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Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! New levels, new music, new monsters, new everything!

Flex your clicky finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through dark caves and spiky obstacles. Discover the lands, play online levels and find the secrets hidden within the World of Geometry Dash!

• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Ten unique levels with music from Dex Arson, Waterflame and F-777!
• Play daily quests and earn rewards!
• Play online levels created by the Geometry Dash community!
• Unlock unique icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

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Geometry Dash World App Comments & Reviews

Geometry Dash World Positive Reviews

Great Game, but...I honestly love most things about Geometry Dash: World. As a beginner it’s a great introduction into the full version and each level is introductory to a new mechanic, plus the world aspect and avatars are fun. The game is super addicting, but I do have a few complaints. First off, the gameplay is too easy. After playing through each level a few times with around 4-15 attempts, I started to pass the full levels in up to 2 attempts. This is great for a person new to the game, but not after a while. Second, ADS. The full version and SubZero both either rarely or don’t have this problem, but World is PACKED with ads. I’m fine with the short, video-like ads, but there are ads in World that are huge and slapped on the top of the level. It’s distracting, unremovable, and covers the pause button, so you have to die repeatedly to get it to pause, which takes ultimately around 20-26 attempts to happen and has an ad in front of it. The only way to get rid of them is to die enough to pause the level, exit, and re-enter, and then a few attempts/levels later it’s back. It’s annoying, useless, and distracting. Please get rid of them in any future updates. Don’t get me wrong; I love the game as a whole with all its features and introductory purposes. But the problems I’ve mentioned are bothersome and need fixing. Please read this and fix these! Thank you!.Version: 1.01

Losing stuff as I get itI was casually playing gdw on one morning. And that’s when I got two keys, I go to the chest room and open two chest’s. I get this cool death effect/affect and a lava shard. That death effect/affect was my very first one, and a new robot from collecting 35 lava shards. As I collect them, I go immediately to my character and put them on. I go to do “The Challenge” just for memes but also to test out the affect/effect. I let my self die a couple times to admire the coolness. And as I’m admiring it, my game freezes, I press the pause button to see if it’ll help, just making it even WORSE! It kicks me out of the game and doesn’t let me entry it for a couple of seconds. Then finally, I was able to reenter the game, not only to see that my characters color was reset to how I had it before, but to see that it had removed my robot and my death affect/effect. So, RobTop, if you can please fix this bug, it would be amazing and thankful because I know I could just buy them, but the one I got was cool. Overall, this is a great game even though some people say that once you finish the main levels, there’s nothing else to do, but there is. So please RobTop, it would be amazing. And also, all your other games are awesome too. Oh and one other thing, I have lost other things, but was able to buy them back or just retrieve it..Version: 1.01

Only unlockable in geometry dashWhy are there so many things that are only unlockable in the full version of geometry dash. If the items are only unlockable in geometry dash, why even display them? It doesn't make much sense to me. The ads have also gotten worse across games. I know I should have expected it, as it's free, but it really messes the flow of gameplay up. I and many others would appreciate if you would tone down the ads, so as to not show them during levels. On the other hand, it has very impressive levels. It was a very good idea to give player made levels a try, but one again, most of the useful options for player made levels are restricted to geometry dash. Once again, why are the buttons even there if they're not available? The only player made levels you can get are from the featured, so it gives very little exposure to the smaller creators. Other than these complaints, it is an overall good sequel to the original game. If not for these few issues, I would rate it 5 stars. If robtop is reading this, if you can, please fix these issues. It would make the game go a lot smoother for the players. Thank you for your time, -anonymous..Version: 1.0

Not for the pros...The game is fair, I prefer the first 2 the same reason of pretty much everyone else. This game is easy, mainly due to the short duration of the level. It isn't a bad thing to add easier levels for new people but people from the original players (people who haven't quit: meaning we are fair at the game) it's a boring cake walk, I question why you didn't add this to meltdown, as a secondary story mode? A game should have a mix of hard and easy levels, adding this to meltdown satisfies a need for slightly easier levels for those lower level players. Adding the chest and currency to meltdown could of been a easy process as well, it wouldn't do any harm as well? So I question why this game is even a another game and not a update? Maybe there is a good reason but as a game as a whole it's fine, I'm not a fan of most user created levels which I guess truly give a harder difficulty. Last but not least does anyone feel the difficulty rating on some of these user created levels feel a bit low? (It might be me I guess due to not playing this game since meltdown, but I swore it was much easier than this?) 9.2/10 stupid 5 star rating system ;D.Version: 1.0

