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Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion Customer Service

Poshmark is a leading social marketplace for new and secondhand style for women, men, kids, home, and more.

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Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—at amazing prices. With 200M+ new and gently used items for sale, you will find amazing deals and discounts on fashion, home decor, beauty, and more from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville, Anthropologie, and more!

Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a luxury handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is a simple and fun consignment solution for anyone to sell their used clothes and make money for the new things they’re coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. Over 70 million people across the United States and Canada are on Poshmark—join them today!

Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist!

Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of people who come together four times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties, featuring everything from loungewear to luxury. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you.

“Poshmark is a great online resale platform.” —Vogue
“The social marketplace is great for hunting down a cult-loved item that's otherwise sold out everywhere as well as finding deals on popular brands like Lululemon, Free People, and Anthropologie.” —Popsugar
“Poshmark is a brilliant way to sell and buy clothing. This side hustle app (or for some people, their full-time job!) allows you to take a photo of something in your closet and upload it to your account in less than 60 seconds, all from your phone.” —Parade
“The marketplace that’s so posh that celebrities use it—especially to raise money for good causes, like DJ Khaled, Serena Williams, Katherine Heigl and Rachael Ray” —Buzzfeed

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion App Comments & Reviews

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion Positive Reviews

Poshmark is the BEST!I truly love being a member of Poshmark. I have been a stay at home Mom since my son was born. He has Autism and it was necessary for me to not return to work, to be available for him. It’s impossible to work in retail management when you are only available school days. I was a store manager before that and I really missed working. Poshmark has given me the outlet I needed to keep working and making some money. It has helped with my depression. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and a work platform where I can create my own schedule and essentially work as much as I want to. I love that it is a community of people who help each other by sharing each others listings and offering help to those who need it. The parties are fun too. Really its a brilliant, successful strategy. So many people use it and there are so many new members every day. I never have to lower prices to move an item because there are new members every day and eventually the right buyer joins and finds it. I love that my customers are genuinely thrilled with their purchases. Making people happy while making some money and having some sense of a job/purpose is awesome! The best part is that you can do it from home, around your own schedule and it only costs money when you make a sale. I have met some amazing people here and I have zero bad experiences..Version: 6.20

Great- some suggestionsI have been using Poshmark for several years now and have been very pleased for the most part. The few issues I have encountered have been met with overall good customer service. I was pleased when they began to offer various shipping fees (4.99, 5.95, & 7.11), as I agree with what many others have said, that since the market for USED and AFFORDABLE clothing is the main focus of this app, a $7 shipping fee can often be the price or near the price of the item you are buying. A suggestion would be to fix the categories people filter, shop, and create listings by. As an example, the women’s dresses category has numerous subcategories that are varying descriptors of a dress. Mini, maxi, one shoulder, long sleeve, strapless, et cetera. But what if you have a one shoulder maxi dress? Or a long sleeve mini dress? Which category do you select? I believe changing these categories to be more cohesive would make it much easier and less confusing for people to find what they are looking for. For example, instead of all these random subcategories, perhaps all the subcategories could pertain to the same aspect of a dress. Like the subcategories are mini, midi, maxi. Or sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve. I believe that could greatly improve how quickly and easily shoppers can find what they have in mind using the filter tools..Version: 5.16

Best app and website!My name is Tammy and I have been on poshmark for about 8 plus years now and love it. I love it because you get to see so many different fashions and styles and also the categories we get to use now like Home, Electronics and the toys categories and always making new ideas and striving to please their customers and having us poshers succeed to our full potential. I also love it because you get to see and speak with so many different kinds of people which is a great idea. Poshmark is easy to sell your items and also buy different and unique items. Poshmark does take time to sell your items and add items to Posh parties that what brings you potential customers. In order to make money you have to put in the effort. Poshmark allows you to put your items in parties and other social media and that is great because it gets your products out there to the people that might not know what poshmark is. To me poshmark is one of the best websites and apps I have ever been on and I have learned a lot and have sold quite a bit which is made me proud to be with them and to make money. I appreciate the income tremendously and poshmark so much! 👗👚👖👒🛍 Thank you so much for the opportunity! I wish you guys the best and the wonderful success for years to come! Tammy Serea Roberts/@tammyserea.Version: 7.10.02

Great selling & buying platformI’ve been a seller & buyer on Poshmark for about 2 years now. I’ve made many sales. It’s not my main source of income but I make lots of extra spending money! There are definitely some bad sellers out there as well as scamming buyers, but the ratio of good to bad is slim. Before purchasing, I always check for Love Notes (reviews), what their ship time avg is, and if they’ve been active recently. I’ve had nothing but good purchases from Doing so! Also if something ever goes wrong as far as not getting the right item or item is damaged, you can always open a case and return and/or get a refund. The one thing that ticks me off about posh is the amount of junk & replicas being sold when they are clearly either not allowed or illegal! And we as sellers/buyers are the ones who basically have to get them removed. I wish posh had more security and was able to instantly remove listings that are unallowed. This is a clothing/accessory/shoes/new, not swatched makeup platform ONLY. I wish they would do more to keep it so! Its also really frustrating when I’m trying to find something from a certain brand and there are so many items from a different brand mistagged for “exposure”. I could report them all, but that would take months! There are so many unallowed listings and rules being broken and they need to do something about it besides having us sort through them in our own time at no cost..Version: 2.112

Fantastic Customer SupportI have sold and bought now on Poshmark and the one thing they do incredibly well is their customer service. The response time is within the next day and they are so awesome in explaining and/or correcting problems. They have always corrected all the problems i have had and then some. Customer support is so important in an app like this where money and transactions are constantly involved. So kudos to the whole Poshmark team! Few suggestions: There are few things that would make the app better, nothing that would demote the 5 stars I think this app deserves. One would be to be able to pick the shipping weight. $7.11 flat shipping rate is a lot, especially when most of the buyers are buying single clothing items that do not cost the $7.11 to ship. It doesn't make much sense. And another thing would be to report users for manipulating tags. There are so many boutiques that add popular brand tags in their posts so when you search for that brand, all of that boutiques clothing is something you have to scroll through. Its fairly annoying, and its not right. These boutiques are taking away from us who are just trying to sell one thing at a time. The search feed becomes a mess from them. They shouldn't be able to spam every one of their posts with the tags..Version: 3.32.02

