanna be mean but I have had an issue with your recent update, which allows users to have the “notes” feature. I have not received this update, although all of my friends have. I have tried to be patient, & I have also tried fixing it. I restarted my phone, updated my phone, I deleted the app, I logged out of my account, I tried updating the app multiple times, & nothing. There is absolutely no notes feature on my Instagram. I tried checking to see if the problem was that I had a professional account, but my account is a personal account. I don't understand why I am being excluded. I am hurt, & overall shocked that Instagram could exclude someone like this. 1 would appreciate if you would give me this update. I don't find it nice to be excluding anyone from your updates, & l don't know why you chose me to exclude. But it is unfair, and I would like to receive this update as soon as possible. Please give me this update, I do not deserve this. It's truly disgusting & rude of you to just leave me out. I really want this update, I am so mad you chose to leave me out of this update, out of all of the updates you have made. I don't know why you're targeting me like this, but it needs to stop. Please provide me with this update, I would love to have the notes feature. Thank you..Version: 309.1.1

New UpdateI love Instagram, it’s like a more modern version of Facebook thats basic enough for my grandma to understand but still fun for me to use. However I don’t know if this is a fluke or apart of the update. A message came up saying Instagram limits how much likes we can do on comments at a time to stop bullying... I just want to know who thought this was a good idea. This is a social media app that’s like the whole point, liking is literally the foundation of every media. If you have a limit whether your intentions are bad or not your going to end up being wiped for existence. And also I don’t know who thought a limit on liking comments would prevent bullying but that person has obviously never really been bullied in their entire life because that does nothing. The only thing limiting likes is going to do is leave Instagram with bad rating and have your audience delete the app and go to another platform that allows them to do what social media is suppose to be able to do. Speaking of such I won’t delete the app yet because I’m hoping this is a fluke but I will be switching to another platform, for the rest of the month, that is able to do its job. I appreciate the concern for bullying but find a way to help prevent it that doesn’t effect everyone and take away from the purpose of social media..Version: 156.0

EasyVery easy for a newbie to learn and use.Version: 14.0

ExellentJ'adore instagram ! J'aimerai être plus vue.Version: 14.0

FIX THISWhenever I log into my account it says “sorry, there was a problem with your request.” Please fix this. I tried with both of my accounts, and I used several devices to make sure if it wasn’t just my phone which it has a problem with. It said the same exact thing on all the devices I used. Please fix this..Version: 84.0

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 72.0

CrashingOkay so Instagram keeps crashing within about three seconds of me being on it. Sometimes I can get on to it but then I go off and can't get back on. I've tried turning my iPod off and stuff but it doesn't work. I updated it and it still crashes. Please fix this!! Would give it five stars if it weren't for this..Version: 16.0

Ruined a great thingThe new layout makes it obvious that the company only cares about making money and not the creators or consumers who liked Instagram for what it uniquely was. This new update takes away what was special about Instagram and replaced it with an embarrassing, desperate attempt to compete with e-commerce stores and other apps. You don’t need to have what everyone else has when you are in your own lane. It’s also very clear that you know people will click the shop button from muscle memory. Really huge slap in the face for all IG users. This is my main app and now I’m working on figuring out what other avenues I can use instead. Really, really disappointed..Version: 167.0

Want likesLiterally give the likes back no one at all like this.Version: 92.0

Can’t log in. I know my username and password. Still can’tLove the app, but I can’t log in on the app. I know my username and password. I can log in on my computer, safari and everywhere else except this app. I don’t know why. PLEASE FIX THIS.Version: 87.0

New updatePlease bring likes back.Version: 91.0

Viewing my storyI want to see who has viewed by story beyond 24 hours Please change back!!.Version: 79.0

Free PalestineInstagram doesn’t have the right to block and delete the content of Palestinian..Version: 187.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 315.0.0

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