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CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos.

「Easy to use」
Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever, posting only your wonderful moments.

「High quality」
Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities.

「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」
Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs.

「Stickers and text」
Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos.

Get creative with a range of magical effects.

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CapCut - Video Editor App Comments & Reviews

CapCut - Video Editor Positive Reviews

I’m very pleased but have some suggestions!So, I’m a very beginner editor and was happy to come across capcut seeing as that it was free and had great reviews. I have almost mastered this app completely and don’t want to leave and switch over to something that’s paid when capcut is doing things that every other editing service is doing. However, there is always room to grow, especially for the editors who’s skills are growing faster and wanting more. A few of my recommendations is having more advanced and better options for speed. Please add more filters (specifically in the border area), and add ones that are different and will give our videos good quality(I’m pretty sure y’all can come up with something!). I ask that we get more font options and allow us to use more than 1 animation for out fonts PLEASEE!! Those are just a few of my recommendations. Now, on to my concerns the app does lag a little, and constantly says that I’m out of storage and I delete a lot of previous edits just to make new ones, and I’m getting concerned that the app will just not be enough for me. It’s already taken up most of my storage andI really want it to be worth it, but all these glitches, lags, and thirst for storage is not going to make using this app worth it. I hope someone sees this, and I hope you have a great rest of your day/night..Version: 3.7.0

Great app! few recommendations tho:)I love capcut! I appreciate how everything is free and how you can remove the watermark at the end. I have been using this app for like a year now and i think its great and easy to use. i do have some recommendations though because i do find some little issues or something i would like to be better/fixed. so my first recommendation is that you guys should maybe add more animations to both, texts and clips. for the texts, i think itd be cool to have more varieties to choose from. i know there's a lot of choices already but i mean that maybe if possible, there could be combos like there is for clips. i think itd look great on edits and would be very useful. and now for clips, i think if you could add more ins and out transitions, it would be fun to be able to have more transitions. maybe you could even add more combos as well. id also think a new great addition would be if there were to be more shakes and stuff. I dont think theres many shakes to add to your edits so i think more would be cool. another suggestion is to make the speed adjusts cleaner. sometimes when i make it slower, it looks blury or just doesnt look like it has the same quality as it would with normal speed. i do hsve more recommendations id like to share but i dont really know exactly how to explain it but if you could add/fix those things, i think the app would be 5x better! :).Version: 5.4.2

Great beginner app and it makes it easy.Sadly, I can’t do animation, like how I do it in KineMaster, but this is still AMAZING. the stickers are beyond adorable (some are like- uhm y’know that kind of EdGy but anyways-) it’s a great app. It’s actually a step up from KineMaster, which I did not expect. I’m so happy we are able to delete the watermark at the end, it’s just great. And everything is free! it’s awesome and it’s pretty much everything you need (sadly no animation key thing.) the chroma key is SOO good. I can remove part of my green/pink screen in the background without any pink/green thing on my character or art disappearing! The effects are really nice and aesthetic, and some are just really cool. (some are kinda uhm weird imo) the effects are perfect for edits, the retro or vintage ones have to be my favorite! Also the in and out animations are cool, and there are some that are for the whole duration of the video/photo, which is cool. The customization abilities for the text are great. You can give the text a font, color, some special design (example: making it glow) in and out transitions, animations that last for the duration the text is on the screen, and you can put it in a text box or something, and there are some really cute ones! There is so much I haven’t explored yet, and I know it’ll probably be good. I recommend this app for beginners, pros, anyone really. 5 stars, 10/10 I love the app Sincerely, -a person.Version: 3.6.0

I love it! I have some suggestions thoughFirst of all, I love this app so much, so in now way or form is this hate. I’d like to state some of my suggestions to improve CapCut! So the first suggestion I was thinking of is a feature where you can add graphs to you keyframes to make them look smoother. Another suggestion I have is more fonts. I do love some of the fonts you’ve provided us with, but I would love if there was a way we could upload our own fonts into the app. I’ve been thinking about this next suggestion for quite some time now, and I think it would be really effective and really improve this app! Maybe you could add a feature where we can make our own transitions? Now, I realize this might be a stretch, but hear me out: if we could make our own transitions, it would really increase our creativity skills. I know that other apps already have this feature, but I feel like CapCut is better, considering it’s 100% free! Oh! One more thing I’d like to mention. I was thinking you could add more mask shapes? Like maybe a feature where we could mask our own shapes? Ooh and maybe we could mask our clip and you could add a feature where we can have a glow effect around the masked area? Idk, it was just a thought. Well I hope you take some of these into consideration. Have a nice day!.Version: 2.8.0

Really good needs some workThis is a short review bc in too lazy but the app is basically useless for me if i can’t even add a video edit a video. I’m saying this bc every time I open the app and click add it says my storage is full😐 I am mad bc i delete and delete things but it says the same thing i power off my phone but it still says that and I can’t even edit. But other than that, it’s a pretty good app u can remove the watermark FOR FREE and most editing apps make you pay. It has decent effects filters etc. overlays are good and trimming is very easy for people that just started. I think it’s a great app for first timers it’s easy to use it’s not updated very much just bug fixes and a few new effects but everything is alright. It’s easy to add your own watermark too and many choices, you can make it look like vs which is cool and useful for those who get bullied for using CapCut. Speed and velocity are something that need a bit more work I say it’s not very smooth kinda laggy too,also we need more effects don’t get me wrong the ones we have are GREAT but I feel like they’re getting… old. It’s also good it’s not all presets unlike many other apps. But yeah my honest opinion about this is good.Version: 3.6.0

