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Capital One Mobile Customer Service

Capital One Mobile lets you manage your credit cards, bank accounts, home and auto loans anywhere, anytime, from one place on your iOS device. Check account balances, pay bills, view payment activity and transaction details, set up notifications — and lots more.

Access your accounts lightning-fast by using Face ID or Touch ID, personalize your app with a greeting name and profile picture — even check and monitor your credit score for free with CreditWise®. Also, you can now monitor your Credit Card purchases in real time with Instant Purchase Notifications. Get all the details you need anytime your card is used to make a purchase – just an extra layer of security!

Plus, you can:

• Use Zelle to securely send money to friends and family
• View and export statements
• Redeem rewards for statement credit
• Transfer money & deposit checks
• Make auto and home loan payments
• Activate a credit or debit card
• Report fraud

Did we mention the app is also available for Apple Watch? That’s right! Now you can really keep a closer watch on your accounts. 


Capital One Mobile App Comments & Reviews

Capital One Mobile Positive Reviews

Good app but quirky lately (UPDATED)I’ve been using this app for years and prefer it over competitor’s offerings. I like that notifications can be configured and received for every transaction. However within the past week or so, these notifications have been arriving very late — like many hours after the transaction has occurred. E.g. if my wife makes a purchase in the morning on her card I won’t see the transaction notification until the afternoon and I have to ask her if that was a legitimate transaction or not. It’s not very helpful, please look into why these delays are occurring. EDIT: reduced from 5 stars to 2 stars because the delays in the purchase notifications have gotten absurd. I have iOS and SMS notifications enabled for purchases and both have been arriving OVER TWLEVE HOURS AFTER the actual purchase time. This is plainly ridiculous. Please fix! EDIT2 (14Jan2020): OK back to five stars for now! The notifications issue seems to have been resolved as the “Instant Purchase Notifications” are back to being “instant”. Overall I have no qualms about this app as it’s easy to use for the few basic things I need it to do, with the notifications thing being at the top of the list. Thank you for the fix!.Version: 5.75.2

I love the app + credit wise featureI’ve been using the Capital one app for about a year and a half. It’s easy to use, easy to make payments, easy to redeem cash back rewards. It’s a great and easy app. I like it way better then my Bank of America app. I also love the credit wise feature. It has help me go from mid 700’s to over 800 in a little over a year. It helped me understand what would raise my score and how simple patience and keeping balances low would lower my score over time. I loved he simulators. I plan to buy a new car eventually and I want to be over 800 when I do it and I understand once I buy that car my score will go down a bit. I’ve turned down every offer to open a new credit card as I know it would lower my score for a while. I opened a few accounts at the same time I got the app and then I realized that was a mistake and I should not have done them all at once as I really didn’t need to I could have paid cash for one of the items so now I just have to wait for them to fall off as “new accounts” I think will happen in about 5 months and my score will go even higher! Thank you capital 1 app designers. Thank you credit wise people!.Version: 5.32.0

E-Bills Don’t show accurate statusThe app is generally great with two exceptions (and I can’t find a way to DM these complaints/suggestions) 1. E-bills are useless on the app. The app always indicates 0.00 is due on my e-bills. to see what may be due...even when a bill is overdue. At the exact same time, the website (or Safari) view will show an actual amount due and red warning that the bill is overdue. It has been like this for years. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet. It’s very misleading and caused me to miss bills because I thought the weren’t due yet. (Lazy, yes. But I came to rely on my other online bank with which I also have e-bills because they display my bill status correctly) 2. In older versions of the app I could see many months of historical transactions. Now it’s very limited and sometime you need to look for something older than one month. CapOne - your are my third bank on these accounts and I’ve gone through NetBank (which had great online bill pay (pre apps), to ING which would not support e-bills at all at first and forced me to another bank for e-bills, and now to you. If you’d get your e-bills better managed in the app, I could finally move away from the other bank. Please fix the e-bill status displays in the app. Look at some of your competitors for best practices..Version: 5.70.0