This app still needs work8/4 Review: This app still needs work. The notifications are so chaotic! There should be separate tabs for Offers I’ve made on other sellers’ items vs. Offer made on items in my own closet. Same for Comments – it’s so hard to follow the comments I actually care about, and I often miss replies or questions specifically for me. At this point, I rarely sell on Posh anymore, as Mercari is just a better experience all around. I still maintain that Posh needs to figure out a lower shipping cost for lower-weight items such as most jewelry, perhaps with value tiers (eg I’d ship something precious at a higher cost than costume). I also really like the Promote feature on Mercari, where you can promote your listings by dropping their prices. Previous Review: Just read the reviews. I’m not alone. There’s almost no real customer service. I definitely spend way more than I make on Posh, but a recent selling experience combined with the disgustingly high shipping costs has me seriously reconsidering using this app in the future. Shipping costs should be tiered based on item. A pair of stud earrings should absolutely never cost $7.11. It’s stopped me from many purchases. Also their cut is way too high on lower-priced items. But ultimately it’s the lack of seller protection or support that are finally driving me away. Buyers can cancel sales hours later for no real reason, and that’s just allowed with Posh. Nope!.Version: 6.44.02

Better for buyersI buy and sell, and it’s def better for buyers than sellers. You can make offers and communicate easily with sellers. There are some great deals to be had. Just make sure you ask all your questions and request pics until you’re confident you want to buy since there are no returns (except when something has been blatantly misrepresented). Selling, on the other hand, has downsides that are the flip side of the same coin. People make ridiculous lowball offers. For example, say I’ve used a $200 handbag just a few times but then for whatever reason need some cash. I list for $100 which is a fair price and very good deal (keeping in mind I won’t be getting the full $100 anyway), and someone comes in offering $40. It’s just insulting and a waste of my time and I don’t even want to bother negotiating. This obv isn’t the app, but worth mentioning because it’s part of the overall Poshmark experience. I’d say the vast majority of buyers behave like this. Out of every 25 transactions, probably only 1 is a straight up purchase at listed price. Plus, you have to put a LOT of work into keeping your items visible and be super active on the app. But the worst part about selling is the 20% fee. I’ve ended up making $2 on an item before. The best part about selling is how the shipping label is just emailed to you so you can just pop the item into the drop box. Honestly not sure I would do this over again - I’d look into other apps for sure..Version: 3.08

Love, but…I have a few suggestions. It would make life much easier if, when we make an offer to liters, we can see all of our previous offers on that item. When I try to make an offer to a liked on a particular item it says it wasn’t sent to any likers and that I need to lower the price. Usually i have to make several tries at lowering the price because I don’t remember what amount I previously offered. It shows you a history of your offers only after a successful offer goes through. I love the app aside from the 20% poshmark takes and I wish there were certain days or events where they could lower it to 10% for a specific time period. Also I wish they would make closet clear out less confusing. I still don’t know how it works. I don’t know if I’m supposed to make an offer to likers or just edit the item price to receive discounted shipping. I also wish it would show us the discounted shipping poshmark covers for closet clear out, or at least show a timer left to sell that item. Lastly I wish there were more incentives for parties. I’ve had a few items chosen for host picks but that never helps me. It feels like parties are just a place for sellers to list their items without the presence of many buyers. Maybe poshmark could offer discounted shipping on host pick items or some type of incentive..Version: 5.20.04

My favorite platform to sell & buyI’m 6 years a seller & a buyer. I’ve used 3 other platforms before but poshmark is my favorite by far. Although some may balk at the app seller fees I believe it is well priced for what the app does. Shipping is fixed tho that changes through special shipping deals so bundle when u & save! They continually improve the app & customer service is getting better with more staff. I like the social part of the app & meeting new ppl from all over the USA & Canada is quite fun. Millions use this app yet it doesn’t feel that way. Participating in daily parties, sharing your items & sharing others items - really makes this app stand out! No other app has this feature. In doing this we can & do empower each other to success. The other apps are all competition only & I personally prefer poshmark to buy esp now that new categories were added like the home & electronic market! So if u are looking for something more than just a storefront? Try it! as to shopping & to the ease of use? By far the best out there. Good job poshmark! 👏👏 The one thing I’d liked to see improve right now is to allow ppl to bundle items themselves & have the ship rate set for up to 5 lbs. I believe as a buyer & seller I would really love & use that feature! Still my fav app!.Version: 6.14

Amazing app, but one little flaw.I sell on this app and I have over 100 listings. I love it so much and it has only been 1 and a half months and I have already sold 10 things! (Considering that these are all my unworn clothes or slightly used clothes that I was going to give away) it was very impressing. I have all 5 star reviews! But, the one thing is Poshmarks fee is pretty high. If you sell something for $10 you only get $7.05. Or, $100 you only get $80. So it is a 20% fee. I have found other apps that don’t have a fee like this app Vinted, but when I sell something it wants my Social Security number, so don’t get that app by the way. However another thing Vinted has us where you can chose how heavy what you are shipping will be, so you don’t have to pay 6.99 for shipping after your first purchase. I think Sellers should be able to chose the weight so buyers don’t have to pay so much! But other than those two minor improvements Poshmark could make I absolutely love the app and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in buying, or selling on this app. It is completely secure and doesn’t ask for you social like that Fraud app Vinted. And has a buyer return policy, so if you don’t get what you were supposed to then you get your money back! Anyways, definitely get this app and check it out!.Version: 2.110

