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Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure!

Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay:
Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos!
Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden story
Unlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations!

Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle?

Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style.
Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor.
Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride!

Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

The MM team sincerely hope that you like our new match-3 puzzle game! We are working very hard to perfecting it, so If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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Matchington Mansion App Comments & Reviews

Matchington Mansion Positive Reviews

I like it but it frustrates me!I like the game, it’s fun entertaining and love the overall idea. The thing that frustrates me is how slow it is to add up some stars, yet, they disappear so fast! It is not fair that some levels are rated as hard and very hard yet you still only get one miserable little star for passing them! But when it comes to trading stars for furniture or even some silly undesirable task that we have no choice or control over! we have to spend two or even three stars at a time! I would say even it out and make it more star rewarding to pass those harder levels. Fair is fair and more effort deserves more rewards and those imposed undesirable tasks should be no more then one star. I like the game but I got so frustrated that I stopped playing for a while. I have recently come back because I specially like the special events but I still get very frustrated at the unfair and slow star earning pace. Another reason for my frustration is the unfair give and right away take of my earned rewards! Like when I earn bomb time or life time “right away”! even before I get back to the game start screen “the time is already running” and I have to tell you...”I feel cheated”. Please change those issues and I’ll bet you less players would leave the game out of frustration. I will stick around a bit more this time hoping to be I said I do like the overall idea...I do like the game..Version: 1.83.0

Fun cute and entertaining.... however NOT perfectI have been playing this game for 2.5 years.... started as a fun task to earn gems on a game for my son while he was away at camp. My son and I love playing the scenes together. The characters are cute and well scripted for their personalities. The events are fun but TOO SHORT... We have been DISAPPOINTED TWICE now because a special event room has closed before we could finish it ... one time it LITERALLY closed as I was working the game and had ONE piece of furniture left to finish... game designers said they would have an event to reopen unfinished specials... have seen NOTHING as such so far... during the event have spent ALOT of money trying to finish because it’s so FAST and seems those purple HARD LEVELS come more and more as you truly progress in the game... maybe make true to their word? Have a special to reopen those extras? Love the game... enjoy it with my son ... but how about making it fair and extending the specials time a bit? Other games I play have special events and they last WAY WAY longer... ONLY FIVE DAYS seems short when the levels take so much time to pass and you only get five turns without having to PAY... please consider making an event to reopen ... I am giving four stars because it IS fun just too hard to make the grade sometimes....Version: 1.60.1

Good but...I like that the game is like bejeweled twist and how it is creative and with a story line. But there are some levels that are a pain to get through just to get one star. Whenever i run out of moves sometimes the and ad is available and I can do the spinning wheel but there’s a low chance of get extra moves. When the ad is not available there’s the 500 coins to spend just to a few extra moves. A 100 coins for 1 freaking move, not to mention the amount of coins I get depends on the explosives left that I got on a level. If you plan on making levels harder why can’t you just make it so that you can earn more stars based on the difficulty of that level. I am on level 1767 and I am playing the new version on the time limited room where you earn a certain amount of lightbulbs that depends on how many levels you’ve done. I have done 32 levels and I don’t get enough lightbulbs like I usually do with the previous version. You already got people complaining about how some levels are hard to do just to get a star then spend like 2-3 stars on some trivial things. Now I know you extended the days to 8 to complete the time limited room. But for me, I personally like the previous version where I can match the cushions that has the lightbulbs and I can get more that way rather then doing like 3 levels and get an award of 40 lightbulbs..Version: 1.49.0

