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Elevate your music streaming experience with ad-free music in high fidelity and master quality audio. With 70+ million audio tracks, unlimited skips, offline play, radio, and intuitive discovery - TIDAL is the only music streaming service for true music purists and audiophiles.

TIDAL is the only artist owned music streaming service with high fidelity sound, MQA tracks, 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos support available in one place. Enjoy TIDAL on your favorite devices, including TVs, Amazon Alexa, and your preferred speakers. With over 150 integrations, TIDAL is as connected as you are.

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• Listen To All Of Your Favorite Music - On Your Terms
Ad-free, offline and as connected as you are — 70+ million audio tracks across all genres, as well as over 250,000 videos, all at your fingertips. TIDAL members are also the first to experience exclusive music, videos, and live performances.
• The Highest Quality Audio Available - HiFi and MQA
Unlike other services that stream primarily in standard definition, you can enjoy your music the way the artist intended with our lossless audio experience and high fidelity sound quality. With a HiFi subscription, listen to millions of songs in high fidelity, MQA and immersive sound formats such as Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio.
• Personalized For You - My Mix & My Video Mix
Listen and watch your favorite artists and discover more with My Mix and My Video Mix — curated, personalized playlists based on your listening habits. You can also create and share playlists,, listen to artist, track or genre-based radio, check out artist bios, find similar artists, edit your play queue and much more.
• Discover More Of What You Love
Discovering new music is important. Whether it’s rediscovering an old favorite in HiFi or discovering your new favorite album to commute to, TIDAL has intuitive features to share new music with you based on your listening habits, whether it’s a personalized mix of old favorites or suggestions for similar tracks to add to the playlist you're building.
• Artists At Work Here - Human Curation
Our content is hand-curated by music experts and the artists themselves. Original playlists, podcasts, video series & documentaries celebrate the creators and their craft. No robots here.
• Listen Anytime, Anywhere
Whether on the go, driving around town, or at home with your favorite speakers or smart TV, TIDAL works with your devices. With TIDAL Connect, stream high fidelity music without relying on third-party integrations.

Sign up for a TIDAL subscription in the app, where you can choose between Premium and HiFi. The price of the subscription in your country can be found in the overview below. You will also be informed of the costs in the app before signing up. The subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly (30 day) basis. You can cancel it at any time up until the day before renewal and you can at any time turn off the auto renewal.
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TIDAL Music App Comments & Reviews

TIDAL Music Positive Reviews

MQA content now available(with 1 issue). Tidal is a must have!I have had tidal for about 10 months now and I’ve gotten the most out of what apple offered when it comes to streaming HiFi music. One thing that was a small disappointment with the iOS app before was the inability to play MQA (Masters) content. The only way to utilize MQA content was via my MacBook Air desktop app. Today I was fooling around with the app settings and noticed that Tidal updated the app in version 2.7 to allow iPhone users the ability to listen to MQA content. I assumed this wasn’t ever going to happen due to apple’s hardware. Well now this app, which already deserves 5 stars(apples problem not tidal) has made it a must have service for Audiofile music lovers like myself. Listening to Tidal MQA music on the iPhone X with my sennheiser HD600’s through apples USB camera adapter connecting with my audio quest dragonfly red finally gives iPhone users the desired music quality they deserve. There’s not an IOS app that I’m aware of that allows better than CD quality streaming than Tidal. It’s now worth every penny spent! The only problem is that not all MQA content downloads as MQA. Some so, some don’t Oh yea, if your a military veteran you can sign up for a discounted monthly offer for the top notch account that saves you $4 a month. Thanks Tidal!.Version: 2.7.2

Just a few issues...Almost at the end of my free trial. PLEASE add an apple watch app. I hate having to carry my iphone with me when I workout just to listen to music, due to your lack of an app for the apple watch. Also, when connected to car bluetooth, the app glitches. when I leave the car, the music will pause. but when I get back in the car, it will not automatically start playing again. it makes me manually force close the app on my iphone and go back into the tidal app to resume playing (this also restarts the song i was playing, and sometimes the whole playlist. very annoying). i didn’t have this issue with apple music. I get “error loading this content” when trying to load my playlists through apple carplay, which, again, forces me to manually pull out my phone and do it from there. hopefully tidal reads this review and fixes these issues, as this would truly perfect the app and I would leave 5 stars. the sound quality is amazing, music definitely sounds the way the artist intended. the layout takes a little getting use to if you’re use to apple music, but I actually now prefer the layout of tidal. i love the tidal mixes and the different stations that they have available. it could be a perfect app if they fix these issues. not sure if i’ll be continuing to use it after my free trial ends, the lack of an apple watch app and the glitches that I put up with on daily basis (the ones I listed earlier) are a big turn off for me..Version: 2.11.2

Great offerings and a little room for improvementAll good but for one thing... the interface is more wonky and illogical than it should be. I like the ability in Apple Music to just play all of my songs on shuffle when I don’t want to spend time thinking about what to queue up. Why can’t I do this on TIDAL? Seems like a feature that could be added without effort. I also am a little baffled about how from my phone, laptop and Apple TV app the placement of items is different... I’m actually not that in to videos but on Apple TV TIDAL seems to view audio only offerings as the least important item... they do know that many people run their high end stereo systems using the app... currently one has to scroll all the way down through the same classic videos and movies to find new music, and after I play a new release it kicks me back to the top when all I wanted back up one step and play the next new track or a different new album. Huh? They have focus groups and all that they take feedback from right? But if I swallow my irritation with these kind of inexplicable weirdnesses TIDAL is the best of the streaming crowd. Please developers note the flexibility and ease we all need and up your game the rest of the way... if this is your best please know it’s not keeping up with the other guys..Version: 2.11.2

