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** No. 1 music app in more than 20 countries **

Write songs, find chords, and learn scales based on the circle of fifths! For every skill level!


This app is for musicians of all kinds, songwriters, and producers. Beginners and advanced. No matter if it's your intention to get better on your instrument or playfully find chords and inspiration for your songs or productions.


▶ Chords within a key are highlighted, they will sound great together, just combine them.
▶ Lookup how chords are played on the guitar, piano, ukulele, or bass guitar! With Left-Hand mode!
▶ Export songs as MIDI and use them in Ableton, Reason, Garage Band, or any other DAW.

▶ Thirds? Fifths? Mixolydian??? Don't panic! You don't need to know or learn any music theory!


▶ Learn chords and scales*, get easy access to music theory!
▶ Practice your own songs or popular songs. Analyze them and understand chord relations.

▶ Learn how chords and scales are played on the guitar, piano, ukulele, bass guitar, violin, viola, or cello! With Left-Hand mode!
▶ Display the names of the scale tones in the staff. Improve your sight-reading!
▶ Display scale patterns (intervals) in the staff. Learn scales more effectively!

*basic scales are included, unlock more than 80 additional scales as Add-on if you are hungry for more!


Export songs as MIDI and work with them in Ableton, Garage Band, or any other digital audio workstation.


Export chords as PDF lead sheet. Get your songs printed, share PDFs with your bandmates or simply bring the sheets to the rehearsal. Lead sheets are an excellent way to make your music playable for other musicians!

*available as Add-on


▶ Have fun with modal interchange and customized chords!
▶ Check out chord statistics related to the current mode.
▶ Display and playback 4-note chords in the circle of fifths.
▶ Use the app to teach your students and let them practice chord progressions and scales.


▶ Song templates: Common Pop-, Jazz-, and Blues templates are integrated
▶ Share & collaborate
Share song links with bandmates or your teacher. Receivers can open and work on them in the TONALY app.

▶ Chord symbols and chord structures are explained.

▶ Integrated instruments: guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, violin, viola, and cello in different tunings.

▶ Interactive keyboard
Check out melodies or practice scales on the go.

▶ Interactive circle of fifths

▶ Display chords, roman numerals, Nashville numbers, and colors.

▶ Transposed playback for Bb or Eb instruments.

▶ List of popular songs

▶ Songwriting
Easily pick chords out of the circle of fifths. Create custom chords, change time signature (4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 7/8, 5/8), change the tempo (40-350bpm), and adjust the flexible song structure.
Once you've composed a song, you can quickly change the key to find the right one for you.

▶ Scales

Available modes/scales:

▻ Ionian (Natural major)
▻ Aeolian (Natural minor)
▻ As well as Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian, and Major & Minor pentatonic.

▻ Unlock more than 80 additional scales as Add-on.

Different clefs:
▻ G clef
▻ F clef
▻ C clef

▶ Different playback sounds:

▻ Grand Piano
▻ Acoustic Guitar
▻ E-Bass
▻ E-Piano
▻ Synth Pad

▶ App settings:

▻ Four color themes, including a color blind theme.
▻ Display minor chords in small letters.
▻ Display 4-note-chords.
▻ Display german note names (B will be H).
▻ Data can be backed and synced by iCloud.

▶ No registration (account) needed!

TONALY: Write & Practice Songs App Comments & Reviews

TONALY: Write & Practice Songs Positive Reviews

Absolutely Brilliant (two suggestions, though)Hats off to the developer(s). This app is so well thought out and designed. I’m absolutely in love with it. A great tool for learning, songwriting, and deconstructing popular songs for making your own arrangements. One thing I’d really like to see added is more in depth archive options when you save songs. I’m in the process of building out covers I know and would love the ability to tag songs to a genre, artists, etc. and be able to type in a search bar to jump right to it. It would also be nice to be able to add custom text fields above song parts. If I could just type in the first line of lyrics for versus, choruses, so on that’d be awesome. Then this app will be dang near perfect! 🤙 There are options to export out to PDF lead sheets so you could still use this app as a tool for building a good archive system yourself, but the app design and functionality is so beautiful I don’t wanna leave it..Version: 3.2.9