Ok appFor everyday stuff, the app does what it needs to do. For transfers (both paying people and transferring money to external accounts), lord help us all. Cap 1 has been painfully behind Chase’s curve for nearly a decade now when trying to send money to people. Not only is transferring through Zelle a giant pain (Chase uses them too and it works fine, so why such a bad experience with Cap1?!), trying to know what automatic transfers have been set up is an act of futility. In the past, I could go to the website and see all of the transfers I have set up. The app shows them, but I can’t edit or cancel a series of transfers. Now, their website is just stupid with transfers and doesn’t even show them all even though the app shows them. I can’t cancel an upcoming transfer because it has gotten so far off target for when I actually need the money to appear in another account. So now I have to check back on the website (and risk forgetting) just to cancel a recurring transfer. I’ve had a transfer not show up anywhere, so I scheduled another one only to find out that caused two transfers. I tried to cancel one, they both disappeared. Set up another transfer only for there to be two transfers again. Get your *ish together Cap 1! Stop trying to redesign your website into the stupid boxes and make it functional!.Version: 5.43.0

Love it!I really like this app. Love the Credit Wise feature!! It’s given me some awesome tips on growing my credit even more. The app also gives me FREE weekly credit score updates. That’s neat! I am really enjoying my new credit card with Capital One and this cool app. I have called customer service to help me activate my Apple Pay and literally I was connected to someone within 10 secs of my call. I was dreading a long wait... Surprisingly, no wait time, no automated menus, the agent was already aware of the reason to my call and offered me fast, courteous service right on the spot. I am very impressed. I have been a loyal member with AMEX since 2010, but I have got to say, you really surprised me. I’m glad I decided to give you guys a shot. I heard lots of great news on the Clark Howard radio show. I heard a caller discuss a restaurant charge an exorbitant amount for a tip and you guys caught it before he even left the restaurant! THAT is excellent service! I have had that happen before so I could IMMEDIATELY relate. And then it dawned on me... maybe if I would have had Capital One, I could have had a COMPLETELY different experience and never had to go through that nightmare to start with.... So, I am here. Thank you!.Version: 5.33.0

ReviewCapital One helped me rebuild my credit after I made the mistake of co-signing a vehicle for my boyfriend. He lost his job at one point and I was financially unstable due to being a full time college student to aid him in paying for his motorcycle that he purchased. The voluntary repossession, hurt me for years. I got denied for almost everything I tried to do. Years later, I decided to look into different companies to see which companies offered the best credit card to help me rebuild my credit. Again, I got denied one after another. I was very hopeless when I stumbled across Capital One. I then applied for the secured credit card and paid $99 because it was worth it to help me rebuild my credit and it sure helped! Within 6 months, with responsible use for emergencies only and paying on time. My credit limit went from 300 to 650. After a year, I decided to apply for a second credit card through Capital One, and my credit limit went from 1k to 5k in 6 months, again with responsible use and paying on time. Thank You, Capital One. For helping me rebuild my life, and credit after one mistake I decided to make. Thank you for taking a chance on me. Lesson learned..Version: 5.59.0

Missing componentsFirst, y’all need to add electronic funds transfer that allows checking account to checking account electronic deposit transfer this eliminates paper check delays in the mail; such as with regular web bill pay, and makes things far more efficient. Please add this feature other banks do, I’ve had this feature before thru other banks, Capital One should have this as big name as it is Secondly, why can’t I see my recurring transfers or any transfers in pending status and why isn’t there an ability to add or edit as such on the app. I have to go to the website to see and/or edit my transfers, otherwise the app just allows you to make a one time transfer and set one up . Features need to be enhanced to allow display of current transfers n the ability to set up recurring transfers and to edit. Aside from that, I’m happy with Capital One... another feature that would be nice, would be to add categories to the savings in which you can direct portions of your savings to go, car maintenance in one stash, vacation in another stash, a date night stash, emergency funds stash we could edit each stash to make it our own... this would be fun n convenient, but the first two paragraphs are about business and are high priority on my list as I’m sure it is for others also.Version: 5.69.0