Things that are easy in CapCutI know that some of y’all are great editors out there but I’m gonna give y’all some more things that you should probably do a .CapCut one of the first things that you should do is you should look at all the edit editing that people have been doing on there and you look at your edits from back then on your other app that you’ve been using this is completely free app you don’t need any of your money to pay for it these these are facts that are on here are really good they they have a good quality they just look good overall add a lot a lot of affects to one of your pictures or videos and one of the things that I just wanna put out there is that some of y’all are pros at this and some of y’all are not processes but that’s OK because anybody doesn’t have to be pressed to have a good editing a edit sorry no editing and if you don’t think your edit is good go back and look through and just look through the edit that you did if you don’t look through the edit that you did it’s fine because you can try affects you can try writing on it you can try doing a lot of stuff on it there’s a lot more stuff than it looks like love CapCut..Version: 5.2.0

Pretty good but could use some changes!Don’t get me wrong, this app is great! It is 100% free, NO watermark, and has some really good features! It built-in stickers and filters that are well and good. Also, did I mention, IT HAS MULTIPLE LAYERS!! That’s friekin incredible!! I tested and it has up to five other layers of video or photo! This is one of the only apps on mobile that actually has multiple layers and is free! Onto the not so good things...It has most of the basic features you need EXCEPT good Volume, the volume feature is really bad, you can barely turn the volume down it only sounds SLIGHTLY quieter when you’re almost all the way at the “0” volume thing. Also, in my opinion there should be more options for volume customization maybe such as “audio stabilization” or something like that. Also the slow-down effects and the voice effects could use work. It has some really useful filters with camcorder and 90’s effects built into the app which is really cool. The transitions are actually surprisingly un-cheesy. I wanted to say thank you to the person who made this app! It is a really good app and definitely could use some changes but overall It’s really great!.Version: 2.1.0

Ily CapCut <3I make a lot of edits and capcut is great, I love the new updates lately. I do have a suggestion though, maybe y’all could make folders for us to organize and sort out edits. I have a problem with organizing things and it would be really nice to have folders. Anyways overall this is a great app once you get the hang of it your edits will look great :) - tips - If your trying to get better quality use the effect “sharpen” you’ll have to adjust the settings of it to where the red and blue colors line up behind the black line - If your trying to make a velocity edit go to “style” dont split your clip at the beats all you have to do is wait for it to load and once it’s applied change the speed for the velocity to match the beat - To get a small flicker effect go to “text” and put “.” then change the color to white and adjust the size of it to where it’s covering the entire screen then change The opacity to 3 then go to “animation” go to ”loop” scroll over till you find “random flash” then adjust the speed as fast as it will go then click off and put it on the entire video - alright I’m done here have fun editing :).Version: 5.4.1

Over all super awesomeI got to say CapCut is one of the best apps out there!! It’s 100% free, and it has amazing features! I use it all the time to make random edits or Roblox edits. It makes edits so interesting and fun to do! I definitely think there could be some improvements but then again no app is perfect, but I do have some suggestions you should take into consideration: first add more voice affects, I love this feature and it makes you voice really cool but I think it would help to add more of a variety. Next I think you should improve the volume. I like that you can change the volume but it only turns up or down so much so I think you should change that. And another one is to add more fonts I absolutely love the fonts CapCut provides but I definitely think we should be able to choose our own fonts or you could add some more. Those are just a few suggestions but over all CapCut is an amazing app that I highly recommend whoever made this app is so talented and needs a lot of credit! I think there could be a few improvements but all in all it’s definitely a great and fantastic app that makes editing easy and fun!!!.Version: 3.5.1

Better than any other video editing app but also has it’s flawsSo CapCut is a really great app. It has really all of the most advanced features that you couldn’t find in any other video editing app. I have seen that ads for these on Instagram and it turns out that they were not lying about these features. This is basically the sole reason why I am writing this review. I don’t even know why this app has a rating of only 4.5. It should be at least 4.8. But just like any other video editing app (I should be sorry to say this lol) it has it’s flaws. I want more filters, like an invert filter. Also some people may not understand English so it may be a problem for them if they want a video editing app that could feature their language. That also applies to the effects, filters, etc. So please, allow users to select their own language. It could also be good if you could put a dark mode, be able to save your music, or SFX to the app, and name your video before you start your project. This is all I have to say. Hopefully CapCut listens to my review, so that all users of this app could get a comfortable video editing experience..Version: 1.7.1

This app is amazing but just a few thingsI really like this app, it doesn’t crash like my other editing software, the transitions are amazing, the effects are out of this world, and the text customization is one I’ve never seen before on mobile Editing. I just wanted to suggest that you guys that run this app give more creative control over the effects, for example letting us fade them in and fade out, how fast or slow we want the effects. I also wanted to suggest and ask if you guys could put in an option where we just switch are clips from video to overlay and also the ability to lock/pin our overlays. Also, an option where we can automatically resize our video to full screen because since there’s not an option to it may not go 100% back to the full screen. Last thing I’d like to request is if you guys could put an option where we can unlink the audio from the video two adjusted and move around as necessary. Again this app is superb and I just think these suggestions that I’ve provided would help a lot of others editing experience on this app. Thank you for your time..Version: 2.9.0

TrashI think that the app is amazing I use it on all of my TikTok videos but one very minor criticism of the app I have is that if maybe I delete some thing but i maybe deleted the wrong thing or I have a good idea that I want to put into the video I just made but because I deleted the original draft on CapCut because I was going to post a TikTok for example I won’t be able to go back and get the original draft from CapCut if I deleted it. So what I’m trying to say is I think that there should be a temporary trash pile section so that just in case somebody deleted the wrong thing or they want to edit it but didn’t expect to, they don’t have to worry about redoing everything they just did they can just go back to the original thing and recover it and just add in or take out whatever it is they were going to do. The trash pile would be the best thing that you could add to the app right now that’s the only reason I’ve given a four star review if I could’ve given a four and a half I would but it doesn’t work that way with the ratings so it really is a very minor thing but it can be quite annoying otherwise please consider it it’s very simple.Version: 5.4.0

