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Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure!

Jump in, brace yourself, and get ready for a real challenge! This won't be easy...

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Three unique levels with amazing music from MDK, Bossfight and Boom Kitty!
• Unlock unique SubZero icons to customize your character!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

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Geometry Dash SubZero App Comments & Reviews

Geometry Dash SubZero Positive Reviews

Great, But Needs TweakingAll of these levels are very well designed very well, I like how in knock em in the last wave, 1st spider-2nd spider had that weird effect and I like the boss fight in press start even if it was very easy but here’s the thing, I’m a mobile player and on knock em the 2nd coin with the ball, in yt vids it’s shows a path but when I try it, it doesn’t, And yes I have gotten the key on the ship part and it still doesn’t work :/.Also I HATE how in power trip it makes you progress go backwards and how it constantly flips you, especially with the wave at the begging of the lvl. And when the jump pads constantly make you go flip flop. In a day in age where fortnite is the most popular game (I don’t like it) That makes me like this game even more. if I had to rate the lvls I would rate 1: Knock Em 2: Press Start 3: Power trip. And also yes I have beaten every lvl with all 3 coins except for the ball with the invisible path for the 2nd coin in Knock Em... Even though this game has a lot of problems it’s still a good game. Not as good as regular geometry Dash But 2nd best. 8.6/10 Also on power trip on the 2nd section I missed a green jump ring I my screen glitched so the robot I was using went out of the screen and I beat the lvl :/, I have beaten power trip ligit now but that was a weird experience..Version: 1.0

Geometry funThis is a good version of geometry dash press start is fun and catchy nock em witch i only beat in practice mode power trip is a harder difficulty and i hate the beginning because it makes you go flip flop like crazy and I really appreciate “mdk” and Bossfight for making these wonderful songs! The boss fight in press start is really fun even though it was super easy like there’s no tomorrow also press start was too catchy i kept having remixes of it ALOT and i even told my neighbor about it we had played for a long time and i reviewed lots of games like Roblox and Pokemon this game was so fun i gave it a 5 star review Hahahha🤩🤩🤩 anyway more about the levels witch are hard but they are still fun again with press start i wish they released the full version of press start because i really want to play it there are also other levels that are remixes and one of them are called press start x and i tryed one of them and it was way too hard next to nock em was when it try’s to smash you with the spikes⚔️🗡⚔️⚔️ then power trip the wave part is super hard I can’t beat it i haven’t beat it in practice mode yet and this is it for this review byeeeee.Version: 1.0

Great new addition to the franchise, but...The game and level designs are top notch. The camera zooming in and out makes the level seem more interesting. Good job on the level design, too. It is obvious that there is a great improvement RubRub. However, there are some, in my opinion, extreme flaws that I only found on my iPad. Firstly, when the app was downloaded, the app icon remained dark. It’s as if it is still downloading. I can’t access it and have to go to the App Store in order to open the game. There is a glitch with the second coin in the “Nock Em” level, where the transparent platform I should be able to jump to, as a ball, is just absent. This frustrates me so much. Only one more thing, I have all of your GD games, ie paid for the original and got Meltdown, Worlds and SubZero. When I log in to all of them and save my progress it’s fine. But when I want to load data from the other games in between each other, it just doesn’t happen. Only SubZero was able to load some icons and colours. Meltdown, on the other hand, when I try to load, tells me that this function will be available when update 2.1 comes. I have it! All in all an amazing trio of new levels with new gimmicks. I hope you will address the issues mentioned above. Then I’ll give 5*. Thank you!!!.Version: 1.0

GREEEEEAAAAT gameI usually don't write reviews. This game is simply to challenging, addictive, fun, and very very satisfying when you get a level done. <3<3 <3! Like I said, I don't write reviews. So If your scrolling through reviews like mine or just came from someone else's 5 star review, listen if you haven't played this amazing game yet. Don't listen to the 1-3 haters. They can't see the true authority of this game. I'm a 10 year old boy, and if you see me doing this punctuation and capitalization correctly, you should give this a try! Now, for you people just scrolling through the comments, write your own review. Truly express how you feel about this game. It doesn't take long. A matter a fact you don't have to make a long review. So people who haven't played this game can have a chance to see how great it is. I know it sounds like I'm just saying all of this for a long review or something to give me a notice from developers, but honestly I'm not. So thanks for making it this long into review. Byeeeeee!.Version: 1.0

