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FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps for advanced photo editing. Turn your selfies into modeling portraits using one of the most popular apps with over 500 million downloads to date. FaceApp gives you everything you need to create Insta-worthy edits for free. No more extra tapping on your screen!

Use a fantastic set of filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to create a seamless and photorealistic edit in ONE TAP. You will never have to spend hours photoshopping again!

More than 60 highly photorealistic filters


- Perfect your selfies with Impression filters
- Add a beard or mustache
- Change your hair color and hairstyle
- Add volume to your hair
- Try trendy full makeup filters
- Creative light effects
- Remove acne and blemishes
- Smooth wrinkles
- Easily enlarge or minimize facial features
- Try out the color lens
- Easy Compare tool at every step to compare before & after
- Total control of temperature, saturation, and more


- See what you'd look like as a different gender
- Discover your best hairstyle and color with our advanced tool
- Aging: try our popular Old & Young filters
- Borrow your favorite style from different photos
- Put your face in a popular movie scene
- Try weight filters: get bigger or smaller
- And many more fun filters!


Share your FaceApp edits directly to your favorite social media accounts

Just ONE tap and your photo is ready for a total social media blitz!

FaceApp PRO

You can subscribe to get access to useful style filters, filters updates and all the features and content offered for purchase within FaceApp.

Subscriptions are auto renewable and are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after the purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

- Terms of Use: https://www.faceapp.com/terms
- Privacy Policy: https://www.faceapp.com/privacy
- Online Tracking Opt-Out Guide: https://www.faceapp.com/online-tracking-opt-out-guide.html

You are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor App Comments & Reviews

FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor Positive Reviews

A year ago I’d gave it 5 starsOk I’m not accustomed to being a fan of judging rather you want an app based on just reviews therefore I normally don’t leave them however I’m sure they do assist in making a decision for people. A year ago I would have said it’s my #1 go to app because of one reason and that’s Videos! They were way ahead of others on speed, reliability, and ease of use. Run a video through and make minor adjustments or major changes Al technology that sincerely deserves 5 stars if you’re interested in keeping your natural beauty with just a few enhancements or unique feature changes all within one press and then adjust it to your liking. I paid happily for their services and never regretted it. Well now I paid only to find out this app no longer offers any video capabilities… zero information on rather they will or even design the video capabilities again. So if you’re just trying to figure out if this app is for you then I highly suggest to look into other options because much lower cost for others and this app is not for natural beauty enhancement in my opinion. The photo adjustments will completely change your look and be unrealistic appearance. The no longer available video option was much more gentle on keeping your natural facial features and only enhanced them unless you wanted more than you could choose that as well..Version: 11.2.3

Paid for and let downUpdate: 🤓❤️🎉 Thank you for your quick response. I changed my setting and am all excited to use this app again. For those with the same issue, if you go into your settings and then general, it allows you to add the switch gender option. Most of you probably already know this, and I probably could have looked it up if I hadn’t been caught up in my personal baggage. But, thank you again developer(s) for taking time to address my concern. I’m looking forward to playing with everything this app offers in the next year. This was the concern addressed: If I smile in my photograph, the app sees me as female, but if I use resting face in a selfie, I'm seen as male. I am a girl by the way, and I am offended and upset by this. I really like the app as a female, but the unknowing of if the app is going to see me as a girl or a guy raises my anxiety and stress level as soon as I open the app. It also makes me feel ugly, even though I know I’m not. I wish there was a way to at least choose our gender on this app. Not only would this be good for me, but it would be better for those that want to be seen in a more masculine or feminine way. I know it’s not an easy algorithm to fix, but I do hope you would. Until then, I am stuck for the next year with this app whether I use it or not..Version: 4.5.4

Thought ProvokingSometimes we get in the groove of life. And we give little thought to 30 years from now, especially because sleep training the baby seems to drain us of today. But the FaceApp gave me a funny glimpse into the future! I couldn’t stop staring at my husband. The app did such a good job aging him: It seemed so realistic! The thing that surprised me the most was how much I loved the man I saw in the picture. Suddenly the next 30 years felt worth fighting for. Suddenly how we approached today mattered. I felt as if I had seen a small glimpse of the future, and I wanted to still be happy with the man I had chosen to marry. It all felt so real, and today will quickly turn into tomorrow, and 30 years will slip by, but reflecting on the end goal of still being together, side by side on our back porch grinning like crazy kids in our 50s seemed so real, it seemed touchable and moldable. 30 years is a long time: I’d have to live my life completely over plus a few years to get there. The app didn’t have me searching the web for a new wrinkle cream or being afraid to go out in the sun, it had me inspired to invest into today, so that Konner and I could be that happy older couple in 30 years. The smile lines on our future faces were deeper, and that is worth fighting for!.Version: 3.4.5