A Great App in My ExperienceI love this app! I know there are always Pros and Cons to every App that people can buy & sell off of, but that’s the user’s choice to live with it or use another app. When you sign up for Poshmark, you know what the fees are and how much shipping will be. This isn’t a surprise or something you find out later on. I am a buyer and seller and have had no problems with the app or their Customer Service! I bought wholesale items from two different sellers that came damaged upon arrival and PM customer service has been great taking care of the problems. Poshmark is a great app to sell clothes you don’t wear anymore and don’t want to sell at a Yard Sale. Yes, you may get $2 for that item, but it beats $.25 at a Yard Sale! And you can always delete the listing and SELL them at a Yard Sale! As a seller, you decide what to sell items for. There will always be low ballers, but you can always deny the offer or counter the offer! I like the options you have as a buyer and seller. And if there’s something shady going on, you have the option to report it. I think Poshmark is great and getting better with every update. If you have a problem, let PM know. If you don’t like how they do things, that’s up to you to get another app to sell on. PM is a very good app and it’s been a great experience overall. 🙂.Version: 2.88.01

My Favorite AppI started buying on poshmark back in February and then started selling on poshmark in May of this year. I don’t get on Instagram or Pinterest nearly as much because Poshmark has become my favorite app to use. It’s more of a community than you’d expect. It’s a positive place. If you have any issues you can contact posh support and they take care of you. And they’re fair about it. Never in a million years did I think I’d love selling clothes or even meet some of the greatest people, on a clothing application. It’s indescribable. It’s so much fun. It really is. You have to try it to believe it. It’s not complicated. It’s not overwhelming. You sell something and poshmark emails you the shipping label. You print the label slap it on the box and drop it at the post office. That’s it. How much easier can it get? And I’ve met more people on poshmark than instagram. It’s a positive environment. I remember getting my first package from my first purchase and inside the box there was a thank you note from the seller. Something that simple made the whole experience feel like I was getting something from a friend. Not a stranger. I’m not the clothing app kind of person. I never would have thought I’d enjoy something like this over my social media apps. But I do. I love it! Just try it. You’ll see what I mean..Version: 3.08

Love love love this site!Soooo I believe this is the only review I’ve ever written written, but it’s well deserved. I have so many clothes, never have I gotten rid of anything in the past 30 years, some of it is 30 years old with the tags on it still! It’s too valuable to me to just donate to the Goodwill and when you do something like have a garage sale or go to a consignment shop, you usually only get a few bucks at the most for something. So with nowhere to go with it, I’ve hung onto it for years. One night while trying to figure out what to do with an old jacket that was valuable, I had the idea to put it on Poshmark. I had recently found out Poshmark was free to list items and this is why I went with Poshmark. I posted the item and in the morning it had sold for $100!! So then I did it again with two more items, and the next morning, those were sold also! So I’ve been doing it for two months now and I’ve made over $2000, I have hundreds of items on there and this is the perfect platform for my things! I wish I knew about this sooner but I’m just happy to have found it when I did! I’ve also rotated out my current wardrobe and I’ve gotten an entire new closet full of clothes! Where has Poshmark been all my life?!?!.Version: 5.10

Unresolved issues with siteI was very happy with Poshmark until they recently updated it and now it loads very slow and is almost unusable. The problem is that the website now loads only eight items at a time. When you scroll down you get a message that says “loading more” and after a few seconds another eight items will load. The slowness is frustrating enough, but the biggest problem is that after so many scrolls and “loading more” messages the screen will go white and then throw you back at the top of your closet. You now have to start all over again. It’s very frustrating and has made browsing and sharing nearly impossible. I am now starting to list on other platforms because without being able to share my closet, my sales have dropped significantly. I wrote support multiple times. I normally received prewritten responses. I finally received a response from a developer and they temporarily changed things back, but after about a week it went back to the new system of loading only eight items a time. I loved Poshmark, but this system “update” has made it almost unusable from a sellers standpoint and has forced me to start listing on other sites. Very disappointed..Version: 4.14

Amazing Women with Great taste and eager to help!I joined Posh when the App first started, I thought great idea I was working Retail Management and found the discount and appeal to such a service just Devine! Unfortunately I was in a catastrophic roll over. Many surgeries later and lots of tears And hiding from life I was deleting apps from my cell. Honestly finding Posh again opening the App I started crying such growth in the business so many people all the New information. I have been addicted admiring, shopping and making plans on how to really clean my closet So all my beautiful things can get some love. Thank you to all the Amazing full of ideas and such sweet women. May this App continue to inspire and give back to all of the wonderful ladies who strive so hard to be the best part of Great Women at every corner. Mom’s, CEO’s, Wife’s,Business owners we ladies own this spectrum. Remember every piece that is put out for us was once a special item that was needed or admired or a must have for an occasion. A lot of times these very items carry great memories and even shoppers remorse. Not anymore those items will live on and actually give back a second time and we super women can keep dressing and doing all that makes us the best and know down deep there is a posher Waiting to share in your new purchase!!.Version: 2.150

Fee and shipping rates are too high.I initially thought Posh was a fun way to sell on line but the high fees and shipping rates are a problem. I have literally received 5 cents from selling items for $3. Once the item is below $10 then the minimum Posh fee of $2.95 becomes greater than 20%. Additionally, it’s hardly worth paying $6.49 in shipping fees for inexpensive lightweight items. I think this structure needs to be revised. As a seller, I basically give away stuff; regardless of how low I price merchandise, the offers come in ridiculously (insultingly) lower where I often prefer not to sell. As a buyer, the items I like are marked up above what I see in retail (or they are not bargain shoppers and grossly over paid from the start). The constant promotions just encourage us to continue marking stuff down with no benefits. I don’t think the application is easy to use as I would like to be able to look at the sellers stats before a purchase to assure quality. I did appreciate the free authentication of items above $500. Additionally, sellers must stay alert to constant scammers. I don’t think I will continue to do this much longer. There should be more avenues to provide feedback, like themes for Posh parties like: White Party Attire (all white items), Game Day (jerseys and sports paraphernalia), Plus size parties, High Cotton (only 100% cotton), etc. I think requiring the fabrication as listed on labels is important..Version: 3.08

