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Stumble Guys is a massive multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players online.
Join round after round of escalating chaos to stumble through different levels until one victor is crowned!

Dive into a series of ridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles, knock down your rivals and overcome everything to win! So, are you ready to get totally wiped out?
Download Stumble Guys, the ultimate knockout game, and take a part in this ultimate madness. Invite your dudes also and beat them all!

Fun Features

• Run, Dash & Slide past opponents
• Dodge oncoming obstacles
• Battle Royale real multiplayer
• Colorful and crazy in design
• Comically Physical
• Many customization options
• Tons of hilarious fails
• Lots of different levels

Knockout Foes, Win and Be the champion!

Stumble Guys App Comments & Reviews

Stumble Guys Positive Reviews

Game SenseThis a pretty fun game especially for being on a phone. That being said I have my doubts about all the players being real. Round 1 I qualified super early and I literally watched (as you can then spectate once you reach the checkered area) 6-7 other stumble guys literally stuck in a loop. They would run to a certain spot and then fall off the map, it would respawn them they would run to the exact spot and fall off etc…..So I’m willing to bet that not all 30 or whatever it is; of the people in a given game are actually real life players seems that some of them are AI (artificial intelligence) and for me that’s kinda disappointing as It almost takes away from the competitive aspect. When I’m playing what’s considered an “online game” It’s cool knowing that I’m actually facing real life people that have a brain and actually have to make decisions that could be from anywhere in the world other than facing a bot running off of ones and zeros. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely real people in the game but it would seem that in the very first round of the game there are at least 5-7 Bots running around. Still a fun game that could be even better with some improvements. I think there should be more rounds to increase the suspense. Solid job though. The chances of 7 humans in a random game running to the exact same spot and falling off the map over and over again? Slim to none dead give away that there are some AI..Version: 0.37

Developers read this if you actually care about makin the game better❗️Okay now see first of all…you guys should be very proud of this game because it jus so happens that this is the first mobile game that i consistently play and have played since fortnite mobile🙃🙃 AND this is like the first time i’ve ever written a review onna game before. i would definitely recommend playin this game. but to make this game wayyyy better is to add more rounds…right now the rounds are like this, the first round has 16 qualifiers…2nd round: 8 qualifiers…3rd: 1 qualifier. and that isn’t very satisfying to play and doesn’t build enough suspense AT ALL. for the third round it should be 4 qualifiers and then make a 4th round and have that as 2 qualifiers. because for one, players that are eliminated have a higher chance of staying to spectate the last two because..the wonder who’s gonna win the 1v1 because…you jus do. it’s jus more fun if it was like that. and the second thing is that when someone wins the game, the victory screen takes way too long. i was playin with my friends and when the victory screen showed the winner, they thought that the game glitched or it wasn’t workin because it took so long to send you back to lobby. and MAYBE later in the game you could add accessories instead of jus skins. don’t get me wrong..the skins are dope but you should add accessories too later on in the game..Version: 0.28

Fun game, but improvement neededI really love this game. It’s really fun, and it’s time consuming, and so fun to play. I think this game needs some improvement. One thing you can improve on and change is there are glitches and lags sometimes, but I don’t think it’s just something with my iPad. So many of my other friends and my sibling experiences it a lot too. Like in the Icy Heights map, I fell through the bars that were made to prevent you from falling through there. Also, in Tile Fall, only three people out of sixteen qualified, when the round was supposed to be over when sixteen out of sixteen were supposed to get qualified, and that kind of makes the game a little less fun because there aren’t too much people to compete against, and you have to wait forever for the round to be over. There also constant lags that engulf the screen and you can’t see where you are moving to. All you can see is the stumble guys screen going upwards and downwards and glitching, and other players are going ahead and qualifying. I get eliminated a lot of times because of that. Also developers, I think you could be a bit more creative. You could maybe add a new update or something, where you could get a bit more than only four free spins, and you could also add bug fixes and some tweaks, and you could like make us enabled to buy tokens with gems or buy gems with tokens. This is a really good game though, and you should be proud of this game..Version: 0.39

Pls see this developersGood game. Love to play it. Got a lot of suggestions. I’m trash at it, so it would be nice to see a practice mode for maps. The way I see it, you would press play and there would be a selection, where you could chose the practice mode, normal, or the a map like the soccer game mode. With practice mode you could select a map such as laser tracer and you could practice solo or with your party. When you die, you leave and go to the menu (just like normal) but you don’t get the xp and stars. (Btw the practice mode is just one round) It would also be really cool to be able to vote for the map in a normal game. People who have the battle pass will get 2 votes (so the devs can make cash) and people who don’t only get one. Not all the maps will be available to vote, so it will just be a random 3 maps you can vote for each round. It also would be nice to have an auto mode so when u get eliminated the game automatically gets u in another game, saving us time. In the shop, you should be able to buy stumble coins with gems (obviously it would take multiple gems to get 1 coin) and devs you can increase the price per stumble coin (because it will also make you more cash) Hopefully the devs see this and add a few of my suggestions (and if you do it would be nice to get a special skin or something ;).Version: 0.37