Pleasantly surprisedI’m a mastering engineer so as you can my expectations were high for sound quality. I knew the HiFi $20/month would sound better than any other streaming service but I didn’t want to pay that much right now. So I decided to test the premium version (320kbps) against Spotify’s Extreme version (320kbps) and to my surprise Tidal was cleaner, more depth, and overall changed my experience. I am now sold to Tidal until the competition decides to raise their music quality to at least match Tidal’s premium. Tidal still has some work to do to match Spotify’s features like blocking explicit tracks and better integration with other systems like Alexa. And one of the most annoying things about Tidal for me was the constant push of hip hop in your face. I got over it once I started to play more what I liked. The home screen improved a lot after that. But if you’re serious about sound quality and still hesitating spending $20 a month don’t because their $10 version beats any other $10 service..Version: 2.7.0

Great Audio Quality, App can use some work...So this app delivers on audio quality I don’t think anyone can argue that. I used to be use tidal when they had the rotating record (which was really cool) and then left when Apple Music came out and was more affordable and worked well within the apple eco system. I recently came back to tidal about a month ago as I did miss the quality of music, but after being so used to an optimized Apple Music app, coming to this has had its frustrations. First thing I did was transfer my music and then downloaded it to my phone so I can have MQA and HiFi when not on WiFi, which took a while but that was expected. I noticed some annoyances right away. Playing a song, stopping in the middle of it and then coming back to it almost never works. The song just doesn’t start playing and I have to restart the song or skip to the next one. Going to my downloaded collection takes too long for my taste to load, I find myself just waiting for tidal to load my music when I’m trying to play it. These little annoyances haven’t kept me away yet but if they can’t fix it I may switch back to Apple Music, which is a shame since I do really like the quality tidal offers. The Apple TV app also has is nuisances.Version: 2.14.1

App review: Great but needs essential updates!Ok, Tidal gets a lot right... sounds great, especially the MQA stuff ... closest to analog I’ve heard thus far (HiFi tier only)... I’d give their service 4 stars, it’s the app I give 3...the app misses because there’s no easy way to search when you are in offline mode, which is a must do when trying to make sure you don’t waste data downloading hi-res files! Need shuffle within artist, better playlist controls... maybe even a toggle for making sure it only downloads over WiFi? I don’t know, I like Tidal a lot, especially after my iTunes library was messed up due to its inherently flawed “matching” system... obviously there is no matching abilities with Tidal at all, the draw for me is having a separate rental app and having my iTunes library synced from my Mac Pro without “matching” deciding to match random tracks with different masters from the album a track is originally from or screwing up my cover art... anyway, the MQA and full resolution downloads make Tidal is very very realistic and tempting alternative for the long haul for music rental. Wish the desktop version allowed downloads for offline listening too... Random missing albums are an issue too... why certain albums aren’t available is odd especially if an artist is on Tidal and the album isn’t that old....Version: 2.7.6

Best of them all but just one thing.........Great sound quality!!! Only one thing keeping it from getting 5 stars from me. Lyrics. Where are the lyrics??? Why does just about everyone else have this feature and the touting itself as the top dog doesn’t is beyond me. Sound quality over lyrics is definitely my choice for sure, but come one. Something so basic, so average for all the other platforms and you guys don’t have this yet is absolutely crazy. Sure, I could get another app to do that, but why should I? You add that and 5 starts it is. Right now I’m choosing a simple work around. iOS 14.2 beta 1 has Shazam built into the control panel. No need to download Shazam separately. Start the song and click that, and up pops the lyrics. Easy, but when the next song starts to play, you have to do it again. Easy, like I say, but shouldn’t be needed. Currently using iOS 14.2 beta 2 which hasn’t had any improvements on that yet, just a bunch of new emojis. Guess we’ll wait and see if they hurry up and do something that will add their own lyrics in their own app, rather than depend on another company to do it for them. You want the 5 stars, get it done then. Other than that, best of the best!!! 👍.Version: 2.15.0

My Only ProblemsI've been a dedicated Apple Music user for years but I'm looking for a change so I created a trial account and so far I've been loving it! Most music streaming services are similar so there really isn't anything revolutionary about another streaming service, it's all about preference. Tidal is a great service that provides a great app, but I have three problems with the app and web browser that are making the service difficult to fully enjoy. I don't like that it's not possible to save specific tracks of an album as ONE album, instead they save as "tracks" as a seperate category. I'm a neat freak so I like oragnization and that method of seperateing between tracks and albums is inconvenient. There should be a page for albums (you can save any tracks you want from the album) and there should be a tracks page where ALL the songs in your library are shown and there should be the option to play ALL the tracks on shuffle, or in order, etc. I also don't like that there isn't an option to organize albums by artist AND release date. The first and problem is far more important to me than the second one. I hope Tidal would make this change, if they do, they'll have a subscriber for life..Version: 2.3.4