Questions and concerns.So, I like this because it’s very challenging. Overall, I’m seeing this as a top game on the App Store. Playing geometry dash was quite inspiring for me to play other games. That’s why I am here. Maybe make the secret coin not like “oh click me so you can play hard”. And like : “Geometry dash secret coin in the level screen for hard level” ya know? If you want to know what I mean RobTob Games just ask. Also, maybe add a new level called predator? I’m just asking you don’t have too. Also, maybe add another secret coin where you can find in the title screen? Also an ask. My main concern is that you’re basically just making a mini boss fight on a easy/moderate Press start. Another mention is I like all the levels and personally a great game, but I feel like three levels aren’t enough. Thanks for reading and have a good day! (make more challenging games soon!) Edit: so, I completed Press start and when I’m on wave on nock em it just like tap and then one second of going then back down! Please fix the glitch where mobile people use wave spam it CAN work because it will just go DOWN when I want it to go UP. Also I’m shocked about that..Version: 1.0

Great game,but two major bugs(And Good GD Games)This game is good,But I am here to report some bugs First bug:In power trip when you clear it,it does not verify the second coin even if you do collect it making the icon you unlock when you collect all 3 coins at power trip rendered impossible to get! Second bug:Just like regular GD,if you tap the first lock on the second row,you get that same Icon,that’s the bug,it’s not supposed to be in the game and you can tap it again and again and nothing changes!But it does make sense since Scratch IS a glitch in the code(According to secret shop when you tap it when locked in regular GD or GD world) Also,The updates will have games to showcase the features in three leveled GD games,so updates may take longer,I’m used to it now and am always excited to see new levels!Also,2.2 is taking so long cause I heard it’ll be the absolute biggest update ever(Sadly map packs gonna be gone) and tons of new stuff,and a new level!.Version: 1.0

GD Sub Zero, ProblemHello, I have played all the Geometry Dash Sub Zero levels and they were flawless! The zoom in was awesome, how when going back and the percentage bar going down as well was a really cool feature! And the levels were just amazing, the design, and everything! I’m totally excited for the new update of Geometry dash! But I do have a slight problem, and I found out it’s only apple products (I played on my friends phone and I did not glitch out like mine), the problem is that in the level “Power Trip”, the second coin wont appear and I won’t get the trophy of Ultimate Power Trip. And I can get the second coin and it will appear on the level of a coin that has an outline, showing I have collected it, but on the game menu and on the complete menu, it will show that I have not collected the second coin. Even though I have collected it, which that means I can’t get the achievement. And how I found out that it’s only Apple products is because my friend beat Power Trip and had the same problem. Could you Please fix this RubRub?.Version: 1.0

Power Trip Bug/GlitchI've played all levels in the game and got all the coins in both Nock em and Press Start. But when I played Power Trip I had gotten the first and second coin. Once I completed the level it said I only got the first coin. So I tried the level again about 39 tries after and it didn't work also the third coin for me wasn't working either and this really annoys me because when play one of these GD games I try to get every icon possible and these bugs or glitches just mess it up. Anyhoo the game is great it has great features and music and also once you(Robtop/RubRub) finish making sequel games can you add all the levels from each sequel game into the full version of GD please😋😋 because then players can just play their favorite meltdown or subzero level in the full version instead of repeatedly going to the other game. If this happens thank you 😊 and if it doesn't😭 so also can you fix the bug please..Version: 1.0

Press StartI love this game. My favorite part is that it doesn’t require internet, it only does if you want to see an ad. Which is perfect for me right now because I’m currently on a road-trip so I can play this in the car. And did I mention I have all the free Geometry Dash apps? Anyway, I wanted to mostly talk about Press Start. Of course, like all beginners, I thought it was going to be easy. But nOoOoOOoOoOo! My brother loves Geometry Dash and is really good at it, however, I love Geometry Dash, but I’m absolutely horrible at it, and I’ve played these games for over a year and a half! I have been practicing on Press Start for a while now, and it’s still super hard! Believe it or not, I’ve gotten farther on Knock ‘Em then Press Start. Which confuses me and my brother. I don’t know WHY, but something about Press Start makes it so hard for me. Well, I better go. Keep up the good work. ♡.Version: 1.0