ImprovementsI love this game. It is fun to play anywhere anytime. You can be any chatter you want, but there are some things that should be improved (all my opinions). First off, the only way to get tokens or gems without burying them is through spins or the stumble pass. I like this but with the spins it is very rare to get more than one stumble token (from my experiences). Another thing is the AI situation. I’ve been playing this game since October 10, 2021 and I have seen more AI’s every game I play. Yeah it is easier to win this way but I rather get 1 win a week from a full human lobby than 100 a week from an AI lobby. I also would like to have better chances to get skins since the chances of getting a skin on the free spin is 24% which is crazy since I just want to get skins instead of tokens or gems all the time. Also in the stumble pass if you have the free version only, you shouldn’t get a reward for every other level. I get that if you want batter rewards buy the pass but I would like to get a reward for every level I pass. For the free version it should be every level but lesser rewards. For example of the first level for the stumble pass (paid version) is epic or better than the free version should be Rare or better. Developers please get back to me I would appreciate it so much..Version: 0.37

Stumble Guys Is FireThis is Stumble Guys, a game based off of fall guys (just a little more scuffed) it is fun rage quitting, and easy and somewhat pay to win. If you like mobile games that involve racing, surviving, and versing friends in games. You will like this game, and you can create a party of 32 people and add your friends to play with you, there’s also some good and bad glitches. But once you get used to then their just kinda normal, and there’s a stumble pass which is 1200 gems that comes with wheel spins to get skins like a common or better, rare or better, and epic or better spins. The best type of skins are special skins like Golden Pirate, Blue Ninja, Green Samurai, and Red Dragon. They can only be obtained by epic or better spins which you get in the stumble pass or by spending 35 stumble tokens witch you get by spending money or from the stumble pass or spins that you get for free by watching a add, you can do this 4 times. There are a lot of maps like Spin Go Round, Pivot Push, Block Party, Super Slide, Lava Land, and many more. There are over 100 skins too, there also adding more to the game when updates come and they will also add maps and bug fixes. I would love for them to add multi player, like squads, duos, and trios, Thank you for reading my review, Bye..Version: 0.40

Simple things that make it annoying.I like this game. It’s ok. 1. I started playing a week ago and have played quite a bit. Now, I have a female skin that is one of the standard starting skins you get when you download the game. I have SIX other male skins and no other female skins. We can’t customize the hair like we can the skin. I can’t do anything other than wear the exact same female skin with no other options or customizations unless I do extra stuff that I wouldn’t have to do if I was a male. I’ve already gotten so many male skins, only male skins. I know in most games there is more skins for guys, but this is terrible. Make more female skins please! 2. I know the developers have heard this complaint multiple times. The last round is terrible. Only 1 out of 8 can win?? It should be at least 1 out of 4. It’s easy to get to the last round but nearly impossible to win it. Lastly, this game has a lot of potential. And could easily be made better, so developers please listen to the feedback from the people actually playing it and focus in fixing the issues, because that will make your game more successful and everyone knows that’s what we all want. It’s a decent game with a lot of potential, but it won’t soar unless you give the people what they want..Version: 0.37

Great game!Let’s just start off with I absolutely LOVE the latest update. The new map is so fun and there’s less glitches in the game. I also remember that before I wasn’t able to get gems without paying money, but now all I have to do is watch 3 adds and boom! 15 free gems to save up! And the game has a lot more clearer images of the maps and it’s easier to understand where everything is on the Home Screen. And the new skins I love the most. Their so cute! The game is very good to play with friends as well. I know me and my friends love it! Everyday after school we would meet up and sit down to play this game! We would play for a long time before we set our phones down to go play outside. It’s so entertaining I can’t get enough of it! I definitely recommend this game!😁 Edit: why did you have to do this to me stumble guys. Just why…….. my whole game reset. All my 735 gems (which I’ve been saving for the stumble pass for at least 6 months) all my skins, emotes, everything is gone. I’m very sad 😔 I won’t be playing this game for a while but I just wanted to let you know this. I know this is not that big of deal and there’s a lot more worst things going on in the world but again I just wanted to let you know this..Version: 0.33

It’s a great game but the lag. :/I love the game and think it’s really great but there are some bugs. People can walk along walls to completely bypass all the obstacles, and the lag! Yes it’s great that they show your ping on the side of the screen but it’s small and you can’t do anything about it! And there’s no turning back in a final match so you try to run but keep getting thrown of the side as others bypass you and get the win. All in all though I do like the game and it does have nice features like open access Premium Battle Passes that if you work hard enough for you can get without paying money! The rag doll emotes are nice it’s just that I find them over used. The gacha system is good way for saving or spending on smaller. The daily spin is also good! It makes it like a nice little way you can get currency but it’s kinda of the only way you get it besides for small times in the battle pass. I will say the game is a nice little relief from Fall Guys cause Stumble Guys is mobile friendly and still has ways to connect with friends have smaller lobbies for less lag and time spent in a match but it need work so best of wishes on that Kitka Games! Wish you luck with this product!.Version: 0.39

