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Prepare for a new Geometry Dash adventure filled with more spikes and monsters than thought possible!

Flex your clicky finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles.

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Three unique levels with music from F-777!
• Unlock unique Meltdown icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Geometry Dash answers the age old question: "What do you get when you mix techno, dubstep, spikes and a rainbow?" Download and find out...

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Geometry Dash Meltdown App Comments & Reviews

Geometry Dash Meltdown Positive Reviews

The best in the world I love your your game Love Cleo and EmmettYes so much for making this game you were for life but everything I say to you will be the best because you are the best give me the best game and it turns out that we love you because you make a mess this game and the best of the world would be you because you made this awesome game and I just really want thank you I love you like really I love you because you made this awesome game and the awesome game is somewhat I want you have to read this because whoever made this which I shouldn’t say because it’s not nice but I love you thank you for making this game whoever you are love Cleo and Emmett bye see you later but you are the Bestos and I really have to do that but she just are the best I want to see you again well see you anytime in the whole world because you’re the best you made this past game and I think I hope you write me read my resume tomorrow or today or anytime I just want to use it to read it this was from April I forgot the dates and everything but I know it is so I’ll be seeing you later bye.Version: 1.01

Not Bad, but could really use an update or twoIt's a pretty fun game, unlike, the original Geometry Dash, which is rather addicting and challenging than fun (yes there is a difference). The reason why this game is more fun is because 1: The awesome F-777 music, and 2: The levels aren't TOO challenging, and if you're experienced with the first game, they can be pretty easy, which makes it a better warm up than some of the so called "warm up levels" in the first game which are included in the lite version, for example: Stereo Madness and Back On Track take forever to beat, on your first time playing, a warm up level should be easier like The Seven Seas in this game, it's much less hard and annoying, plus, the music in the first game for the first two levels is catchy, but, boring if you're not playing the levels, unlike, the songs in this game, which are epic, and make you head bang! However, that doesn't make the levels impossible to lose, it takes a few attempts, especially if you're trying to get the coins! And this game tends to behave like a demo rather than a full game, I'm aware that this is an early version, but, this really should've been released fully and've been able to keep updating, and with that, comes the ads! The freaking ads! I mean is it really so hard to remove those? And that would of course make you want to get the full version right? Well if you try it, it takes you to the full version of the first game!!!!.Version: 1.0

Good, but not perfect.I really like this game. It feels very much like Geometry Dash. It's pretty obvious that all three levels in this game got inspiration from the first three levels in Geometry Dash (not Meltdown). I really like how it includes aspects from 2.0. However, it's a game made mainly for people who don't have the full version of Geometry Dash. If you have the full version, you'll know what I mean. You can't unlock all of the icons on Meltdown even if you have the full version, and you can't transfer the Meltdown exclusive levels or icons to the full version. And I'm not a big fan of getting an ad for a game (it shows ads of the full version) I already have every five deaths. I wish RobTop would make so in the next update onwards, if you have the full version of Geometry Dash, you won't get ads on Meltdown. All in all, it's a good game with awesome music and great levels, but it doesn't reward you if you have the full version. I'm giving this game 4/5 stars because it doesn't give much service to anyone who already has the full version. Also, the sound and music don't seem to work. I expect the sound to be fixed in the next update..Version: 1.0

Awesome, but I'd like an updateI love this version of geometry dash. The F-777 music makes the game seem more fun than challenging (at least on some levels). I got through the three levels so fast though! There are only three, and it would be so much more fun if they made more levels. Although I really love this game now, I bought the full version of Geometry Dash first. Whenever you try to buy the full version of Geometry Dash Meltdown it brings you back to Geometry Dash! I know that's how it's supposed to work, but Meltdown is different from the original. It has different music, different styled levels, different characters, and less levels. What I don't get is that, you unlock a character and color in Meltdown and it says for the locked colors that you can only get them in the full version. When I go to Geometry Dash, all of the characters are different and so are the colors. So the locked colors are basically saying, "You'll never unlock us." Just take caution when you buy the full version. It may surprise you..Version: 1.0

