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Brushes 4 is the latest iteration of the app that started the iPhone and iPad painting revolution. Redesigned with a clean and modern user interface, Brushes supports iPhone and iPad with optimisation for the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone Pro and iPad with Apple Pencil.

• Highlights:
- Clean and modern user interface with light and dark modes.
- Files based painting gallery.
- New canvas interface.
- Apple Pencil support with pressure curve.
– Unlimited undo and redo.
- Continuous auto-save.
- Cloud Drive import and export.

• Parameterized Brushes:
- Selection of ready to use brushes with customisable settings.
- Create your own custom brushes from millions of permutations.
- Generate random brushes for inspiration.
- Dynamic adjustment of brush size and opacity.

• Layers:
- Layer your artwork for greater control.
– Lock and hide layers.
– Use alpha lock to only paint where pixels already exist.
– Adjust individual layer opacity.
– Duplicate, rearrange and merge layers.
– Apply layer blending modes: normal, multiply, screen, exclude.
- Color fill any layer.
– Invert layer color and desaturate.
– Flip and arbitrarily transform layers.
– Adjust the color balance per layer.
– Adjust layer hue, saturation and brightness.

• Colors:
- Colour picker with hue ring and saturation square.
- Store and recall your favourite colors in swatches.
- Sample painting colors with the eyedropper tool.

• Apple Pencil:
- Intuitive and powerful pressure curve to match your style.
- Configurable realtime pressure based adjustment of brush size and opacity.

• Creation:
- Preset canvas sizes for paper, photographs, iPhone and iPad screens, film and television displays.
- Custom canvas size.

• Import, export and sharing:
- Import images directly from your camera roll.
- Import PNG and JPEG images from cloud services.
- Export your paintings for sharing or importing into other apps as PNG and JPEG to all cloud storage services or as photos directly to your camera roll.
- Compatible with paintings created by Brushes 3 and Brushes Redux.

• Light and dark appearances:
- Choose between light and dark monochrome appearances, or current system setting.
- Minimal use of user interface color so that tints in the user interface do not distract from or influence your artwork color choices.


Thank you to Angela Ali, Jason M., Jeff Parker, Sandra Perez and Yoshiyuki Uchida for contributing artwork to the App Store screenshots. Please visit our website to see more of their artwork and for links to their portfolios.


Brushes was originally created by Steve Sprang for iPhone in 2009 and for iPad in 2010. His last version, Brushes 3 was released in 2012, but was removed from the App Store in 2015. I took over development to modernise and support an app that has continued to be enjoyed by so many artists.

Brushes App Comments & Reviews

Brushes Positive Reviews

BrushesGreat for making iPad paintings, but quits and often closes unexpectedly without saving your work.Version: 4.1.5

“Brushes”This program is perfect for the creative artist. The real brush effects are amazing. Colors work with each other and when over layed creat blended colors the same as real water color. In painting this is called glazing and I never thought I would find it in computer program. However, I have to say the USER INTERFACE could be a tad more clear. Especially bothersome is the circular lines icon that shows up unexpectedly in the lower right corner. It seems to assume control but does nothing and won’t go away. This needs to be re thought..Version: 4.2.0

BrushesSimple-to-use art app which exports as transparent png—all at an excellent price—highly recommend!.Version: 4.0.8

Pretty good, little buggyI was very psyched to see someone maintaining Brushes again, and although it’s almost as good as it once was back in the day, there are a few bugs that keep it from being truly excellent. 1) “Merge Down” behavior differs from real-time layer blending behavior. For example, say you have a layer with its blend mode set to Screen. Under that is a normal layer with some black pixels and some transparency. Brushes will (correctly) show only the parts of the upper layer (the Screen layer) that overlap with the black pixels, and everything overlapping with transparency will not show up. If you do a “Merge Down” on the upper layer, Brushes will merge the whole layer over both the black pixels AND the transparency, such that the final resulting layer does not match what you see when the two layers are separate. I’ve been using this technique to “cut out” shapes from images since the days of Photoshop 7 (and in earlier versions of Brushes), so this bug is pretty irritating. 2) “Duplicate Layer” functionality does not create an exact replica of the duplicated layer; rather, some compression is performed during the duplication such that the duplicate layer can have fuzzy edges. This is a problem if you’re working with a perfectly sharp one-pixel line and want to extend it—the only way is to do so manually. But beyond that idiosyncratic use case, I just get this nagging sense of doubt when I go to duplicate layers. Now I have to track which layer is the high-res original to copy from and which are the lower-res copies. This adds work and subtracts fun. 3) The “Transform” feature introduces visual artifacts, even if you just translate the layer (no resizing). Draw a line, then drag it a little bit in one direction, and you’ll get these gross-looking dark edges around your line. It’s still a pretty good app (definitely worth the $2), but it’s not as useful as the original Brushes if you’re trying to do highly detailed work..Version: 4.0.9

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