Awesome definitely recommend itI love this app! I recommend it for Gachatubers, editors, photos, aesthetic videos, YouTubers…etc. The point is: It’s a great app that is not super complicated to use. Obviously you can make it complicated if you’re more advanced (something I am not), but it’s an amazing app! The only somewhat big problem I have is that it can be slow. Usually when I add many videos/photos it starts to not download stuff into the camera roll. But that’s it and I’ve only recently have trouble when I make big projects! Thank you to the CapCut team! Keep up the good work! Edit: Hi! So it has been a LONG time of me using it- Ok not that long. Like a year or something. But anyways, it’s a great app still. The thing is it takes up SO much storage. Like I’m almost out of storage on my phone 😭 I don’t know how apps are made, but I know they all have to have certain things. If there is a way that the storage concern could be taken care of it would be greatly appreciated. 😁 I still recommend downloading this app, but be careful of the storage issue. Watch some videos to know what could cause the storage to go up to limit doing certain things!.Version: 5.4.2

BEST Editing App!I can’t believe this app is still FREE! This is the best editing app I have, it’s literally my life! Everything is so easy to figure out, and there’s so many things to do! It never crashes, the transitions are beautiful, there is a very wide variety of effects and so much more. First off, the transitions. They are so great, and there is so many types of them! You can keep it plain or change it up with some effects in the transition! Next, the effects. They’re so amazing, and there is so many to choose from. There are categories like bling, party, shadow, comic and more! You can also add texts to your video. You can choose how long the text stays on screen, choose from a big selection of fonts, colors and effects to your text! Again, everything is so easy to do and very easy to figure out. I use this so much for so many kinds of edits. My favorite part about this is that you can add audio. You can choose from a lot of different default sounds, extract audio from video clips, and trim the sound! CapCut is amazing, and if you’re looking for an editing app I definitely suggest this!.Version: 3.5.1

Amazing app, except a few problemsWhen I heard about CapCut, I was so amazed by it I wanted to download it right away. And when I did, it was amazing! It has great features, such as animations, stickers, and even adding your own fonts from downloaded files! And I’m in love with the new graph setting for key points! Except, that’s what has been glitching lately. I was working on an edit when I needed to use key points for an overlay. I made the key points, no problems yet, until I added the graphs. When I selected one, the second key point reset all the adjustments I made to the overlay. The chroma key and movements went back to its original state. The first key point remained the same though. At first I thought it was only a minor glitch, but when I clicked undo and tried again, the same thing happened. I tried undoing the key point, adding the overlay again, I even exported the edit and made a new project to try again, but nothing worked. CapCut has lagged in the past, but that’s only because there were a ton of effects or overlays. This is a real problem. Overall, great app, but frustrating glitches..Version: 5.3.0

Searching musicSo I download capcutToday and there’s no problem with this so far but I just wish that you could be able to search up the music because I feel like some of the songs on there aren’t what I’m looking for for the video that I making for Tiktok or for YouTubeAnd I don’t really like switching through other apps to add the certain type of music that I want or just have to go and TikTok and screen record and then like at the music from the video so I just wish that you could make an option where you can search up whatever song that she whines that I have an added on other platforms and even though you can do Apple Music I don’t have Apple Music so I just feel like that you should have the option to be able to search up the song instead of having to pick whatever songs are on there even though don’t give me wrong the songs are not bad they are very good but I just wish that I could listen to some songs with lyrics and something that is more me so I hope you see this and I hope I enjoy this app even more..Version: 3.6.0

Great with iMovie but some stuff could be differentOK, so first of all, it works beautifully! I dislike the fact that sometimes it kicks you out of the app but that might just be my phone. Also with all the people saying that you can't upload videos over fifteen minutes long, have you ever heard of "Video merging"??? Also I found that if there is something like a background or something like that you can use iMovie for an easier upload (Might just be me but it kept crashing). I also use iMovie for videos over fifteen minutes long so they can be, over fifteen minutes long (XD). But I do have a suggestion with the app creators: Could you please put in an option to start a template without having a video? It would be a lot easier to record straight from the app then having to do the process of recording, then uploading, then cropping everything and all that jazz. It's just so much easier to record straight from the app! But in total, if it wasn't for the recording thing I give it a solid 4/5 stars. (By the way if a developer reads this and puts in thanks so much!).Version: 1.3.0

Great app overall!I think this is a great app, it’s really fun with all the things that it has. I just think that it’s just a really great editing app 100% free for all the effects & watermark and I also have a few suggestions which is that maybe you could try to add different languages for people that don’t speak or understand English, yet I don’t know if your working on that feature and I think would you maybe add some more option to have like a in & out & combo together for the I really forgot the name - but I think you could maybe add some more options for the texts like maybe a out animation and combos, again I don’t know if this is already a feature, but I’ve seen adds for the app and they don’t lie about the features and things and I think it’s really cool how you can change the speed of the video in your own way and how the app has so maybe features. I just think it’s also really easy to use and understand how to use the app so I suggest some of the things I listed to be addded to the app thank you for reading!. - .Afton Fan..Version: 3.5.0

I love it but I do have suggestionsCapCut is an AMAZING editing app for new beginner editors, people don’t see it as an editing app but it is when you get to see more of the like transitions, effects etc. there’s so many things you can do with this app though there are presets you can use those presets and combine them with other presets. Now my suggestions. I think if there were graphs and making your own transitions would be AMAZING, maybe if there were also motion blur in effects or like mirror like titles in alight motion it would be great and maybe even pass alight motion, and lastly maybe you could add like titles for your project incase you are deleting projects (for storage) so you don’t delete something you don’t want to delete. This app is already amazing so if you’re a beginner editor you should use CapCut it’s amazing it has great transitions, effects etc more things than alight motion has but alight motion is still advance with the graphs etc. So you should start with CapCut honestly before using any other big editing apps like alight motion or AE..Version: 3.9.0