Great Job RubRub, but…First off, I love the gameplay. The quests, the chests, everything. I do have several problems though. One problem is that the levels are WAY too easy. The hardest level took me 2 attempts no practice. Maybe you should add some harder levels in the next world. Second, I got it last night, so when I woke up and went to open my chests, both stalled for a long time and then said, "something went wrong." I pressed the X that appeared in the top corner, and I now have to wait another 4 and 24 hours to reopen them, even thought I didn't get anything from them. Also, so many things say "only in the full version of Geometry Dash" when it's not in the full version. Finally, I like this new game and all, but I think you should work on 2.1 on the original Geometry Dash instead of new Geometry Dashes. If you read this, thanks for your time. If RubRub is reading (which is highly doubtful), then please fix these problems. Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you ;).Version: 1.0

It's a good gameplayI love geometry dash. But why so many ads? I was playing when all of a sudden an ad pops up. That has happened to me only in geometry dash world. It stops people from being able to play through the whole thing. Also, why do you have to have the full version for so many things? The only user created levels that you can play are featured ones. That is not showing a lot of credit to the smaller creators. And if you are going to let us play them at all, you could at least let us search levels. Also, when I purchased something in the store, it would not let me use it. What's the point of the store when you can't use anything from it? Other than that, the game is amazing. You have great levels and very good music. Please take it into consideration to get rid of the ads and have less restricted things only for the full version, thank you..Version: 1.0

Disappointed MeI saw that this existed in an ad in a different game. As a big Geometry Dash fan, I was super happy that this came out and I got it immediately. I played through the main levels, and they took 5-10 minutes. Very easy, which is good for new players, but I don't need or really like. Next, the levels themselves. They looked good, but the music (which I have LOVED in previous games, especially songs like Cycles) was terrible. I played muted for a while. The music ranged from average to make-it-go-away. There were some neat secrets as always, but I won't spoil them. The online levels were limited and could be played in the full version. There were bugs, as chests don't work at all, and neither do quests. They give me the spinning circle of death and then make me wait for another 4 or 24 hours for nothing. Verdict: If you want an indicator of Geometry Dash for free, get Geometry Dash Meltdown, as it's better. Get the actual game if you like, I highly recommend it. Only get this for a not-really-that-good preview of what we'll see in 2.1. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.0

Please readThis game is a lot of fun but there is ads, like always but instead of short ads there is ads so long they feel like a hour and after those long you usually get a prize in most games but this one you get nothing so when a ad pops up I just restart the game because even that seems like a shorter time, the only good thing is it doesn’t happen all the time it just happens randomly. Also when I jump I accidentally tap twice and it just usually kills me and it is so frustrating when that happen and also most of the time when I try to jump nothing happens and It is so annoying when that happens and now that problem keeps getting worse because I actually do jump but it says I didn’t jump. The super long ads make me even more angry so whenever one pops I start teasing that ad and also I can’t do practice because a super long ad is gonna rudely interrupts me when I am to do practice mode, overall good but still has problems and please make the ads shorter or remove them.Version: 1.01

Epic game buuuuut...The game itself is great! It has a lot of features, and I have GD Full Version as well! Which brings me to why I only rated 3 stars. A while back, when I was getting really good at the game, I linked my full version account (which had 473 demons beat, including some extreme demons) to my GD worlds. It worked really well, and I was really happy! Until... later that week a bunch of people in daily chat were saying things like “hacked by” and changing their characters to the basic character. It was a funny joke, until RobTop showed up and changed EVERYONES password (at least, those of us in daily chat). No big deal, right? Just put in your email and change the password back. Here’s the catch: I made the account on a FRIENDS email account. I don’t remember the email, and I’m not in touch with her anymore. And because I was not able to put anything in chat due to basic rules, I couldn’t do anything. I lost that account. That was 2 years of progress gone. Thanks, robtop..Version: 1.01

I'm HopefulI'm a huge fan of geometry dash. I love the game along with meltdown and this one. The one problem with this game and meltdown is lack of content. The levels in this game are short and very easy, it took me about 7 mins to beat this game. Ya that's how little content there is. The main reason I'm giving this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is because I love the game geometry dash and want to support the game. Now I may be wrong when I say they will probably abandon this game like they did geometry dash meltdown, which I really hope doesn't happen, it would be a shame to see a game with potential go to waste but, it's happened before it could easily happen again. If the game isn't updated within the next few months adding new content the game will be dead. When/if that happens I will write another review but I won't give the developers as much credit just because I like their other games..Version: 1.0

