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An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 100 million Summoners around the world!

Jump into the Sky Arena, a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals.
Summon over 1,000 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena.

Assemble the greatest team of monsters for strategic victories!

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War Official Community:

[Strategic Gameplay]
Witness the dazzling display of each Monster's unique skills.
21 different Rune sets to pick and choose additional abilities for your monsters!
Come up with the best strategy to win battles.

[Endless Fun]
Decorate your Village, battle other summoners, explore Dungeons, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, train Monsters, and more.

[Massive Collection]
Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark!
5 different attributes, and 1000 different monsters!
Collect as many monsters as you can and assemble the greatest team.

[Real-time Raid]
Battle as a team!
A real-time battle with 3 users!
Defeat the boss with your fellow Summoners using various tactics.

The Forbidden Summoning Magic has finally been revealed!
You can Evolve the skill of your choice with this special Monster.
Summon Homunculus and show off your strategy.

You can Craft more than 100 items at the new Craft Building!
Craft High Runes, special Buildings, Statues and more with the new Craft System and install them wherever you want.

[World Arena]
Enjoy a real-time battle with users worldwide!
Experience a breathtaking battle that starts from Pick&Ban!
Reveal your unique strategy to the world!

[Guild Content]
A sensational Guild PvP in the Isle of Conquest!
Explore the Tartarus' Labyrinth with Guild Members.
Make your Guild the greatest of all.

[Dimension Hole]
The closed Dimension Hole is now open!
Fight against the ancient power of different dimensions.
Defeat the Ancient Guardians and meet the powerful Monsters with new awakening power.

New equipment, Artifact!
Fight against the powerful bosses and acquire new rewards in return.
Enhance the power of your Monsters with Artifacts and the various properties that Artifacts possess.

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Summoners War App Comments & Reviews

Summoners War Positive Reviews

Great game so here's some tipsI have never done a review before but this game is so good i needed to do one. This game isn't bad at all it's a masterpiece but it's important to know this. The tutorials aren't very informative. I'm level two and I still don't know how everything works! Here's some tips to help you understand the game. Tip one ☝🏽 Use auto battle. The fighting in this game is all about strategic thinking 🤔, but some people might pick the wrong move and regret it. The boss has many different powers that it uses at different times, but calculating that is suuuuuuper hard. If you're NOT like me and want to take a shortcut than this is the way. #MandolorianBabyYoda. If you ARE like me and want strategy here's 2 tips on that. Tip two do not just press buttons! When you are fighting the enemy don't just press buttons! Why? Well you need to think strategically about your moves. For example if you use a move that has a 50% chance of stunning the enemy and if it does stun the enemy you get another turn. Then if you use the move that doubles the attack power if they are stunned during the extra turn, it is a smart move. Tip 3 you must look at the bosses skills to predict his moves. If you predict his moves you can easily beat him. Tip 4 Hold down the button for the description on the move. Thank you and I hope that this was helpful and buy Summoners War today!.Version: 5.3.1

👌👌This is a game I always end up coming back to, it’s a very welcoming and well developed for a mobile game. The events are wonderful and seem to take into account newer players into account when they release them, so they aren’t left out of great rewards. It contains a wide variety of monsters to use and deep strategy to building the right team for each of the modes. Definitely something I would recommend at-least trying for a while before you make a decision on the game for it can take a second to really get started a get a sense of what you are doing. But afterwards you really start to take on the challenge of building a strong team and improving you monsters. There are many guilds and helpful players in the community though which is a very fascinating, because it can be very hard to Find a healthy community in games. There are a couple of negatives I find with the game and developers though, as the micro transactions are insanely expensive and you’ll get them flashed on your screen quite a bit while you navigate the menus, you can easily just click them away though. And rising in pvp ranks can be quite a hassle as there are many lvl 50 players who just sit in the lower ranks with max lvl monsters as their defense, which makes it very frustrating for newer and mid level players to climb. All in all I am very satisfied with this game and will always come back it. 😀.Version: 4.1.5

Long time player between what players would call ftp and notI recently looked at my own profile and I’ve been playing this game since June 2014. So this game is fun it amusing and you can have a great time playing for how ever long you want because believe me with as much as you can strive to get it won’t end and you will be better or worse than someone else or just play computer grind forever. However if you take this game at all serious and if you even try to pay occasionally you won’t really make a great difference. Put it this way me and my brother have played this game since 2014 and occasionally put in some money about $100 a year since we play it more than some store bought game but $400 down the road we are average players. To the point this game isn’t free to play, pay to play it’s for those who spend above hundreds maybe thousands. The players who are above average complete things faster and get more prizes basically the more you play you can do good but those in the top 10 % they just get more and more because they do so well especially in new content like the labyrinth that no one can beat. You can save up on this game for months I saved for five months and spent money got nothing. I’m about to rage quit but I’ve spent more than a game system over time. Just look at the world tournaments this game has online mist of the people could have bought houses for what they say they put into this game and announcers seem to take pride in this during the tournaments.Version: 4.0.4

Favorite gameSo I’ve started playing the game about a year and a half after launch, seeing youtubers and such playing I decided to download. I deleted it and just redownloaded it about a week ago. The game is very challenging in many aspects, with many things to do. Many complain the game is very p2w or want the nat 5 rates buffed, but just because you don’t have a nat 5 doesn’t mean you can’t get good monsters. Most people just don’t want to farm or want the easy way out. The game is definitely one you need to strategize more as you get to higher tiers, but most don’t have the intellect for it and just want to plow through with power/ speed. And once you start the game it’s very f2w, just as you level on and progress into late game many start investing money so players in that caliber feel as they have to do so too. But that isn’t the case, all you need to do is farm. There’s always events to do and that’s a really big plus for me, I barely pay for mobile games but I felt the need to support this company. Only pack that I see really worth the money is the growth pack, everything else is more meh. The only things I’d have adjusted is the matchmaking system in arena, to get rid of ghost accounts, and to buff the rates for 5* and 6* runes in gb8/9, I’m still really only getting four star runes from them (but I also just have bad luck). Other than that my favorite game :).Version: 5.3.1

