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Download Candy Crush Soda Saga now!

From the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga comes Candy Crush Soda Saga! Unique candies, more divine matching combinations and challenging game modes brimming with purple soda and fun!

This mouth-watering puzzle adventure will instantly quench your thirst for fun. Join Kimmy on her juicy journey to find Tiffi, by switching and matching your way through new dimensions of magical gameplay. Take on this Sodalicious Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

Monthly season updates bring unique quests and exciting gameplay for you to explore! Complete quests to progress through the Season Pass while earning rewards and boosters to help you on your Saga.

Show your competitive side in the Episode Race! Compete against other players to see who can complete levels the fastest and progress the quickest. Or work as a team in the 4 in a Row game mode where players work together for Sodalicious rewards!

Candy Crush Soda Saga Features:

*Over 10000 match 3 Sodalicious levels

*Mouth-watering graphics, with 3D characters and an ever changing environment

*Monthly Seasons all year long, filled with challenging quests and a reward-fueled Season Pass

*Game modes bubbling with fun and unique candy:

Soda – Switch the bottles and match candies to release purple soda and save the Candy Bears

Frosting – Match candy to smash the ice and set the Candy Bears free

Honeycomb – Match candies next to honeycomb to release the trapped Candy Bears

Jam – Spread the jam across the board

*Unique candies and scrumptious new matching combinations:

Match 4 candies in a square to make a Swedish Fish!

Match 7 candies for the all new Coloring Candy!

*Explore juicy worlds and levels with even more characters!

*Team up for tasty rewards in the 4 in a Row game mode

*Complete levels in the fastest time for sweet prizes in the Episode Race!

*Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master

*Players that Facebook Connect will have access to leaderboards where you can challenge your friends and compare your highscores!

*Easily sync the game between devices to unlock the games full features when connected to the internet

Candy Crush Soda Saga is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service;

Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Candy Crush Soda Saga!

Candy Crush Soda Saga App Comments & Reviews

Candy Crush Soda Saga Positive Reviews

Addictive!Cannot seem to put it down! I usually play while I’m waiting in the doctors office but now I find myself playing at home. This is not good! I find myself losing time as I’m lost in the game. I am a metalsmith and really enjoy what I do. I’m very fortunate as I’m able to work from home. It’s quite fascinating when you’re jog allows you to just get lost inside your own mind and find your creativity which enables you to make whatever comes natural to you. (believe me when I tell you 89% of that “creativity” turns out to be not as you envision… and ends up in the pot to be melted down!). However, as I mentioned above, I love playing this game as well as its flagship game “Candy Crush” and when I do occasionally pick up my tablet to play I normally begin with Candy Crush and when I’ve run out of play (I only play the free games) then I’ll switch to Candy Crush Soda! Before I realize it hours have passed away and I have accomplished absolutely nothing that I had intended for that day! But for some reason I never feel That bad about it… because I always have such fun! I’m still pretty new to both games and am trying to reach the level that will allow me to join friends (cannot wait to meet more Candy peeps!) which, by the way, shouldn’t take me much longer. Can’t wait! Bye for now, I’m going back in…..Version: 1.233.3

Great game but..This game is very addictive and pleasing to play, but lately it has been frustrating to play as it adds on more complexity. For one, the animation sequences are way too excessive. There are a mere five animations for the race in which each one literally serves the same purpose as the other; it is unnecessary and long. The unskippable animations, in addition to the golden tickets that the user can’t skip or deactivate hence forcing us to have to wait the long seconds it takes to change each reward hour into 2 hours; things like these just stack up and make the gameplay unsatisfying. Either the animations are cut down, or let the user skip them through with a tap . Another thing I want to mention is the fish ai that shouldnt really prioritize eating special candy. I would leave those for better combos just to have it activated by a stupid ai fish and end up losing a heart. The worst thing is, I dont know if I’m just stupid, but most of the levels that are “hard” just become unplayable without bonuses or watching ads. I used to enjoy having a streak of not buying extra moves and never using bonuses, but nowadays I would play the same lever over and over again, never be able to beat it, and end up having it beaten simply by using my special candy or extra moves. This game was simple and fun before, but now It’s become an over-animated frustrating gaming experience that begs for users to watch ads and buy in-game content..Version: 1.241.5