Fun and super helpful for writing songs!Great little app, very helpful for composing and actually hearing chord progressions back for those who don't have relative and perfect pitch. The only thing is that I would love for more customizations of the chords, namely inversions (even in combination with four note chords) and different rhythms that aren't 4/4. Right now, the root of the chord is always on the bottom. Inversions add a different color to the chord and are very widely used in songs and compositions. Some chords in the context of a certain progression just aren't the same sound without inversions. As for rhythms, it would be helpful for more control over how many bars a progression is and how many beats are in a bar. Right now, it's always 4 beats to a bar. Either 4 or 8 bars. I don't think adding different time signatures would be incredibly difficult nor adding custom length of bars any amount between (2-8). Also, adding chord changes within a bar would be awesome. That would add more complexity, sure, but the app for have so much value for making fully realized chord progressions for a song or composition. Other than those things, a solid app with lots of potential for improvement. I'm sure the inversions and rhythms features can be included in a future update..Version: 1.1.5

Ideas for new updatesApp is pretty good and fun to use. I recommend getting it to anyone who wants a better understanding of progressions. I would hope to see in the future options for saving chord progressions, making chord progressions that are longer than 8 bars, and possibly different instrument sounds. I think these are all relatively easy additions. I would also recommend an option to use chords from the parallel minor or modal interchange. This would be a tremendously better app if it had that. It would be worth way more money. I would even pay in app purchase for it if it worked well. I'd rather see it free but people need money. This app is good and is updated pretty regularly. I'd give it five stars if they manage to bring my suggestions to life. I'm hopeful because these don't seem like they would be incredibly hard to add to the already good UI. I would also like to point out a glitch where if you exit to home screen out of the app while having a chord progression being played it can make a horrible spazz noise. Overall really good app that's actually worth the price I'd buy it again..Version: 1.1.1

LimitationsThe chord choices are limited. For example, you can’t do certain altered chords like dominant 7 b5b9. Suspended cords are their own category so you couldn’t do dominant 9 sus 4. My favorite chord of all time, the 6/9 is also missing. This app automagically does inversions so that sometimes makes things weird. My verse went up an octave on the second playback for example. The slash chords may not sound the way you want either with the automagic. Another annoyance is not being able to tie in chords from the previous bar. For example, in 4/4 time if I put in a dotted half note, I want to be able to use time longer than a quarter into the next bar. You can try to finagle this by altering tempo and getting things to fit into bars, but that ruins your entire structure. This app is promising but I was disappointed. I hesitate to suggest features, but if you’re still listening at this point then I might suggest adding a method for inserting melody; it would give some use to the keyboard which just seems to otherwise be in the way of the songwriter..Version: 3.5.6

Wonderful appLove the app very much and I don’t recall how much I paid for it but it was worth it. I got it many many years ago and didn’t end up using it but there has been significant updates sense then to where I’m glad I got in early. I know everyone has suggestions and I don’t mean to take anything from the app because it’s A1 but my main wish is that I could change the voicings manually— I am trying to replay chords in my head often so I don’t always recognize the inversions the app picks automatically with the tones I’m hearing in my mind. Also... a lesser point is— if you buy the Mac version you get the phone version also, I do wish it also worked in reverse— I wish having bought the phone version also got you the Mac version but I don’t recall if the pricing is compatible but even a discount would be preferred because had the Mac version been out when I bought this I’d have went strait to that..Version: 3.5.3

Great App!I downloaded TONALY on a Friday, prior to traveling because I needed an app that would provide me with the circle of fifths for composition, and I was not disappointed. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by how full this app is with features that help with composition and songwriting, in addition to the view of the circle of fifths. What’s more, you can change the length of chords a chords measures, and save your work to come back later to it. You can very quickly transpose your compositions to hear what they sound like in other keys. If you’re a musician without a background in music education, and even if you are, I would recommend this app be on your device! I’ve also used it to figure out chords to songs quickly, as I’m still learning to do that by ear. This is a very useful on-the-go composition tool, and easy to use for those who are not yet comfortable with theory or their instrument, yet wish to express themselves..Version: 3.2.0

A bang for the buckI almost never write reviews for apps but this one felt like it deserves a praise. The UI is very appealing with neat colors and the makers of this app clearly did their research on user base because it caters to both beginners and professionals. I’ve been a musician for about six years now and a UX designer for three, and this is the first time I’m seeing two of my favorite things blend into one awesome entity. At first even I thought if it’ll be worth spending the money for and now I’ve realized the vast possibilities this app has to offer. Sometimes I get writers block when trying to come up with a piece and cannot really place the next chord in the sequence and also I’ve had hard time getting my head around different modes. This app surprisingly has it all and I’d highly recommend any musician to check it out..Version: 1.1.1