Best mobile game so farI’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half now and it is my favorite game on the App Store, and before you say that this game has bad drop rates and it’s pay to win these things aren’t true whatsoever. If you actually put in the amount of time that it takes to become a good player you wouldn’t be complaining about bad drop rates and that the game is pay to win. Yes most packs cost $30+ but if they didn’t cost a lot of money and the prices weren’t outrageous people would be buying packs left and right and the game would go from skill based to how much your wallet is gonna feel that later. And if all the drop rates were good like 5% on a nat 5 the game would be easy and it would just be another mobile game you delete in a few days. All of the things you guys think are wrong with the game I think were calculated perfectly so people who enjoy the challenge this game presents will be better players and people that would just prefer to play $3 and have everything would learn to have fun with games that present a challenge instead of just handing endgame to you on a solver platter. This is the most well thought out game I have ever played and I won’t quit playing anytime soon, so devs if you ever think about giving up on this game, don’t..Version: 5.3.4

Fun, but a huge grindThis app is a decently fun monster-rolling adventure with a wide variety of modes of play that should suit most people, tempered heavily by the 'gacha' element -- not on monsters and five-stars, but on where you'll spend 90% or more of your time: Runes, which serve as equipment in this game. There is a huge spectrum of rune quality and usefulness in the game, and of course only the best runes will allow players to truly advance. One user calculated that getting the right slot, with the right main stat, and in a desirable rune set is roughly 1 in 15,000 -- and that's before determining whether the stat rolls are actually good. It is not uncommon for a mid-game player to go for an entire month of daily grinding before getting a usable rune. Read that again: AN ENTIRE MONTH. For one rune, and you need six per monster. Now imagine what that time investment will get you in other games. Other items of note: Guild and Arena participation are soft-required due to permanent buffs; they can be fun, but like many older games, you can forget G3 in either unless you have $10,000 to spend. Events are attainable by just about anyone and provide good rewards. The Trial of Ascension is an easy way to get new monsters every month and is also readily attainable. But the reality is that if a player isn't sinking four to eight hours per day into this game, they're not getting anywhere. Sad, because otherwise the game is pretty good..Version: 7.0.2

Uneven drop ratesOnly some players get good drop rate on the best mons... others only get сrap, and l the only way to find out which group you’re in is to play. You can start playing at the same time as someone else and they will always stay at 2x the number of n5* as you... consistently... not all accounts are created equal no matter what c2u says. Few have a primary focus on getting the n5* that are actually any good. Most get only crap, dupes, and fakes. And fewer still ever get anything good from l/d n4 or 5*... account security is rubbish so if you do get something good you better pray nobody wants it... because hackers can and will take it from you even if you never give your account information to anyone, ever... and c2u will not give you your account back.. it has happened to me... But all that out the window the game is actually fun and strategy is a very important part of game play if you are one of the unlucky players who never gets the good mons/runes. If a game can make you mad then it has to be good right? Give it a few months and don’t expect to get any n5* before your first 6 months but, hey, if you do... Gz. And turning that mega horn chat spam green has made it worse than it was when it was orange... then at least you could try to ignore it... now if it slips by it tricks you into checking if someone has said something in the guild chat... mega horn is a good idea, we just need to be able to filter it or toggle it on/off. Please o~o.Version: 3.7.1

Real reviewI have to say, I really love this game and enjoy it to the fullest, the graphics, scenario, and introduction to the game made me hooked right away. It took me several months to get my first nat 5, even I know the rates are bad but the fact of this game is that it takes dedication and you need to stick with it to win, people who complain about wasting money are the ones who brought it open themselves, as you are the one who completes the transaction, if you spend money don’t expect to get an instant nat 5 which is a game changer instantly, just because your dissatisfied doesn’t mean you can get your money back and trial and error until you are satisfied. I stick to this game because to me in my opinion, com2us has made a very well rounded design to the game that makes it fair to the other players, this makes it enjoyable knowing also the depth of gameplay, the fact that you can multitask by grinding while doing your homework makes it all the better ^_^. I came to write a real review on the game, not a review based on people being frustrated on the rates because they spent money. This game is f2p and it is so very much possible, I have gotten all my nat 5’s without money (I have 3) I spent money on a legendary scroll pack and got Ludo and even though I don’t use him much or find value, I won’t complain..Version: 3.8.2

Not too bad, but wish it was better...It's really fun to play games competitively and to strive to be the best. But that's not really the case for this game. It tries to be that way, but in reality it's just money hungry. Also it relies too much on luck. It's only really a ton of strategy that you have to figure out yourself late game. I know that spending money won't increase your chances of getting a 5 star which seems required for late game, but it makes it so you can have more chances at getting one. See, to do anything you need a nat 5 after necro and toa. Multiple, actually. And it's what, 6 percent chance in legendary scrolls? Less than 1 percent in mysticals? Bull. You should really raise the chances to 6 percent in mysticals like most games usually have. Legendarys to like 15 percent. This game relies on luck too much unless you spend money. And if you reply saying that spending money won't increase your chances, what about all those level 20s in chat with LD nat 5s? Those people obviously spent money. If they didn't and just rushed faimon that would take countless hours because of how trash those rates are. This game is so fun but you just ruin it with the requirement of nat 5s you have late game and how you never get one anyway without spending money. Help some poor people out. This game can really cheer people up with how fun it is especially if they are poor and need something to take away their mind. Don't ruin your game more. Fix it..Version: 3.5.9