DEVS PLZ DON’T ABANDON THIS GAME!This is hands down 1 of the funnest most relaxed Mobil games I’ve played in years! The character skins, the levels, the various challenges, etc. ITS NOT A “PAY2PLAY or PAY2WIN” system of any kind! Sure I’ve made some IAPs but were they necessary for me to stay competitive? Absolutely not I bought them bc I wanted to unlock some cool skins which I did. So I’ve spent prolly $15 I think and I’ve still won events & still lost events. The skin your character has isn’t gonna get you the W. You gotta have patience & make the right moves. I’ve noticed a lot of these games that get made that show amazing potential but then the devs will just leave them to rot in the App Store with no more updates or anything. I pray that it doesn’t happen to this game bc if anyone was like me looking for a mobile version of that very popular Steam game then THIS IS IT! IMO it’s even better in some parts! So please keep the updates coming and I’m sure the players will continue to pour in. It’d be cool at 1 point to be able to create your own skin out of the skins you already own or you can buy some more. Say for example I take the T-REX head & put it on Lonesharks body. The alien head on the lion, etc..Version: 0.37

Developers read this and replyOk “kitka games” I HAVE 5 REASONS FOR WHY TO REMOVE STUMBLE SOCCER. Reason 1: I understand you guys add more challenging games for more popularity (probably not), BUT TRUST ME your players will be happy. Reason 2: its not fair for people how are not more experienced like others like me and people who have the stumble pass use the punch emote to their advantage and a lot… and when I say A LOT of people don’t like that im serious. Reason 3: it is also not fair for when your team loses not only you get eliminated team goes with you so if you consider deleting this map you got 2 options, either make a map to eliminate half the players or make more rounds like 4 instead of 3 and player like 40-54. Reason 4: (this is a fix it or delete it reason), when you dive into the soccer ball you can only hit in a specific angle like perfectly in middle or in the corner, and this bothers me very much. Reason 5: if you do not consider deleting this map at least disable kick and punch emotes because it is really annoying when people self-sabotage their own teammates like for example, you are being goalie and a player from your team comes up to you and punches you into the void and the you respawn making your team lose wouldn’t that be annoying? Thank you for your time..Version: 0.41.1

Fun gameThis game is very fun in fact that there is many maps you can do and there is special offers in the shop. This game has a “stumble pass” that gives you free items for playing the game and gaining “stars XP” you can buy the premium pass for only 1200 gems and can get exclusive special items. There is many tik tokers out there that make the game more alive as well. I rate it 5/5 in my opinion, I play it everyday when I have nothing to do. Very glad that this game was made to be in my life. Also one more thing,.. You can hang out with friends in parties and you can compete against people on the leaderboards. There is also tournaments that you can compete against 32 people I’m sure and can get a prize. There is also skins in the game that makes it much cooler. These skins include up to legendaries and specials, Tho it is like a spinning wheel that you have to be lucky to get those types of skins. So far I have 2 legendaries. I had this game for 2 months. One more thing is there is a daily spin, this spin I’ve won many stumble tokens from it and even gems, I would spend these stumble tokens and gems to getting skins or saving up..Version: 0.41

Devs I don’t like this feature.When I first started I had already won first try. But then that’s when I saw the premium pass. I use barely all my money and for what. I used the pass and enjoyed it. Until the second day is when I had to buy it again. I was mad and sad because I had only 2 dollars in my account. Don’t buy the premium pass it’s not worth the money. Unless you want epic rarity skins I guess but you only have a 10% chance of getting a special or legendary. I was mad because I almost got one. But don’t buy it it’s a waste of money and waste of time as you have to earn the levels to get these special skins. But overall I enjoy the game and think it’s pretty good. But I think there could be a little bit of improvement in it. Overall the best fall guys knock-off I’ve seen in a long time. But if your on computer or have on. I suggest you get the real fall guys on epic games. Or if your looking for a good knock-off. Bro falls or something. It’s like fall guys but broccoli is trying to kill all the food so it could be first. Very weird but it’s a good knock-off. Overall this is why I gave it a four star review as I wish you could have the premium pass forever..Version: 0.39

Good..but..It’s a good game I got to give me that.. but there’s a few minor issues at least on my screen, first of all good game good game but second is the Real details. Stumble guys kind of like fall guys I’m not kidding but I like a lot when people are in front of me it looks like they’re pushing me and when people are behind me it looks like I fall off the edge! But one of the biggest issues is… The expense of getting skins why is The common 55 why can I be like 30 I’m not telling you how to run your game I’m just saying it’s not to my expectations yet I’ll keep playing a little bit but fire you I would consider not downloading this game until they fix those details if you’re a person like me P.S. ( this is note to developer) hey developer if you’re reading this I just wanted to say I would really like to see more skins and that’s really lower my expectations because some of them are mad if you do this you don’t have to but you really make my day I would like to see parkour maps that’s my specialty lol, anyWho please read this.. Ps i’m not trying to bring down your game I’m just saying can you fix these problems and having..Version: 0.33

Pay to winThis game is extremely fun with friends, enjoyable game play, good rotation of game modes. As a new player though, it’s extremely frustrating that I do not have access to the punch and kick emotes that were available in previous battle passes and completely alter game play while playing solo. I have lost countless amounts of times specifically because of these pay to win emotes that I can’t even pay for anymore simply because they were in previous battle passes. So not only have these emotes made the games pay to win, it’s not even possible to pay to win anymore because they’re no longer available in new seasons. I have no clue how this is at all fair for new players and it allows for a complete advantage for players who played previous seasons. Now players with more experience also have more tools to their advantage to beat new players. This game will not last long if this trend continues. If you’re going to make it pay to win, at least let everyone pay. Either nerf the emotes or allow for new players to get them somehow, I’m tired of losing because players are kicking and punching me off the map at finish lines while I have no way to deliver that same attack back..Version: 0.37