I’ve been locked out for over a week.UPDATE: I can use the app/service again and, so far (~2 weeks), I haven’t been locked out yet. Thanks for getting this sorted quickly! I have been a Pro Subscriber for about a month. I’ve enjoyed it’s user-friendly controls. However, when I go to use this app now, I am met with a screen that states, “You’ve sent too many requests to our servers recently. We recommend reducing your editing activity a bit” No indication on how many was “too many.” No indication on how long my “time out” punishment will be. As of this review, this app, which I paid $40 for a year of use, has refused to work for over a week. It does not tell me when I can use it again, or even provide a way for me to find out. I am left to assume that I simply do not get to use it again. If the app crashed, I might hope for a version update to fix the problem, but there is nothing wrong with the app. Instead, I am locked out by a business decision, punished for a Rule I was not made aware of before I spent my money..Version: 11.4.1

I love this app but…I really do love this app. I pay for the paid version but, I just wish you could add more than one filter at a time. I know you can add more than one in the “hairstyles” category, but I just wish the app developers would make that possible for the “makeup” category as well. Only way to use more than one filter is to save the photo with the filter you want, and then re upload that same photo and add the next filter you want which is a pain. Also, it decreases the quality of the photo every time you have to save and re upload to the app to add more. In addition, when you use the erase feature on a filter whatever area you erased carries over to the next filter. Meaning the same space you erased in the first filter will also erase that area for the next filter you add. Any filters thereafter will only cover the areas you didn’t use the erase feature with. I just wish these things could be fixed. I know it’s easier said than done, but I figured I could give my input and suggest some of my concerns. I would appreciate it if you guys could at least take my comment into account and bring it to your team. Thanks..Version: 6.0.1

Best face app and more hands down.I purchased this app 2-3 years ago when it was a $20 one time purchase. Most expensive app I’ve ever purchased (still to date), but I’m so glad the developer honored my purchase and didn’t try to force me into a monthly pay, like it’s set up now. They’ve added tons of new features and improvements since then as well. Don’t get me wrong, with how many updates and features they are always adding, I understand the monthly charge for an app this powerful, but since I mostly just use it for fun, the monthly fee wouldn’t have worked for me personally. However, for a professional photographer, somebody who posts lots of portraits (selfies or other) to social media, employers who wants great employee photos for id tags or on-line, or politicians or other public servants who want to look amazing, I’m sure this app is well worth it. It’s very simple to use and it’s super powerful. Once you have it, you won’t want to be without it..Version: 10.0.0

Love it! But It Needs to Be More Inclusive ✋🏾✋🏽🤎I absolutely love using the Face App! It's amazing to see how I can enhance my photos to make them look more professional and polished. However, as a medium-toned black woman🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤎, I've noticed that the app is not very inclusive when it comes to recognizing different skin tones. One of the biggest issues I have with the app is the shading feature. While it can be helpful to add some dimension to my photos, I've noticed that the app tends to lighten my skin tone to be very fair and white🤦🏼‍♀️. This can be frustrating, as I want to enhance my natural beauty, not change it entirely. I understand that creating a software that recognizes all skin tones can be a challenge, but I hope that the developers of the Face App can work on innovating more inclusivity in this area👽. It would be amazing to see more options for different skin tones and shades, so that users like me can feel confident in using the app without sacrificing our natural beauty. Overall, I think the Face App is incredible for what it can do, but I hope that the developers can take steps towards making it more inclusive for all users. 🫶🏽.Version: 11.6.0

Fun At FirstI had this app for a while and had a lot of fun at first alerting photos of myself and family members. However as time went on I began to notice a few issues that were kind of annoying. Sometimes when adding things like hair, the result doesn’t look right, like part of the scalp might be missing or looks transparent. Also, when doing the gender swap, sometimes the resulting face will be covered in what looks like scars or scabs or varicose veins. Then I read a few articles which made me nervous, regarding the fine print, in which we apparently give the app free access to use our pictures for whatever it wants, in perpetuity. I don’t know if that is true but I decided I didn’t want to chance it. So I ended up asking the app to delete my data and then I got rid of the app. It might have worked out if the privacy thing could be figured out, and if bugs like the ones I mentioned could be fixed....Version: 4.0.11