Favorite phone gameI have been playing summoners war for... I wanna say 4 or 5 years? I have my main level 50 account and a lower level alt account. I play solely on my original with the hopes of progression. I have found though, that my drop rates are very low when it comes to acquiring Nat 5 mons. I collect scrolls, and often will do 20+ at a time and it seems I’m lucky to get one or two 4 star mons. I understand the odds in general are low and it wouldn’t be much fun if we were all guaranteed a Nat 5 regularly, but to put it into perspective, I have ONLY 3 nat five mons, and a ton of 4 stars. Despite the fact that I utilize and build what I have, I just feel with all the time and effort I’ve put into this game, I would have more. That isn’t even one per year. For this reason, I have gotten frustrated throughout the years and stopped playing for certain periods of time. I’ve also noticed that the drop rates on my alt account seem to have better odds? I love this game and in my busy schedule I do my best to set aside time to play. Com2us, could these odds be because the rates were lower when I started my account? I love the diversity of the game, the visuals, and the fact that it’s always changing to keep it exciting. I’m just hoping there is some kind of solution to my issue, and it’s not just purely bad luck..Version: 5.1.0

The best mobile game.I have sunk countless hours into this game. The depth is absurd. I like a game with lots of grindy content that rewards players for sticking around and persisting in that grind. This is that kind of game. I love love love that you can’t just get whatever monsters you want. It sound like a bad thing but its what makes the game fresh and fun. I have 4 non fusion light/dark nat 5 monsters (the rarest types in the game) and because they are so rare I have to figure out how to use them best. The online guides for this game are awesome, but its way harder to find them for the ultra rare stuff and that makes playing with it more fun! Additionally each account feels unique. The way I play and the way my friends play is different because we have different monsters. The content is a real challenge and there is always something you can build towards - which makes it easy to find a goal and feel like your progressing towards it. I say that and I haven’t even gotten into the player verses player stuff - which is absurdly difficult. 10/10 fun and complex game. Its challenging, it rewards you for playing it, they aren’t stingy with their premium currency, and it has felt fun and fresh as I’ve played it on and off for seven years..Version: 6.5.8

It’s good. Except...I’ve been playing Summoners War for 3 years now. Unfortunately, it took two years to get my first nat 5. I didn’t even fuse before then. My account has some sort of bad luck, and I don’t know why. It’s frustrating, especially being a level 50 because when you’re that level, all you can do is build monsters and do better in raids or arena or maybe guild. But I can’t seem to summon a chasun or galleon or theomars or lushen or any form of a “game-changing” monster, so I can’t do much stuff. As a f2p player, it’s difficult to keep up with the p2p players. But asides from this, I wouldn’t be playing summoners for 4 years if I wasn’t obsessed. I even got my mom, brother, boyfriend, and another friend into the game (unfortunately it wasn’t through Facebook or any programmed method so I got no rewards for it, which I believe that I deserve). It’s a great game. A little unfair, but that’s what keeps you coming back. My suggestion is that summoners adds more things for f2p players so we can get advantages like the p2pers have such as rune packs or scroll packs you can buy with like a ton of mana or something. Also, there should be an event where the rates of wishes and rune power ups and summons are a little more fair for like a day. That would be really sweet. Keep on adding new monsters. Hopefully in the next new monster release, a new 5* will come. Thanks for reading my review..Version: 3.8.4

Largest problem with this gameThis game is phenomenal, in ALMOST every way. The largest problem people have is with violent, but that’s not an issue. When you can actively counter a team using common sense, the only way to balance the odds of a team being countered, and with the AI “smarts” that team will use, is to increase the odds of it’s rune procs. That all makes perfect sense, otherwise things would be too easy. The true issue is the “Glancing hit” system this game has. My go-to monster for pvp is a Katarina team I’ve been using since the start and making incredibly strong. My Katarina has a 100% critical strike chance. That means that 100% of the time, EVERY hit, is going to land as a critical unless it glances. YET, when I hit a fire monster with Katarina (a wind monster), she will glance all three times, I reset with the wind dragon/gany and do the combo again immediately... and glance.... THREE MORE TIMES. Please, explain to me what the point is in critical chance, if the chance to glance is so high. This doesn’t happen all of the time of course, but I would say on average I glance 80% of the time on off element, and that is WAY too much. Glancing, unless you are stacking separate glancing effects, needs to be much weaker than it currently is..Version: 6.3.0

Another try, here we goFirst off I wanna state that the game is fantastic and well developed, even when things can get frustrating in game it still is fun and can provide a challenge to those who have played for a while. Great game over all, however even then I still have my issues, by the time I am writing this review I have returned to the game again after a decent period of time because it always catches my eye however I have had to restart my game, luckily I never made it to far as to say pro tier of anything like that, but due to the difficulty for returning players to login to there old accounts I find myself in this place again, I went through the tutorial, created another new name and tried to login to my old account connected to my Facebook but it didn’t work, and I can’t choose old names cause they still exist even though you can’t access them. So I delete and download the app again and try to log in from there and yet still I can’t access my old account. Though I got a option to sign in with Facebook and after it downloaded and I entered the world it wasn’t the same one I remembered having, it was a clean slate again, I just want to say please try and make it easier to login to old accounts cause it’s very infuriating that I have to start again. Otherwise I love the game and would definitely recommend it to others to play.Version: 6.2.3

