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Watch great live streams, enjoy live game streaming, live chat with people worldwide, go live to be a social media influencer...All in BIGO LIVE!

BIGO LIVE has over 400 million users around the world now. And we invite you to join our big community!

-- Why BIGO LIVE? --

* Watch Live Stream
Millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, foodies, comedians live-stream in BIGO LIVE. Watch 24/7 great live streams, such as live gaming, live music, and live chatting.

Are you interested in live chat with people from all over the world? We support 150+ countries, such as Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and more.

* Live Video Chat
You can invite a friend to start a 1:1 live video chat or create a live chat room with up to 8 people.

Don't want to show your face? Live voice chat would be your perfect choice. Speak out freely in live chat without any burden.

* Live Voice Chat & Drop-in Audio Chat
The space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other interesting people around the world, similar to Clubhouse.

Go online anytime to chat with the people, or hop in as a listener and hear what others are talking about.

* Live Game Streaming
Watch gamers play Minecraft, Among Us, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 18, League of Legends, and much more.
Talk Fortnite strategy with fellow gamers or content yourself with live streaming in silence.

Want to live your own gaming content? Download and start your gaming channel now!

* Go Live
No matter Just chatting or showing talent, you will get support, gain fans, receive gifts, and make friends here. How about going live and becoming a social media influencer right now? Tons of cool filters and stickers are waiting for your choice.

* Other Features
- Live PK: It’s time to dare your friends!
- Cute Pet: Raise a cute pet online.
- Bar: Share updates and photos, engage with friends.

Do not hesitate! Download right now and get more fun!


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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live App Comments & Reviews

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Positive Reviews

Fun appBigo live is a fun streaming app and it’s easy to use and you could even make money from it which is really neat. One thing I would like to point out is that bigo doesn’t have a contact support function so if you’re experiencing an issue you can’t contact them unless you go to their Facebook page or simply write feedback which there’s no Guarantee they’ll respond to. This has made my experience not as pleasant because I have completed the three tasks required to start earning money and yet it’s glitching and saying I didn’t finish the tasks, it clearly shows the required objective in my account. You have to earn 1 bean ( a form of in app currency) and I did earn one but the task doesn’t show that I did. I have used the feedback feature twice now to try to contact them about this issue and have not received any kind of response not even a confirmation email letting me know they received the concern. Also I’m not sure if this app has a streaming feature where you can pick and choose who can see your livestream. It would be neat if it did but I don’t think it does. Besides the fire mentioned this app is pretty fun and so far has good user interface. I do recommend it but just keep in mind it’s not perfect. Hopefully the bigo team will work on the things I have mentioned :).Version: 5.34.4

Ban easilyI’m still giving it a 4 because I actually enjoyed the app. I just came up on a live panel and opened my camera towards the poker table I was playing at and just a second of my camera being open my account got immediately banned with no warning whatsoever. And they got my account banned for class A which is permanently for 10 years. Imagine banning a person for 10 years from an app for opening ur camera to a poker table. I get that gambling stuff isn’t allowed in the app, but I wasnt aware of that at the time. A message of warning telling me that I couldn’t show any gambling related things on the camera or else my account could get banned would have been a more proper way of handling it. But no… they banned my account permanently for something that seems so harmless and didn’t offend anybody. If any bigo support could help me get my account back, I would appreciate it. I’ve been in the app for probably only 8 months and have a total contribution of 700k already..Version: 5.36.1

Amazing app that has been a BLESSINGBigo live is by far the most amazing opportunity that’s ever came into my life! I am a host/family leader/agency co-leader and we have spent 3 years now building this amazing group of blossoming host. We all have fun together showcasing our talents and hanging out being ourselves just basically living your life through the stream. People genuinely want to look inside your day to day lifestyle and be a part of what you do! So much so that they’ll gift you and support your dream to be a successful host! They have the BEST pay by far across any other app and offer so many extras and incentives… bonuses… rewards… merchandise….even trips around the world as I have won a all expense trip paid to Singapore before! Don’t sleep on Bigo Live and disregard a lot of these bogus reviews. Sometimes people are bitter when they see others succeed as they don’t want to put in the work! Go live and make the most of the new Covid lifestyle by being able to digitally socialize and also get paid!!! THANK YOU BIGO WE LOVE YOU.Version: 5.23.0

