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Roll dice to play YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It is the fun, classic board game with a new look. Play dice with friends in this multiplayer game.

Challenge your friends to play this family game for hours of endless fun! The #1 dice game is reimagined in YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Puzzle game fan? Poker dice fan? Strategy fan? Then you will love this new two player dice game! Don’t have a clue what YAHTZEE® is? Download it now and you will soon find out!

Classic & Fun Board Game on the Go
Play the #1 dice game officially licensed by Hasbro, anywhere.
Social game meets dice challenge: Roll dice against other players in epic 2 player game play.
Play dice with family and friends: You can chat and send stickers while you play! Join a YAHTZEE® family to get help from your friends!
Download now for 30 free bonus rolls!

===YAHTZEE® With Buddies Features===

Game Bonuses:
• Complete Yahtzee games to win in-game scratchers for a chance to win bonus dice rolls.
• Activate a bonus dice roll to get an extra dice spin right when you need it.

Defeat the Dice Masters:
• Dice Masters play back instantly in Yahtzee's reinvented solo adventure - take down the Dice Masters and earn amazing custom dice along the way!
• Conquer dozens of new levels with brand new boosts and obstacles like ice blocks, flying multipliers and more!
• Join the Race for the ultimate head to head competition and earn great new rewards!

Take part in tournaments:
• Yahtzee tournaments are a new, thrilling challenge! Yahtzee Solitaire, Yahtzee Bingo, and Yahtzee Stars are completely new ways to play these classic games!
• Play through different leagues to win exciting prizes.

Social Games with Friends
• Play with friends and family. Create your own family in game to get and give help.
• Multiplayer games with random opponents. Play dice games with players around the world.
• Explore Yahtzee Survivor to compete real time with hundreds of challengers and win Yahtzee’s biggest jackpot prize.
• Chat and challenge your friends with the new social buddies system!

Personalize your dice rolling experience:

A Yahtzee with Buddies Prize Pass trial will convert to a recurring subscription after 7 days. A payment will be charged to your iTunes account when the subscription begins, and it will auto-renew unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, with the same price and payment schedule for the subscription you selected. Unused portions of a trial will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings.

Yatzy, yacht, yachty, yatzee, crag, balut, farkle, kismet, yamb, or generala, there’s only one authentic Yahtzee! Roll the dice to find out why millions have played this classic family game for over 50 years!

Download the app, roll the dice, and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE!”

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Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice App Comments & Reviews

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice Positive Reviews

Queen of everything beautiful and kind,I love the variety of the games. I love the camaraderie and the family I have a magnificent family that I'm playing with. Treasure hunt is by far my favorite. However, the amount it takes to win or get promoted is ridiculous there's no way that you can do it by just doing your free place and there's so much time in between free free place kind of lose interest in that. And it takes so many extra rolls to play again like three dice for one more game in treasure hunt or in the family games. And the reward you get are not conducive to the same amount that you have to put in. And getting free bonus rolls takes forever and if you bought anything you only get four if you're lucky. Otherwise you may get lucky and get 12 but it takes such a long time and it shouldn't be that way. I'm hoping with this update that they've got all the bugs out and the glitches because I kept freezing everyone I know kept freezing on their games and they'd have to back out of it and go back in it was pretty much a hassle. However overall I do love this game and I would like to continue playing but I would like to see bigger rewards or quicker ways to get bonus rolls without having to spend money play play play and have fun anyways love the game love to camaraderie..Version: 8.11.6

Only Game I PlayI am so addicted to this game!! I love that they are constantly mixing it up with new games and such. There are a few things I dislike and one is it seems to take forever to level up as well as in tournaments too. I play all the time and I get stuck or get sent back to lower level up until I purchased the monthly prize pass and it keeps me from going backwards. It seems impossible to complete the albums, as well as winning Survivor. I mean someone is winning but never myself 😭. I just want to win once. 🤷🏼‍♀️. It’s hard to win big prizes. Every blue moon I will win some bonus rolls but it’s just enough to keep you interested. 🥴🥴 For 7.99 a month I think u should win a lot more. Multiple games within the game keep it interesting but they make it impossible for you to win. Gift Grab is the biggest joke and it’s useless. I love playing Treasure hunt as nd I’ve gotten pretty far in it but it seems here lately that the rewards get less. The spin wheel ……well u might get a bonus roll . As much advertising you have to watch the rewards should be greater. I mean isnt that what its all about….the ads and such?? Not for the players but i get u gotta have them. Just don’t be so stingy. Geez. If u want people to play u gotta give them something to play with. When I started this review it was the only game I played but now when this game doesn’t keep me going i jump to something else. I still love this fame the most and play it every day. Thats it for now..Version: 8.20.6