Best source for high end sound!I just purchased a new stereo system and the first thing I wanted to do was upgrade the music sources since MP3 was not cutting it for me anymore. With a pair of B&W 702s and a new Denon AVR-4500H, is wasn’t scrimping on the equipment and I certainly wasn’t going to scrimp on the sound sources anymore so when I found Tidal, I jumped headfirst and amped up to be able to get MQA files, both streaming and downloading. Ran into a little snag though and that was the iPhone wouldn’t send MQA files wirelessly so kept digging and ended up purchasing a Cobalt Dragonfly DAC and connected it to the iPhone via their lightning camera kit to allow the Dragonfly to connect via USB. I then connected it to my amp with a mini jack coming out of the Dragonfly and split to a pair of RCA outlets into an analog connection. Cooking now! Fantastic sound!! My only complaint is that a friend sent me a playlist with about 2000 songs on it and it’s too unwieldy to scroll through. I’ve downloaded all the songs via the playlist but can’t find them outside of the playlist. No new Albums or Artists show up, just the one playlist. Tidal, please fix this!.Version: 2.7.10

The Music quality is unrivaled, still no Siri or Apple Watch integrationI’m not an expert in audio so I honestly didn’t have any expectations that I would notice any difference between NORMAL quality and the MASTER, but I have to say I was blown away. The master quality is superb, songs I’ve listened to hundreds of times completely transform, and all the details, layered sound, and 3 dimensional effect take the music to elevated level of intimacy. I appreciate Tidal for providing a studio quality experience. However, I really wish that lyrics where available in the app I think any true music platform should have a lyrics feature. Also, since such a large portion of tidal subscribers use Apple devices it would be nice if there were Siri integration and Apple Watch compatibility for this app. I want nothing more to be able to ask Siri to play my “morning drive” playlist in the tidal app. And I wish I could leave my phone in the house to go for a morning jog and still be able to stream my favorite songs on tidal on my Watch. The Apple Watch has come so far and I use to make calls, check the news, and stream my favorite podcasts why can’t I browse thru my tidal music selection from my watch ?.Version: 2.16.0

Waiting for the Apple Watch appI’ve been using iTunes and Apple Music solely for 15 years and I’ve stayed locked into the ecosystem because it was convenient and familiar, but after I was given a turn-table as a gift a year ago I rediscovered the beauty of vinyl. I began to record my vinyls as lossless files you listen to on the go in the VOX app, but the app is terribly buggy, crashes often, and after a recent update keeps nagging me to buy a premium subscription to play music I already own, which is just ridiculous. I decided that if I had to pay subscription fees, I’d be better off looking for a service that could save me the hassle of having to record my vinyls, encode, split, tag, and transfer to my mobile devices and was deciding between trying Tidal and Qobuz, but wound up picking Tidal due to the reviews I read and the price point (HiFi access with student pricing for $5?!?, I couldn’t sign up fast enough). I still have Apple Music so I can listen to audio using just my cellular Apple Watch when I’m mowing the lawn or out kayaking, but the 2 hours a day I spend commuting is more luxurious now that I’m able to easily play hi-res audio on my Harman Kardon system in my car..Version: 2.8.7

Music LovaI absolutely love this streaming service! I have a very eclectic mind and listen to everything from Disney to Country to Pop to Rap, and most genres in between. One thing that I would love to see on here though is the option to search in your own playlist. I have almost 2,000 songs on my “Everyday” playlist, and it can be daunting to scroll and try to remember what number the song was. To make this easier as well, if there was a way to put artists/songs in alphabetical order from a cell phone on your individual playlist, that would be helpful. Even if a search option isn’t in the near future. I know that it is possible from a PC but I haven’t been able to on my phone. One feature that was added that I am extremely grateful for, was the “duplicate” feature. Some songs I hear on the radio, think to add them on my playlist, and before I wouldn’t know that it was already on there, but now I do! It was just in the mix of the 2,000 that I already have. All in all, I love the service/app and will (and do) recommend it to anyone that asks what I use..Version: 2.6.2

Almost perfect application that gets ruined every few updatesI have been a long-time customer of TIDAL. While I love the streaming quality and the layout/design of the application, the last few updates have been terrible. It takes forever for saved tracks to load (only showing the blinking T Icon for 30 to 45 seconds - rendering you unable to play music at that very moment until your tracks fully load). Due to the changes in streaming quality from track to track, when a lower quality song finishes, the next higher quality song may not play until you manually go in and hit play or skip the track. The app uses lots of battery power. Would be nice to have the additional speaker output settings provided on the Desktop version of Tidal when streaming via Bluetooth to a dedicated speaker. Also, Please bring back the suggested tracks by swiping left! Tried reporting bugs through the website but kept getting errors on multiple occasions. I love Tidal and prefer it over all other streaming platforms. Once these few issues are addressed - it will be a 5 star application!.Version: 2.12.0

Music is good, UX is so-soThe master quality recordings sound noticeably better. The selection of music is pretty impressive. I use it most of the time on my phone in my car via a Bluetooth device called Tune2Air, but also on my iPad with a Bluetooth speaker at home. The UI/UX of the app itself leaves lots to be desired. It often doesn’t remember where you left off on a playlist—either starts from the top or it replays songs you already heard the last time you listened. It does nor retain whether you had a playlist on shuffle or not, or at least it doesn’t keep shuffling if that’s what you were using. It’s not easy to create playlists, not intuitive—far too many taps and you can only add one song at a time. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a a music app that makes it unpleasant to create playlists. I’ve also done searches for an exact song name, spelled it right, and it says “no results.” Then I search instead for the artist and I find the song. Weird. I recommend you hire some peeps to develop your app properly, Tidal. The quality of your app is nowhere near the quality of the content you offer. But it should be. Frustrating..Version: 2.8.7