Congrats RobTopI have to admit, this game could be better, but not in very many ways. I agree with Dafunkyazn3's review. RobTop is only one person, and he can't accept all of these requests to make his game better, so give him a break! Although the levels are pretty easy, they are really fun! My personal favorite is Airborne Robots but that's probably only because I have 94% on it and I'm really proud of that. The levels are all so awesome! I like the way RobTop had some aspects of Geometry Dash 2.0 in Meltdown. This may be my favorite version of Geometry Dash, although some of the levels in the full version are pretty fun. I am hoping that there will be more levels in the future, but I also think that Meltdown would be great with the three levels it already has. Over all, Geometry Dash Meltdown is a great game, whether you can beat a demon level in your sleep, or if you have never heard of Geometry Dash in your life. Absolutely 5 stars, and I would rate it 6 if I could. Congrats RobTop!.Version: 1.0

!!AWESOME + FUN + CHALLENGING!!Geometry Dash Meltdown is an awesome game and I definitely recommend that you play it!😍 If you happen to be looking at the reviews and you come across this review, trust me, I'm NOT over exaggerating! Geometry Dash Meltdown isn't as challenging as the original Geometry Dash, so it's much easier to complete! There may only be a little amount of levels, but they will keep you going! The music is also REALLY cool and upbeat, too! Sure, you may be really frustrated with it when you play because, of course, in all Geometry Dash games, when you do a jump incorrectly, you start over the whole level. But to make up for that, you can make your own character like in all the Geometry Dash games! So if you're the sore loser type, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!! If you don't really care, then you're going to be okay. Good Luck!😄😊😄😊😊😄😊😄😊😄😊😄😊😄😊😄😌😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😀😀😀😄😀😀😄😀😄😀😄😃😃😃😉😉😉😉😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.Version: 1.01

Dis game is asowmGeometry Dash meltdown is so fun but I wish you could play with user created levels like a normal Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash world maybe even Geometry Dash light but of course I don't know because I don't have it. I really like the game it's very fun. And all the levels are fine. I just wish there were more of the levels, I like The game but it would do way better if there are more levels I think. So there's my opinion of I like the game it's really fun I'll keep playing it and yeah it's really a cool game and I really like it so make more levels and it's really fun I'll keep playing it I want more levels I really really really want more more more levels. But overall it's a fun game and I hope that you play it and that you enjoy it and they have the same opinion that I do it's a very fun game and if you haven't checked it out you should really check it out it's really cool and I hope that you watch play it and yeah I hope you play the original version as well and Geometry Dash world..Version: 1.0

Reasons why people don't like thisNow I'm not saying that EVERYONE hates this, but I've seen some hate, and here's why 1: Ads | I've seen a lot of people talk about the ads in this game. Personally, I don't mind it, but apparently there are those kinds of people who just HATE ads. 2: Shortness | There are many people saying "Oh, it's too short," "Make more levels," "It's too short," and frankly I agree with them, it is short. But that's mainly because this hasn't had many updates YET! Trust me, it will get longer. 3: Less features | Another thing that comes up frequently is that it has not that many features such as the original Geometry Dash. Again, it hasn't had that many updates, it will get there eventually. So yeah, it's a great game and all, I actually like it (and completed it the day I got it :P), but I just saw why people don't necessarily like it and how come it isn't fixed. Keep up the work..Version: 1.0

GREAT...but I have a few ideas 👌🏻 ( PLEASE RESPOND )The game is fun and challenging! It’s perfect for whenever I’m bored. BUT, I have some ideas for the next update. You could customize your own levels and call it creative mode Also, you could compete against online players for first place. The player could also choose how many people are going to be there. And maybe you could combine my two ideas. The name for the second idea could be adventure mode or online mode. Another idea is that you could add hardness levels like 1, 2, and 3. Each level has its own difficulty. Number one could be that you don’t die, in two the normal one and in three extra things like ice, vents, and soap. Let me explain. When you slide in ice, you go faster. When you go on soap you have the risk of becoming stuck. On the vents on the top or bottom of the map air pushes you up or down. Please consider my ideas.Version: 1.01

Something like about itDid you know this game is not that fun but you get sort of educated want to know how you get educated! It's easy all you do is learn went to press a button so like if you're playing another game and it needs you to like jump and stuff you can Know when to jump so you don't die or fall like in flappy Bird you need to do that I don't flappy Bird. So please this game will educate you tell you want to tap the right button and just please download this game because it's really really really really really really really good it's in your opinion if you like it or not but my opinion is I love it😄😄😄😄😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 and write this game 3 to 5 please so you can choose from 34 and five but not to anyone those are the worst ones and this is like the best game. Period. Hello it's me so you need to download this game when I get to spank your bottom.Version: 1.0