Previous Review Deleted. Let’s try again.My previous review was deleted due to my usage of some strong language. Let’s do this again. I am an avid fan of this game. I’ve been playing since 2015 and am on level 2067. This most recent update is highly displeasing. One of my favorite parts of this game was the “quest” aspect, which allowed you to earn rewards upon the completion of certain tasks. Now, the quests have been removed in favor of the team based “Mr. Toffee’s Fair”. My teammates are quite frankly, useless and are holding back my gameplay. I see no reason for a forced team aspect in this single player game. I didn’t join Candy Crush to make friends; that’s ridiculous. Finally, my main problem with this new update is the addition of ads. I do not want to sit through a 30 second long ad for the most recent pillage the village style game in the App Store. This is a racket, and it’s despicable. Bring back my quests. Axe Mr. Toffee. I will not be playing until things change. -A long time fan.Version: 1.143.8

Very DisappointedI’ve been playing this game since I retired. I’m also helping my grandson learn how to play. I definitely do not consider myself as a gamer and do not have the monetary means to purchase additional boosters to win. I have reached over the 2000 level simply using using the free lollipop hammer, color bombs, jelly fish, etc., and other free boosters provided by the App. I’m very disappointed with the following items: *1) I received two messages labeled as the Soda Circuit, which said... “Winning isn’t easy! But, you got the experience to be faster next time!” Thank goodness that these messages were not sent while my Grandson was playing with me. I felt that I was being shamed for lacking skills *2) I had accumulated over 365 days of playing this app. I thought I played every day, but I must have missed a day. I had to pick up working with my grandson to complete his online school work when the schools were closed for the coronavirus. My daughter is an RN and was working a lot of overtime. *3) Is there an option not to be part of a race? Since I do not have many boosters, I’m usually “last” in completing the race. However, I do like playing Mr, Toffee’s Fair to win boosters. Note, I do have other Candy Crush apps, but I hope you consider my thoughts above that I’m just playing for FUN..Version: 1.170.9

Quick easy changes that will make me rate it 5 starsI love all 4 of the candy crush games Saga, Soda, Jelly and now friends. I have noticed with this Soda (which is my absolute favorite out of all of them) will not allow you to skip the animations when the level is complete and is counting your score up as well showing your bonuses. This would be a big help when trying to knock out a couple levels when your at work on breaks. I have put quite a bit of money and hours into this game and i do not mind at all. It is worth it to keep me happy. I love the infinite lives and bonus moves for the levels and that you give us free gifts for log ins and just as events. This gives the people who do not want to spend on games the opportunity to advance and win extra goodies as well! A lot of other games are not as generous as you with the paid for content. So thank you for the fantastic games and keep them coming. All i request is the opportunity to tap the screen to skip the all animations i have a short attention span so lose interest when you get 4 or more in a row. You have this feature with Jelly and friends. Can we get it on saga and soda please? Thank you and keep up the great work!.Version: 1.143.6

Fun till it’s notI’m on level 286, and have been for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I open the game, promptly lose all my lives on this level, and close it. Rinse and repeat every darn day. I’ve used all my boosters, used all my gold for extra moves and still I’m on level 286. I spend money on games, I’m not opposed. But I won’t spend money if that’s the only way I can beat a level. I pay to enhance my games, sometimes I pay to even get the games, but I will not pay to win your silly little match game. I don’t even mind playing a level over and over and over until the algorithm determines I’ve played enough times to get a win. But this has been ridiculous and borderline insane. I’ve wasted almost 100 lives on a single level. ONE HUNDRED LIVES ON A SINGLE LEVEL. Don’t try to tell me that isn’t a blatant money grab. Keep your game, I’m gonna go spend my money with a different developer, and my next step after submitting this review will be to delete this game. I realize I don’t matter- plenty of people are willing to pay .99 to beat a level. But there are also lots of people who won’t, this review is for them. You’ll be able to play for awhile, but this is flat out a pay to win money grab. It’s popularity doesn’t negate that simple fact..Version: 1.176.3