Keeps Getting BetterI love Tonally. I does all it claims to do as a basic songwriting tool. Think of it as a songwriting sketch pad. Pro features would include the ability to place a different chord on every downbeat (this would allow you to do chord walk ups or walk downs). Currently the app only allows you to subdivide the bar in half thereby placing chords on the 1 and 3. You can extend or lengthen the amount of time a chord plays however you are currently prevented from further subdividing or muting a potion of a chord after making the first subdivision. Furthermore I wholeheartedly agree with my fellow reviewers who have asked for the ability to make chord inversions. Inversions really affect the feel of a song and are a must. I envision Tonally one day being a stand-alone app giving songwriters the ability to fully write and arrange a song and then export a fully fuctional lead sheet. When that day comes expect my rating to jump to a five..Version: 3.0.7

Just…Incredible.I’ve been looking for a tool like this for a while—I’m an audio engineer/songwriter/producer, and this makes a perfect portable companion that lets me compose easily when I’m out and about. It’s suggestion engine is also truly excellent. Honestly I’ve searched high and low, and this is the most intuitive, easy to use, and pragmatic software I’ve found (with excellent ux)—particularly bc I can drag the composition directly into my DAW from the desktop app! I love that I don’t need to create an account for this. It’s so great to have my files remain *mine*, and not be held hostage in some proprietary format in the cloud. Things i would be very happy to pay for in the future, though it’s so great right now, I wouldn’t want to bloat it (maybe 2.0 features or even separate apps that can import from Tonaly?): * I’d love to be able to add lyrics somehow, even if it’s totally disconnected from the chord progression ui * Tonaly for rhythm, melody, harmony, arrangements Saying that, I’m just very happy with this tool, and doing the arrangements in my DAW! I look forward to seeing what else this developer comes up with in the future..Version: 3.5.4

Ehhh ....Normally, I would give this app five stars. However, when I tried to export it as a midi file and add it to my GarageBand it starts making a noise that wasn’t happening on the app originally. I am not sure if that’s a branded sound effect for using the app or maybe somethings wrong with the app. I feel that with the limited amount of instruments that you provide I should be able to export it put it onto GarageBand and manipulated in which ever way I would like. Which would aid in making music a bit more. This would be really grateful for beginners (speaking for myself) but now I have to sit here and slightly struggle with making chords on the iPad. Maybe I’m doing something wrong please let me know what I can do to change the alien noise that I hear or let me know if it’s not going to stop. Or at least if this is a branded sound affect please let me pay for it to disappear, SOMETHING, just make it go away..Version: 3.0.0

Nailed itThis app was designed by someone who is obviously a genius who somehow understands intuitive usability and the needs of a songwriter. It’s mind blowing how great this app is for creating the form of a song. Chord progressions that you can play in different instruments, arrangement, and more. I’m happy to write this review. I am genuinely obsessed with this app and I can’t think of anyway it could be better but perhaps it could add Abelton link support? It’s basically perfect though. I think it’s my new favorite app. It’s useful and fun, It’s a musical secret weapon. If this is over the top it’s because this app has triggered a manic episode and I’m just super excited in general. But it doesn’t mean my rambling is full of bull..Version: 3.5.4

Wow, fun interactive theory at your fingertips!It’s funny, I usually look on the web when looking for theory or shopping for posters on theory. Sometimes I forget that apps are growing and getting better and better everyday. Especially when you learn file sharing and know how these apps can help develop your music production skills. The hard work these developers do is much appreciated by people who love music and want to learn. Shoutout to all the music app developers, we appreciate you!!!!! Make the app midi compatible please! I’d love to connect my midi keyboards with my apple adapter for some real fluidity and even better learning! I’d even pay for that upgrade!.Version: 3.4.5

Worth every pennyI’m self taught on the keys for the past 2 years and just started taking lessons where i had to get my fingerings together with Scales. this App has been so helpful in learning how to transpose in all keys, and knowing my 1-7 in each key. the extra $2.99 for the scales is also a huge plus for those who are looking to diversify their sound and learn all types of scales. i also love the song writing mode that shows you what a typical chorus will start on in terms of key (cmaj verse, to a min bridge with a 6234 progression for instance). i recommend this to anyone who wants to better their playing. couple this app with lessons and you can really become deadly on the keys!!!.Version: 2.2.4