Good but not the bestIt is good game but not as good as the first one like we know that is like the only three that are gonna be on meltdown but it should not glitch as much and it us too much stuff going on in it and it is stupid how you have to collect coins to go in certain places and when you collect a key in Viking arena and when you have to get the keyhole it down not show up because when you play that one without getting the key you have to remember where you saw it and what is the point of even having the keys like I play them all the times to get the keys and go to the keyholes and the last one is really hard at one point and if they make more you know they are gonna be harder because the recent one put on here is harder and if they do make more it is gonna make people more stressed out because it is taking to long to get the next one so people already passed the other ones like me so speed up the pase.Version: 1.0

An amazing game!I think this game is amazing! It includes things from Geometry Dash 2.0, which makes the first three levels a bit harder than you would expect. I agree with the Nathan 2.0's review - we can't unlock all of the icons, even if we have the full version of Geometry Dash. My question is, is there a full version of meltdown, but they put out the lite version first because it was ready and the full version was not? Maybe this is why we are experiencing trouble with unlocking colors and icons. Overall, I believe this game is awesome! To unlock the secret coins, you have to find a key, which is put in unexpected places, such as in Viking Arena (the second level), when the key is hidden in the air and you have to jump around a bit to find it. I think this unexpectedness adds a little more of a thrill to the game, and I love it! Thanks, RobTop!.Version: 1.0

Really fun!When I first started playing Geometry dash it was basically impossible to get 10% in. But once you start playing it you get hooked! I’ve completed the whole meltdown version. But...there’s one problem. I got the game like a little over a year ago. When I was still trying to beat the game I noticed that there were only three levels. After the last level it said coming soon. But I’ve been waiting for a year. And it still hasn’t come out yet. The game would be more exciting if it so many more levels. Yes I still replay every single level sometimes but i want to play different ones. My favorite thing about the game though are the soundtracks. They are so good! They make wanna listen to them everyday and they are so catchy. I definitely recommend playing this game because it’s so fun..Version: 1.01

Flawless Game overall a few glitches though.This game overall is fantastic. I love the graphics and the details. And the music is amazing. You can really tell that the creator put effort into this. My favorite part of the game is that every jump you take is synced with the music. And the undertones of the music also are well thought out. But it has a few flaws such as a glitch where you can’t stop jumping and another glitch where you can’t jump. There are also ads but what game doesn’t have ads? No game is perfect but this game comes close. It is perfect for car rides or just in general when your bored. But I do hope you add more levels in the future. Some of my suggestions for the game is that you take away the glitches or add more levels. Thank you for reading if you got this far :3.Version: 1.01

It Doesn't Need an UpdateTo all of you people who think that this app needs an update here is why it will not be updated (with the exception of bug fixes): 1. Normal Geometry Dash is the only version that gets updated, the other GD apps are previews into the new updates that RobTop releases for geometry dash, basically every time there is any major update, a new app is released showcasing the new features in that update of GD 2. Any new levels or features that RobTop comes out with will either be put into the original geometry dash game or an entirely separate app showcasing a new update as stated above 3. This app was only meant to be a preview into the 2.0 update of GD meaning that not everything is achievable, for example there are multiple icons that are locked, also there are adds because this is a free app and the only way to make money off of free apps is by putting adds into the app, if you want to be able to unlock everything and have no adds I would highly recommend the full version of geometry dash In conclusion if you are unsatisfied with this game then I recommend buying the full version of geometry dash, it is well worth the money and there are millions of new levels in the user created section. I hope you take this advice! Good Luck!.Version: 1.0

This is awesome❣❣❣This app is soo awesome and it's pretty good because of the music,the colors, and the icons. My favorite part about the three levels are the chomping thingies(whatever they are). They are soo cool! I only have one thing you should add to this app. It's more levels. It only has three but it's still an awesome game.I think my favorite level is The Seven Seas because of the music and the changing colors. All in all, this is a pretty cool app I have.I also have the original geometry dash lite. I couldn't afford the other geometry dash because it costed money💵.Anyways,this game is so awesome I can't put my iPad down. Make more of the awesome (and kind of addicting) games please😊😊😊. I'm writing this a lot because the game won't give me the color if I write a review. Can you fix this please? If you can fix it thanx a lot.Version: 1.0

TRIAL AND ERRORI’ve completed all 3 levels on this game and i want to play on other levels here. when you try to go on the fourth level, it says “COMING SOON” right? i’ve waited a year for more levels and yet have never got any. i’d like some new levels. now don’t tell me to try the other games because i’ve tried all. you see, i’ve waited long enough for the “coming soon” levels and never got any. i can’t buy the full version because i wouldn’t be able to afford it. please add new levels on free mobile! don’t add new ones on just meltdown! you may think i’m a greedy player but i just think the levels available on the free versions are, well, classic and boring. by boring i mean they are too, not easy, but i play the same ones everyday and never see any differences. i’d be happy with more levels like on geometry dash lite! sincerely, meltdown supporter!.Version: 1.01