SuggestionsCapCut is great, but there are some down hills on it, so CapCut i'd appreciate if you'd read this and take in some suggestions of what to add to your app. not only will these suggestions hopefully boost your ratings and downloads but could also help the improvement of editing and of course better quality! 1: smoother slow-mo. i will admit the slow-mo is pretty bad. its laggy and just not very good. 2: graphs, OMG i swear CapCut, graphs would be SOO helpful! not only for premade animations but for keyframes and overlays! it would help make animation smoother and fit with the kind of theme people are trying to do, and over all easier. 3: this one isnt very important, but being able to add overlays more than once at a time. if someone is planning on adding quite a few overlays to their videos its frustrating having to add them one at a time. 4: the abilty to add splice to text without having to make a video and overlay to your other one! anyways these were just suggestions, but i do know many people agree with me so CapCut, please add these things! minus that this app is really good!.Version: 4.1.0

Wow!This app is really cool! It has like things I can do whenever I’m bored sometimes, it’s okay just I think one part that gets me questioning myself is the part where every time I like add animations for each video then add to the others I go back to the start of the edit and see the animation doesn’t play so I usually repeat it but that’s okay! Just questioned myself about that nothing wrong, and I also love it how when you add auto captions like say for example you add a video with muffled words and you don’t understand a little so you add the auto caption it’s like this whole or the whole system just has like big ears or something cause it’s like awesome. To me it’s like really extraordinary because I have never done this before and now I started to use this app it’s like really different for me, because I used to be a lazy person and just use templates but when really I wanted to do more like experience more so when I did that I just couldn’t believe it, it was just amazing 🤩 💖💪😎 (and yes I am 7 and kid so I wrote this).Version: 5.2.1

The best editor app for beginnersOkay to be honest (tbh) this is the best app I have on my phone rn so I recommend it and here are reasons why to download it just in case you don’t know for sure.1# you can learn how to use all the tools in one minute okay so when I first got this app I edited Rick Astley never gonna give you up and I learned the tools in one minute but it felt like 1 second and I still have it today 😂 2# no offense Kinemaster but this is better than KineMaster but this is my opinion if you use kinemaster and like it better than it’s okay 3# If your a beginner than this app is for you And that’s all know I have some suggestions idk if you have this one because I been using this app for 10 months but can we add a loop like on you have a video and they restart it without you knowing and if you have it then please tell me how idk if you do so that’s just a suggestion ty for reading this review pls put my suggestion in the game ty so much making a app that beginners pros hackers can use ty From : Jupiter.Version: 5.3.0

Amazing!So if you’ve seen the ads for this app, you’re probably like “they’re just saying that, it’s not that easy” but no, it really is! CapCut is definitely the easiest editing software I’ve used and you probably don’t need a tutorial for how to use it because of how simple it is! In just a few minutes you’ll be making unbelievable edits you didn’t think you could make, it’s really just the best app for editing if you’re just starting out, looking for something simpler, or anything else! Of course it has its flaws, like when you’re selecting an animation it’ll lag a bit until you select the animation which is a little annoying because if you don’t like it you have to deselect the animation tool, but doesn’t really affect the quality or anything, and sometimes it’s hard to time things right when it tries to put it in place for you, but overall just an amazing app! I’ve made such amazing edits with this app, I can’t believe how well they turned out and how easy it was to make them..Version: 1.3.1

SuggestionsLove app but I have a few suggestions first the slow speed try to make it look good it’s glitchy and overall I don’t like it second better quality to make edit look nice and clean like if it were a edit of a person make good quality so it doesn’t look like it is blurry 3rd of all the affects some things you can add is different blurry into focus and when it is blurry maybe make it look cool like add shapes 4th add a update where it flashes on the beat or color 5th suggestion the transitions make good looking ones that are smooth6th maybe there gonna be an option where you can select certain parts of the edit such as if you were doing a edit of a person you can select a place where are you either want to flash black or white or rainbow6th all the fonts on the app don’t look nice maybe have nice looking ones that will make edits look different fonts would be nice. Hope you take my suggestions into consideration love the app and hope to see more updates.Version: 4.8.0

Really good app for beginnersHonestly, I love CapCut. It is so simple and easy to use. I don’t have to pay for anything. Although, I have seem some problems lately. First of all, we do not need this many fonts. Half the time some of them don’t even work. If you’re going to continue to add more, please add a “favorites” section for the text. It would be really useful because I only have two major fonts I use so scrolling through, trying to find them, gets annoying. Also, if I am working on a edit and I mute the sound for The whole thing, I USED to be able to change the volume on other clips. For some reason I can’t do that know? It’s really annoying having to go through ALL the clips and mute them just because I needed one to have sound. It would be really nice if you could stop adding so many texts and features to the app. It’s supposed to be simple and the more and more stuff you add, the more complicated it will become. I really do love this app, but it does need some changes..Version: 4.9.1

Pretty helpful but needs a little update on the sizeThis app is amazing. But the actual app size changed my phone. Storage on my phone was so bad I had to delete it and now my storage is way better. Although this app is absolutely amazing and helps me edit my other things, I do think the sizing is a little bit too much. I’m not a good expert at knowing how to change things, but if it could be changed I would like the app size to be a little different. This is pretty cool but I never knew how to use the green screen also. I never saw it anywhere but I’ve seen so many people use the green screen effect on cap cut. If that could be changed everything would be awesome because I’ve been looking for the green screen button for so long. I’ve been using this app for months now and I do think that I’m getting the hang of it. It is a little confusing which I wish that could change but I mean, it’s an editing app it takes practice. Anyways overall the only reason why I think it’s a three is because it is a little confusing to do and the size is really bad. But I do think this app is very helpful..Version: 4.1.1