Phenomenal speed great customer serviceI am absolutely appalled 😮 at how Affective fast decision and constructive this bank has been thus far; with all sincerity Opening my 360 checking account was the greatest financial decision I ever made; I always love to be objectively unbiased in my reviews so I will say that in comparison to the other mobile apps I have tried Wells Fargo is much more user-friendly and accurate and I do not just say that because I am used to it I say that because I have tried all of them from Chase bank of America to Wells Fargo to TD now this (Capital One) And without question capital one is ranked number two in terms of mobile app support however in terms of live customer service; it may be easier to contact Wells Fargo 24 seven because of the malleability & fungible Mobile app; at the end of the day I can take solace knowing that there are live representatives who operate with absolute a hundred percent professionalism. I am very pleased thus far as my 360 checking account has gone. I would appreciate the mobile app being a little bit more scalable in terms of its functionality however I am not one to complain just pointing out the obvious..Version: 5.45.2

Best Decision Ever!!We had identity theft and decided to find a new bank. Very skeptical about the small number of brick and mortar and none in less than 8 hour drive from us but the customer service that we received from the very beginning won us over. Not once did anyone make us feel that our tiny paychecks were not worth their time. Capital One 360 has made us feel like we are catered to like millionaires and ALWAYS easy, fast, affordable banking with AMAZING customer service. I can’t remember the last time I have been impressed by a bank let alone the app, customer service, and quality of products and services offered in one place. We even got our car financed with them and again online using auto navigator. Now a savings account that is super easy to take from checking and put into savings. It’s so easy and the app is the most user friendly app that I’ve ever used. I’m so happy with the company and the app. I definitely recommend. I also recommend visiting one of their “cafes” we loved it and can’t wait for more to open closer to us!!!! Thank you so much Capital One for making our banking needs stress free!!.Version: 5.42.0

Lacks personal touchI’ve been a customer for 14+ years and had been very satisfied with the service. EXCEPT if you need to speak to someone. I walked into the bank on Ryan Street in Lake Charles to open a new acct. This would be a second account to keep my insurance proceeds (Hurricane Laura ) and spending separate from my household acct. I was rudely told that EVERYTHING is now digital, and I would have to open an acct. on an IPad. I told her I didn’t have an IPad and I lost my computer in the hurricane. She just kinda shrugged and dismissed me to move on to the next customer. No help whatsoever. I was so upset I felt like opening my accounts at another bank. I also needed to change my address and order checks. I don’t see any of that on the website. I normally bank at the Country Club Branch (closed ) where the employees there have always been helpful and polite. All of the desks where employees are usually sitting there and willing to help, are now empty. I believe you have lost a lot of older people (they have a lot of money) by not having anyone available to assist them. A friend (age 75) went in to open a 100K CD. Of course he was told he would have to do it himself, so he left and deposited in another bank. Your bank employee told him which bank to go to... that was helpful..Version: 5.75.1

Mr. Capital OneWell, I would like to entertain the idea that someone or thing will take the time to read this. I would like to state for the record that “ I Bobby Jackson “ will continue to be a loyal consumer to the entity, We’ve had some ruff patches and yet we’re still together. My credit cards that I have with us have taken a turn for statement balances above the status quo. Yet, I’m willing to continue receiving emails pertaining to financing our/my new vehicle. I’m not ready to purchase . I know that you or us should see that I have broken away from the semi constant balances that I kept. I hope that more attention is paid to my accounts and that I’m able to quickly get back on track. The app on my smartphone has been very helpful. The only downside to the app is that it takes several days for my funds to transfer to and from my external accounts. While avoiding the hassle and delays, it causes me to inadvertently save money. Having a snap view of my credit on credit wise has also equipped me with the knowledge I need to continue my journey towards bettering my credit. We’ll see ow it plays out. Bobby Jackson Jr.Version: 5.32.0

Best App Ever!I usually do not have notifications turned on for most of my apps because I work in the operating room and they would be going off all the time. But I kept this one on because my three kids have their own card on my account and it helps to keep track of when they use it (which is suppose to be for emergencies unless they ask). This App helped me to know that my daughter was in jeopardy one night when I got a notification at 0234 in the morning that a charge on her account was at a bar that she wouldn’t have gone to. The card was taken by a man who assaulted her and we were able to track him down based on the notifications from this app that are in real time. It gives the location and the time of the transactions as they go through. And the awesome customer service people were so helpful in how they closed just that card and fed-ex’d a new one for her the next day! I thank you for making this app easy to use also. I pay my balances and check my activity and have never been so up to date with a credit card before using this app. Thank you, thank you!.Version: 5.38.0

