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The B-hyve Pro App provides landscape irrigation professionals with an easy way to manage and operate B-hyve Pro controllers from anywhere with the convenience of a smart phone or tablet. With the intuitive layout and design of the app, it is fast and easy to connect to any B-hyve Pro controller through WiFi or, if WiFi is not available, directly through Bluetooth right at the timer location. Once connected to WiFi, B-hyve can be set up in smart mode to assist in delivering the right amount of water to plants, saving clients water and money.
This is the companion App for award-winning B-hyve Pro irrigation controllers. Homeowners can download the non-Pro version of the B-hyve App at no charge.

WIFI and BLUETOOTH – Because WiFi is not always available on a job site, the B-hyve app and controller allow you to set up and operate the controller using Bluetooth. Once a WiFi connection is established at a site, the owner of the WiFi router can provide a permission code that enables off-site management of the controller from anywhere in the world.

EPA- AND SWAT-CERTIFIED – Having passed the rigorous EPA WaterSense and SWAT certifications, the B-hyve Pro Controller with Smart Watering is certified to use water more efficiently and is eligible for rebates in many cities or water districts across the country.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING – You can set the controller to water in two basic ways: 1) on a fixed schedule, such as during a new landscape grow-in period; 2) with Smart Watering, and let local weather conditions determine the schedule.

MULTI-SITE MANAGEMENT – You can manage and control an unlimited number of B-hyve controllers from the convenience of one application. Once the timer is connected to the Internet, secure access can be shared in a number of different combinations using an app-generated code.

CATCH CUPS – With various water savings options integrated right into the app, there are multiple ways to achieve optimum water savings with the B-hyve Pro Timer. In addition to Smart Watering, it incorporates the award-winning catch-cup feature right into the app to deliver up to 25% more water savings over other smart controllers.

ALEXA – Works with Alexa. For a list of Alexa commands visit bhyve.hydrorain.com.

B-hyve pro App Comments & Reviews

B-hyve pro Positive Reviews

Love the ideaI really like having an app that lets me control watering from my phone. The rain delay was a learning experience, however. We started seeing our grass turn brown. Didn’t know about the auto rain delay. When rain is forecasted in our area we rarely get more than a tiny sprinkle, so our grass was burning up with the near 100 degree days. I’ve turned off the smart watering now and hopefully we’ll get our grass back..Version: 1.2.22

Watering made simpleI had a malfunctioning system that was frustrating me and wasting water.. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new system. I was not expecting to spend $10 on an app, that was disappointing, but I figured it was an investment and it would pay for itself over time. Within 5 min, I had all 4 areas wired and tested with the app. Day one, system informed me that it would rain within 24 hours, so system would skip a day... that’s what I call immediate results! Totally worth $10!.Version: 1.2.26

Still buggyThe smart watering concept is cool but it still needs some help. For example, it’s been 100 degrees and sunny the past 10 days and for some reason the system thinks that even though my front lawn was watered two days ago the soil moisture is at 90%. Because of this it isn’t scheduled to run for a while. I’ve found that every so often it does this and I have to manually reset the moisture level to 0. Now I know I’m not actually measuring it, but when it’s this hot and dry I’m confident that two days without water doesn’t equal 90% moisture..Version: 1.2.22

The B hive sprinkler control box.I wasn’t very impressed with the control box but there must have been some updates for improve the control. Was having issues with how to run the sprinkler only twice a day. But wasn’t a step for that. So I wanted 10 minutes per zone twice a day. But it wasn’t allowing me to make the adjustment. So i reduced down to 5 minutes per zone..Version: 1.7.2

A Mostly Sunny ReviewLove the automation and remote management possibilities, however, maintaining connectivity with the box when out of state is not reliable. The system still shows what the schedule is, but the notifications stop when I’m out of town. When I return home and stay in town the notifications resume. I would still recommend the App, and I’m optimistic that it will become even more useful..Version: 1.2.22