Worth the wait! 8)Welcome to Geometry Dash World! If this is your first step into Geometry Dash, let me assure you that this game is wonderful in practically every manner. It's basically a platforming game in which you're a square that has to jump, fly, spin, and do all sorts of things until you reach the end of the level. Once you do reach the end, you are awarded with various currency and stuff. I would like to point out that this game (and the other GD games) are not for those looking for a simple game that they can play in ten minutes and be done with. It literally contains hours of gameplay worth of levels done by the creator and the community. It is a fantastic experience that all fans of this genre will love. I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy some awesome music while you play! This game in particular includes: - Incredible music (done by incredible artists) - Unique and diverse levels done by Robtop himself and in this case, the community too - Tons of icons that you can buy to play as - Surprising, very cool art While there's much more to explain, I'm not going to directly say everything because I don't really want to spoil too much. Just get the game. And if you had a blast with this, you might as well get the full version if you haven't already ;3.Version: 1.0

It's OK-ishThis game is very annoying because every time it gets to the number five it always freezes up and takes forever and then my sound doesn't work for the music but it's actually really good it's OK and it's not OK I think you shouldn't download it or you could download it if you'd want to take the risk this game is very OK… Sometimes this game gets me so frustrated because it freezes up and I can't even type anything I have to go all the way to my home button and pull up my slide because the game froze what sometimes I have to turn off my whole entire phone for my for me to tap on it I'll tap on anything actually I don't think you should really download it but if you want to you can i'm starting to dislike the game… The game is OK!! But sometimes it makes me so mad!! Sometimes I just have to turn off my whole phone and get a break of this game!!.Version: 1.01

Great for BeginnersThis is a great game. Overall, it’s great. The music is fantastic and syncs with the levels amazingly. This time you’ve got a more Mario style version, only being able to play one level at a time. It’s creative and the orbs thing is cool. Everyone is disliking the easiness. As a GD fan who has already played the other games, I can’t argue. They should have started with levels this easy, but I really don’t mind. The levels are usually so hard in other versions my nerves can’t take it, so having these levels help with that! The music is AWESOME in this one, some even better than the other versions’. I think any beginners wanting to warm up to it should go for it! I love all the games and I think this one is cool too. Dive right in and fall in love with this game like so many have! Enjoy!.Version: 1.01

Pretty much a game for beginners.I was excited when I saw that a new Geometry Dash game had been released. I am a huge fan of the first game, but I was disappointed with "Geometry Dash: Meltdown". I was equally disappointed with this game. I am giving it 3 stars for its graphics and music, as well as being a great game for passing time, compared to other mobile games. Unfortunately, the game feels just a tad "too easy". The 10 included levels took me approximately 20 minutes to complete, if not less. Including an ability to play online levels is NOT an excuse for making short, easy to complete levels. The advertisements within the game also feel too intrusive for my liking, and they occasionally interrupt the flow of gameplay. I hope at some point the developer goes back to creating levels for more experienced players, and when that day comes, I'll be here..Version: 1.0

For the beginnersThis game is good and all but there’s not too many levels and they are really short if u have been playing geometry dash for a LONG time and u think ur really good at it then this game is not for u anyone who just started playing geometry dash should start with this game besides that it’s a really fun game and i think u can make a account on the regular version of geometry dash then do some sort of linking of accounts the u get the icons from subzero meltdown and world all on the main version but idk how to do that Bc it’s really confusing and I’ve tried before it would be easier if u could sort of merge all the games into one and have all the levels in one version overall this game is not for the pros just for beginners 5 out of 5 stars.Version: 1.01

Good, but...This is a really good game, but it has some problems. When I first go the game, it looked REALLY fun. I really wanted the game because then I would have like 3 out of 5 if the games RobTop made. So I got it. But as soon as I got it, an ad popped up and I couldn’t skip the ad! Really? /:( I wish that you could like save your progress if you sign into like your account or something from like your email. In this game I had to end up deleting the game because you couldn’t search for any levels, you couldn’t save your progress, and it took up SO MUCH IPHONE STORAGE! I had to also delete it because I’m only allowed 1-2 games on my phone. But other than that the game itself is pretty fun. Oh! That reminds me, the original levels, like the DashLands or the Toxic place or whatever it is called, YOU NEED TO PUT MORE LEVLES ON THERE OR ELSE IT GETS BORING. AND PLEASE PUT SOME COINS ON THE FREAKIN’ LEVELS. PLEASE!.Version: 1.01