Love This AppI absolutely love this app! I have sold way more than I ever would’ve sold on Etsy, offerup, or macari... there are also greater finds here. It’s like walking in to a high end thrift shop but brands like Coach and Louis Vuton are much more worth the purchase as the prices are Dropped! Only thing I would change is it’s very hard to navigate between your offers/bundles/likes/shares/sales/follows... they said they changed that so it be easier in the last update however I don’t think it was made for an iPhone sxmax or an iPad 6 yet. Posh Ambassador program is cool I just wish we took on more responsibility with Posh after all we worked our tail off to get here we obviously love Posh! Also Customer Support is very much slow, as a seller with someone who already placed an order and the buyers shipping label won’t print cause their address is wrong, and you keep loosing out on selling! I think there should be some sort of direct contact with Posh Support like a number or something for customer service... because the longer we wait to ship our shipping rating goes down, and that is just not cool! Other than that I absolutely am in love with Poshmark and highly recommend it for both people who love to shop and for people who love to sell! I highly recommend this app!!!.Version: 2.138

Yikes.The app seems to work fine but I had to offload it because of business structure vs functionality. Here’s what I don’t like: T huge majority of these sellers are ridiculous. I’ve had one trying to sell me the same already worn dress for $40 that I could’ve bought new, at Macy’s, on clearance, for $40 plus tax which would be less than her used $40 dress with shipping. Second- the emails and alerts and reminders are overwhelming. I don’t really need or want a bazillion of them every day. If sellers were encouraged to price things to move, they wouldn’t be barraging buyers with repeated discount offers, clogging up my email and my phones CPU. They’d actually sell items. Poshmark could fix this problem by suggesting 75% off price originally paid (who pays full retail upfront anyway? No one.) and higher based on age of item and condition. Shoes aren’t posh if the heels are worn to nubs. Also- I’m not buying a damaged “designer” item at any discount once there’s a hole in it, it doesn’t matter what the label says. No one sees the label. They see the hole. That’s what Goodwill is for. There are a ton of items that are listed but no longer for sale, and it’s not obvious- Poshmark should have a time limit for sellers which would encourage them to price things to move and bonus- not frustrate buyers looking at a coat that someone couldn’t sell last year for $50 so they donated it and never deleted the listing..Version: 2.128

Poshmark is great place to sell and buy clothing love!I’ve been selling and buying on this platform for about a year and half andIt’s a great way to minimize unwanted clothing items and to purchase new or like new items and give them a new life at a great price too! Although shipping is a flat rate shipping you can offer reduce shipping it may be much for one item but the good thing is you can ship up to 5 pounds with one shipping label which is priority shipping as well and the person gets her item usually within 2 to 3 days and you get paid quicker which is a really good deal and still it’s cheaper than purchasing shipping on your own at the post office I saw another apps but I’ve sold the most this past year on Poshmark I’m trying to download size all of my items and this is helping me and helping me earn extra money to pay off bills at same time!Customer service is excellent they respond back right away even though it’s only through email I’ve never had a problem where they didn’t answer right away so if you’re thinking about clearing out your closet I want to earn some extra money while you do it download the Poshmark app do you won’t be sorry you did and it’s fun too 🤗🌸.Version: 4.24

Steep commission, meh w/failed transactionsPoshmark is outstanding because of the inventory posted by the users/members. PM itself takes a hefty 20% Commission for the convenience of using its platform and its shipping/payment software. That’s some pretty light lifting by PM and not a whole lot of risk for 20% (the $500+ authentication service is worth it). Also, if a transaction goes bad, especially something as simple as a canceled sale, it takes Poshmark two full business days to return the funds... that are simply sitting in Poshmark’s accounts. If a buyer used redeemable funds (also sitting in Poshmark’s accounts), which were deducted from her/his available balance immediately at the time of the sale, a canceled sale (with no merchandise shipped) should result in immediate replenishment of those redeemable funds. The two day delay, especially in that scenario, makes no sense and probably doesn’t even benefit PM a whole lot because they hold the funds regardless of whether they are in “escrow” waiting for the sale to be completed or are assigned to an individual “redeemable funds” balance, earning whatever (overnight interest, etc.) they do on the “float.” Nevertheless, this is still the best option for finding fantastic, comprehensive, inventory and being able to negotiate price with the actual seller, so I’m in it until someone improves on the process or offers a more economical option for the users..Version: 2.116

I had such high hopesUpdate: I appreciate the response from Poshmark at least I know they are listening. I’ve struggled to turn over inventory but I do understand people aren’t spending a lot right now 1. It’s summer 2. the price of everything is so high = less fun spending. I hope as the year progresses we see more communication from Poshmark and help as we navigate the changes they made. Thank you for the response. So I feel like I definitely missed Poshmarks hay day I had heard such great things about Poshmark so I signed on, but timing is everything, I signed up in April of this year 2022 and I feel like I’m watching what was a great community and place to resale dry up due to there own choices and the current state of affairs. I see all the big successful sellers vent how horrible the changes have been I have struggled to get my closet off the ground. I have white backgrounds thoroughly filled in descriptions nwt items on trend items killer brands. I’ve done the work and research and it seems to be a dying platform. I just wish I could of experienced Poshmark pre-changes and pre 2022. I have started to focus more on eBay, Mercari and looking for some other places too. I’ve also witnessed how disconnected the owners of Poshmark are from there users. Little communication or explanation or help to help us figure out how to figure out the new changes..Version: 6.38

Win WinPoshmark has been very user friendly. I have made enough sales to keep it interesting. My “goal” is to sell items I have around that I think someone else would benefit from and put to good use, while I cash in on a few dollars. I have had most all good experiences with both buying & selling. My plan was to sell only and make a few dollars on items I may have donated. It is bothersome when people low ball offers. I have missed out on some offers because I truly feel the value of my item deserves more than their offer. Especially since Poshmark gets the first 20%! All in all I feel it is a “win win”. My first feedback I gave on a purchase the seller responded not very nice. I thought I was being kindly helpful....oops I was wrong! Lesson learned. The site is easy to navigate and the poshers I have dealt with seem to be very upfront & honest. I have actually qualified to be an Ambassador; however I have not elected to do so. Not ready to commit to the requirements. I am so far satisfied with my experience to date. I have learned in life to take one day at a time! Thank you for the opportunity to list, sell & buy. I like how well the site functions so far. Thank you for allowing this feedback..Version: 6.24