What happened to pretty smile?Update- they msged here saying the option is still there for pictures that already have an open mouth smile.. and the picture I was trying to edit did have that so I’m not sure why it wasn’t giving that option as it was a large smile with teeth showing clearly ……………………………………. There was an option under the smile category called pretty teeth or a pretty smile and it is gone all of a sudden? I have purchased the yearly subscription and was using it for quite a while, and when I open the app yesterday it was gone… Was it removed for some reason? That was the best feature in the smile category 🙁 Also could there be an option for a bigger head that makes the whole head actually bigger and not just fatter? Like a more masculine head that is larger rather than making them look fat… also why do you turn into a black person eventually the fatter the filter becomes?? I don’t like that at all and the the thinner you use the small face filter you look more Asian.. seems fishy.Version: 11.4.7

FaceApp ReviewThis app is great I really love it I like if you put it in collages it makes pro stuff free you should just get the app and it will be fun and it makes you think about what you will look like when your older or the other person you used like Donald trump for example you can do a lot of things like a little girl and then you can do a different thing about your friends and you don’t know how it works but if it was completely free that would be great but I think you should just get the app because it is a really good app but it doesn’t have really good deals for pro but It’s a really great way to spend your free time and you can play it for free I’m not gonna waste your time making you read this but you should definitely get the free app and you can play it and get the pro version and you can access everything but it is a really fun app so download it now!.Version: 3.5.5

Just bring back the face swapI know I already left a review, and I know I’m just gonna get the exact same automated response as everyone else talking about this, but for the love of God, just listen. I’ve read several of the most recent reviews, and most have one thing in common: wanting the face swap feature back. I understand it “doesn’t really line up with your application’s development concept” or whatever, but it was probably the most fun feature of the app. Seriously, if people are complaining about it this much, I’d just add it back. Or just make a separate app specifically for face swapping and face morphing. I’m no business professional, so there’s probably a good reason (that isn’t “it don’t line up with how we wanted our app, hurr durr”) for this. But if one day y’all just decided, “eh, this feature doesn’t exactly match up with what I wanted”, and just got rid of it, then I can’t exactly respect the decision. For the love of Jesus, just bring back the face swap and face morphing feature..Version: 11.11.4

The only app I would pay more than a couple $ forThis is a real review btw. This app is awesome!! You can touch up you or someone else’s face and hair subtly or radically. And the way it works with lighting gives me new tips I can use when I do my or other peoples make up (as a side gig). It’s easy to use. (User friendly) the interface is logical and simple. Love love love the video part of it. I wanna know when we can use it going live on another app. I wonder if that’s even possible? Or like layer it over like Marco Polo or something. I’ve been using this for years and I may as well have a free membership for so many people I’ve referred to this app! I’ve turned literally like at least 12 people on to it. Basically what I’m saying is, it’s totally worth the money, especially if you’re into photography and or selfies in general. -dougie(Rachal Douglas).Version: 10.8.4

Kudos for continuing improvementNot sure if this is a new feature, or I received a prompt because I had not used it; this app allows you to enhance faces on your video clips as well. It does a good job and the processing speed is exceptional. It did a 2 1/2 minute clip for me in a matter of seconds. It’s hard to keep track of all of these similar apps because of subscriptions and cost, etc. but I haven’t checked the top rated ones I feel that this one is best overall with one caveat. The face swap feature is not as good as others available but I expect these developers will protect their lead by working the on face replacement function. I also do sometimes get frustrated when the app is unable to identify a face. If I rotate the image and or enlarge the source image I have better luck. It’s a solid app, the team should be proud..Version: 11.3.1

Best photo editor app out there!I am the kind of person who gets like 20 or more apps under every category of app that I want and I try all the free versions and I do the free trials...I Butts subscriptions to three photo editors the other two are just OK so I’m not even going to mention them but this one here is amazing. You can get carried away with it and make things sarcastically funny or silly or out of normal or you can just adjust a little bit to make your pictures look so amazing. It doesn’t look all unrealistic like how most of them make you smile like the Cheshire cat and Alice in wonderland LOL. It also is a great tool to use if you are planning to get any sort of plastic surgery or a haircut so you can test what you would look like in a pretty real life point of view. Oh or dye your hair? Test it out here first! Absolutely love this app!.Version: 4.7.6