Great but buggy (also first XP)Ok. So this game is a great sneek peek at what's gonna be in store for us in GD 2.1, such as new customizable chracters, the shop and currency system, and even the diamonds system! The only problem is that this came with a few bugs, as expected. First, anytime you go to the menu during reward distributing when you beat a level, it automatically crashes the game. Another bug is with custom levels. Some levels, as we know, have been set to start it's song at a certain point. In this app, it starts the song at the very beginning regardless. A similar bug is that when you pause your game and resume, the song starts over. I personally have an OCD problem with music sync, so this drives me nuts :/ Welp, that's all I can say about this app. Happy dashing!.Version: 1.0

A good startI loved the original geometry dash, and meltdown's few levels were pretty great. So obviously a game that combines those should be an incredible five star game right? Well, sort of. There's one major complaint I have, and that's that these levels are too short. I would stub my toe on the first spike of the level and see "3% complete!" flash on screen. Over and over I would reach the end of the level and hear the bass drop or some interesting part of the song play. It's even worse when it's a song that I know and like but the level cuts off far too soon. Also this game is trying to tie itself to the original geometry dash. Half the content is locked unless you have the original geometry dash and sync your two games (and the game sync is buggy at best). If you want to tie this game to the original then just make it DLC..Version: 1.0

Remove adds plzHey rub rub and the community gd has bean such a good game we all love it exempt the ones who rage but now we have gd world and there are these adds or I should say stupid little turds that keep piping up when I'm in practice mode or even in the middle of a level. Adds are things people hat unless we get goods out of it and in the first shop... you get to have a chance to get a video for 100 orbs but Ike that's the only time I actually hang adds . I'm giving this rescues an4 star is because adds need to get removed plz but the game it's self is awesome their is so meny different options like daily levels and the quests, but with 2.1 is it going to be soon becasue I just can't wait and I hope to see you make it awesome because I love you rub rub and don't let me down. :P.Version: 1.0

I love it but...Don’t get me wrong. I love Geometry Dash. There is just one reason I rated it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and not ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It’s not a bug or glitch or anything like that, it’s just that the Practice Mode music is lame. It needs some spark to it. And also, it would be cool if you changed Practice Mode music AND made the music different for each different level. I KNOW that if I don’t like the music, I can mute it, but I wouldn’t do that because Geometry Dash without the music is just not the same. And this review isn’t just for Geometry Dash World, it is for all of the Geometry Dash versions. So if you could do what I asked in all versions of Geometry Dash, that would be great! My rating would instantly be bumped up to a good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!! I still love this game, but it would be nice if you could do what I asked. ♥️♥️.Version: 1.01

DisappointingIt's much easier than the original and takes at most a few minutes. The music is worse than the original, and it doesn't have any levels that use spider form, which is a problem if you can get spider form costumes. It has nothing for you besides the levels, and things like gauntlets are said by the game to be in the full version, but aren't. It also might replace 2.1, which scares me. And the whole game is just a big ad for the full version, and is it me or do the chests not work? The only reason this isn't 1 star is because it will obviously be updated to include things like the spider form. Sorry, Robtop, I really wanted to give this a higher rating. EDIT: Now that 2.1 is out, gets 4 stars. Didn't realize!.Version: 1.0

It’s A Really Good game but it needs Level editor And Game is dead and not UpdatingYea I know there is Featured Levels this option is my most Favorite Option But I need Level editor I never Tested I would have to Pay 4$ But I don’t wanna risk it and also and also these levels are some small which Makes me More sad I want more. №2 the game is dead not Updating which makes me Missing Old 2011 Geometry Dash In my Opinion You need to Upgrade this GD World More level and And it Doesn’t Reminds me if there was a Update So Can You Update it So We Can Have More fun in this game also I wanna Race with my friends but I need full version And it’s not Multiplayer it’s Single player And I wanna share this app with my friends.Version: 1.01

Good but ads and levelsWhen I first got this game, I was expecting a lot as it was another geometry dash game. Being a huge fan of the other games, I was expecting a hard challenge. But most of the levels were extremely easy, which was a huge disappointment. I get it was made for beginners to get a feel for the game, but for the pros it was easy. I beat the entire game in about 25 minutes. Another problem was ads. Other geometry dash games had no ads so I expected this to be the same but wrong! The game was loaded with ads, as in every 3-5 attempts I was getting a 10-30 non skippable ad. This was a huge problem, and partially made me dislike it. If you are new and want to be better at geometry dash, this is for you. The levels were great as usual, and it starts easy then gets harder..Version: 1.01

