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The US Debt Clock .org App gives you a Real-Time glimpse of the most relevant economic data showing the financial condition of the US Federal Government, the 50 States and the World with over 3000, up to the Second Data Fields.

• Go Back in Time to the Year 1900 to see the performance of each President, all the
way forward into Future elections.

• Compare the Debt, GDP, Debt Per Citizen and Unfunded Liabilities of all 50 US States.

• See the World Debt Clock represented in US Dollars, and how each Country's Debt
Level and GDP place them in the Global Economic System.

• Look into the Future to see the US Debt Clock in 4 and 8 Years at Current Rates.

• See the Top 50 US City Debt and Unfunded Liabilities.

• Look into the Classified Budgets and Programs of the various US agencies.

• See all NASA's Current and Past Space programs represented in Today's Dollars.

• See the Cost of every US War in Today's dollars

• See the Cost of America's Military Hardware through History and in Inflation Adjusted Dollars Today.

• See a complete list of the Average Pay and 20 year Increase for the Top 200 Occupations in the U.S.

• See the Fortunes in Today's Dollars of some off America's top pioneers

• A special feature which lists America's most Expensive Natural Disasters in Today's Dollars.

• Take a Glimpse back in time 100 years and see the increase in prices for a List of Common Consumer items, Including Cars.

• Keep up to date with World Energy Usage, Precious Metals Production and Demand, Year to Date Auto Sales and Home Prices and Sales Rates.

• Go Back by decade to see where US Debt Levels were in 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010.

• Travel Back in Time to the year 1100 for a complete History of Money and Banking.

• Federal Budget Showdown matches the CBO, OMB, HCB and USDC against each
other, 4 years into the future.

US Debt Clock .org App Comments & Reviews

US Debt Clock .org Positive Reviews

OutstandingAccurate financial numbers for nearly anything you could think of. Ever have that one person claim the us debt is less than it is? This app corrects them instantly. Ever heard someone give a false number? This proves them incorrect. Updated in real time. Unbelievably valuable app. Especially for research purposes and such. I have not one complaint or issue. It’s simply amazing and totally worth paying for the extra. You will NOT be disappointed at all. Impressed more likely. I’ve never seen something so comprehensive and have used this for well over a year now. Amazing stuff..Version: 4.4

So, so much more than I was expecting!Incredible, like worldometer, and I was worried it would be a waste of money and just duplicate their page. But with the incredibly detailed and easy to find data on top of all the simple things to find like the debt clocks, made it worth it by far. Statistics that aren’t available on even usgdp clocks main site are shown alongside their data. As a fund manager and economic analyst, that was the best $5 I’ve spent all year. Great job dev people!.Version: 4.4

EYE OPENERIf there ever been an app that is truly informative, you found it! I upgraded to the pay version that cost such a small amount of money. The information provided is mind blowing and well represented with colorful graphics. It covers all aspects of our country’s financial health which includes “Natural Disasters “ and the toll it cost all of us. I want to congratulate the folks behind this wonderful app. To go a step further I feel this app should be a standard addition on all smartphone platforms on the market today..Version: 4.2

Best $5 I’ve Spent in Quite a While!For less than a cup of overpriced coffee you can have one of the most stunning accumulations of data on money and finance that I have ever seen! A staggering collection of tickers that show - in real time - the Federal National Debt, your State’s debt and more fascinating charts and data clicks than you can believe. Highly recommended! A bargain. The people behind it have done a national service!.Version: 4.4

Informative App!This app provides a wealth of information pertaining to the financial status of not just the U.S. but the world. I’m not sure of the exact accuracy, but indeed it’s still interesting. It demonstrates MASSSIVE debt is now the world’s new norm. While debt seems to have always existed within every industrialized nation, it is currently at an unprecedented level comparing to GDP worldwide. While we think the US debt crisis is bad, Japan is the worst. It’s interesting comparing countries..Version: 4.2

INFORMATIVE & ENTERTAINING APP!!Love this app!! Worth every penny & has been a huge asset for my connecting the dots adventures. Wish everyone knew that they need to “explore” the info on this app. I enjoyed reading the comments about the app not working. I’m still laughing hysterically. One day the light bulbs will go on in the heads of people…but maybe not..Version: 4.4