My favorite bankThey don’t charge you any money to keep your money, the capital one venture card it’s very easy to use and the rewards are good, the people are friendly whenever you have to talk to themAnd it’s not very difficult to get one of them on the phone. Capital one is my favorite bank I also bank with Bank of America and Chase and I do quite a bit would be a VA but I still don’t like them as much is capital one. Chase Bank and everybody else have a long way to go to catch up. The only problem I can find is that there are very very very few actual locations where you can go inside and do any banking. There needs to be a few more locations to make capital one competitively accessible. I also live in a very densely populated area (Dallas Fort Worth ) and there is still only two and I have to drive over 10 miles to get to either one. And all I would say if you were a person who needs a bank account and you do not have a capital one account you will be making a mistake. Even if you already have another these are very easy to get and highly convenient to have cheers!.Version: 5.77.0

Yay Capital One!I’m writing this review immediately after capital one got me some of my money back from a shady company. I was unwittingly signed up for a subscription service that I did not need or use after making a $2 purchase from them months ago. Today capital one notified me that my card was being charged as it does with every purchase DO NOT TURN OFF THIS FEATURE!! At first I didn’t see it’s value but it notified me immediately that my card was being charged. I did not expect this at all so I call Capital One through this app. After a few voice prints I was connected with Cici who got in touch with this fraudulent company as I was on the phone with her and fought for me to get my money back! No it wasn’t the worst fraud there is but money is money and I’m glad she took my complaint seriously and made it clear we were on the same team. This is my first experience with capital one and I am very pleased. I highly recommend this app and their company. If you have one of their cards YOU MUST GET THIS APP. I don’t know what you’re doing otherwise and why you wouldn’t have this app..Version: 5.33.0

Good app-4.5 rating intendedI only manage a credit card they the app. I like they keep it simple and is easy to pay, see recent transaction and super easy to log in. They keep it current with the new technology something I really like and is optional. You can choose, depending your device capability, lo use your password, finger print or Face ID. I think you can connect with others account and have a lot more options but I personally haven’t explore it. I love the customer service- is exceptional every time I had call them. They are also very proactive in the account security, they notify you right away if there some unusual activity in your account. I don’t give five star because I think it will be very useful if after each transaction they can give you the remaining balance instead of only a big number after all the transactions on the top of the page. Also I think it will be nice have some type of resource to plan your budgets or stuff like that to help people be more effective in managing their accounts- maybe they have it but not what I am aware off so far. Overall: is a great app and I totally recommended from the credit card point..Version: 5.27.0

360, can’t add external accts in appOpened a 360 checking account. Everything was great until I tried adding an external account. The app won’t let you do it. App refers you to website. Website wanted me to verify my identity using my phone number, which was already verified previously. Entered my ph number and there was a problem verifying the number. Never had a problem verifying my number with other financial accounts. Website said I need to call. Called customer service. Lady answers speaking a foreign language. Realizes she answered the call, starts speaking English. No problem. Ultimately she explains the phone number verification is different from the previous verification and that it may fix itself in a few days to a week. She offers to link my external account by sending an email to another department if I provide the account number and bank routing number. I asked if I could contact that department myself and she said that is not possible. I opted to wait the week to see if the phone verification goes through. What a hassle. I have another online checking account that let me add an external account in their app without issues. Capital One needs to fix this and the phone number verification..Version: 5.67.1

More than satisfied!As a person with an employment history in the banking/financial area, I am so impressed with Capital One! The first account I had with them was a credit card, then I did a car loan, and I was so happy to deal with them that I moved all of my accounts to them. (Checking and Savings) Even though they are a larger financial institution, they treat me as a person and not as a number! The service is great and the employees go out of their way to assist you. Even though I had most of my accounts in a smaller bank for years, the transition from them to Capital One was easy and smooth. When my hometown bank tank denied me for a loan even with good credit, Capital One not only approved me, they gave me an interest rate that was unheard of! When I decided to leave the other bank, they couldn’t care less; I have no idea why I was treated that way since I was a good customer and went there bc everyone I used to work with was at the small bank. No worries bc God sent me to Capital One and now I am blessed beyond words! What’s in your wallet and is your money working for you? 🤗.Version: 5.31.1