I would recommend some but there are some issues on hereThis app is okay but I just don’t like how lgbtq Community can dance on here shaking their tails freely but when a person is not part of the lgbtq community and they can’t twerk on here without getting their live block or reported that’s not right an it’s making me feel like y’all showing favoritism for real that’s not right and if a woman wants to get on this app and dance she she be able to do it with no problems just as long she ain’t naked and that’s why I heard lot of people left from this app including some celebrities an this app probably won’t last that long do simple fact y’all are too strict on y’all so call rules they decide to make cause lgbtq (males) decide to report continuously about women’s dancing on here and that’s not the half I heard y’all need to do better cause of right now I wouldn’t recommend no friends to get on here cause they can’t express their self freely how they want too without getting their live block.Version: 5.27.1

Fun and a great way to meet new friendsBigo live is a live streaming app that allows you to go live and meet new people, also you have a opportunity to make money from gifts that people give you which is pretty awesome, I love bigo live because there are multiple things to do on the app to earn money, the app may be a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it it’s fun and easy to go live, complete tasks, and earn beans(which can be exchanged for money) and meet new people to be friends and maybe even do business with, there are multiple ways of opportunity on bigo live especially when it comes to meeting new people hi are fun and cool to hang out with, not to mention there are events that are pretty fun and easy to earn beans and diamonds with, I find the app very entertaining and very useful for me, you just got to be willing to learn a new app, and how to use it and what to do with it..Version: 5.38.2

My bigo rating from host PaigeloveI absolutely love bigo! I’ve been a host for two and a half years now and I personally joined because I heard that you can make good money on this app but I ended up meeting a ton of great friends. Bigo has definitely come a long way and made things easier and added really cool things to the app. Once you figure out how to network and make money then your on your way to making good money on this app. But not only that you also get to meet people from all over the world and talk to a lot of different people. Also if you don’t want to host and do the money/agency side then you do not have too. You can just come and go as you please and chat with people. I love this appBecause it’s a place for me to go live and perform. So I get to sing and dance and have my own mini show! It’s a lot of fun. Just make sure you stick with the right people and your golden..Version: 5.34.4

Social Media AppI really enjoy Bigo. The platform is unique because you can go live and you can enter others. You can play music and meet real people within your country, or local even if you’re lucky. Also people from all over the world. You can also receive gifts and send gifts that make cool animations on the screen. You can join a family and if you become a host do events that genuinely pay you. This app is so much fun! I’m always learning something new. Also you can get banned for a certain amount of time. When people do in appropriate stuff on camera. I have been surprised on occasion. There is an option to kick them out. Also you can directly message people. If you follow each other you can privately video chat them. There are so many features and different ways to connect and make fans. Have fun and be yourself!.Version: 5.38.2

UNFAIR BIGOI used BIGO app for almost 4 years now. I have never been ban. But I don’t one day, I was just talking to my friend and I did not even do anything like; showing my body or what. Nothing but then they still banned me. I thought I was banned for only 10 minutes but no. After 3 seconds they logged me out and said I am permanently banned. You guys are so unfair, for almost 4 years of using BIGO, I have never been ban. You guys did not even give me warning if I did something wrong, you guys did not even tell what did I do to deserve a permanent banned. I keep on contacting you guys until now but no response. You guys are hurting my feelings. I don’t want to start all over again. I spent money on my account already..Version: 4.31.2

The best app SOCIALLY by far. (DukeOfTroy)Bigo live changed the best part of me, my social life and social skills. Hands down, the broadcasters who have influenced me to become a broadcaster, and their individual personas and indifferent approach to their stream are who and what inspired me. This holiday season I plan to spend with those very same broadcasters, my own support system, and my bigo live family who is ranked top 50 out of hundreds of supporting families in the app. I’m engaging in rewarding events for the holidays which make this season so much more interesting. I’d like to thank bigo and the bigo community for the very great app they put on for us! The rewards and gifts, and challenges, and the galas etc make the app much more interesting than any other similar application. If you haven’t downloaded and became apart of the bigo live community, you’re missing out on so much!.Version: 5.35.2

PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUEOkay, don't get me wrong, BIGO is literally one of my favorite apps. It's my absolute favorite broadcasting app and ever since I became an official host I've only loved it more. But there's one issue that is driving me crazy. So, when I became a host I went onto my profile and for my career I put "Official BIGO Host" and it worked. Then I noticed about a week later it was gone. So I filled it in again but it said my input had "inappropriate content". I put "Official Host" instead and it said the same thing. I put "Host" and it still said the same thing. I see broadcasters/hosts all over the app and their career says the exact same thing. I figured it must just be a bug/glitch in the app. I recently updated it but I'm still having the issue and it's driving me mad. I'd really appreciate it if you could look into it..Version: 4.25.2

Extremely disappointed.I spent the last 4 days building up a following, making friends, auditioning & getting approved for a paid host position. Then today my account was permanently banned for posting a photo that got flagged as “pornography” when I did nothing of the sort. There was no way to appeal the decision. I would never post pornography. This app wants you to put all kinds of money into it to send “gifts” then they swipe your account with a faulty algorithm. No wonder they are literally paying people to use the platform, their users are dropping like flies while their reputation & credibility pays the price. So many literal “bot” accounts too, more than I have ever seen on any platform EVER. Why don’t you remove the ACTUAL pornographic content that people post on Bigo??.Version: 5.18.2

The number 1 social broadcast/live streaming appSo who wouldn’t love an app that allows you from the comfort of your home to interact with people. I have so many friends abroad it makes me feel like a world traveler. Great things about the app is you have the ability to translate real time a foreign language. The audio live allows you to feel like you are in a live podcast/radio station that is interactive. The community is unique in a way where there are many demographics of people from all walks of life . There is literally a space/place for everyone. Want to see people cooking ,they have it ! Want to hear an undiscovered singer/songwriter ? They have it ! The list goes on . Or just meet people around the world and make friends / network and enjoy! The world of bigo ! What are you waiting for download it !!!.Version: 4.15.1

Big mistake not allowing screen shots or recordingWhile allowing broadcasters to protect their privacy is admirable by not allowing screen recording or screen shots; this actually does more harm than good, it removes the ability to obtain the required evidence to report a broadcasters wrong doing on the platform. Now girls can do what ever they want and never get caught. This type of feature is normally used on adult websites selling adult content to prevent copyright infringement. Unless BIGO is now an XXX adult app, this feature serves no purpose. Furthermore, if left in place, it should be something that is earned for example by broadcasting more or recharging a certain amount. I wrote this message because I saw a broadcaster doing something sexual in nature and I was unable to take screenshots to report them. You have effectively removed moderation and support from the community itself..Version: 5.8.1

Love of bigoAbout 3 years ago I met this lady on bigo. I was just a gifter at the time and she was a host so I would watch her every day and support. We would end up talking every day and eventually I flew out to meet her. Earlier last year we decided that we love being around each other and help each other out so much that I would move with her. So two months ago I officially moved in with her and she is like a mother to me. I have a whole new family in my life and I couldn’t be more joyed. This story is very special to me because I never had a mother figure in my life and now I do. She’s treats me just like a daughter and I love it. She’s also a great mentor in my life and keeping me on the right track to be successful 🤍.Version: 5.37.1