Fun appI really like this app it’s so fun to change gender (btw I look like my son as a boy!!😂 never realized how much we look alike till this app!) or make myself old lol and I love the makeup features too! ive been looking at the reviews for this and I really don’t understand what the big deal is about privacy. They are loading your pics on their servers to change them. Who cares if they keep them, sell them, or delete them. It’s not like it’s bank info lol. Not sure exactly what they could possibly do with a pic that would make me care enough to delete this app lol idk I guess I just don’t find it a big deal since I walk around with this face every day lol ppl can take pics anytime u never know who has a pic of u anyway lol I really like this app it’s a big hit with friends and family too! fun to see what we will look like in the future!!.Version: 3.6.3

Removed their best featureI updated my review to 4 stars. I emailed them and informed them I needed the video feature back. They restored it for me but warned it may only last for a year. I really encourage them to restore this fully for everyone and improve it up to 1080p. Their face enhancing software for video is the best on the market (despite output only being in 720p) if they lean into this, improve the video function and market it - I think they could dominate their competition. If they remove it completely, I’ll switch to Facetune, which is an inferior product, but overall will be better than FaceApp if they completely remove their video feature Primary reason I use the app was for the AI video editing. I was hoping they would work on it and increase the output from 720p to 1080p. As of today, the video feature is just gone. As a pro subscriber, this is infuriating..Version: 11.11.3

Amazing but glitchyFirst off I really like this app. Most of the filters are very realistic. It is also very user friendly. The gender switch and aging buttons are amazing. It actually makes you look like the opposite gender without just slapping some jewelry or a beard on you. But since the last update it had been very glitchy. For example it sometimes incorrectly identifies a gender, usually if it’s a woman with short hair or a man with longer hair. Before you could turn on the gender switch interface and quickly change it. Now it can’t be done because the little panel that pops up is partially blocked off and it doesn’t respond when you touch it. Also the morph feature doesn’t work most of the time. If you try to morph two pictures it says “Opps we have a problem.” I was seriously thinking of getting a subscription but I’m going to hold off for now until the problem is fixed..Version: 4.1.1

I’m confusedSeems to me that before I subscribed to this app and was testing the features that required payment, there were more adjustments shown. I recall the ability to change the skin tone of the subject but don’t see it now. Also, I don’t can’t see, before selecting, the differences in the various makeup selections and I’d like to be able to do lipstick separately from eye makeup (not sure if I ever saw this but it would make a big difference in the quality and natural look in the finished product.) There is no option for gray hair/beard or long curly hair. Are any of these changes coming and am I crazy remembering skin tone and face shape change options? The smiles look totally natural, but the application of bangs isn’t so great. Backgrounds look great until you add the human and then they don’t integrate well. Looking for some answers. Thanks!.Version: 3.5.5

Crashes in the middle of progressI love most things about this app. BUT lately when I am in the MIDDLE of editing my background which takes major time and precision to have an accurate and realistic looking background it will just crash and erase ALL my progress. It’s really disappointing to spend such $$$$ on an app that doesn’t even save your progress when it decides to crash. The last two days I have spent up to 3 hours trying to do one picture because every time I’m basically finished it crashes and deletes everything. Super disappointing. If I bought something at the store and it didn’t work I’d get a refund but there’s only one buy option here which I’m paying for the ENTIRE editing options yet am limited to only basic editing because the app crashes. Idk. Thinking about deleting this app and searching for a new one. Which is extremely disappointing..Version: 11.3.2

Fun app but it needs some work.I am a FaceApp PRO customer and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the app until recently. As of a few days ago, I have noticed that the Face Swap results for Our Daughter/Our Son are no longer realistic or of good quality. Morphed combinations of the exact same photos that I previously used now look completely different. The Our Daughter results are the worst. The faces are larger and the skin tone is much more pale than before. For some reason, the heads are now posed in a downward position which makes the forehead really prominent and the hair on top of the head is now transparent. These new results are terrible. It would be great if we could have these issues corrected soon. This is a great app and I’d like to get back to having fun with it..Version: 4.4.2