5 stars is not enough!!!!!!!&Tidal app is what I spent most of my time on. Far as I know they have everything but Tool. I’m sure it’s not cause Tidal forgot. Tidal when playing MASTER QUALITY sounds better than any streaming app I ever wasted my time on. Not all albums or artist are in MQA. But I love seeing that (M) beside a track or by an album. I’m so glad ISO finally got MQA. I knew they was working on it and the day I could play Tidal on my new iPhone XS Max an email was sent and I been blown away by every update and the awesome interface and of course all the music you can search for. Make sure you know they spelling of the band or you may think Tidal doesn’t have it. But sure enough they do. Do yourself all a favor go on and get Tidal HIFI/MQA!!! It’s the one that cost more. Not premium that one is not the best one. It’s still good but spend a few bucks more and listen to the sound!!!!!!!!! Can’t say enough. Jammin right now!!!!!’ Tidal is hands down the best app on my iPhone to date. Thank you to everybody at Tidal!!!!!.Version: 2.7.4

Love this app but 2 things I hate.I really used to like tidal but I hate updating the app because there’s always changes that I absolutely HATE. I’ve had it for a few years but what happened to the artist radio stations?!? Did the “mix” replace them? If so, I don’t like that because it doesn’t really allow me to listen to music based off of an artist or song I’m currently into. I also don’t like that if I pause a song or go out of the app it doesn’t play the last song I was listening to or just pick back up where it was paused. It ALWAYS goes back to the song that was playing when I first started listening to a play list or album 😠 sooo annoying. So, if it started on the first song originally it will ALWAYS go back to the first song unless I’ve repeated a song multiple times then it will always start from that song 🤦🏼‍♀️. I really don’t understand why it started doing this. So ANNOYING!!!!! Other than those two things I enjoy the content it provides, it usually has any song you’re looking for, and good sound quality..Version: 2.9.0

The best streaming app out!! Hands down!I have been using Tidal desktop and app for over a year now. Let me tell you. This is hands down the best streaming app out there. The sound quality in high def and videos as well is unmatched! They have exclusive content that you won't get or see anywhere else on the web. So, don't even try to look for it if an artist says they're only premiering it on Tidal cause they are very strict about that. They offer exclusive early access to concerts and other special events, which I haven't attended yet. But I will very soon. Also, I'm a music producer so I find music based on their algorithms that I can't get on any other streaming app or service. You can tell this app was made by very passionate artists and musicians. I love it!!!! And always tell others about it. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't feel the same way I do who has the app as well. So, that should tell you something.❤️.Version: 2.8.1

Great Quality Sound with Annoying BugsI love the streaming quality of Tidal but there are some annoying glitches. 1) The Apple CarPlay integration (this is an opinion not a bug) does not allow for the adding of songs while you drive unless you unlock you phone and manually add the song to your library. That’s a driving hazard for those who can’t wait until the next stop to save the song. 2) There is a new bug where my music will stop playing in the middle of a song without reason or warning. 3) When you add an album, the album gets added to the “Albums” section of the app but the individual songs do not get added to your library. I HATE this because I have go manually add everything from an album to the individual song library too which takes additional time. Overall, if you’re looking to stream with quality sound, this is the app for you. If you want convenience and a flawless listening experience, stick to Apple Music until Tidal works out the kinks (and I know they will). Or, you could be like me and just have both..Version: 2.12.0

Music keeps randomly stoppingBeen using Tidal for a while with no complaints, mostly would like to see some improvements to app like lyrics, but I’m patient and understand it might take a second to implement..Anyways for whatever reason since I updated a version or two ago, my music will not always play and sometimes it’ll cut off. Or, if I add music to the my Play Queue it will not continue playing always. This is kinda of frustrating as I know it’s not my connection because it used to always play and I have no other data issues besides Tidal randomly cutting off. Also I would love if the search could be improved sometimes you could put the EXACT word-for-word/letter-for-letter song and artist into it, and it still will not show up as some of the top results (Example: “Money” by Cardi B does not show up when searched like “Money Cardi B”, instead it shows up her other song “Money Bag” as well as a few more results from other artists before you can find it, so its a little inconvenient).Version: 2.5.7

Great for Sound Quality, mediocre as an appTidal has by far and away the best sound quality of any of the music apps. If sound quality is most important to you, this is probably your app. However, as an app it sometimes feels unfinished and broken. I have all of my music downloaded to my phone, yet sometimes it will just spin like it is buffering indefinitely. I have to close the app and sometimes restart my phone to get it working again. The Apple CarPlay integration is terrible. There are so many bugs when I use the app in my car with CarPlay. Sometimes it won’t show what’s playing, sometimes it won’t automatically go to the next track and I have to do it manually every time. Sometimes it won’t shuffle. Sometimes it won’t read my playlists at all. I have to unplug my phone, close the app and plug my phone in again to fix these bugs a lot of the time. Not ideal. If the sound quality wasn’t as good as it is, I would have switched to another app as this makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes..Version: 2.19.0