It needs levels, when it needs bugs.So whenever I get a ad it mutes my level (and game) music for some reason. I also don’t like the fact that you just can’t jump when you press the jump button repeatedly. It happens in many other ways, but I know RobTop is just one person. So calm it down with these requests people! Next thing is the levels. Some of the levels are WAY too easy. I think you would at least try to add a couple more levels, so content creators, if your reading this, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKING MAKING LEVELS ALL OF US APPRECIATE IT 😁👍 Make more levels content creators! We really want more, just like we want RobTop to make more fun GD games. Then one time I completed power trip and I sighed in relief then went out and back in and it just went from 100% to 76% completed. When you go backwards and you were at 100%, it goes down and says NEW HIGHSCORE! ??% and this really annoys me because I really like the power trip character you unlock from beating power trip. That’s all. Signed, Isaiah.Version: 1.0

A Great Game!I’m Geometry Dash Subzero, you are given three levels, Press Start, Nock Em and Power Trip. Each level has its own fun gameplay and use of camera controls. The levels are far more enjoyable than GD World’s and are slightly better than Meltdown’s. The game feels like a direct sequel to Meltdown having the same simple design on levels and being harder than Meltdown’s. However there are a few flaws. The first one is, why couldn’t you just update Geometry Dash Meltdown? Meltdown had the exact same style as this game but Subzero was a separate game. And for some reason when I get all the coins on Power Trip the second coin doesn’t count as gotten. When I go back into the level to get it, the coin has the dotted outline sprite saying I’ve gotten it but I don’t have it. It’s probably a bug or I’m doing something wrong. Overall this is a pretty solid game and is definitely worth the 30 minutes of content it provides..Version: 1.0

Love the game, but I have some suggestionsThe game is great, the levels, the icons, everything about it is amazing. However, Say your on the last level, and you finally beat it, and you get this awesome icon, but now that you have completed the game, what are you going to do with it? I mean, like if you beat the game and get these rewards but you can’t do anything with them. So, I have come up with a system that can fix this. It goes like this: you come into the icon selection place (thing) and you see a gray lock. And you tap on it and is says: complete (blank) level in subzero. So you go to subzero and beat the level and you get the icon as normal. But this time not only do you get it in subzero, but also in the full version of the game. And you can use it in there as well. Thank you for your time :).Version: 1.0

Nice game, but a bug.Honestly, this game is not bad, it’s really fun and addictive. I didn’t like the fact that there are three levels at first, but the levels turn it all around! All the levels are really cool! There is just one bug, I completed Power Trip and I got the first and the second coin, but when I went to the menu, the coin did not show, again it is fun and addictive. I recommend that you download it and try it! It’s just my opinion so you don’t have to like it. Whoever likes games that challenges you download the game and mostly you will like it. If you like this please write a review and rate five stars! If you liked the game there are more such as, Geometry Dash lite, Geometry Dash (The one you get more levels and you can edit), Geometry Dash Meltdown, and Geometry Dash world!.Version: 1.0

I think I found a glitch...So first of all, the game is really good and has excellent gameplay, but... there’s just one thing that made me make it a 4/5 star rating. So, I have OCD which makes me want to complete things to the max (100% things),but I... can’t... Basically, when I tried beating Power Trip with all 3 coins, I only got the 1st and 3rd coins, even though I very clearly remember getting the 2nd coin. This is where the glitch came in. So, on the screen where you see the levels and the “Coming Soon!” thing, Power Trip shows that the 1st coin is yellow, the second coin is grey and the third coin is also yellow (yellow = have it, grey = don’t have it). But when I played the level again, the second coin was grey there too! It wasn't yellow as if I didn’t get it yet. RobTop Games, if you can and/or know how to fix this glitch, please do..Version: 1.0

Fun but hard...Geometry dash is fun but hard at the same time. It took like 200 attempts to beat press start and then I beat it on the first attempt. I moved on to knock em (I think that’s how you spell it) and I was like. Hm pretty chill, but when I went into wave mode I was like. ................ NANI?!. I was never able to pass nock em nor power trip because FIRST OF ALL THE WAVE PART IS TO HARD ON MOBILE. SECOND OF IT AUTOMATICALLY GOES DOWN ON THE WAVE PART AFTER LIKE 2 SECONDS AND YOU HAVE TO HOLD IT UP TO STOP IT FROM GOING DOWN?! I think you should make the wave part easier by making it so that it does not automatically down after 3 seconds of going up. It’s a great game but hard. Same for geometry dash lite. Can’t let go is like super hard it should be a an insane or a harder not a hard. Great game but please make wave part easier pls..Version: 1.0