Absolutely AmazingThe design of geometry dash means you have to endlessly try and fail again at songs. However, they’ve mastered keeping it fun, while still not rewarding you right away. While there may only be three songs, their soundtrack is not only epic, but will keep you entertained for hours (I would know). This is the perfect geometry dash to start with as it has very easy and fun to play songs. After you’ve mastered the meltdown, grab some subzero, and play amazing songs like: Press Start (for all you dantdm fans here, hey he’s cool) Nock em, my personal favorite, and the dreaded Power Trip, which you must be a god to play. Now the meltdown songs are, from easiest to hardest are: Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you are convinced to play this game. Bye!.Version: 1.01

Similar but very different!Some might say this game is the same as the original geometry dash, they are not wrong. In a way though it is extremely different. The levels have obvious similarities but the one thing the original game didn't have that Meltdown does, is the entertainment. Geometry dash is a more of a strategy and thinking game while Meltdown, well is enjoyable! Not to say the original was bad, but the fun intimidating music and well, cool distractions in Meltdown has your hear pumping to the beat! The original may be a bit boring compared to this game. I made the mistake of deleting this game the first time because of the mindset that it is exactly like the original, don't make my mistake. This game is intriguing and fun and the levels are surprisingly harder than the originals with the pulsating colors and the new obstacles, so enjoy the 3 new levels of geometry dash Meltdown!.Version: 1.0

The onlyThe only thing that would have to go back and I don't think that it was so good at all of my favorite part of the day before my eyes out and about a week and a great way of saying that he had been in my head is a good time with you guys have to go back and I have a good time with you guys have to be able too many times you can get it right away with a good time to go back and I don't think that it was so much better if it is not an issue of whether it was so much better if it is not an issue of whether it was so good to be able and a good one to go back and forth to get to know that I can don't think it's funny because they have to go back and I have a good time to go back and I don't know how much you love it and it is a good time waster..Version: 1.0

Super addicting, but needs a few tweaksThis game is literally my favorite game right now! It is really fun, I LOVE the F-777 music, and I always play it whenever I have the chance too! I have beaten all the levels in practice+regular mode, but I wish there was more levels. I am assuming that Sub Zero is the rest of the levels but I’m not totally sure. There is also a few tweaks I think that they should add to this game. First of all, there is not many ways you can earn colors. There is only a few actually unlock able ones, and the rest are for “regular” geometry dash. Also in some ways I do wish the levels were a little more challenging. (Just a little, in my opinion...) I ended up flying through the first 2 levels the first day I got this game. But it is still a fun addicting game and I totally recommend it!.Version: 1.01

Needs an update but pretty good otherwiseGeometry dash subzero is one of my all time favorite games, but just one thing... needs more levels! I really do enjoy the game and play it all the time, it’s just, I am constantly getting bored of playing the same 3 levels over and over and over again and again. Also if an update was going to happen, it would be great to have easier ways to get new icons and colors- and maybe even add a few more customizable features - because usually to unlock one ting, you have to play for multiple hours at a time. One more thing I would add would be a competitive mode so you could play your friends to see who could do more successful jumps in, like, 5 minutes. Overall tho, really great game!.Version: 1.01

Great Job!As a little kid, I have always played this game. I never got tired of it. The thing is that school got the best out of me and I focused more on that. Then I eventually switched out devices and got a new tablet and I was wanting to download an ew game to entertain myself. I came across this game agin and the curious it got into me if I was still really good at the game as I was as a little kid. I downloaded it for the second time and it is very much amazing! I love it! I love every single things about it. The different types of music of each level to all of the different skins that can be unlocked. It’s honestly so entertaining for me and I always find myself into the game determined to pass the level no matter how many times it takes. It is truly unique. AMAZING JOB!!.Version: 1.01