Tasks equalThis is a really fun game! I like the people who stop through for help and gifting to liven up the story and it’s cool that the interior designer is there to move things along and make suggestions. She does sometimes, wander around without a purpose, or a clear vision. It feels that the tasks only arrive when she makes a suggestion. Is there a way to buy stars with coins, and replay a level for say 100 coins, not 500? Sometimes, the matching levels take a lot of tries for only one star and one can really wipe through their coins for remodels and projects. Maybe open rooms more often? Also, the concept of the cat is nice, but so far, it gets more coins than the house, while the house is waiting to be repaired. One coin, not three should lure the cat out of the armor, or give it a bath. For that matter, one coin should be the price for every task, except for greeting neighbors—that should be free. Also, how cool would it be if the food items and furniture that appears at the top right of the shape-matching levels, are “set up” in some of the unopened rooms? A little motivation for when we start renovating those spaces, something familiar to look forward to. And the interior designer can even mention that she “put them in the mansion for later.” This game has all the foundational makings of a hit..Version: 1.34.1

If you like to wade through in game advertising, this game is for you!Several months ago I would have given this game five stars but having to wade through forced advertising(for the game folks! Not ads!) that you can’t skip for the most part. Below is a typical game start. Open app and wait for the expected ten second load. Pop up of holiday event, hitting go to event or exit out makes no difference, you go to holiday event wether you want to or not. Ten second load screen later, you arrive at holiday event. Hit exit button to go back to the main game screen you wanted in the first place. Ten second load screen latter and once your back you have a pop up advertising the game sale of X and X being on discount. Hit no and another pop up of a in game event, luckily there a skip button and you bypass the dialogue. Ten seconds later, after the animation is done, another pop up of an in game event that can’t be skipped. Fourth five seconds to a minute latter, you can finally exit out of the forced dialog event only to finally be greeted by the daily gift pop up. Collect gift and somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four and a half minutes later, you are permitted to actually play the game. Seriously devs, are you trying to tick off and drive away customers? All the events are great but make them skipable for crying out loud..Version: 1.57.1

My thoughts on this gameIt’s a good game with good graphics and nice characters. But it gets to difficult to where you almost have to spend money and I’m guessing that’s the point... which is annoying. But once you pass a very difficult level you sometimes have to use your rewarded star on something like petting the cat or greeting a person. The story line is almost to precise. We like to be able to get out with the old, in with the new and be able to choose what we want that’s new. Not have to do extra little things. It’s very annoying but I still play it anyway because getting further in the mansion is worth it. I suppose... There also needs to be more ways to make more money than just video ads. Beating a level doesn't hardly earn you any coin. And everything you buy to help you beat a level is so expensive. Even buying hearts/lives. I think there should be no limits on the hearts. If you receive more hearts that should be added on the the previous. There should be no limit. Because getting unlimited lives is very rare. We’d run out of hearts still anyway so why give us a limit? For ads to run?.. that’s also annoying. Anyway, I’m leaving a report because this game has good potential with a good idea. Thanks..Version: 1.35.2

Fun and incredibly infuriating!This is a great game, until they set the difficulty on “hard” levels such that it will take anywhere from 8-20 sessions of burning thru your 5 hearts to get thru the level. In that time all of the side events that get you extra lives and coins have expired and you get nothing from them. This has been getting worse as you move up in levels (I am currently around level 650). Totally annoying and frustrating. At the rate this is going It is very possible getting to the end if the game will take years. The whole game can’t be easy - it would be boring if they did, but to make some levels THAT difficult is absolutely ridiculous! This is a follow up to the first review. Nothing has changed at all with what I put in there but have more to add. - One of the rewards that is won from time to time (or can be purchased)is a certain amount of infinite lives. This time is in clock time not game play time. There are times I have won 2 hours of unlimited lives. This sounds great until you realize you only have a significantly shorter period of time to play. If I had purchased this time and then lost it because something comes up that pulls me away from the game and loose the time I bought I would be fuming mad. No way am I spending money with anyone who is going to treat me like that!.Version: 1.60.1