Don’t complain (pros)From Geometry dash to Geometry dash MELTDOWN I think that all of the levels are great and fun I think meltdown was a large hit and so was Geometry dash worlds which in my case was also VERY fun. But on reviews on both of those mini apps were terrible mostly from pros or hackers saying something like “all the levels were so easy and got 1 attempt complete on everyone 😫. But I think they’re missing the point in these apps. These are meant to serve as a preview and to show what is to come on the $2 app of the real game. It’s not meant to serve much of a challenge so don’t get but hurt when you beat all the levels in a day just take time and wait for the update on the real game so you can’t complain anymore. But anyways this was an amazing game thanks rub rub 🤩👍.Version: 1.0

Huge GlitchI’ve been playing this game for a little bit and I’ve thought it was super fun but not until I started Power Trip. I collected the first 2 secret coins and then completed the level. There was a problem though. It showed that I had the first coin but the second coin wasn’t on there. I ended up beating the level 3 more time while getting that second coin, but it still isn’t showing up on the level menu. Even inside the level the coin isn’t there. It’s just the outline of it, signifying that I do indeed have it. This is a huge problem and it needs to get fixed ASAP. I will not be playing this game or downloading any other GD games until this gets fixed.😡😡😡.Version: 1.0

Great game, but with a glitch...I downloaded this game to see what it was like, I was blown away from the amount of detail and challenging gameplay this has to offer. Although I loved it, I was playing Power Trip and got the second coin and beat it, then it said I got the first coin. At first I thought nothing of it, but then when I went to get the first and second coin again, it said they were both collected. Again, I thought nothing of it. And then when I got all three coins and got ultimate Power Trip, it still said I only collected two, this time it was the first and third coins, not the second. And I never got the ultimate Power Trip badge and icon, or the second coin..Version: 1.0

Great game with a weird bugGeometry Dash is great, and I’ve almost completed the Lite, Meltdown, and Subzero version with all the coins . I say almost mastered because there is a weird glitch in Power Trip. For some reason, it won’t register on the level selection area that Ive gotten the second coin. When I play the level however, the second coins is clear, meaning Ive collected the coin and completed the level. It’s very frustrating, since it shows Ive gotten the coin in the level, but it just won’t register. This also restricts me from getting the achievement where you complete Power Trip with all three coins. Very frustrating bug, but still a great game..Version: 1.0

Awesome but fix it please?Hello RobTop! And I like this app but a few bugs you need to fix, when I was playing power trip I haves fun but in the wave part I couldn’t complete it and when the wave part was reversed that was the bug so the boss fight in press Start was amazing 😉 but something went wrong the glitch was that when I completed press Start the boss fight was following me and I don’t like it and please fix it. Last but not least the level creator, we like it in the normal geometry dash but here I don’t want it to say “full version” again! So please I want to see triggers and more! Please remove the sign “full version” now of I will not play this again and I hope RubRub and you will fix it and remember to not let anyone destroy again 😍.Version: 1.0

Amazing!RobTop you give us the best games! This is another great on I really like the levels! Nothing's wrong with it but I have 3 requests to make this game and other geometry dash apps better. That brings me to point #1. #1- What's with all the apps? Just pick one (which would probably be the normal GD app.) Just add the levels in there! I mean with GD world I get it but like Sub zero? Meltdown? What's with all these apps? Just please update the normal GD app and add these levels in. (There really good.) #2- I mean I am pretty good at GD games but make the levels a little harder. Not to hard like demon levels but like the :| and the >:( faces. #3- Not a problem but I have a idea... Yeah you not going to except this are you guys... It will take a lot of work but I think you guys can do it. Anyways my idea is add a hard mode to the game after you beat all the main levels. Maybe add like new harder levels in hard mode or make the main levels harder. But yeah that my idea. Thanks for taking the time to read this! P.S- Rose are red Violets are blue, Find out the end of this sentence and I mean you!.Version: 1.0

Good, but in need of easier levelsI play this game when I am bored, and it is great! The level graphics are awesome, and the music is the best in the series of geometry dash. But, I only have one complaint- add in easier levels! This would be better if you added this in because beginners would know more about the basics and there experience would grow. This was the first in the series that I got, and I started with press start. I was suffering! It was halfway to impossible for me. I have another problem. The updates are not loading for me! I still have the original version of subzero because my iPod was not letting me update! Other than those two problems, Subzero is awesome! Fix these and five stars from me..Version: 1.0