Ok-ish.Ok, so I have a few likes and several dislikes. I’ll start with my likes. Ok, I’m not a lazy person but some of the levels are too hard. I still haven’t beat Press Start. And I haven’t even beaten one of the levels! I suggest maybe making an actual EASY level for us beginners. Second, I love how most of the levels are in perfect sync with the music. My dislikes: #1. Like I said earlier, the so called “easiest,” levels in the game are NOT easy for us beginners. Please make some easier first levels or at LEAST make the others a bit easier. #2. The ads. I absolutely HATE the ads!! Sometimes I’m finally about to beat a level, and BOOM! An ad. After the ad it’s the main menu, and I can never beat the level after that. #3. Gravity shifting, specifically the “Wave”. It’s way to hard. Sometimes I try to bear Knock ‘Em, for fun. And when it gets to the Wave, I always die instantly! I can’t do that form of gravity shifting. Please make it a bit easier. That’s kind of all I have to say, and I’m sorry if any of this came out rude, as I am only trying to share my personal thoughts and opinions. But overall great app that my brother and his friends love and are really good at. God bless you all, and I hope annoying miss rona (Covid-19) doesn’t get any of y’all! ♡♡♡♡♡.Version: 1.01

GEOMETRY DASH RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!This game is awesome. It's new and even though the levels are easy, there are some surprises and lots of decoration. When I say easy, I mean easy. I passed Viking Arena on normal mode in one attempt! Even though the levels are easy, they are still fun and awesome to play. So whether you are new to geometry dash or are a master player already, geometry dash meltdown is the awesome geometrical adventure for you!!!! This game is very fun and definitely deserve its five star rating. I hope in the next update we get a few more levels and icons, ships, balls, ufos, trails and colors. I really like this game and TOTALLY recommend it, although it would have been cool if they just made it as an unlockable mini game in the full version of geometry dash. New or veteran, have fun with meltdown!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

IN LOVEI can't stop playing this game. It is Constant fine. If you are looking forward to getting this app, you should because it's amazing. Thank you whoever made this app, I play on it about every day. Only it would be a lot better if the skins were unlocked. I know you are doing that for marketing,but the customers would like it to be free! Once again other than that it's amazing and I do think you should get this app. The app that cost money rated one geometry dash does seem pretty fun and if you'd looking for to get that it would be an amazing decision because it is it is worth it you will have so much fun playing on that app. Thanks once again and have a nice day everyone and thank you for making this app!.Version: 1.0

Awesome but we have some bugs😪This game is probably one of the best geometry dash game. But however we have some problems. One problem is that there only three levels that are really easy. We should have more levels and some that are a bit more harder than the first three. Another problem , not really a problem but almost an improvement that u should make is making more characters with more details and some levels with better graphics than the first three. Also I think that we should have this section where we could create our on levels and characters like almost like a freeplay mode. The game so awesome and is worth downloading but these are some problems and suggestions that u might take into consideration. Thanks for reading 🤗🤗🤗.Version: 1.0

ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!I love this app it has a lot of good stages and is just a awesome game. I recommend everyone to play this it takes hard work but when it comes to good stages like press start or sterriow madness stages that are really happy and fun, it makes it so fun and awesome so plz play this and share what nice complements u have for this game to give it more support cause all of the games for geometry dash is awesome and has really good music like press start so I recommend that you play every geometry dash game that their is even if the original geometry dash cost money,u should definitely still play it and I hope that u like this review and think that it is true that geometry dash is an awesome and fun game with really fun stages and also really fun music.Version: 1.01

BEST!I completed all of them but you know I’m still working on getting 3 coins in each one REAL FUN THANKS FOR THE MELTDOWN I might be a master at it soon ;) keep on GD I agree with “tiny red nerd” ‘s review followed by another one but, yeah RobTob is only 1 person he can’t accept all these request give him a break! Meltdown may be easy to some I completed them all but all in all guess what if you want to complete it you got to get all 3 stars so yeah give robtop a break meltdown may be one of my favorite versions my favorite is airborn robots like red nerds I completed that one and I’m proud of that so meltdown may be easy but just respect it for now it’s a great game and updates may or may not come so enjoy it it’s a great game congratulations RobTop..Version: 1.01

Geometry dash meltdownAwesome game I love geometry dash, geometry dash world, and last geometry dash meltdown the one I'm reviewing now. guys totally worth getting if you only got a 16gb iPhone well cut down on the photos and get the all three geometry dash apps awesome app keeps you occupied and ones you complete a level you don't have to be disappointed that there's no more levels because there are ten levels in geometry dash!! And ten on geometry dash world and three on geometry dash meltdown but on meltdown there levels are longer harder and very fun so it makes it feel like ten levels so guys again please cut down on the photos and make storage for these three apps thanks for making all the geometry dash apps!!😀😀.Version: 1.0