App Support... or notThis probably belongs in App Support, but clicking the link labeled that just takes you to a web page with links to download the game. Uh... yeah, I have it already, and that’s why I was looking for support. Everyone says about the too many levels to get anything done, and they’re right. The whole point of the game is to have a sense of accomplishment on the screen. I’m at level 3,593 so trust me, it matters. What’s more frustrating right now though is the teams. I’m in a team —my second—where only about 5 of us are still actively playing the game. The inactive players include the team organizer. There needs to be a way to have the system kick people out of teams when they haven’t passed a single level in, say, 3 weeks. I’m considering bailing on this team again because this feature is missing. You’re really defeating the social “excitement” you’re trying to build when people leave the game and there are Thousands of teams filled with deadweight players who have quit playing the game. Please do something about that. Also, it’s really frustrating to not be able to get back into special rooms to complete them. There needs to be a way to do that—if it’s like spending 2 stars for access for 2 days or something. But that’s just annoying to have unfinished stuff that I can’t do anything about..Version: 1.60.1

Love the game— but...I have been playing this game for a long time now.. I have made it to the island. And though I do sometimes get frustrated at some of the levels that take forever to get past- I do eventually get past them. My “but” has to do with you most resent update. Supposedly we should be earning stickers to get Halloween decorations, but even though my screen shows that I am in Halloween mode ... no stickers... no decorations??? What’s up with that? It has been 2 days since the update and still nothing? I would also like to say that I would like to see more decoration options - choosing between orange, blah brown, and ugly green is not really a choice. It’s like picking the presidential candidate that makes you want to vomit the least. And enough with the flowers already... I have like 25 different flower options ( and like 7 are slightly different cacti- 6 different fruit trees ( 2 barely different orange and 2 slightly different lemon). And to be honest, I am tired of spending stars on flower pots - I would never put so many flowers in my house, let alone in one room. Maybe flowers are the easiest thing for you developers to create for the game, or maybe you just have flower crazy developers, but enough is enough. It like for every piece of furniture, I have to add 3 flower pots.... it is starting to make me not want to play..Version: 1.52.0

So much more than just a puzzle game!I normally don’t write reviews, but after it kept asking if I would like to rate and support them, I considered it because I realized I’m on the game more than I would like to admit, lol. This game is so much fun, and I love to play when I have a day off and need to rest. It keeps you entertained by having a little bit of everything in the game for you. I love the puzzles, I love how I get to decorate my own mansion and gardens, and the story is quite cute, and very family friendly. I have to say how I absolutely love that you have events that you can play every day, and earn extra lives and extra tools you need to get by certain levels. None of that ‘you have to pay to get passed this level’ stuff in this game! That is what drives me away from most games like these. Overall I gave it 5 stars because of every little piece the developers put into the gameplay, you can even earn extra furniture/plants/rugs/etc. by just visiting your friends mansions and adding to your collection. Changing up my look, and turning it into my own without spending any’s just the game for me. Thank you guys, and I fully support this game. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.46.3

BIRD HELL!!!I’ve been playing this game for awhile now & really like it...when I actually get to decorate & play to achieve something. I totally agree with all the other reviews about wasting time & points earned on trivial things: Greet Edna, pick up Rex’s flyers etc. We want to decorate!! So I thought all that was bad, now I’m at a point where there are no tasks to complete & all it says is “tasks coming soon”. So in the meantime you are put into a “bonus” area of playing this game. You play a level & collect birds!! You can’t advance, decorate, oh yeah, and you don’t get any points for completing your level that you can use later to do tasks. It tells you you will win prizes in this bonus limbo of BIRD HELL where you’ve collected so many freaking birds that it’s like a horror movie. So what are the great prizes you get? Bird statues!!! Are you kidding me?!?! After they finally make more levels/tasks, you can continue as usual, but they only make around 40 new levels so before you know it you’re back in bird hell!! So I’m basically playing for nothing right now and wasting money & time as you cannot even collect points for future play. I’m getting ready to uninstall this as I’m in bird hell for my 3rd time now & it’s just ridiculous. Whoever thought of this bird hell limbo is insane I’m sure!! Did I mention I now hate birds?!?!.Version: 1.59.1