Amazing service, great quality, just need a few touch upsThe service that tidal provides is top notch. After listening to my favorite music for about 10 mins made me realize how great of a product this is. And being a hifi subscriber I have to say it is well worth the money. But having tried many other streaming services I will have to say that the artist section on tidal needs a little work. On other platforms when you download music you can easily just go to the artist section and see all the artist that you listen to. On tidal currently you have to go to the artist profile, like it then the pop up in the artist section. I would just like to go to artist see all the artist I have either liked their profile or downloaded their music. And then I can see all the music by that artist that is in my library and select which album or tracks I want to hear. But overall I like how far tidal has grown in a short time and can’t wait to see where the platform goes next..Version: 2.7.4

Like Netflix for musicI appreciate the videos and custom or exclusive content you get from tidal. Lots of live shows and interviews that I want to see more of from my favorite artists. Not to mention the music videos? Way high quality video and audio sound. 10/10 if you have high quality headphones and appreciate not just hip hop but all good music. Some more obscure stuff is found here, too. Happy to see tidal improving over time. My only complaint is that I can’t get Siri to play something from tidal but that’s apple’s fault not tidal. Would like to see some Siri integration from tidal if possible or on google and Alexa to compete more on that front. Also the suggested song algorithm is pretty good at introducing me to new songs I do like. But I think the algorithm needs more work to improve because I get the same songs over and over. I also want more ways to save my music. But honestly, tidal is bomb. 9/10 overall.Version: 2.8.1

Technical issues and explicit contentI really liked Tidal for its high quality audio. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their high end music on my stereo system at home. But unfortunately Tidal had too many technical issues. Especially it’s CarPlay implementation is very buggy - sometimes music wouldn’t play at all, sometimes music of Apple Music and Tidal would play at a the same time and sometimes you would click on one playlist just to find the content of another playlist in it. But that wasn’t the reason for switching to Qobuz (as it has numerous technical issues as well). In my opinion Tidal’s curated content and I just don’t match. I understand that Jay-Z is a founder and that there would be quite a bit of rap. But there is virtually no playlist without explicit content. Now I am not easily offended by hearing profanities. But there is no way of filtering these versions out. The last straw for me was when I chose to play a Christmas playlist with my young kids in the room and the second song had the n-word blaring at them..Version: 2.19.0

Amazing AI + Human CurationI’ve tried them all (or just about) and, as someone who refuses to listen to music on the radio because the playlists are so completely lame, I unequivocally have to say that the human and software power behind this service is stunningly good. I have never discovered this amount of stellar, new (to me) music in such a brief time, ever. The curation is fantastic with adventurous, wide ranging playlists to suit any taste while also driving you deeper into new, related sonic territory. The AI is equally impressive as it seamlessly follows up on your listening. Of the new music chosen by the service based on my listening patterns, I’d say 85-90% seriously hit the mark (vs. 10-15% for the other services I’ve tried). I find myself constantly hitting “Add to My Collection” so that I can follower later on what the hell that great tune was. And the audio quality is as good as it gets though it’ll cost you a bit more..Version: 2.7.5

UpdatesLove the app. Love the selection of music. Love the features like interviews, concerts, playlists and the ability to download content. Love the fact that this service shares more revenue with the artist. A few updates I would like to see in the future is the option to download singles/stand alone songs. The only way to download as of now is when the single is attached to an album. Also, it would be nice to close the app, reopen the app and still have my content in the same position it was in before it closed. If the app closes for any amount of time, I have to go in an find the album I was listening to all over again. Maybe Tidal can be installed directly to a device, like “apple music” is and that way Tidal can work as a mechanism of the phone instead of just a web based app. This would help with functionality a lot. Like I said, LOVE the app. I will continue my subscription. Just my two cents..Version: 2.6.2

Favorite Music Service By Far...BUT...I love just about everything about Tidal. The expansive music library, the exclusive content, the articles, the series, podcasts, videos, live shows...I can get every single thing that I need for my music fix from this app. It’s honestly unmatched. The ONLY complaint that I have is that the “Add to Play Queue” feature doesn’t work correctly when music is already playing. If I’m trying to add an album to my queue to play after the one that’s currently playing, it inserts all of the songs into the middle of the current album’s tracklist instead of starting it after the current album finishes. It drives me CRAZY. It makes the feature essentially the same as the “Play Next” option and it only works correctly when no music is playing. Please, please, PLEASE fix this issue. It’s the only thing keeping Tidal from being a perfect app!.Version: 2.2.0

Great quality but lacks featuresI’m really enjoying the new interface of Tidal. It’s very sleek and modern. And I love the curated playlists. It’s very easy to be able to find new underground artists. However I do have some ideas that could make Tidal a more user friendly streaming service. There should be an option to organize a playlist alphabetically and also to be able to search for a song within a playlist. Another minor annoyance I have is having duplicate songs within a playlist. I wish it would say “This song is already added”. A minor issues I have are the shuffle is usually in the same order so I’m listening to the same songs in that order whenever I listen to that playlist. I also have that same issue with artist radio. Like I already said, these are minor issues, however very useful. Would just like to see them implemented since other streaming services have them as well..Version: 2.0.1