Love everything but Grindy.I have played for a solid year and a half. I love everything. I even understand that grinding is part of the game. But sometimes the rng seems off. I literally put more hours in a day then I could count into grinding for runes. I run gb10 and db10 from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep and can very rarely complete an AVERAGE quality 5/6 star rune set with specific stats needed for a monster. I don’t even believe 6th slot Attack% and Health% runes exist anymore as well as 4th slot CritDmg%. Thousands upon thousands of runs and I have broken rune sets for only a pool of 20 or less 6 star monsters. I don’t even want legendary grade runes. Just give me basic 6 star runes that have my needed stat for a monster so I can complete the set. I don’t even bother runing my 5 star maxed lvl monsters bc I simply don’t get the right drops ever. I get 700 of slot 3 energy rune but 1 of slot 6 ANY type of rune to put on a monster. It makes it hard for my monsters to have the proper stats to move forward in starting the grind for other parts of the game which I happily look forward to. LOVE LOVE LOVE the game. Just wish I could put slot 6 Health% on 5 of my 6 starred monsters that have been patiently sitting unused because they do not have the stats to be of use in any aspect of the game. Thank you for reading com2us..Version: 4.2.7

Really fun but technical errors are making me considering quittingI have been playing for well over two years. That’s how enjoyable and addictive the game is! Depth of gameplay with continued development is wonderful and helps me to forget the obvious frustrations mentioned in other reviews with nat 4/5 drop rates and defensive violent/proc blatant inequalities. However, the recent glitches are becoming so prevalent they cast an unavoidable cloud over an otherwise fun gaming experience. A few month ago I had the same problem another reviewer mentioned of additional content downloads daily taking 15-20 minutes each. That finally resolved by unloading and reloading game. No for the last four or five updates at least my iPad Air will be unable to update locking me out of the game. The App Store only gives you an ‘open’ instead of update button. I have tried every suggestion online and suggestion from fellow players but the only fix is completely reinstall which also resets much of your existing team builds for dungeons. I have reinstalled this game at least four times in less than two months! Most frustrating is that I have never seen anyone from Com2Us even acknowledge the problem let alone provide some hope of remedy. There are only so many reinstalls I can take!!!.Version: 3.7.3

So LongI downloaded this game like 3 years ago I think and have played it off and on (mostly on) but I’m leaning toward uninstalling for good. I have complained about the game’s flaws to anyone who would listen (hint: nobody does) and I’m just tired of it. The events are bountiful but unoriginal, the rewards don’t get any better. The grinding starts to feel like work with very little payoff. The insanely unbalanced algorithms used to determine ‘rng’ things like proc rates for skills (violent runes) and scroll summons are so unfair to players who don’t spend a lot it forces new players to spend or quit. When confronted with a mountain of evidence the developers insist everything is “working as designed” but they won’t disclose the design because it will spoil their money-grabbing strategy. They continue to patch the game like they care about its success but don’t make any changes for the better. Just stupid stuff like changing the wording of skills for summons nobody ever uses. Oh and good luck playing PVP when you don’t know whether your enemy will be at your skill level or way below or way above because rune info isn’t disclosed. A large majority of my battles are not fought by similarly skilled players so one side will have an obvious advantage after the first turn. I’ve just had enough of this abusive relationship after three years and can’t wait to move on to something better..Version: 3.7.8

AmazingThis game is by far the best that I’ve ever played on mobile. The graphics are top notch and this has the best system that allows for relatively fair play between pay-to-win players and players who are in it for a good grind. I’ve played quite a few games that have a mostly pay-to-win fan base, however this one is different in a lot of good ways. I’ve never spent even a single dollar on this game and I have a few nat 5* monsters, and I’m up to almost 10 6* monsters. Also, speaking of monsters, there is such a wide variety of monsters that you can summon. Every single monster, from the nat 1* to the nat 5*, have their own unique skills. Finding a great combination of active, passive and leader skills can be very easy if you summon the right monsters. Furthermore, with all the different game modes, there are so many reasons for changing up your teams. From ToA to PvP to raids, it’s hard to find one team that can be useful in every situation, which is really what makes this a fun and long-term game for grinding players like myself. The only issue I seem to have with this game is my inability to connect when I’m not within range of my WiFi, then again that may just be an issue with my device so it still gets a 5/5 from me..Version: 5.0.8

It’s a love hate relationship we have...I love a lot about the game. I found it while at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con and I’ve played every day since. Only it needs some additional controls/settings that haven’t been added yet, like turning down the power consumption. Even on the “saver” setting, this game kills my battery. And fast. I play for and hour and it kills 25-35% of the charge. It’s a brand new phone! Sheesh! Help me out! I love the graphics, but not the drainage necessary to show it. And another thing is the intro/setup process. There is no (obvious) way to stop it. I have four alts! Not by choice either. Every time I set up the game on a new device I was FORCED to create another alt! Feh! But I still play. Because it’s fun. And beautiful. And even though it seems like the posted “drop-rates” are completely BULL-Hockey and the one in a thousand chance for a natural 5-star monster is purely fictitious, I have a few. But I play a lot! And I appreciate the events that provide opportunities to get scrolls and jewels, but the ads are relentless! Seriously, if I say no to an ad, at least stop showing it until the daily reset. Not EVERY fricking time I’m in the general vicinity. Anyways, I’m still playing. Even playing most of the alts every day. It’s a good game. Just need a power cord and a lot of patience..Version: 4.2.7

People with bad complaintsDon’t rate this game a one star because you spent money on the game and didn’t get something you wanted don’t rate it a one star if your game crashes a lot don’t rate it a one star because the game inconveniences you at times don’t rate it a one star because you feel as though you’ve wasted your time playing the game ... I’ve been playing the game for about four years now and I can honestly say every review that is a one star is either a cry baby or is now invalid and are no longer relevant to the game that being said the game is amazing I’m a free to play person on this game and I can honestly say I have gotten somewhere on this game this is a strategy based game at its core and no amount of money or time can change that it’s about smarts and delicate planning to be able to get end game in SW if you are struggling on the game DONT resort to paying money watch videos of the people who’ve been playing for longer then you and get vital info on how you can improve your experience and be able to overcome the thing you find that’s making the game more difficult for you ... that is my Profesional opinion of this game and I hope that this helps people for the future of summoners war thank you.Version: 5.4.0