Wish I could see secret windows on appI really like this app, has so much incredible information. The only thing I would change is to have somewhere available the secret windows. Hopefully in chronological order. They make me ask questions and research things to understand better where our money comes from and goes to. And how it affects all of humanity..Version: 4.4

Informative and curiously funThis app offers some pretty telling stuff. Debt per citizen. History and money. Current finances. Celebrity current worth. The list goes on and on. One thing it does do though is reality check you and shows you that paying off your debt may be the best thing as soon and smartly as you can. I love this app..Version: 4.2

Good app, but some things are missing nowGood app, but it looks like things like the total assets are gone from the current page. If you look at the future pages, you can see at the bottom what’s there and if you look on the first page, you can see what’s missing. This is on the iPhone versiondevelopers, can you please fix this thank you.Version: 4.4

Really neat app!You get to see in real time how our governments exorbitant spending is literally screwing our future generations. Love all the quotes from the beginning of this great country. Really shows you now how the federal reserve would be considered the root of all evil by our founding fathers, which, obviously, it is..Version: 4.4

Add Calculators PleaseInformation is power and this app is a bargain at 5 dollars for the value. I would just like to see the mortgage and loan calculators added at some point. It would make the deal that much better I think and not too much work from devs..Version: 4.4

Within 2 minutesI just downloaded this app within 2 minutes ago, and already feel like sharing with my entire family. That should tell you something. God Bless The USA.Version: 4.2

Where’s 2024 potus info?Lots of good information. Not all is necessarily accurate, but mostly accurate estimates of the debt (national, personal, state) and its future cost. I did notice that they seem to be skipping over Biden potus info. All prior potus info is every 4 years, but now they skip up 5 years. I’m sure they will eventually add Biden, but it’s purposely being skipped at this moment..Version: 4.4

Highly RecommendMind boggling continuously changing facts right in front of you. Great resource to use when discussing economic and social issues with others. Highly recommend..Version: 4.4

Follow the moneyThis app is a treasure trove of information on where your taxes are being spent. Not just federal but also state info, organized in a way that’s as entertaining as it is eye opening. Should be required reading for every US taxpayer..Version: 4.2

UI needs improvementThe graphics look like this app was designed in the early 2000’s. It’s difficult for me to really look at. Overwhelming, honestly. I appreciate the data but I’d prefer to look these numbers up online rather than deal with their interface..Version: 4.4

Read the history of BankingScroll and tap “More”on the app, tap the “History of Banking” you will be surprised and enlightened by how we have been dumbed down and enslaved..Version: 4.4

The most powerful tool for regular peopleThe most powerful tool for regular people who would like to understand where the worlds debt stands, with debt clocks for countries, states, and times. Best money I think you can spend in the App Store..Version: 4.2

2 Improvements for a Better AppGreat reference, needs the following: - ability to tap items and get a historical chart - link for each to source of information.Version: 4.4

Insightful applicationWay greater then the Web version on the browser. This app is something I’ve been waiting for to prove my friends what is an inflated economy.. and how world wide events affect us all around.Version: 4.2

Needs more metal infoLove the app, just bought it tonight. Would love to see more info on the metals. Maybe price per oz info from early 1900-today? The number of ounces per person would also be useful. Other then that love the information..Version: 3.5

Coolest app I’ve ever seenI spent about 30 minutes looking at all of the info. SOOO much more available than it shows on the App Store buy page. Really cool info and unreal numbers abound. Worth $20 easily..Version: 4.2

AwesomeThis app is truly one of a kind. It’s packet full of useful information in an easy to read format. Still waiting on the POTUS update. Brandon deserves a ton of credit..Version: 4.4

Facts and statistics...GREAT APPYou will never look at federal spending the same after checking this app out. so much more than a debt clock. love it.Version: 4.4

Needs to be updated to fill iPhone screensThis app is an awesome idea, but is ruined by the fact that the UI has not been updated to fit a three generation-old iPhone screen size. Please fix this. I may not know a ton about coding, but I’m pretty sure Apple made it relatively easy in Xcode to do so..Version: 4.2

No secret windowsI was hoping to be able to access the secret windows easily on the app. You cannot. So if that’s what you want don’t get the app. That’s the reason I purchased it. Otherwise, it’s well laid out and easy to view..Version: 4.4

Good, but needs more updatesIt’s a good app but there should be more updates, and display should be adjusted to fit iPhone X sized screens. Also, there is no spending clock on Biden presidency, that should be added..Version: 4.4