Great game, butThis game is pretty fun. It is easy, but when you're over, it provides a good challenge. User levels. My main problem is the ads. They appear every 1-6 attempts and are always the same. You might not have control over this, so I won't use it as an excuse to get mad. My second issue is that you can't search for user levels. I get that it's an advertisement to get the full version, but I want to play more then featured levels. My last problem is that iTS So FrEAKinG HarDD!!1! Just kidding. I beat the game in 3 minutes. I just want another world with more difficulty. Those were my complaints, but the game is fun, challenging, exciting and could be easy sometimes. Hope this is helpful..Version: 1.01

Good but why does it exist?Alright, I'll admit I enjoyed the two island worlds. It's well made, fun, and has the good level design I'd expect from robtop. I just don't see the point of this game, except as a teaser for 2.1 features in geometry dash. I enjoyed it (Edit) Alright, after two days of playing, I'm realizing that this can really be the start of something great! The demon keys, orbs, and diamonds are a really good mechanic, and help to give a greater sense of overall progress in the game! Even if I can't beat a level, I can still get credit based on my percentage, which is really cool. This could encourage many players to start attempting demons if all of the same features are brought in 2.1! I'm enjoying this game so much.Version: 1.0

Incredible game!I love this game, surely it's hard but it's very fun. I'm not sure if the geometry dash developers purposely did this: When I finish a level and look away from my screen the walls are moving as different layers and it is so weird. Why? Well due to the backround and the level it's self are moving opposite directions, it causes an illusion making a harmless (not hurtful) effect where the surroundings appear to be "moving", but there really not. That's why every time I look away from the screen my surroundings are moving. Anyway I've also got a question about this game: is geometry dash world a prequel or a sequel to geometry dash? To move on from that great job developers you guys made a fun & an addicting game!.Version: 1.0

Needs a few improvementsI’m giving this a five star because it was challenging (like geometry dash) and the islands were not time consuming for me at least. The improvements I think would make the game better 1. Please add the search tool to online levels 2. Add the hall of fame 3. Remove the top of the screen ads 4. Add more levels And if you add those I will be fully satisfied with the game and I didn’t really like the music so I had to mute it most of the time I completed both islands in an hour so please if robtop reads this (most likely not) but if robtop does please add these things to the game these problems are minor and neutral either way 5 stars from me.Version: 1.01

A pretty great gameGeometry dash world is and awesome game, I love how you can get a break from the long levels on the regular version, sub zero and meltdown. It was the geometry dash games where always a few of my favorite games since my friend introduced geometry dash to me, I was so exited when he told me there was another geometry dash version (world). It has so many levels and cool music. The two things that I don’t like about it is. Number 1: I relive that it is hard to get lots of icons because the levels are so easy witch I like and don’t like that the levels are easy. Number two: I wish that on toxic part there where harder levels. Other that that I love this game! Thank you for reading my review (: bye..Version: 1.01

Awesome Game no Issues so FarIt is an awesome game to play and is addictive. So far I have no issues with ads and glitches in the game so far. If I do encounter something I will let you know. I have played this game since 2018 and never had any issues, so I do not understand why other people have those issues with the game. I kinda believe it because this game has not been updated in forever, which can lead to these things so you all do not get very great reviews. Anyway please fix them so they can experience how awesome this game is without all of the ads and glitches/bugs. Hope you all get these fixes so you can experience this game..Version: 1.01

Make New Levels NOW!I love the idea of geometry dash, but what I really dislike is the face that when you complete all of the levels, the rest say "coming soon" and then you wait like a million years (figure of speech) the new levels don't even come out yet. It is almost like the developer doesn't even care about players that complete all of the complete levels, so maybe RobTop should put some more time for his game to create new levels so we can still play his game. Like other players like me, that completed all of the levels that came out, are WASTING STORAGE on devices because you have a app that just sitting on your home screen doing nothing. I just really want to play this great game but I can't because there is no levels to complete. Make New Levels NOW!.Version: 1.0

Geometry dash world is missing something importantWhen I first started playing geometry dash world I thought it was gonna be better than the original, but then when I completed the 2 worlds I realized that geometry dash world is actually missing some BIG things. First of all what I noticed was that there was NO level editor and that could make a huge difference to the ratings on this app, if it had a level editor I would give it a five but for now it's a three. Also if they have star coins available and you can't get them then why are they even there? That's just some stuff I noticed that were missing, so Robtop, if you have the chance to improve the game then that would be awesome thx! :D p.s add in the level editor I think everyone is waiting for it thanks! :D.Version: 1.0