Minor things but overall greatFirst off I want to say I love this game. It’s a satisfying game and extremely addicting. I easily have spent hours at a time playing this game. This is a perfect game to play on a long car ride or if your just bored because it provides hours of entertainment.i love the visual effects of the game and how it runs. Now here are my suggestions, please up the rates for nat 5 monsters. They are extremely rare to get which makes it frustrating if you spend money on this game because most of the time you drop a hundred bucks and can either get something great(which hardly ever happens) or just get bad four stars or three stars.(which happens most of the time) I think if someone spends money on a game you should get reward for it. I would say keep the same rates for light and dark though as they are extremely rare and should be really hard to get because of how good they are. But increase it a bit for mystic scrolls so every can enjoy a nat 5 or two. Or what I would say is make an item in the game that greatly increases the chance of receiving them from scrolls for like 10 minutes at a time. That way people still have to farm a bit to get the item but it helps increase the odds of receiving a nat 5. Thanks for a great game.Version: 5.1.0

Everything’s great but...The game is great. It has good graphics and has great gameplay. But I feel there are a few things that could be improved. Like the essence fusion, I know it’s supposed to be really grindy but after awhile you stock up on a lot of highs and need more low and mids. I feel you could implement a sort of de-fusion into it. Like you take a high and get 5 mids (instead of 10) back. I would also like to see a slight increase in rates. It may be against the purpose, but I feel the summoning rates for scam stones (summoning stones) are too low. I also would like to see a change in arena. I check my arena and get a low of weak players to go against, and while that’s fine for grinding glory points it kinda gets boring. And then I have these few people that I can’t beat cause they use a Gb10 speed team of max level 6*s. If you could make it slightly harder for the lower level players to find them in their lists that would be great. Also, I did my summoning stones this week and got two Lightning’s and got Wind Sky Dancer, and Water Barbaric King. I feel 100% cheated out of my Wind Panda Warrior, please include it in my next scroll or I’ll never play your game again! (This is a joke, but please include it in my next scroll).Version: 4.1.6

GREAT GAMEWhen I first heard of this game I was skeptical because it didn't look fun and the ads made it seemed like one of those fake pay to win games. Summoners war, in my opinion, is very well developed and it's easy to tell the devs put a lot of thought into it. There are hundreds of monsters and each individual one has their own unique skills. The monsters themselves look very detailed as well, with lots of thought put into their appearance as well as their attacks. Keeping my attention is something I look for in games and summoners war does just that. You never get bored in this game as there is literally always something to do. Don't even get me started on the community. I think SW has one of the best gaming community's I've seen out of the hundreds of games I've played. The people are very helpful when your just starting out and competitive when your a higher level. The only issue I have with this game are the luck rates. Summoning good monsters can be a pain as Natural 5 stars monsters only have a summon rate of about 0.4%. Although it takes 100 years to summon a nat 5 there are plenty of lower level monsters than can be just as good if not better than some natural 5 stars. Overall, VERY GREAT GAME 👍🏼.Version: 6.1.4

My Favorite GameI love this game so much! It’s so much fun to play because you never know what your gonna get! The cartoony art style is just adorable and I love the plot happening during the scenarios. It’s just a great game with amazing graphics and I suggest you play it too. My sister didn’t want to play it but when she tried out, she plays it 24/7. I think there is a lot too do after the scenarios are done and shows how much effort the developers put in to make a great game. Any monster, including nat3’s can be great depending on how you build them. I had so much fun playing this. But the one thing that is a bit annoying is that the packs are really expensive. I would love to get one but $99 for one legendary scroll and some mana stones, crystals, and energy is really expensive, maybe making a bit less would be great but I totally understand why it is like that. Plus, the events added makes it so much easier and makes up for the packs. Also just as a bonus, making it easier to drop shapeshifting stones in Cairos dungeons might make it easier for people to transmogrify the monsters. Other than that, it is a great game and continue doing your best to make it even better! That’s all I have to say..Version: 5.2.4

Addicting game! Improve drop rates would be appreciated!I’m not big on gaming so SW is the only game I play everyday for almost two years now. So far, I have spent around $1K for special packs and transmogrification packs, which I’m sure is nothing much compares to other players. I find it’s ridiculous that some f2p players asking for the some rewards to be more fair. I mean... c’mon! You pay nothing, you have fun and now you are asking for some stuffs? You guys know game devs need money to survive too right? I only ask that c2u would improve the rune drop rates in dungeons and come out with new monsters or content a bit more often. I’ll continue to support you guys. Update: I recently lost my account. The customer service was absolutely of no help to my situation. I just realized that they reply to the comments here faster than the submitted email to customer support which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m quite disappointed. If you’d read other comments, I am actually not the only one who has this problem with C2u customer service so I sincerely hope they’d make some changes in this department, for other players. I don’t think I would be playing this game anymore (since I can’t get my account back anyway)..Version: 4.1.1