I have a suggestionHi there RobTop, I played the game and admire almost all aspects about it. I also have beaten geometry dash (the first one) because it is so addicting! I have an idea for changing this whole system. What if you combined the new levels to geometry dash as one big update. It would really add to the game. I have looked at most reviews, and a lot of them talk about how meltdown is not giving out the full version and it takes you right to buying the first geometry dash, although it would be nice to have a separate game. We could combine it and have no worries of no full version, that problem would be solved. Just an idea, other than that LOVE the game, LOVE the songs and secret keys. Hope you take my comment/suggestion into consideration and keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0

Great Job, RubRub!To pretty much 75% of the reviews on this page: stop complaining that there could have been more and harder levels. RobTop is only one person, and it takes him a lot of time for this stuff. If you want harder levels, then buy the full version. To RobTop: It's great that you released some 2.0 magic to everyone through Meltdown. The soundtrack is awesome because we need some F-777 dubstep in our lives now and then! The levels are nicely decorated with 2.0 stuff, especially looking at how sneaky you get with the secret coins. Overall, it's just great. I'd like to see this updated with more exclusive levels in the future. I'd also like to see more "secret projects" like this :).Version: 1.0

Just as much fun as the original.Geometry Dash is and I'm pretty sure will always be one of the best games that I have ever had the pleasure of coming across on the App Store. The gameplay is difficult but addicting and the music is too awesome to want to stop playing! Geometry Dash Meltdown is just as good, though it would have been nice to have the maps and additional content included in the full version of Geometry Dash. Regardless, this game will always have a special place in my heart as a great game that has a great and creative community of people behind it to create new levels to keep you playing and loving every awesome (and at times very frustrating) minute of it..Version: 1.0

Great game! I NEED MOREThe game is awesome! It's almost a demo of the full version but those three levels aren't on the full version so it's a little extra for those of us who bought geometry dash. And with less rage! I sped through the first 2 levels easily. The third got me feeling frustrated for a tiny while but in the end I beat it and soon I wanted more. In the full version I got to a point where I think I can't beat the levels because they get way too hard so I need more levels that get you worked up for a few days or even a week and when you finally beat them you feel a sense of accomplishment. Great work RobTop! Keep adding levels!!!.Version: 1.0

Really goodHonestly, this totally deserves a five star rating. I say this mainly because of the easy to understand levels, the good music, and the overall fun atmosphere. I also really like this game because of the exclusive icons you can get from logging in to your main account, playing the game, and the going back to the base game. The only little nitpick I have about this game is that even though the game has been out for over four years, the "new levels coming soon" text hasn't been changed since its release. Other than that, this game is a really solid Installment in the geometry dash games. Thank you for reading my review :).Version: 1.01

What I love about this gameThe stuff I love about this game is the music is fine and see when the game is tell me I’m fine and just keeps on going I would like an update of this game because I haven’t finished it but I do want more levels that I could try and see if I’d be good edit so sorry I have a song in mind if you ever do Christmas update it’s called jingle bells but it’s the truth Christmas trap remix and I think it’s really cool and it’s really catching a vibe of all of the other songs in this game and it’s still Christmas song though so yeah it’s just a remix of it and I think it’s really cool go check it out thank you and this game is awesome!!!.Version: 1.01

Fantastic Design and GameplayDon't get me wrong, this game is great! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was the fact that the levels in this version are much simpler than the Lite version of Geometry Dash. Having only 3 easy (in my opinion) levels in a free game limits the options of a person after getting it. For example, I completed all of the levels, unlocks every icon, and even took time to get all of the achievements, even the two that required 10,000 and 20,000 jumps. After that, what do I do? I go back to playing Geometry Dash. Again, this game is great, and I know it JUST came out, but I think it can be completed pretty quickly. Thanks for taking your time to read this review. :D.Version: 1.0

My right review!!!!If you guys saw my first review you may think that I’m not a big fan of this type of geometry Dash. Your right but that doesn’t mean I think the other types are bad! I loveeeeee the other types I just think this one needs a little more work!!! RobTop is a very creative person and deserves a congrats. But I am going to be honest, this game needs a little more work!!! In my first review I said I hated this game but that’s not true I was just a little mad because it kept lagging on me!!!! But other than some few minor issues this game is ok in my opinion!!!! RobTop if this hurts your feeling I’m sorry. :(. Just telling what I think. Also send me a message if you get this and maybe we talk about what could make this game a little bit better!!!!.Version: 1.01