InterestingI first downloaded the app due to ads in another game. It is nothing like the ads (like you’re not picking tools to fix stuff, you just get to do the actions available using stars you earn solving puzzles). I enjoy solving tough puzzles and completing rooms; but the irrelevant side quests irritate me to no end. Currently Rex is being the Butler. I know Rex is the Butler. My only option is to spend a ton of stars hiring him, getting back things he swipes, etc. I’m here to decorate not stop swiper from swiping in Dora the explorer... I could have finished maybe two additional rooms if it weren’t for irrelevant side quests. I think it would be helpful if we could turn that part of the game off and just decorate the mansion if we want. You should also get more stars for solving more difficult puzzles (especially if you’re going to drum up the number of stars one needs to complete a task). Sometimes I enjoy the game but more often than not I’m frustrated about it not progressing more quickly. Once I beat over 70 levels in a row in the 400s and barely made a dent in what needs to be done. I would also like the option to make Tiffany go away, she’s useless and annoying. I was wondering how far I have to get to explore the cave behind the house or dig up what I assume will be pirate treasure under the palm trees that form an X..Version: 1.35.2

Great Game!!!I’m not much into games, but I love this one and I’m very addicted to it! I used to play Gardenscapes which is very similar to this game, but I quickly got tired of not being able to win the matching levels. The games were next to impossible to complete, sometimes took a week to get through just one level and I’d get very frustrated and was always tempted to delete the game. Then the tasks got to be ridiculously redundant, they got to be for very minute details and you’d rarely get the opportunity to landscape the gardens. Isn’t that supposed to be the goal of these types of games? I went on a search for a replacement game and found Matchington Mansion!!! As you go through the levels, they become more of a challenge. Sometimes you can get stuck on a level and it will take a day or so to complete, but they are WIN-ABLE! Some levels are hard, some very hard, but then you also get some relief as a few levels are a bit easier but always a challenge. It’s a perfect combination and I don’t feel frustrated when I’m done playing, and with this game, I always want to come back for more!!! Matchington Mansion is the best of this type of game that’s available to play!!!.Version: 1.11.0

You must have steel nerves to play this game.This game is designed to force you to pay $$$ for useless coins and power ups that supposed to help you to pass some levels. I haven’t spend any $$$ and I am already on level 574. I kept playing some levels over and over and two or three days later program allowed me to win. All you need is patience. If you can’t beat the level leave it, come back later and eventually you’ll do it. Also, never spend golden coins, pretend they don’t exist, just make bunch of friends and ask them for lives, watch advertisements, use bonuses like infinity lives when they available. If you completely out of lives just take a break, remember to be patient. I do agree that scenarios can be absolutely idiotic and you can spend bunch of stars for just greeting guests, or playing with pets but the game is still interesting and worth playing couple of times a day. The last thing I want to say that I would only spend my money when the golden stars would be available for sale! I don’t understand why developers can’t do that, for example $9.99 for 100 golden stars:) at least once in a while, like New Years special or something..Version: 1.32.0

This game is addictingI got this game in January of 2019, I’ve been playing it nonstop since then. When I usually download games, I play them for a few weeks and then get bored and abandon the app. But this one is really fun. It’s easier to win than other similar games, like candy crush, and the design is more satisfying to look at. I also like that you can do something with the stars you win after each level, by decorating the rooms. It feels like you’re making progress. The game also makes it fairly easy to win unlimited lives for periods of time, so I don’t run into the issue of being out of lives and unable to play. I’m currently on level 3800. I like that the levels don’t necessarily get harder the more you progress, to the point where you’d get stuck. They just introduce new obstacles you have to learn around in the levels. The game keeps everything fresh and fun, and they continually update it so I never run out of levels. This is my favorite game I’ve ever downloaded. Also, each level only takes about two minutes to play before you’re out of moves or you win, so it goes pretty quickly..Version: 1.63.4