Great gameSo I’ve been playing this for a very long time on and off, sometimes I get bored and then stop for a bit but I always end up coming back to playing it. When I first started playing it back multiple years ago, I definitely bought of it as a pay to win game and it was not fun for me, a free to play player. But as time went on and I kept going back to the game, I noticed that the company was doing a really good job making sure new players could catch up to older players and that it was actually affordable to play. For me, who had played before many events were going on every day, it was eye opening for me to realize that the company actually cares for the game and beginner players, and isn’t ONLY using the game for some money, like many other games. One day, I decided to start a new save and was very happy with all of the help that the events and rewards give you. I remember playing before Reina missions even existed, and when I first saw them I was surprised at all the free stuff you can get. The game has really changed and you don’t need nat 5*s to progress as long as you keep playing and grinding stuff. Props to Com2Us for caring about their players and listening to the community. :).Version: 5.0.7

Summoners WarWhat do you have against my account? Why do I keep getting the same mons? I spent REAL MONEY and got the same mons I’ve been getting since I started playing! 350 in summoning stones and I get the rest and high elemental 3x’s and freaking grim reaper 2x! I don’t understand how or why It seems that you have to stop playing or open more accounts like others do to maybe get anything other then a low level mon when your spending stones! Why do you allow people to post ignorant comments THE MONSTER-INFORMATION AREA?? This makes the game look bad that you can’t even control ignorance when people are looking for help and others who are scamming people on here for likes! Your making all these changes WHY NOT REMOVE THE IGNORANCE FROM THE GAME, ESPECIALLY CONTROL COMMENTS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAME!! Remove the crap and allow people to learn from the suggestions instead of being ripped off by claiming someone would receive crystals! My grandson Ethan loved this game, we played together and we lost him to a bad car accident on the 4th of November. There should be a way of remembering him in this game! Remove all the crap and let someone be able to remember their loved one that loved, played and shared info with their Gammie!.Version: 6.1.0

Game is goodFor some odd reason I get the feeling that once you get a nat 5, your chances of getting that same nat 5 are increased. This makes sense for them to do, for the sole purpose of you having to spend money to achieve monster diversity. Out of the 110 or so nat 5 monsters, the odds of a person hitting the SAME monster, more than twice, when the odds of getting a 5* ALONE, are 0.5%. I have, on both my accounts, gotten Rakan as my first and second nat 5s. On one of those accounts I have 3 Eladriels. Should I start playing megamillions? There are many people who encounter this issue, which means that it’s NOT as rare as it should be. Which kind of brings me to the point that only so many coincidences can happen before things look sketchy. Another thing is that this company will comment on your review and apologize or tell you to recommend such and such on the forum instead. However, you can tell that it’s for show. It’s for them to read, and ignore, basically. They don’t actually want our input, is the feeling I’m getting. They say they do to make themselves look good. Step up as a company. Set things right. You made this game for your players, if the game isn’t good, your player base will dwindle, if you don’t listen to the player base, it will dwindle. It’s like a plant that you have to water so it doesn’t wilt..Version: 4.1.3

My Opinion after 100 hoursI’ve been grinding this game since it came out and here’s some pointers about it, first off this game is heavily PvP base so if that’s not your thing no worries I would still give it a try for it’s still a quality card battle game, the main hopes for this game is that it’s the sequel to Summoners War Sky Arena (SW). let me clarify that it it not, if anything it’s a spin off, after spending around 100$ or so this game is P2W but don’t take that the wrong way, there’s still plenty of joy to be had as a f2p player but keep in mind it’ll be rough to get higher ranks which is a flaw but there’s really no choice in this genre of game. If your a SW fan you’ll find lots of joy trying to collect your favorite monsters from the original in new HD graphics, the thing that drove me away from the original was it was too confusing for me but Lost Centuria gave me the opportunity to learn the themes of what monsters can do which is almost like a tutorial which has gotten me back in the original, also something alot of people seem to overlook is even if they don’t enjoy lost Centuria all it’s doing is good by expanding the SW iP which overall will help fund future development of both games and improve the player base.Version: 6.2.8

Always a good timeThis game is great for what it is, it’s a time sink with good graphics, a less than terrible community, and fun addictive gameplay. Some recent quality of life and drop rate improvements got me back into it, so I’m happy the devs have some mercy! Useful monster updates would be awesome...the cowgirl and sylph updates in particular were pretty rough. The nine tales buff (with the exception of light and water) was a perfect example. Improved usage for otherwise passable monsters that didn’t break them out of their niche. I understand being cautious with the meta, but there are a sizable number of 4* monsters relegated to the food category. With the drop rates the way they are, that’s a turn off for casual players. Rates in general are alright, but a mercy system, some form of reward for doing mass summons, and relevant customization of what types of monsters you are more likely to summon would do leagues in improving morale. Games like FE heroes that actually let you craft your account around desired units feel infinitely more rewarding and personal than the summoning stone system, which to date (3 years of playing), has netted me 3 4*s that I was tickled by, but wasn’t after. Thanks for making a fun game!.Version: 3.8.8

Amazing game ! Well thought out conceptI have been playing summoners war for 5 yrs total and still enjoy the game ! Continuously updated with new monsters and content has kept me coming back every day for more . Fair warning though do not expect Light/Dark 5 star mons . I see more players disappointed and driven away because even if you spend money “which i have spent a fair bit” it boils down to being lucky . I summoned one ld 5 “han dark ninja “from A wish in my 2-3 rd year of play and just pulled light vampire a few weeks ago . Super annoying when you see some newbie with giana or lucifer right out the gate but still an amazing game overall and one i will continue to play for a long while . Lots of content ensures you always have new goals to achieve . Pssssttt com2 it would be great if i had a top tier LD 5 like the before named since i have spent “and will continue to spend im sure “ to support this game 😝 thank you com2 for keeping the game evolving and constant patches to change the meta and keeping the game streamlined . Grinding rpg game players will be quickly addicted and enjoy this game a must play.Version: 6.3.4