Best US Debt Tracker Ever!I’ve used this app for years and it’s awesome! Want to know how much of our debt is owed to foreign governments? Want to know how much has been borrowed from Social Security? This app is for you!.Version: 4.0

AlrightApps good and of course shows the us debt clock, but don’t we love the app trying to show the issues of capatalism and corporates costing money feeding to the issues of Capatalism and corporate greed..Version: 4.4

Super interestingVery informative! Ever growing list of facts and information to keep you informed. Cool to share with people so they understand all government programs come with a great cost!!.Version: 4.2

Mind Blower!This app is a real mind blower and eye opener as to what our governments are up to: it also let’s us know that there will be a day of financial reckoning that is soon to come!.Version: 4.2

Excellent but...Needs more information to be perfect like : 1- more global public data and data from big competitive countries and trade partners like china, japan , germany, india ..etc. 2- more precious metals data and other industrial materials like cement, steel, oil demand/ production ... etc. 3- renewable energy such as solar . 4- electric cars. 5- us fortune 500 and global fortune 500 companies. thank you awesome developers..Version: 4.0

QuestionLove the app but slightly confused on why certain programs such as NASA programs continue to go up even though they ended 50+years ago.Version: 3.5

Used this to write my congressmanTold my congressman Devin Nunes to stop voting for stimulus bills and debt ceiling increases. He has a habit of voting for both. Used info from this app in my email..Version: 4.2

Great app! Can you make ones for other countries?Can you make ones of other countries please?.Version: 4.2

Amazing information, needs a little UI workThis is one of my favorite apps to use - tons of amazing information. Unfortunately, probably the lest visually appealing (ok, ugly) apps on my phone..Version: 4.2

Wow!Just stats, but stats that are eye opening on a great variety of concerns and well worth the price of the app..Version: 4.4

ZoomI have a smaller smart phone and it sure would be nice to be able to enlarge the information..Version: 4.2

Unable to connect to the internetOther apps working while this one constantly just won’t connect. Informative but not functioning a lot of times!.Version: 3.5

Every American needs to have and understand this appGreat info and best app.Version: 4.4

Great appI’m not normally one to write app reviews but this app has so much information it’s a must have..Version: 4.4

Energy consumption US wrong.The numbers are switch between oil and gas as well as wind and hydro. The website is right. This glitch needs fixed..Version: 4.4

Was greatThe app was great, but now it doesn't load half the time and if it does load it only partly loading. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still won't load all the way..Version: 4.1

Great AppWish it had access to the secret window.Version: 4.4

Great app. One request.Fantastic and fascinating app. Please consider adding a silver demand section/breakdown under precious metals just like there is for gold. Thanks..Version: 4.2

Missing countryThe only thing i don’t like is that iraq is not included.Version: 4.4

Amazing and informativeThis will educate you a lot on how the economy is today as well as how it performed in the past!.Version: 4.4

Updates?If the .org updates and adds new content then the app should also update..Version: 4.4

Just the facts MamI love this app various features from current to previous! When Alt-Facts show up I just point the facts to them. While USA centric it has a lot of interesting data from other major countries. Works as it should! Love it!.Version: 4.4

Please add CPI and PCE for inflationHello App Developer, Just want to say the app is great. Could you please add CPI and PCE data? That would make this app so useful! I am a trader and this would help me a lot.Thank you.Version: 4.4

Needs Bitcoin section.The amount of info packed into this app is WOW!! Stellar job whomever designed it. It’s like a whole university course in one tap. Just needs an separate Bitcoin section from crypto. Fantastic job!.Version: 4.4

Great but misleadingThis app today Feb 15, ‘22, lists the Dollar to Silver Ratio as “$2825. Whereas the US DEBT website lists the same Dollar to Silver Ratio at $3038. How come the difference……?.Version: 4.4

ExcellentThis is about as useful a resource as possible since the underlying sets of numbers provide amazing insights without interpretation which you supply. I truly love this app and use it as the point from which to begin to think. 10 Stars.Version: 4.2

Terrifying and importantThis app currently doesn't let the numbers constantly tick up like the web site. It takes away from the terrifying experience, like watching a train wreck, only instead of a train it's the Universes most dominant super power. I enjoyed the history of money section. Please make the numbers spin up, even if it's only an approximation updated when the app starts..Version: 2.1

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