Becomes impossible after level 3500While I appreciate the game designers need to provide and ever-escalating level of challenge, this game reached a tipping point for me after around level 3500 where the frustration outweighed the pleasure of the game. If I’ve reached close to level 4000 on both Crushes, then I’m by no means a novice player. But there ceases to be any fun in playing a level 12,15,20 times, knowing that the level remains impossible to beat even with the best combination of boosters, and in the end it’s just waiting for dumb luck to provide the right combination to get the level defeated. I’ve never hollered at a game before this one. I finally deleted the app out of disgust. And let’s talk about the 30-40 second long ads every time I re-start the level and want an extra booster, or want a play extension at the end. I don’t need another widget or pair of waterproof pants. I began to perceive that the game existed only to generate ad revenue for the game developers. Which is fine in moderation given that it’s a free game. But when I’ve had to sit through ten minutes of ads in playing twenty levels, it begins to become TOO much..Version: 1.186.2

StrategyThis is a game of strategy and thinking. It’s not exactly rocket science… LOL… But your decisions resultant either when you’re losing. And this silly game is fun, annoying, but I keep playing it anyway. When it gets to the point that I’m stuck, I just remove the game remote the game and start over! I also have a candy crush saga game going at the same time, so I switch back-and-forth, and when I get stuck on one game, I play the other, until I can get some more lives in the game in which I am STUCK! Strategy! Not rocket science, but fun. As a Christian, I will not play a game where people shoot each other and kill each other , So this one fits the bill do you relieve boredom, and you’re not strategizing and how to kill a bunch of people… LOL. Have a good time, and write a review as to how you feel. Got to get back to the game!.Version: 1.215.3

Gameplay hindered on purposeSo I really enjoy playing the game, however, I’m rating it low because I’ve noticed that during the game when there are chocolates and gum that reappear if you don’t continuously pop them until they are completely gone, they prevent you from moving your pieces while the letters show up that say “sodalicious” or “divine” after you make a major move to “praise” you for the move. Which is ironic because if you have any chocolate or gum and you have one move to completely remove it, they prevent you from making said move while those words show up until they’re gone, so another piece will come up. Then, you’ll have to make one more extra move than you did before because they wouldn’t let you move while you had the chance during their digital word show. So that’s super aggravating and it is not fair. It’ll make you lose a game in some instances since you don’t have an unlimited amount of moves. Honest game play goes a long way especially for your ratings guys and I’m the type that will uninstall if it becomes a constant issue..Version: 1.187.5

Things have changed, idk if I like them :1I, like many people, enjoy being entertained by games like this. You have levels you can traverse, things you can interact with, and it’s all generally quite fun. However, last I played this game was about a year ago and things have changed since then. For one, the design of the level badges. They’re square now instead of circular, and I liked the old design better. This is something I can live with though, so I’m not counting it as a complaint. My second issue is the backgrounds. I loved all the scenery when playing the old version of this game, but it doesn’t seem to change here. However, I may just not be high enough leveled yet to make it change, so take my words with a grain of salt. All in all, I still love playing this game. It’s fun, bright and colorful, and I would give it five stars in a heartbeat if this were my first time playing. Thank you if you actually read this far, I appreciate it :).Version: 1.191.5

This game crashes ALOT. Frustrating /:When I am able to play this game it is fun and challenging. It is really annoying when I am near completion of a level and/or have just used my special extra tools, or have purchased extra moves/tools on a level and then the game kicks me out and I have to start all over. It feels like the “glitches” very frequently happen in these instances. Initially I did spend some $ to make purchases in game but I quickly came to realize that due to the glitches that shut me out frequently, it is not worth spending any extra money to buy things in game. Now I play until I get to the point where the getting kicked out gets annoying and then it dissuades me from having fun and I don’t play the game for a long time. I hope that someone works out the glitchy-ness so the crashing/kicking me out of issue is resolved. In concept, and when it is working, I really enjoy this game. The crashing is very, very sucky though. I am not going to provide my email address or Facebook information to be able to save progress..Version: 1.188.5