All the access I needI love the options available to me in the app and at my fingertips. I can make different Types of payments (one-time, recurring, etc), and each can be divided into payment and/or principal). Being able to add the additional funds to principal is going to make a huge impact on my payoff. Another feature is the ability to make bi-weekly payments (another bonus) that is going to help me payoff my loan even sooner without paying any additional funds/payments. And it will coincide with my paycheck so I don’t have to put the money aside every payperiod, it will just come out and be reducing my loan at the same time, leading to less interest being accrued. Win-Win! You can also view previous bank statements too. It has the payment coupon attached so if I decide to mail a payment instead, it will be easily accessible. You can also see your balance. This is especially important near the end of your loan and your watching the final payments be made! This is our first time using Capital One so we are new to the app, but so far so good!.Version: 5.60.1

I am beyond happy with themI could never say anything bad about Capital One after what happened to me today. I called last week to see if they would agree to remove late payment report from my credit. They stated that they couldnt do so; which I know isnt true. But that is besides the point. While on the phone the representative Brandon asked me why I had gotten behing on my payments. I explained that my husband passed away in October and due to funeral cost all of my orher payments got behind. At which point I proceeded to cry my eyeballs out while on the phone. Brandon never rushed me to get off the phone. He gave me all the time I needed to collect myself. Long story short, fast forward to today I get a knock on ny door and it was FedEx. When I opened my door it was a box with flowers inside with a note from Brandon sending his condolences and hoping to bring a little joy to me during this time. This might be that Brandon as a human being felt my sorrow and wanted to make things just a little better. But to him and the compaby as a whole. THANK YOU!.Version: 5.35.0

What’s the point?I’ve had the Capital One app for a while now and it was just to keep track of my 360 Money Market account. I did not use it heavily and would sometimes go months without even opening it because it was not really necessary for my needs at the time. Recently, I decided to add an external account to my money market account and of course tried to do this through the app. I had such a hard time trying to find where in the app I could add another account and got so frustrated that I just went on the Capital One website in Safari instead. On their, website it was so easy to find where I needed to go and was able to successfully add another account. I thought I missed something in the app but I went through the same process to get to the “Add External Accounts” page in the app as I did on the website just to discover that the option is nowhere on the app!! What’s the point of having the app if I have to go to Safari each time I want to actually do something?! Other than that, the app is fine, it just doesn’t make sense that I have to go on the Capital One website in Safari to complete a task when I already have the app..Version: 5.57.0

Best credit card & app everI refused for years to have a credit card because of APR rates, annual fees, and the risk of miss use, but this card is secured, great for building credit, and no annual fee. Although there's a "higher" APR than some cards, the lack of annual fee makes up for that. Also the APR is almost the same as other cards, but what I like so much about this card is the interest doesn't start building up the day you buy things (like most other cards) it starts one month from the day you actually bought the item. So there's no interest on your item when your bill comes in (unless you wait till the second month to pay off the total amount of your purchase). The app is amazing alone. You connect it to your bank and you can make payments right there. All from your phone. I've looked into getting other cards, but the annual fee, interest starting from day one, lack of advance app, text alerts, and high APR has kept me staying loyal to capital one, and only capital one..Version: 5.58.0

Capital One AppLove ❤️ the App Capital One!!! Thank you!!! It puts all of my Capital One card spending in perspective!!! It allows me to view each transaction even if it’s pending and I get notifications when a transaction on my card takes place!!!💕If I have an issue with a specific transaction I can dispute that right from the App!!! I feel the app would be a five ⭐️ plus if there were summary tabs for your totals after your account balance for your previous balance, for approved transactions, pending transactions and pending payments which would allow you to select any of the tabs to then pull the history for the breakdown that you already provide, for each new monthly billing cycle and a tab to view the history of the card activity to a date specified... this would allow us, card holders, to view are totals at a glance and could be a tool to help us view are spending habits and trends to help us better manage our spending over time! Also, if you’re disputing a transaction, I feel you should be able to view the transaction details before you have to request to cancel and mail a new card. I still ❤️ the app!!!.Version: 5.45.2