I like game but not customer serviceI had to contact customer service because I wasn’t getting the help I asked for in my “family”. I would hit claim and it would go away in the chat but the items would not be available for me to use. This happened for at least 2 days. I contacted customer service and got a response the next day about how to make sure my game was updated(it was), make sure I cleared temporary data(I did), force close the app(I do every time I get out of the game), and to restart my phone(I did this as well). They still didn’t show up so I responded that I did all that and they still weren’t there. I was, however, able to claim them for that day and they got added to my inventory. I got a response back from someone else stating that I got them for that day and used them and closed the “case”. I contacted them again and said I didn’t get them for the 2 days before that day. I got a response back from yet another person saying that I claimed them for the day before. They didn’t say anything about using them. I know I claimed them. The issue isn’t that it wasn’t letting me claim them. The issue was that I could claim them but they weren’t put into my inventory so I could use them. I’m going to continue playing the game but I refuse to spend any money on it now since they have shown me that they don’t care if their game messes up and doesn’t give people things that they are supposed to get..Version: 7.3.5

One of my favorites, but overwhelmingThis game is great! I love it. I am happy to spend money in this game, doesn't bother me a bit. What does bother me is how much is constantly happening in the game. Dice Derby, Family Games, Prize Bowl, Treasure Hunt, Prize Pass, Dice World. All the time, nonstop, there's always 4 events happening for a week. ALWAYS! They're not mandstory to play, so that's fine-ish. Just a lot to take in sometimes. Another thing that makes this game overwhelming are the pop-ups as soon as you open the app. The promotions and deals are cool, but please stop shoving them in our faces when we open the app! And players beware! If you buy a Spin Wheel Coin for a Spin Wheel in hopes of getting extra dice, scratch offs, or tournament passes, once you buy it, it AUTOMATICALLY starts spinning. Cool, not a problem. Unless you close out your app. Then you don't get to use your spins and the support team is no help. You won't be refunded or give anything in exchange for losing your money. I also HATE winning spin wheel coins and then having to use it right then and there. I'd love to be able to see it with my other rewards and use it when I'm ready to. And stop shoving the next Spin Wheel in our faces too. Make it easier to get Spin Wheel Coins and put it with the rest of the rewards..Version: 8.27.11

Love Yahtzee but....I love this game but they have gone from buying dice that you roll with some of the bonus dice packs. Where you paid and got what you paid for. Although rather expensive it was much better than this stupid claw machine where there is no choice or exchange the doubles you get aren’t even for the super dice and frankly shouldn’t even be there if you already have them. They keep track of what you have their computers know. Also they lie bonus rolls are not everywhere and every time they update they are harder and harder to get. Don’t let the black mega scratchers fool you, you mostly get experience points almost never dice and frankly with the word mega in the name there should be at least 5 dice on every single one of those cards and 3 on the red ones. OMG they act like these dice are made literally out of gold. It use to be so easy to get new dice to roll and bonus rolls they’ve made it so much harder that I sometimes hate this game. It’s even harder to roll what you need now. Random I don’t really believe it. Cheating is more like it or bonus rolls wouldn’t be needed so often. In the actual game with actual dice no one needs or gets bonus rolls and people manage to play and win the game and get the rolls they need. I have played this game more in real time than on any computer. Dice don’t roll like that. Also they steal the scratches half of the time when you win them..Version: 6.2.2

Great game but......This is an awesome game. It gives me the perfect “wind down” from a long day. I probably spend too much time playing it in fact. I also do spend money from time to time, which got rid of the massive amount of ads. But, I have noticed some things that I feel could be addressed to improve customer satisfaction. I read reviews all the time complaining about not getting enough extra rolls, and it is true. Offering us the option to subscribe to something for extra money is not the solution. If we had extra money to spend we would just buy what we want. Just change the odds on the scratchers to be less stingy with dice, you attract more flies with sugar not vinegar. Taking away the red scratchers at the end of buddy matches was a pretty crappy thing to do. Scopely needs to listen to what everybody says, not just the ones who are happy to spend money. Your massive graphics do make this game difficult to play because it does drain the battery life so fast. I would play it more if it wasn’t such a drain. If you really care, you will listen to what people want. Just make tweaks to the game in favor of the players that love your game, not tweets to make more money. Greed is a deadly sin..Version: 8.2.2