Great Game! :DWhen I first got the game, it took a bunch of tries to get past some levels. I remember, the level Striker used to take me so long, now I can ace it. Same with the second level, which took me around 150 tries, lol. I never ended up buying the whole game, but the demo has a lot to offer. After completing all the levels, it’s fun to try and challenge yourself to complete all the levels back to back in one try. Idk, that’s just something I tried to do- I absolutely love the soundtrack for each level. Striker and the last level (can’t seem to recall the name of it) are my favorites :D I don’t know what else to say.... well uh... great game! :D.Version: 1.01

Good Idea...Bad ExecutionGDW is great as an idea, combining the F2P from GDLite, the mechanics from GDM and original, and a limited version of original's online. However, I beat this game (both islands) in 45 minutes. GDLite, a game with only 8 levels mind you, instead of the 2 islands' 10 levels, took me several weeks. (Probably about 8 hours' playtime.) Part of this is because the levels are too short, part is because nothing is harder than Polargeist or maybe Base After Base. I completed Monster Dance Off, the last level mind you, which should be the hardest, in one attempt. I'd say just focus on bringing 2.1 to the original GD instead of creating GDM and now GDW too. We've been waiting for about 6 months too long..Version: 1.0

MORE LEVELS!!!!!So, I have a few concerns, the main being more levels. I finished all of them within 10 minutes. I would be grateful if you could make more. Also, the levels don’t give you diamonds or anything, so you just have to get them from the daily chests. It takes FOREVER to be able to get into the door thing. Same with getting keys. Two more things. One is, when it says online levels, it’s just something for an add for another app. I need more WITHOUT having to download it. And lastly, for anyone who stayed this long, I have a cheat for the last level on Toxic Factory. When it comes to the place with the arrow, on the block where you jump to get to the arrow, DON’T JUMP!! You won’t have to do it. So those are my concerns..Version: 1.01

ShortI really like this game. The only problem is that there is around only an hour of gameplay. I know it is hard to add lots of content to a game, because I make my own, but if you could add a new world, that would be great. Also, could you add the new features like dash to the new world? Thank you. Anyone who is reading this, I will now randomly press words. Hi you my name dog name and you I have no a number of you my name and name I have am will you name and you I name you I am so not sure I will am the name of a new app and it should not be on the list app is that not to a name or for and you will be not a sure app for you and will have a good time when it will have a great game but I have never seen you on.Version: 1.0

Cool..I do like to do impossible level like sometime I was 6 years old I like to play a little game sometimes my dad download for me. Then one time ago I don’t like the game called monster from 1957 went is you need to collect 10 paper to win and it took 24 hours to do it and is boring and the game looks black and white instead in 2008 Roblox game has a lot of games so the fun one is when Roblox in 2020 they have more fun games is around of country then I think I want to play went I found robtop game then I like and I got the 7 levels Finnish went I delete it because I want the Roblox game but I want to watch Tv instead.Version: 1.01

Great game! Just some suggestions for what to add next.Hello, and I pretty much have not encountered any problems in this app, so I decided to give you some suggestions. So I was thinking that you could of course make a new island for the game because toxic factory is literally like the last stage and then the key master says, “you need to complete toxic factory to unlock player made levels, and I accept that, of course, but then it kinda ruins it because toxic factory is the last island. So can you guys make a new island? Also, I do enjoy the challenging levels. (But sometimes they frustrate me) So far, no bugs.... and great work on this game! Ok now... WHAT’S WITH THE SECRET CHAMBER?!.Version: 1.01

New game ideaDear creators of Geometry Dash, i am sending you this review to let you know I just got a new game idea. This game idea is gonna be called Geometry Dash: rocket blast. So you know how when when of the games are being played in some parts the character goes through this portal thing and then appears in like a little rocket, and you have to fly it. Also it can’t hit anything. I love when that happens it is my favorite part, so I would like a Geometry Dash game that ONLY does the rocket, if you die you, just make another attempt. (Coll idea right). I’m pretty sure everyone will love this game if you make it. PS, please make this game. ☹️☹️🙏🏾.Version: 1.01

Best game ever! But...I really love this game! Soundtracks are awesome! but I rated this game 4 stars cause every few times I die 30 seconds ads pop up and is really annoying because usually I go on a gaming frenzy when I play it. But still luvs it! Also adding on to dis. Pls make harder levels. The only hard levels I find are the online ones. I'm sorta ok with dat but still for once I want to see a hard level or even levels! I never played the original or meltdown but really though as a noob it took me not even a full week to complete both islands may not sound impressive but this is my first time EVER playing geo dash. Rub rub listen to my voice. Make it harder so noobs like me won't "dash" through the game..Version: 1.0