Great app. One inconvenienceThe only problem that I have with this app is that where it says WHEN your next payment is due, it does not tell you HOW MUCH is due. It would be really nice to have that info right next to it. I made a payment towards the end of the month to turn my balance into a flat, even, number as I usually do. Then when it was approaching my due date the next month, I was not sure if I had covered minimum payment or not. I called capital one and a representative mis-informed me my minimum payment was already covered. I did not make a further payment. Next time I checked, the account was past due and I was charged a late fee. When I called back the next representative was very nice and removed the fee from my account. BUT, it would be nice to be able to clearly see in the app the remaining balance that is due. Or if it has already been paid, $0 until next statement in order to avoid all of this confusion in the first place. If they do this, 5 star app for sure!.Version: 5.63.0

Pretty solid mobile and online bankingI've been with Capital One about a year now, and have few complaints. Mobile and online banking are easy to use, and visually appealing. All accounts are conveniently located together, and details and features are pretty self explanatory. Rewards are easy to use, though transferring rewards to other CapOne accounts is limited by the account type (kind of annoying). The system has occasional issues, and I've been denied access to my accounts for sometimes hours, though this is not a regular occurrence. My main complaint is in how long it takes to do pretty much anything with Capital One. Transactions take days to post (and you cannot pay for pending transactions as you can with other institutions like Chase). And transferring money into CapOne savings accounts is about a week-long affair. Other than that, nothing terrible to say. I had to contact customer service once-- they were professional and kind. Overall, quicker would be better, but I'm pretty happy with my Capital One accounts right now..Version: 5.28.1

My credit card experienceThis may be my first credit card but so far it is the best credit card I think because there’s no interest-rate you can pay the lowest amount of $25 or you can pay the full amount without fees and it tells you when your bill needs to be paid it gives you notifications early to notify you when your bills needs to be paid they are very secure like one time I cancel a payment then I made a different payment on the right Date then it popped up a security alert where I couldn’t buy anything so if it was someone else my credit was secure and safe yes It can be inconvenient but I liked it because my credit was safe and for someone like me someone new to Credit cards it was probably best at least with Capital One you know your account is (((((((SECURE))))) and believe me when I first got my credit card I was worried about anybody just seeing the numbers on the credit card and I’m still a little leery but at least I know I’m protected.Version: 5.35.0

Please add the ability to change primary accountI’ve had capital one checking for a couple months now. Up until now, I haven’t had any issues. I added another checking account to my account and was notified that I would receive another card. Never received the card but found out through research that you only receive one card per person no matter how many accounts there are. That’s fine with me, I’d rather have one card to deal with, but the issue is, for one, that should have been stated in the first place instead having waiting a week before I could do anything. Another issue I have with this is transferring from one account to another. It would be a lot more convenient to be able to change from account to account without having to go online, sign in, push all the buttons to get to the option, change it, use the card, then go back and do it all over again. Please include the option to change primary accounts via app, it’s such a hassle having to go through the online process not to mention the amount of data usage..Version: 5.60.0

Not very intuitiveSome odd lack of functions combined with some difficulty trying to navigate some of what is there. Overall not a really “bad” app, just needs some work. Still better than paper billing but it would be nice if I could pay as much as I want, when I want, instead of having to wait on “pending” transactions and then waiting up to 3 days to post credit. Most recent update has rendered app unusable! Login failed, reset password and got in on website to make a payment - but can’t get on app at all! Not with saved password, not with biometric. If I rest password then my credit wise app will not work- what a screwed up situation, circular loop logic fail! And now it wants to update but won’t download without WiFi - I only have hotspot! Cap1 is a great company, has my back on everything EXCEPT THIS APP! Very frustrating... Update about recent update! App refused to work without first updating, refused to update with my hotspot data - must use WiFi, which I don’t use - for 200mb. BS.Version: 5.61.0