A hack for music composition and so much more!!It really is! I am a choir director and sometimes my guys are not too adept in music theory. I use this to compose lead sheets and it saves me sooo much time when teaching them new songs!! The fact that you can export chord arrangements into a comprehensible pdf lead sheet just blows my mind!! Other only complaint that I have is that we play a lot of world music, and some island music are in 2/4 or 2/2. Please add those time signatures to the app, I would never need another program (app/computer) for composing again if it had those two time signatures. Please add them !!.Version: 3.4.5

Possible UpdatesThis app is great for many different reason, but thought maybe it would be cool if you could change the chords up per measure and have triplet beats. This app is fun to tap the chords as the click track plays at different grooves almost like a sampler, it gives it that chopped sound that has and will always be so popular hip hop crowds. Would be cool to be able to record them as you tap them. I do understand that’s a great reason for the midi export but just a suggestion. Also, maybe I’m not smart enough to find it but is there a way to do inversions? Thanks keep making music fun..Version: 2.0.1

If one more feature is added...I really like this app. I don’t wanna waste the review to talk about what it can do because Chris’s tutorial videos are pretty informative on that note. But I like the developers to add (or I’d better say to complete) the chord section; When you click on the Chord Symbols under the left menu, it shows lots of great info. I first clicked on the square which contains the chord name thinking it plays the chord but I was wrong. Also, it shows the chord only in the first position on the fretboard. Personally I don’t mind to pay more for the app if these super useful educational improvements are added. So, I hope they add the following features: 1- when you click on the chord name, I like to hear how it sounds as well, 2- I’d also be able to change the chord position on the fretboard to see other inversions or chord options, “interactively”. PS: this can be added as a new option, something titled as Chord, in the menu with Songwriting, Scales, and Modes..Version: 3.2.3

The most beautiful and useful music appI’m an intermediate level self-taught guitar player who recently decided to take lessons and learn applied music theory. There is simply no app that compares to Tonaly! Its helped me take the lessons from my guitar teacher and reinforce concepts I’m learning. The level of detail and depth presented in such a visually beautiful and intuitive interface makes this app worth every penny. If you’re trying to learn music theory or establish a better foundation for your playing/composing, look no further! This app is convenient and thoughtfully made..Version: 3.5.8

Just wow.This app is beyond astonishing and the ease of use for a beginner to a virtuoso is just incredible. I was skeptical going into the purchase due to the lack of attention to detail and disarray of previous apps but this is the PLATINUM standard in the what should be used for learning theory on a whim and combined with creativity is debate fully an absolute NEED in your arsenal when playing guitar/ writing or learning music in general. I can say with confidence that this is the pinnacle of an interactive and informative experience that can further your abilities as a musician with the proper work ethic. GET IT, you can’t regret it!.Version: 3.0.0

It’s really good, but...This app is great, it is a really good tool for musicians. Although I think it could use some improvements: 1.) The ability to use different chord voicings would be great and is definitely something that would be helpful. Maybe use the piano to change the voicing. 2.) the way you change chords on your chord progression was kind of unintuitive to me especially when I’m trying to listen to a chord in my progression and then listen to other chords to use or follow up with and then I accidentally replace the chord in the progression. I’m not sure how to you would go about doing this because I know app design is difficult..Version: 2.0.1

Fantastic!The new update brought many nice features including the one crucial for me - the ability to use chords which are not in the current key (mode). I have a suggestion for a future version. Say that I want to add E and E7 to the Am key. And maybe A7, for transitioning to Dm. Those additional chords could be permanently added to the current circle by, for example, stacking them behind the diatonic chords with the same root. A long-press gesture (or something else) could be used for revealing all the non-diatonic chords at the presses root so that we can use, edit or remove them..Version: 2.0.1

A priceless tool for the modern day songwriterI study music and perform for a living as well as write my own music on the side. This is a wonderful tool that allows a visual learner like myself to see a chord progression and hear it at the same time. Instead of plinking chords for a half hour trying to find a groove, I can mess around with this for a bit until I find something I like and then bring it over to the piano. This app saved a ton of time for me and I am so glad I purchased it. This is an essential tool for me these days. I would highly recommend!.Version: 1.1.3

