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Tap for tickets to see the artists and teams you love. With the AXS app, you can find great events near you, buy 100% official tickets, sell your seats if you can’t go, and more. It’s all a fan needs, all in one app.

Front row or on the aisle? Pick your exact seats on interactive maps, get more ticket options with AXS Official Resale, and go in style with AXS Premium or VIP offers.

Plans can change. If you have seats from AXS but can’t make it, quickly list the tickets for sale from your account and reach tons of potential buyers.

No paper required. Just pull up your tickets in the AXS app, get them scanned at the gate, and head into your event.

It’s super easy. Stop hand-delivering tickets or waiting at the entrance for everyone to arrive – quickly transfer tickets to friends and meet them at your seats.

There’s so much to see. Find out when your faves are coming to town, check out what’s happening soon, and browse events by your interests – from basketball and rock to comedy and theater.

AXS Tickets App Comments & Reviews

AXS Tickets Positive Reviews

EddieThe transactions of the of computer controlled part of the app seem to work well but don’t dare use customer service for help, I just asked the First Lady, I have never done this before can you just tell me if I did this rite please, and have my tickets. she told me I could not be on Wi-Fi when using the app so she hung up on me. I had to get on my phone. When I tried the second time to just confirm I had not sent the tickets off somewhere, this lady says your not the person listed I said there are two of us one who has money and no email one who has a email my brother same last name of corse and we made sure that everything matched exactly just as stub hub told us to so she proceeded to hang up on me, and remember I was the most polite you can possibly be having been a customer service manager for Chrysler corporation for 33 years this is company so set in its ways of telling people to go eat there hat so much they can’t even be nice for one second to help a customer you know do there job correctly..Version: 5.3.10

AXS Customer Service Non ExistentThe monopoly that AXS holds in the ticket and entertainment market creates an environment at AXS where customer service is not only an afterthought but non existent. You don’t care about customers or their needs and it shows in all of your actions and words. I am a 58 year old professional male who, on a normal year, spends thousands of dollars on event tickets through AXS. I recently had a knee surgery which will preclude me from attending a few concerts over the next two weeks. I asked AXS for a refund and they said NO go sell your tickets on our aftermarket app. This decision was 1) not customer oriented, 2) self serving as AXS would stand to make more money if I sell on their aftermarket platform, 3) glutinous because they already have made significant fees on my original purchase and now want me to sell with them again to gain even more fees. AXS’s lack of integrity and non existent concern for its customers is appalling and disappointing. I will do everything I can to NOT buy tickets from AXS in the future..Version: 4.16.3

Ticket Service is FlawedI ordered tickets online to a recent show. I kept being redirected back to the beginning to try again with the prompt saying saying “Something went wrong. Let’s try again.” So I kept trying and the same thing kept happening. Then I received 2 notifications from my bank for 2 separate large transactions. Yet I do not have my tickets or any co formation. I emailed AXS 2 times trying to resolve the problem and find out in in fact I do actually have tickets. I received an auto response on 2 separate emails and have not heard from AXS and still do not have my tickets. It has now been over 9 days and I still haven’t heard from a real person and still do not know if I have my tickets. I am concerned as the show is coming soon. Second hand retailers have them available, but now the cost is through the roof and I don’t know if I need to take a chance that I will actually get my tickets that I have paid for, or if I should try from an outside source. Please help me with my situation. I am going to be extremely upset if I can’t go to the TOOL concert. Cheers!.Version: 4.0

Problem solvedI purchased tickets recently and was having trouble seeing them in my queue got really nervous because these are out-of-state event tickets and I needed to book flights and hotel. After 24 hours of worrying I called the 800 number which I found online. and someone actually answered the phone a real live person within 60 seconds. I was very impressed and will continue to do business with AXS. The gal that helped me out was very quick and found that it was actually a mistake I made on my email lettering missed one letter, but she found my ticket purchase and was able to correct the problem within less than a few minutes. Happy with the customer service😃.Version: 5.8.2

Sketchy ticket websiteI had bought three concert tickets this morning unbeknownst to me the website had charged me an additional three tickets including the ones I had already purchased the first time around. So I had paid $181 including the $181 for the three tickets I bought the first time (the ones I did not want) When you are on the final page of this website they will ask you if you want something called ticket protection which is basically an insurance if something goes wrong your tickets are protected. Their website did not inform me I would be charged $25 for this service. This charge is per ticket (s) If you are looking to sell your tickets on their app DONT. They will charge you $18 and keep a certain percentage of the sale. Don’t even get me started on their customer service. No contact number just an auto chat which is completely useless. They gave me a # that wasn’t even verifiable. Lastly, when I was on the final page getting ready to complete my purchase, there is a pop up window for ads that promise free things do not click on this. Exit out Of the window immediately. This is how I was tricked into buying more tickets. I was not aware I had already completed my purchase and was charged $181. So naturally I assumed the ad closed my window browser and did not complete my purchase. Nope. Looked on my bank statement sure enough I was charged $181 twice three tickets I did not intend to buy. These tickets are non refundable so I am out $200…. What a waste..Version: 5.0.2

So far so goodSo far, my experience has been seamless. I was very skeptical after reading a lot of low reviews and their reasons, but the price couldn’t be beat - plus they were the place on t gee venues site to buy the tickets from. I downloaded the app and followed all directs (which appears some people can’t follow here then complain bc they did not follow them), bought the tickets, confirmed my account and they were sent legit within a few minutes. I will update if we run into any issues for this coming weekends event. EDIT: Confirmed. Seamless transaction, everything worked out perfectly and no issues getting in..Version: 5.4

Customer Service Exceptional, App is subparAwhile back, I purchased tickets to a concert but never received a confirmation email. After talking to the live chat agent, we discovered I misspelled my email when I purchased the tickets, and through talking with another agent, we got the tickets to show up in the app. However, despite the much appreciated patience and understanding of the customer service reps, the experience was really frustrating because anytime you are asked to leave the window and either check your email or log in/out of the app, the chat kicks you out and you have to get back in the queue to wait to chat with a rep again. Continuing, I think it’s rather outdated to not have any Apple feature support (paying with Apple Pay, linking tickets to Apple Wallet, etc)..Version: 5.4.5

Good appI would give this app five stars if it allowed to add tickets to the phone's wallet. I get it's for security reasons because of the QR dynamic nature, but it would be nice. Maybe apple could also enable dynamic QR codes to live in the wallet..Version: 5.8.5

Using my credit cardAXS doesn’t accept the name that is on my credit card which is my legal name??? Had to use my husbands card. Very inconvenient and no one to chat with to resolve???.Version: 5.7.8

5 star customer service!I recently needed to upgrade tickets I had purchased. It was a complicated ask. The AXS rep I dealt with (Zane) was very professional and really seemed to care about the issue. He worked with the venue and his colleagues to make it happen for me. I was very impressed!.Version: 5.3.6

AXS APP AND TICKET REVIEWI have attended many concerts over the years and the AXS App and ticket purchase was by far the best. I did not have to worry about printing off the tickets in advance and storing the paperwork. I used my iPhone and the AXS App at WILL CALL without any problems. Thank you and thank you for a great Country Thunder music experience..Version: 5.8.5

Credit card infoDo not use ALL-CAPS to enter your name at point of sale..Version: 5.4.14

Ticket’sBest ever.Version: 5.4.15

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