Game crashes.I’m tired of being in the middle of a level and the game crashes. It seems to do this when I am doing well and after I have played a few levels. The app is updated. When this happens if I’m using any boosters and the game crashes I lose the boosters I chose. It’s almost as if it’s set up for the game to crash so we have to use more boosters and pay to get more or buy gold bars. I’m limited on what games I can play because I’m epileptic. I was playing candy crush saga, I was around level 3000, my profile picture got changed which I didn’t change it. I tried to change it back to what I had it as but wasn’t able to. Updated the app I lost all my levels and where I was on the weekly challenge. I had this issue before of which was fixed but was told I needed to start over which is what the game did. I told whom ever I talked to I didn’t work to get to level 3000 to start over again and work back to where I was because they said they can’t do anything!!! It’s all about money!!!.Version: 1.258.1

Pls fix the crashingThis game is so great! I’ve been playing it for forever and it’s so fun!! You don’t have to pay for power ups or gold bars, you can win them which I think is super unique and helpful! Money hungry, yes, but not as much as the other King games. The only problem I’m having is it crashes at very specific, annoying moments. it always happens when I’ve either already finished the level and it’s going through the last moves or when I’m just about to beat the level. Get this! Once it crashes, it thinks I lost the level and I have to start all over. Soooo frustrating especially when I already beat the level. I lose my rainbow streak when it wasn’t even my fault. This never seems to happen when I lose levels or whenever I’m clearly losing. It’s ridiculous. Some part of me thinks it’s on purpose. Anyway yes this game is fantastic, definitely one of my favorites, but the crashing is almost enough for me to completely delete the game. It’s so frustrating..Version: 1.208.4

Addicting but some things must change for fairnessI love this game . been playing it forever. theres that one time I took a all I title hiatus for about two years from candy crush(original) because the level was just too hard to beat and I wasnt spending a penny on extra moves . anyways, the number one thing that grids my gears is when u exit in the middle of playing a level it asks u so many times if " your sure u want to give up" however when u get those gold bars and the game is over and u accidentally press the buy lives with gold bars it automatically takes the bars instead of confirming if thats what we really want . that needs to change immediately especially because ive been playing so long with thoughts of maybe it will change but it hasn't. please fix that. also if we get two hours of things it should let us decide when we want to use our two hours because if I'm playing at and fall asleep for work I missed those two hours , get me ? LOL but overall, addicting and I love it ..Version: 1.138.5

Pretty good but...Very fun and cleverly thought out. BUT...really wish there was a prize wheel too. Some levels seem impossible but the more you play that level, the easier it becomes - like it's all pre-arranged, which is kinda disheartening. Also, it would be cool if you ended a level with a Color Bomb or striped candy, that it would go into a "bank" of extras you could use later. Nothing worse than feeling that treat you just earned was for nothing! Would also appreciate Bubblegum Hill being offered more often and for a longer, more consistent period and not on a random basis. Many times I open the game and Bubblegum only has a couple of hours left, even though I've played within the 24 period that it implies it's been active but it didn't show up! I even exit out of the game to see if it's going to appear but it doesn't always. Overall, a fun, addictive game. Just know that it's a game of luck, not skill..Version: 1.110.6

Hate the new update with tiffys on all the overviewI love this game and play everyday, along with candy crush and cookie jam and sugar smash. I loved the graphics, but on the update I did yesterday, u put tiffys face o. The overview of levels completed and I can't even look at it. I try covering her face to find the levels that only have 2 stars because I play till all the levels are three stars. I use to be able to see each level in color and with the different symbols of the section like on octopus. Now it is just her face and I can't even see the levels I need to complete! I HATE IT! I want the update taken off!! I want the colorful graphics with the different scenes and characters!!!! I can't look at all the levels I've completed with that tiffy face it makes me not want to play anymore. I'm going to have to cover her face with s paper to try to find my place!!! Please change it back!!! Then u will be 5 stars..Version: 1.102.6