It’s okOk so the first problem is with Press Start and K like this level but when you get to the boss fight every time I try to get the coin the boss kills me out of nowhere even if I’m not touching the laser. On Nock em the only problem I have is that when I’m playing the level it won’t respond sometimes like when im teleporting from room to room and about to go in the triangle section I’m pressing the screen to jump it won’t respond and end up losing. Lastly Power Trip this is my favorite level but the problem with this level is that the third coin doesn’t appear at all even if I collect all of the other coins. Also when I pick up the other two coins and complete the level, it would say that I’ve only picked up only the first one and the other coin that I picked up won’t count until I complete the level again. Well I just hope all of these problems get fixed and I am able to enjoy the game but for right now I’m giving it 3 stars this is my favorite game but with all of the problems I won’t even give it 4 stars..Version: 1.0

Best game everI always played Geometry lite because my mum wouldn’t let me get the full version but then I saw meltdown and subzero I got them and I’m hooked, I can’t stop played them. The music is great and I like all the colors and flipping around. It makes the game that much better. Tho on a phone it is a little hard to play Press Start when it gets to the “arcade” looking part because the screen is small and when you play your thumb is in the way. Doesn’t mean you have to change it cuz I like it how it is, I like a challenge. I told my friend about this game to and she addicted to the game to tho she can’t play subzero on kindle she still loves to play the game..Version: 1.0

Great! But dizziness...So Geometry Dash: Subzero gives you 3 levels of the following: Press Start, Nock Em, and Power Trip. (All great songs btw) Each One with a individuality of difficulty. They are all a great introduction of the new update as this being a “lite” Version of 2.2! But the camera controls, they are AWESOME dont get me wrong but some people (me in particular) might get dizzy during those OMG moments of the levels.. I mean, like not ALL the time i get dizzy with the levels its just hard to keep focus all the time with the camera swooping to the right or gliding to the left or that sort of thing. But overall i think the app is a great addition to the Geometry Dash series and that you keep working on 2.2 so it can be the best that it can be! 😝👍 Thanks, RubRub. Also though i Think the beat drop In press start.. the one with THE word.. I think You should cut that part Because god knows what would happen if somones mom Caught them playing that XD. But anyways, Hope you fix It and 2.2 again, Is the Best it can be! Bye Rubrub. :P.Version: 1.0

Is it just mine?Ok, first off, amazing game! Won’t lie! But second, I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or not, but the app isn’t on my home screen. I go to my search bar and it says I still have to download it, so then I go to my App Store, and I search the app, and here, at the App Store, is the only place I can get onto the app. I also do the double tap (I have apple electronics) and doesn’t show as my “resent games” or whatever. I’m not sure what it is, but I am 99.9% sure it is not the app. So, therefore the app is completely fine, I will still give 5 stars, but I do definitely need to fine out what is happening. Lol.Version: 1.0

Pretty niceI like it, but it is honestly an easy way to make money. Update 2.2 was delayed and it is a little annoying how RubRub focuses on spinoff games and attracting new fans rather than focusing on the fans he has already in Geometry Dash. (Don’t worry, I love RubRub and the amazing features and updates he has added to the game as time passes)Although the camera controls are really cool, the random trigger makes GD become more of a memory game rather than skill because that is what popular creators might do. Although in the end it is a good way to showcase new 2.2 features like the backwards trigger, which is why I would give it a 4 out of 5 star rating. Great job RubRub and we love you! :).Version: 1.0

BugsFirst of all, there's a secret way on Power Trip that allows the player to skip a green orb and fall to victory. You can also skip the robot part entirely with the spider and again fall to victory. Secondly, for me, I collect the second coin on Power Trip, but when I complete the level, it doesn't register as a collected coin, therefore it is impossible to get the achievement for Ultimate Power Trip. Thirdly, when the icon goes backwards, the progress bar also goes backwards. At the end of the level, it jumps from something like 85% to 98%. There still may be more but that's all I've run into so far. Bugs aside, these levels are really fun and I can't wait for 2.2 :).Version: 1.0

Very challenging very fun.I love it but why so hard? Press start is my favorite gd game level now but it took me a week to even beat it! When I got tired of dying I went on to nock em and BOY THAT WAS A MISTAKE. At first I was like Nani this Level is easy but I died a couple times and did it in practice mode another mistake on my part I went past my previous score and then... oh boy this was hard I went into the mode where you have to go in zigzags and it took me a solid 30 minutes to beat that one section then onto spider mode I beat that mode quickly ish and then I kept dying so many times I gave up..Version: 1.0

Great game, just a few warningsFirst of all: like I said in the title, this is an awesome game. The soundtracks are great, the levels are difficult, in a good way, but I do have a few warnings. Around the middle of the very first level, Press Start, an 8-bit skull pops up and says “OH D*MN!” Just a little warning to all the little kids out there who want to buy this. The other thing: I suggest you get Geometry Dash Full Version before you get this, or else you will have nothing except a few default skins and colors and the skins you get from completing levels, and completing them with 3 coins..Version: 1.0