The game take up a bit less than 2 GBTo be precise, it’s around 1.6 GB, a lot more than what it said in the App Store. Of course, I love this game, which is why I hope this will get fixed. I used to be able to play this game fine, after giving up 2 other games for more space for this one, but that’s just temporary fix. Deleting messages and pictures and videos are temporary fixes as well, since it’s ridiculous for the game to clean itself just cause I want to text my friends or take a few photos. Besides, my photos and messages only add up to 300 mbs. I still have about 3 GB free with summoners war, but for whatever reason, it deletes itself every time, making it unplayable. It was expected since games take more space over time with more updates, but I am not giving up another 2 games just to keep summoners war. Of course, if your phone can handle it, this is a very good game. It is different from other grinding games as it doesn’t shower you with free stuff and fast early progression, but you do feel more rewarded than many others. PvE is fine with a lot of monsters, but PvP is way too luck based since certain units are extremely strong but extremely hard to get..Version: 3.8.8

Fun game but RNG is terribleI have been playing this game since 2015. It is a fun game but can be very frustrating due to very poor RNG. I will provide some examples. Everyone complains about vio procs; there is supposedly a 22% chance for a mon with a violent rune set to get an extra turn. Way too often, you see a mon get a triple vio; the odds of this happening is about 1 in 100 if it is truly a 22% chance each. There appear to be too many extremes (both low and high) so it may average out, but certainly doesn’t appear to be truly random. I have had battles where my opponent’s Vigor gets a total of 8 vio procs and my Vigor (also on vio) gets none. Another example is with accuracy. My Seara has 92% accuracy and on average lands a bomb about 50% of the time. One of my guild members has a Seara with 57% accuracy and his lands a bomb about 80% of the time. A final example is summoning nat 5 mons. Some people pull them way more frequently than others and it seems to come in waves (not at all random). I have used over 1,000 mystic scrolls in the past 3 months and have not summoned a single nat 5; this week, a guild member pulled 4 nat 5s in 4 minutes using mystic scrolls. This just wouldn’t happen with any reasonably programmed random number generator..Version: 6.3.7

It’s a fun game with some issuesI’ve been playing the game since 2014 so I am definitely knowledgeable of the game. I do enjoy the game but I aswell as many other would agree the game has many flaws. Some being more in the competitive scene of the game such as unfair matching and not accounts. If they could balance the ranked scene a little more I think the game would be a lot more enjoyable. I will say they are taking strides to better the QoL in the game with the addition of auto battle and things like that but they are also over looking other things that need to be changed or added. Things including certain nerfs and buffs on meta units. They also should add things that would benefit every user such as a guaranteed Nat 5 after so many scrolls like most other games have because people can go through hundreds of mystical scrolls or LD scrolls only to turn away from the game after having nothing to show for saving up all those scrolls. They tend to cater to the whales of the game and overlook the newer players which is such a waste. I believe they have the potential to be one of the best mobile apps if they catered to a wider group rather than those select few gamers..Version: 6.2.4

Fun game, but Don’t spend money.I have been playing this game for almost 7 years. I have 4 accounts. I know, that’s crazy, but I wanted to test some things out. My 2 main accounts have some money sunk into them, while the other 2 are free to play accounts. While my main accounts are a little stronger and have more 5 star moms, my alts have some 5 star toons that I WISH my main accounts had. Including a 5 star dark panda, And a 4 * light mermaid. I got them from free scrolls and just playing the game. Meanwhile, my big accounts have ZERO 5 star light/dark mons, and lack some of the toons I really want that my alts have like Perna, or wind archangel, or water panda, and many more. Unless you buy a $100 transcendent scroll (which happens 2 or 3 times a year?), you are not guaranteed a 5* when making your summons no matter how much money you spend. Even then, that trans scroll might be a crappy 5 star or a duplicate of what you already have. It’s all RNG and luck . trust me when I say that when you spend any money, only to g beg get nothing but 3 stars on all summons, you will wish you hadn’t spent the money at all. That’s the gamble you take. It is a great game and they are making improvements all the time..Version: 7.0.3

Good game if you know what you’re getting yourself into.Been playing for several years. For new players or those thinking of starting to play now; You don’t need to spend to have fun or progress. There are enough resources in game and on the internet via tutorials/guides to progress fairly quick nowadays by comparison to those who started years ago. Don’t go into it thinking you’ll be top tier right away though. For that matter, if you spend don’t expect to shoot to the top either. It is a time consuming grind heavy game whether you are f2p or p2p. Also, the summon rates are posted in game so complaining about how it’s rigged is a bit asinine if you know math probabilities at a basic level. That all being said if you like goal oriented, steady paced progression, gotcha games where you can spend long periods of time strategically number crunching your stats for runes to build an ideal monster and/or team then this might be for you. If you have the attention span of a squirrel on crack and expect to achieve end game level results within the first week, month, or year- maybe you should go back to angry birds or plants vs zombies..Version: 5.1.4

Eh...The game is very addictive, and very exciting, but at some points of the game, you feel like you just want to punch a wall. I saved up a lot of scrolls and summoned many many times, but I have never gotten a nat4 or nat5 after playing for months! I’d wish it would be easier to get good monsters, and make hall of heroes appear sooner every month, but it seems like you might never get a good monster in a game. And I even used mentors and 50 level friends, for the scenarios, and because of that, I still had weak monsters, it came to the point when I needed to defeat world boss, which needed at the very least, ten monsters with level 30+ which I didn’t have at the time, so I spent a year, trying to increase my monsters and at least get a nat5, but all I’d ever gotten was magic knight, succubus, and a few hall of heroes monsters! If you also have been playing for a long time and never got something good out of it, then you can probably relate to me, right? I’m really disappointed that I missed the light ninja hall of heroes, because he was such a good monster, I wished I could have gotten him, but my luck is horrible these days with summoners war. Don’t get me wrong, I love it,’s a game of patience, and I’m not patient after my experience..Version: 4.0.0