Best game everYahtzee is a fun game that you can play. But playing online without having to get all of the stuff to play is awesome. The game has fun game modes such as survivor, dice world, and it has tournaments. Also it has albums which you collect sticker packs from playing the game which gives you rewards such as more sticker packs, dice, and dice tokens that you take to the dice prize machine that give you different dice. Also there is a custom dice maker but to complete it is very hard work. It is called “paint ‘n roll” Also there is a bowling game mode where you get points from playing Yahtzee and the bigger the point amount the stronger the throw. Also there is a thing called treasure hunt, but I don’t want to get into all of that. Finally, they have families ( they are just groups) where sometimes there is a family feast where you play Yahtzee to collect ingredients and when it’s over there is a chest on how many ingredients you collected. And there are family games where you play special Yahtzee matches with multipliers and it’s fun. Yahtzee with buddies is a fun and enjoyable game that I do recommend playing. But you also have to learn how to play Yahtzee to play Yahtzee with buddies..Version: 8.15.1

IssuesHello - why am I enjoyed playing this game for seven years, they are some problems. First, when playing the bowling prize game, we should NOT lose the extra points that you can earn (x) by one of three combinations needed, where they can be used to cause a strike without rolling the ball - they should accumulate and stay in the player’s ‘bank’ so to speak - I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. PLEASE DELETE the stickers! Believe me, no one cares about getting more dice. We care about getting bonus rolls. Also, the way that the support works is completely inefficient. I find it odd that the first question asked by the bot is maybe have your email address. Why???? You have never sent me an email about the issue. Then by the time you answer the question, I have no idea you have responded because I don’t get an alert most of the time and when I do get the alert and I go to the customer support you’ve already close the conversation! So that must be your plan yes? you never have to truly answer and solve a problem. Is that it ?I I have decided that other than $9.99 I spent maybe a week ago I will no longer spend your site.a cvs.Version: 8.26.3

Fantastic Game with HOURS of FUNFantastic game with hours worth of fun including multiple mini games, different style Yahtzee games that keep things interesting, tournaments that are free and there are only very MINIMAL ads. There’s ways to gain dice to enter tournaments for free by watching ads which aren’t long at all and worth it. Also, there’s a bunch of different ways to win dice that you use to roll, which is fun and interesting to see the new dice available. The prize claw gives you the chance to get new dice to roll during play, and you need tokens to access them, which does get aggravating because it isn’t easy to win tokens, but as long as you keep playing, and winning, you will win them in due time. New tournaments are added all the time and you can also just play regular old Yahtzee with friends or newly added friends. You could win scratch off cards to gain xp and gain achievements along with dice to use to enter tournaments when they are no longer free and you have to wait a bit of time to renter without them and also they could be used in Yahtzee game to re-roll. Thanks for a Yahtzee game WORTH the download!! I’ve been playing for a week and I’m obsessed!!.Version: 6.13.2

Used to be greatI’ve been playing for over 5 years and while the game has always had its bugs now it is close to unbearable. The ads have doubled in length and number and you have to click at least twice to get back to the game if it doesn’t crash. The chances to get extra rolls have been cut by more than half and now the game crashes constantly during those ads. Ok I know you have to play ads so advertisers can pay for operations but this is ridiculous. It’s not just this game either. Several other games I play have dramatically increased ads and reduced perks. The scratch offs had tons more free rolls before. It’s hardly worth scratching any longer. All you get are those silly stickers, which you have to click on twice to continue. All the other awards are useless and I certainly shouldn’t have to click so many times for things I don’t want just so I can continue to play. If the game keeps lagging and crashing, could it be that the server they are using lacks sufficient capacity? They certainly have the extra cash to fix it yet it has been going on for 6 months now. Very disappointed. Here is the thing though: If you could operate with half the ads why increase the ads and take away so much of the perks? Greed, it’s the American way!.Version: 8.14.3

Customer from TexasI love playing Yahtzee with this app. However, it pisses me off that the bonus dice you can either win or purchase alone or in a package to play more games is rigged to disappear whenever u start playing a game. You can have your app show you have 10 dice when you start a game, even if u win more dice or buy more dice during this game the dice disappear at a rate of 3 to 1 - sometimes more. What I mean by that is when u finish that game it’s like it cost 3 or more dice to play that game even though it shows that games cost is one or two dice to play, but it deducts 3x the amount posted. I have tried to contact someone who are in charge of handling refunds for the company by using the contact email through the app, however nobody will address the issue. I’ve left my complaints with all contact information but no one will contact me back. And the live chat contact tells me to hold on while they locate someone to talk to me and I wait and wait but they don’t respond for days and they’re like hello? Sry we missed u basically. I’m sure I’m owed over $150 worth of purchased dice that just disappear not to mention the dice I’ve earned by winning games. I feel I should be credited back dice or refund my wasted $. Selling games but erasing them is stealing!!!.Version: 8.6.6