Geometry dash Sub-ZeroThis game is awsome just like meltdown but you guys need to get rid of all the ads after when someone fails after hitting one of the triangles something else the egos should also do you is just make it easier with the spikes on a little bit of the levels but something I think this game is really good at deals proving that when you Dash on geometry those amazing. I recommend this game has not played it but one thing you guys should really do is make it available to create levels without having to buy the full version and just have all the forms of Geometry Dash in Geometry Dash world making it the most ultimate game ever..Version: 1.0

Great Game!Overall this game is 5 out of five stars; the actual gameplay runs smooth and the jump reaction is on point! In my opinion this is a great game, one thing that would improve would be more levels carrying the same thing but also making them harder as the players advance. SubZero is definitely one of the greatest geometry dash games! I owned all of them starting with Geometry dash world. This Game is awesome and the first level press start is one of my favorite levels in the game series behind electroman adventure’s in Geometry dash lite. I highly recommend this game!.Version: 1.0

One problem: Making levelsI’ve played all levels which are amazing. Now after waiting about 1-2 years i really wanted to make my own level. It said we have to get full version. But there isn’t a full version for World, And meltdown (of course subzero). So I’m bummed about that. I mean, I get that we’re in quarantine but plz make it. Loads of people are gonna be like yeah I agree with him! So plz make it... Your games are awesome! All I’m asking is if you make a full version for world, subzero, and meltdown. (Also plz make Ultra Zero and Ultra Zero Full Version). Keep rocking RobTop!.Version: 1.0

Nice but harderThe levels are super easy at first but then they get kinda hard and frustrating like your aways like “I’m going to make it!!” but then you don’t but what I like is the practice. This helps so you get to know what the level is going to throw at you and when you die you have to restart your progress on normal mode. And I hope there will be more levels I would like a challenge I beaten every level because I was determined to beat the level but when I keep beating them it just becomes BORING but keep up the good work :3.Version: 1.0

Pixel perfect game series! (I also have the other games expert world)Ah, Press Start, the level that starts it all. THAT TRACK GOT STUCK IN MY HEAD and it took 8 tries. I remember going 100% crazy when the giant skull was rising in the background, the music fits with the action. Also, I love that Mario reference, world 1-1 & world 1-2. Continue? I also got hype when the skull acted like it died but it was so it could zip in front of you to BLAST YOU. I BEAT this lvl like 14 times. PRESS START ROCKS!!! That’s why I gave it a 5-star rating. I’m unbeatable!!! Unless I’m crushed by a laser or 2. Looking forward to a sonic lvl!.Version: 1.0

Annoying things about subzero1: There are only 4 icons and no ships or balls or ufos or spiders. 2: Press start is easy, why? 3: When you go backwards in nock em practice mode and you die, you have to restart that whole part again. 4: When you go to settings and you see on the top right and see the vault, everytime you click on it, it just says “Only unlocks in full version” what’s the point of putting it there? 5: when it comes to subzero the levels aren’t rated at the right difficulty, press start should be a harder rating, nock em should be a normal ranking due to the fact nock em in my opinion is easier then press start. 6: All people play subzero for is just to try and beat nock em and press start. 7: The things you have to do to unlock icons just makes me want to die. 8: press start and nock em literally have the same decoration. Subzero is just a total knock off because it’s free, it goes from fake rated levels, to same deco, along with no icons. This is why I am not satisfied with subzero and I wish for improvements..Version: 1.0

My ratingI love the game it is spectacular. It’s different and has new changes from lite,meltdown, and world. I haven’t gotten the real version. However I can’t rate it five stars because some of the changes. Like all of the games before went from easy to hard, but this game went from a little easy to way to hard. The rest of the games have a beginner level, but this one didn’t and that annoyed me a lot. That made me take away a star. I do recommend for everyone to get it but I recommend getting Geometry dash lite, Geometry dash Meltdown, or Geometry World and play it before downloading and playing this one.Version: 1.0

I love it!It’s so great to have an OFFICIAL app that’s a preview to the 2.2 features! Also, when are you gonna make GD 2.2? Are Explorers and Firebird the new levels? Is Badland the new GD Subzero level? Are you almost done with your to-do list? RobTop, please if your done with the to-do list and just doing bug fixes then I’m guessing it will be released in a few days or weeks. Overall, this app is great. PS. There’s a bug in Power Trip where if you get all 3 coins in the level it will say you only got the first one and the third one so please fix that one..Version: 1.0