Great app for selling and buyingFrom selling part time to funding out of production items when they wear out or rare pieces across many brands, poshmark is excellent. Its seller fee rate of 20% is not ideal, but they more than make up for it with prompt and friendly albeit extremely helpful customer service and all expenses covered shipping conventions for sellers in most circumstances. Most if any problems will be settled promptly with a solution that favors both parties to any extant possible. There are many options when it comes to selling online, but posgmark makes it easy, simple, and virtually worry free compared to other platforms. Their no returns based on size policy is a huge stress reducer for selling to finicky buyers. 3 years string and the sales have been steady and plentiful. Put in the work with quality items and you won't be regretful. As a buyer, there are many options for returns if an item is not as described, and payment is held in limbo until you report the item fits its description within 3 days, or your money back. If you have any doubts about sizing, just ask for measurements. If a seller can't provide, they probably aren't worth your time anyway. Buy, sell, this app is a reliable source! i.Version: 6.28

I'm addicted!I had a ton of clothes just sitting in my closet. I gave lots away and still had three closets full. A friend told me about POSHMARK a year ago and I just never followed up. I was going to have a yard sale, but so many of my clothes still had tags and I wouldn't get 2.00 for them, so she happened to mention POSH again and I downloaded the app on August 30 and began posting. It's so easy to use. Very user friendly. There are no hidden "fees", it actually tells you what your take will be as you list it. I do think 20% is a bit high, but they do process the payments, send the shipping labels etc... there's not much the user has to do but share, share, share. It can be a little overwhelming at first on all the sharing and getting followers, but it's also very addictive. I also think the shipping is a bit high for some items as well, but I also get that for priority shipping, it's a certain amount. So pros and cons to everything, but they seem to be listening and making it better for everyone. I did have the app crash a few times but other than that, I'd totally recommend it, if you want to spend the time sharing your items so that they can be seen by literally hundreds of thousands of people. It's your own boutique!.Version: 2.88.01

PoshmarkGreat place to sell, buy and meet new people from all over, I just bought a new home other wise my closet would be 10 times larger, Once I am finished with my move that’s when my closet will become a lot more items on My Poshmark closet, if fact at my new home I have 1 of my bedrooms I am turning into my Poshmark Room only, I will also have a personal model so I can sell my clothes a lot faster, people like to see the clothes on a person, much better than taking a photo on a hanger or lying on a bed, ect. I have turned Poshmark onto many friends, family, health aids, one of my friends is just starting her poshmark and with her Dad being a Multi millionaire she will have some beautiful clothing, boots, shoes, ect. even people I meet in stores,I tell them about Poshmark I have been in customer service and sales for over 38 yrs. I have even helped people on Poshmark sell there clothing, I also share every morning other posh people items, this one lady is looking for a specific Jacket I told her I would help her find one, POSHMARK will become one of the Largest App. In the U.S within 1-2 more years, if you think Poshmark is large now just wait and see, If only I could buy some STOCK in Poshmark I would. Yours truly Kathrine Gould.Version: 2.96.01

Great App for grabbing deals!I love this app I just wish there was better customer service...I don’t understand why there is no phone number to cal to speak directly to a human. You have to email only and await a reply. Also you cannot message sellers directly regarding an order you can only message them by commenting on their items or one you bought which means that the message can get lost in their feed and not received on time or possibly ever. And I think that giving buyers 3 whole days to decide is a long time to allow them to then return the item. I personally take photos as I’m packing, but I don’t know there’s any seller protection. I have to be honest here, I do think their selling fee is extremely high and do believe it’s higher than a lot of others. Plus they set your discounts you can offer and I’m unsure what their formula is exactly, but often times it seems too low. I guess maybe the shipping fee is good for some but I ship a lot of smaller items and it seems a lot of money with only a small amount of insurance and I cannot purchase further insurance myself. But there are lots of eager buyers on this app so if you want to sell to eager people at a serious discount this is the app for you!.Version: 3.12

Live ShowsI’ve loved Poshmark and being able to re- home my EUC items. Plus, I’ve made many friends, connections and happy buyers. My feeling about the live shows is that they are hurting the Poshmark community of sellers. It still needs a lot of fine tuning to make it run smoothly. They are fun and people are getting items at low ball prices. However most are attended by sellers themselves as of now or with favoritism to who will be in their show (not all but many).The hours are not set for length of time, so some drag on forever either by the host or sellers waiting for one of their items to show up on the hosts tray. Many of the hosts have been super awesome in their personalities, approach and fairness. In fact Poshmark should consider some of them to be hired and only have a select number run of categories that span all time zones. Another suggestion is telling host the lowest you’ll sell item for so they can start the bidding without the seller needing to be there with an attached phone like an umbilical cord. It would also speed the process. Just wanted to give you some feedback and suggestions. I have more but will save it for next time. Have a wonderful 2023 Poshmark❣️🥳🤗👏.Version: 7.12

HIGHLY RECOMMEND POSHMARK!!!!Hi there! Here is my two cents! I L💖VE this app because it is so much MORE than an app! I joined the Poshmark Community just three short months ago, to do as so many others’ are doing here: making Closet space, and passing on items than no longer fit/Never did fit🤓/ or that you simply do not wear any longer. Poshmark is great for that! Not an auction but rather a truly online store. I have made several purchases along the way, all of which I am very pleased with. And I have made a good deal of money selling my own personal items that I’ve never worn. I am mostly a shoe/Jewelry-obsessed kinda girl, so it’s been very easy to sell. You get a pre-paid postage label, SUPER-Convenient! I get my supplies online as well, I only pay for my actual “presentation” which for me is a handwritten Thank You, and various sizes of colorful pouches that I Package my jewelry items in. I also would like to mention that if you seek and find a “Share” Buddy, it becomes even easier. I have one remarkable Sharer, who always helps me at Every Party! And I have several more Share Buddies that do the same. It is truly a community of Buyers, Sellers, and Friends! Try it for your self!!! Thanks! SAMLOVESLIFE.Version: 2.126.02