Decent gameI really actually like this game a lot, my chief complaint is that the puzzles get much harder and you still only earn one star. I mean, it’s fine to make the puzzles get gradually more difficult but to be using all of your power boosts and still not clear a level several times, then when you finally get past it you only get one star. It’s my main complaint but it’s truly aggravating. I could honestly say it might be enough to make me delete the game and be done with it. It’s such a lackluster victory to get past these levels because you are rewarded with the same reward as you would get from one of the easy levels. The only other thing I don’t like is that it asks for stars for every stupid thing. Talk to the jia. Greet Rex. Talk to so and so. Then you have to get more stars to get them to do what you’re after in the first place. Seriously, with the levels increasing in difficulty with every one you complete having every single thing cost stars is a bit ridiculous. They need to work on a few of these things and then the game would be flawless. I hope they consider people’s input because these can be some make or break things for a game. People don’t like working hard at puzzles to be minimally rewarded and then asking for those rewards at every turn..Version: 1.35.2

Not what I thought it would beThe advertisement for this game made it seem like a completely different type of game. Come to find out it’s more like candy crush. That being said I enjoy the game and play it quite often my biggest complaint is the fact that I would like to be able to use my stars to have animal control come pick up that cat. I don’t like animals in my house and I don’t know why anyone would want one in their mansion. I don’t like having to do tasks such as feed the cat or buy it a bed. I wanted the game for the remodeling aspect not to pretend I have a cat. To me that’s just a nightmare. I know some people adore animals so I think it should just be an option type situation. I actually switched games to whichever one has a butler fixing up his parents house and literally deleted it once I got to where an animal showed up at the door. I switched back to this game because I thought I was done with the cat now that I’m on level 132. But guess one I’m not done with the cat, now it’s time to “read a book on cat tricks” or whatever it said. I’m thinking I’m going to delete this game now and download something else more soothing that deals with remodel or even coloring. I play games to unwind. The animal aspect is just an annoyance and stress to me to even think about..Version: 1.38.0

Nothing SpecialSaw the Facebook add and was intrigued by the idea of guessing which tool fixes what item, but quickly realized after downloading that this is nothing more than a candy crush spinoff. While it’s a good time waster, you still only get five lives to complete levels which earn you a star. Ok. But the kicker is when every action requires stars to complete. If the next step is to call the repairman, that’s a star. Then another star to answer the door when he gets there. Then 2-3 stars to fix the thing. There’s your five lives and that’s only if you complete each level every time. Some levels require you to use special items to complete or your 500 coins for five more moves. Ok. Coins for moves is nothing new, but if you complete a level, you only get between 15-30 coins each. This means you have to complete a TON of levels just to get a chance at five extra moves. While the game is soooo much better than its other version with the guy butler fix his house, this game could use more ability to earn more coins. Get rid of those fraudulent adds or either actually put those as levels in the game. Say every 10th level is the game seen in the add. People would be more apt to continue playing with the prospect of something different around the corner..Version: 1.35.2

Thumbs downI really enjoy most of this game. I like the story line and it is fun to see the characters and animals walking around and making big jobs just magically get done. After awhile the story bogs down so much that one loses interest. There are some things, however, that are so frustrating that I can hardly stand it. To mention one, when we have to release teddy bears, it takes 4 moves for each bear if you don’t get the right gem layout, and no extra moves are allowed for that, or for releasing moving mice, etc. Even when you do, you rarely get more than one bear for even the biggest double bombs. Perhaps a more experienced player can figure a way around that, but I have had my share of frustrations with this game! I can’t believe the amount of money I have spent trying to release bears, mice and make letters flutter away. I am just not playing anymore and after awhile I won’t even miss it. Now I would like to know how to officially withdraw from this game so that no more charges will be made to my account. You don’t know how hard it is for me to write such a negative letter, but it has to be done. I hope in the future your developers will realize that in trying to milk more money by taking advantage of people they are alienating a lot of players..Version: 1.89.0