Super Awesome!Ok, I gotta say even tho I’m 11 I have never found any other better editing app than CapCut. It’s so good in so many ways. Like you could go to any other editing app and it would have a watermark and it would make you pay for extra transitions, filters, etc, and you could just say it wasn’t even that good. CapCut however, haha I cant even explain how helpful it has been! I suppose one thing I could suggest is making more of like you know transitions like shaking ones and bouncing ones because personally I use this app to edit my roblox tiktoks. Otherwise it has so many different things to choose from like filters, texts, you can even crop the video size! How amazing now I don’t even need my other apps because I have an iPhone 6. It also allows you to save videos up to however long which is so useful because I used another app and you couldn’t even save it if it was over 15 or 30 seconds! Can you believe that?!? Anyways thank you so much CapCut this app is amazing!! <3.Version: 2.6.0

Perfect !❤️Im giving this app a 5 star i didnt checked the app out at first i was just scamming though it , it have everything i was looking for in one . All the other apps had only one particular thing i was looking for and then i had to download more & more apps just to make make my videos complete and successful , but this app it have everything in one . I havent made a full video yet but for all the people that says the app cant go over 15mins , not calling you out or anything but if you think wisely and smart you would come up with a thing “make the video til were it stops , then create a whole nother video were you left off , then add them both together.” I havent tried this idea on my own yet but i have a little faith that its gonna work because they literally blessed me with this app and it dont have “capcut” on the side of it to let people know what you edit your videos with . I dont know about the other people having problems with it but me myself is A-ok! 🙃💕💕..Version: 1.8.1

Good but I have recommendations.So I’ve used CapCut since 2020, and I’ve always loved it. One thing is the slow mo, especially when trying to edit an animation. It could be smoother, but that’s not something that makes the app horrible. Actually, nothing about the app is bad! But I have two recommendations for it. Could you add a twixor like affect? It may be difficult, but that would make the app much better. One more thing, I don’t think you know this but, if I use copyright © audio, you won’t get the fine, so I think you should add “ good “ audios because these ones are just non copyrighted material. You could at-least add anime or Japanese songs, but I’m not complaining, because I usually just use extracted. Also, can you make it so I can edit how much I use the voice affect? I would like to make two voices go together for something, but the deep voice affect is too much, so could you let us adjust how much we use thee? Besides my greedy recommendations, this app is lovely!.Version: 5.3.0

Great app! But a few things. .So this is an amazing app! It has great transitions animations and filters, and i LOVE how there is no watermark! But some things are messing up. Once i was making an edit and when it has the finishing CapCut watermark clip, i added a heart where it says to add a text. Now, i started making an edit and the heart text wont go away. (The two edits are completely different.) Now when i try to play my edit, there is a <3 in the middle of my clips. I cant make it go away and i have no idea whats happening. I even tried to change the text but thats not working either, the heart is permanent. Thats the only downside about mine. But, you know after effects right? Well, I’m on a mobile device so i dont have after effects. But, when you add key frames on after effects, you can do a graph as-well the graphs make the key frame animations much much smoother. (I know this by watching ae/after effects edits). Is it possible if CapCut can do the graph aswell? Its ok if its not possible. Thank you!.Version: 3.6.0

Small problem (Please Read 🍵)First of all, CapCut is a great app for beginners and it’s easy once you get used to it though I’ve been using CapCut for a while and I can’t help but want more. Also there is a problem with the storage, if you make a video on CapCut and save it, you can find out that CapCut itself actually is the cause of full storage, not the video itself, but I have found some solutions, use less effects and add ones so you can have less storage it’ll take, but if you really wanna use a lot, delete it off CapCut after saving it so you can only access it in your video album, this prevents most to all the storage that one video will take up, but the problem with that is, if you notice a mistake while watching it, you can’t go back. It’s not easy to edit on top of it so you’ll have to live with it. I get annoyed by this but I need to save storage to make more videos. I hope you understand. Pls fix it.🌼🌸🌵.Version: 5.3.1

The app is amazing, but i just want to leave a few suggestions.I am an editor, currently working on an analog horror series, and I am glad to say that your app was amazing! You haven’t disappointed me one bit. The effects are amazing, the options are amazing, the results are stunning, and overall I am just very thankful that this app exists! Because of the title of the review, I just want to make a suggestion with the retro option in the video effects. Do you know about the “TV Lines” effect? Well, I was hoping you can make a similar effect where it is held on the frame option. What I want how the effect to look is the same as Videoleap’s one where one of the glitch effect is called CRT. I want that effect to be the exact same as Videoleap’s if that’s possible to you, that’s basically all I ask for honestly. Anyways, keep up the good work and I hope you will see this message and take my request. - Ultidude.Version: 5.5.0

I love it but..I love this app a whole ton and I suggest it for beginners because it’s super easy to use and doesn’t cost anything! I use it for all my edits, but I have a few suggestions. I wish transitions were a little smoother, because it brings the whole frame with them and I wish they could add a smooth button or something. I also wish that they add more filters, meaning that you don’t have to work super hard and make multiple edits just to add a cool filter. Also, I wish they had a few more audios that could fit with “trends” I guess. I make anime edits a lot so more of a variety of audios would be amazing. One more thing, I wish that the Keyframe would also be smoother, like you could adjust how fast and slow the key frame is without adjusting the speed of the actual video. I think that’s it for suggestions but other then that I love this app and hope to keep using it more and more!.Version: 4.1.0