Play on button should be taken away or moved!!I’ve been playing this game for a long time and continue to get frustrated that the stupid “play on” button is right where normal people hold their phones. There should be an “are you sure” box that pops up like when you press the quit button. I’ve lost too much gold by holding my phone in my hand when the game ends. I think it should be removed from the end screen and have it’s own box. I went to the website to complain about it, like many people already had done, and the only answer they got was “it’s your fault you need to move your finger if you know the box is there”. Well if it’s problem lots of people are having them they should fix it and not blame it on the gamer. Doesn’t make me want to continue playing because I worked so hard to earn those gold bars only to have most taken by a stupid click of a button when I was just trying to click on the screen..Version: 1.118.4

A little too “busy” but usually funRight now it won’t load (reported), but usually I enjoy it for the most part. It does have too much in the way of side-games and stuff you have to keep responding to constantly for my taste, and seems to be adding more all the time. That makes it hard to play when you don’t have a lot of time, so I don’t play it as often as some other games, but it’s entertaining when I do. I also wish that when you “win” things that only last a certain amount of time, the time only counted while you’re playing. That also stops me from playing more, because I hate to win a bunch of stuff only good for the next 30 minutes or an hour when I have to sign off and won’t be able to use them. Even if you don’t claim them, they aren’t there the next time you play to be claimed..Version: 1.256.3

Love this game! Suggestions for improvements...I love this game and I’ve been playing for probably more than 2 years now almost on a daily basis. I even sometimes buy boosts if I’ve been stuck on a level for a while or am about to lose a streak. That being said, I have a few suggestions that would change my review to 5 stars: 1- as others have mentioned, a way to skip the remainder of the level when you’ve hit your goals and still have moves left. It’s annoying to watch most times. 2- the lighting bolt energy used for different events now re-loads wayyyyy too slowly. 1 bolt per hour? Bear brawl has become one of my favorite new additions, but I’m at the point in the arenas where I need 100 energy to play one round. That means it takes more than 3 days to load... and considering that that same energy is needed for the Crown event, I have to pick between the two. I understand that there are ways to get more bolts without spending money, but I’ve been slow to get those when I’m stuck on levels and then become stuck on finding “clues”. I really like to compete for the crown and I really like the Bear Brawl, but there needs to be quicker loading times for the energy, and maybe even a split of different types of energy for these two events. Thank you!!.Version: 1.192.3

LISTEN!I am so sick of accidentally spending gold bars when I don’t mean to!!! it’s so annoying I had 34 gold bars and now I have 9 because the game doesn’t ask if you want to confirm your purchase. it just loads and uses them without making sure if you want to. This is very frustrating because even if I exit the app before it loads, it ends up using my gold bars anyway when I didn’t even use the moves that it hasn’t officially given me. Please fix this with some type of alert (like when it asks if you want to quit the level). I haven’t even gotten to use the moves because I thought the bars would come back, but they don’t. So far I’ve wasted 20 gold bars just because there isn’t a confirmation after you accidentally press yes. PLEASEEEE I am begging fix this issue, I love this game and it is seriously annoying that I’ve wasted 20 gold bars..Version: 1.163.5

