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Snapchat is a fast and fun way to share the moment with your friends and family

• Snapchat opens right to the Camera — just tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video.
• Express yourself with Lenses, Filters, Bitmoji and more!
• Try out new Lenses daily created by the Snapchat community!

• Stay in touch with friends through live messaging, or share your day with Group Stories.
• Video Chat with up to 16 friends at once — you can even use Lenses and Filters when chatting!
• Express yourself with Friendmojis — exclusive Bitmoji made just for you and a friend.

• Watch friends' Stories to see their day unfold.
• See Stories from the Snapchat community that are based on your interests.
• Discover breaking news and exclusive Original Shows.

• Spotlight showcases the best of Snapchat!
• Submit your own Snaps or sit back, relax, and watch.
• Pick your favorites and share them with friends.

• Share your location with your best friends or go off the grid with Ghost Mode.
• See what your friends are up to on your most personal map when they share their location with you.
• Explore live Stories from the community nearby or across the world!

• Save unlimited photos and videos of all your favorite moments.
• Edit and send old moments to friends or save them to your Camera Roll.
• Create Stories from your favorite Memories to share with friends and family.

• Every friendship has its own special profile to see the moments you’ve saved together.
• Discover new things you have in common with Charms — see how long you’ve been friends, your astrological compatibility, your Bitmoji fashion sense, and more!
• Friendship Profiles are just between you and a friend, so you can bond over what makes your friendship special.

Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages by taking a screenshot, using a camera, or otherwise. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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Snapchat App Comments & Reviews

Snapchat Positive Reviews

Dark mode?I’ve had Snapchat for several years now, and it’s always been one of (if not my favorite) social media platform. It’s easy and fun to use, and it’s a great way to keep in contact with friends. All the filters make for some great selfie-taking, and you really get a personalized experience, which I love. The only thing I wish was different is that there is no dark mode. I have an iPhone, and Apple has been super receptive to feedback when it came to allowing a dark mode for phones. It’s really an awesome feature, since even on the lowest brightness you could burn out your corneas with the pure white screens of the App Store, iMessage, iTunes, and more. Thankfully, those are all in dark mode now, which is great in the middle of the night as well as in broad daylight. I really wish Snapchat would look into making a dark mode for their users as well, since lots of people (myself included) really prefer dark mode. There’s something about the look of it that I love, and an added bonus is that I don’t go blind at nighttime. I wish I could say the same for snap. Snapchat, please consider a dark mode for your users. I don’t think I’m the only person that would like to have it..Version:

Ads are annoying!!!!!I’ve been using Snapchat since the golden days of 2014 and although they didn’t have all the features they currently, I would personally say that I enjoyed the app way more back then then I currently do now and my number one reason for that would have to be the addition of the annoying ads when either scrolling through your friends stories or just checking out the discover stories. It’s worse with the discover stories because I’ll be fully invested in whatever i click on but then rudely get interrupted by a unskippable ad, which btw just makes me lose total interest in whatever story I was listening to. Please change this. I get that you have ads to make money but Snapchat was way better before the ads and even if you do have ads can you try to minimize them by i don’t know…maybe try timing them better with the stories and maybe widening them out so they aren’t constantly coming ever seconds when I’m in the middle of watching a headline or news story. Also the bugs are starting to get annoying, it ranges from freezing your screen to just randomly crashing and closing out or completely signing you out of your account for no apparent reason. Please fix this as well. Otherwise than that, I love the fun in Snapchat and how it’s a great way to communicate with others by sending pictures and etc. but if these ads and bugs don’t get fixed soon…then i don’t see myself having this app for much longer..Version:

Needs to be fixed MAJOR PROBLEMSo recently my Snapchat account got temporarily locked So I waited several hours to sign back in but when I did so it let me in Snapchat but only for about 10 seconds. Before I could even allow Snapchat to access the camera it had already locked me out of my account for the second time. So I made a new account to use and as soon as I did it got locked as well as the other one. They both got locked within 30 seconds of me logging in, So I waited several hours once again and this time I deleted Snapchat and re-downloaded it to see if anything different would happen and still the same thing happened. it locked me out of my new account that I just created. After another 12 hours I logged into my snap but I did it from a different phone and this time it didn’t lock my account so I thought it was fixed and I went to sign in on my phone and locked me right back out. Throughout the years Snapchat has been the best social media texting app I’ve ever used. If I’m ever taking a picture I go straight to Snapchat the quality is amazing when u have a iPhone and it’s easier to edit the way u want it to be edited. This is definitely a app ide recommend but this needs to be fixed I can’t sign in to any kind of Snapchat account on my phone it won’t even let me make a new one to use.Version:

Amazing!This app is amazing and is so safe for our kids! I am a mother of 4 and i let all of my kids have this app. It is very safe because when you first download the app, it immediately puts you on ghost mode. This means no one can see your location. you have the choice to turn it off but they ask you about 3 verification questions before you do. Plus, you can’t see anyone’s posts and you can’t message anyone unless you follow them and they follow you back. If you guys follow each other and someone does something inappropriate, and you didn’t save the chat, you can go in settings and there is a button where you can revive all of the message you have ever sent. they will also bring up any messages they other person sent too. Lastly, if you report someone, it will immediately block them and report their account to the headquarters! This app is also super fun! It’s a fun way to communicate because when your kids go into their teen years, it’s not “cool” to text any more so this will be super fun! There’s all types of wonderful filters on this app which makes it amazing too! There are some cons but overall this is an amazing app!:).Version:

Black ScreenYou JUST updated the app after a whole day of the black screen issue, but the issue is still here, and I also can’t tap the icons on the bottom to transition from my snaps to my stories. Is this happening because of my device? Either way, please fix it because the update did not do anything. I’m also losing my streaks because of this issue, so when you eventually update this app again, please bring back the streaks that I supposedly “lost” just because of this ongoing issue. I also cannot reply to friends’ snaps with a snap of my own, because of the black screen issue. I can take the photo, but it only shows up after the photo is taken. Think of it like a Polaroid picture, where you have to wait for the image to show up after taking the photo. That is exactly what’s going on in general with the camera, but at least the photo immediately shows up after snapping your photo. Lastly, my friends’ Snapchat stories are starting to repeat themselves again, even when I have already viewed them. That needs to be taken care of, because that issue lasted AWHILE last time. I would also be open to share some newer ideas for the app; but for now these are the issues that I’m going to report on. Thank you..Version:

Small suggestionI can say confidently that me and all of my friends spend just about all of our time on Snapchat. It has brought many people I know together in ways I’ve never seen capable by another app. By far snapchat is my favorite and most used app. It is easy to use and has a smooth and appealing layout. I am not here to criticize, but simply to make a suggestion. I enjoy watching some of the shows on the “For you” tab. But I often find myself losing the show that I was just watching. I’ve noticed that thumbnails change after you go through the story, so that makes it hard to find what you clicked on in the first place. In particular I keep finding myself thinking “wow, I enjoyed that show, but I don’t remember what channel it was under. Though I only watched it 5 minutes ago.” Thus I would propose a sort of “history” feature for the “for you” page. (I would not like this for personal stories, only shows on the for you tab.) Possibly even just keep it in a more hidden spot because I do not need it as often as other things on Snapchat. But a feature like this would help me find and subscribe to the shows I enjoy. Thank you for reading..Version:

App was good but now it isn’tI’ve had Snapchat since like the first time I got my phone (I know right) & I usually never had problems well I decided go on one my accounts things were fine I went to send a snap someone & it didn’t send for a long time (in minutes) finally I got it send like I was closing outta all my apps, closing it, retrying, powering off my phone everything! Finally I got it I was happy so then I post pic saying I was getting off the account go my main because I was bored on that so that toke couples minutes post & so as said I was logging out well it kept saying ‘connection error’ when my phone was fine & tried once more getting out & everything didn’t work! So I deleted the app as I was I looked at peoples reviews knowing I wasn’t alone so I got it downloaded & tried login same thing popped up like really!? So I panicked & came here so many thoughts ran threw my mind because that app was kinda the thing that I texted some people on if I didn’t have them on other apps..but all I’m asking Snapchat is to fix this one bug for everyone don’t worry about new stuff I’m glad what we got but the game but eh. I’m going keep trying & see but for now this is it :/.Version:

If it could just load faster than everything would be fineOK I love Snapchat so much are use it every single day I use it for everything to text my friends call my friends post on my story let people know what I’m doing and I love it so much but, if it were just faster!!!Lately it has been lagging and axing me out of the tab and doing really crazy stuff lately at this point it’s getting very annoying and I wish you would just stop the most recent iOS update on Snapchat was just three days ago this is becoming absolutely absurd if they’re having updates within three days and it still continuing to be bad and having really bad bugs and saying that they’re fixing them is not correct, they actually need to fix the bugs and fix the lagging and fix all the terrible loading and axing out of the tabs and all the really crappy things and Snapchat will be perfect this is just my opinion but many other people are experiencing this to it has just been recently so it’s good that hasn’t been really really bad but lately it has been very bad many people running or changing the same thing so I know it’s not just me on my phone so let me know if you’re exchanging the same thing to!.Version:

Memory/Image RecoveryHello! I just wanted to say that I personally love Snapchat. I use it more often than iMessage. Though I have to say that the fact that there isn’t a recovery option for memories really bothers me, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who has run into a problem like this on Snapchat. I had a memory that I held dearly to me. I was editing my memory small segments at a time. When I was editing, there was a small segment of that memory that I didn’t want to keep, so I had tapped delete believing it would delete that portion only, not knowing that it was going to delete the entire snap itself. Having made it two years ago, I hadn’t realized till now that I didn’t save it to my camera roll at the time being. I was wondering if there’s any way possible to incorporate a recovery option into snap, or maybe even make it possible for us to recover our memories without saving them to our camera roll? Though if there is a way to recover memories without having saved them to my camera roll, I would really appreciate the tips and feedback. I lost all hope for saving the memory after seeing that it is stated on the Snapchat support page that there is no way of recovering unless backed up on the camera roll..Version:

Snapchat Needs improvementI was really impressed with Snapchat back in the day, in that it enabled photo messaging and added filters to help with those of us who may have a bad skin day, keep our blemishes hidden by a smoother so when we send our friends a snap it doesn’t show our embarrassing acne spot to our possible crush, etc. The new updates to Snapchat are disastrous. First; I can not clear an entire conversation column and have to go one by one through the messages to clear them. Also you can’t look up your friends; how is anyone supposed to organize their friends list if we can’t even see who’s our friend without searching them? If you have 20 or so friends you are basically spending 2 minutes of your time trying to clear your snap window. Second; the stories; filled with biased propaganda and absolute garbage. I enjoy subscribing to some of the channels but the fact that most of these channels feature some of the most controversial topics and are completely one sided is unfortunate. I would like to see more middle liner content, and keep politics out of the playground unless your going to equalize and allow those who may not swing to the left side of the scale, be able to enjoy the features as well. Please read and consider Snapchat.Version:

Snapchat is awesome but I need help!Hey Snapchat Team! I hope all of you guys are working safe during these times of the global pandemic going on, but I have an inquiry. I see that recently you guys released a new update about 2 days ago and today this morning Snapchat updated to the newest version. For some odd reason my photos aren’t going through at all and no stories are loading up. I tried closing the app out wait a few minutes and reopen it and resend my snap, but it still wouldn’t go through. I decided to just log out and log back in to see if that’ll help, but to my surprise it didn’t let me log back in and told me I had a connection problem. My WiFi is working perfectly for my other applications and social media platforms at this time, but some reason Snapchat isn’t liking my WiFi so I switch over to my Data network and still I’m getting the connection timed out message, telling me that I have a connection problem. Please help as soon as you guys can to resolve this issue! I thank you guys in advance and don’t work to hard during these times! God bless. -Mark L. Garcia.Version:

Locking accountsWhy do we get our accounts locked ? idk but i find that very stupid. How come there’s guys and girls out there sending naked pictures to children and they don’t get locked out ? For example. my account was temporarily locked and it was because i was adding too many people without my email setup and all i had to do was delete the app and reinstall it and unlock my account. Well after i set everything up i was in a group chat and had added some of the people for friends. When i got home i tried to login and it said my account was locked, keep in mind i didn’t do anything. My email and phone number was setup and everything. So when i went to the website to unlock it, it said my account was permanently locked. What did i do ? I don’t have Yolo or Lmk etc. I’ve been trying to get back in and it’s not working. I’ve had this account for 4 years and i have memories, streaks, friends, stories.. my whole life. Knowing i can’t get back in really makes me mad. What also makes me mad is that when i email Team Snapchat, they don’t help at all. This was jus my concern and advice and frustration. Thank you for reading this :).Version:

Snapchat!Don’t mind that Snapchat is an okay app but what’s going on!?!?!?! It’s shutting down the app isn’t installing and honestly the app is going all funky and weird??? What’s wrong It’s not only me because it’s been happening to my friends too and everyone of my friends app just shut down and when we uninstalled and tried to reinstall it won’t work honestly this is bad because this is how I talk to my friends everyday and I have a lot of people added in there that I don’t have there numbers nor any other social app. Snapchats one of the my number one source but recently it’s been really bad. I don’t want to assume it’s everyone app that shut down but me and my friends app shut down completely and we’re trying to re install but it won’t and when I tried to open it before I deleted the app it didn’t let me in is kept crashing. Is this happening to anyone else or just me and my friends am honestly worried it might have gotten hacked but that would be impossible since I have never given my account to anybody. I hope this is just a glitch or Snapchat crashing. But i really am hoping Snapchat is just updating. Can someone help if this is just a me problem and has happened to you before???.Version:

Love the app, but...I’ve had Snapchat for a long time now, and I love the app. It is a way that I can stay in touch with my friends and get to know new ones. Of course ever app has its bad days and glitches, like the other day, but something that annoys me greatly and has never been fixed is the time that the notifications that someone you subscribed to comes in. I am subscribed to a couple influencers and I have notifications on for two or three of them. I will sometimes be on the app and see that they posted and view their story, and of course, I would view their story so there would really be no need for a notification. Even though this occurs sometimes, I will get a notification five to ten minutes later about the same person, and it would be in regard to the post that I already viewed. Something else that happens with the notifications is that I do not receive them until about fifteen minutes after the post has been up. The reason I have notifications on is to see it in the first couple minutes, not in the first hour. If there is something that can be done to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated..Version:

Okay Ig 🤷‍♀️I mean I like snap and all and I use it a lot it’s just been messing up my phone a bit. So you see whenever I open Snapchat it’s gets kinda glitchy and I don’t like that when I open it and exit and then re open it and go into my camera roll on snap it won’t let me select more pictures and videos until i exit and clear it from my data and have to re open the app and it’s just a pain so yeah and the new update I mean it’s okay kinda annoying I liked the original snap and I mean it’s not that bad there’s some things better like it’s easier to hack to do screenshots with out the other person knowing oh that’s another thing I don’t like that it lets the other person know you took a screenshot of there snap or chat it’s just annoying because than they ask why and you have to make up some excuse but another thing is whenever I try to send a video to someone from like Tik tok to snap if it’s over 11 seconds it’s won’t let me and then I have to save the vid to my camera roll and do that whole exiting entering thing I was saying earlier. But over all i use snap a lot and I like it there’s just a few things that could be done differently. Thank you snap chat and have a good day everyone!! ☺️.Version:

The update didn’t workI have been using Snapchat for two years now and I never had this problem of not getting notifications from Snapchat ever for some oddly reason there was a bug that I have heard and I had it yesterday. My bug was ever when I close the app it told other people that I was just leaving them on red and ignoring them when in reality I didn’t have Snapchat open. I don’t know if the update didn’t work because there was an update and I just updated it this morning or somethings wrong with my device but you guys need to fix it because it just doesn’t make any sense. And to describe the bug more that happened yesterday, I read peoples messages but I kept showing up as a new chat and some people when you don’t keep on texting me because I was having conversations with other people but it kept saying new chat when I haven’t talk to this person or an hour ago but that parts fixed now there’s an issue where I don’t get notifications that somebody text me on Snapchat and I have to open the app for it to see if someone text me other than seeing the notification pop-up on my screen.Version:

Love/HateLet’s start with it logging me out. Sometimes I will go away for maybe less than 30 minutes and come back and I’m logged out, or it might even say your account has been locked, I’ve had to unlock my account maybe 6 times already, and I had only made it in July, (well a new account since my other one was permanently locked). The chatting is another thing, sometimes it will take up to 5 minutes for my snaps or chats to send, also when I save them it doesn’t say I did it just keeps on saying save to chat. I wish that they would load immediately and the chats would automatically save. I also would like if we could pin more than 3 people!. Snapchat Score, I don’t like how I send snaps and my score doesn’t go up right away, I have to exit the app and open it again for my snap score to be accurate, it’s aggravating. Everything else I am in love with, the dark screen, the astrological profiles, the bitmojis, the stories, the settings, everything else doesn’t bother me it’s just those things that do bother me and it bothers others too, it would be nice of you Snapchat to fix some of these things, not just to make the app better but to make the people happier who use it..Version:

MehDon’t get me wrong, i love snapchat. it’s my main form of communication, socializing, and seeing the lives of my friends. but, it does have its moments of issues. my main one is the fact that my chats and snaps open on their own. it’s extremely frustrating because my friends will text me on another app for communicating or even double text on snapchat asking me or telling me i’ve left them on open, which i NEVER did. i didn’t even get to see the texts and/or snaps they’ve sent. another big issue for me is the fact that my discovery and story viewing section of the app glitches continuously through out the day. it makes my subscribed stories disappear for a solid 5 minutes even after closing and reopening the apps, leaves up stories i’ve already watched, and the discovery channel (due to the horrible discovery snap algorithm) is a bunch of half naked pics of influencers or stupid stories i’ve shown no interest to saying it’s “for me”. i also know these have been ongoing issues for many of my friends, and many verified accounts i’ve become acquainted to. i have used snapchat for years, and as much as i don’t wanna stop using it, these issues are horrendously obnoxious..Version:

Good app-A few fixesI've had Snapchat for over 2 years now. Snapchat is a fun, creative way to express yourself and talk to friends or meet new people. Most people, including myself, will add people off of quick add. Sometimes these people will express and share unwanted and unnecessary opinions or show body parts, and Snapchat makes it easy to disconnect from these people by simply un-adding them. I haven't really had any problems with snap, except for one or two things that need to be fixed. Number one is the fact that when I send or receive streaks, that they will send or show twice, which is very annoying. Second, it glitches and tells me that I have to go back and re-add everyone that I have on snap because I don't have them added already. And last but not least, is that fact that sometimes it freezes when you try a filter on, or write something on a picture. These are small problems, but I'm not the only one experiencing these problems. Over all, Snapchat is a fun app with a good image. I wouldn't recommend letting anyone who isn't at least 12 have Snapchat. Thank you for your time. 🙌🏽♥️.Version:

Love but needs fixingI LOVE Snapchat and I’ve had snapchat since 2013 because it’s such a good way to meet new people and stay in touch. It’s my most used app and I enjoy snapchatting people all day long. But recently I’ve been kind of fed up with the bugs. Like when I get a notification from Snapchat, sometimes it’ll just disappear off my lock screen. Also when I open the app after I got a notification, the Snapchat will not appear. The most annoying bug is when the Snapchat says, “Tap to Load” but when I tap it won’t load and I’ll never see the Snapchat. I’ve looked up how people have fixed these bugs in the past and I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and download it again, I've logged in on another phone, I’ve cleared the conversation, and I’ve cleared my cache but nothing seems to work. Another thing, it is very hard to reach Snapchat. I had to really work to find how to reach them and tell them about their bug and I feel like it needs to be a little easier. Again, I love snapchat and as a teenager it is perfect for my generation to keep up with each other but I am really disappointed in all the bugs recently. Thanks!!.Version:

My love/hate Relationship With SnapI have been using snapchat since 2013. In the past six years I have seen such an development in quality, options, and overall popularity. This app is like a lion and every phone the app touches, is it’s kingdom. I enjoy Snapchat. I enjoy the streaks. I really enjoy the meme accounts I’m subscribed to! But there’s one thing that I just can’t get behind. The Discover Page. I’ll be straight up honest with you, it is the one thing that makes takes that fifth star away. Ya’ll just came out with a new update. I was excited to hear that you could change the settings with the Discover Page. I went to these setting (to turn off the page) to DISCOVER (haha ha, dad joke) that there’s still no way at ALL that I can turn it off. Look, and I’ll put it bluntly, I love your app except for that one thing. I think you should be able to have the option to turn it off. I simply just don’t care about it and would rather not see it. Now I might just be the only one on this planet that doesn’t like it, or there are tons of other people that don’t enjoy it either. Anyways, I’m sorry for the rant, I just really wanna see that change is all. Have a good one!.Version:

Hack?So I was on my snapchat and all of a sudden it just stopped working. I completely shut my phone off and I re-opened the app back up to see it still wasn’t working. So I thought the best way was to delete the app the download it again. So I did that, but then it wasn’t letting me log into my account? It kept saying “check your internet” and everything was just slow. When I finally got back into my account after like 5 minutes.. it showed I didn’t have any friends or anything, no pictures, no nothing, and then it finally loaded again after like 5 minutes. I can’t post stuff in my story without seeing the “failed to post” thing. My snaps were disappearing too, and they were my friends snaps not showing up. I finally got the app to work but not as well because it still is doing the same thing other than me being able to see my friends snaps. I hope you fix it soon because I’m really not enjoying how it is right now because it’s not working for anyone and my internet is perfectly fine. So that’s why I’m asking you again to just fix the problem. Please and thank you!.Version:

HiiiI personally love this app and it’s a great way to text and chat and do lots of things on honestly! I have a few issues with it though. One is that when I go to a chat and press the smile face I can’t find the cutout thing to make a cameo. I’ve been looking left and right how to. I’ve been asking my friends and everything they tell me is not showing up on my screen. For example they said to update Snapchat and then maybe I’ll see the cutout so I updated it and honestly nothing changed. I can’t find how to make a cameo. My friend has even sent me a link to Snapchat support saying how to make a cameo but I am missing on of those steps. I don’t have the face cut out image on the bottom of my bar when I press the face. I have one more issue. The only snap game that I can’t play is Bitmoji party. Me and my friends are always trying to play bitmoji party together and hers works and mine doesn’t. Everytime I try playing, before I even start the game, it says connection lost. EVERY TIME! So I would love if you could fix the bitmoji party and I know that it is not my connection because I have strong connection. Thanks for reading..Version:

To many issuesI’ve used snap for a few years and have never had as bad issues before. It constantly lags when I first open it, and chats wont show up constantly, and it often says I left someone on opened but I had sent a message back to them, it’s getting really annoying having to apologize to my friends for the stupidest stuff, like maybe fix your bugs and issues before trying to copy tiktok. I personally do not use tiktok because of how toxic the community is, and now I keep seeing everything copy that god for saken app, Instagram has done the same thing. Literally everything on the snap reels or whatever is just stuff shared from tiktok. And don’t get me started in the ads on the stories, I get when you’re looking through friends stories, you can just skip those, but the stories from anything else is HORRIBLE. Every 5 seconds there’s a 5 second ad! The stories aren’t even worth looking at anymore because of how many ads are in them! Snapchat has honestly just become terrible, I only use it anymore because I talk to so many people on it, and I don’t wanna lose my streaks. If you are thinking about getting this app, don’t. It’s not worth it..Version:

IssuesI love Snapchat and I use it every single day then you’re probably like “ well why did you put 3 stars” here’s why... Few times here recently I had to logout to let someone else login and when I logged back in most of my recents had disappeared. They’re still my friends but their name doesn’t show up. I have to go and search for them to message. A few people even just added me and sent me snaps I didn’t get the chance to open them and their name and snap disappeared it’s like they had never even snapped me. Again I love snap it’s honestly the only app I use but this is really becoming a pain. I have never had a problem with logging out and logging in until here recently. Also, my snap score isn’t going up it goes up on mine but if I have someone look at my snap score it’s like 60,000 lower than what mine says. I know a lot of people have been having problems with the snap score the past few weeks. I’m also not getting any Snapchat notifications and I only know when someone snaps me if I go on Snapchat. It doesn’t show any new one’s and after a few minutes they just appear. So if you guys could fix these issues I will gladly give you 5 stars..Version:

It’s great! But it could be even betterI’ve been using Snapchat for 3 years now and I’ve finally gotten use to it being one of my primary apps. As we all know, dark mode has been around barely that long, but I was wondering if it could be added on Snapchat? I know so many apps that have dark mode and they aren’t even Apple apps. Since it’s also a messaging app I feel as if that would make it much more convenient to use at night. Another thing that I love about Snapchat is that it has such a wide variety of filters to choose from made by people like me. The problem is, there’s SOO many filters I love so much, and want to use all the time, but the only way to use it is to scroll for it through the search or memorize the name to search it up yourself. I wish there was a favorite button, so wen you find a filter you like you can actually save it for over weeks, months, etc. Obviously the amount of favorites will show on the filter too, so you can tell what filters are trending. That’s about it. Thanks for reading! I hope these get added..Version:

It keeps logging me outSo I used to always use Snapchat until a friend asked me if I could continue their streaks because they weren’t going to be able to use their phone for a while so I logged into their account the next morning and it tells me “Hey you banned” and I’m like “huh, why?”. I asked my friend and she said that I she was supposed to log out first and I’m like ok I’ll probably get my account back later… it’s been months. Every time I log in it tells me that I’m block or it lets me in for a while but if I tab out it simply logs me off and tells me I’m blocked. I don’t remember doing anything illegal or wrong in the app other than bully my friend into going to her online class because she is too lazy to do it herself and she needs someone to tell her to. If Snapchat themselves sees this, can y’all help me out here? It’s been a while but I still miss it or at least a good reason for why I was banned. I tried the Snapchat website but I don’t see any “contact us directly”. Again, if y’all see this can you guys help me or give me a reason why? Please?.Version:

HehePlssss make a change the username option -Olivia.Version:

Read plzI love the app but they need a “remove from best friend list” and a “send to all streaks button”. Other wise I spend all my time sending snaps to my friend.Version:

SnapWhen are we gonna have Snapchat with dark mode.Version:

‼️✅FIX EVERYONE PROBLEMHello! If you would really like a good review to step up your game here’s help from a gen z, want more people to like Snapchat better reviews? Well make a update including 1. Change username 2. Remove best friend list 3. Take out spotlight, you are ruining snap and no ones gonna use that we have tiktok 4. Keep old Snapchat layout (2019/2020) 5. A “remove” person from Gc! 6. Make the Snapchat calls also allowing looking at other people’s snaps 7. Add a Snapchat story game 8. See who’s bsf list you are on. That’s it for now you should consider this..Version:

SoundsThe app is really good but the only thing that is annoying is the sound for example your sound works and then the next minute it doesn’t work.Version:

IPHONE XR QUALITYI literally love snapchat, it’s a major way of communicating right now. BUT ever since i got the iphone XR camera quality or picture quality has been below the dirt. Smooths out my face or super pixelated, zooms in so much bc the screen, and looks like a potato took my picture. hope this is fixed soon :(.Version:

Change usernamePlease add change username option.Version:

Iphone XROn the XR iphone the pictures on Snapchat are sooo zoomed in and look like terribly quality. Update the app to fix this please!!! Can’t even take snaps.Version:

Change usernames.Add a change username option! So many people have been begging for years and still nothing.Version:

Please update to work with iPhone XS MaxPictures are coming out zoomed in and very low quality!!:(!! please please fix this!!!!.Version:

Camera sucksI got a new iPhone XR and the front camera is supper zoomed in on the front camera. I called apple thinking it had something to do with my phone but it’s just the app. Fix this..Version:

Picture qualityPlease update so the picture quality on iPhone X models are not blurry. XR has an amazing camera but Snapchat makes it look bad.Version:

New updateUm for some reason my portrait mode did not come with the update but some of my other friends got portrait mode. Please fix this..Version:

USERNAMEI think we should be able to change our usernames because some of us made our snapchat accounts when we were younger.Version:

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What do you think Snapchat ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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