It was good for a bitNgl when fall guys was not free I was playing this game 24/7 and it was really fun and a nice alternative to actually fall guys, that is until fall guys got bought by epic games, now lets be honest, stumble guys is great for a month, you play you get really addicted to it beat everyone and get a 3 win streak. And then one day something happens overnight. You went from going against trash people, to not being able to play a single game without getting trolled 5 million times, this is my perspective of stumble guys and honestly it’s boring now, like in reality fall guys is what’s supposed to beat out this game, I like the creativity and all that stuff, but this is just one of those games that makes you watch ads for stuff, vs fall guys that has you work for it and the pass um… is a lot worse. I mean cmon why do you have to pay money to punch kick or hug someone like just add a cooldown to it and give everyone the ability to kick someone but add a cooldown! I really liked the game for a bit and I hope the game still gets more updates but it does not look like a bright future for them. But hey that’s just my opinion and I hope you guys all have good day! And that peace ✌️.Version: 0.39

Wonderful experience but it has its flaws🟩🟩I want to start off by saying that there is some real time and work put into the design and mechanics of this game. I have to give props to the developers for making this goofy fall guys ripoff into more than just that. The gameplay and customization is simply fun and amazing. My girlfriend and I like to play it together and we don’t experience too many problems online (except that we get put into more bot filled lobbies when in a party).🟥🟥 Here is where the problems start. For one, it is pay to win. The kick and punch features are all locked behind a battle pass and they’re extremely useful in certain maps. Its a distasteful move and is the reason I didn’t give this app the 5 stars. Also, I would love to see custom matches introduced with some different ways to play the map. The devs should find a way to add variety (like have some obstacles change on certain maps or maybe even make the players do some maps in reverse). If the devs find a way to make the gameplay more varied, I’m sure this game will become even more successful..Version: 0.37

ImprovementsOkay, first off, this game is one of my fav mobile games. I’ve never rlly written reviews on apps I get, but I wanted to make suggestions. So, some people have been saying that they should add more rounds to create suspense, and I totally agree with that. Next, I feel like the Premium stumble pass is a little expensive, it requires you to buy a pack of there gems, unless people have saved up, which I highly doubt. Bots are definitely added to parties, not all the players are. Correct me if I’m wrong, me and my friend have discovered that in parties some of the players are real. It is weird bc it’s only supposed to have the people that joined the party then bots ig. Skins are awesome, but I feel like they should make it easier to get specials and legendaries. Just bc they are very hard to get. I would also like to point out that when you go in skins, you can get epic or better for 35 stumble tokens, I feel like that is a bit excessive, giving that they are kind of hard to get. That is all I rlly suggest, but other then that stuff, the game is awesome!.Version: 0.37

So Addictive 🤩I LOVE playing Stumble Guys. It is so much fun, and such an addicting game. All the characters are so cute and I love the different varieties of maps. I play it for as long as I can every day. I’ve been trying to find a new mobile game to play and this is perfect! I like that it has a pass feature (like the Stumble Pass) where you can earn prizes as you get better instead of only having to buy stuff. I really don’t have any issue with it, except for the name feature. Believe me, I love it. It makes the game so much better for me if I can choose my own name lol 😭. But maybe you could add a feature where it doesn’t allow inappropriate words? It’s just that I’ve seen a couple people with swear words in their name, and not like it makes any difference really but I’d just prefer if they weren’t allowed. Especially because I play this game around my family a lot 😅. That’s really only the one small thing I don’t like though, and I would definitely recommend this game!.Version: 0.40

Needs DevelopmentFor once, this is a mobile game that stands upon the rest and it stands-out quite ever so nicely. However, there are various needs of development within the game such as lack of rewards, tokens, gems, so on and so fourth. For instance, what’s the point of playing the mini game if our rewards only give us exp, trophies, and stars? To elaborate, the exp used in this game to level up doesn’t give us any rewards in general, making it frustrating for users to get more skins and etc. trophies are used to level up in the pass HOWEVER, only the first 5 or so levels are free rewards. After those you have to pay with gems for other rewards. The pass doesn’t reset everyday, and users can play a various amount of mini games and end up with no rewards after 15 at the least, games. Although the game gives 4 free spins every day with chances to get skins, tokens, and gems, the overall point of playing the mini games is absolutely pointless after “finishing” the pass. Please work on this..Version: 0.37

StumbleOne of the best games I’ve honestly played in my phone this got me through years of rough school and added a little enjoyment to each day and there are so many different fun maps and bright colorful skins you can wear in get also a lot or real players and competition and a bunch of little fun cut through and faster ways to complete the map that you can find highly recommend this game to others and they have a party mode for friends and family this game got me through cancer and harsh racisms from my peers on school I was I tall skinny black kid who was broke but it got me through and now I am dyane the rock Johnson and I am a boy searching through a man’s world and a boy searching for good men and it stopped me from bullying from my penis which was small and bent right but now it is 13 and a half centimeters and bends left… all of these factors grew from this amazing game and became the worlds greatest curling and cricket player and actress and adult film star cause of the aray of skins and professions.Version: 0.37