Best Circle of Fifths App so farThis app is really a nicely done music tool with a great UX. There are a few comments critical of aspects that it lacks to which I would comment give it a chance. The developer appears to be very responsive to suggestions and this is a first cut. We need great tools like this so let’s give them support so they can work on it to continue making improvements. I see a lot of potential for this tool and hope everyone can see this as well and support it. Spread the word. Great job! Looking forward to future versions. Thank you..Version: 1.1.1

One of my most useful tools as a musician!I’ve been using this app since it first came out and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made. It’s been amazing seeing the new features added. But, I do have some request. Do y’all plan on adding #5ths, 9ths, etc? Or more variations of sus chords? It would also be awesome if 6/9 chords were added or if I could change bass notes without having to change the chord to a major 9th, 11th, etc. I’m sure all of these requests are easier said then done lol..Version: 3.6.0

Good job!Incredible app everything I have always looked for I understand chords I understand scales but I can get into the melodies I want this app allowed me to take my idea and put it forward into my music with little hassle quick easy and fun. I would add the if you guys could turn this into a plug-in for DAWs like Ableton or fl studio so then we can use directly in the program. Don’t get me wrong though that midi feature is flawless. I just want to use it in my DAW directly that would be cool. Thanks for this app makes a huge difference in my life..Version: 1.1.3

Like a musician’s sketchbook in your pocketGreat app! recommend it to anyone, particularly those going through a bit of writer’s block who don’t really have all their music theory put together (like me, lol) only issues i have are spoiled ones. i wish there were ways to have chords play when i want them to. for example, if i’m writing in 4/4, i may want: chord I, chord II/III, chord IV, chord V here i would have my third chord progression come in on the second chord’s third and fourth beat, and there’s no way (that i know of) to do that... if it’s 4/4 then i only can use 4 chords. no more, no less. speaking of less, what if i want my third chord to hold out in place of a fourth chord? if i want to replicate that, i have to just repeat the chord in the fourth spot and it’s just not the same i feel like if there was a way to implement these improvements, it would make this app so much more dynamic and a true songwriters companion. no hate tho, i really like this app and would still recommend it!.Version: 2.0.2

Oh wow!A major hats off to whoever made this app! I have been really trying to learn music theory so I can learn to play the guitar. What are the scales, what notes go well together, major, minor scales, etc... I downloaded this app not having major expectations. Then bamm! This is a very well developed app, it has all of that knowledge. You can go look at the notes in a key on keyboard, or switch to guitar (which I did). I thought, wow... but surely you don’t have it for a left handed and again... I was pleasantly surprised: they do! A big big big thanks. Miku.Version: 3.0.6

This app got WAAAAAAAY betterI downloaded this app a while back and used it maybe 3 times and haven’t used it since. I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now so naturally I’m going through every single app on my phone to procrastinate. I’m not sure when these guys updated this app but MAN I’m actually excited to use it for what it’s for. The navigation is improved and the quick tips are crazy helpful (so far). Not sure how much I spent on this but it couldn’t have been anything crazy. If you’re looking for an app that will give you a bit of inspiration chord-wise, this app is great..Version: 2.0.2

This app it’s amazingI love it, I’m not a pro just a dad of two kids who loves playing electric guitar with a looper and drums , I always struggled to search for proper scales and save pictures and learn but this app makes everything so easy, just find the key set it, pick your favorite scale and play , well worth an investment of 15$ with all scales unlocked, I wish the basic tuner was included in app and price cause paying monthly for a tuner makes no sense this is a definitely downgrade of this app.Version: 3.6.1

Thank you!As someone who has struggled with learning this type of thing for my entire life because of ADHD and some other similar issues, this has been a tremendous gift! I am very grateful to it’s developer to helping me finally be able to understand music theory a little more. I love music more than anything and have played in bands most of my life. This app is teaching me the things I have always yearned to be able to grasp and implement into my musical vocabulary. I can’t thank you enough for this app!.Version: 3.2.6

Almost PrefectThe application works as advertised and well at that. The latest update makes it easier to compose an entire song for sure. The only reason I’m not giving this a 5 star rating is because we cannot change the duration of a chord in the timeline. If I want a chord to play for only 2 beats, I can’t do that. This seems like something that can be achieved by allowing the user to change the duration while assigning the chord’s value. Maybe a little handle or something. This alone would earn my 5thstar. A nice to have would be midi out feature..Version: 2.0.1