Great appAt first I had issues figuring out how to use the app, but after some time I figured it out. Give it some time before you give up and you’ll be happy you did. setting up of programs is a breeze. You can also run programs manually which is nice if the lawn needs a bit more water. Lots of cool features but like I said, you’ll need to poke around to figure it out..Version: 1.2.26

This app is greatIt works well most of the time. I had the WiFi connection cut out for half a day. I could not get it to connect. Then it did and I have had no other issues. This makes taking care of my lawn very easy..Version: 1.2.22

Installation. Very easyI replace a different brand with the Or it timer. The install was easy. Wiring was a minor challenge as I have big hands and the screws and ports were very small. Works great. Still getting to know the system..Version: 2.0.5

In ControlThis is a bit troublesome in the initial setup, more detail in moving in and out of the different areas would help), but once it is understood it is a the most intuitive and powerful tool I have run across in 30 years of irrigation control BC.Version: 1.2.26

Really? Do We Need This?.... I Was Wrong!I was a skeptic regarding the need to control my watering online. Boy was I wrong! This app is great, stable and very useful. Not just the banner notifications but in testing our zones for reliability. Also, the rain delays ave water, which is important. I highly recommend it..Version: 1.2.22

Straight ahead installTakes a while to program on all of the setting but it is a straight ahead process. Just a lot of info..Version: 1.2.26

Love it!This app has saved me so many footsteps while i was setting up my new sprinkler system, and it allows me to program as i need without having to spend a lot of time at the actual controller. Totally love it!.Version: 1.2.22

Easy systemLove my system, so easy to setup each zone the way you like it . So easy to change the day and time of watering as per water restrictions.Version: 2.0.12

Great appThis is really a good app. You can take care of all your watering from anywhere. Not only that, but it checks the weather and decides if it will run or not. Definitely recommend it to everyone..Version: 1.3.2

Works great!Had it installed by a professional sprinkler company yesterday. Controls the whole system beautifully, zone by zone. Everything works seamlessly!.Version: 2.0.5

Very Slick!This was a great buy! I will say I have only had it for half a season but the ease of use and setup is great! It has been running great and the ability to run it with your phone is super convenient..Version: 1.2.25

So far, so goodStill learning all the details, but I like the interface and the ability to control the system remotely. I think the smart watering will be helpful when I get the details right..Version: 1.2.22

New sprinkler controller AWESOMEThe problem is trying to change your email address so frustrating! Been trying for over a year!!!! easy to configure and use this is the system except for that. Makes keeping my yard green so easy..Version: 2.0.3

Irrigation systemYour controller works great! I am able to see what is happening from my phone. In the future I would like to see a water flowmeter tied back to the system..Version: 1.2.25

Love the product hate the appWish we could put the B-Hyve smart faucet into zones! Instead of having to switch between them. The app is cumbersome.Version: 1.6.1

Smart Watering SystemThis app, when paired with the b-have-pro controller, makes scheduling and adjusting sprinkling of our yard very easy. It also provides an easy means of delaying the sprinkling schedule when raining..Version: 1.2.25

Fantastic appThis app makes managing a watering system incredibly easy. Simple to use and very well thought out. I would recommend it to everyone..Version: 1.2.23

Didn’t know sprinklers could be this easyI love the Pro version of this app. It makes my life easier and better. I wish my sprinkler guy worked half as well 🙄.Version: 1.2.22

This whole system ROCKS!I just installed the system and I’m already in love with it. I wish there was a way to set all the soil at the same setting but other than that I love it!.Version: 1.2.25

B-hyve pro sprinkler controlTake your old sprinkler control and throw it in the garbage. This wi-fi enabled controller allows you flexibility. Set and control all your sprinklers from your phone . Simply amazing. User friendly. !!!.Version: 1.2.22

Pleasantly surprisedBought this unit because it was only product that worked outside. Interface is simple and easy. Very good value for price..Version: 1.2.24