Good gameHi my name is Pepsi. I wanted to tell you that this game is really awesome and I think you should do it. It is a very fun game and I want everyone to know that they get to pick their own game but I think this is a good one play. There’s a bunch of maps and skins you can choose from and there’s a bunch of obstacles courses and you could pretty much do like anything with it. You can play anywhere even on road trips some people might think that this is not a good game but I like it it’s their opinion. You can get common and rare items or even epic. I want you guys to know that it’s your opinion if you want something but I think this is a really good game that you guys should try. Are you just a five star because it’s entertaining and they work really hard to make this game there’s probably a bunch of people who made this game so I just wanna say how much I love this game and then it’s really good I don’t want you to have to do boring stuff. I hope you like my suggestion..Version: 0.37

Please stop Pay to WinThis is a fantastic game and with only a couple of days played I’m having a blast. After gaining many trophies I found it’s hard to win because you play with better players, which is fine, but these players sometimes hold an unfair advantage. In the game there’s an emote that is a boxing glove. I noticed when this emote is used the player punches everything around them and can possibly knock someone over. I was in a final match on the lava pillars map, and I was standing next to a player when they used this emote, which pushed me off when I was about to win. I get it is homage to fall guys mechanics but after doing research I found the only way to get punching and grabbing emotes is through stumble passes, therefore the only realistic way to get them is pay with real money. It’s disappointing as this game has potential and is basically portable fall guys, but it ruins the fun when you lose a match in a final round because someone can do something that you cannot..Version: 0.39

Great game but…Stumble guys is great. It’s basically Fall Guys mobile, and is really fun. I can play with my friends, and alone, and the daily spins thing is cool. The main goal is simply to get to the end of the map before other people do, while avoiding all of the various obstacles along the way. My only issue is the amount of toxic people who use the pay-to-win emotes. There are three emotes that I absolutely despise. The punch emote knocks you to the ground and stuns you for a time, the kick/slide emote knocks you into the air and stuns you, and the hug emote allows another player to literally pick you up, carry you to the edge of the map, and drop you off the edge, sending you back to the last checkpoint. These three emotes are so incredibly infuriating, and I have lost more than twenty games because of them. These three emotes make the game toxic and annoying to play for extended periods of time. If these emotes were removed, not all emotes, just the punch, kick, and hug, it would easily make this game a five star, easy..Version: 0.37

Include Trading, add more rounds!!I love this game me and my friends love playing this together it’s so fun! But please consider adding trading because I would love to trade skins with my friends and other players, because I have some skins my friends want and they have some that I really want and it would just make it much easier! I also recommend adding more rounds than just 3, because I feel like having 8 people in the third round and only one can qualify just isn’t as fun. I would love the last round to be a 1v1 with 2 players, and I’m sure a lot of other players would love that too. I think the first and second rounds should stay the same, keeping as only half of the players qualify to the next round, meaning in the third round 4 out of 8 players qualify, making a fourth round with only 2 qualifying, and then the last round would be a 1v1 with 1 out of 2 players qualifying. I think having these extra rounds would make the game a lot more enjoyable to a lot of people. But I love this game!.Version: 0.37

Only giving 5 stars so you can seeThe ping in this game is so bad. I keep lagging and my WiFi is fine and you developers keep removing settings that help prevent it. You developers have trashed this game so much I could play it perfectly fine with my friends yesterday now it’s like I can’t even play it keeps disconnecting and my friends are using the same WiFi as me and they don’t disconnect and there ping is fine. Fix this or else I’m deleting this game. It’s not even fun anymore with lag I keep getting disqualified because lag holds me back. Oh and also on the wheel that chooses the map. It lags and then the time the other guys are already going I get in and play but here it comes the lag and then I keep falling through the floors, lagging through the air, Glitching into the void what else can I describe? This game used to be so much fun and I mean so much fun but now I can barley play it. DO NOT GET THIS APP IT LAGS AND IS NOT WORTH IT AT ALL DONT SPEND MONEY EITHER!.Version: 0.39

Game issues and maps.Amazing game but do have some issues. There’s been an issue bugging me for a while now. I’m stuck in the elimination tiles. Some dropped some stayed, stayed for too long. I was waiting for the map picker to show up. Didn’t happen, a while later, didn’t happen. I’ve been stuck in the loading screen for 25 minutes by now. another 5 minutes still there. I closed the tab and reloaded it just for it to happen again. But now about the team maps. I feel like there’s an issue. The Bots/AI specifically the stumble rumble. The map is horrible. The structure of the map to the way of winning the rocket has horrible control and there’s no jump button which is extremely stupid. Also pay to win emotes are overpowered. And the bugs there still is in the game. There’s a 85% glitch you’ll win in the new map. Which is overused and extremely unfair. Still an amazing game but lots of stuff that needs to be fixed..Version: 0.41

It’s fun but not perfect😐I do like this game, but I have several ways to make it better. First of all, I do not think it is fair that player can punch or kick you because this throws off the competitive part of the game. I get it, the developers want to make money off of the stumble pass but I wish they would make players pay for skins instead or something because I have been kicked or punched before and it has prevented me from winning, and I have seen this happen to other players so if the developers read this, PLEASE FIX THIS! Another thing I want to mention is that there should be more rounds, there are three each having a number of qualifiers, 16, 8, and 1 which is the winner. I agree with one and two, but I think after round three with eight qualifiers, there should be round four with four qualifiers and round five with two qualifiers to carry out the suspense. After focusing on the errors, I don’t want to hate on this game, It is fun and I would recommend taking a look at it. Thanks for reading this long review😅.Version: 0.41.1