Probably amazing for many.So, I’m impressed with how relentlessly this app diversely seeks to cultivate engagement and interaction. I’ve never seen anything like it. In the few times I’ve tried using was SO MUCH going I found this app to be, by FAR, the most annoying app I’ve ever used or seen. This app sent me notifications WAY too often, interfering with games I was playing - I HATED that!!! Like, LEAVE ME ALONE!! Obviously, I can adjust my notifications and did. When using the app, it’s like, here, try this, try this, do you want to do this, do this, do this, here are some free whatevers - use them like this, do you want to use some whatevers now?, here are some more things, follow this person, this person says hello - do you want to follow them or send them something, etc, etc, etc!!! WOW - WAY too much!! To be fair, this app/service is probably a dream come true for certain tastes. I’d prefer to not leave any stars, because I don’t want to affect their rating. 3 stars is more than I really feel, but I might feel differently if I was accustomed to its carnival of stimuli and, as I said, I don’t think they really DESERVE a low score for being so over the top with engagement fodder. So, there’s my perspective. Not for me, but I’m impressed..Version: 5.0.2

Fix itPlease fix the issue with getting banned for no reason, for example I was live streaming me gaming and it says someone who makes inappropriate content came in ur live therefore ur band . Like? What?! It’s not my fault that he joined my live and that’s the content he created like it’s not my problem why did I get banned he should have got banned!!! But overall I think the app is good if u feel like u wanna record something also is my situation happend to you u may understand that it’s impossible to get back ur acc I tried the unbanning service SO MANY TIMES! When u tell u it didn’t work that thing did not even wanna believe that I owned my own google acc like what? I got so mad I deleted the app. But if ur not in a situation like mine then I suggest not to delete the app I will be making another review..Version: 5.28.3

Social media dominanceNo likes. beans . u send people beans. this equate to dollars. this app is the closest the net has gotten to real life. app is so solid that its pointless to speak on technology. it just feels like you outside meeting people. its has all the features of facebook, fans only, clubhouse. ig all in one app. plus its faster. people on this app refer to it as bigo streets literally feells like walking n running into people. its super addictive. people are nicer to you on there because of the beans u give instead of likes. beans can be converted into real money. the app also pays you for using the app. if u have charisma u can loD this app Nd become a bean-ionlaire . a few members have earn 6 figures..Version: 5.22.3

Unban my accountDear bigo , I have joined bigo less than 1 month and have already spent 2000$ supporting my favorite broadcaster . But some people with BiG ID’s when I defeat them in PK against my favorite broadcaster . They don’t like it and my ID keeps getting banned for no reason . I got banned this time for 72 hours I wasn’t even online . How is this fair ? If this was a American company and treated people such way . There was gonna be lots of law suits. I can’t wait for the feedback replies . It takes weeks for them to reply . I can’t wait 7 days if you please unban my account I will continue to support. I can’t unban myself now because I am waiting for my Svip points which I will receive next month . Thanks in advance Sam.Version: 4.30.2

Great App For Watching Live StreamsBIGO is great because it allows you to watch a variety of people stream interesting content and connect with people around the world. I downloaded BIGO because my friend became an official host and was streaming. What started as logging on to show support for my friend turned into BIGO becoming one of my new fave apps. It’s awesome because you can discover so many talented and interesting everyday people who stream. Sure there are some hosts there just for gifting and being a pretty face. But there are also a lot of entertaining people to watch who sing, dance, talk current events etc. Especially with quarantine it’s great being able to connect to a whole world through this app..Version: 4.37.0

Meet your friends and familyI love BIGO Do you want to know why I have I got to speak to family Friends and best friends and meet new people and some of them people you know from your childhood I love this app and they are so many nice people become friends and they are some bad to but don’t pay them no mind just block them I don’t know what I will do without BIGO and do whatever made it into the everyone that works to keep us safe I think you guys so much and I will no I wish Yeah I have the most beautiful weekend ever and have a blessed weekend and be safe take care yourself I will do the same me and the person that I care about so much goodbye.Version: 5.31.0

AwesomeGreat application 👍🏻.Version: 3.14.1

Works goodYay ya !.Version: 3.12.1

Please fix bigo liveI can’t open bigo live.Version: 3.11.1

Hello on BIGOI love it it’s fun I’m trying to just figure everything out.Version: 5.28.0

Infested with scammersWrote a 5 star review so this can be seen DO NOT GIVE THESE GIRLS MONEY MOST OF THEM ARE ESCORTS OR SCAMMERS.Version: 5.10.4

Very harmfulThis is really live porn.Version: 5.6.4

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