Good game for pros but...I am not a pro in these kinda of games, they are all enjoyable. This game is for PROS, I am still struggling on the wave part...I still like it, especially the tunes. The things that the game needs is more levels. It has a WOPPING 3 levels...The thing that I don’t like is the practice mode in Power Trip, the part when you are at the wave part and going to the right and you don't get a checkpoint for the next 10%. Maybe make a blue checkpoint of going to the right at the wave part. And also the percent goes down starting from 50%..Version: 1.0

A great add on to the original geometry dashI love this game. I have the full version over in the original game and I recently beat hexagon force and I started to wonder if there were anymore games like this so I went on the App Store and found this. I have had a lot of fun with this game. I have almost completed this game and i am stuck on the last level. I love how frustrating this game is and how good you feel when you complete a level. I really hope that the creators of geometry dash and this game make more like this soon..Version: 1.0

BugAll the levels are good but as a bug the third coin is really hard to get if you try to get all of them differently you will have a bug even when you get all the queens sometimes it says doll all the levels are good but as a bug the third coin is really hard to get if you try to get all of them differently you will have a bug has the ball even when you get all the queens sometimes it says you don’t but it is still possible and I like all the levels so I still rated five star.Version: 1.0

Robtop please noticeAll the levels are great, and I got all the secret coins on all levels, but power trip has a bug/glitch: I collected the second coin and it says I got the first only, and when I play it again to see the level thinks I collected the first (which I didn’t) and second coins making it impossible to collect it again. I really think this bug/glitch should be fixed ASAP so it can be possible to earn the achievement “ultimate power trip”. Thank you for reading this and your game is great!.Version: 1.0

This is the best game probably ever and this will be history.Dear Robtob On my opinion i think you are the best game maker and i just really want to thank you. All of your games are the best. Including the first one. The regular Geometry Dash is sooooooo good i can’t stop playing it. You might know this online game that everyone plays including me called Fortnite and it’s really been keeping me off the game recently. I hope you know that Cycles and XStep are really great levels. Thanks for your game creations and please do make more. From: Your number 1 fan ;).Version: 1.0

Longest thing I’ve wrote to support a game.Geometry dash is the best game ever even though some people don’t like it. It’s the only game that takes skill and learning to do, I think that people should realize what learning and skill are because the more you mess up you’re brain learns more and accomplish and maybe it can change you’re way of doing math (in a good way) games like these have been known to improve focusing and sometimes memory so if you want to be smart then play geometry dash (scientifically proven)this game is fun that was long....Version: 1.0

I LOVE this game!I’m really in love with this game! It so addicting to play and I recommend it to anyone! I feel that this version is not for beginners though. I recently got this game and I’ve been playing geometry dash for a couple years and it took me a while to figure out how to move past from when it zooms in and out. I think that a beginner would have a really hard time getting past that. If you happen to be a beginner and read this review I suggest Geometry Dash World. Overall it’s a great game and did not disappoint me!.Version: 1.0

Power trip buggy/ VirusThis is a great game but me and my bro had some minor problems with power trip. First of all we got to like 30% and it said we had 8%!! Over all I think this is a great game but there's just a few bugs. Now as your reading this you're probably wondering "hey why has this guy said virus on it?" Well it's not like this thing is a virus but I don't know it's fine I guess. So this review is also about the game style. First of all there's only 3 lvls! So I would highly recommend to make more please. Thank you!!.Version: 1.0

AmazingWow I really love the subzero levels. I really like playing them and admiring the new features with the camera panning in and out. I have only found one problem and that is on “Power Trip” I collected the second coin, but when I view the level on the home screen, it says I haven’t gotten the coin, no matter how many times I beat the level and get the coin. When I play the level, the outline of the second coin is shown (meaning I already obtained it) but it still won’t display it on the home screen. Overall really solid game and I can’t wait for 2.2.Version: 1.0

WowYou have outdone yourself again rotor but I don't know what is happening. First review ;) Friend Modeldog8197 dats me.Version: 1.0

Another Game Again?Dear RobTop, Seriously another game? I love your game but maybe just add these levels to a new bonus filter or something because multiple games take up space..Version: 1.0

That laggGood game but I have lagg idk why, but also I can't wait 2.2!.Version: 1.0

Love itIt’s a very fun game I’m starting to get the hang of it this game is and was my child hood.Version: 1.0