Overall it’s a great game, but…1) This game would be infinitely improved if, when you fail to beat the level, you don’t have to waste your precious time (which you have won or paid for - the finite “infinite” time) getting through all the screens again to redo the level. 2) Level 273, which I really like & keep going back to replay even though I beat it twice without boosters, has a couple of glitches. a) stage 3 - The striped candies in the uppermost left hand corner, when combined, didn’t knock out the 2 bottles they lined up to on the uppermost right hand corner. b) stage 2 - The super cool doodad with the horns all around it malfunctioned a couple of times: the other times I played, a horn would fall off whenever you banged up against it OR when you blow up the other doodad. Well, the horn didn’t fall off twice - when the other doodad got blown up. c) stage 2 - The fish missed the only thing in the right hand box: a bottle. I’ve never seen a fish dive into the water before. I didn’t know that could happen - was it supposed to happen? I realize the level 273 thing is really nitpicky, but I noticed & figured I’d hit you up on that. HOWEVER: the #1 thing is irritating and I noticed other players wrote about it. THANK YOU FOR A SUPER GAME! ♥️♥️♥️.Version: 1.212.3

Profile PictureI used to play a lot on my Facebook account. I have since deleted it and lost all my progress. I started playing again on IOS with my Apple ID login. I am level 135 and I don’t wanna delete my progress to link it to a King account or another Facebook account just so I can change my profile picture. I can’t edit my profile at all, the edit button is gray and unclickable. This is one of my favorite games among all the candy crush games and I just hate the auto profile picture I got. I tried redownloading the app to see if it fixed it, but that just reset the event and my races and didn’t solve the issue. I can’t even express how important this is to me and really would like it fixed. I spent 2 hours on Google trying to find how to change it and there isn’t anything saying how either. You have my five stars if this gets fixed..Version: 1.236.1

It’s great! But….The game is honestly fun! But I just don’t like about how you have to do everything on the first try. For example, When you do Kimmy’s Arcade, if you lose, you lose all the power ups you get, especially when you don’t have enough gold. I also don’t like how when you lose a level, you use gold to try again. This is because it’s like when you try again, it’s about gold and not everything is about gold. Another example for how I don’t like when you have to do everything on the first try is when you have rainbow bottles and you lose a level, you don’t lose one or two but all of the bottles. Like what? I understand that you lost but, why do you have to lose all of them? Those are the two reasons why I don’t really like the game. Please fix this, it’s very annoying..Version: 1.258.1

I was trying to enter a ticket for support but the link not workingI have missed out on 2 different challenges in the last 2 weeks where there was an opportunity to get to a certain level and get a certain number of points by midnight Sunday. I was not given my actual progress and reward for completing both tasks because each time you come back in the app it ask if you want to join the challenge when I’ve already joined. I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t get the rewards the past 2 weeks. I know for a fact I was on level 1074 and the task was to complete 40 levels by midnight Sunday which I compiled 1124 before the challenge ended. I took a screenshot when I accepted the challenge sine I didn’t get the credit for the challenge the previous week after I completed that task. Its disappointing to know that you completed something and not get the reward. Fix the issue please.Version: 1.149.1

What happened?For the last week I have received the ‘No Internet’ icon show up at the beginning of the game. Now I know I AM connected because I’ve just gone out of Safari (the iPad internet) or gone from the game of the day in other games, so I know I am connected to the internet. What is going on within your app? It is frustrating because I do not get the bonus’ for the day. But, when I play the first game, the adds will appear which says to me that I am connected to the internet. This does not seem right that I have to put up with adds but not get the bonuses that should come every day just for playing. Now to be fair, this started after you all were supposed to be giving unlimited access to the game because of this shut down in our lives due to the Coronavirus. Please fix this problem. Thanks you..Version: 1.165.9

Should be called Candy CRASHEDI have been playing this game for quite some time and enjoyed the challenges but it has become quite annoying lately to have it constantly crashing in the middle of a game or crashing before you can even start a game. It's gotten worse with this update. You get 30 minutes of free play, just when I think it's gonna work, you go through 3 to 4 minutes of "buy this, play this, are you sure you don't want to buy this before you get to play the game". Load time is taking way to long saying loading............ and then it CRASHES and you have to try to reopen it all over again. Only to replay the same thing previously all over again. I try it everyday just to see that I get 30 minutes of free play that I can't use. It was enjoyable when it worked then it became work to try to enjoy it..Version: 1.196.2