Very useful.I’m loving this app. I’m not using it to compose music yet. I use it to convert music I want to play on guitar and piano to chord sheets and tabs. Doing this with the circle of fifths accessible makes this fast and relatively easy, and to be able to access related chords that are outside the key is a game changer. The flexibility in song construction (verse, chorus bridge, intro, outro, and much more) is important. The feature I need is to allow more chords to the bar. I can work around it by changing tempo but there are limits. Please consider this..Version: 2.0.1

Love this app + feature requestThis is my go-to app to find chord progressions and help with scales. Being able to AirDrop the chords straight from my phone into my DAW is amazing (and it works great with Logic). The only feature I would like is in the scales. I would like it to highlight all the note in the scale on the “keyboard”, without pressing the notes for it to play one by one. I can’t read sheet music well, so seeing all the notes written out that way doesn’t help me. Other than I love this app, keep up the great work!.Version: 1.1.3

Overcharged for scale packLove the app so far - very quick and intuitive to use. Already have a couple of compositions saved and can jam out to the progression with my instruments to work on parts, etc. it would be cool to have more than one chord per measure, been using double time tempo to get around that. I purchased the additional scales pack and was overcharged. It said it was going to charge me $1.99, but I was actually charged $8.42. So buyer beware, you will be charged more than what is listed..Version: 2.0.1

BEST app for singers/songwritersAs a singer, I’ve always said that my greatest musical instrument was my ear: and this app definitely allows me to show and prove! The depth of chord progressions on this app is amazing. Additionally, I love the ability to “break the mold” with borrowing chords and modifying the root/bass. Furthermore, the fact that you can write in 4/4, ¾, ⅝, 6/8, and ⅞ time signatures is stupendous. If I could make any recommendations, I’d say further customization of inversions and the ability to have up to 8 notes per measure. If I have any sort of complicated rhythm, I currently have to double the tempo to create the rhythms I’d like in the song. Other than that, this app is PERFECTION. It works great for translating my wishes to instrumentalists in rehearsals so they can hear what I hear and we can more easily sync..Version: 3.4.5

Major or 7th chords all or nothing?I try not to review things before I’ve spent a good amount of time with them, but maybe the developer can help me out - is there no way to set progression mode to a minor key?? It seems like you can only switch from EVERYTHING major key to EVERYTHING 7th chords. Maybe there’s a good music theory-oriented reason for this (I bought this ap relatively ignorant of theory after all), but these seem like really basic things - especially the major/minor key signature aspect. All that said, I’m already enjoying and seeing the potential in the ap as is and fully intend to continue using it..Version: 1.0.5

This is exactly what I looked for!Such a gem for learning guitar and songwriting! Everything is well put together and nicely built and user interface is awesome. Can’t wait for chord notation feature. Personally, as a guitar learner, I’d love to find triads schematic right in the app. One small feature request from me is to have a metronome as an option to enable from scales view. Thank you for putting effort into building this app! Worth every penny!.Version: 3.4.3

Amazing app! Great composition tool!This is the best song composition tool that I’ve found on the iPad so far. Intuitive and simple, it allows for even those without a knowledge of music theory to create songs that shine. If I had one suggestion for a future feature, it would to add the ability to move song sections around on the edit screen. Hopefully that feature is coming! Thanks so much for the great app and keep up the terrific work!.Version: 3.2.6

If I could be an ambassador I wouldI love this app so much I’ve literally plugged it to all my students and friends. Super fun to work with and makes the composition process approachable and fun. I recommend this app for anyone just starting out in music, people looking to brush up their chops, or musicians who are looking for teaching tools for their students ✨ I would give it a 5 if when exporting the PDFs it gave an option to have the chords notated with notes on the staff. I feel like that would bring the app to the next level..Version: 3.2.6

Astounding little appA fabulous learning tool. This is so wonder for me as I am learning more theory as a way to increase inspiration and capabilities in songwriting. It does so much that it took me a couple of tries to scratch the surface - and that’s all I feel I’ve done - of this swell little tool for viewing and learning theory in such a unique way. Also want to mention that I love the popular songs it will play through so you can see much of how they are constructed..Version: 2.2.3

Great!Love having 80 plus scales in my pocket! The only thing I’d like to see is clickable notes on the guitar scale page with sound bites like the piano. Also, me being a simpleton, I’d like to see each scale shape individually instead of just all shapes on the fretboard (maybe in a separate menu). Not a big deal but seeing notes on the first fret confuse my poor brain 😂. Regardless, incredible work put into this app!!.Version: 3.2.8