Enjoy much more the Apple MusicAt first I didn’t think i would ever use this knowing I have everything apple product and I had Apple Music but I was impressed on how good Tidal works with a majority of my apple products, love the look on the bigger screen like the iPad and even works with Airplay on the TV and also the fact you can choose the quality of your music, I definitely hear the difference and I love how clear my music sounds, not just loud like Apple Music. The only reason I did not give a 5 star is simply because there is no real support for Apple Watch. I can only do the simple things like control the volume, play/pause/ next or repeat, etc. but there is no real way of using tidal on your watch unless the app is running on your phone which is a bummer since I tend to leave my phone behind while running errands at time or even while at the gym. If you guys can implement that then I would definitely rate a 5 star review!.Version: 2.9.1

Great music stream app but one mistake is happeningEver since the first couple of updates on the app there’s been a problem with the play queue you put on the right side . I put a bunch of music in the “play next” and “add to play queue”. I use the play queue a lot for new music or just a set of songs I want to use . But now what happens is once a song is finished being played the song completely disappears from the song list on the right . It never used to be like this in the past. The song used to stay in the playlist you made on the right side so I can go back and save the songs I added as playlist. If this doesn’t come back it’s going to be frustrating listening to music. If I add a buck a songs to the queue and I accidentally hit a whole album to play , all the songs I put in the queue completely disappears. In previous versions of the app the songs I put in the play queue would remain there. If there’s any way they fix that problem this app would be 5 stars no question..Version: 2.5.6

I miss the functionality so hardPlease go back to how you could swipe right and see your queue, swipe left and it offers similar music, discovering music is so hard now and when clicking the play queue in corner three bars it always clears out now if you aren’t on a playlist so I can’t even remember what I’m listening to and it gets lost forever or I gotta go back and search for it then the queue starts all over again I miss being able to see past plays and going down the black hole on the left of discovery Whyyy would you remove those two features just to skip tracks ??? Music discovery has STOPPED for me based of lack of functionality and that was the whole point for me of Tidal over other services and I KNOW I’m not the only one. Please go back to allowing me to go down the black hole on the left and seeing on the right the queue of everything rather than it disappearing every time I play something that’s not on a playlist.Version: 2.9.4

Best Music App... period.Always original content, artist videos, artist interviews from some of the most respected journalists in the industry so they’re actually GREAT interviews, the best sound quality I’ve ever heard on any music app (I can literally play the other big music apps at the same time with my headphones and hear a significant difference, LOUDER AND CLEARER), HD camera access to LIVE CONCERTS, best suggestions to hear music I might like, always updating new music so I never miss anything new, the best layout which makes it nicer and easier to use than these other outdated music apps... this app should actually charge more than it does. Everyone who uses it from my phone is shocked, and everyone I suggest to use it ditches their old service and uses Tidal. And this is no exaggeration and I’m not being paid to say this. I use this everyday and it’s amazing. Thank you TIDAL. Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.8.1

When it works properly it’s great, but it rarely doesWhen the app works as intended it’s a great experience and being able to select higher audio qualities is very noticeable when using headphones or higher end speaker. However, the app is extremely glitchy and slow. The only reliable way to listen to music on the platform is to download everything. Granted, I am willing to wait a few seconds for a song to load, especially if it’s in higher quality, but using the search feature doesn’t always work. Furthermore, when I click on particular artists’ catalogues to expand and see in entirety, the app gets stuck in it’s loading screen. There are also many instances of songs randomly stopping and playlists taking forever to load. I thought it may be my internet, but I have tried on many different networks and it continues to have the same issues. Worth my $5 for 5 months, but not the insanely high asking price for non promo membership..Version: 2.8.7

Getting betterI have tried Tidal on and off for the last year. Each time I check back again they have added something new to make it easier to navigate and add to your collection. I think this will be the time I’ll stay for a long while. I have the Veteran’s plan so my service paid off here because I love collecting music and finding new groups in the folk and alt country to go with my old country singers and classic rock and roll not the new drivel out now. I like a lot of the alt country groups but can’t stand today’s country Taylor Swift wannabe country twits or all the Darius Rucker’s who can’t make it in pop anymore so they switch to country. Close your eyes and see if you can tell any of today’s country singers apart, they all sound the same same. Tidal has a lot of mixes for me and they’re very accurate to my likes in music. Keep up the good work..Version: 2.22.0

TIDAL has changed the way I listen and exploreTIDAL has been a revelation to me! The sound is terrific over my high-end audio system; and especially over headphones with my Firefly Red and beloved vintage Sennheiser 560iis. But best of all is that I can listen to something, then explore practically forever following threads of the performer, composer, instruments, etc. I listen mainly to classical and jazz, almost never to insanely crappy contemporary pop. I wish the track display for music being played worked better for classical - there's a lot to display in classical: Composer, piece, movement number, movement name, artist - none of the on-line services or iTunes seem to have the display adequately covered. The HD sound is usually as good as CDs played on my Naim CD player, which admittedly is getting pretty old by now. It's best over Firefly/headphones, is a little compromised by Apple AirPlay into the HiFi, haven't tried an outboard DAC yet. But overall it's good enough that I'm about ready to box up and put in storage the probably 1200 CDs that take up a huge amount of our small living space. I'm not very convinced of MQA yet. Some tracks sound really fine; but a lot of others sound "disembodied", a bit veiled, and there are others with what sound like smearing or digital artifacts. Maybe some of it has to do with the Firefly decoding?.Version: 2.6.2