Too many replicas and Posh isn’t doing enoughI’m a Posh Ambassador, have been selling (and buying) since 2013. I’ve made about $20k in the last year. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult because of the HUGE overwhelming influx of replica sellers. I try to flag listings and sellers as counterfeit but there are so many after 2 hours I haven’t even made a dent. And they don’t get removed right away (sometimes at all) so I don’t get it. I have emailed customer service and shared my frustrations as well as some tips they could use to actually address it, but to no avail. I may need to switch platforms soon b/c how can I sell a Louis Vuitton authentic handbag for $2k (a discount from $5k) when replicas are being sold for $200??? It’s very unfortunate because buyers are getting scammed, sellers are facing unfair competition from fake items, and Google ads even banned Poshmark for a while for “the excessive amount of counterfeit products that were being sold on their platform.” Posh needs to step it up. If a brand new seller has a user name that is a jumble of letters and words that don’t make sense, a missing profile pic or a stock pic, and they post a luxury item for less than $500 (to avoid Posh Authentication), then a Posh employee or automated bot needs to give that listing and seller a 2nd review- minimum!.Version: 6.04

The Shipping Price Kills Potential SalesI’ve been using Poshmark for two years and have made a good amount of sales on the platform. I typically only have success with NWT items from well known brands (priced $30+), and rarely sell used clothing from brands like Loft, Old Navy etc. The deterrent from users buying these items is the shipping price that’s a flat rate $7.95. I list items for $5 but that $7.95 makes a used old navy shirt valued at $13 to the consumer and the amount I make as a seller is $3.75. The very high fees (25%) combined with the high shipping price makes sales very difficult. I also list books, which have the same $7.95 shipping rate even though the USPS offers $2 media mail shipping. I really really really wish Poshmark would allow shipping costs by weight of products, media mail options etc. because it has steered me away from the platform. I’ve started listing on Facebook marketplace (takes only 5% commission and allows varied shipping options) and I’ve been able to sell the items that don’t sell on Poshmark and make significant more profit on my sales. That same old navy top would cost the consumer ~$8 (with shipping) and my commission would be $4.75. Poshmark please update the shipping options for sellers because it’s killing so many of our sales..Version: 6.18.02

Real Thrift Experience in Virtual FormI’ve been on Poshmark for a few months now and since then I’ve gotten Depop and thredUP, so l have apps to compare it to. Poshmark is like a virtual representation of the real thrifting experience; you have to rummage through a lot of crap to find the gems. Besides the sellers, it seems the app is trying to do a lot all at once, but instead of being invested in all that it has to offer I find myself craving the simple and clean aesthetic of the other apps. Posh-ambassadors? Boutiques versus closets? Events 4 times a day? Sharing as much as you possibly can so people will pay attention to your closet! Emojis emojis emojis! My head is spinning. It’s probably just me but it’s also really annoying how people (with no taste) seem to personalize (over personalize) their profiles and make (obvious) “rules” or “etiquette” for their pages. Oh joy more to look at... That being said I do like how some people (with taste) personalize their photos and put real thought into their profiles. Another huge plus is how super easy it is to send packages with Poshmark just emailing you the shipping label and allocating the money for shipping ahead of time. Makes the process a no brainer and why this review got 4 stars instead of the 3 the chaotic culture and style of the app deserves..Version: 2.114

OkayI originally downloaded Poshmark to buy gently used name brand clothes for less than store prices. I have a couple issues with the site though: 1. The shipping fee is awful. It’s $7.11 for shipping as a flat rate. Most sellers don’t have more than 1-2 items in the same sizes or styles unless you luck out and find someone with a really good closet. With that being said, if you buy a $20 item, it becomes $30 after tax and shipping, which is a lot. 2. Poshmark allows 5 days for sellers to ship, then the shipping is 3-5 days. So you pay $7.11 to potentially wait 10-11 days for your new items to arrive. And yes it has taken that long for me to receive an item. 3. I think Poshmark should add incentives for sellers to price their items more competitively. I see items all the time that are priced higher than the item from the actual retailer website. I’ve literally seen a pair of running shorts for $50 on Poshmark (which would be $62 with tax and shipping). I googled them and got them on sale for $28 from the brand website, with free shipping. 4. There really isn’t much recourse if an item isn’t as advertised. You basically have to get in a fight with the seller that Poshmark “mediates”. It also doesn’t seem that there’s any recourse for the seller at this point either..Version: 5.0

Easy to use, but...I signed up in early 2015, and I have to say this app is fantastically easy to use and I love it. I've done ok, selling-wise, gotten some great deals, as well as met (virtually, anyway) some great ladies. It’s wonderful! A few cons - I wish they had better filters when searching for items. As some reviewers have noted, "abandoned" closets or users who haven't signed on in months still have their items come up in search results. I also wish sellers had to ship faster - paying almost $7 for priority mail shipping is frustrating as you could wait up to 7 days for the seller to ship. At least PM follows up on day 4 now, but that doesn’t mean a seller will ship timely. I think you should be able to cancel your order on day 5 of waiting, if you don’t hear from your seller. Additionally in the last year, the site has focused a lot more on wholesale - there is a huge glut of cheap clothes that users buy from China wholesale sites and resell at steep markups. Everyone is selling the same crap, and it’s harder to find quality stuff. I also think they lack seller protections - sometimes users give you low ratings when items don't fit, and you get some canned response from PM that basically says "Oh well, take the good with the bad”.Version: 2.94.02