Awesome game !! Just a few minor issuesI love playing this game, I just randomly play it when I’m bored. But, I have a few ideas that may make the game more enjoyable, and have more players. My first idea is when you’re getting diamonds on boss level, and when you click ‘next level’ there’s an ad. When you get the diamonds, there’s and ad. When you go to the next level, there’s an ad. Maybe reduce the amount of ads, because you can play easier without ads becoming a problem every time you finish the levels. Second, maybe add more maps. If you travel, you could go on an island, but it states if it’s harder or not. That would be even more enjoyable for players. Maybe with every map you could add a new skin for that very map. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps make the game fun and a enjoyable for others to where more people like it and it becomes popular. Have a nice day!568.Version: 0.39

Great game, amazingly funGreat game, solid design and mechanics/physics, very smooth, replayability is good, it’s pretty consistently fun But 1) the punch and kick is pretty annoying. That makes it a bit pay to win 2) as I’ve leveled up the competition has gotten better, but so much so it’s often hard to pass the 1st round 3) a lot of the same maps seem to get used a lot, but there’s a decent amount they have, so not sure why more aren’t more frequently used instead of the same 2 or 3 4) there’s a few inconsistencies in the mechanics with jumps, dives, and edges of maps and some physics inconsistencies, but for the most part, pretty good job, well done, 5 stars if it wasn’t for #1. #2 is a bit annoying, and #3-4 aren’t that bad, not nearly as bad as #1 Oh, 5) would love a few more maps, a few more maps in circulation would really keep it fresh!.Version: 0.37

There needs to be changes ASAP.I was playing stumble guys with my friend and she has a different skin tone than everybody else and that’s what makes her so unique. So while doing the daily spinning wheel she got a sumo wrestler it looked like and she thought it was cool. She just wished that she could have costumes that represents her gender. (And I know anyone can wear whatever they want I’m just saying how others perspective is) She wants to choice to make her own skin tone that matches her and to have different hair options. So in conclusion if you could add more stuff to everyone’s avatar that would be amazing and we would be very grateful. Another thing that I have a problem with is the movement part. And I know someone may think “this is a kids game and this is really unnecessary” but I just think there could be just a tiny changes. And all i’m asking you is to add setting for stuff like maybe a background, the lighting, or how we walk or slide down. Please take this into consideration please, Thank you..Version: 0.41.1

Good, But Needs Some TweaksI got this game trying to find mobile fall guys and I got this. I became addicted. I love how the rounds work but I have some things I don’t like. 1. Disconnection. This might just be on my device, but my ping goes insane and I get disconnected. My sister won Round 3 and would’ve had her first win, but it disconnected her and she didn’t get any points 2. Prizes. I’ve completed the stumble pass, and now I can only get gems and Stumble Tokens from the daily wheel. I would like it if say maybe 5 gems if you make it to round 2, 10 if you make it to round 3 and 10 stumble tokens if you win the game. You don’t have to do this, but it would be pretty nice. 3. The names. This is an important one. Children play this game, and people are going around having curses in there name. Please fix this. 4. more elimination and racing maps. Thank you reading, and have a good day.Version: 0.39

Stumble guysHonestly i came looking at this game saying its probably a bad knockoff of fall guys it all started one day i was looking for new games to play when i saw stumble guys i got it qaulified the first round (i didnt know how to dive yet) and then i liked the game so much i bought the stumble pass i loved it so much its a good game and you could play with your friends. But theres on thing i think they should do . If your on a team with people and you win a full round then it should give your teamates crowns to . But i still love the game And realized today theres a new stumble pass . I also like the idea of free skins and 5 spins everyday . But i bought 1 more spin everyday so now i have 6 spins everyday . Most of the time the first thing i do is do my daily spins im about to do mine now . And i love the different types of courses ps its a very fun game i recommend you to buy it..Version: 0.40

Great just a few problemsOkay. I’ve been playing this game for about 4 months, and it’s really fun. I already have a legendary though, and I think that it was too easy to get it. One of my problems is that you should make the time where you wait to see what course you are doing much shorter. You could even just remove it. Another thing I have noticed is that some of the courses are always laggy, no matter how good internet connection is. Two more things. One, I think once someone gets a special, they shouldn’t be able to get another special. I mean, it’s not like you can use two skins at once. Two, I have noticed that I get the same course almost every time (paint splash). Im not sure if this happens to anyone else, but it doesn’t happen in parties. If you guys could fix these few things, thanks ..Version: 0.41

Please remove team games…So I love this game and there is nothing I have against I love the maps, skins, and pretty much everything one of the best games I’ve had and actually played continuously, but the one thing that ruins it is the team modes. When I see the soccer or rocket rumble it makes me wanna just leave a find a new match, because most of the matches just depend on your teammates, they either know what their doing or they don’t, it’s so annoying because I’ll just lose because of my teammates, they’ll either just purposely score on the other team or shoot rockets at me on purpose and it’s just too toxic to have in the game so please do something developers this is a great game and I love it but just the team games, I’m not saying this game is bad it’s great I’m just saying please change or do something about the teams games… Please.Version: 0.39