Going Above and BeyondI remember when I first got this app, I had a hard time comparing it to Apple Music’s interface with respect to user friendliness. In reality, Tidal is setup the way it is to expose you to new content not just to house the stuff you already know you like. I love the mixes that they create which take the songs I have been listening to and create a playlist based off those tracks with new tracks that I might like as well. I love the Suggested Tracks because it gives me that exposure to all different forms of content that I may have never come across on my own. I enjoy the exclusive content that Tidal offers with certain artists. I once was able to go to a Van Lathan talk that I won from a Tidal contest. I’ve had the chance to go to see Meek, Hov & Bey, and more through Tidal. Great platform (not just an app) and great idea that started with artists..Version: 2.8.1

Honest OpinionI liked Apple Music for its simplicity and massive music catalog but something always seemed to be missing. I originally had no interest in buying another subscription based music app but after using the free trail for awhile I would happily recommend TIDAL to any and everyone. I love that once you choose a song the algorithm actually chooses other songs that compliment the flow and mood of the song you originally choose and not just play the same artist repeatedly. This has actually introduced me to some artists I did have an interest on listening to at first and other I had never heard of. Not to mention listening to music on Master quality makes a serious difference from you usual jam sessions. I have to give it to TIDAL for advancing the streaming game to the next level and hope it continues to grow..Version: 2.7.10

My Favorite StreamingI don't really do reviews but i been rockin w/Tidal for years and i said the least i can do is leave my opinion on the streaming service. I first got attracted to tidal because they had all my favorite #future mixtapes n unlike apple who just had albums, i gravitated to tidal way more even tho at the the time they didn't have that much app support. But to add to that, to my knowledge, iphone was the first device to have tidal integrated within the software, which was in my opinion highly overlooked. And if we fast forward now, they have true master quality tunes, exclusive content like i once was watching drake live on that zane interview thanks to tidal. Just for the record i don't in no way shape or form work for apple, tidal, and or no other affiliation. but yeah that's just my review. yeah it's a lil pricey but hey u get what u pay for. enjoy..Version: 2.25.1

HiFi Sounds good, but not that much better than AppleI’ve been an Apple subscriber for several years, and I was ready to make the full switch if this app delivered on sound quality, even though I would be paying literally double what I’m paying for Apple. The verdict: I am an Audiophile, and while Tidal’s Master Quality material does sound good, it’s not actually that much better. Not only that, but most artists I listen to didn’t have the Master versions available, which resulted in most albums sounding identical to Apple. I tried it out on my home system and my incredible Bose system in my car, and was not blown away. Furthermore, the app is unbelievably laggy and glitchy. I kept having to restart the app, and even then it wouldn’t work properly most of the time. In the end I cancelled my HiFi subscription within the first hour. Bring the HiFi price down to meet Apple’s prices, and we’ll talk. Until then, Apple still has my business..Version: 2.7.1

Needs a little improvementThe music section for children is severely limited. The app isn't configured to work on the Apple Watch. The app often signs me out and my password doesn't work so I have to reset it over and over again. I may have no choice but to cancel soon if the changes are being updated. *Update* a new update for the app has been lingering. Every time I click on it it takes to the App Store and doesn't update 😠 idk if Apple is try to make it hard for Tidal but my frustrations are mounting. *UPDATE* The app won’t connect via Bluetooth to anything! Every other streaming app works but Tidal. I could be an Apple thing. In my car I can’t plug my phone up to charge & listen to music at the same time. It’s very frustrating. The bypass was Bluetooth. I’ve tried to not charge my phone to listen & that doesn’t work either. The only way I can listen or operate the app is if I listen to it without connecting to anything..Version: 2.6.2

Simple the best sounding service available.Nuff said..Version: 2.28.0

Hi FiPerfect sound quality...don't settle...Tidal is the way to go!.Version: 2.0.1

If ya don’t got tidal then you a simpThis app is everything a music connoisseur has dreamed 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 plus you’re support a Black owned business... so win win situation.Version: 2.12.0

Thank youI’ve been a user since April 2020, and I like everything about it. Rich in its own kind. The sound quality is amazing..Version: 2.13.1

How to best enjoyGet yourself a decent pair of analog/wired cans (no need to go crazy expensive), a DragonFly DAC (black edition, $99), Apple’s usb-c to usb camera adapter (to plug the DAC in, $30) and Tidal Hi-Fi, and you’ve got yourself audio bliss on a very reasonable budget. Enjoy!.Version: 2.9.1

I mostly use for offline listening in the carAt home, I use Roon linked to Tidal, but for mobile use, I download some stuff. The user interface is improving (used to be really bad)..Version: 2.6.3

Great quality audioAfter paying too much for wired headphones, I invested in a DAC and headphone amp for my Mac Mini. iTunes and YouTube sound quality just didn’t cut it. Tidal’s MQA Master series audio are the best I’ve heard. You can 100% hear and feel the difference. Worth every penny..Version: 2.6.2

D2As long as jay z’s vol.3 life and times of S. Carter stays on there, I’m never leaving, “do you believe, it’s Hova the god.”.Version: 2.6.2

As it Should BeWow, I have rediscovered music that was lost on all other services. Really compares to a very good CD and player. I listen to Tidal on my Naim - PMC system and am back discovering old tunnels and friends. Thank you Tidal Dan.Version: 2.6.2

Almost!!!Two things would make it perfect for me. One- ‘add to que’. This makes it easy for on the fly car rides, gatherings... Everyone picks a song. S’all good. TWO- have followers. I can send my playlist to anyone, but they cannot find me in the search. Being able to follow someone who has great playlists already would be great. I am on day one of the free subscription and like it so far. So do my siblings. If those two things could be added, you just got several new subscribers..Version: 2.6.0