I Love It!!!!!If you love Yahtzee, goofy challenges, unique prizes, team efforts and [of course] the "usual drill" with regards to always available, constantly updating and mercilessly inundating event offers, then you are probably going to spend at least a small amount of cash on this app. While it IS possible to play WITHOUT spending (especially if you’re good AND lucky), it’s just a tad MORE enjoyable if you’re able to pick up a few more fun extras during events and challenges (I really enjoy changing up my dice sets and other playful decorating options)! Try [always!] to keep SOME focus on what’s going on around you and remember to "take it easy" if you find yourself getting caught up in every single one of those challenges, tournaments and event offers; I’ve found it can be quite easy to get carried away if you’re at all distracted! DO keep in mind, as you navigate your way through this bustling 'Yahtzee Adventureland’...you will have all SORTS of options to create new friendships; as well, the possibility could also present where you find yourself reconnecting with people you haven’t touched base with in many moons. In any event, have fun and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!.Version: 6.3.2

YahtzeeI loved this game as a board game and I was so happy years ago when I realized there was a mobile version to play on phones and I’ve been playing ever since. This game is still my absolute favorite game, it never gets boring I’ve been playing for 4 years and it has changed and always for the better, I’m never disappointed. I love that you can collect not only dice but scoreboards as well. There is always prize climbs and coin adventures to earn more exclusive dice. You can also play the showdowns and earn tokens, bonus rolls and anything that you need to add to your playing pleasure, as well as more dice. There are also special prize token machines added for special occasions or just because it is spring so there are so many opportunities to earn more fantastic dice. This game has all the bells and whistles the developers have thought of everything, it definitely exceeds all expectations. If you love the board game(Yahtzee)or dice games then I would recommend downloading this one. Also an added bonus is the customer support team they quickly, efficiently and competently address any issues you might have and resolve it to a fair and satisfactory outcome..Version: 6.3.0

Make it better for your loyal users!I have played this game for many years but lately it seems the game isn’t as fair or fun as it used to be. I am close to deleting the app for good! My main issue is the bonus rolls. For years I could watch 20 ads a day for rolls and never spent a cent on it. A friend gave me a Google Play gift card so I used it to buy some rolls. Very next day I only got 4 ads a day and only 4 ever since. I’m convinced that Scopely does this on purpose to try to keep you buying rolls. Shameful! No one can tell me that it’s “random” regarding how many ads are “available” each day and that’s what game support told me. I’m not that naive Scopely! Also, the sticker packs are a joke and too often given as a “prize” and I’ve never known of anyone to reach 100% unless you buy some. Another issue is the fun fair wheel. You can clearly see it slows down then speeds up to keep you from getting the biggest reward. Tournaments is terrible now since it was changed. Only 20 rolls for 1st place? Awful. I’m level 120 and STILL only get 8 rolls for leveling up. It should be a LOT more. Quit trying to pressure your users into spending money in every way! Even feast should offer much more than 24 rolls for 1st. Make it better or I’m gone!.Version: 8.23.4

Engaging, but definitely riggedGame play is fun and engaging, adding twists to the original Yahtzee to make it more interesting. The tournament play is fun but obviously rigged, and I’m not talking about the dice. For instance, you can enter a tournament a few hours into the four hour span and after finishing your original game it will show that you aren’t far from the top of the leaderboard, tempting you to buy back in. Play your second buy in game and suddenly the scores of the people you’re trying to catch have ballooned. Here is a case of the game absolutely positively rigged: you play your first game of a tournament and lose. Depending on the style of game, the winner gets their points doubled and should therefore be ahead of you on the leaderboard. A check of the leaderboard won’t even show them there which is impossible as they would have to be mathematically be ranked higher. There’s also a glitch when toggling between games which shows that you are closer to winning your section bonus than you actually are. Other things can’t be proven but are very suspect. Notice how often the robot challengers roll a needed Yahtzee on their final roll to beat you..Version: 6.0.1