Good concept, but...I will agree with most of what many others have said about this game. First, the ad that got me to download it was very deceptive in that it implied nothing about a Candy Crush style game. That said, I prefer this to Candy Crush since it has the added elements of decorating the mansion, which gives a sense of accomplishment . At first, the game was good, and I like that some levels were challenging, but doable. But now, several of the levels are near impossible unless you buy power-ups or get amazingly lucky. When you have an hour or more of free lives and can't clear a single level, you know something is badly designed. I've gotten to the point where I won't be keeping this game much longer for that reason. Finally, I will echo what others have said about being forced to waste stars on the cat or other events that don't advance the mansion. Yeah, I know the developers say it isn't all about decorating the mansion, but since that is how the game is advertised, the developers might at least understand why it is so frustrating to have completed a few levels only to waste the stars on stupid things like saving a cat from a suit of armor or giving it a bath which doesn't give any sense of satisfaction, completion, or progress..Version: 1.39.0

Beware...not a fair challengeLike all games of this type, the beginning levels are fun and winnable. However, as you increase through the levels, they make it impossible to win a game without buying additional moves. The points that you win are very small compared to how many points you need to do something. Also, later levels require you to win two levels before you can do something, and even then you may only be able to look at a project or talk to a visitor. But the most important thing to remember is that this is not a skill based game. They control the game play, including how many moves you get per level. Even though you make the best moves you can, the pieces fall in a very unpredictable way, making the game impossible to win without buying additional moves. I often need one more move to win a level. Since I refuse to buy moves or additional lives, I often spend several days at a level before being able to move on. After awhile I become tired of the rip off and just delete the game. Just be aware that their ultimate aim is your wallet. I can see gamers sinking an amazing amount of money into this game without being aware of it. I still think a skill based game is a better bang for your buck..Version: 1.55.1

A fun concept, and well written, but...After a while, the levels become too difficult to win unless you are willing to spend money. The time passes too quickly, and you find that you must spend 500 coins to gain a tiny bit more time which usually isn’t quite enough, so you either give up and lose your 500 coins, or pay 600 more to finish the level. I have spent an additional 1200 and even 1500 to finish levels, because the time you buy so dearly is very little. I have beaten some levels without spending real money, but more often I have had to shell out or quit. Then you win 30 coins, which doesn’t begin to make up the deficit. When you are trying to beat a level without spending money, your lives run out and you can’t play, until some time passes, or you go begging to someone else to give you lives. Unless you win coins, you, can’t decorate or complete any of the tasks, so pretty soon you are left with nothing to do. I think the game designers need to make it not quite so hard to beat the levels and/or make the payoff for beating a level more than 30 coins. People will still spend money when they are close to winning, but they will not get frustrated and quit, as I am close to doing..Version: 1.30.3

Love this game!I’ve seen several bad reviews but I genuinely love this little game. So many of the bad reviews complain about the game progression and how if you want to get further along you have to spend real money. My rebuttal to that is GET A LIFE. I do not spend hours on this or all day. I play this in my downtime and love decorating the house. It’s just a fun hobby and nothing I dwell on or take too seriously. Obviously when you get stuck on a level it can be frustrating BUT isn’t that what makes it a challenge? I love the little bonus rooms they do occasionally and the little extra events they host. I even got my husband to play so we can send each these lives. Ha! Recently I have noticed some changes good and bad but no game is perfect. I am loving the new random star bonuses and the ability to have team competitions. The things I haven’t cared for is the change to how many coins you win on levels seems to have decreased which is a bummer but they do gift you coins so I guess it evens out. I’m not a game player, this is the only one I play so for me it’s just fine and I enjoy it! Can’t wait to see the new levels and rooms💜.Version: 1.66.0

Great Game. One suggestionI LOVE this game. It’s fun remodeling the different places. The story line is fun. I’ve downloaded different games like this and become bored over time, but this one is different. I really like the different side rooms you can do from time to time... this is my one suggestion. On the rooms that expire that you don’t finish building, I think that when there is an active room, if you complete that room, you can go back to previous rooms that you didn’t complete and use the remaining time to finish them. For example, I just completed the Aurora Lodge, but never finished the Secret Beach. I still have a day or so left for the Aurora Lodge, so you should be able to use that remaining time to go back and finish completing the expired rooms. Other than that, I love the game and can’t wait to see the other places on the map. Edited to add, on some other games, the “Hard” levels warrant bigger rewards (more coins, more starts, etc) I think we should get two or three stars for beating the hard levels. Some tasks cost a lot of stars for what they are worth, so earning more stars for harder levels would be nice.Version: 1.60.1