I used to fall but now I stumbleStumble guys is a true masterpiece that exemplifies a one of a kind game you’d never see anywhere else. When I first set eyes on those little plushie-like figures, I cried, I cried tears of joy aplenty, tears that I would never regret. This knocks Fornite and other related games right out of the water or the infinite void in this case, leaving the consumer satisfied with a product so divine the gods would be jealous. I have finally achieved salvation and have now found my true calling in life. When my grandkids’ grandkids are sitting around the dinner table, they will remember the time Great Grandad took home the W in this stunning display of visuals. What’s more is the nuanced plot development of the seemingly naive rag dolls. This game has taught me valuable lessons about pride, arrogance, betrayal, love and many other values we find ourselves in need of on a day to day basis..Version: 0.37

Bugs/feedbackThis game has a lot of potential- please add a practice mode; it will be valuable to be able to build up my skills before entering a round. Also, in the “next up” screen, the worlds scroll by for at least ten seconds and i’m left waiting. this is super annoying, please cut this time or just take away the scrolling effect. also in the randomly-generated server games, when i get to the finish line i’m stuck waiting there until the round is over, and when the game announces the winners of the round and the avatars are dancing, this also goes on for way too long- please make an option to skip these effects and end the round. additionally, please make it easier to jump; a lot of times i have lost because the jump button is small and down in the corner, and I can’t move it around like I can with the left button. Overall great game, but a lot of finicky bugs that make it frustrating to play..Version: 0.37

Fun GameThis game is quite fun, I’m not typically one to play games on my phone. I like that you’re able to play with your friends by creating parties and the maps are different and fun. I think there are some things to be improved though. There needs to be an alternative to getting duplicates on spins. Either you should get to spin again and if you still get a duplicate you should have to keep it or you shouldn’t be able to receive duplicates in the first place. It’s annoying only getting a half reward such as 7 tokens when you spent 35 tokens originally to get a spin. It’s basically just stealing tokens from players. Another thing, there are SO many bots in these games it’s insane. When you have completed a map and you can view other players it’s so apparent that half of the layers are bots. This shouldn’t even be necessary. Overall it’s a fun game but it could definitely use some improvements..Version: 0.39

Needs improvementsNow don’t get me wrong I love this game but I just think it would be better if we changed or improved a few things. First, you need more worlds to play at because once a new one is made it gets old very quickly. Next, I think there should be better bug fixes like, maybe when you make a party, you should have all real people join instead of cpus. I also think that the victory screen shouldn’t take so long, i think it should just be 3-5 seconds. I also don’t like how the stumble pass exists, those people literally just waste their money on gems and they get way cooler stuff. Also they get the taunt animation, the punch, the heart, etc. So it gives the other people a disadvantage. Please fix these or at least the most important ones. Overall this games good but could use some changes and make other people happier and could fix problems that’s all..Version: 0.40

Great game but horrible game modeSo I am a fan of this game I think it’s better than fall guys itself it has great game modes except for one game more STUMBLE SOCCER why I hate this mode I’ll explain it every time I play this game people are toxic you are in a bot team that does nothing ut is so long and so boring the second I see this mode I turn off the game and scream in the shower because i hate it so much I also don’t like that every time I spin the ad wheel I always get gems I think you should make it a better chance to get skins NOT COMMON but rare epics and gold ranks also the 75 kudos and 150 gems I never get it when I spin the ad wheel so just either take out the 150 gems and 75 kudos on the wheel or make it a better chance to get the gems, kudos. I hope you take a chance to look at my review and VAULT SOCCER and listen to my reports thank you for ur time 😀.Version: 0.41

Stumble guy…Even though stumble Guy a ripoff their was no version moblie of stumble as I currently speaking, Anyways the apps has a lot of fun game-mode and has a some pay to win so, Their also a lot of bugs but overall it ok. Some of bugs included, falling through hexagon pods on the final stage, have a running animation even though you pass the finish line, Spinning Wheel stopping and you get a different item and so on, but I see that a lot care was put into this and the bug are from their software so here your 4 star. Also make ads optional only for rewards because I cannot deal with the ads, Give people 250 gems 10 stumble coins who lost money because they didn’t want to suffer through the ad. Remove the punch and other emotes that interfer with game mechanics as it not fun and it annoying, Please refund them their money or some gems idk..Version: 0.39

Randomized problemsI love the game. It’s very addicting and fun to play but when it chooses which races to do it typically chooses the same ones over and over. I have been playing this game a lot over the past few weeks and I have still not played All of the races. I feel like this is a big problem because people tend to get bored after playing the same thing over and over again. It’s also really frustrating when some of your favorite courses are the ones that are not typically picked. I would really love if you could fix this problem and make sure all the races are getting picked evenly. It would give the game more variety and excitement. But overall I think this is a really fun game! I would recommend getting it if you like fall guys.Version: 0.40

Perfect game I have some suggestions I hope you tryThis game is great I love it so much what would help though is when u have the daily offers u can scroll through all of them because some of them u don’t want to buy or just wanna see the other offers this game is so great and also u may want to add a practice button because when you play in an actual game there are so many sweats and good players it’s a little hard for people just trying out the practice button would put you in an options page and u could decide if you would want bots in the game and how there should be a bot difficulty like easy, medium, or hard and if you would like to go really far you could let people choose what maps they want for the game. Thank you if you read this!.Version: 0.39