✨🤍🌸I love it 🌸🤍✨This app is amazing it is completely free. I first saw it from my friends and I didn’t know what the ruckus was about when they started. They told me that it was amazing and they couldn’t get their faces out of this app. So I tried it to see if it was worth it and I fell inlove with it the first day I had it. It has so many unique features about it. So many edit features and the best part all for free. It was the fact that you could do and use so many features that normal apps would make you pay money for. All I would like to say is that this app is amazing and I highly recommend it.( can probably be used for 9-10 up because I think this a safe app kids can use because you can’t buy anything and really no violence unless you import a bad video other then that yeah I think it can be used for the younger kids too) this took to long to write 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀.Version: 3.4.0

Owner of this game, please read!!!!This is a very good editing app, but one little problem. I’m trying to download a video I made but it’s saying “There isn’t enough storage on your device. Try cleaning up drafts or free up more storage.” I did what it told me to do. I deleted all my drafts except the 2 I’m working on, and it still said the same thing! I thought maybe it meant all the video’s I used in my photos, so I deleted all the videos I used for making the one I’m trying to download. It still didn’t work. Than I decided to write a Review, but I saw it said “Update,” I thought that was the problem. When it was done updating, again it said “There isn’t enough storage on your device. Try cleaning up drafts or free up more storage.” I have no idea what to do. I tried everything!! It is an 25 and 33 second video. Is that the problem?? Please let me know how to fix it!! Thank you..Version: 3.5.0

BEST EDITING APP EVER 🤩🤩🤩 just one thing 😞I love editing its my life even capcut it’s so entertaining Gacha I one of my top things too do in capcut I live this app just one thing though the app is great but over the many months I’ve been using this app it started to not work as much anymore you see I’m not sure if it’s a glitch with the app like if you use it much or maybe my iPads software doesn’t work with it anymore it could really be anything what’s happening to the app is that all my favorite sounds are not in my favorites and everytime I go to a new sound bar it will say there’s no WiFi connection even when I still have full bar so I decided to delete the game then reinstall it again when I got back on it ALL MY VIDEOS WERE GONE 😡😡😡 I was so mad and I was out of options too make the app work again so yeah that’s my review so I’m pretty sure this is a glitch great app but please fix the glitch 😊.Version: 5.3.1

I love CapCut!When I started, I didn’t know many features, but as I explored, about a month later I started using overlays, keyframes, velocity, things like that! CapCut is my #1 editing app because everything is free, and it has pre-made animations and effects that you can easily use by just tapping a button. I can’t explain in words how much I love this app!!! I would definitely recommend downloading it! I only have one complaint, but it’s still 5 stars. I’m on an iPad that doesn’t have too mic storage(I know that’s not the apps fault😅) and the more edits you make and export, the more and more storage it takes up (obviously). But I feel like it takes up a little more storage than it should, because CapCut isn’t that advanced so it wouldn’t have so much to save. But there’s nothing you can do to fix that, just my crappy iPad that has 32gb total 🤠 still the best app.Version: 4.0.0

Good but problem..I love this app, I use it to edit all my videos and pictures! I think it’s really amazing if your a beginner at editing. It’s very easy to learn. And they even have tutorials on how to do stuff on the app. But there’s one problem that irritates me. When I’m watching one of my videos I edited on CapCut sometimes it does not work and goes black when I can clearly see I did not put black on my video. And sometimes I can’t see my video. I’ve tried turning it off and on etc. But sometimes it finally comes back on and it’s not black anymore. Also sometimes when that happens I tried getting out of the app and getting back in. And then when I go back some of the things I did before I got out of the app is not there anymore. This is really annoying, there’s no words to describe how my much I hate this. And then sometimes I even have to start over. If you get really mad easily then I don’t suggest this app. Because it has a ton of beyond annoying glitches!.Version: 5.4.2

Superior to any other special-effects appI was really becoming irritated by the severely limiting special effects on TickTock, and then my girlfriend on TickTock suggested CapCut. I was totally blown away but what I could do with this incredible app. The effects were superior and I love The video transparency affects to create stunning videos. I am a creator and a singer however I would really like to see some nice echo and vocal effects in the audio section of CapCut. Stuff like allowing you to have different echo, reverberation affects when adding vocals to your videos. And also having control over the reverb and echo delay time etc. Additionally it would be fantastic to have a fade in, and fade out of the visual effects so they could blend in more effectively. Other than these two features this is my app it’s incredible and I just love love love it. Best app ever for special effects. Thank you so much CapCut 💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.5.0

It’s good bit there are problems…At first this app was really good and simple for me as a beginner. Now it has a lot of bugs, first of all when i try to make a edit it cuts of the sude of it like it is a phone sized frame. I have tried changing the crops but it won’t work. Also i don’t edit on a phone, i edit on a ipad. Another bug with this is that i like my ipad side ways but when i open up the app it is the opposite way, it is really annoying, i have to remove the app first then open it again. Also sometimes when im editing and want to add a photo it says “sorry no photos.” Or something like that even though i saved photos for my edits litterly 10 secounds ago. These are the top bugs that i find really annoying. Please fix these, i really like calcut and it is a awesome app but when it comes to editing it has problems. I really like to edit on this app but with the bugs it has i don’t think i can anymore. So please the developers of CapCut pleaee fix these bugs..Version: 5.0.0

Simple with great features! Hopefully glitches will be improvedLove this app so much. Maintains the quality of my clips, the lighting/hue/sharpen/etc is great. You can even import clips from Google Drive straight into your open project! Lots of cool effects, and while it’s simple and easy to use, the features provide me with lots of opportunity to make my edits more advanced if I put in the effort. My only complaints are glitch-related— 1st and most frustrating, the audio, once exported, is frequently a tad offset; 2nd, the exported product includes extra frames that I can’t find in-app (no matter how much I trim off); 3rd, several of the transitions lag or get jerky; and 4th, lastly, it could just be me, but I’ve never been able to get match-cut to work. Hopefully those 4 things will improve in updates, because it’s a fantastic app that I am super, super grateful to use for free..Version: 3.9.0