Great, but I can’t changeThis game is the best offline game but not the best. Anyways every time I try to change I’m still the same thing. Sometimes if I change I’m the same color. Sometimes when I try to change I’m just the same. The same color, the same shape, even the same form. If you think they are the colors or shapes or forms I did not unlock, here’s the thing. Every time I try teal it still is purple I just don’t like the fact I can’t change. My little brother played this game before me and he can change. I don’t know why I can’t. If you can fix it please do it is annoying me. Thank you..Version: 1.01

Really nice! But a bug..The game is really nice. I love the game dearly but I’ve experienced a couple bugs. From time to time my jump has gotten slower and slower. It doesn’t go as far anymore. On The Seven Seas map I’ve experienced this the most. A lot of the jumps don’t go as far and are really short. I’ve also experienced overlapped as you could say. One minute I’m just starting and as soon as I jump I’m in the last rocket ship part. I don’t get on how I’m just randomly there. I don’t know if it’s like that sometimes but I don’t think it is because it luckily doesn’t count the percentage every time it does. Other than the bugs this game is stupendous! I hope to see more music soon!.Version: 1.01

Attention New Users!This is not a full game because this was just a little thing to hype up an update for Geometry Dash 2.0, which is now 2.11. This includes a lot of elements from the 2.0 update. Just a little “taste” for players before 2.0. Plus, the ads are there because it’s a free game. Every game in the App Store, Google Play, etc. (Mobile stores), that is free, has ads in it, unless you pay for the product, or the developer is nice enough or just doesn’t care. This is an old demo version of an update of a huger game with the same name, but without the add on word at the end. Just get over it. Thank you and good night~ (Or day.).Version: 1.01

Geometry dash returns with a Meltdown!Meltdown has some amazing music and easy levels for people who don't have the full version. If you don't like the Lite version of Geometry Dash then try this one! I'd prefer if Meltdown was an update for Geometry dash (or maybe a feature that you pay for in game to unlock meltdown? $0.99?) rather than a separate game that is just an improved demo of Geometry Dash. There could be a button in the full version of Geometry Dash that takes you to Meltdown, then you can just click a button to return to regular Geometry Dash. Overall, great game! The music in this is so awesome! If you're not satisfied with Geometry Dash Lite, then try this!.Version: 1.0

Favorite game. Could use more levels.Lots of people think Geometry Dash (regular) is easier than Meltdown. But I prefer Meltdown. The regular kind is hard to me. I don't know why I am bad on the regular kind. My friends say they passed the whole game, but I don't believe them. On Meltdown I want more levels, I passed all levels in Meltdown, The Seven Seas, Viking Arena and Airborne Robots. I don't understand why it says Coming Soon! After Airborne Robots, I have waited about a year or less. And the other skins say get the full version, does that mean it is Geometry Dash Meltdown full version or the regular kind? I haven't found Meltdown full version. Thanks if you read this..Version: 1.0

Fix itGreat game but it's so buggy the sound is gone and I just got this phone so I doubt it's it's the phone especially since i had the same problem on my old phone the music and sound effects won't play even though I have them up to the max in the settings and my phone volume also up to the max not only that but it starts jumping constantly at first I thought my screen was just dirty so I cleaned and I cleaned and I ended up turning my phone off. Turning it off did the trick but then I would tap and hold and the block or character wouldn't jump as if I hadn't touched my screen so I went to the home screen to see if my screen was messed up already but it worked fine the game was just really buggy.Version: 1.0

Challenging but still easyI'm not one of the best Geometry Dash players out there, far from it. This addition to the lineup felt a little easier than the original, but it still provided a challenge. The graphics are great, and it still runs just as smoothly as you would expect. There are times when the adds get in the way though, and one time I experienced a glitch where a video add popped up in the middle of one of my attempts. But what I really want to see are some more levels added to the game. I always love to hear the awesome techno music that each stage has to offer, and it's great for exposing smaller artists too. It still has a ton of potential though!.Version: 1.0

Meltdown!Finally, the wait is over and Meltdown has arrived! While I don't fully understand the new app idea, it's definitely worth the download. Whether you've played geometry dash or not, I would get this game to check out these three new levels. They're pretty easy but at the same time the gameplay is very fun in my opinion. You also get the feature to port the icons you get in this app to the full version as well! It's free, so it's no problem to give it a try. Overall, I highly recommend this app to new players and veterans of Geometry Dash alike! I can tell a good bit of work was put into it, and it was work well worth it..Version: 1.0