Good app but can be betterI downloaded this game because I thought it was like the add, where you fix the house by picking the correct tools. I was really disappointed to find out that the game is nothing like it. I still enjoy the game but I wish it was like the add. I kept playing because I thought that there would be a mini game like the add, but so far no. Could you please tell me if there is a game like the advertisement or if you choose to update the game and add he mini game, I will vomit to play this game though. Also, I’m stuck in level 41! I can’t beat it! I have tried it about 30 times and no I’m not exaggerating. When I “played the board game” I got unlimited life’s for an hour and I tried about 20 times. I might quit just because of that level. You should make a skip level option, obviously it would be expensive. Another thing, if your stuck in a level and have less that 500 coins, you can’t hit the continue playing button because you have no money. I think you should make a way to get money with out paying real money other than the daily reward. Lastly I think some tasks take to many stars, like get nightstands. Seriously just one will work. I hope this review help and I hope you will make those changes..Version: 1.35.2

Terrific but...I love how interesting this game is! I love how after each level you get a reward such as coins or a star and that once you get a star you get even closer to revealing a new part of the amazing story that is within the game! But, once I started getting to higher levels I started to notice the game getting super hard. Don’t get me wrong when I say that the game was getting super hard because I am always up for a good challenge and I love solving the hard levels that are in the game. But, the game tends to get a little frustrating. I also originally downloaded the game because I thought it would be more like fixing everyday house items such as sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.... as it was shown in the ad but, as I started playing the game I noticed that it was more of a candy crush kinda of thing. In conclusion I just want to say that I would love to see changes in the game such as receiving more than just one star when a level is completed, getting more materials such as spoons and firecrackers to help you get through more challenging levels, and finally fixing the ad to be more like the actual game. I would love to see these things in a new update if possible. Thanks for reading and understanding!.Version: 1.36.0

Fun gameLots of fun, I wish we earned more coins per level or if power ups were less expensive. Good fun.Version: 1.10.0

Super FunAwesome game! Very addicting and I love the decorating part of the of both worlds! The games and the decorating 😍😍 only complaint is the win to spend only get 1 star per game which wouldn’t be that bad but the amount of coin it takes to buy or use vs what you gain is WAY unless you want to potentially take a really long time getting anywhere you end up spending a lot of coins....still my favourite game!!!.Version: 1.10.0

FunGreat game!.Version: 1.4.1

AddictiveFun and addictive game. Wish the power ups were more frequent and won more coins though. The only thing I really don’t enjoy is how slow construction is. All this greeting people is boring. I keep skipping the ones that don’t include construction or adding new things to the mansion..Version: 1.52.0

BugsBeen playing this game for a while but since the last update, it keeps closing by itself. Can’t play!!.Version: 1.52.0

Challenging and enjoyableUnfortunately you must waste so many points for stupid reasons like greeting people over and over again or charging 6 points for a couple of pictures. Makes a great game just good..Version: 1.87.0

Good gameSometimes I find it slow to win levels and progress in the mansion. All in all a fun game..Version: 1.87.0

Don’t purchase boostersI really enjoy the game and it’s one of the best, with a ton of bonuses, but I had issues with it crashing. Admin recommended to stop using boosters. Since I stopped purchasing them, the game hasn’t crashed, plus I’ve saved a bunch of money. The higher levels are challenging but you can win them without buying anything..Version: 1.85.1

Not bad👌This is a great game for using your mind and to have fun! This is not what the add shows, but it is still fun,menough to where that doesn't matter as much. I only wish you got more stars than just one per game, at least for the really hard levels if you get it in under 2 try's. The add is way different from the game and I was extremely upset at first. I really don't like false advertising and you tricked me into getting this game, but overall it's not bad and makes you use ur brain..Version: 1.86.1