CoolYou could have updated Meltdown instead.Version: 1.0

Another?!One of the best games I’ve ever played, I would say. This is much more fun and exciting!.Version: 1.0

Great gameAmazing song choices and very fun game.Version: 1.0

InterestingLooks cool! 👌👌.Version: 1.0

It sucks, but still decent.It won’t let me jump sometimes, and I get REALLY frustrated. But otherwise, it’s really good!.Version: 1.0

First?Completed first 80 On second.Version: 1.0

AmazingThis is the best 2.2 beta. I hope that you update this Geometry Dash to put Badland Full UwU.Version: 1.0

AmazingI’ve played this game since I was 6 and I’m still playing it I love it and I enjoy having competition with my friends of who can het the furthest in (press play).Version: 1.0

Really good but something missingWhere’s the new full version of the sudzero.Version: 1.0

ITS COOL😎 I LOVE IT.Version: 1.0

WOWOWOWOWThanks for the OMG moments Your games are good.Version: 1.0

Really Fun GameThe first level may be hard, but it’s really fun to keep trying to go at it..Version: 1.0

The first song is Dan TDM‘s old intro songIdugghfsjbvg.Version: 1.0

AmazingI think this game might be the game this year.Version: 1.0

BestRubRub, THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER (other than gd meltdown and gd full) Also, could u add more levels please?.Version: 1.0

LolPower trip is the easiest level out of the 3 levels.Version: 1.0

Game is amazing but make levels a bit easierYour game٫ 10/10 but I get so frustrated when I get to the 21 attempt٫ I cant play. Boy٫ you NEED to make seven seas and press start a bit easier!!!!!. I cannot pass them and I cant do them because I get so frustrated . Please make the levels easier ..Version: 1.0

Good gameCool game but I am still stuck on Press start I can get pretty far into the level but I NEED CHECKPOINTS SO BAD Pls fix this.Version: 1.0

It’s a really fun game but the thing is why is there only 3 game playsGod.Version: 1.0

Cool oneBruh I’ve done all the songs and they are rocking! 2.2 NOW!.Version: 1.0

AwesomeThis game is so much fun I love this game I really recommend this game to anyone.Version: 1.0

GoodGood.Version: 1.0

YĘĘ! I likeI LOVE IT! All is good until… practice mode. *dun dun duuu* lol. I wish it was just like the normal level, just with checkpoints. Mainly because I find the music helps keep me on beat, and figure out the jumps. Also, I tap and sometimes, just sometimes, it won’t jump. *i think this would apply to the original geometry dash too, I have free one (duh) lol* Pls fix it, it would (for me) make the game better!.Version: 1.0

Hard😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😡This is bad!.Version: 1.0

Plz fixThis game is great like all your other ones but I won’t rate it a 5/5 until you fix the problem going on with the 2nd coin in power trip..Version: 1.0

You would’ve had 5I saw the anime reference and new this was no good.Version: 1.0

Love itI like this game,Play it almost everyday with my friend..Version: 1.0

I love this gameJust if you could put in online features... Nothing else is bad..Version: 1.0

YesYes.Version: 1.0

Good and not goodI watched many videos of Press Start and I finished that level in 20 attempts when I started playing. The bad thing is that I finished Power Trip, getting all coins, but it says that I still didn’t get the second coin. Not a big problem, but my second favourite Geometry Dash game, first is Geometry Dash Lite!.Version: 1.0

Good gameGood game but the sound doesn’t work.Version: 1.0

NoiceThe levels and music are amazing.Version: 1.0

GlitchThere is a glitch with the second coin for Power Trip. After I successfully got all 3 coins, the menu showed that I only got first and third coins but not the second. Please fix this issue..Version: 1.0

Wut...I tried to get ultamate power trip by collecting every coin in the level but it glitched out and now it counts the second coin as collected but I don’t have my icon or achievement!.Version: 1.0

I love this gameThis game is the best game in the world I love it and I always play it every day till I get good at it and when I show people there like play it for me🥰.Version: 1.0

I is ok 👈🏻Timo.Version: 1.0

This game is hardI think that this game is a little to hard for people to enjoy it.Version: 1.0

Best gameBest game I ever played in this game you never give up no mater what :).Version: 1.0

CoolAwsome fame.Version: 1.0

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What do you think Geometry Dash SubZero ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Geometry Dash SubZero iPad Images
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  • Geometry Dash SubZero ipad image 2
  • Geometry Dash SubZero ipad image 3
  • Geometry Dash SubZero ipad image 4