Great PlatformThis is a great platform to buy and sell. The amount of items available is endless! I do have a few suggestions for developers. I wish the sellers page/“my closet” could be organized more like typical online clothing websites. Example: Once in sellers closet you could click/search for all of that sellers shirts listed, or all the sellers current deals. I wish there was more uniformity in the way sellers had to stage the items they wished to list. It wish all sellers had to follow a more detailed template when listing an item. Example: Some sellers post measurements, others do not. How each seller measures an item and then posts in a listing is different and confusing. Additionally, I’d love it if you could change your @ name. I wasn’t familiar with the application at sign-up and when asked for my name (as it will appear to others) I literally gave my name. Later I realized I should/could have listed my business as my name. Bottomline, I wish everything had a cleaner, more uniform look to it, but I also love the individuality Posh allows. I guess it comes down to personal preference, but uniformity would make the app easier for buyers to understand and navigate!.Version: 6.30.02

Great app for buying selling!I’ve used Poshmark as both a buyer & seller for a couple years. I love most of the features. There’s a great selection and having the option to makes offers is a great feature. I’ve found some incredible deals and generally everyone on there is friendly and respectful. One problem is that sold items are Not automatically removed from your likes as a buyer, so if you have a lot of them it’s time consuming to go through and individually unlike each one- and there’s a delay after each unlike so it takes even more time. This app also takes up a lot of data- mostly because of the likes. It would be great if sellers could put a feature- other than in the description of the item- to automatically select firm prices vs open to offers. There ideally would also be a separate section for sales comments/ offers separate from those you make as a buyer so you don’t miss the chance to sell an item. I also wish there was a feature to show similar items- the one currently there isn’t well designed and so it’s often easier to do a tedious search to see if the same item is available at a lower price point..Version: 5.06.02

Love for the MOST partPoshmark is great and probably one of the better selling apps, but there’s constant issues with its offers and cancels. They state offers are “binding” for 24 hours, but take a few hours (heaven forbid working your day job) not on the app and the offer you received on an item 3 or 4 hours ago is now cancelled by the buyer. With no reason why, Poshmark has invalidated their policies, leaving their sellers without the sale and the buyer able to just “offer” fickly with no actual “binding” to them. When you want to reach out and contact Poshmark about these issues or anything really, there is no way to reach them. You select “contact support” within the app and nothing happens but a blank loading page never to be loaded (probably exactly what they want) so nothing get progressed. I even tried so much as to get onto the website version to try to contact support but that outcome was exactly the same. So, for selling a few things occasionally - it’s a great app! And you CAN sell your items fairly quick. For selling items regularly and throughout the year for extra money outside of work - I would just prepare to not always be able to accept every offer sent to you and to no have any conclusive reason why or to contact Poshmark with your issues..Version: 3.20

A few too many bad experiencesI want to start this by saying I think the idea of this app is amazing, and I loved it for a long time. However, I’ve recently encountered a couple poor experiences as a Poshmark seller. First, I sold a pair of jeans that were regular length, and I listed the inseam in the description. However, when the buyer received the jeans, she gave me a 1-star rating because the jeans were too long for her. I tried to fight the 1-star rating with Poshmark’s customer support, but they told me they couldn’t do anything to remove the unwarranted poor rating. More recently, I had a buyer purchase a bundle of 23 items from my closet, which I was really excited about. However, in order to mail the heavy box, I was going to have to purchase a shipping label that cost half of what my earnings would be. In turn, the buyer and I decided to cancel the transaction. But now, all 23 of those items are marked as “sold,” and can’t be purchased. The customer support team informed me that I would have to create new listings for each item. I guess the joke’s on me, though, because instead of making half the profit I originally would, those 23 items are going to Goodwill and I am closing my Poshmark account. Overall, it would be great to see the seller protected a little more on Poshmark!.Version: 2.148

Favorite Selling App🤍I have been using Poshmark for about 7 years now. I started off listing items as a way to get rid of my unwanted, gently used clothing, and have since then begun reselling. The app is super easy to use, and I personally think reselling things is a ton of fun! With this app you really do get out of it whatever you put in. The more listings you have and people you follow, the better you will do. And SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Sharing other poshers listings is so easy, and it’s a great way to get their listings out there, and they will more then likely share some of your listings too. Everyone on the app is always very nice and I have never had any issues with buyers. I have tried using other selling apps too, but they are really no comparison. The best thing about this app is that even after you initially post a listing, every time you edit or share it, it will come up at the top again. I feel like so many of my listings just get lost on other selling apps. There’s honesty nothing negative I can say about the app, and customer support has always been very prompt and helpful!! I will probably use this app forever🤍.Version: 5.16

Wonderful, with 1 flawI have been using Poshmark for a few weeks now. I have always wanted to get into selling online. I started with Mercari, but things were really slowing down on there. I had heard of Posh, and said, "why not give it a try." I posted my first item, and within hours, it sold! I was ecstatic. I went on a listing spree, and sold a couple more items over a 3 day span. I listed, shared, listed, shared. It worked. Since then, I have made 10 sales (which might not be that impressive but it was old stuff I wasn't using) and have made almost 120$!!!!!!! The customer service is extremely helpful. On Mercari, it is just automated. I like the vibe of Posh, where it really isn't just an utter flea market where everything happens at once. The parties are super creative and helpful. My listings get shared SO much!!! The community is so helpful on Poshmark and also Instagram. I would totally reccomwnd this to anyone. Whether it be for the community aspect, customer support, or quick sales, I reccomend this. The only negative thing is the fee. 20% is a LOT. I think 12-16% would be much better, as it can really eat into your margins. That is my only negative thing. Thanks for reading!!.Version: 3.04

🤩USE JOANNAW38 for $15🤩🤩USE JOANNAW38 for $15🤩 I have been using this app for many years now and have been loving it! Great way to earn money from selling unworn clothing/jewelry/shoes! The app also has many popular brands like Nike, adidas, Louis Vuitton, and TNA. You can buy brand new clothing for a more affordable price than retail!.Version: 6.04.02

Love itBut should not be paying taxes on second hand clothes in my opinion. That doesn’t even make sense since they were taxed originally..Version: 6.50