Am I missing something?First off the game is well designed from the levels to the new systems, but there is just not enough content. There are 10 "levels" each around 30-45 seconds long and take 1-5 attempts each to complete, there are no coins or extra items in the level that would add difficulty. Each level complete gives you orbs which than can purchase icons or colors, however, by the time I finished the game I had 1000 orbs enough to buy one icon. There are daily levels that are community made and are like the original levels but at that point you could just play the original version. Overall, good game not enough content..Version: 1.0

This game is greatI love All the versions of GD. I’m just telling everybody how great this game is. This is not like any version of any GD versions. Awesome music too. If you have probs with finding music I gotcha heres a few songs: super ultra by MDK, Pyro by dread Pitt, conquer by HOPEX, too hot for pants by MDK. Ok back to the game. There is secret ways, for example there is a secret way if you jump over the yellow jump pad right before the wave there’s a secret way! There’s user levels there’s a vault to crack codes in, if you type in the challenge in the vault with 200 diamonds you will find the only secret level of its kind. It’s worth your time it’s free and it’s fun! You will have a lot of fun..Version: 1.01

Too Hard For Me! 😡This Game Is impossible to beat. Every time I play the level frontlines, It glitches. Even though there is a spring at the beginning of the level, i instantly lose, for no reason! I saw no glitches in practice mode, but in normal mode, it glitches! Every time! I can only get to 91% on the level! Every other feature is fine, but I have three questions for you. 1. Why does it say “only available in the full version of geometry dash” on a couple features. 2. Why are the features there when there not available, IT MAKES NO SENCE! 3. What kind of person names an option in options just, don’t.... It makes 0 sence. Other then that the game’s good. If robtop is reading, please fix these glitches and stuff. Thanks 😊.Version: 1.01

The ads are annoying...Honestly, this game is good and is challenging but fun to play. The music is also enjoyable and overall the game is cool and fun. However, there is one thing that has annoyed me about the game. It’s the fact that you can not even skip certain ads and have to fully wait for them to finish. Usually in most games they let you skip the ad unless you are trying to obtain something, which is okay. But when you finish certain levels, you get ads that are you are not able to skip. I will still continue to play the game because overall it’s still a pretty good game. But please just keep what I have said in mind..Version: 1.01

...Honestly. it’s pretty hard for me as a beginner,just because there is so much going on .... don’t get me wrong i really like the music,and all the different levels but yeah.... i personally think that the ads are really annoying because let’s say that i am almost done with the level and had a pretty large amount of tries and then come an add and i need to loose to be able to hit the (x) and don’t get me wrong sometimes i don’t mind it but the ads come ever 5 minutes and it gets pretty frustrating when you r trying to pass the level. Also i would’ve liked the first level to be easier. thank you for reading my review.. oh and i repeat that no shame to the game it’s addicting these r just my opinions 💖.Version: 1.01

Good but the I hate the adsSo I first got this game a few months ago, and I was just starting out then so I think it was a really good game for me. The levels are well designed and decorated, and I think they are really good for when you are starting out. I have 2 problems with this game though, I wish there were more featured levels, currently there are only ten pages. And the ads I would normally be able to manage, but they are unskipable, very long unskipable ads. And they are also very annoying ads, too. Not even the typical mobile game ads, they are very annoying and I wish they would at least put a “skip ad” option..Version: 1.01

It takes your orbs whenever you watch adsIts a good game and everything but lets get to the point. so you know how you can watch ads to get orbs right. ok so im watching a bunch of ads because i want to get this 6000 orb icon in the community store so im at 5659 orbs and watching another ads to get more and all of a sudden my game gliches and it kicks me out. so i go back into the game to just watch another ads but no. all my orbs that i watches hella ads for are gone. now i only have 5000 orbs and i have to start from the bottom again. so me being my nonchalant self just does just that. but no once i get up to 5959 orbs my game glitches again and i go ALL THE WAY back to 5000 orbs. can we please fix this or i swear im deleting this game.Version: 1.01

An interesting concept, not sure it fitsThis is another case of great geometry dash fun! The ten included levels are fun, and I hope there will be more to come. That being said, I'm not sure the level system fits for geometry dash. Having to unlock levels one by one only after you beat the previous levels just doesn't feel right. There are also ads that appear while playing from time to time, which is awful. Last thing, please put daily challenges and quests into regular geometry dash, I and many others would love that!.Version: 1.0