It’s the best you can get on a phoneI’ve seen a few mobile editors, not too many, but out of the free ones, this definitely gives you everything you’ll need for what you pay for. While you may not get incredibly fancy features like a lot of audio tools, you do get a lot to work with. My only suggestions are, as mentioned earlier, maybe some more audio tools like free adjustments of pitch and bass and such, and a speed adjustment for the entire video. Many times I’ll be trying to line up a photo or video with the best of some audio, but it’s so hard because i cannot slow down everything at once and do what I’m trying to accomplish and I end up spending 5-10 minutes trying to match one beat to a frame. A simple tab that make the entire video slowed down or sped up, without impacting the individual speed settings if existing clips..Version: 3.6.0

The best you can find on a phoneNo ads, no subscription or pro version, no bars on the side. This app is perfect for people who are new to editing, it’s totally free and doesn't beg you for a subscription every 10 seconds, and the amount of editing choices you have at hand are amazing, I’ve had capcut for around a year or 2 now and the only thing that I don’t like is the amount of storage it takes up but that’s not their fault. Definitely recommend it, and it’s easy to use on a phone, sometimes if you have big fingers though you’ll have a difficult time making short split videos or clicking the video in between the two splits if you cut them close to each other. Other than that this app is the best free app out there on mobile for editing/making movies and trailers, I’ve had so much fun with this app it’s amazing!.Version: 5.3.0

Amazing But a bit glitchyIt’s an amazing app and has so many ways you can edit videos but it is glitchy and when I downloaded the app I noticed when I made my first edit that it was glitchy but my battery was at 23 percent so I thought it was my battery level so I charged my phone to 100 percent and when I was done making the edit and played it to see what the end result was and it was not as glitchy but still a bit glitchy. But thats my only concern about this app truly it’s a good app to do edits on and has lots of ways to make your edits fun to create it does not take a long time to get the hang of the controls it’s pretty easy to me. It’s a nice app and a fun experience I have been looking for a editor app that is easy to use because all of the editor apps I have downloaded have confusing controls and CapCut have easy controls and it takes a few minutes to learn them..Version: 3.3.0

Amazing app! But I have a suggestion..I love this app! It’s really easy to use, it’s simple, the videos turn out amazing, and it’s fun editing with this app! There’s one thing in particular that i have a suggestion for though. The new feature where you can record yourself and use cool-trendy filters is everything i could ask for! But i just wish you could export sound from a video in your camera role and stop and play again the video with the same sound, if you get what i’m saying. Like a lip sync, you know? But you can also pause what your doing, get into another position, and start recording with the sound exactly where you paused the video. I just think it’d be much more helpful for people like me, and i hope you consider adjusting it so that people can do this little recommendation. Thank for reading, have a great day!.Version: 5.0.0

Good but please fix this bugSo I’ve made many CapCut edits for my friends. However today everything was strange I tried to create another video however it did not work it told my my phone storage was full so I thought I had to delete some photos so I did then after deleting a lot I came back and it said the same thing I asked my smart bestie and she said to delete some of the videos you need after deleting like 20 or 30 it still said the same thing. Can you please fix this I wanna make more videos please. My opinion on the editing: Overall the choices are very nice but I’d like to do some more transitions. Also some more effects I’m not saying the effects are bad I love them they’re awesome ! But they can get a little old by time but I still use them thanks for taking the time to read this, You should definitely install this app it’s the best video editor ever! 😊💖✅💚👌💐.Version: 3.8.1

BEST APP FOR EDITING VIDEOSWish I could give the app more stars. All features are incredibly intuitive and can be quickly understood, which makes the app perfect for those new to video editing/edit videos for casual use. There’s also a hefty selection of tools which can even be overlapped to create more interesting effects. Everything is really so versatile, I feel like I can always learn something new to do. The best part of the app, though, is that it is COMPLETELY FREE!! There are NO IN-APP PURCHASES OR ADS, which is the downfall of every other editing app I’ve ever encountered. I actively worry every day that CapCut is going to introduce in-app purchases, because it’s genuinely unreal how GREAT this FREE app is. The best of its kind— if you have any interest in amateur videography, this app is a must. CapCut, if you’re reading this, please never start charging for features. I will cry lol.Version: 4.0.1

PLEASE FIX THE STORAGE/CACHE ISSUE!I LOVE THIS APP! It is easy to use and I love that. I love everything about it except for one thing... it consumes A LOT of storage and even after I delete projects, it will still fill my storage. I have tried to clear the cache and it will say it’s clear yet still my storage is full from this app. I have to delete the app every time I use it to clear the “documents and data” storage. I appreciate that this app saves your videos so that you can delete them from your camera roll without them deleting in the app, but once I edit the videos, the parts I take out should delete from the storage too or something because it’s such a pain. I end up editing like an hour worth of videos down to 10-15 min total then can’t save the video cause my storage is full. Please please please just fix the cache so we can clear the data not used. Thanks.Version: 5.2.1

A few recommendationsOk um this app is amazing I’ve been using it for 2-3 years now and I still haven’t learned everything! But I have a few things I request you add. First I was wonder if we could had thing where you hold down on the diamond and there’s a animation mode where you put all oth the parts your animating with and they are in layers That you can speed up, move, and colorize with effects and filters. If you want an example look up flamango animater tut on yt. Also can you make the slowmos more smooth? Whenever you slow something down the frame rate starts to be all staggered and delayed so it makes it look like a low quality vid. Also um can you make a filter for a flash and fade effect? Where it’s a white flash and it fades but it’s looks like it’s on the overlay setting? That’s all for now but IM HAVING TROUBLE REDOWNLOADING IT 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 3.9.0