Great if you NEVER need to deposit a checkUPDATE: Deposit function is working again and it seems faster and easier than ever!!! Updating my formerly one-star review to reflect how ecstatically happy I am once again. Original review below for anyone interested: * * * Loved this app when I first installed it and loved my 360 account! I could literally check my balance, or deposit a check in seconds. Unfortunately, for the past SIX MONTHS the mobile check deposit function has not been working. The second I tap the deposit option I receive a message saying “We hit a snag”. After uninstalling and reinstalling several times, hard booting my phone and iPads both, getting a brand new SIM card for my phone and several calls to Capital one, the developers STILL don’t care and there is no eta for a fix. Basically the entire point of my opening a capital one 360 account, namely ease of use on mobile apps, is entirely moot. Sadly, I may need to bank elsewhere..Version: 5.62.0

Great App; Lacking a BitThis is a user friendly app that makes it easy for me to lock my card, check transactions and verify my balance or availability. ***I’d like more individual transaction options. For example, Apple credit card allows you to select a transaction to dispute or further research. It also allows you to dispute the transaction via the app /remotely without having to call. This is especially useful when wait times are over an hour.. especially when your call back feature isn’t secure (eg rep calls from a number that comes up as a scam , says their in AZ but number is CA and you don’t know whether they’re actually CapOne lol). Also, time being my most precious asset; is rather reduce the amount of time I spend on any issues. Your app makes it quick to do most things except that (address issues). Kudos on the easy card lock feature. ***It would be nice to be able to access my account via the app without having to unlock my card since I’m obviously the end user/card holder. Thanks !.Version: 5.64.2

User-friendly and clearI have a few credit card apps and this one clearly stands out above the rest. It’s simple and easy to use. Payment and reward redemption features are very clear- other apps seem to require more effort for me to figure out where those functions are located. The credit wise credit score tracker is also useful and provides explanation as to how various types of activity affect the score. I also just discovered a credit wise feature which simulates the effect of an action on one’s score. The simplicity and clarity of this app may be because it is just for a credit card account, not a general banking app which includes bank and credit accounts. This last comment has nothing to do with the app but Capital One is also cool because there is not a minimum threshold of rewards points to redeem to credit my account. Other accounts I have require $25 minimum. I am more motivated to use this card over others because of the app..Version: 5.33.0

Finally an app that displays EXACTLY what I wantYou know how sometimes out of pure necessity you have to use a certain app for something super important but it’s annoying to navigate through the all the little sub-menus in order to get right to the information that’s important? It’s like some apps add too much to the opening screen and they don’t just get to the point. Well this app is for you! I have 2 credit cards with Capital One and just 3 weeks ago took out an auto loan with them too. So I had anticipated the need to go online and register the account and use a full-size computer every time I want to check any details of the auto loan. Honest to God without me doing anything, I open the app a few days ago to check my credit card balances and the home screen prompted me if I wanted to add my auto loan I was amazed and eagerly clicked “OK”. Now I can see all 3 of my CapOne accounts on the very first page. This Capital One app should be a model for all other apps..Version: 5.35.0

Capital One Finally Got it Right.Updated Review for version 5.4. Well after several major updates, I can finally say that Capital One got the mobile banking right. The app has almost everything you need for mobile banking. They also have a full iPad App. This all was a long time coming, but it is here. Updated Review for version 2.0.4: No matter how pretty you make this App look, it's still pretty ugly. This App still doesn't work right for paying bills; at best it accepts about a quarter of the payments entered. This have been a problem since day one and you still haven't been able to fix it (please try to get the basics right). I consistently get a cryptic error messages that say the information is incomplete when all fields are filled out. When you call Tech Support for an answer they have no idea why this is happening and all they tell you to use the regular banking web site (great customer service there). The only thing this app is good for is looking up your balances, otherwise it's toilet paper. As mobile banking becomes more important to me, I'm considering changing banks to a company that has a mobile banking platform that works. What you need to do? 1. Bill payment that actually works! It's a basic feature! 2. Check scanning / deposit functionality (but if they can't get bill paying right, how can they get the deposits right) 2. An iPad version of the App, like all the other major banks..Version: 5.42.0