Please read thisOk, so I have it 5 stars, I’ll explain why: first, it’s fun. You collect base monsters (there are tons of free monsters) and use them to level up your special/favorite monsters. It’s not very difficult and requires no money (for real) to play and have fun. second, it can be as hard or easy as you want. You can do tower challenges, big monsters or PVP, it’s up to you. So, let’s discuss the last thing now, money. Yes, this game has “packs” that can be bought with real money. Yes, there are people who spend thousands on their account. Yes, there is a community of high value accounts who can beat everyone. Still with me? Ok, good. Those big money players can’t touch you. No shields required, nobody can take what you’ve earned. And LAST! You can play with your friends in a guild!!! You can let them use your monsters and you can use theirs! Listen, just download it and play for a bit. It takes time to get “big” monsters and to be a power player, but didn’t you play Final Fantasy 7 and have to play like 200 hours just to get Knight of the Round?! If you invest your time and some small bills, it’s awesome..Version: 6.0.0

Collection/CompetitionThis game was made for people who like collecting monsters or/and competitive strategical players ! The game has tons of strategies that can all be countered by others ! The only drawback is the reliability on the RNG !.Version: 6.6.8

Jeu tres addictifJe conseille ce jeu.Version: 3.5.7

To anyone who wants to try this game.Summoners war is the best rpg and turn bast game I’ve ever played. I highly suggest trying this game out, it’s never to late to start. I like the game so much that I have 4 different accounts..Version: 6.0.0

Addicting game!So much love❤️.Version: 3.5.7

Hell yaThis has got to be the best mobile game I’ve ever played. The only complaint is that after clearing every level in garens forest, I can’t access arena.Version: 5.3.1

Amazing game!!So fun. Had to make multiple accounts!.Version: 4.1.3

Having a huge issue right now!The game is amazing, my favorite mobile game. ive been playing for around 2 years now bt i have just come across a pretty threatening issue. i was previously on global server but wanted to see my other accounts on the other server so i opened one thinking i had progress on it but turns out i cant even join it because of server connection now every time i log in i see the message... i cant even go back to global server so i pretty much lost my account.Version: 7.0.5

Wish ListWish Com2us would make a Fusion Hexagram Storage to making Fusion monsters easier for skill ups.Version: 7.2.6

#1 game I've ever playedI love this game!!!!!!!.Version: 6.1.6

Game ratingGood.Version: 4.1.3

Best gameLoved this game and still do i’ve been playing for years.Version: 7.2.6

Good game but unrealistic pricesThe game it self is good you can f2p pretty successfully but if you do want to spend some money your choices feel pretty weak. Like $150 for 7 scrolls that don’t gaurentee you anything? Really com2us… And they really need to add a L/D Nat 5 Event cause I’ve been playing for years opened hundreds of LD Scrolls and still no LD Nat 5… extra weak sauce..Version: 7.2.6

Quality GameplayHands down one of the best mobile RPG/Gatcha games out there. Quality games play, depth to their characters and skills. Awesome challenging pvp. Definitely has pay to advance content but easily playable f2p!.Version: 7.2.6

GoodIt’s an awesome game, though it’s a little money forward for my taste. Would be nice if the drop rate when using mystic scrolls was better..Version: 7.2.4

Competitive fun game!Fun game, love to try all the monsters. Good strategy game. Hoping for some good monsters. Time will tell. Just got Seara! So nice.Version: 7.2.5

The awesome game I have ever playedSummoners is a first game of my life and I have had a lot of fun with this game.Version: 7.2.4

Is this normalEvery time that I go offline for period of time it makes me do an update that is not on the App Store that 1.3GB.Version: 7.2.2

AmazingFun and addictive! Should make more games like it!.Version: 7.2.3

02/16/23Cant get in the game, keeps crashing..Version: 7.2.0

HopeGive me a 5nat pls.Version: 7.2.1

Absolutely amazingSo much fun to just mess around on a game.Version: 7.2.0

Great game for a long timeThis is the best ad free and f2p game out there. Great production value, good balance and good monster rates..Version: 7.2.0

Say goodbyeGreat game sucks up time, but deep strategy makes it worthwhile.Version: 7.2.0

J’aimeJ’adore ..Version: 7.2.0

5* for 5* ??;);) pls.Version: 7.2.0

Amazing gameOne of the most amazing rpg gacha type games, it has a fun turn-based play-style, with interesting and unique mechanics. Summoning doesn’t take months like other games. The art style is fun and well made and there is a lot of activities you can do. Only thing I find weird is the number of times you have to update, I pretty sure i’m an isolated case, but just wondering why the game keeps asking me to download new information almost everyday. However this game even with this minor inconvenience is still very fun to play..Version: 7.2.0

ExcellentBeen playing for 4 years now, amazing game full of content for happy grinders such as myself. if youre looking for a game to spend alot of time on look no further..Version: 7.2.0

JeJe.Version: 7.1.9

AmazingWoohoo!!.Version: 7.1.8

Nice game to spend moneyAmazing game.Version: 7.1.8

8 yrsThis game will make you spend money…worst drop rate… to win at its finest :).Version: 7.1.7

Game isn’t as funThe game was great in the beginning but there’s no real competitive aspect to pvp as you basically pay to win, 5* rates are absolutely awful. If you enjoy running the same thing repeatedly over and over for years this game may be for you! But I’d you’re looking to take the game serious I hope you have a huge wallet or you stand no chance!.Version: 7.1.7

Need more nat5 L&D and get more stars reviewMore for more.Version: 7.1.7

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 7.2.7

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