Perfect butFirst off I love this app, very helpful and gives good insight if you are beginning your music theory/writing journey how ever there are some flaws. The app does not display chord for many scales melodic/alt etc. And it is kind of limited in the colors of music it helps you to use don’t be expecting an advanced app for jazz theory (it would be awesome if it was) but over all it is great and hope to see some updates that help with more harmony and jazz theory, I’m guessing jazz students are the majority of the people who downloaded this app. 🤩.Version: 2.0.1

Don’t usually write reviewsBut I love this app. Since the quarantine I don’t have access to my piano so this makes for a great way to compose. One note of feedback is it would be great if you could let the instruments do some sort of riffs like the guitar can do in GarageBand when you play chords so there is a little more of a creativity dimension when composing. And maybe even add a drummer as a metronome option. Other than that great job..Version: 3.0.7

This app is great!I’m a self taught guitar player. Only scale I’ve ever known was the pentatonic. With this awesome app, you can put chords together, then go practice different scales in key! I’m shredding like I’ve never done before! “I got blisters on me fingers!” I really like that it shows the scale on the whole fret board also. I just look at the screen and shred away. With time and practice with this app I’ll memorize these scales. Thank you!.Version: 3.5.4

Great App - If Only it Had Some Drum Beats!This is a fantastic app for learning and experimenting with composition. My only wish is that it had options to also add a basic drum beat, selected by genre (rock, blues, pop, etc.). That would make it a fully-fledged tool for creating quick backing tracks to improvise over. Such rhythm would give inspiration that a metronome alone cannot. Hopefully it’s a feature that could be added in the future!.Version: 3.2.9

Needs this featureOne of my favorite apps. Love the save feature, now I can save my creations. The one thing it’s missing is the ability to alter the minimum amount of beats per chord. The metronome works so that each chord gets a minimum of 4 clicks before it switches to next user inputed chord. There should be a way to edit this so that some chords, still locked into the tempo, can switch faster, maybe I only want my Bm for half the bar, and then an A chord for the other half. An edit feature where I can adjust the “length” that a chord rings out over the metronome would make this app perfect..Version: 2.0.3

RetourJ’aime bien l’app. Le seul bémol c’est que ça sonne pas en violon lorsque je choisis le violon comme instrument. À part ça, ça me permet de bien faire mes exercices, gammes et modes.Version: 3.5.9

Missing ability to change b to # on iPadGreat app! Latest update adds the ability to display chords in the circle as either b or # (e.g. Ab or D#), but this functionality seems to be missing from the ipad version and only works on iPhone. Would love if the developer could fix this..Version: 3.4.5

Good but lacking certain featuresNice app with colorful UI; however, lacking features such as manual chord inversions. Chord Suggester is another paid app that has more features and additional voicings..Version: 3.4.5

ExcellentWell thought out app. One of the apps I use on a regular basis..Version: 3.3.0

I absolutely love this app but...I wish there was a feature to record notes, voice and other instruments along with the progressions. Sometimes when I'm singing and freestyling with the chords on the go If I don't record it I instantly forget and regret my life choices. I tried using the recording feature on my phone but I can't hear the chords in the app when it's on; and if I use a different device to record the sound isn't as crisp as I'd like it to be. It you are able to add this feature I'd appreciate it. Oh would you also be able to add chord notations I'm sorry if I'm asking for alot 😅. Either way I still love this app..Version: 3.2.0

Impeccable appI can’t find much more to say but this: excellent tool for any musician / enthusiast. Kids love noodling around with it, I use it seriously as a music writing aid, doubles as a great learning tool..Version: 3.1.1

AwesomeThis is exactly what I was looking for! I’m a guitar player looking to level up on music theory and I find these tools so helpful..Version: 3.1.0

Great with 2 wishes1 - Would like to be able to see intervals on guitar fretboard. 2 - MacOs version..Version: 3.0.9

FeedbackAn « chords/scales compatibility » function could make this app complete (essential)! Thanks All Modes representation (notes of a mode pattern) on fretboard for every scale. Using degree mode on fretboard instead of notes..Version: 3.0.9