Best app for music quality loversThis app is awesome for the quality of the sound but also of the catalog pushed by talented authors!.Version: 2.0.1

Top 3 and TIDAL ain’t 2 or 3Tidal’s Master quality playback is unparalleled. The way music is organized, you KNOW whoever set it up knows that’s they’re talking about. Why? Because when you save a song on Tidal it ONLY saves on tracks. Think one hit wonders. Apple Music and Spotify save the song AND the album so you get singles spamming your albums page. I want to support artists, so when the artists also present the BEST streaming platform available today, it makes my life easier in trying to give less money to corporations and more money to artists..Version: 2.7.9

The way to go for music loversWith various subscription options when it comes to the resolution of the music (up to 44.1 khz/16bit & MQA) and the ease of integration into Roon this is the streaming service for those who don’t want to compromise on the sound..Version: 2.6.3

Cant downloadIt keep stop downloading.Version: 2.8.8

Good selection, butSo why does the app ask for my preferences during set up, but then continue to present selections that are no where near what I prefer? Crappy auto - tuned modern pop and degenerate hip hop are no where in my preference. This is why I canceled last time, but you’re the only game in town for hi res streaming in Canada. Please make suggestions based on my preferences! Drop the hip-hop / soul slant please! It’s getting so old!.Version: 2.28.0

ExcellentI subscribed to Tidal when it first started and aside from a few very minor start-up issues I have 100% satisfied. Love the service and music quality..Version: 2.28.0

Coolest app on planetYahhooo!! Now it supports lyrics in Ipad 5th Gen. not only that, the text is not static ( like YouTube music- my only reference which caters to mass market ) the text is highlighted as the song progresses and it is clickable! Which makes tidal the coolest app on planet for music lovers….Version: 2.28.0

Excellent sound qualityI really enjoy tidal whether it’s paired with the Beats audio system in my car or my AirPods..Version: 2.28.0

Organized App and FormatReally limited number of titles. Algorithm is so so, as it cannot distinguish between styles you like versus what you just try but stop or want to discard. Ever since trying certain genres, it keeps sending me suggestions in music styles I do not like. Hopefully this gets better over time. Except for those two complaints, it is a well organized app and easy to work with. CW.Version: 2.28.0

BadThis bad was better the update ruined everything.Version: 2.28.0

Almost thereI love Tidal and would like to continue as a subscriber (especially now that I know an Apple Watch app exists—great!), but a few things need to happen before they win me back: 1. Siri compatibility. 2. In-app lyrics. 3. Compatibility with Alexa outside of the US (e.g. Canada). These are all features that could be implemented today and have long existed with services like Spotify, so it’s not possible to blame Apple nor Amazon for gatekeeping here..Version: 2.28.0

TIDALAwesome app easy to use everything you need on it👍.Version: 2.28.0

Very easy to useVery good app, wish there’d be more Master tracks.Version: 2.27.1

Manage my subscriptionCan’t manage my subscription in the app.Version: 2.28.0

ExcellentGreat music loos-less music quality. Algorithms for playlists get better all the time..Version: 2.28.0

Smart speakers don’t workI love this app but I’m switching back to Spotify next month because this one has not worked with my smart speaker, Google home, for over a year now. Very unfortunate.Version: 2.28.0

The reviewPretty cheap. Easy for a white gal to use. Easy on the eyes..Version: 2.27.1

Not the very best oneThere’s pop up adds everywhere the sound is a little crashing and you can’t even listen offline without paying ,like it’s literally not any better than Spotify or any other apps like I just wanted to listen to music offline..Version: 2.28.0

Rated so I could stop getting notifications to do soSelf explanatory.Version: 2.27.1

Love it but...App crashes every time I delete a song from a playlist 😖.Version: 2.27.1

It’s like falling in love with my music all over againThere’s so much more to HiFi. There’s SO MUCH MORE. You can hear their voice on multiple levels. You can hear the strain, the clarity of the breathiness, and all the little crackles that come naturally. You can hear the little ticks and light cymbal hits in the background. You can just choose an area of the song to focus on and get totally lost in it. Expensive but holy Dina, yeah it’s worth it 🥰.Version: 2.27.1

The BestTidal is the best music streaming service out there! The music recommendations that it gives me are fantastic and the app itself is so well designed and easy to use..Version: 2.27.1

Spotify is way betterSo spotify you can have 100x the amount of downloads but if you download 300 songs it’s somehow 30 gb so ya. And the hifi sounds exactly the same as normal, maybe worse. Also the tidal playlists are so bad, So just buy Spotify. It’s ok though but spotify is cheaper and better in many ways..Version: 2.27.1

Getting thereDesign wise. And yr main competitors are not. I am after yr cheapest option for my bluetooth headphones. Hope you keep rocking without bloat; podcasts shoved down throats. Update: Several app crashes in week 1, & disappearing My Most Listened, etc. So, going back to stable bloatware..Version: 2.27.1

Best reggae selection everI listen to everything except country and I’m super impressed. I pay for Amazon prime for the house and children but this app has the BEST selection I’ve found. I have so many times where the music it the radio selection finds that I haven’t heard in years !!!.Version: 2.27.1

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What do you think TIDAL Music ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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