Developers, help please!!I use the Pro version for a while, but recently I have a big problem. I try to improve my picture in the library thru “edit” bottom in the gallery (not from the FaceApp, but exactly from the IPhone photo library) In past it worked, but recently I have two problems: First - I could open the FaceApp thru this bottom “edit” in IPhone gallery but when I try to use “impression” it asks me to buy pro version (that I already have). And it offer me to go to the app, I follow that. But in this way it then tells me “you already have PRO”, and it offers me to pick a picture. If I pick the picture then from the app I ONLY CAN SAVE IT LIKE I NEW PICTURE. And obviously it downloads to the end of all my photos in the gallery. That is crazy inconvenient!! Because sometimes I want to improve my old pictures, let’s say a month old, and I don’t need them in the end of my gallery, I want them on those original place! Problem number two happened when I decided to reinstall the app in the hope it will help. It did not. Not when I open The FaceApp thru photo gallery of my phone by clicking “edit” bottom I still can get into FaceApp, but there are no any bottoms at all. Just the photo and bottom “done” Really looking forward for your help with that and I will definitely give 5 stars for this App!.Version: 11.1.2

Quickest & Easiest Way for BeginnersHello! I purchased this app over three years ago and I have since noticed that there’s now a subscription option. Thankfully, I outright bought the app at $20 and am forever a full time member — which I think this is legitimately one of the few apps who actually don’t make their users pay a yearly or monthly subscription. My recommendation: if you have purchased the premium version of FaceApp within the past several years before subscriptions were all the push - reach out and send an email or contact customer support as you should have a little infinity sign next to the “profile status” tab. Good luck everyone! And trust me on this one please — less is more girlypops! Love yall, stay safe, and happy new year!.Version: 11.11.4

Great but could be improvedI use this for “side work” so that I can photoshop my husband and I’s face for anonymity. The only thing is I wish you could choose your gender before you start editing because sometimes the live camera AND photo editing mistakes me for a man and will automatically only give me beard options in the impression filters 🥲 ouch my feelings. I’ve noticed it really only happens if my hair is up but I hate having to take my hair down just to take a picture you know? Other than that this app is amazing flawless and seamless edits 98% of the time and it’s fun to play with random pictures when you’re bored as well. Hubby and I like to play a game where we photoshop celebrities as much as possible and then try to guess who it is.Version: 10.3.4

Stop being me…Stop being the person searching for the “best” but believing it is available free. It’s not, that’s okay. Delete ALL the other 10+ apps you have recently downloaded; hoping to get the features THIS HAS! Yes, there’s a free version. I tried it and loved it…until I used the “demo” to their pro version and realized everything I was missing! I am glad to pay this less than my Starbucks Carmel Frapp price, to have one location that can literally transform my “omg delete that one!” to as glamorous or everyday casual as I wish! It’s fun, it’s unique and it’s easy! I couldn’t list all the features if I tried. But for all the time I have invested in finding such features…I am glad I finally found this one, and gladly paid for PRO!.Version: 10.4.0

Could be a perfect app except…I love this app I pay for it yearly BUT my only issue especially with how much it costs is that I am disappointed that it cannot save the photo in a higher quality. For regular iPhone photos it seems to be fine but on higher quality photos, for example I was editing my friends engagement photos with this app the photos significantly dropped in quality and were less clear. I feel that on the paid version it should save in high quality or at least offer the option to select the quality. On the new FaceTune App I also pay for I do not have this issue, the photos on that app always saved in the same high quality that they were. If you guys can fix this then this would be my number one go to app foreverrrr. Xoxo peace and love.Version: 11.5.2

Good but PAYMENTS😭😭😭FaceApp is an amazing app if you want to see yourself older, or maybe even with longer or shorter hair, or maybe as the opposite gender! I use this app to see how my friends and stuff would look if they were mixed with a celebrity or something. It’s really good! But there’s a catch… There is a subscription for more advanced options, and most of those good options are in the subscription! Options like different hair colors- for example, the only color you can change your hair to in the free version is black, and nothing else! It’s the same with things like a remover, makeup, style, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this review, I think this is what most other people think about this app as well. Overall, it’s pretty fun, and I can live without better features!.Version: 11.5.1

It’s OK. Don’t like changesFirst, why did d you take away a smile? If one didn’t work the other did. Now, if this one doesn’t look good you are out of luck. Please bring back a selection of smiles. For the develops, I am part of a niche community of doll collectors. When your app first came out it was like wild fire. Every doll collector had to experiment with their doll photos and the results were great. Imagine giving a doll a smile, emotion. What we really want is an app that has a full set of facial expressions. I think we would all gladly pay a subscription fee for this feature since many of us tell a sorry through our dolls. The ability to match a facial expression with a storyline would be amazing. So in short, please add back you additional smile and PLEASE add some more emotions/facial features..Version: 2.0.21