Fun but......It’s not just this game but a lot of games you can not play in profile mode, which is not a game breaker but most stands do not work with games like this. On to more important subject. I know people create apps like this to make money. But I am very disappointed that every three rolls I have to watch an add. It wasn’t like this the first couple days I was playing. I think maybe an add in between each game would be cool, but I was getting frustrated. Trying to roll and the screen goes to an add. 😞 Secondly, if I wanted to drag out a game by waiting three days for my opponent to take their turn, I would’ve down loaded an RPG. Still waiting three days for who ever it is I’m play to take their turn. And yes I understand some people don’t mind playing like that. But I for one am not a fan of it. Yes I know there is a computer opponent, but it doesn’t feel the same when you win or lose. 😃 It would be nice if there was an option to pick games against other people and there was a time limit attached to it. Or a bonus attached to the turn in progress. “Roll dice with in an hour, and get double points.” (Could be two hours, I know people like playing more the a couple games at once.) If they don’t do that, then the game is forfeited after two days..Version: 6.6.1

Love YahtzeeI like all the games but speaking for myself only, I have to play the fast paced games to really enjoy myself. I absolutely love all the different frames and the dice that you can win in different games, the family that I am in for the feast and for family games is really a fun group of people from all over the world not just my little city here in Brentwood California. And I do have to say all of your staff your team members everybody that answers my messages when I have a question or don’t understand some thing or maybe didn’t get my credits, all of the team is super nice, they get back to me almost immediately, even if it’s on a Saturday or Sunday. I get a response pretty much on the same day which blows me away. Just keep up the good work👍🏽everybody that I know is having a great time and I started playing Yahtzee when the pandemic started I’ve slowed down may be a little bit since the pandemic is kind of ending, but I will always continue to play I really enjoy the people that I’ve met here on Yahtzee thank you for everything. Midniteink24❤️.Version: 8.18.3

Frustrated & DisappointedThis is by far my favorite game to play, that is until yesterday when the latest version was released. The new banner ad blocks the score and the back arrow leaving you no choice but to shutdown the game and go back in if you want to get to your home screen. The game is also constantly freezing up now. Again, making the player shut down and go back. When this happens, you lose all progress and rewards. I think the biggest thing I am disappointed in is the new cost to continue to play Family Feast. Really developers? You state, “These recent changes encourage broader participation by helping all family members achieve a greater contribution.” Please tell me how raising the cost encourages “broader participation”! What it has actually done is cause LESS participation because players don’t have enough dice to continue to play! Go back to the way it was!! The old saying of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” says it all! It wasn’t broke so why did you find the need to fix it? It certainly did NOT improve game play or participation. 3, 4, then 5 dice to continue to play? Get over yourselves and give back what your players want or your game will quickly become a 1 star game with no one playing..Version: 6.7.1

Good app with some room for improvementI really like this app. The game is fun (its Yahtzee, of course) but there are a few things they could improve upon. First, the roll randomizer seems really screwy. I cannot count the number of times I have rolled my non-held dice and gotten the same numbers again. I don't mean in just one roll, but two and three times in a row. Really? Secondly, the tournaments need work. Your score is cumulative. That means each time you replay, the score is added on top of your current total, win or lose. Play three times and score 300 points, and your tournament total will be 900 points. Therefore, winning one only means you were able to spend enough dice to increase your score above everyone else. It's a serious pay to win problem, especially because you can buy dice with real money. Lastly, the app constantly complains about the internet connection and locks up a lot. I believe a lot of this has to do with all the fancy graphics and glitter type things it always does (sparkles, shines, flashes, etc.), and there is no option to turn any of it off. Not to mention how obtrusive the ads are. Though, you can pay a monthly fee to remove those. All in all a good app, it just needs a few tweaks..Version: 6.0.1

Fun but also cheatsThis game is fun. You can interact with people and have a lot of games going on. At first I was really happy that it gave you so many bonus rolls and perks but that quickly faded. Also.... when playing the computer they will most likely always win. When they win it’s ridiculous like 4 Yahtzee’s in a row or they always get their Yahtzee on the last roll to win or the rolls just don’t match up. I have been winning and my last roll will roll the same dice even if I bonus roll a couple of times. The last game I played, I would have won if I had rolled just three 4’s and didn’t receive a 4 in any of the 7 rolls I rolled. That’s highly unlikely and it also cost a lot of bonus rolls. Given that there are so many opportunities to play the computer , one would think they would let the consumer win occasionally they don’t give up. I have zero interest in playing The showdowns because I know I won’t win ever. Also, it would be nice if they removed the jackpot on any of the prize wheels. They will never allow you to get the jackpot. It always always always almost lands on there and then moves to the next spot..Version: 8.19.4