My favorite credit card app!I love this app so much I even decided to go paperless with my statements. I can always see what is going on with myCapital One credit cards. I’m notified by text every time my card is charged. My Capital One Venture Card also gives me the option of “erasing” my travel purchases with the points earned on that card and I can take care of that in less than a minute with this app. This app is part of the reason that my Venture card is my favorite card. I have a Citi card too that has a rewards program I like a lot, because they send me a check once a year for my rewards, but their website is so terrible and I’ve never used their app. The only thing I don’t like is the app keeps saying I need to finish my account set up by adding my bank account to make payments which I will never do. I pay all my bills through my bank bill pay and everything is flagged to feed into the budget I made on my bank app..Version: 5.63.0

Best. Bank. Period.Been a member since ING...still same excellent customer care, no hidden fees, personal attention (not a computer) when you call, I’ve never had to leave a message up the chain of command if I’ve called for something ( have done this at other banks), Cap One understands human beings have needs and situations and takes fantastic care of us! Did I mention that we don’t get slapped with fees constantly like at other banks? Recently received a beautiful personal note from an employee at Cap One Auto Finance, sympathy note for my old car I didn’t want to let go of. Sweet touch, meant a lot! Wanted a personal loan to replace my engine, wasn’t possible through Cap One which is a drag... but I found a loan through a credit union (is much less expensive than buying another car)and my old car is like new again, Cap One did preApprove me for an auto loan, didn’t want that. Grateful for the wonderful options Cap One does offer... maybe someday personal loans too?.Version: 5.40.0

Very ConfusingMy credit line was taken away. I had 2 bank cards that were compromised. I am disable and not very sharp in the past months. I was so great full that they approved me. I was making payment from this site if I made them from my bank I would still have my credit line. I called to explain and they did not care. So, on there web site you can put in your bank account to pay your bills but you CAN NOT delete OLD CARDS that are no longer active. That’s were my errors came into play. I choose the wrong bank card numbers and I was not aware until the closed my account. No one called or left any messages, nothing. I have 2 cards the second card I made 1 mistake choosing the wrong bank card. They said they give you one chance, I didn’t get that chance with the second card. I found this site frustrating because thought it would be the best way to pay and not make mistakes, I WAS WRONG. 😩.Version: 5.60.1

Capitol One appI’ve been with Capitol One since they were ING and I have had NOTHING but good experiences over the years. I use their online banking for my checkings, savings. I also utilize their investing account, credit cards and CDs. I love the fact that I cannot readily access my savings, because I shredded my debit card years ago but using the app I can readily transfer money as needed to and from my credit union when needed. It works well for me and I have been able to save so much more because I don’t have immediate access to my savings for impulse purchases. The app works well because when I do need to transfer money from my CapOne accounts to my credit union it is a very simple process. I have never had an issues with money transfers using this app. I also used the app to open my first CD and it took me less than 5 minutes to set everything up. I also like the creditwise feature on the app, as well. I will always be a loyal CapOne member..Version: 5.47.0

It was flawless - what happened?With in the last couple updates this app has gotten buggy. When I log in it used to show me both my checking and savings account balance on the home screen and I could choose which account I wanted . Now it just shows me savings account. I have to go into my savings account then back out for my checking account to be visible? That’s a pain. Secondly, ever since I switched my wife and me to capital one we use zelle to reimburse each other for family expenses. It’s been perfect until now. I tried to send my wife money and it asked me to verify my phone number so they could send me a passcode. It then said my phone number wasn’t registered with this account so I checked my capital one profile and it’s the same number. Looks like it’s Venmo for me. Come on capital one - I switched from a regional bank to you because your app and the simplicity of banking with you was unparalleled. Now it’s not..Version: 5.48.0

Good app in general, but hobbled with VPNI’ve always been impressed with the function of the Capital One app. As other reviewers point out, it works smoothly, allows multiple logins, looks good, and respects OS conventions. Until recently, I would have rated the app a full five stars, but its functionality seems to have been hobbled while operating over a VPN. I use a VPN for added privacy online and always use servers based domestically (to the US), so there’s little reason to cripple my ability to deposit checks simply on account of that. What’s worse is that the failure is simply noted with the message, “sorry, we’ve hit a snag. Try again later,” rather than telling me the underlying reason—that’s not helpful app behavior. I had to spend an hour either on hold or on the phone with tech support only to find out the true reason why the app wasn’t working. I’ll update the rating to five stars if the app starts working well again under a VPN..Version: 5.28.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5.85.0

What do you think Capital One Mobile ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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