Fun BUT sometimes irrelevantThe concept & idea of the game is fun, however having to use stars on irrelevant & pointless tasks like “clean up flyers” makes the game frustrating, and makes me not wanna go back..Version: 1.86.1

Too hard levelsI like the game but I find some of the levels are too hard.especially when doing the places to decorate.Version: 1.84.5

Decorating the mansionOften find it frustrating especially when it takes several days to successfully complete a level; also each level often gives you very few coins and it cost a lot for each item and some of the tasks are ridiculous, but you can’t skip them as the game insist that each task is completed. I enjoy the decorating aspect..Version: 1.84.5

What’s Up with the updates.Good game, but I often get a message “No Internet connection” even though when I check my wifi service I have full strength ???.Version: 1.84.5

Allan Kenneth 3 - Review # 1Pros- I enjoy the game a lot, also I like the fact that you don’t have to watch ads every 30 seconds or I just wouldn’t play it, that drives me crazy. The different tasks are very inventive which I enjoy. Cons- I have been on max level for months now and team members that have just joined or just reached max level status go past me in the standings every time when we are at the same level, this is not cool and I can’t figure out what determines who is in which place when we are all sitting at the same level. Also it seems to take far to long for new tasks to appear. Thanks for creating a great game, PS. please keep the ads to a minimum.Version: 1.84.5

Alright gameThere is a lot of useless use of points to move along to design rooms. That’s super annoying, it’s a design game but you live her life. You play one level and get one coin, you will then use one coin to open a letter then another coin to read the letter etc. So that’s annoying..Version: 1.84.5

Not working any moreSince the last update cant play at all as it doesnt load properly ive been playing for over 2 years help me fix it.Version: 1.83.0

Unable to finish any special roomInstead of adding manors over manors and add very very difficult level you should allow players to finish special room or cottage or whatever.....Version: 1.84.5

FunToo many stars needed to complete tasks sometimes.....Version: 1.84.5

Developers please read thisI love the game, but I often travel for work and spend a lot time playing offline on an airplane. Unfortunately all my efforts while offline do not count toward any of the team efforts. The team chest rewards and team tasks do not update when I reconnect online. Could you please change this? I’m addicted to this game and want my contributions to count. Thank you!.Version: 1.60.1

ExpensiveThe game is fun. However it’s very expensive and you earn minimal coins. Also certain sos take multiple stars to complete but you never earn multiple star per level. They have lots of little mini games where you earn bonus but they are also pretty small. They should definitely give more stars or coins for completing harder levels. Also earn extra star in mini games would be nice..Version: 1.77.2

Time killerFun to play- some levels take FOREVER to complete unless you’re willing to purchase coins..Version: 1.77.2

Not really like the adsYou don’t really get to repair any thing and there’s not a story where you can see a dude cheating on the girl but overall it’s a fun game.Version: 1.72.1

Fun game, but frustrating tooThis game is great, as long as you can keep winning levels to do what we actually play to do, decorate. Some levels are so hard, how do you expect people to keep enjoying the game if we’re stuck on one level for days!.Version: 1.64.0

Just a suggestionFirst ... when you get unlimited lives for a certain period of time ... sucks that you have to sit and play or lose the time ... would be nice to be able to use it on your own time 🤔 The other thing is being stuck on a level during an event and you don’t get to finish a room or whatever the thing that is going on 😢 should have something to help you be unstuck so you can finish Idk just some thoughts ... but do love the game.Version: 1.53.1

CrashesI enjoy this match 3 game. It was crashing a lot, so I installed the update. Now it crashes immediately upon opening. Halloween version is not stable :-(.Version: 1.53.1

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Matchington Mansion iPad Images
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  • Matchington Mansion ipad image 2
  • Matchington Mansion ipad image 3
  • Matchington Mansion ipad image 4