Great game. Terrible adsLook, I play this game daily. It’s my waking up routine. And also look, I work in mobile advertising so I understand the need for the ads. HOWEVER, there are way too many ads period, but especially 30 second ads. I’ve been keeping track of how much time I spend waiting through 30 second ads versus playing time and it’s nearly double. If this was any other app, it would 100% ruin user experience, but we al actually enjoy the game. But, I am finding myself playing 10 minutes and getting annoyed and quitting. I also have stopped paying for extra moves, etc because you’re already making the money off the insane amount of ads. I work in programmatic, for a top 3 social media app. Here’s some advice... make the 30 second ads all skippable, or frequency cap them by playing session..Version: 1.177.5

Great gameBut I was at level3800 and it restarted my game.Version: 1.259.2

Crashes reliablyOne thing you can count on is this game crashing continuously, taking your 5 lives and any time sensitive bonuses with it! Frustrating when you earn 'infinite lives' for a period of time, but the game continually kicks you out during that time. Seems almost to be a 'by design' feature. If the game was more stable, it would be a 5 star..Version: 1.97.2

New animationsBring back the old animations of the characters plz🥺 I walk away from this game for a few years and now I don’t think as highly of it as I did back in 2018. 5 stars and a very positive review if you change it back to the old animations. I’m pretty sure others that will read this will agree.Version: 1.200.3

The new update versionI have updated the game recently and can not play it at all! The new update has so many problem. Please fix it immediately..Version: 1.186.3

Candy crush Soda ( mobile)02/22/19 so did the update , now my daily login reset from 470 to back to 1. 🙃. Starting over , again. - I have over 900 days of daily log in. I’m a loyal King player since approx. 2013. ( I play most of the others ) can be challenging, that’s ok. Would like the landscape option put back please . Thanks. Stay safe!!! - Feb. 27/21 Great game!!! Seems to have mobile wifi connection issues. Have no problem on the other 7 King games I play. iPad 5th generation with latest iPadOS. November 27/22. Latest update removed ability to collect boosters. No animations on Home Screen either. Guess waiting for next theme. Still like the game. Keep on going. Good luck!!—Aug. 5/23. Great still. What’s with the 112+ hour timeout till next chapter unlock. Seems excessive. If I finish journey within duration of latest theme I’ll just continue with regular progress in main game anyway. Love it!!!! December 2/23. Game level froze. Had to leave. Was a good one, exit game feature worked , just tapping to play non responsive. I’ll go back. Later. Lol. December 25/23 The bonus that you get when daily login never show up in player profile , but the gumball freebie shows up ok. Thanks :) January 8/24 5:41 EST Problem connecting to FB. Are you tweaking app :) January 11/24. PLEASE BRING BACK FACEBOOK PROFILE save OPTION. Not doing King account. Too many years to start over again. If I have to, I’ll just totally delete this ( GREAT ) app :) Thanks..Version: 1.259.2

Pretty goodI love the difference from the original candy , and the feel of the game is different and similar enough to be enjoyable..Version: 1.258.1

New version keep crashingIt crashes consistently after watch the ad video, so no bonus is granted. Hey this is cheating. Fix it ASAP..Version: 1.258.1

Annoying Animations and Interruptions!Way too many interruptions to gameplay for obvious and useless features. Takes 2-3 minutes to start a level before the animations stop, and then that stupid little kid keeps popping up and telling you things about your moves that are painfully obvious. Really annoying..Version: 1.258.1

Frustrated player! Poor customer service!This game has become very frustrating. For the past couple of months it won't open properly. It lets you in until it shows your level number and then it crashes and goes back out to the icons. Sometimes it takes a dozen tries or more before you can get in to play the game! They need to fix this problem very soon or I am going to end up deleting a game that I used to enjoy playing. It is extra annoying since you get rewards for playing each day and if you can't get the game open to play it you are put right back to day one again. I have sent a complaint and they do absolutely nothing to help (unlike games from G5 entertainment where a complaint was answered and the problem fixed within two days.Version: 1.257.4

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