Great but could be better…After its release in Canada, I quickly jumped on and added Poshmark to one of the many popular selling platforms (Instagram, Depop, Etsy, Craigslist, to name a few) I use regularly. However, the app could be better. While it is a breeze to post items for sale and shipping logistics are done on their end for you, the user interface and design can improve in quality, looks, and overall appeal. Closets show only 2 vertical rows while scrolling through, which makes it absolutely inconvenient to scroll through a closet with plenty of items (despite having and using search filters). This is where Instagram and Depop excel with 3 rows, allowing for a better overall view of posts (besides using a computer to go onto the Poshmark website). Moreover, just scrolling through your own closet just to add an item to a Party, refresh/reshare, edit or delete is time consuming. There needs to be an easier way to do this like a selection phase of items prior to x action performance. While I understand some Users/Sellers have the pleasure of reselling as a full time job, for most, this is not the case, and time is of the essence. Additionally, despite a younger 18-34 demographic presence, the design of this app seems to attract or target a more older demographic that does not always equate to a finer or trendier taste in fashion and style. Which is fine, there is something for everyone, and that is what Parties are for. However, there is no denying that Poshmark attracts a certain crowd and vibe, whether intentional or not. One can already tell with the amount of recent reviews here filled with self promo and app marketing in order to make some cash for shopping. Even Party Host Picks share bias as some host picks items do not tend to sell immediately or are of poor taste. These may be successful tactics, but it does not seem to help Users in the long run. The high costs that are taken from sales to run this app/company, and the quite high shipping fee (yes, shipping is still a tad bit too high at 99 cents more because taxes are added in these sale transactions) leads a Seller to less of a gain (sometimes not even break even profit) unless selling items of greater resell value due to popularity and/or demand. So not all things can sell or be of actual profit. Even popular or in demand items can’t sell if potential Buyers feel like the price is too steep when it is very much discounted from RRP already. This has lead to some Sellers deleting their closets and relying on other ways/platforms to sell their items. Which leads me to Poshmark’s overall in-your-face marketing. The seemingly often Closet Clear Outs look like a great way to make quick profit by Sellers having to drop prices equating to cheaper shipping for a few hours, but actually, it is a way to mainly benefit Poshmark by attracting more people to shop and make purchases. Sellers already drop their prices significantly just to make a sale. Also, I hope there is a possibility that blocking a User leads to them not viewing your Closet as a few rare Sellers do copy words or edits almost verbatim of other veteran Sellers (who spend a lot of time and effort perfecting their marketing) without their knowledge or consent, which happened in my case. A block to not share, interact, etc is not really enough. It is a rarity, but there are Sellers out there who are desperate enough to not be original and can at times, be outright harassing. I hope my review is taken into consideration. I look forward to a potential merge of Canadian and American markets for an increase in item variety and sales. As well, I hope Poshmark and their app developers make some changes and improvements besides adding new markets (like Home 👍🏼)..Version: 3.14

It’s okAlthough the format and ease of use is really appealing there are a few areas I don’t like about using Poshmark. I don’t agree with having to offer reduced shipping when making an offer to a customer. That should be my choice not Poshmarks. I am already paying enough of my money to Poshmark in other fees. I also don’t agree with having to pay taxes on clothing that I have already paid taxes on when initially purchasing them from the store..Version: 3.18

Love this but shipping...This app is awesome!! The products listed on here are crazy, with so much variety and at such good prices. My only complaint is shipping. If a product is a good price you have to add another $13 for the cost of shipping. In my opinion there’s a big difference between $30 and $43. I just find it frustrating because there are so many products I find absolutely amazing but will not buy because the shipping is not worth it. I hope that poshmark can change its shipping options. I don’t care if it takes longer to ship my product if it means I could pay under $10..Version: 3.12

Tax and too much taken from sellerTaxes added to purchase. Not sure why especially when when sellers dont have boutiques. Making want to look other putlets to sell, give away my stuff. And pourcentile taken from seller at the time of our purchase is too high. Making me want to use other apps not taking any fees. Good for the shipping..Version: 7.02.04

It’s great,but fees are too high.The fees on low cost items are too high. Items of $10 or less are not worth posting..Version: 7.04.02

Get $15 yourself with code OPENPHDBe aware Canadian site now needs to pay tax! It gets expensive very quickly. I do not understand this tax on second hand items, US site doesn’t..Version: 7.04

Poshmark reviewIt would be great less commissions from seller point of view. As buyer would like to have different shipping options by weight..Version: 7.02.02

Good AppPoshmark is great for selling stuff to make a little bit of extra cash! Creating listings is super easy, and not time consuming. The shipping logistics is super easy, Poshmark sends you the shipping label after you make a sale so you don’t pay out of pocket for shipping. The only downside is the 20% fee Poshmark takes off every sale, that’s a little too much in my opinion..Version: 6.48

Taxes?Nice items but … The shipping costs are very high and now you are adding taxes to the items… No longer interesting to buy.Version: 7.0.06

Stop Spamming inbox with “Parties”Like this marketplace app but hate the spamming going on in your inbox - constant notices from Poshmark “editor” to Parties you have no interest in - Stop PM editor party invites!.Version: 6.48

Love the app, but volume seller support is a jokeLove this app and all that it’s done for me. But… your priority support for PA2 is not real. Falsely advertise that we have this extra support yet we wait 2 plus week for extremely generic non helpful answers. You should take volume seller feedback seriously. There are 20+ suggestions I could make to improve the app. Why don’t you take user feedback seriously?.Version: 6.48

Far too many selling App has gone down hillThere are far too many sellers selling far too many undesirable pieces. Posh wants you to put your items on and then when “likers” ♥️ your merchandise you are expected to drop the price further by 10% to help secure the sale AND reduce the shipping cost! The only winner is Posh… Seems like sales have slowed as the economy has and although I ♥️ a deal and ♥️ giving one, the expectation is reaching a sad crescendo..Version: 6.46

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 7.10.02

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