Really Really Good GameThis is the best Geometry Dash yet well I bet the full version is better but this Geometry Dash is a really gg and these levels are just great. There are some things I want to be in the game such as more levels. I used to have Geometry Dash lite but I don't anymore which is because I got mad at Jumper so I deleted the game and also because of lag. I was one of the people who asked for the level Time Machine and after I wrote that review some days after the update came out and I hope that you add another level to this game because I had just recently beat all the levels. But please add another level to this game..Version: 1.0

!!!Great game I like to yeet it.Version: 1.01

Can stopThe Game is awesome.Version: 1.01

YuhI’m only doing this for the free character.Version: 1.01

The MeltdownThis is so Awesome! We an need the update for Regular "Geometry Dash" to add those levels, we would really appreciate it..Version: 1.0

This game makes my brain meltThis is so melted.Version: 1.01

FIRSTIs there any way you can put the same levels in geometry dash.Version: 1.0

Great ! But can be more.I was waiting for this !.Version: 1.0

Good gameFun and challenging game.Version: 1.01

I don’t hate thisThis is an awesome game I can’t stop playing it I’ve been playing it for like 1 million for 1 trillion hours and I am not even bored of it so I’m trying to get the third: in the the 7 seas.Version: 1.01

GoodThis game is awesome but the first level can be a bit easier and a little bit shorter.Version: 1.01

Pretty good gameIt causes stress anger and at one point the music makes you pretty much keep jumping to die this is just level 1 and it is very hard.Version: 1.01

GreatAlmost as good as géo dash lite.Version: 1.01

It’s goodYeet.Version: 1.01

Great game👌Love the game Offline and very entertaining and almost no ads unlike all the other games👍👁👄👁.Version: 1.01

EPICMan this game is so GOOD I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT!!! Btw PLEASE MAKE A NEW LEVEL!!! I finished the game And now ITS SO BORING!!! But anyways it pretty fun game I recommend getting this game its better then subzero sorry people who plays geometry dash subzero. SO START ON MAKING A NEW LEVEL/good luck on finding a icon for it..Version: 1.01

Geometry dash.It’s a pretty good game.👍🏼.Version: 1.01

Love itI love the game I give it a 5 star.Version: 1.01

Great Game!I like this game a lot! very well done.Version: 1.01

Only 3 mapsSadly only 3 maps, but very good music and good gameplay.Version: 1.01

5-starIt’s literally so fun!! Fun music and there are more elements to it than geometry dash lite or the normal one.Version: 1.01

Nice gameI almost play this game everyday!!.Version: 1.01

GoodYes.Version: 1.01

WowThis game is amazing.Version: 1.01

4 startsGood game wish there was more levels tho.Version: 1.01

This is ensaneThis game is so cool and it has a toon to Ofer.Version: 1.01

GgCool game.Version: 1.01

Really good gameI love this game cuz I hate adds and there’s like no adds at all so i really love this game.Version: 1.01

UghU.Version: 1.01

YOOOOOOThis game is so good like SHEESH.Version: 1.01

GreatGreat game.Version: 1.01

CoolCool.Version: 1.01

Really good gameThis is a really enjoyable game, hope you add more levels!.Version: 1.01

Geometry dash meltdownIt is really good I like the soundtracks and also check out subzero it’s also really good😍🥰.Version: 1.01

Love it :) oh and pls make more lvlsI really love this game,and are you guys gonna make new games about this? If so I will play it😌💙.Version: 1.01

Roll up to the party withMy crazy pink wig.Version: 1.01

Wowowowo5 stars better than geometry dash subzero uninstall geometry dash subzero play meltdown instead.Version: 1.01

YeGood.Version: 1.01

So cool!This game is so awsome! I am a Master at this!!!.Version: 1.01

I’m only doing this for the free character🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪.Version: 1.01

GoatedNoice game add more levels tho.Version: 1.01

AlvieMmm yummy pee pee.Version: 1.01

LOVE ITI love this game so much 10000/10.Version: 1.01

GoodGood.Version: 1.01

😎😃👍😎😎 cool.Version: 1.01

YeetI like this because the musics are beautiful and the icons its the same thing . Thank you to created this game. Its my favorite game ever Geometry lite , Meltdown, World and SubZero.Version: 1.01

Very niceVery epic.Version: 1.01

AwosomeAwesome..Version: 1.01

NiceThis games great to give you a little more kick when you want to chuck your phone into the sun..Version: 1.01

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What do you think Geometry Dash Meltdown ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Geometry Dash Meltdown iPad Images
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown ipad image 1
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown ipad image 2
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown ipad image 3
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown ipad image 4