ReviewNice system but wish directions would be easier to locate online. My installer is new system didn’t supply directions..Version: 1.2.25

No Instructions What TheSo how does this work? Info in Settings are so brief especially when there is a problem. Or I first turn on when scheduled and my herbs die.Version: 1.2.22

Best ever and easy to manageThis has made my watering so easy and I’m now feeling in control again; thanks so much!!!!.Version: 2.0.5

Best AppThis app is awesome. Responsive, intuitive, and visually appealing. Has only gotten better since owning over the last 3 years..Version: 2.0.2

New Sprinkler controllerThis system was easy to hook up, program and use manually! We think this system will accomplish our goal of conserving water. We love our HRC b-hyve pro system..Version: 1.2.25

Set and forgetGreat deal on WiFi device with ability using app to customize options.Version: 1.2.25

Great Sprinkler ControlI love never having to go to the garage to adjust time, or to check zones. Simply start and stop & adjust everything from my phone!!!.Version: 1.2.22

New userLove this app! Can’t rate it highly enough. Accurate, convenient, easy.... makes for good jokes too! My husband sprinkled me from work while he knew I’d be outside. 😂😂.Version: 1.2.22

Just in TimeThis app is very helpful. Since it is brand new, I will return at a later date to review it more fully..Version: 1.2.24

Not exactly user friendlyBasically the app is ok, but I wish there was a button for manual watering. As it is, I have to find help, go to faqs, and then find the info for it. As I don’t water manually often, I have to do this each time..Version: 1.2.25

Not enough commandsThe issue is the program is not readily controlled ( time and hours ) on the smart watering program. I can’t under stand why I have it going on right after the other and I can’t get it to stop the doubling up on watering !.Version: 1.2.22

B-hyve ProHave had this application for a little over a week. It makes it very easy for me to control the watering of my yard..Version: 1.2.28

Blue Tooth ConnectionGreat system but almost always opens with “not connected to system”. Have to play around with the app (not the Bluetooth connection) to get it to link..Version: 2.0.3

Very handy!I like being able to “see” the zone that is being watered. Easy to use!.Version: 1.2.26

Very intuitiveJust set up the B Hyve Pro app … the easiest, most intuitive irrigation system. Awesome.Version: 2.0.4

Awesome appThis app is really user friendly! I had the skydrop app and contrôler before this one and I really love this one.Version: 1.7.2

Login impossibleThe app developer is obviously writing his own reviews. Twenty minutes wasted attempting to wade through a bizarre login that always ends in a fail. Delete. Do not waste your Time on this utter POS.Version: 1.6.1

Great App and WiFi controllerVery simple and effective controller and this app makes life so easy.Version: 1.2.26

B-hyve proI have 12 watering zones and this app helps me to manage them very well. The wifi and cloud service is very reliable and easy to use..Version: 1.2.25

MikomakalaGreat system.Version: 1.2.23

Love this app! My new toy to play with!!Great money saver if your on a water meter!.Version: 1.2.23

Looks promising, with proper support.Just moved into a custom built home. GC is highly respected and very prominent in our market. Regrettably, while your brand is clearly superior to others available in the market, it’s the installer sub-trade that has totally ruined the experience. I’m near retirement and could benefit from assistance in learning how to best use your system. But can’t get a reply from the referring source and am finally to the point where I’ll speak with the builder about having it replaced with a more conventional model..Version: 1.2.22

Excellent purchase!Amazing product! Specially I like remote control from any point on Earth within cellular coverage (or WiFi)..Version: 1.2.22

Great resourceHave used the timer and the app for more than a year. Has helped me maintain a large English garden with hundreds of shrubs, perennials and fruit trees, an intensive vegetable garden, lots of roses and climbers, and long, hot and dry summers. Saved lots of time, bother and water. Bravo B-hive!.Version: 1.2.22

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