CoolGreat game!.Version: 1.01

YesYes.Version: 1.0

Geometry dash aka #1fan boiSo fun like all geometry dash like sub zero lite meltdown like holly better than Fortnite!!!!!.Version: 1.01

Really Great GameIt's free and it's very good!.Version: 1.0

Cool gameKiller game ever played for me love it 😎😎😀😀😀😃😃😂😂😇😇😋😋😋😋😋🤣🤣😄😁😆😆😊😉🙂.Version: 1.0

Very awesomeIt’s absolutely unacceptable to not give this game 5 stars..Version: 1.01

10 starsFortnite doesn’t compare with geometry dash lite, meltdown, world and subzero..Version: 1.01

Read PleaseRubrub can u make a full version please on this game its da best one ever please.Version: 1.0

It’s on my top 10It’s number 9 beside pvz.Version: 1.01

Full version cost moneyThe game is really great! , but the only problem is that the full version cost money:( please robtop please.Version: 1.01

Good gameThis is a very fun game. I like that there’s a bunch of levels, but there is a problem for me. the ads, the ads always show up after every failed attempt. Overall very fun but robtop please get 2.2 out!.Version: 1.01

To easyTo easy beat all the levels in 10 minutes.Version: 1.01

Great gameI love geometry dash and no other game is close to being as good anyways I would wish that they would just update a game like meltdown or subzero instead of creating all the new ones and maybe add a new world to the game soon because it has been a while.Version: 1.01

Best game everI love this game so much it’s my favourite game on my iPad! I play it almost every day And I sometimes do endless challenges so I can not die at all. Anyway,Thank you to robtop for making this game,And every other geometry dash..Version: 1.01

WooooooowFun game,I like it. Thank u!!!👌.Version: 1.01

AdsI’ll give it 5 stars if no ads.Version: 1.01

.Yes.Version: 1.01

🐛🐛🐛Tbh it’s a great game I love the challenging levels and the amount and variety of levels!! It’s *not* one of those games that I only play for a few days and get bored. I recommend!!!!🐛🐛🍵🍵.Version: 1.01

Fun but to easyThis game is fun but to easy.Version: 1.01

To many adsThe game is really fun don’t get me wrong but the game has way to many ads I would suggest to turn off your internet when playing.Version: 1.01

RetroIt’s so fun you learn how to play geometry dash like a pro.Version: 1.01

NiceIt’s a fun game but i just wish there were more levels.. like it’s been over 4 years and it still says “coming soon” 😭 the only problem i have with this game are the ads bruh 🙄 i don’t need 60 second ads every two seconds.Version: 1.01

Love itPlz Add More!!!.Version: 1.01

CoolIt’s really good but I wish there were more levels.Version: 1.01

Story I guessIt’s great but I think it needs a storyline.Version: 1.01

AdsEverything in the games good but remove the unskipable ads.Version: 1.01

Add more levelsPls add more levels.Version: 1.01

I am a pro at thisThis game I completed all the levels can I you make it harder?.Version: 1.01

Nice gameThat a great game..Version: 1.01

AlanHi so it’s fun but it’s a bit to hard can you just make it easyier to pass ?.Version: 1.01

Fine but addsThe game is fantastic, but there are much too many adds..Version: 1.01

FunI havint rage quit so that’s good.Version: 1.01

GreatThis game is great.Version: 1.01

HacksI just hacked into 2.2 …!.Version: 1.01

Good substitute for the real gdI logged in and loaded my save and started playing my saved levels. It’s a good substitute for gd until I get the real gd. It’s a good substitute for the real gd if you don’t mind the ads!.Version: 1.01

Bruh.Too many ads what tf,.Version: 1.01

GreatI love this app already defeated the whole thing but I still play because it’s fun but it keeps giving me ads right after I complete it or I die to many times that needs to change.Version: 1.01

GoodIt's so SO good it's a god.Version: 1.01

WhyIt’s so hard It took me 100 try’s.Version: 1.01

Love itOne of fav games.Version: 1.01

It’s a decent game.Maybe less ads? It would help on reviews, doesn’t bother me tho, just turn on airplane mode.Version: 1.01


FunThis is a fun game but with bad internet an ad freezes the game.Version: 1.01

Fun game with minor setbacksIt is fun but is said I had to complete all the levels to unlock the Online battle, witch is fine, but then they told me to pay...ahhhh uggggh.Version: 1.01

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Geometry Dash World iPad Images
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