Great gameThis is a great game just there are lots of adds and you need wifi, I go on long road trips all the time and I love this game but I need wifi and I offen don’t have it. Things in this game for example the dice or the things like dice you need to pay so many of them to get so little out of it. Another thing I dislike about this game is prices of things. Going back to the dice topic, you have to pay so much money to get so little again. I’m not willing to pay tons of money on a little amount of something in a game I will never play in a year. Last but not least the rarity in this game is very very bad. When you roll the dice you can expect to not get even close to getting a Yahtzee because when you roll the dice it’s just lucky there is no skill involved especially because it’s a video game on your phone. There are also some great things I like about this game is the game setup. The layout of the game is great but when you first start the game it’s not very clear what to do. To add on the game is great but could you lots of improvement. I hope the creators look into my tips, and try to improve the game for everyone!.Version: 8.27.1

Change algorithm so you can’t win!!I’ll start with the good. I love the game and playing against partners. I love how they offer various dice collections and give you a chance to win new dice (although it’s almost an act of Congress to win the tokens to get new dice). I love that it has groups called families that you can be a part of and get opps to solicit help from other players. Overall, I like the game but have been very frustrated with it and this is why....I’ve been playing Yahtzee in this app for a while now. I have played long enough to see the flaws within the game. The seem to change the algorithm when it comes to their showdowns, tournaments and special games they do. You can generally make things work when playing against a partner. However, the game flat out changes when you play within their special games. I’m convinced they won’t let you win against their computer because they want you to buy extra turns from them. When you play the same Dice Master over and over and over again or the same Showdown character over and over again and the algorithm won’t let you get the final prize, it gets old. I’m pretty much ready to find a new game..Version: 6.0.1

Great game with one issueYou should consider scrapping the dice in a pig that one has to pay for. If you have to pay to get something you have “earned,” it’s called a scam. Either give the dice freely, or remove the pig! Players shouldn’t feel coerced into paying for their prize. Otherwise, it’s a great game!.Version: 8.6.1

CrashThe game is constantly crashing!!!!😡.Version: 5.0.5

FeedbackSticker collection is unattainable. Challenging is good. Unattainable is boring..Version: 8.3.0

Ads Ads and more adsBeen playing for a very long time now and its now …ads every time you want to initiate a game with someone. It makes it very undesirable to play because you cant actually play with ads every 30 seconds then you lose interest..Version: 8.11.6

Easy gameplayFun and addicting.Version: 5.0.5

TournamentsWhy don’t you allow me to play your tournament games I haven’t been able to play for a week now it’s crZy what you’ve done to an enjoyable game making it almost impossible to playit’s getting very bad again won’t let me play half if the games.Version: 8.0.7

No longer funI did enjoy this game, but recent changes have driven me away. Today I uninstall. Dice World used to be my favourite game in this app, but now it is just torture. I’ve spent enough money on extra rolls, no more. It’s a shame when great apps get too greedy. By the way…where are the recent reviews for this app?.Version: 8.3.1

GlitchyIt’s very glitchy, also I think for treasure hunt you need to make it so that the extra artifacts that don’t go into your finishing vault should contribute into the next set. Like if I have 18 pieces left and get 78 pieces I think the remaining should go towards the next artifact..Version: 8.11.6

Pomp and circumstanceIf you want to feel good about yourself, I recommend this game. Everything you do results in 5 seconds of rewards and fireworks. Gets to the point you just want to move on but your stuck opening these packs of cards that seem to do nothing. Ads open a second too late so you often click an ad instead of rolling (I see what you’re up to). Frustrating that knowing odds of what you’re going to roll doesn’t apply against computer, can tell the fix is in..Version: 8.6.4

Critics for your eyes to readYahtzee basic with friends is 5 star. The challenges (pay 42 dice, to try to win 72), is rigged in favour of the one who challenges, because they ALWAYS start with the 40-point large.....why do you do that? The Treasure Hunt game is fun, but the one free entry every 6 hours is simply stupid. Why do you have a game that prevents one from playing it??? The cost to play a 2nd or subsequent game is ridiculously high at 3 dice each time and the awarding of pink gems and/or free passes is pathetically low. Your design of a potentially great game really sucks..Version: 8.4.1

Fun! But keeps freezing!So frustrating when it freezes. Can’t reboot it. Fun addicting game! Love it..Version: 7.3.1

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