Good toolFirst of all, thank you for this amazing app. It’s easy to use, super helpfull for songwriting and has a good flow/intuitive design. On another subject, I would like to know what’s the synth « sound patch » your using? I really like the sound and Im trying to find something similar on my Roland, Im getting close, but not exactly! Thanks, it would be appreciated :).Version: 3.0.4

Good but buggyThe App is great The App needed to be forced shut twice in a day. Not very stable.Version: 3.0.7

Almost perfect songwriting toolThis has been my go to songwriting tool for a while. I find it great for sketching out and experimenting with new ideas and scales. I have to knock off one star because of not being able to share my files between my phone and tablet via iCloud. That would make it the perfect tool for me..Version: 3.0.6

Thank you TONALY.This app is incredible. Honestly I’ve just been looking for an all encompassing app for modes and scales. The layout is so neat. One thing I do wonder though... is there a way I can like move the scale chart while the audio plays the scale? I’d love to be able to practice all positions of the scale without having to put my guitar down to scroll it to the right or left..Version: 3.0.4

Amazing appI barely write a review but this app really deserves it! I was really surprised how much you got for this price. It’s working perfectly smooth and has many options. For me as a beginner to guitar this helps me a lot! Thank you! You did a really good job!.Version: 3.0.1

Over expected !!!I can see a huge amount of effort was put in developing to come up with an app that is both excelent in UX/UI design and professional music theories. Simple to navigate, lots of functions (even without the expansion), thorough guiding tour, ... One small recommendation is that I would love to see the note-by-note chord playback option (I don’t know how to call this) beside the default playback. Hats off for the dev team 👏.Version: 3.0.0

I love it - must have for musicians of any level!I really enjoy the clear and easy layout - colors and general UI experience! I was wondering on the possibility to add modality when changing chords? (Like let’s hear how this G chord would sound if it was borrowed from Lydian or Phrygian for example) does that makes sense? Anyways great job, love the app :).Version: 3.0.0

GreatLove it but two suggestions - I wish I could filter the scales. I bought the expansion but I only need maybe 20 of the 80. Would be nice to hide the ones I don’t use often. Also I’d like to see the locrian aeolian mixed scale added, due to its prominence in metal..Version: 2.1.0

Useful tool.... getting better!It's odd that the chord buttons only play the sound upon release and not when tapped..Version: 2.1.7

Great appIt’s a great app but I wish there was a ukulele fretboard and chord diagram. Please add this and more instruments. Also a way to distinguish the root note of chords displayed on fretboard or piano would be nice. Keep up the good work..Version: 2.1.4

An amazing tool to speed up songwritingThis app is to say the least incredible. Yes it does serve as a chord progressions maker but it has so much more to offer than just that. Any scales be it piano or guitar it has ready for you depending on what key or mode you’re in. I would recommend this to any songwriters who don’t have the full grasp on music theory since this will help familiarize you with the concept and speed up your creation abilities..Version: 2.0.4

Finally Understanding TheoryThis is the best app I’ve used for learning theory!! It would be neat to support landscape mode and to have midi out so I can write a song and send the midi out from this app to another iOS app without the need to export a midi file. If this is possible I haven’t found out how to do it but if not I think A LOT of people would love that kind of feature in the future..Version: 2.0.1

Version francaiseLa version francaise est-elle en projet ?.Version: 2.0.1

MesureÀ moins que je ne me trompe, on ne peut mettre deux accords dans une même mesure...Version: 2.0.1

Amazing!Always wanted something like this!.Version: 2.0.1

Such a time saverI used to spend hours coming up with chord progressions and going back and forth from the Hooktheory books but now with this I don’t even have to have my MacBook to come up with the bones of a song. It really allows me to concentrate on the feeling of the chords rather than the theory of why they work together and speeds up my productions 1000%.Version: 1.1.3

I love this app!I’ve been using this app for about a week now and it’s amazing! It’s what I’ve been looking for and didn’t even know it. It’s made songwriting SO MUCH EASIER, and everything in the app is so smooth and great to use. Honestly worth every penny. The MIDI export works great too!.Version: 1.1.1

Fantastic learning tool, has a great opportunity for MIDI controlLove everything about this app - MIDI export is a great feature but I would love to see it go one step further and add inter-app control along with real-time MIDI output via WiFi or lightning cable..Version: 1.1.0

Need helpHaving issue while exporting midi to my laptop DAW (ableton Live) because its doesn’t open .....Version: 1.1.0

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