GREAT! 1 update suggestionThis app is great and easy! And I was pleased to see that it was free! But I think an update could be that you make videos and interact with other people on the app and then can put up un edited videos up on the different tab and you can go on edit and press done then it would send the creator a message/notification saying you edit it it for them and they can approv it and put a 1-5 start rating and if you do that you can like get stars which can get you something new and they add 3 things everyday but you might not get them and it will say better luck next time and you can comment on videos. Like a editing version of tiktok!! Ik this is a long shot idea for you guys to see this but I think it’s is a great idea. But you don’t have to listen to me!😀Nice Game!! Thanks for reading🦋God bless you all!!🙏🏽💗PEACE🔥.Version: 4.3.0

AmazingMaybe like not make it take so much storage up because i deleted all my photos and it still said no storage.Version: 3.5.1

THE BEST VIDEO EDITING APPIt's super great everything is free I don't even think that we need A pro version to this it's already a Pro free editing app I STANNN (P.S the only thing that's not that great it is that it lags).Version: 2.0.1

BruhI love it I make edits of it amazing app and I’d love to actually be ur friend if possible 😊.Version: 1.7.1

Amazing 😸I love it! I only got it today and it was amazing, everything is free and there isn’t any watermark! I totally recommend, it’s great for making edits, etc! I 100% recommend..Version: 1.7.1

Good but lags a lotI just want to say that this app is like AMAZING. It’s free and like there are so many effects, it’s amazing. But when I edit it lags quite a bit and it wouldn’t play smoothly (but when exported its fine). It’s a little frustrating but it’s good. It’s a little tiring having to go back and forth because it just wouldn’t play properly. Please take a look!.Version: 1.8.1

SHEEESHOnly one word to describe this app... SHEEEESH🥶.Version: 3.3.0


❤️Love it! I just started but my friend is gonna tell me a bit more! I recommend it for beginners!! Very good app! <3.Version: 1.7.1

💌By far the best editing app I’ve ever downloaded! LOVE IT 💖.Version: 1.8.1

EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDYOOO what i love the most is the effects are all free and it has no logo or watermark. now i don't have to stress & cry over some other tweaked apps that are revoked or sum anymore. thank you so much for this! i'm so happy i found this app today..Version: 1.8.0

Amazing app but..This is the best editing app. It edits photos, videos, everything! It is really good for YouTube videos! If I could recommend something I would recommend adding a way to search music up and you could use that song! But right now. 👌🏽👍🏻👌🏽👍🏻👌🏽👍🏻..Version: 3.8.1

Highly recommend.•no watermark •lots of smooth transitions •easy use •barely lags (for me at least) it’s one of if not the best editing app i’ve ever used ☺️👌..Version: 3.8.1

Please fix 😞When i screen record my video lag and its annoying please fix this :(.Version: 3.8.1

OkayIf u don’t like that capcut supports lgbtq just delete the app don’t make complains at least we have it if u don’t like use video star or anything else stop hating🙂👍🏼bye.Version: 3.7.0

Most haveThis app is just every thing no adds you can ad d’état every u want just get it pls pls.Version: 3.7.0

Love itIt’s really really useful for editing videos and it’s not complicated like some other editing apps. and i totally recommend using this app love it and hope you’ll like to too.Version: 3.7.0

First day and me and my cousin love itIt’s my first day on it and I love it, it’s great for tik tok and YouTube if you want to have cool editing. I didn’t know so many you tubers and tik tokers use this! You’ll never find a more free app like this!.Version: 3.6.0

SOO GOODBEST APP- soo good to make gacha memes !.Version: 3.6.0

Easy to use - needs improvementI love CapCut, there is lots to do and learn, but they don’t make it easy a lot of the time. Some things I’ve been dying to see get added to CapCut are: Multiple transitions on a video (in, out, combo etc.), at least make blur or fade to black type of thing avaliable when using combo - a shake effect that is more of a slowly “floating” the image around on the screen - text fade in/ out while also having a text transition on loop - text transitions that fade in word by word - text font can be separate from text effects (get the effect, but in a normal font of your choosing) - more, animated text effects (ex. shine) - zoom in on screen to move things (can still see the timeline) - plain shapes and hollow shapes as text - merge text to edit and move them together - crop an animation so you don’t have to use the entire thing - text loop speed doesn’t depend on duration - remove maximum overlay tracks - better, slower, more controlled shake effects - “loop” video animations - more audio effects + more control over audio effects (minor changes) - option to select more than one thing at a time to move, delete, edit etc. - use masks on text - when texts have key frames, but I want to make changes to the text for the entire text, a checkbox feature that lets you choose to have edit changes stay constant regardless of keyframes.Version: 5.5.0

THIS IS THE BEST APP EVERI absolutely LOVE how i can do what ever u desire on this app, and the best thing is there’s no stupid premium to get the actual good stuff i’m only upset that it took me this long to find it😡😂🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.2.2

THE BEST EDITING APP EVERI love this so much it has everything you need, it is really good because it’s free and you can make more projects this is such a good editing app! I tried to find so many free editing apps and I found CapCut! Thank you so much CapCut this is the best!.Version: 3.1.0

I love it!!I recommend to download it and it’s amazing.Version: 1.7.1

Very awesome appGreat app! had it for about 3 weeks now, I love that there is no water marks, you get plenty of options without having to pay for stuff, it’s easy to edit and user friendly, you definitely get more effects and animations then other apps might give you, I hope the app stays like this forever it’s perfect! definitely recommend downloading if you want to make cool videos and more! Have fun!.Version: 1.3.0


What’s up bruhWhat’s up bruh, what’s up bruh, what’s up bruh, what’s up bruh!.Version: 1.1.0

Amazing !!!!!!!I love this app its one of my fav editing app !!!!!.Version: 5.5.0

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