Always impressiveRecent updates (new settings within hair, morphing, impressions, age, presets, etc) show the ongoing improvements in AI and the algorithms used by the developers. While some of the features look a little clunky, can lead you into the uncanny valley or simply bleach a face to a laughable shade of white, they are cutting edge and you can bet they will be continually refined and improved upon. This app has always been at the forefront of its kind and still is If there’s anything I’d like to see changed, it would be to allow a user to “go under the hood” a bit more, so to speak and tinker around, allowing for even more variety of output. This is NOT a complaint, though. Far from it. Indispensable wank aid since the moment I downloaded it..Version: 4.1.5

Great job done!I am very happy with the new version. Thank you for listening our comments! Great job!.Version: 2.0.2

Amazing filter for retouching your photos.Filter for retouching your photos. I definitely recommend it. Price is steep p though….Version: 11.4.0

PoopI pooped while seeing this app.Version: 10.0.0

Cool appAwesome!.Version: 10.0.0

BestThis is the best app ever I've tried other apps and they don't have a free trial. This app does a great job of making me and my friends old not only that but u can also smile choose a background and even choose ur favourite celebrity's and make them look old. This is the best app I've ever tried for that. And if u haven't downloaded it... 😌DOWNLOAD IT!.Version: 3.4.6

It is "Better call Saul" for youANd is This app is like a good Lawyer You give ur problems and it has tons of solutions ,,, Ultimately this app is best photo editing app And its worth every dollar you spent on it It can fix backgrounds, fix your closed eyes (put sunglasses 🕶) fix your small eyes 👀 If you have this app just take photos without worrying anything ANd it is GOD of photo editing apps filters are awesome Make your photos beautiful ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.0.10

Amazing appSo easy to use with great natural results!.Version: 11.11.4

One of the better face editing apps but still a long way from being greatFaceApp has one of the best hairstyle editing features but cannot edit hair when no face is detected in photo (back of head/side view). Hair colors need severe maintenance, many times when hair is only seen on one side due to being behind the head on the other side the hair style feature makes the hair color on one side an entirely different color then the other. Many of the presets / looks are way too fake looking to be any kind of believable. Morph features are no longer available and entirely removed with new update. Will lose many subscriptions to this..Version: 11.12.0

It’s alrightWhy did you remove the face swap!?!?!?! Bring it back it was never like this!!!!.Version: 11.12.0

Liked it but one big problemAwesome app but for some reason it thinks that I am a girl. Please fix this maybe the option to say if you are a boy or girl.Version: 11.12.0

It’s great, but add a buccal fat removal featureOtherwise, very useful app and I’m gonna purchase the 1-year subscription again 😊.Version: 11.11.7

The best app everHighly recommend it.Version: 11.11.5

Please add the Face Swap feature back into the iPad versionDespite what you said about it “not fitting with the current development plan”, the Face Swap feature, the thing everyone uses this app for, is still present in the iPhone version. So could you please add it back into the iPad version? I would be happy with that, since that means I won’t have to fear about potentially burning a finger because of the iPhone not really supporting the Apple Pencil..Version: 11.11.5

*chefs kiss*Tip 1: if it’s saying no face detected, make sure the photo is oriented so that the face you want to edit is straight. For example, if you have a picture from Snapchat for example that’s sideways, rotate it before trying to open it in face app. Tip 2: if you’re trying to use two or more edits together and it warps the face, use one first, save the photo, then open that photo in the app to continue with the other edit(s). Anyways, this is literally the best face tuning app out there, comparable to professional face tuning computer software honestly. I have the pro version, and it has so many features. I really like that most features have different levels of intensity too, and how natural everything looks. It’s one of the only apps I’ve ever found that automatically makes the edits for you instead of you having to manually paint them on AND it actually looks good when it does it. I was so sick of having to use multiple apps to manually fix red eye or touch up my hair colour. This app is like magic and just does it for me in less than a second. My ONLY complaint is the retouch feature… usually that’s the feature most apps have and they all are pretty good. This apps retouching always looks splotchy and pixelated and turns out so bad. Not the usual “oh that’s definitely face tuned” kind of bad either (cuz that’s usually from making skin look too smooth/air brushed). I mean it makes it look like you have a contagious rash and the more you try to fix it, the worse it gets… But honestly that’s a small price I’m willing to pay for how good everything else is. If I have to use a different app to fix a zit, so be it I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 11.11.4

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