Great With FriendsI downloaded this game the other day and played it for hours. I saw party mode and had to put my friends on. Now we play everyday after work in a group of 6 and have some of the most fun we have had in a while. There is near no flaws to the game besides rare falling through the map bug. There should be a way to earn more gems after each game because once you complete the battle pass it is hard to get gems without watching a lot of ads. Therefore no new skins often once completing the battlepass. I would like to have more gem opportunity because for each skin, there are 3 styles and two cost gems to get. Overall i would like to see more maps added because they get old after you learn all the shortcuts. That is what all 6 of us would like.... NEW MAPS PLEASE!! Couldnt say it any louder..Version: 0.28

Very good but some annoying partsGame is very fun and very good to play with friends. There is one thing though. Skill based match making kind of ruins the fun. I play a lot with my friends and I now have 40+ wins from playing with my friends. Sometimes my friends aren’t around so I try to play by myself and get absolutely crushed. Another thing is that team games are very annoying because many times I don’t qualify because my teammates did bad. So I could be the best player in the world but never win because my teammates are terrible. Also, I don’t like how in a lobby everyone in it gets split up. I’d prefer it randomized or everyone on the same team. Because of this, if I lose I always have to watch my friends. If we are on the same team, we lose at the same time or both keep going. Thanks for reading this!.Version: 0.30

Things To Make The Game More Fun!!Personally I think this game is great! This game is so fun I definitely recommend. But I have some things that might make the game a bit more fun. So first off, I think it would be I little more fun if there was more rounds! Even just adding one more round would be fun. So for example you could start off with 32 people. Then half gets eliminated. Now there’s 16 ppl. Then 8 get eliminated, then 4, and then the last two go head to head in one of the hardest maps. Also my sister suggested that you can go head to head with one of your friends. (Sorry if this is already a thing I’m still new to fall guys) So how this will work is your friend(s) will join your party and you and your friend(s) can go head to head against each other..Version: 0.41.1

Very, Very well doneThis game is so well done that I could play it consecutively for days on end however I only have one small problem. After every game there is an ad. This game is very good about what they advertise because the ads are very quick. They are only there for about 5 seconds and then you can skip. It just gets a little bit annoying when I have to watch an add after every game. If you guys would please change this to even after every few games or at the very least after every other game. I think the developers of this game %100 deserve the revenue for how good this game is but from a consumer stand point it is just a little bit annoying. All in all, great job on the game and I recommend everyone who enjoys games like this to at least try it out regardless of the ads..Version: 0.37

CloxinThis game is really fun I Play it everyday Because how addicting it is It has Potential to be famous This is a really fun game that you can play with friends I really enjoy This game with my friends A lot I love the skins so much this game has a lot in the future I can definitely see this game being better then fall guys because the is very short and has only 3 rounds so it’s fun And short so you don’t have to play 8 rounds It’s good for content and Streaming the game is really competitive and Cool That’s what I like about it A lot of pros when you first play it’s not easy but you will get the hang of it Like me I was trash at the start but Got better over the days and months I have a special skin Legendary skins epic skins rare skins common skins And Uncommon Keep it up Stumble guys.Version: 0.41.1

So fun!I really enjoy this game!but 1:the menu screen is a copy of the brawl stars menu screen and 2:its a copy of fall guys.Version: 0.33

GET RID OF ITThe games fun until some paying rich person comes in with the punching emote and stops me from qualifying so plz get rid the special emote good game but pay to win.Version: 0.39

Amazing, Just AmazingBetter than fall guys.Version: 0.30

SpecialWhy are y’all putting special emote juste for the people paying its advantage them so much you should delete this.Version: 0.37

Copy of fall guys and pay to winThe game isn’t awful but it copied fall guys and the emotes are pay to win other than that it’s good for a mobile game.Version: 0.37

GoodMy mom scolds me because I play it too much but it’s fun👍.Version: 0.37

Wow… just wowThis cured my depression. When I got this game my dad came back with the milk, I wouldn’t of been alive if it wasn’t for this game.Version: 0.41.1

Stumble guys 5 starsBest game ever,Way better then fall guys.Version: 0.39

Stumble guysThis game is good but the punch 🥊 is annoying.Version: 0.39

Game!Awesome game but.. can you make it less gegga bites?.Version: 0.37

This game is not letting me win the second roundAnd they are always bots the game just disconnects me.Version: 0.37

GLITCH!!I purchased the starter pack and received every thing i payed for and it was all good until this morning when i logged onto the game i used the in game currency i payed for to buy 3 epic or better spins it said there was an error and didn’t give me my spins but took my coins. other then that the game has been a fun experience and i suggest downloading it.Version: 0.37

Add tradingI think they should add trading but u have to get to a certain level it would make the game so much fun.Version: 0.37

Great gameIt is a 4/5 stars for me because it’s a ripoff on the real fall guys but it still a good game 👍👍👍.Version: 0.41.1

Amazing game!The game is amazing but it’s a copy of fall guys {kind of } but this game is still to much fun.Version: 0.41.1

I likeI like the game is fun and cool.Version: 0.41.1

Best game everI’ve only had it for 6min and I think it’s great.Version: 0.41.1

It goodGood game get.Version: 0.41.1

CoolJe jeu est très cool.Version: 0.41.1

Is nicePretty good tbh, only problem is that sometimes the game gets stuck on the game select screen.Version: 0.41.1

HomosexualI like men.Version: 0.41.1

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